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I'll Be Right Behind You

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Ali looked at the clock above the row of lockers, and stood.

“Shit.” She exclaimed under her breath as she slipped her cleats on her feet, and quickly shoved her shin guards back into her Nike bag.

Ali was running late and would have to finish getting ready on the field. She grabbed the bag with one hand and ran to the door of the locker room. Suddenly, the door swung away from her empty hand, pulling her off balance and throwing her forward. Ali crashed into the chest of the taller woman who was entering the locker room at the same moment Ali was trying to leave. Her bag dropped onto the floor and its contents spilled out. Before Ali could fall any further, strong hands grabbed her waist and settled her.

“Whoa there! You ok?” a startled voice asked.

Ali looked up and her mouth went dry. Her eyes raked in the stranger’s chiseled jawline and beautiful face framed by long gently curling blond hair. When she realized her face was nuzzling the woman’s right breast, a blush crept into her cheeks. Ali straightened up, nodding that she was indeed alright since she found it impossible to get words past her lips at the moment.

Ali dropped to her knees and hastily started shoving her things back into her bag. She looked up and noticed the woman grinning at her warmly, one dimple on full display. Her breathing hitched. Ali cringed as the blond seemed to have heard and her smile widened. At that moment, all Ali wanted was to be far away from those gorgeous hazel eyes that seemed to be staring straight through her carefully erected walls. Ali swallowed hard, feeling exposed under the gaze.

Ignoring the hand that was extended to help her stand, Ali regained her feet.

“I…uh…practice.” Ali mumbled as she pushed her way past the woman and the door closed, offering her a bit of separation.

Ali double checked the contents of her bag. Her shoulders slumped. She turned around and opened the door. The gorgeous woman was standing there, an amused smirk plastered on her face, holding up Ali’s missing shin guard. Ali reached for it, but the woman pulled it back at the last second.

“Hi Practice, I’m Ashlyn. Nice to meet you.” Ashlyn teased.

Ali reached for her shin guard again, and this time Ashlyn allowed her to take it. She looked up at the clock and knew she was going to be treated to an ass chewing and sprints after practice. Ali hated to be late.

“Its Ali, and I’m late.” Ali supplied, finally finding her voice.

Ali turned, and the door shut again as she started rummaging around her bag. She grimaced, turned around, and opened the door once again. As the door swung open, Ashlyn was still standing there, this time holding her pre-wrap. Ashlyn’s chuckles were the last thing Ali wanted to hear. Her eyes narrowed at the woman.

“Is this all of my things or do I need to strip search you?” Ali quipped, her frustration evident in her biting tone.

“If you’d like to run your hands all over my naked body…who am I to say no?” Ashlyn cockily replied and started unbuttoning her light blue button down shirt.

Ali’s face turned red, and she opened her mouth to speak, then snapped it shut. She looked at the door and then back at Ashlyn.

“You go right ahead, I’ll be right behind you.” An amused Ashlyn remarked.

Ali turned around and fled to the field as fast as her legs could carry her, the sound of Ashlyn’s laughter ringing in her ears. Who the hell was this Ashlyn woman, and why did her heart flutter at the thought of her hands on this woman’s body? Ali groaned. First day of camp was not turning out how she had pictured it.