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Seeing the castle at first glance, he knows immediately his never ending looping dream has begun. While conscious of the dream his body still refuses to wake up, leaving him helpless cursed to play his role until he does. Just like a puppet dangling on strings he feels his body forced to move. He walks up to the castle, watching as the fire dances and surrounds everything in its path. Trying with all his might and will power he tries to run away and flee far way. He even begs to his unmoving legs to walk or even run but of course he can't.

There's no escaping or leaving planned for him. After suffering that failure he lazily lets his eyes wander focusing on the small details he's missed before. The purple curtains he was always fond of were quite strong. Even dowsed in flames they refused to go down without a fight. The flowers on the other hand turned to dust in a blink of an eye.

At least he was allowed to bite his lip. How long must he be kept waiting? Being forced to watch and participate in this play he already knows it's time for the next part. He bites his lip a bit harder getting somewhat impatient. The blood drips down his chin and he can't even wipe it away. It's a few more moments until the next scene finally arrives.

The extremely loud bang of a door being swung open hits his ears barely audible from the roars of the fire. It's at that moment he spots a small boy coughing and panting at the same time. He's covered from head to toe in soot and fresh and dried up blood. The boy places one hand on the door for support to keep him steady, as he tries to recover. Getting used to the new fresh air proved to be tough. Afterwards he looks up spotting him and smiles at him.

His body was finally free from whatever spell it was under and he could flee if he wanted. But his resolve always crumbles each time, once he sees the small boy weakly walk over to him. The boy stumbles and he's so weak probably from exhaustion but even still he continues walking.

Once he sees the boy fall and struggling unable to get back up he rushes to his side. Carefully mindful of his own strength he lifts him up in his arms noticing the pool of blood staining his shirt. It's honestly disgusting how many times he's been a witness to this. The shock and novelty has already worn out its welcome. He's already grown numb to this but why can't he stop his trembling hands? He lets out a sigh hoping for the end to come by soon.

The boy giggles but it comes out as soft snickering. Despite being on death's door he laughs with such a huge grin. He's such a weirdo he thinks as plays with boy's brown bangs. The dying boy stretches out his hand to wipe away some of the dripping blood from his chin. This was the first thing the boy has done other than smile at him. He looks down at him as soon as he locks eyes with him, he feels his body twitch and the dream ends.


Hinata shuts the door to his room quietly. The strong aroma of pancakes lured him into the kitchen. There he sees the familiar sight of Komaeda cooking some food. He didn't even notice the smile on his face until he accidentally spotted his own reflection.

His stomach growls with the scent of food becoming stronger. Komaeda turns to face him after he finishes flipping his pancake.

"Y-Yo." Hinata greets embarrassed his stomach grumbled loudly. He could feel his mouth water at how nice and fluffy the pancakes looked from where he's at.

"Morning Hinata-kun. So how's your condition today?" Komaeda asks flipping the pancake again but places it on top of the huge stack of pancakes next to him.

"Ah I'm fine now. All that sleep seems to have done the trick." He strikes a pose with his muscles emphasizing his health.

The vampire mutters an "I'm glad" as he pours more batter on the pan.

"Oh yes feel free to help yourself to some pancakes Hinata-kun. I'm just trying to finish this last batch." Komaeda informs him as he continues to cook.


Not letting that offer go to waste Hinata immediately fetches a plate for himself and serves himself a whole stack of pancakes. He searches for some maple syrup and he was surprised he managed to find it. He didn't think his grandparents would have this. He should have known since his grandpa is a notorious sweet tooth and always keeps sweets secretly hidden.

Using his fork Hinata neatly manages to spread the syrup evenly on his pancake and takes a happy first bite. "Ahh its delicious." He praises the food taking bigger bites.

Halfway through his huge pile of pancakes he stops feeling his stomach already about bloat up. Feeling content and full Hinata remembers something.

"Oh yeah the dream I had today was pretty weird." He absentmindedly plays with his fork bringing up his dream.

"What kind of dream?" Komaeda replies back his interest piqued.

"It was strange. The building I was in suddenly caught on fire and I managed to escape. After that I ran into someone but I can't remember the rest. It felt pretty real." Hinata sank in his chair the memory of the fire felt too real.

"What an interesting dream. You should look up its meaning. After all dreams are there to help you. Sometimes they may even show the future." Komaeda smiles at him then quickly goes back to cooking.

Hinata scoffs at the idea of dreams being able to see the future. But since its Komaeda telling him he feels the need to be careful. He wonders if his grandparents' house has a dream dictionary laying around somewhere.


"Hey Komaeda do you have any dream books in that huge library of yours?" He asks the curiosity beginning to eat at him.

"I might have some. Outside of my few personal collections I have no idea what most of the books stored are about." He comments pouring the final remains of batter.

"I see." Hinata mutters to himself as he cuts himself a small slice of pancake to eat.

"If you like you can take a look through my library later on today." The vampire tells him while sneaking a look at him through the corner of his eyes.

"Really?!" Hinata excitedly leaps in his chair.

Noticing his own exaggerated reaction he coughs trying to mask his excitement. "I mean that would be great."

"Perfect then its decided. How does after breakfast sound?" He asks while organizing the last batch.

Hinata gives him a nod since he became too engrossed in eating his pancakes once again. After he finishes the last of his servings he finally notices Komaeda was wearing an apron. He recalls Komaeda wore it the previous times he cooked but he never truly noticed before today.


"That apron really suits you. Why don't you become my personal maid?" Hinata jokes around as he gets a cup of water from the sink.

Immediately Komaeda's face flushes and shyly covers it up. "If that's what you want Hinata-kun." Komaeda replies while he stealthy flips the pancakes on the stove.

Seeing his reaction Hinata coughs on the water he was drinking.

"S-Stop it! That was a just joke don't take it seriously." He comments rubbing his arms trying to soothe the newly formed goosebumps he got. 

"Ahaha yeah yeah I know. It was just a little payback." Komaeda laughs at him turning off the stove.

"Now then shall we be on our way?" Komaeda carefully removes the apron and places it back where he got it from.

"Oh you're not going to eat?" Hinata asks curious since Komaeda usually eats with him.

"Today I'll pass I don't have much an appetite."


The sun was unbelievably bright. It was hard to imagine it was raining cats and dogs just the other day. Hinata sighs just remembering that time. To think three days passed him by so easily. He looks over at Komaeda who was merrily walking along in a typical my pace. He assumes Komaeda must have felt his stare since he turns around and stares at him.

"Is there something on me?" He asks already wiping himself.

"N-No I was just staring into space." He tells him technically it was somewhat true Komaeda happened to be in his field of vision.

"Hmm is that so? Well that's fine." The vampire carries on walking slowly this time he starts whistling.

The tune he was whistling Hinata knows he's heard it before. But he can't think of the name. It was fairly recent he knows that for sure. He shrugs giving up trying to guess the name and continues walking trying to match Komaeda's pace.


Two minutes into the walk birds flew past them chirping while a few of them attached themselves to Komaeda. Hinata watched in awe and confusion. It's almost like Komaeda was some sort of Disney princess. Komaeda laughed at his reaction and gently shooed the birds away.

"Sorry about that for some reason whenever I whistle birds flock to me." He whistles shortly and immediately two birds land on his shoulders. Hinata rubs his eyes and blinks twice staring at the birds and Komaeda intensely. There is so much he wants to say but he feels even if he voices it nothing would change. His stare must have scared the birds since they flee instantaneously once they spot him.

"That wasn't very nice Hinata-kun." Komaeda scolds him wagging his index finger close to Hinata's face.

"Oh." He stops his scolding and rubs his chin thinking.

"Ah I see those birds were the ones that gave you trouble the other day." He chuckles shaking his head.

"Even if you have a score to settle with them you shouldn't bully them Hinata-kun. Those poor birds fled for their lives." Hinata walks up to Komaeda who was still giggling and carefully and calmly flicks Komaeda's forehead.


"Let's go." Hinata flatly says as he walks fast leaving behind a struggling Komaeda who continued rubbing his forehead.




"Hey Hinata-kun can I ask you something?" Komaeda asks interrupting the silence they had.

"If its about birds I'm giving you another flick." Hinata sternly warns already preparing his fingers.

"N-No that's not what I wanted to ask you." Komaeda instinctively covers his forehead.

"Go ahead." After receiving the okay Komaeda removes his hands and clears his throat. "I noticed that Hinata-kun has a good sense of direction. It's easy to get lost here since its almost like a maze. So I wondered how long you've been here." He taps above his lip thinking while his pace got slower.

"Oh that? Since I was younger I had this natural sense of direction. But yeah now that I'm thinking about it. I've been here about four weeks or maybe three?" Hinata stops walking and tries to recall his memories.

"I met you the second week after being here. I can't really tell much else this place is so boring it feels like months to me." He tugs on his hair still stuck on remembering what week it was.

"Ahaha to run into someone like me so early on my apologies." Komaeda bows but Hinata dismisses him.

"No its fine thanks to you this summer vacation turned out to be kind of fun in a way." He doesn't know why but Hinata feels a tad embarrassed.

Komaeda gives him a small glance before he fixes his stance. "Ah there was another question I wanted to ask but you don't really have to answer it." Hinata nods his head curious about the other question not asked yet.


"Well its about your family. Where did they go? It doesn't seem smart to leave you behind especially since you're on vacation." The vampire questions him avoiding Hinata's curious stare.

"...Oh them? They didn't give me the full details, since it was 'adult business' but I kind of already know what they're doing." Hinata starts walking continuing his answer as he goes. "Since they're coming back on Sunday my family probably went to go visit my uncle. Most likely to confirm the finalization of the will my grandparents made." He stops talking and looks over to Komaeda, who was face forward facial expression unreadable.

"Is that all? Komaeda asks still not facing towards Hinata.

"A-Ah yeah basically. I mean my grandparents have been wanting to see my uncle for a long time. My parents act as the middleman between them. Especially now since it might be the last time." Hinata looks down at the ground nervous to make eye contact. "Last time?"

"Yeah my grandparents' time is almost up. It's why I came here in the first place." Hinata walks a bit faster no longer staring at the ground.

Komaeda stayed quiet for a moment almost like he carefully chose each word.

"Hey Hinata-kun do you ever think about your own death?" Hinata's speed slowed down considerably as he answered.

"Sometimes. It's not something I think about often. How about you?" Hinata questions him turning the tables around.

"Me? Ah well I would be lying if I said I didn't."


The two of them finally reach Komaeda's mansion. It might be thanks to the rain but the roses in Komaeda's garden look stronger and more full of life than before. Komaeda notices how Hinata stares at a certain rose in particular compared to the rest. The duo get closer and Komaeda plucks a rose from his garden.

"For the lovely mademoiselle." Komaeda presents the rose to Hinata who looked at him with faint disgust.

"I'm a guy you know." Hinata tells him but still accepts it anyway.

"Don't sweat the small details." Finally the two reach the doorstep and right when Komaeda twisted the doorknob he stops.

"Oh yeah why don't I give you a full tour this time? I'm sure there's places you want to see."

"O-Okay." Hinata stutters caught off guard by the sudden offer. He reflects on the rooms upstairs he didn't get to see.

"Alright then its decided." The door creaks opens stopping midway.