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Tipping Byou's head back, Aki stared intently for a moment and licked his lips as if deciding how to proceed. With a tug, he drew Byou to his feet and walked backwards and to the bed. Sitting on it, he tugged Byou onto his lap and smiled at the expectant curiosity on the omega's face. "Should I take the fact you didn't remove your pants as a sign of defiance?" he murmured, his voice a low purr.

Byou swallowed and shivered faintly as goosebumps appeared on his exposed skin. "If you'd like to," he responded, his own voice husky as he gazed at Aki with a cautious challenge in his eyes.

Aki made a soft, amused sound. "Now is a good time to establish my rules and expectations with you," he murmured, his fingertips trailing up Byou's sides and causing the omega to shiver. "First, actual punishment will be a last resort, as I prefer guidance over being punitive. Second--"

"Should you write these down?" Byou interrupted with a cheeky grin. He squeaked as he found himself abruptly pinned to the bed on his back, and he blinked up at Aki as he fought to not giggle at the alpha's amused expression.

"Second, don't interrupt me, you little brat," Aki said playfully. "I will keep you restrained if I have to, and I know exactly how to train you."

"Is that a threat or a promise?" Byou asked softly, his eyes somewhat glassy as Aki's weight pressed down on him.

"Both, you imp. Now let me finish, or I won't allow you to get off at all until tomorrow."


Aki cut Byou off with a kiss and rolled his hips against the omega's, his groan mingling with Byou's husky gasp. Pulling back after a few moments, he allowed Byou a respite to collect his wits before he continued. "Third, I will know the difference between you disobeying me deliberately or involuntarily, so don't test me." He flashed a grin at Byou's pout and kissed it.

"Anything else?"

Aki hummed thoughtfully and rolled his hips again, a smirk twitching his lips at Byou's hiss. "I expect you to obey any orders I give you immediately, and I don't make idle threats."

"You're not very strict," Byou murmured, unsure whether to be disappointed or not.

"Not unless I have to be, no," Aki replied, releasing Byou's wrists to shift and settle more comfortably between the omega's spread legs. "Neither of us wants a Master and slave arrangement, and boundaries are important."

Nodding slowly, Byou relaxed. While he was somewhat disappointed without strict rules to test, it was comforting in a way to know that Aki wasn't looking to punish him for behaving naturally. "Not many know the difference between submissive and slave," he murmured, giving Aki a curious look.

"It's what caught my attention on your profile," Aki replied, lightly caressing Byou's sides and belly and watching the omega's face.

"You know, being all touchy like that is getting distracting. How about more with the touching, less with the talking?" Byou grinned cheekily and arched up with a purr at Aki's chuckle.

"I suppose I can indulge you." Aki bent his head to nuzzle Byou's neck, scenting the omega and smirking as he heard the husky moan. Nipping lightly, he trailed his hands down to cup Byou's ass and then hooked his fingers in the waistband of the omega's pants. With a tug and some shifting the pants and underwear slid off to be tossed aside, and Byou's socks followed momentarily.

Rather than let go of Byou's legs, Aki raised one and gave the omega a devious look before he nipped the calf and lightly trailed his tongue from ankle to behind the knee. About halfway through that action he had to use his other hand to push Byou's other leg back down, and he flashed a grin at the omega's whimper. "Let's see how well you follow directions, pet," he said, giving Byou's lower thigh a squeeze. "Hands above your head, grip the headboard, and don't move."

Byou gave Aki an almost mutinous glare for a moment before he obeyed, slipping his fingers through the iron lattice until he got a good grip. He gritted his teeth as he resisted the urge to do what he wanted instead, which was pounce the alpha and get on with the humping, among other things. His heat wasn't yet at the point of mindlessness, but Byou could feel himself slipping away with each teasing touch and caress, not to mention Aki's smell was getting stronger as their bodies reacted to each other.

"Patience will be rewarded, imp," Aki purred with a grin as he resumed his teasing licks on Byou's raised leg.

"Is there a--" Byou paused to gasp softly at a bite to the back of his knee, and shivered before he continued, "difference between 'directions' and 'orders'?" He thought his voice was remarkably steady, considering.

"I thought you wanted less talking," Aki replied with a smirk. "But yes, there's a difference." Nibbling his way down Byou's raised thigh, he shifted position and paused for a moment to release the omega's other leg. His pants were tugged off and kicked away and then he held Byou's legs spread apart. "Stay still," he said, and then pulled off his shirt but immediately grasped Byou's legs again when the omega moved. "That, pet, was an order," he murmured, his words carrying a warning edge as he pressed Byou's legs down.

Whining in the back of his throat, Byou pouted as he shifted his grip on the headboard, his hands sweaty. "But what's the difference?" he asked plaintively, not wanting to make Aki draw out the teasing torture more. His gaze fixed on the large bulge in Aki's tight underwear, frustrated.

Aki noted the glassy look in Byou's eyes and relented, slightly, by loosening his grip. "You'll learn in time," he said and smirked at Byou's frustrated sound with its accompanying pout. "And you'll enjoy the learning as well." Leaning in to kiss away the pout, Aki stretched out over Byou and grinned when the omega arched up. "Do I have to restrain you so soon?" he asked, taking a firm grip on Byou's wrists.

"Ye--nnnnnoooo," Byou responded with a breathy moan, his wits almost completely frazzled by then but retaining just enough sense to know he didn't want to be restrained. Aki's laughter barely registered as he tried in vain not to squirm. "Please?" he tried as his wrists were pinned on the pillow above his head. He didn't mind that, not even when Aki transferred the grip to one hand because the other slipped between his legs and stroked the spot just behind his cock. On some level he knew that Aki knew he couldn't help his reaction, but he still gave the alpha a pleading look as he writhed helplessly.

"Not yet, my pet," Aki murmured, withdrawing his hand and licking his fingers slowly as he smirked.

"Fucking cocktease," Byou muttered unthinkingly, and then widened his eyes with a gasp when Aki suddenly clamped down on his neck above his collar, instinct making him freeze even as he noted the bite wasn't hard and merely a warning. An effective warning. His breaths came shallow and fast even after Aki pulled back, and he blinked at the alpha with a dazed look, his brain not quite grasping what had happened or why his body felt like putty. He whined but didn't dare move when Aki withdrew, though he was relieved to note the alpha didn't look mad.

"Good pet," Aki murmured, his hands caressing Byou's spread thighs in approval as the omega remained still. "I'm making you wait because I want the pill to have a chance to work, and for your heat to set in," he explained, one finger pressing lightly against Byou's parted lips. "You'll be glad for my self-control, pet, and if it's any consolation, you're not the only one suffering."

Byou snorted softly at that and flicked his gaze down to Aki's erection, then glanced up as he quite deliberately licked the alpha's finger suggestively. "I'm ready for you, for your cock, in me right now," he said in an almost growl, a pleading note in his tone. He smirked slightly as he was rewarded with a shudder from Aki, and he watched as the alpha closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "Please," he tried again, sucking on Aki's fingertip until the alpha withdrew it with a low growl.

"You wanton slut," Aki growled, his eyes dark and hooded as he visibly reined himself in and licked his lips. "If you can stay still, absolutely still, for the next five minutes--" he paused at Byou's whimper and softened his voice, "then I'll make you come so many times tonight you won't be able to walk."

Byou gripped the headboard lattice tightly as he tried to restrain a full-body shudder. "You. Are. Cruel," he gritted out, hoping that the rules for 'absolutely still' weren't entirely unreasonable.

"And you're an impish, diva bitch, I think we're even," Aki drawled with a wide smirk. "Not disappointed anymore, I hope?" he asked lightly as he slipped off the bed in a graceful move, his gaze unwavering from Byou. He chuckled approvingly at Byou's stony glare, then moved the the clock on the nightstand and angled it so the omega could see its face. "No talking, and no moving from that position, for the next five minutes, starting now," he said, tapping the clock to set the timer.

Vowing his revenge silently, Byou kept his mouth shut as he stared at the seconds counting down, but he couldn't help darting a few glances at Aki to see what the alpha was doing. He got to four minutes and twenty five seconds when Aki moved out of range and he swallowed a whimper, a muscle in his jaw twitching as he gritted his teeth. No closer to understanding why Aki was putting him through this torture, he suspected it must be his form of punishment, and he caught himself thinking corporal punishment was preferable. Infinitely. He began to sweat at three minutes and forty seconds, his muscles tense and straining with the effort to hold still, and the faint sounds Aki made as the alpha moved about offered nothing save for the knowledge that the other hadn't left the suite.

Just as Byou was contemplating moving, Aki's voice called out. "Alphas have excellent hearing, Byou, so don't think I won't hear your every twitch, involuntary or otherwise."

Fuck you, asshole, Byou thought mutinously, but he abandoned the idea of moving even to scratch the maddening itch he had on his left knee. Speaking of maddening, the timer read only two minutes and twenty nine seconds, and he watched the numbers go down steadily if just to have something to focus on instead of his growing arousal. At forty seconds remaining Aki came within sight range again with his hands held behind him, still wearing his underwear and still just as hard. Byou fixed him with a scowl that grew in intensity at the alpha's amused smirk.

"Patience, pet, it'll be worth it even if you hate me right now, and even if this is mild compared to what I'll do with you in the next five days," he said in a husky tone, licking his lips suggestively just to see Byou twitch.

Flicking his gaze between Aki and the clock once again, Byou vowed to attack the alpha the instant the timer hit zero, but his plan was thwarted with seconds to spare. Aki had bent down to drop whatever he was holding out of sight at the fifteen second mark, and then climbed onto the bed. Byou's senses went haywire as the alpha's scent hit him full on, and he made an entirely involuntary mewl as he strained to remain still. Using his last shreds of control, he just barely managed not to move when Aki stretched out over him, his grip white-knuckled on the lattice.

The buzzer sounded and before Byou could even blink Aki thrust in hard, and stars exploded in his vision as he released a strangled yelp as his body jerked and shuddered. Making incoherent sounds as Aki wasted no time in establishing a hard and fast rhythm, he squeezed his eyes shut as his senses tumbled between pleasure and pain, too overwhelmed to even remember he could let go of the lattice. His first orgasm hit within moments and he rode it out as Aki pounded into him, the growing knot at the base of the alpha's cock making each deep thrust even more intense. Vaguely aware of Aki pausing to reposition his legs, he whimpered as he curled beneath the other and moaned as his grip loosened more on the lattice with each hard thrust.

Byou's second orgasm caught him by surprise after one particularly deep thrust, and he tossed his head back with a shout as Aki gripped his hips hard enough to bruise. By the third he was sweating profusely and making incoherent babbling sounds, his arms locked around Aki's shoulders and his legs clenched around the alpha's hips. Somewhere in his mind Byou realized he had never had so many orgasms in succession before from one rutting, but the rest of him was far too dazed to keep count after the third. By the time the knot was too large to allow much movement Byou was utterly limp and panting harshly beneath Aki, his movements entirely involuntary.

Rousing somewhat when Aki finally orgasmed, Byou shivered and mewled as the alpha filled him, and he could swear he felt his womb actually twitch. Rather than the thought sobering him into hoping the contraceptive worked, he envisioned a child that shared his and Aki's features. Knowing it was the heat hormones affecting him as his wits gradually returned, Byou was glad he'd taken the pill beforehand.

"Hmm, only ten," Aki murmured with a slight frown as he sat up and arranged Byou on his lap, his knot still buried in the omega for the next half hour or so.

"Ten wha--oh." Byou blinked and then gave a disbelieving huff that turned into a brief giggle. "You... are insufferable," he muttered with a roll of his eyes, but he was smiling. He'd just barely avoided saying 'unbelievable' since he didn't want to give the alpha's ego too much of a boost.

"So, was it worth the wait, pet?"

Byou scrunched up his face and managed a half-hearted glare. "I suppose it was, but I might need a repeat demonstration," he muttered, the last word hitching when Aki flexed inside him and hit a very sweet spot that made his vision sparkle. "Starting with doing that again," he managed after a moment to catch his breath, blinking dazedly and then grinning when Aki complied.

"With the waiting beforehand?" Aki asked with a teasing grin.

"Nnnoooo, you cockteasing asshole, not that," Byou growled with a glare that could incinerate. "That was cruel and unusual punishment and should be illegal."

Aki full on laughed as he drew Byou's legs snugly around his hips, and Byou spared a thought about how nice the alpha's smile and laugh was. He was only vaguely annoyed at the fact Aki was usually laughing at him or something he'd done or said. And it didn't matter at all that his omega hormones were probably responsible for his answering grin or the thrill that settled in his gut.

"If that was so terrible, then perhaps I should cancel my plans to blindfold you so wouldn't be able to know when or where I'd touch you," Aki murmured in a husky voice as he leaned down to nip at Byou's chest. He grinned at Byou's shiver and continued, punctuating every few words with a lick or nibble, "And I'd tie you up so you couldn't move, and make you orgasm so much that you'd be covered in your come and dripping wet."

Byou groaned and closed his eyes as he licked his lips, Aki's words making his cock twitch despite how spent he was, at least for now. "I bet I can still walk though, so you got more work to do," he finally said once he could form words, though his voice was shaky since Aki hadn't stopped licking and biting and was now concentrating on his sensitized nipples.

"Oh, don't worry, you're not leaving this bed again tonight unless it's to use the bathroom," Aki murmured, breathing on Byou's wet nipples and causing the omega to clench around him.

"Then how--" Byou paused to gasp as Aki bit down harder on one nipple, "will I know you've fulfilled your end of the bargain?"

"Good point. I'll make sure to haul you up and test you before I let you pass out," Aki said with a wide grin before biting down on the other nipple and making Byou almost yelp.

Byou was just about to make some sort of attempt at a coherent reply when a chime sounded and he blinked and glanced over to the bed console. "Feeding time? What--oh," he said, blinking again in bemusement as Aki leaned over and pressed a button on the console. When an automated cart rolled in a few moments later from the other room, he tilted his head and then let out a giggle that became a full laugh at Aki's look of confusion, and he gestured lewdly to where they were still joined. "So is that what you were doing while making me wait? Setting up the snack cart?" he asked, still giggling softly.

"Yes, among other things," Aki replied, his lips twitching into a smile of his own, though he was still clearly mystified about why Byou found it so funny.

"It's just--I can't--this place thinks of everything, eh?" Byou said, trying and largely failing to stop his chuckles.

"Indeed it does," Aki replied blandly as he shifted over and reached for Byou's nutritional supplement and opened it, slipping its straw in. "You're cute, now drink up."

"Cute?!" Byou feigned indignation even as he accepted the drink and sat up to sip it cautiously. "Hey, this stuff is good! Usually tastes like shit."

Reaching behind Byou to arrange the pillows, Aki gave a shrug. "Pandora's a high-class resort, they don't buy the cheap stuff."

"Thank goodness for that. I can barely choke the cheap crap down, even during my peak." Byou relaxed against the pillows and sipped almost daintily from the straw. He smirked slightly as Aki took a damp towel from the cart and began to clean them off, noting that ten orgasms worth of come took a lot of wiping, and also saw that some had inevitably ended up on the sheets. His smirk grew a few notches when he clenched his inner muscles around Aki's cock and succeeded in making the alpha jump slightly in surprise and shoot him a knowing look.

"You minx, feel free to keep that up and we can start round two sooner rather than later," Aki said, poking Byou lightly in the nose with a grin.

Byou's half-hearted attempt to nip Aki's finger failed, but he only pulled a face rather than sit up. "And here I thought you liked distracting me with conversation," he said, pointedly giving Aki's cock another squeeze as he sipped his drink. "What other things?"

Aki's smile was secretive and he offered a shrug. "You'll see, probably tomorrow."

Byou pouted with a snort. "Will I at least get to see whatever you dropped beside the bed? Without making you move with me so I can see it?"

Aki blinked and gave Byou a warning look, though he was clearly trying not to smirk. "You'll find out, later, when I'm ready to show you and not before." He merely grinned at Byou's big pout and shook his head. "As cute as that is, it's not going to work on me, pet."

"Jerk," Byou huffed, pouting for another moment before he took another sip of his drink. "My pouts always work eventually, you'll see."

"I'm sure, but not this time," Aki murmured with an indulgent chuckle and poked Byou's right cheek gently. "Your dimple is more effective if you must know, though that requires the opposite of a pout."

Byou blinked and would have blushed if his blood flow wasn't otherwise occupied elsewhere. "Remind me to reward you sparingly with that, then." He pulled a childish face for good measure. "Jerk."

"Is 'jerk' the best you can do? I think 'cockteasing asshole' has a better ring to it," Aki quipped with an experimental thrust that made Byou drop the nearly empty drink bottle with a groan. Retrieving it and holding it so the omega could finish it, he then set it back on the cart.

"You are many things, including a pain in my ass, literally," Byou retorted as he playfully scrunched up his nose.

"Quite. You might need to add an extra day to recover from me, even," Aki said with a smirk.

Byou rolled his eyes dramatically. "You and your insufferable ego. I almost can't wait until I'm too out of it to care about conversation beyond variants of rutting positions and related subjects," he muttered, even as his lips twitched with restrained amusement.

"Oh, now I'm insulted, might have to make you wait ten minutes next time," Aki retorted with a playful growl as he pinned Byou down.

"Oh, don't you fucking dare--"

"And I'll definitely find better uses for that mouth of yours," Aki added before kissing Byou aggressively. When they parted several long moments later they were both breathless, and Aki was visibly much less coherent as he scented Byou's neck.

Byou, for his part, was even more out of it as he turned his head and offered his neck with a keening whimper, and yet he still jumped slightly as Aki latched on. The bite this time was harder, but still not enough to leave a lasting mark, and Byou fought with conflicting urges as some sense returned to his eyes. Taking a deep breath, he waited for a few seconds and when Aki showed no sign of releasing him, he grimaced and nudged the alpha.

"Aki?" he asked softly. No response. Byou licked his lips and tried again, careful to not clench around the alpha's cock currently swelling inside him again. "Aki, please, let go." He flinched visibly when Aki bit just a fraction harder, and his pulse sped up as his muscles flexed involuntarily. "Really, Aki, let go! Please," he said, wincing as his voice cracked, and he sagged with relief when Aki finally seemed to snap out of it and pull back.

"Shit, fuck, sorry," Aki mumbled, shaking himself and blinking as he realized what he had almost done. He took a few moments to collect his wits and then checked Byou's neck, touching the red teeth marks. "Didn't break the skin, you okay?"

Byou took a shaky breath and slowly nodded before blinking up at Aki, his pupils dilated but his gaze focused. "Other than my insides doing some sort of tango that feels really good, yeah, I'm fine," he quipped, forcing a laugh that faltered at Aki's look of serious concern. "Really though, let's not do that again, okay?"

"Right, maybe I should've opted for a bigger collar," Aki murmured, pressing his forehead against Byou's for a moment as he took another deep breath. "Your smell, it's--"

"I can imagine, you smell really good yourself, but I'd rather we not go down the path of mate-bites any time soon," Byou said, noting his voice was marginally steadier. "I'm not sure I'll be able to remember the safeword if it happens again," he added seriously, swallowing hard.

Aki nodded and seemed to pull himself together. "Yeah, okay, bigger collar." Pushing himself up, he gave Byou a questioning look and at the omega's nod he began to gently and slowly disengage, mindful of the fact his knot was still large enough to cause discomfort. Apologizing at Byou's grimace, he gave the omega a few chaste kisses as he slipped out with a slight tug and then grabbed a towel and slipped it beneath Byou's hips before the bed got soaked.

Clamping the towel between his legs, Byou watched as Aki got up and fetched a larger collar from a shelf on the opposite wall. The view was nice, and he noted absently that Aki had a tattoo on his lower back of what looked to be two butterflies. He recognized the design of the collar Aki selected as a very old-fashioned one once worn by mated omegas, as it completely covered the neck from the collarbones to just above the voicebox. While he disliked it on principle for what it represented, as it was explicitly a traditional symbol of ownership, he couldn't deny its practicality in preventing mate-bites. Sitting up a bit so Aki could remove the original collar and then fasten the new one on, he kept his gaze on the alpha and tried to restrain his impulsive urge to say it wasn't needed.

"I'm sure it's not the most comfortable thing to wear, but..." Aki paused as he fingered the lock on the back of the wide collar, "better than me losing control. And I'm sorry for that again."

"It-it's okay, you were able to stop and you didn't break skin, and I think my insides have stopped that weird dance so you can get back in me, now please," Byou murmured, his words coming out in a bit of a rush partly from nerves and partly from his heat reasserting itself. He couldn't help but notice that Aki had a piercing on his cock, and he stared for a moment in fascination at the relatively small bar that went through the tip on the underside.

Chuckling softly as he set the other collar on the nightstand, Aki climbed onto the bed again and stretched over Byou with more restraint than before. He spent a moment or two arranging Byou's hair and then gazing at the collar with a considering look. "It's missing the symbol," he murmured absently, touching the empty place above where the hollow of Byou's throat was.

"Yes, well, you don't own me so of course there's no symbol there," Byou said, his tone slightly irritated. It was not because his belly did a weird flip-flop of desire at the thought of Aki's symbol on the collar, it was just because he wanted the alpha inside him again and didn't like this delay. Right, sure. "Get on with round two of rutting, any time now, or I'll keep talking until you shut me--mmph."

As kisses were safe, Aki did just that even as he laughed softly and positioned himself. Just to be a tease, he slid in slowly, inch by inch, until Byou pulled him in and he sank in deeper with a low growling groan. "Patience," he murmured with a shuddery chuckle, "is definitely not a virtue you possess."

"You think? How long did it take you to fig--" Byou was effectively cut off once again by Aki's kiss, this time more aggressive and demanding, and he quite happily let the alpha have his way as he relaxed. He only flinched a bit when Aki's knot pushed all the way in, as it felt far too good for momentary pain to deter him. This time Aki went slower, establishing a firm rhythm but not trying to rut Byou into the mattress, partly because his knot didn't allow much in the way of thrusting.

By the time Aki collapsed on Byou, spent, neither of them cared about the sticky mess between them as they caught their breath and nuzzled contentedly. The collar impeded some of that but they made do, and it took Byou several minutes to remember how to form words, let alone complete sentences.

"You know, I hope you didn't lock this thing on because it's really not made for sleeping in," Byou murmured, nudging Aki.

"I didn't, don't worry," Aki said quietly with a faint smile. "Though it really does suit you, especially with your fancy earrings," he added with a playful grin.

"Hmph, don't go getting any ideas in that alpha lizard brain about owning me," Byou retorted, pulling a face.

"I have no interest in owning you, my impish pet, I would just like to see you wear my symbol." Aki's look was all innocence.

"Uh huh, sure, and the difference is what, exactly?" Byou drawled, a smile twitching his lips.

Aki paused as if seriously considering the question, his brow furrowing. "I have no idea, but there is a difference."

Byou made a sound somewhere between a snort and a giggle. "Maybe I'll indulge you, after say, another fifty mind-blowing orgasms, at least, maybe," he offered with a wide grin.

"That can certainly be arranged, oh demanding one." Aki didn't put much effort into pretending exasperation; his amusement was far too clear.

"You forgot impatient and insatiable, though I suppose the last one's a given in my condition."

"I have a hunch that all three apply regardless of your condition."

"Oh, do you, now? Just you wait, revenge is sweet when served at the least expected moment."

"I will keep you tied up, just keep testing me."

"Scared, are you? Good."

Aki didn't even bother with a retort, he just went the quick and dirty route of tickling. Byou's shriek was reward enough, and his squirming effectively distracted them both from getting carried away. In any case, it did allow Aki to pin Byou to the bed and kiss him until they were both dizzy.

"That. Was not. Fair," Byou gasped out, making a passable attempt at a glare as he huffed.

"Dimples aren't fair either, brat," Aki muttered as he shifted to settle more comfortably on top of Byou.

"You and your underhanded, dirty tricks, you jerk."

"Your insults are ever so cutting, imp." Aki gave Byou a kiss on the nose. "I suspected you had an ulterior motive for not letting me gag you."

"Yeah, well, uh, my cognitive functions are rather impaired, and you're hardly helping."

"You sure? You're still managing more than monosyllables, so I'm not being all that unhelpful yet." Aki paused at the face Byou made and tilted his head. "What is it, pet?" he asked gently, releasing one of Byou's wrists to caress the omega's cheek.

Byou hesitated and chewed on his lip for a few moments before giving Aki a coy look. "I kind of hate going all into mindless rutting machine mode and forgetting who I am, even my own name," he said quietly and winced. "Sorry, didn't want to get all serious, but I kind of wish I could hold off on the part where I can't think about anything but fucking."

Aki smiled softly in understanding and gave Byou a gentle, chaste kiss on the lips. "I'll remember who you are for you, and I'll see you through this and be there with you after, okay? I'm not going to just fuck you senseless and leave like all I'm here for is a five-day rut," he said softly and kissed Byou again as the omega blinked back tears. "Even if your mouth drives me nuts, you're a very interesting conversationalist, and I mean that in the best way possible, I swear."

Byou choked out a giggle at that and reached up to hug Aki tightly for a few moments. "Promise?" he mumbled, his face pressed against Aki's chest.