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Lucky Number Seven

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Not too many years later, Lucy takes a deep breath and exhales loudly. Butterflies are zooming around her stomach and she is a complete bundle of nerves. She is pacing around, being careful not to trip over her elegant and beautiful white dress.

“Everything will be fine, Lu,” Levy assures her.

She looks at her maid of honor and blurts, “I’m nervous! What if I trip? What if I mess up a line?”

She smiles softly at the bride. “Just focus on your husband and you’ll be fine.”

“Hey, we’re not married yet. He still has time to back out.”

Levy rolls her eyes dramatically. “Oh, like he’d even think about doing that!”

Lucy chuckles. “I guess that’s a silly thought, huh?”

Erza strides into the room, her pastel pink dress flowing behind her. “It’s show time, ladies!”

“Oo, Juvia is so excited!” she squeals.

Wendy laughs. “I bet Natsu is just as excited!”

As the ladies leave the room, trusty Cana gets the back of Lucy’s dress. “Thank you, Cana!”

“Don’t mention it,” she says. “Just focus on the stairs.”

The six make their descent down the staircase and Mr. Fullbuster is photographing the whole thing from the bottom. His son would be photographing as well, but he is the best man. Lucy has no doubt that he will try grabbing a camera later to take pictures with.

Lucy’s heart is pounding in her chest and she is more than sure the others can hear. She cannot see him, but she knows where he is. Natsu is already waiting under the white canopy that is at the other end of the aisle. She only has to travel up the white runner with pink rose petals along the sides to reach him.

The two wedding parties partner up, leaving the blonde and Capricorn at the very end.

“It is a great honor to walk you down the aisle, Miss Lucy,” the elderly man says, taking her arm.

She smiles up at him. “Thank you.”

“The pleasure is all mine.”

The music begins and the first pair walks away, disappearing around the bend.

Once it is her turn, Lucy’s grip around her lovely bouquet tightens as she takes her first step forward. Capricorn gives her a little squeeze so she relaxes. And she does.

When they come around the bend, Lucy’s eyes immediately land on Natsu. He looks so handsome in his grey tuxedo and his treasured scarf around his neck completes the look. She cannot stop the smiling and just keeps him in her sights.

On the other hand, Natsu nearly loses it when he first sees his future wife appear. Gray nudges him lightly, helping ground him before he becomes a mess. He grins from ear to ear, more than happy at the thought of finally marrying his best friend.

Lucy walks up the aisle, passing close family and friends. It might not be a super big wedding, but it is exactly what the couple wants. What they have always wanted. When Capricorn passes her onto Natsu, the rest of the ceremony flies by.

“You may now kiss the bride,” the short man says, and steps back so they can have their moment. Makarov is also a family friend and was thrilled when the duo asked him for his services.

Natsu takes no time sinking his lips into Lucy’s, molding their bodies together. Ever so skillfully, he dips her down and throws a fist in the air for victory. He has done it! He is finally married to his best friend!

The crowd cheers and applauds.

“I love you,” Lucy says with a smile as she looks up at him.

“I love you more,” he says before kissing her again, wrapping both arms around her this time.


“And now, if you all give a very warm welcome to Mr. and Mrs. Natsu Dragneel!” the announcer says into the microphone.

The newlyweds make their grand entrance and everyone gets even louder.

Lucy steals a peek at Natsu and sees the biggest grin ever. She is pretty sure his cheeks have got to hurt from smiling so big, but there is no sign of it. He might be too happy to even feel the pain!

He leads her out onto the middle of the dance floor and surprises her. Natsu takes her left hand with his right before pressing his left hand to her lower back. When the music plays, he takes the lead.

She looks at him with amazement. “You can dance? Like actually dance?”

He shrugs like it is no big deal even though it is a big deal. “I took some lessons just for this moment. Just so I could see your expression.” He chuckles. “It was definitely worth it.”

Lucy laughs. “You’re still full of wonderful surprises. Even after all of these years.”

“You can always count on that.” He twirls her around gracefully before bringing her close to him. “Besides, I hafta keep you on your toes somehow. Can’t have you bored with this relationship. Ever.”

She rolls her eyes. “Have I ever been bored?”

“Nope. And that’s the plan.”

“Hey, well the same goes for you,” Lucy points out. “No being bored.”

“Oh, I don’t think I’ll ever be bored with you around. In fact, I’m already enjoying what we have.” Natsu grins. “I always have.”

“Good. I want to make sure my man is always interested.”

“Luce, I’ve been interested since the first time I saw you. It just took me until I was eleven to know what I truly wanted.” He pauses for dramatic effect. “You.”

She smiles. “It only took me a bit longer to realize I wanted you.”

“And now look where we are.” He quickly glances around before looking back at his wife.

“It’s something incredible,” Lucy comments.

“You’re incredible.”

“We’re incredible,” she corrects. “Oh, and, Natsu?”


“I love you so much.”

“I love you so much more.”


“Promise.” Then he leans forward to press his lips to hers, sealing the deal.