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Ten Things Emily Prentiss Learned From Her Mother's Staff

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JJ gave a sign and all of the women got into the relative safety of their shacks. Emily took aim and shot one of the cameras down with the first try. Now they had to wait.


“Where did you learn to shoot a sling like that? That’s amazing.” JJ couldn’t help but ask.


“One of my mother’s gardeners taught me to shoot down birds who picked on the seeds with it.”


They waited, checking their watches every few seconds. Time seemed to crawl, but finally after almost exactly fifteen minutes they could hear the truck approaching. Emily had the sling shot hidden behind her back, waiting for the right moment.


The truck stopped just outside the circle of cages and the driver seemed to rummage through some stuff before he got out and slammed the door close behind him. When he came into full view they could see that he had a tool box and a gun on him.


JJ took a half step forward, providing Emily with some cover to prepare the sling. The unsub stepped into the center, towards the pole that held the cameras and Emily took her shot. He fell like a tree and then there was great cheering all around, all women rushing out of their cages, applauding Emily for the brilliant shot.


“Yes!” JJ exclaimed excitedly, hugged Emily tightly and kissed her passionately, which earned them a round of approving wolf whistles from the other women around.


Emily enjoyed her kiss of victory for a moment, but soon they broke it off blushing a little under the stares of their audience.


“Okay, JJ.” Emily whispered for only the blonde to hear. “Let’s continue this later. We gotta start digging.”


“How and where?”


Emily went to the shack purposefully, kicked out two of the panels and handed one to JJ.

“Let’s try under the door. The bars can’t go into the ground there.”


Without another word they got started. The ground wasn’t too hard and with their improvised shovels they made good progress. They had to rip out some roots and rocks with their hands though, and soon enough their hands were bruised, full of splinters and bleeding. But they kept going. They had to get out before the unsub came to again.


After about an hour the ditch was deep enough for JJ to slip through without touching the bars. So she crawled through the ditch making herself as small as possible.


“Do you still have your cuffs?” Emily asked in an afterthought. “Then cuff him to the pole, but be careful.”


JJ nodded. She approached the unsub cautiously, looking for any sign that he might wake up soon. When she got close she could see the head wound, were the blood was starting to clot already. A pleased smile spread across her face.


“Hey Em. You hit him good. Bullseye.” The amusement was audible in her voice.


JJ kicked the stun gun away from the unsub and felt his pulse; it was steady. She smiled again. He would stand trial for this. Then she pulled him closer to the pole and cuffed him to it.


“Look for a shovel in the truck.” Emily shouted.


And indeed among other things there was a shovel in the bed of the truck. And after only five more minutes of digging the ditch was deep enough that Emily could crawl out, too.


“We need his keys and the remote thing. You search the car and I’ll search the guy. Okay?” Emily proposed.


JJ agreed and the two of them started searching thoroughly. But they didn’t find anything. Neither the key nor the remote. Additionally JJ couldn’t get into the cab of the truck, because it was locked.


“I found a bunch of stuff in the bed of the truck, but no key. Just tools, water, food and stuff.” JJ called. “And the cab is locked. Throw me the keys will ya?”


“What? I didn’t find any keys. How’s that even possible?” Emily was taken aback by this. Where was the key?


“I have no idea. So what do we do now? Do we walk to the house and hope to find a phone there?”


“First we get the water and the food to the girls. Is there a first aid kit, too?”


“Yes, there is.”


“Let’s patch up our hands first. I don’t wanna risk an infection.”


They cleaned their hands with some of the water and helped each other patch up the wounds as best they could.


“Ah, see? Much better. Now let’s see if I can get us into this truck. Why don’t you start on

distributing the water and food?”


“And miss this? No way!” JJ exclaimed, waiting for the next showing of a hidden talent of Emily.


The brunette rummaged through the tool box and finally took out a screw driver and a hammer. Pounding the screw driver into the lock with brute force she managed to break the lock and the car opened.


“Thank God this is an old truck. A new one would have locked down completely.”


“Emily Prentiss. You are so full of surprises. Where did you learn this?”


“Oh. One of my mother’s mechanics showed me. Mother lost her keys all the time. Now. I’m gonna search the cab. Do you wanna observe that too? Or are you gonna start handing out the stuff now?” Emily asked with a hint of amusement.


While JJ was busy spreading the food and water Emily searched the inside of the truck, but she came up empty.


“Nothing.” She said when JJ joined her again. “There’s probably some hidden compartment. But we don’t have the time to search for it. Tell the girls, we’ll go and get help. They should stay put.”


“And how are we gonna do that?” JJ asked.


“Go. Tell them. You’ll see.”


JJ informed the women and got back into the truck were she saw that Emily had ripped out a bunch of cables from under the steering column, short circuiting the car successfully.


“Are you sure you’re an FBI agent and not some kind of evil brain? Where?” JJ asked amused.


“Oh. One of my mother’s mechanics….” Emily started, but JJ interrupted her.


“Okay, okay. I get it. Now… can you drive this thing?” JJ asked pointing toward the gear stick.


“Sure. One of my mother’s drivers taught me how to drive stick when I was fourteen.”


“Good for us. Let’s go.” JJ simply commented grinning.


Emily turned the car around and they followed the barely visible path the truck had obviously taken every time. There was no chance for them to drive the wrong way really because all that was left and right of the path were trees, trees and more trees.


“Do you think this whole time bomb thing is true?” JJ asked after about five minutes of silence.


“Don’t know, but it could be. As far as I could tell he never lied to the women. Lying is a sin. So yeah, it’s probably true. Now we have to hope that he reset it this morning, so we have enough time.”


They fell silent again. And after another minute JJ spoke again.


“Is it okay if I turn on the radio? Maybe we can catch some news.”


“Sure. There’s nothing to hear out here anyway.”


JJ turned the old radio on, but all she got was static and some Canadian country station.


“We must be close to the boarder.” She said. “So we’re probably north of Eureka.”


Emily nodded in agreement, but didn’t say anything. It had been a long time since she last drove stick and now she had to concentrate while shifting between gears. She didn’t want to kill the car. After what seemed to be an eternity but in truth had been only twenty minutes, the trees started to stand farther apart until they fell back all together and they reached some kind of farm.


“We need to be careful.” Emily spoke up, after she killed the engine. “Maybe there’s someone around to look after the children. If they're still around that is.”


Emily took the stun gun she had picked up earlier while searching the unsub and handed JJ the crowbar from the toolbox.


“Now let’s find a phone.”


They listened, holding their breathe, for any sign of live. When they didn’t hear anything they stepped out of the car and approached the main building.


It was a big two story farmhouse with a wide porch surrounding it. Additionally there was some sort of garden shack and a big barn.


“I really hope we don’t have to search all of this.” JJ said taking a look around. “It will take days and we’ve only got hours.”


“You’re right. Let’s start with the main building. If there’s a phone around, it’s probably in there.” Emily decided.


“You’re right. There are phone lines leading to the main building. Now let’s hope it’s still working.”


Without seeing a living creature the reached the front door, finding it locked.


“Let’s make quick work of this and just break the window.” JJ suggested.


Emily agreed. “Use the crowbar to smash it.”


JJ swung the crowbar and hit the glass with it pretty hard, but it didn’t break. Instead JJ felt a sharp pain shooting through her shoulder and dropped the crowbar instantly, not able to hold its weight any longer.


“Damn! Motherfucking bastard!” She swore through her pain. “It’s bulletproof glass, Em.”


“Oh God. Are you hurt? Can you move your arm?” Emily asked worried, taking a step closer.


“No. Not really. I think I dislocated my shoulder.” JJ hissed, trying to keep the pain at bay.


“Let’s pop it right back in. If we wait it will only hurt more.”


“What? And how do you know… Oh forget it. Of course you know. Who taught you?”


Emily laughed a bit. “My mother’s physician.”


“Okay. Then let’s do this. Quick.”


“There’s no other way. Okay, hold on to something with your left and try to keep steady. On the count of one – two -…” But before she reached three Emily had already pushed and pulled and with a loud snap and a loud cry of pain from JJ, the shoulder was back in.


“Well, in case anybody is here… now they know we’re coming.” JJ joked through her pain.


“Give it a few seconds, it will be better soon. You’ll need to take it easy for a while, but it will be okay soon.” Emily calmed down her younger friend. “Maybe we’ll find something inside we can make a sling out of.”


“Inside? How the hell are we gonna get inside? The glass is bullet proof.”


“Well”, Emily said, waggling her eyebrows. “There’s always the lock on the front door.”


“Now you’re kidding! How will you pick that lock?”


“Uhm, with your nail file and the pin from your brooch.”


JJ handed both items to Emily almost forgetting her pain in her curiosity to see if she could really pull it off.


Emily knelt down in front of the door to get a better look and started poking around in the lock; at least that was what it looked like for JJ. After only a few seconds there was an audible click and Emily opened the door.


“Where did you learn picking locks? Not one of your mother's staff again?”


“Oh, it sure was. My mother had this handyman, he taught me. Later he was fired because he was caught stealing.”


“Who would have guessed? With a talent like his,” JJ said dryly.


They carefully entered the house, Emily taking the lead. The inside was bright, clean and homey; not at all how they expected a single man's house to be.


They spotted the phone at once. Emily rushed over and picked it up, she even got a free line. But when she tried to dial it didn't work. Instead the line changed to busy.


“Damn! It's locked somehow. Let's look for another line or our cells or something.”


“Maybe we should drive into town.” JJ suggested, worried for the women still in the cages.


“We have to check the house first either way. The kids could be still around somewhere.” Emily disagreed.


“Oh my God. You're right of course. Let's get started. Should we split up?”


“No, you're hurt; we better stick together.”


They made their way through the house without finding the kids or anything helpful. Only when they came into the basement did they find a safe and an old two way radio.


JJ looked from the safe to Emily and back. Noticing her look, Emily started laughing.


“No. I'm not that good. I won't be able to get us into the safe. I would need a stethoscope and some C4.”


JJ looked at her in shock, mouth open, eyes wide.


Emily laughed again.


“Just kidding. I can't do that.”


JJ looked almost disappointed but also kind of relieved.


“Damn. I guess our things are in the safe. Let's try the radio.”


Emily nodded her agreement and together they took the few steps to the old radio. It looked like it hadn't been used in a while. It was dusty all over and some spiders hurried away as they cleaned the worst of it. Emily pressed the power switch, but nothing happened.


“Well, that would have been too easy, wouldn't it?” JJ said.


“Yeah, Let's see what we got here okay?” Emily started checking the power and pressed some of the buttons, but still nothing happened. She looked around the room and spotted another tool box.


“Will you hand me that tool box JJ? I'll open this thing up.”


JJ got the tool box and Emily picked a small screw driver. She started opening the back of the radio at once.


“Ah thank God!” She said after taking a quick look inside. “There's just some contacts that need fixing. After that it should work.”


And you learned that how?” JJ was pretty sure she already knew the answer to that, but she simply couldn't not ask.


“You remember I told you about my mother's handyman? Well he actually was a good handyman, besides being a thief. Is there by any chance some duct tape in there? And maybe some paper clips? Copper would be best.”


“Yeah, here's duct tape, but no paper clips sorry.” JJ answered after rummaging through the box.


“Never mind, it should work without them.” Emily started fixing some wires to the proper contacts and finally the little bulb indicating power turned on.


“You did it!”


“Now let's see if we can get a message out there.”


“10-33, I repeat, 10-33 can somebody read me?”


After some seconds of silence that seemed to last forever, they finally heard a welcome voice over the radio.


This is Deputy Jensen from the Eureka Sheriff's Office. Who is this?”




Three days later


The team had closed the case, the unsub was in custody, the women saved. The sheriff was still busy tracking down the children; the unsub had given them to different hospitals in the area.


Back home, Emily had invited JJ over for dinner at her place at once, and JJ had accepted gladly.


And now JJ was standing in front of Emily's door, nervous as hell like she was back in high school again. Before she could even ring the bell, Emily opened the door, looking at her almost in wonder.


“You came! And look at you, you're... beautiful.”


JJ blushed at the compliment, glad that Emily seemed to like her simple ensemble of black pants and a black button down. Emily, on the other hand, looked quite stunning in black pinstriped pants and a red blouse. And although her hair was a little ruffled and her face was flushed, JJ was quite sure she had never seen anyone that beautiful in her life.


“Thank you.” Emily said and JJ registered that she had spoken her thoughts out aloud. “Please come in. Dinner's about ready.”


“You cooked?”


“Yes, otherwise we could have gone to a restaurant, but I wanted... more privacy for our first date. This is a date, isn't it?”


Instead of answering JJ leaned in and kissed Emily. The kiss was only short and sweet but it sufficed to clear the air. “Yes, Emily. This is a date.” JJ said anyhow.


“Good!” Emily didn't think she had been happier in her whole life. “Now come in before the food gets cold.”


Soon they were both sitting at the perfectly set dinner table. Candles were burning, low music was playing in the background. When JJ tasted the first bite of her dish, she couldn't suppress a moan.


“Oh my God, Emily. This is delicious. What is this?”


“It's called Paella. It's an original Spanish recipe. My mother's cook taught me when we were in Barcelona.”


JJ almost choked on the food she had just put into her mouth, because she started laughing at that.


“You sure learned quite a lot of useful stuff from your mother's staff.”


“I did, didn't I?” Emily grinned.


The rest of the meal was spent with light conversation. Emily, letting her walls down, told JJ some stories of the foreign countries she had been and JJ in return told her about her family and her childhood in East Allegheny.


There was an awkward moment when they were finished eating. Both knew how they wanted this evening to end, but neither was sure how to proceed without overstepping any boundaries.


Finally it was Emily who took the lead again, extending her hand to JJ, who took it without hesitation and stood. Soon the distance between them was closed and they were drawn into a hot, consuming kiss.


Without breaking the kiss, Emily managed to get them into her bedroom, where they finally broke for air. Emily took a half step back searching for any sign of doubt in JJ's eyes, but JJ had no doubts. She wanted this as much as Emily did. To prove it, she started to slowly unbutton her blouse. Emily's eyes followed her every move. Soon enough, Emily started following her lead, unbuttoning her own blouse as well.


Blouses and bras were discarded without a word, both women simply taking in the beauty of the other. But when JJ started to unbutton her pants, Emily stopped her.


“I think I promised that I would do that. Step out of your shoes.”


JJ did and at once she was considerably shorter than the brunette was, since Emily still wore heels. Emily closed the short distance between them and captured JJ's lips in another searing kiss, their breasts touching, their bodies molding together in every place possible. Emily used her advantage in height to press her thigh between JJ's legs and up into her crotch, making JJ moan deeply and press into her harder.


“Yes, that's it baby, let go.” Emily whispered, supporting JJ's back, letting her find her own rhythm. JJ's moans got louder and her head fell back while her thrusts got more frantic. But before she got too close, Emily took a half-step backwards.


JJ was about to protest when she felt Emily's hands on her abdomen wandering south. It was like the touch of a feather and the blonde felt her muscles twitch under her lover's fingertips. She heard the pop of a button, then a zipper going down, without Emily's hands leaving her abdomen, drifting in circles, caressing her sides, her ribs, her belly button. JJ's breath hitched when she felt Emily's breath, panting heavily too, closing in on her center. Eager for more contact JJ pushed her pants and panties down to the floor herself.


Emily moaned at the sight before her. JJ's blonde hair cropped short and now dark from the wetness that was already starting to drip down her legs.


“My God, JJ. Look at you, all wet and ready for me.” Emily's voice was husky and JJ more felt than heard the words. “I really need to taste you.”


“Oh God. Yes please.”


JJ was more than ready for this. She had been ready since she stepped through Emily's door earlier. Hell, she had been ready since they had kissed in that damn cage. She felt ready to explode. Emily was already kneeling in front of her and all she could do to keep herself from falling down was hold on to the brunette's shoulders. She felt fingers spread her, and Emily's tongue took a long sweep through her wetness.


When Emily hit her clit with her tongue and started to hum in approval, JJ couldn't hold back a scream any longer.


“Emily! Please. I need you inside of me. Now!”


Emily was more than ready to oblige. She put one of JJ's legs over her shoulder to get better access and, holding JJ steady around the waist, she easily entered the blonde with two fingers. She started a steady rhythm, each thrust met by JJ who tried to drive her deeper.


JJ's movements sped up in her need to find release. Emily added a third finger and started licking and sucking at JJ's clit at the same time. She felt the blonde's leg starting to tremble and her walls clamp down on the fingers. She sucked the clit again, a little harder this time and pushed her finger as deep into her lover as they would go and with a raw scream JJ went rigid, the waves of her orgasm sweeping over her. All Emily could do was hold her steady so she wouldn't fall.


As JJ went limp, Emily gathered her up and gently laid her down on the bed, so she could regain her senses. She stepped out of her own shoes and laid down beside her, propped up on one elbow so she could look at JJ's relaxed face undisturbed.


After a while the blonde's breathing evened out again and she opened her blue eyes to look at Emily lovingly. But soon the look in JJ's eyes changed into something feral, sending shivers down Emily's spine and right into her core, making her moan out loud.


In one single fluid motion, JJ was upon Emily, pinning her, pressing one thigh into her center and nibbling playfully at her pulse point.


“Wow Emily, that was truly amazing. Now where did you learn that?”


Emily shuddered, having trouble concentrating on JJ's words, while JJ let go of her hands and started to unbutton her pants. Just before Emily lost all power of speech, she managed to answer.


“Oh you know JJ... that will be my secret.”


The End