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Around four PM they pilled everything - all of Gus's presents - in Brian's car and went back to Pittsburgh. Claire stayed behind to wait for the cleaning team, so Brian and Justin went straight to Mel's house, leaving the presents in the living room where Gus could open everything that wasn't already opened.

"You sure you don't want some coffee?" Mel asked, putting Jenny Rebecca on the floor.

"Thanks, Mel, but I'm dead on my feet," Justin said, smiling. "I just want to go home and sleep."

Justin was really tired, judging by the way he dozed off on the passenger's seat the whole way to the loft. Brian shook him awake gently when they arrived, and the blond let himself be held all the way up to the apartment. Brian took him to bed and spent some time putting the leftovers in the fridge, because Debbie had insisted they took enough food to last them a week.

When he stripped to his boxers and joined Justin at the bed, the young man immediately snuggled closer, his hand around Brian's waist.

" smell good," Justin said, eyes closed.

"I thought you were dead on your feet," Brian said pointedly.

"I am. But someone is awake," the young man said, holding Brian's hand and guiding it to his groin where there was no underwear and, yes, there was someone - or something - very much awake.

Brian kissed Justin softly, marveling at the young man's pale skin - now a little pink, thanks to the sun - so soft in his arms. "I wonder what I can do to help."

"You should do something about it," Justin murmured, his hand tracing patterns on Brian's back.

"I should," Brian said, kissing Justin slowly again, savoring the soft, pink lips with no hurry at all.

Justin opened his legs and Brian nestled between them, taking off his briefs first. He was all for kinky, hard and fast sex, but he loved these quiet moments with Justin, where they could just hold each other and there was no need to say anything.

"This feels nice," Justin said. His eyes were still closed, and Brian wasn't sure if he was completely awake.

"Yeah, it is," the brunet said, running a hand through the blond locks he loved. He adjusted his legs, intertwining them with Justin's, and the blond gave a soft gasp when he realized that Brian was hard too.

"Keep moving," Justin said, face buried in the crook of Brian's neck. "I want us to stay like this forever."

Brian obliged, because how could he not? Justin's skin was soft, and he smelled so good, all warm and sleepy, and Brian's heart fluttered inside his chest. It was scary how much he loved this man in his arms. Justin had seen everything there was to see about him, and he was still here.

He started slow, a rhythm barely there, and Justin smiled. "Yes, like that," the young man murmured. "Like that, Brian, don't stop." And Brian didn't stop, but he didn't move faster; he was not in a hurry, and he wanted to savor every minute with Justin sleepy and pliant like that. He wanted to store this moment deep inside his mind, along with the many others he hoped would come as he and Justin spent the rest of their lives together.

They came almost at the same time, Justin arching his back, head pressed against the pillow, moaning Brian's name softly. The beauty of the man beneath him triggered Brian's own release and he came with his face hidden in Justin's neck, his hands buried in Justin's hair, surrounded by Justin's voice, Justin's smell, Justin, Justin.


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Justin woke up several hours later, and the first thing he saw was Brian's face. The older man was looking at him, seeming lost in his own thoughts.

"Hey," Justin said, smiling, cradling Brian's face between his hands.

"Hey," Brian smiled. "I was waiting for you to wake up."

"Oh?" Justin said, blinking, and realizing that Brian's hair was wet from the shower and that he was completely dressed. "Are we going somewhere?"

"Yep," Brian said, looking a little anxious. "Go get ready."

"Where are we going? Back to Mel's?"

"Nope. Gus has already had his party. We're going to...shit, just...just get ready; you'll see."

"Can I take a shower first?" Justin frowned, because Brian seemed more than a little anxious now.

"Sure. Just...don't take long."

Justin took a quick shower, and seeing that Brian was wearing jeans and a plain black t-shirt, he decided to put his old gray cargo pants and a white t-shirt, along with his old blue jacket. "Okay, I'm ready, let's go," he said, toweling his short hair a little bit more.

Brian snorted when he saw him "You look like a twink."

"Is this bad?" Justin said, combing his hair and taking a look at himself in the mirror.

Brian came to him and stopped behind the young man, both facing the mirror now. "You're perfect. Now let's go."

Inside the Corvette, Brian turned on his iPod, and Justin noticed that he kept tapping the steering wheel lightly, but not really following the song's rhythm. They didn't talk, and Justin soon gave up trying to find out where they were going, because Brian would answer all his questions with grunts. The blond was getting antsy with anticipation, because Brian was clearly so anxious that he couldn't help but getting anxious too.

"Babylon????" he said in disbelief, when Brian parked near the club.

"Almost, but not quite," Brian answered enigmatically.

"But...Brian, if you wanted to come and dance, you could've told me. I don't see why all the suspense and - "

"Will you just get out of the car?" the older man said, exasperated.

Fuming, Justin stepped outside to the night air. It was a hot summer night, and Babylon's street was full of people, as always. Most men were with sleeveless shirts, some even shirtless, and the loud music, the old thumpa-thumpa, could be heard coming from inside the place.

Brian took Justin's hand, but he didn't walk to the club's door. He stopped suddenly, on the other side of the street, and turned Justin around, maneuvering the young man so he was facing the club, Brian with his back to the place, facing Justin. "Here," he said, sounding smug.

Justin frowned. "Here?" he asked. "Here what? Aren't we going inside?"

Brian rolled his eyes. "Look up, Justin."

"Huh?" Justin said, looking up, and his eyes grew wide. He looked at Brian, at the club's door and then looked up again, for the first time realizing where he really was. "Oh."

It was the streetlamp. Their streetlamp; the place where Brian Kinney had first laid his eyes on seventeen year-old Justin Taylor.

"B-Brian?" Justin's heart started to beat fast, and he didn't even know why. He only knew something important was going on here.

"This is the place where everything started. Tonight, the day Gus was born, eight years ago. This is where I first saw you."

Justin gulped and nodded nervously. "Yes, it was here."

Brian took a step back, away from the blond, and outstretched his arms. "I am here, Justin. This is the place where everything started. This is the best place I could think of to tell you that...I want you to marry me. Will you?"

Justin blinked a few times, to certify himself he wasn't dreaming. From the corner of his eyes he could see that they had already attracted some curious stares.

Sensing the young man's hesitation, Brian smiled softly. "Yeah, unexpected, I know. But listen, it took me a long time to realize I did everything wrong when I asked you to marry me...before. I understand now that we couldn't have worked in the past because, while I was very sincere when I proposed, it was for the wrong reasons. I don't want to marry you just to make you happy, Justin. I want to marry you because it makes me happy."

"So... you're saying that..." Justin couldn't even finish the sentence, his mind was swirling, his heart thumping inside his chest, his stomach doing flip-flops.

Brian put his hands inside his pants' pocket and suddenly the little velvet box Justin knew so well was in his hand.

"You said we didn't need rings and vows to prove that we love each other, and you were right," Brian said. "But I want to wear the rings, because I want to look at my hand and know that that is a sign that I belong to you, and to know that everyone will look at your hand and know that you belong to me. That we belong to each other, not as a possession, a prize, but we're together because we want to, and we want it to be forever because that's what feels right."

By then, Justin's eyes were red and full of tears, but his huge smile didn't leave any doubt about his happiness. There was a small crowd around them, now, because Brian Kinney giving a passionate speech wasn't something that happened every day, if ever.

"Everyone is looking," Justin whispered, wanting to look around but unable to take his eyes away from Brian.

"Fuck them all," Brian said, approaching Justin again. "I want the whole world to see. This is me, telling you and everybody in the world that I'm yours. That you have all of me, everything that I am, and if you want to walk down the aisle we can, but what I really want to do is marry you right here, right now, with Babylon's music as our wedding song and all the queers of Liberty Avenue as our guests."

"You are ridiculously romantic, did you know that?" Justin said, between tears, reaching for the box in Brian's hand.

"You didn't say yes yet. Will you marry me, Justin? Here and now, and forever?"

Behind them, someone in the crowd said ‘say yes, honey, you don't leave a man like that waiting,' and there were a few small laughs, but mostly, everyone was quiet, looking at Brian and Justin, holding their breaths.

"Fuck yeah," Justin half-laughed, half-sobbed.

And then he was in Brian's arms, and he was being lifted off the floor and being kissed hard, and people were clapping around them.

"You are crazy," Justin said, when Brian put him down.

"Yes, I am, about you." Brian smiled at the cheesy line. "Come on, let's get married."

He opened the box and took Justin's ring, giving the box to the blond, who took Brian's ring and held. Slowly, Brian put the ring on Justin's left hand. "I promise to love you no matter what," he said, "and to be with you till the day I die, because without you nothing feels right."

"God," Justin murmured, as more tears fell, and he put Brian's ring on his left hand. "It has always been you, Brian, only you. I love you. Nothing in my life is more important than you; you're my everything."

They kissed again, this time for a long time, lost in each other, forgetting the people around them. Brian's eyes were moist too, but he didn't care, because Justin was his, and everybody knew, and he had never felt so proud and so whole.

"Well, ladies, the show is over," he said to the crowd, smiling.

"Thank you for attending our wedding," Justin said giggling, drunk with happiness.

"Now, why don't you all go inside and dance in our honor?" Brian said. "My husband and I are going home."

As the crowd started to dissipate, Brian and Justin held hands again, and walked slowly to the Corvette. The night was perfect, full of joy and with a feeling of promises in the air. At the same place where Brian and Justin's story had begun, a new chapter was being written. They didn't know it yet, but they hoped it would be a beautiful chapter.

In the future, as they grew old together, Brian and Justin would hear people talking about Brian Kinney, the legendary stud of Liberty Avenue, who fucked everyone but belonged to no one, and about Justin Taylor, the brilliant artist who was brave enough to fight for his love. But now all they knew was that they wanted to go home and lose themselves in each other. All Justin knew was that he was finally where he wanted to be, being Brian's equal, being his partner, his husband for the rest of his life. All that Brian knew was that the big hole in his chest was finally closed; he loved someone with everything he had and he was loved in return. The future would take care of itself. But Brian Kinney was no longer incomplete.



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