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“Oh my god Rubes, you’ll never believe the day I had!” She cried into the phone the following night.

“What? What happened?”

“I had the best date! And it’s not even freaking over yet!”

“With Lucy?”

“Yes! I called her last night to see if she was free and she called me back asking if I was free at six this morning.”

“Six? A.M.?”

“That’s pretty much what I said but she told me to wear something comfortable and boots and to be ready by six then hung up.”

“Just hung up?”

“Yup. I was kind of pissed. No date beginning that early could be good.”

“I guess this was amazing?”

“Yeah, actually. She picked me up and we went apple picking!”

“Apple picking? As the actual picking of apples?”

“Yeah, she wouldn’t tell me where we were going. I was starting to get kind of nervous after an hour of driving then we get there and it was so much fun! We picked for hours and then sat on the hood of her car eating tons of apples. Oh and have you seen her car?”

“She has the vintage mustang, right?”

“Yeah, it’s amazing. I’ll tell you though, Ruby, someone taught that girl well.”

“What do you mean?”

“She opens every door for me and calls me sweetheart, but not in a fake or macho way. She’s even picking me up tonight instead of meeting me.”

“She opens every door for you?”

Every single one, even car doors. She somehow beats me to my side of the car every time so that she can open the door for me. The one time I opened it first I could tell I hurt her feelings a little bit.”

“Wow.” Ruby breathed into the phone, “What would that be like?”

Emma laughed, “It makes me feel” she struggled for words, “I don’t know, is it lame to say sexy? Feminine? I don’t know. Oh my god, and that accent!”

“It’s true, it makes me want to sleep with her.” Ruby admitted.

“Anyway,” Emma brushed past that “she just dropped me off at home to shower and get dressed and then we’re going to get dinner. She’s going to ask Pete when she gets home but I thought I would run by you the idea of doubling tonight.”


“Yup. In like two hours.”

“Um, yeah, alright.”


Emma got into the shower next, excitedly tired and washed the thick layer of dust and dirt off of her body.

She had expected to have a passable fun time with Lucy at best but she had never expected to have one of the best dates - ever. She couldn’t believe it! Maybe...maybe this meant she really was ready for another relationship. She had stopped jumping when someone said anything in a harsh tone. She had stopped being self-conscious about the small knick of a scar in the bottom of her lip. Maybe...this was possible.

She shaved her legs and armpits then decided on a pair of tightly fitting yet attractive black pants and a black blouse wrap around top that tied at her waist looking both casual and dressy.

It had not escaped her notice that she hadn’t heard from Regina since the night at Granny’s. She knew Regina was working hard, probably harder than normal with her Child Protection case but she wondered if Regina was still angry about their fight. The date had given her hope in more area than one - she would call her and smooth things over the next day. Should she tell her about Lucy? She guessed she would wait and see if Regina told her about her own date.

At exactly six o’clock on the dot there was a knock at her door and Emma was surprised to find she had a smile on her face as she answered it, a small butterfly of date jitters emerging in her stomach.

“Hi.” Emma clicked on her smile, “Do you want to come in?” Whoa. Lucy she was ready for sex too. That would be...nice.

Lucy smiled, handing her a daisy she had picked from somewhere, “No, we better go. I don’t want to leave Pete and Ruby waiting. Besides, it’s a first date so I have to be polite.”

“And coming inside would make you be impolite?” Emma teased.

Lucy grinned and bit her lip.

The butterflies grew.

Emma slipped into the car, hiding a smile as Lucy held the door for her.

“Ya ready?”


Lucy grinned and turned the car over. Emma yelped, the roar of the engine and the sudden blaring music scaring her.

“Sorry.” Lucy turned it down, “I have a soft spot for them so they tend to become a bit loud.”

“Who is it?” Emma asked and then frowned at Lucy’s look of shock.

“You don’t know who this is? You’re joking, right?”

“No, who is it?”

“It’s Heart! Only the best rock band of the 60s, 70s and 80s! Come on, you’re an American, you should know that!” She turned up the music and sang along loudly and off-key.

Emma laughed. Damn, the girl had charm, “Well I guess I just need to be educated.”

They arrived just before Ruby and Pete did and the four went in together.

“So,” Ruby said after watching Lucy pulled Emma’s chair out for her with fascination, “Where are you from Lucy? I gather New Zealand.”

“Auckland. Just moved here last year.”

“And how the hell did you end up in Storybrooke of all places?”

They covered family, three brothers and a single parent father, which explained the chivalry that Emma was shamelessly enjoying, and what she missed from New Zealand.

When their food arrived, Lucy made sure Emma’s drink stayed full and when they were through Lucy ordered the highest quality glass of wine for her to sip. Ruby watched these behaviors jealously and even smacked Peter hard in the chest when Lucy stood as Emma left the table, looking as though she was honored to do it for Emma.

After dinner they said goodbye to Ruby and Peter but lingered at the side of the car chatting, their bellies distended and full. After a while, with a small smile Lucy leaned over and kissed her softly.

Emma squeaked in response, not sure but accepted the kiss. It was strange to kiss someone else; this officially was her first kiss since Hanna.

A small threat of sadness whined somewhere in her mind. Until recently she had thought that right would have been Regina’s….though she was beginning to think that Lucy was a good person to give it to as well.

Lucy sighed, hands on either side of Emma’s stomach, “Was that okay?”

Emma smiled tentatively and nodded.

“Can I do it again?”

Emma thought about it and then smiled. Lucy leaned in slowly again; the kiss was soft and sure. Emma was surprised to find herself responding, a little sound releasing from her throat.

Egged on, the kiss became deeper, Lucy’s hands clenching her sides then skidding down to her hips, pulling her against her by her belt loops. Emma sighed again, remembering just how wonderful it could feel to be kissed like this.

Lucy’s hands respectfully but enticingly slid from her hips, up her arms and cupped her jaw, the kiss growing harder, more excited.

When she released her, Emma had to lean against the car heavily for a moment while Lucy grinned at her.

“Night cap at my apartment?”

“Hmm?” Emma’s head whipped around to Lucy, nerves suddenly hitting her.

“Would you like to come back to my apartment for a nightcap?”

Oh shit...she didn’t know...but she nodded anyway. Emma didn’t know if she was ready for this but there was no better way to find out than to try.



Butterflies fluttered spasmodically in Emma’s stomach as she sat on Lucy’s couch while Lucy turned some music on quietly and offered another glass of wine.

“What is this?”

“The wine?” Lucy asked looking at the bottle, “A Bordeaux.”

Emma nodded.

“Honestly,” Lucy said laughing at herself, “I know nothing about wine. I only got it hoping you would come home with me tonight. I’m a dry martini or dark beer type of girl. This isn’t bad though.”

“Hey, I like those things as well. Next time we will have martini’s.” Lucy beamed.

On the outside Emma followed the conversation flawlessly, confident and flirty but inside she was debating with herself. She knew why she was there, she had dated before; but did she want to do it? The kiss had been good, very good. Sleeping together after the first date wasn’t really something she felt ashamed of, not in the right situation but...

She thought of the feeling of hands on her. She had been lonely. She had been...horny...and she was never going to know unless she did it.

So when Lucy took their wine glasses and set them on the table and asked if she could kiss her again Emma sighed a little and said, “Please do.”

The kiss tingled Emma’s insides, keeping up with Lucy as it evolved from soft and smooth to quick and passionate.

She sighed as Lucy moved to her throat, letting her hands float up Lucy’s forearms and then a hand to land on the back of her head, intertwining softly in the curls as Lucy moved to her collarbone.

Her breath caught when, after a while, Lucy’s hands began to wander, cautiously. When Emma let out a small sound of encouragement Lucy pushed them backward, horizontal on the couch. Emma’s hands wandered Lucy’s back under her shirt enjoying the warm skin and sighed, arching a bit as Lucy carefully untied her blouse and buried her face in the dip just under her bra.

Emma gasped and twitched and sighed under Lucy’s hand as she touched, tweaked and brushed Emma’s skin.

Pulling Lucy’s top off, her hands were on a mission seeking out Lucy’s back and unhooking the bra. Pulling it off she pushing herself into Lucy’s skin arching so Lucy could get to her own back. She felt her mind slowly numb into the motions, feeling only the sensations her body presented.

She gasped as Lucy’s mouth found her breast, making her own light sounds of satisfaction. Emma wanted to lose herself in this...only...

Lucy fumbled with Emma’s pants button, undoing it and softly reaching her hand between the fabric of the pants and the fabric of her underwear, stroking.

The moment Lucy touched her there the feeling changed. She knew it didn’t feel good. She tried lifting her hips to her but no, it didn’t feel good. Lucy, unaware, easily hooked a finger over Emma’s panty line and slid down Emma’s sex. It made Emma anxious, even nauseated.

No, this wasn’t what she wanted. She couldn’t do it.

She grasped Lucy’s hand, pushing her a little so she stopped.

“What? Are you alright?”

Emma nodded, shame making her lip tremble despite her best wishes, “I’m sorry Lucy; I can’t.”

Respectfully and without a trace of disdain, Lucy pulled back, “Oh that’s alright, that’s alright.” She cooed, sitting back looking flushed - aroused - but kind.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Emma repeated, covering herself with her shirt.

“No, I’m sorry.” Lucy said softly holding the hand of Emma’s that wasn’t trying to hide the obvious fact that she was near tears, “I let myself get carried away. Get dressed, it’s all right.”

They both quickly dressed before Emma braced herself on her knees, her hands in her hair. Lucy had a right to know. “I might as well be honest with you, I just got out of a five year abusive relationship. This was the first date I’ve had since we broke up.”

Lucy took her hand and squeezed. “You’re not ready. That’s okay. You’re worth the wait, Emma. Do you want to see me again?”

Emma wasn’t sure, the tears ebbing. She wanted to want Lucy to push her back down. She wanted to want the feeling of Lucy’s hands on her. “Of course.”

“Would you like me to take you home?”

“Please.” Emma nodded.

She felt better with her apartment insight. “I’m sorry again.”

Lucy shook her head, “Don’t be. I’ll call you soon, okay?”

Emma nodded and kissed her cheek before getting out.

As she walked up she saw something strange on her porch. A bottle of wine?

She picked it up and knew Lucy was waiting for her to get inside safely so she waited until she was inside to read the note left with it.

It read “I came to bury the hatchet but you weren’t home so can we bury it tomorrow? I don’t like it when we are not speaking. Love you –R”



She went over her syllabi and lesson plans yet again the following morning, trying to find any possible flaws but knowing there was nothing to find. She decided to get dressed and go for a long run. She had been running more than usual in the last year, helping to tone her body and soothe her mind.

It didn’t surprise her at all when her thoughts drifted to Lucy. The date had been amazing but when she thought of her now she had a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach. They had gotten to third base the night before and instead of feeling energized by the new attention she wasn’t sure she wanted to call her again. She needed to think. Maybe she should see if Archie could schedule her for an emergency session.

That night at exactly 6:15 Regina knocked on her door.

“I know you think that I haven’t been around because we’re fighting but that’s not the reason. Well, that’s not the only reason. I have been working a lot.”

Emma smiled, just happy to see her, “Hello to you too.”

“Hi.” Regina smiled her crooked smile and pulled her into a tight hug. “Have you eaten yet?”

“No, not yet. I was about to start cooking.”

“Can I join you?”

Emma laughed, “Of course. Work been bad, huh?”

“Very bad.”

“Is that just because of the abuse case or is it because of something else?”

“I don’t know.” Regina leaned against the doorframe leading into the kitchen, “It brings back memories of...well I suppose you know. It is good to see you though; you look good.”

Emma smiled and wrapped her arms around Regina again, resting her head on her chest, her hand over her heart before she remembered that she wasn’t going to do things like this anymore. She cleared her throat and headed to the stove “I was going to make pasta.”

“Sounds good.”

Regina watched her work for a bit.

In the silence Emma felt the hairs on her neck stand at attention under the pressure of Regina’s eyes.

“So where have you been the last few days?” Regina asked conversationally, “What have you been doing?”

“Mostly getting ready for classes to begin. Did you see I finished the living room?”

“I did! Congratulations, you are finally moved in.”

Emma laughed, “It only took most of a year.”

They cooked together, things falling into their natural rhythm.

“So are you okay?” Emma finally asked over empty plates and a glass of wine. “I mean since everything that happened at work; are you all right? I can’t imagine it was easy.”

Regina sighed, “No it wasn’t. This poor child had her leg broken in three places.”

There was a knock on the door that made both of them jump. She exchanged a look of surprise with Regina before getting up to see whom it was.

She felt the blood drain from her face when she saw Lucy standing on the other side. She didn’t know how to make this not be awkward, so with a smile Emma swept the door open, “Hello!”

“Hi!” Lucy said smiling charmingly.

“I won’t stay, I can see you have company. I just wanted to drop off this.” She held out a burned CD that read The Essentials.

“What is it?”

“It’s Heart. You said you needed to be educated, well here you go.”

Emma laughed and thanked her.

“Em,” Regina said approaching, carrying her ringing phone, “Mom is calling.”

Emma flushed feeling overwhelmed and took it, silencing it.

“Hi.” Regina said politely -coolly. “We haven’t officially met. Regina.” Her arm reached over Emma’s shoulder to shake hands stiffly.

Lucy’s eyebrows drew together at Regina’s tone but she shook it anyway. “Lucy.”

Both women looked at the other then as though understanding something for the first time. Emma, distracted by the phone, missed the exchange entirely.

Lucy smiled and squeezed Emma’s fingers, “Um, yeah well, Emma I’ll call you later, eh?”

Emma nodded, jittery in her nerves and closed the door, taking a deep breath as she did.

You don’t have any reason to feel badly, she reminded herself. Regina is dating. You are allowed to date. There is no reason to feel so bad and there is no reason for Regina to be weird possessive tendencies aside.

She turned to rejoin Regina in the kitchen and was surprised to see she hadn’t left her side. She yelped a little and grabbed Regina’s arm for support.

“You’re dating.” Regina accused in a soft almost sad voice.

Emma took yet another deep breath, “Maybe. We just met. What? You’re dating!”

Regina settled herself against the wall, her arms crossing frostily, “That’s where you’ve been the last few days isn’t it?”


“No, it’s alright Em. I should have known after the barbeque. I saw you guys talking so much that day I just thought” She broke off, “I can’t believe you’re dating.”

Emma shot back, “So are you.”

“Oh no, Emma. Don’t misunderstand.” Regina laughed, hands on her hips ready for the fight that was coming, “I’m not dating, I’m a date-ing. I had one date and it was not with a sexy foreigner who brings me mixed tapes. Are we in the nineties again? Have you slept with her?” Emma opened her mouth to protest but Regina cut her off, “On second thought, I don’t want to know. You could have at least told me.”

Regina gathered her things and said in a much softer voice, “I better go” as she passed by her out the door, kissing her forehead as she left.

Emma watched her go, stunned. She had expected Regina to be a little unhappy that she was dating, protectively jealous as always but damn!

She stood by the open door. What the shit? Why did she feel so guilty? God, the Regina roller coaster was dizzying, did this mean that Regina did have romantic attachments to her or that she simply didn’t like that Emma hadn’t told her? Or perhaps some other convoluted reason to be grumpy...she didn’t know.

She stomped her foot angrily and decided not to stay home.

Her mother was in her pajamas when she arrived but happy as always to see her.

“I still haven’t gotten over how nice it is to see you when I know you’re living only a few miles away.” Mary said sitting down with her at the kitchen table. “Can I get you something? Cocoa?”

Emma shrugged.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing I’m just,” she hit the top of the table, “angry!”

She was pissed. What right did Regina have to make her feel this way?

“Why are you angry?” Mary studied Emma for a moment before asking, already knowing, “What did she do?”

Emma let her head fall with a thud onto the tabletop, groaning, “She’s fucking frustrating!”

“What happened?”

She was sure her busybody mother would do something - involve herself in some way if Emma told her but fuck it. She took a deep breath and let the story spill.

When she was done Mary just nodded for a few minutes, thinking. “Well it sounds like Lucy is a very nice girl but it also sounds like you know how you feel. If you were ready to be with someone besides Hanna - or perhaps Regina - in that way then you would have been able to allow things to happen naturally.”

“I know that.” Emma sighed, frustrated with her mother’s answer. That was not the point!

“This also sounds to me,” Mary continued, “very much like the fight you two were having not so long ago that could have been solved with a simple conversation.”

Uggggggghhh! She was tired of thinking, wondering and worrying about what role Regina played in her life. “You don’t think Regina said enough by being the first to start dating?”

Mary just shrugged.



Emma didn’t feel much better on her drive home. She popped in the CD that Lucy had given her and decided to go for a drive through the forest.

She liked the music; it was upbeat and enjoyable.

Her mother was right. This was like the fight before...kind of. Either way they weren’t communicating when they should - had they learned nothing?

With a groan she turned her car around and headed toward Regina’s house.

She would be the bigger person and make it right.

When she pulled up the house was dark. This surprised her; Regina rarely went out at night because of Henry. She decided to wait outside for a bit just in case Regina simply ran to the store or something like that.

She played Lucy’s CD through before beginning to feel stupid. Thoughts of Regina out on a date flashing through her mind.

Ugh, gross. But...possible...probable...

She scribbled out a note that read, “Hey, came by. Waited for a bit. I guess you’re out. Let me know if you want to talk. – E”

When she arrived home she was surprised to see a note waiting for her, “Came back to talk to you. I waited for a while but it’s getting late so I need to go. Call me if you would like. – R”

Emma laughed, had Regina been here waiting for Emma while Emma was there waiting for her?

She decided not to dwell on it. She needed to go to bed. Her new semester began tomorrow so she didn’t have time for all of this crap.

A message was on her phone from Lucy the following morning, which both pleased and stressed her.

It read “Break a leg on your first day of the semester.” Emma smiled; she couldn’t believe that Lucy had remembered!

She got up and showered, fiddling with her hair and then taking far too long to choose her outfit. She wanted to seem young and relatable yet professional. Instead all she felt was sick.

She found parking easily in the faculty lot and bought a cup of coffee, lingering next to the coffee cart as she sipped it. She checked her phone again, shifting the syllabi, notes and other assorted books and papers she was juggling.

She still had not heard from Regina. Hadn’t she gotten her note?

She sent her another text message, “I don’t know if you remember but today is my first day of school. I’m meeting Ruby and Peter tonight at The Rabbit Hole at 10:30 if you would like to join us. I know it’s late for you but since one of my courses is a night course I don’t get out until 10.”

After the message was sent she knew she had to head into her class.

Everything went smoothly that day and that night she headed home to be picked up immediately by Ruby. Then in tandem they head straight to the bar feeling as though she could take on the world.

“I can’t fucking believe it, Rubes!” she babbled, “It was amazing!”

There had been two texts from Lucy on her phone when classes were over, one asking how it went and one asking if she wanted to get a drink to celebrate. She decided not to answer until the morning. Lucy was kind of wonderful; she didn’t think it was fair to see her again until she had worked out if she wanted to continue dating her.

And where the hell was Regina?

Working probably.

She and Ruby arrived first and ordered drinks.

“What is that you’re humming?” Ruby asked absently.

“Oh.” she chuckled, sorry. “Have you ever heard of this band called Heart?”

“Uh, Crazy On you? Magic Man? Barracuda? Yeah.”

“Lucy burned me a CD. I like it a lot.”

“Hmmm. And will we be seeing little miss bright eyes tonight?”

Emma worried her lip, “No. I didn’t invite her. She asked if we could get a drink tonight but I haven’t responded.” She told her quickly about the rest of their date and Emma’s panic.

“So now you’re not sure you’re ready?”

“I guess. She’s great. She really is but I’m just not sure...I don’t know...I just have this weird feeling in my gut when I think about it.”

“I see. Okay well, tell me more about your day. How was it?”

“Really scary.” Emma laughed, breathily. “I felt like a moron most of the day but I think it actually went very well.”

“Excuse me professor, I’d like to talk to you about extra credit.” Emma jumped. God damn it, what was with women sneaking up behind her at this freaking bar?


Emma stumbled to her feet shocked and instantly guilty. She purposely hadn’t invited her tonight, “What are you doing here?”

“I brought her.” Peter said nonchalantly, kissing Ruby hello.

Lucy excused herself to the bar and Ruby attacked Peter punching him repeatedly, “You brought her? What the hell Peter?”

“What?” He cried genuinely confused. “I thought you two were dating now.”

“Ginny’s coming!”

“So?” He cried, his confusion mounting.

“She is?” Emma asked surprised then shook her head, pulling Ruby off of him, “It’s all right. Ginny knows I’m seeing Lucy. It’s all right.”

“I don’t understand,” Peter mumbled to Ruby when Ruby hit him again “if she’s not seeing Regina then why does it matter that Lucy is here?”

“Because they’re being stupid, that’s all.” Ruby said in a whisper she thought that Emma couldn’t hear.

“Hey!” Emma cried, “Wait. What?”

Lucy reappeared through the crowd.

“Hi.” Lucy said smiling brightly and without warning leaned in planting a huge kiss on Emma’s lips. A mix of desire and discomfort flooded her stomach. Did she want to pull her in again or did she want to get the hell away from her?

Pulling away Lucy winked a very alluring...and confusing wink and sat next to her, “So tell me about it.”

Emma went to speak but the words dried on her lips. Across the bar, face looking as though it had just been slapped, Regina had clearly frozen in the process of taking her wine from the bartender's hand.

“Ginny.” Emma said standing but Regina’s face cleared, covered by the polite mask that Emma hated and she made her way through the crowd.

Emma’s heart beat in her gut sickly. Was she really so jealous seeing Emma date? Perhaps she needed to treat Regina with more caution...since clearly Regina was insisting on acting like a jealous ex...suddenly.

Regina smiled as she approached her and handed her a perfectly shaped deeply red rose, “Congratulations on your first day.”

“Uh thanks - Gin.” Her brows furrowed, concerned by the look she had just seen. Emma went to lean in for their customary hug but before she could pull her in, Regina turned to the crowd of her friends.

Emma blinked, stunned. Had she just been rejected or had Regina simply turned away unaware? What the hell was happening?

Regina greeted everyone including Lucy warmly then took a seat across the table.

The group was unnaturally silent. Ruby was busy shifting tense glances between Emma, Regina and Lucy - Peter was constantly shifting confused glances between Ruby, Emma, Regina and Lucy - while Lucy looked between everyone bewildered. Emma was staring resolutely at the ground, wondering if she should just go home. Only Regina was able to force a look of comfort and eventually broke the silence, “So tell us about it. How nervous were you? Did you get sick like you thought you would?”

“Um,” Emma stammered. “Well, everyone was very polite.” She said softly above the running monologue of questions in her head. “It was interesting to see the difference between classes. Some were incredibly outspoken while others didn’t say two words. I guess I think it went really well. They all seemed to come to class ready to like me, well most of them anyway.”

“You said this is your first semester, right?” Lucy asked, taking Emma’s hand.



On the second glass of wine, Regina pulled Lucy into a conversation asking her all the same questions Ruby had asked on their double date. She was attentive and easily flattering. Emma watched their interaction warily. There was a touch of jealousy in her chest, her little green monster waking from its doze...but she had no idea which of the two it was for.

Not long after that Regina yawned and excused herself, insisting she had to go home and relieve the sitter.

Lucy seemed to perk up a bit after that, perhaps no longer intimidated by Regina’s presence but Emma was ready to go. She waited the length of another drink before whisperingly asking Ruby if they could call it an early night. Ruby nodded, agreeing wholeheartedly.

“I’ll take you home.” Lucy offered and Emma hesitated; it didn’t seem like the best idea but there was no way to refuse politely.

“Are you alright?” Lucy asked awkwardly as they pulled out of the lot. “Everything seemed to get very uncomfortable when your friend arrived.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry.” Emma sighed, “We’re fighting right now.”

“That’s all right, I can understand a fight.” Emma hadn’t noticed the silence until Lucy cleared her throat, “So have you listened to that CD?”

“Yeah, I have!” Emma said brightening. “I really love it. I don’t understand how I didn’t know who they were; especially because I already knew so many of their songs.”

“Well that’s how it works, right?” Lucy turned up the CD, smiling at Emma and taking her hand. “I’m so glad that you like it. That makes me happy.”

Emma propped her elbow on the car door and shifted a little so she was just a bit too far away to hold hands.

Emma’s heart picked up and her stomach churned.

Alright. That was it. She couldn’t be in a relationship with this woman who was sweet and held the car door open for her and took her apple picking. She wasn’t ready. Lucy wasn’t the one she wanted. As much as she hated it, Regina was permanently and implacably on her mind. She had seen both sides of the coin. Hanna had been terrible. Lucy had been wonderful. And yet, it was still Regina that she wanted. She had to get over that before she could date anyone else. She couldn’t let Lucy dangle, waiting for Emma to stop missing someone else’s lips. Because clearly that was exactly what was happening. If she felt this guilty over Regina seeing her kiss Lucy then yes, there was more to the story...still. It wasn’t right. Regret filled her because she knew she did like Lucy - she liked her a lot. She wondered if they could possibly try again later when Emma’s head was clearer.

When they pulled up to Emma’s apartment Lucy turned the car off and turned to Emma a little, perhaps expecting conversation, perhaps expecting a kiss; either way Emma jumped before it could happen.

“Lucy, I’m sorry,”

“I know.” Lucy said with a huge sigh, “It’s that other one, the best friend right?”

Emma sighed, guilt gripping her. She shouldn’t have agreed to a date in the first place, “I hate her a little bit, especially right now but she’s supposed to be my one.”

“Do you think she thinks so too?”

“At times. I don’t know but the point is that it isn’t fair to you to lead you on. I’m not ready for a new relationship. I thought that perhaps I wasn’t over my abusive ex, Hanna but I think really I’m not over Regina. I’m sorry, Lucy. I’m really sorry.”

“Don’t be. I knew something was up at the barbeque so I can’t be upset now. I’m glad I got to get to know you a little bit and I’m glad you told me before things went any further. Thank you for that.”

Emma gripped her hand tightly, “Any other time in my life, Lucy...”

Lucy nodded a little.

There was nothing left to say after that. She said goodbye and allowed Lucy to get her door for her one last time, chivalrous to the end.

Fiddling with her keys she did her best to find the right key to open the door so Lucy would stop waiting for her. As she stepped onto her porch her security light clicked on and with a scream she dropped her keys. Regina sat in her porch chair. Had she been crying?

“What the fuck, Regina?”

She waved Lucy away heart pounding. Lucy waved back unhappily and left.

“Ginny, what the fuck are you doing here? How long have you been here? Did you come straight from the bar?”

“No. I dropped Henry with your mother first.” Regina stared at her hands for a second, “So you’re like dating. You’re dating dating; bring you CDs, kiss you in public kind of dating. When did that happen? Have I really been that busy or did you just keep it from me?”

“What? No, it’s not like that. Do you want to come inside?”

Regina stood but instead of following she grabbed Emma.


Regina didn’t respond, just pulled Emma slowly to her, wrapping her arm tightly around her waist. She smoothed Emma’s hair back, out of her face and slowly deliberately leaned down and kissed her.

Soft, light, wonderful.

Had Emma thought that Lucy’s kiss was a good one? She couldn’t remember. The kiss, though featherweight, turned Emma’s legs to jelly, making her sag a little in Regina’s arms. A small sigh fell from Regina’s lips and she pulled her in again, firmer, her hand balling into Emma’s shirt at her side. Emma’s breath hitched as she felt Regina slip past her lips, teasing her, putting everything she had into the kiss.

When Regina released her she was dizzy and breathless as if she had stood up too fast.

Regina picked up her things and headed down the steps, snapping Emma back to reality, “You’re leaving?”

Regina shrugged, looking somehow cold and vulnerable in the August warmth, “I suppose I needed to do that one more time, but yes, I am leaving.”

Emma couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t fucking believe it. “No!” She yelled at her not caring that it was late and she had neighbors, “No, you get your ass inside Regina Mills. I am SICK of this. Now!”

Regina looked at her like she had never seen her before but followed directions.

Emma slammed the door behind her, “Are you kidding me?” She shrieked, “Are you fucking kidding me? You kiss me and then you leave. Are you kidding me?”

Regina crossed her arms aggressively but the look on her face said she knew she shouldn’t have done it.

“God!” Emma ranted, “What is it with you? It’s always up and down with you; you can’t decide what you want! You sleep with me and then you don’t know if you want to be with me. You say you wanted to marry me but then you do nothing about it. You get upset I didn’t kiss you when we were drunk and then you’re platonically sterile for over a year. You start dating without saying anything to me and then you come to my house in the middle of the night and you kiss me.” She pinched the bridge of her nose, calming herself and then spoke, “I don’t understand you. I don’t know what I am supposed to expect from you. What do you want? I don’t know how to behave! If you want to be with me then fucking be with me! Jesus Regina!”

Despite Emma yelling at her, Regina’s voice was soft, a rarity “I told you Emma, I’m not dating. I went on a date, one date. One terrible date with a terrible woman whom I have nothing in common with. One date.”


“I was giving you space.”

“What? I can’t hear you.”

“I was giving you space, Emma! I was giving you space after your loser ex girlfriend walked all over your heart and your face. I thought you weren’t ready to date. I thought you weren’t ready to be with anyone else because I thought that when you were ready you would be with me!” Regina’s voice was rising until she yelled angrily, “I thought that you would tell me when you were ready. I thought you would make it known to me somehow so I could stop playing the dutiful fucking best friend who was helping you through and take the place I am supposed to have in your life! You are supposed to be with me, goddamn it. That house is supposed to be yours. We are supposed to be five years into our relationship. We should be married by now! My son is supposed to be yours! You belong next to me, not kissing random women in bars!”

Emma’s heart was beating so hard in her ears that she couldn’t think straight, it almost hurt. “You’re proud, Regina Mills. You’re too proud. Why couldn’t you just have said that? I mean, what am I supposed to do? Should I have a large sign made that says Ginny, I love you or Ginny, this would be a good time to make any kind of move.”

Regina grabbed her roughly pulling her by the neck to her kissing her deeply, searchingly and longingly until Emma couldn’t remember her point as Regina’s tongue sparred softly with her own.

Shuffling backward into the living room, they hit the back of the couch, teeth clenching hard.

“No, no, no” Emma slurred tongue tied as she fell over it onto the cushions and Regina fell with her, landing on her with a hollow grunt. “This isn’t how I want it to be. I’m fucking angry with you. I fucking pissed!”

“Then stop being angry with me.” Regina growled, rolling off of her and ripping her shirt over her head.

“No!” Emma growled yanking her mouth back to hers, her tongue forcing into Regina, her teeth biting down on Regina’s bottom lip.

Regina whimpered, standing beside the couch so she could give Emma’s legs a yank, making her land on her back with a thud.

“Well then what the fuck do you want me to do?” Regina snarled, shoving Emma’s skirt out of the way.

“Fucking figure something out!”

Emma’s panties flew across the room and with a toe-curling gasp from Emma; Regina was inside of her, her fingers buried as deeply as she could force them.

Fuck!” Emma’s body bowed into Regina’s. “Fuck!” Forcing open the button of Regina’s pants, she thrust inside, gentleness forgotten as she greedily slid two fingers into Regina’s center, curling mercilessly and pulling against the top of her walls.

Regina dropped to her knees by the couch, hunching over Emma unable to control the sounds coming from her mouth.

Furiously they pumped, contorting their bodies; their angry grunts warring with their wails.

“Fuck!” Regina cried, slamming into Emma with all she had. She circled; she curled pulling high screams of moans from Emma.

Their lips met, their tongues fighting, lipstick smearing, teeth grazing.

“God damn it!” Emma screamed, bucking wildly. She shoved Regina’s face away too angry to kiss her and instead bit Regina’s nipple through her thin bra.

“Fuck. Em. I’m go-” Emma didn’t let her finish, twisting her fingers and pulling back, holding the pressure.

Regina exploded, falling onto Emma writhing over her and swearing harshly.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.” Emma wailed, higher and higher joining Regina, their bodies slamming together as they rode out their orgasms wave after wave.

Regina dropped to the floor in front of the couch as Emma fell back against the cushions. They laid next to one another not touching and breathing hard.

“Do you feel better?” Regina finally asked, making Emma burst into a fit of laughter.

“God yes, I do.”

“Do you want to do it again?”

“Are you fucking kidding me?”


Regina sighed a moment and then both got up running for the bedroom, squealing and laughing. As soon as they passed the door Regina spun her around, catching her in her arms.

A small unconscious moan dropped from Regina when she pulled their lips back together. This time it was soft, their lips parting to allow the other entrance. Regina cupped Emma’s jaw, holding her to her. She walked them backwards until she could softly rest Emma on the bed.

Emma let out a small mousy “oh” when Regina pulled herself on top of her, resting flatly and taking her lips again.

Emma’s hands trailed up and down Regina’s sides, cupping her head, squeezing her shoulders, touching her back. Her mind was spinning, lost in a wonderful haze where only she and Regina existed.

Another oh fell as Regina striped them of their clothing and they could rest against one another naked.

Emma wrapped her arms around her, pulling her as close as she could, letting her face press into Regina’s shoulder as lips made their way back and forth across her skin.

Emma let her hands gather Regina’s hair, pulling her head back so she could see her face, holding Regina’s eyes. “I love you.”

She said it, point blank, clearly and obviously. There could be no denying it.

She watched Regina’s cheeks reddened, her bottom lip twitch and tremble slightly and a tear from each eye dropped onto Emma’s cheeks. Regina sighed, rubbing her cheek against hers and said, “Oh, I love you, I love you, I love you.”

Emma’s arms enveloped her again, pulling her to her. Regina gasped and slid her hands between them, softly brushing Emma’s nipples.

Emma’s eyes went wide and then closed, humming lightly.

A knee pushed its way between Emma’s legs, pressing into Emma. She clutched Regina’s shoulders, breath hitching and brought up her own knee pressing it into Regina. The warmth there, the wet, it was dizzying. She let out a moan as she felt Regina press, slowly sliding up and down. “Oh god.”

They rocked this way for a while until breaths combined they had to release and enter one another, tongues finding nipples, jaws, ears.

They kissed. They held. They came together, meeting as one person and they fell asleep on top of the blankets perfectly comfortable.



Emma woke late in the morning but Regina was still sound asleep, Emma’s own human cocoon. She slipped out of her arms and to the restroom then the kitchen. She made coffee, waffles with strawberries, eggs and bacon.

Regina appeared in the doorway clad only in one of Emma’s shirts and wordlessly took a cup of coffee. She leaned against the far wall and watched Emma cook.

Emma hummed as she did, safe in her happy place. “We could do this you know.” She said, her back still to Regina.


“We could do this. We could be a family.” Emma turned to look at her, leaning against the counter herself, afraid of what she would see on Regina’s face but it only held a beautiful serenity.

“Then, yes we could.”

Emma smiled because she knew that Regina meant it.

She took Regina’s hand and pulled her to her, resting her face against Regina’s throat.

“Are you sure you want me?” The words echoed in Regina’s chest against Emma’s ear.

“Yes. I’m sure.”

Regina was silent for a moment before she said, “Okay.”

“Okay.” Emma repeated.

They stood that way for a while, comfortable.

Finally Regina said softly, almost amused, “We have to call your mom.”

“And Ruby.”

“Do you think you can handle one last move?”

“The last?”


“I think I can do that.” Emma said content for the first time in many years. “Then what?”

Regina smiled and purred in answer, “Then we start our life.”