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Just One Bite

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Bert landed on the bed with a ‘umpf’ He blinked open his eyes and saw Reiner leaning over him, taking off his suit jacket. “Reiner”

“Hmm” The blonde leaned down, capturing his lovers lips between his own. Long fingers gripped at the short blonde hair, gripping at them and tugging. “What is it?”

Bertolt opened his eyes, looking into soft honey ones “Fuck me”

“With pleasure” Reiner smirked, hands tugging Bertls clothes off, discarding them on the floor “You’re so stunning” Hungry eyes ate up Bertls naked, tanned body, laid out and spread upon the bed, looking beautiful against the grey sheets.

“I know” Bert smirked, sitting up on his forearms, biting his lip and spreading those long legs further apart. “Can we hurry it along?”

Reiner chuckled, grabbing the nearly empty bottle of lube from its place on the nightstand. They never put it away because they didn’t see the point considering Reiner lives alone and no visitors would go into his room, and even if they did what did it matter if they say lube? It’s Reiner house, he could do whatever and whoever he wanted.

The burly blonde coated his digits in the lubricant and rubbed the wet tips against Bertolts hole, causing him to twitch. “You’re so cute”

“Shut up. Stop teasing me” Bert pouted, rocking his hips down to try and get the fingers to penetrate but Reiner would just move them away slightly. “Come on, stop that”

“You’re so needy”

“I want my fiance inside me, is that so bad?”

“No” Reiner pushed the tip of his middle finger in, only stopping when it was in to the last knuckle. “There”

“Fuck. More” Bert bit his lip, threading his fingers through his own hair, looking down his body to watch his fiance work his hand “Reiner” Bert bit his lip “God, hurry” He squirmed under his blonde.

“You’ve always been so impatient”  Reiner grinned, leaning down to kiss at his tan chest. “Have I ever told you that you’re beautiful?”

“Every day” Bertl smiled slightly, running his hands over Reiners shoulders, rubbing his muscles. “But I still like hearing it”

“You’re beautiful” Reiner kissed his lovers face, adding a second finger into him, working him wide for a third. “I love you”

“Love you too” Bertl wiggles his hips “Put your dick in me”

“Yes sir” Reiner pulled out his fingers and lubed up his cock, and gently slid into Bertl.

“Oh God yes” Bert laid his head back, moaning loudly, almost screaming  when Reiner started thrusting.”Reiner!”

“Fuck I love being inside you” Reiner clenched the sheets, head falling between his shoulders, panting and moaning, hips shaking with the force he was moving them . “Jesus”

Bertolt was a screaming mess, body shaking and flushed, sweat glistening his skin.

Minutes later, Bertl screamed and he came, his insides squeezing around Reiners shaft and the blonde lost it, spilling his load inside of Bertolt, painting his insides white.

They were both exhausted, panting, throats sore from screaming, back stinging from the scratch marks and hip sore from brutal thrusting.  

Reiner fell to the side, pulling his new fiance closer to him, tucking his head under his chin.