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New School, New Life

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After they had seen the Principal, Mr Moon and Jackie got her schedule and a map over her classrooms Helen had left to work. Now Jackie walked alongside with Principal to her first class, her first and everyone else’s second, since it was already 10am. Her first class was English, good, she liked that subject, but she hated to be the new kid.

They arrived to the classroom and Mr Moon knocked on the door, walked in and said something to her. Before he motioned for Jackie to go inside and left.


Aster’s PoV
Mrs. Green was talking about the World War II when Principal Moon walked inside, and said something to her. Then he walked outside and someone else waled in. She was pretty small, had white hair and a blue hoodie that was slightly big.

”A new guy huh? Looks more like a Girl to me” I whispered to Tooth, she looked at me and was bout to say something when Mrs Green spoke.

”Okay class seems like were having a new student. What’s your name Miss?” Mrs Green asked the new Girl.
The Girl looked up and she was really cute, she looked like a child. Her eyes was light blue almost like ice and she had the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen.

”Um.. My name is Jackie Frost” she said

”Do you want to tell us something about yourself? Mrs Green asked

”Not really...” she said in a low voice.

”Okay, you could take the seat by the window, next to Mr. Sanderson.” she pointed to the seat next to Sandy.

The new girl took the seat and looked outside the window. I saw Sandy wrote something on a paper and gave it to her, I saw her smile and said something I couldn’t hear.

”Looks like Sandy is getting new friend?”

”Yes, we have to get to know her. Don’t you think so Aster?”



”Huh?” I looked at Tooth who grinned at me
”What?!” I asked

”You were staring at the new girl” She smiled

”Ah did not!” I snapped

”You did, No denying” North laughed

”Ah did n-”Mr Bunnymund is it something you wish to say in class or could we continue?” Mrs Green said and gave me an annoyed look.

I shut my mouth and gave my friends a look. I looked at Sandy and the new girl, they were ‘talking’ and laughed silently. I smiled and continued on my sketching, it had a spring theme with flowers and eggs. I love Spring, and Easter, It brings hope and new beginnings.

I was lost in my drawings until the bell rang and students left the classroom.

”C’mon friends, let’s get lunch” North said and walked out

”Aster you coming?” Tooth asked

”Yea one sec” I had to finish this first

”..Hi I’m Tina, but you can call me Tooth, I guess you already met Sandy, the big guy is North and that is Aster.” I heard Tooth say, I looked up and saw her talking to the new girl. She was even cuter up close.

”Hey” she smiled, even if she seemed shy she had a really nice smile, and I bet Tooth’ll love her teeth. I snickered to myself.
”I’m Jackie, could you maybe show me where lunch is?” she asked shyly.

”Yes of course. Where is your locker?” Tooth asked

”Umm..?” Jackie took her papers to look, but Tooth was faster.

”Your’s is close to mine” she smiled
”You could eat lunch with us if you want to”

”If it’s okay for you..”

”‘Course it is sheila.” I said as I put down my drawings.
”Ah’m Aster” I smiled to her

”Jackie” she smiled back


Later when the group was at lunch they talked about themselves and got to know Jackie.

”So.. your really from Russia?” Jackie asked North

”Da, moved to Burgess with family when I was 10 years old and soon meet those jokers.” he laughed

”Hehe, so what about you three?”

”I’ve been living here all my life, but my father is from Europe and my mother is from Asia.”

”Is that why you know so many language?” Jackie asked

”Yea, and I love language, when I grow up I want to travel the world, and be a dentist.”

”What about you Sandy?” Sandy wrote something on a note and gave it to her.

”I moved here when I was 3 and when I grow up I wanna be a pilot and fly my own airplane”
To prove his point he spread his arms and pretended to fly. This made everyone laugh like before.

”And you? No, wait! let me guess... Australia right?” Jackie asked Aster

”’s right sheila, moved ’ere four years ago, with ma family. But afta’ ah become 16 they moved back. Didn’ like the weather, to bloody cold.” he grinned.

”Aww, Don’t the Kangaroo like the cold?”

”...The WHAT?!”

”Kan-ga-roo” she said again, this time slower

”Ah ain’ no bloody kangaroo, Frost”

”hehe okay, sorry ‘Roo..” she chuckled

The others smiled at the two, they didn’t know each other yet, but they already bickered like children.


The rest of school went by faster than Jackie had hoped, she wanted to spend some more time with her new friends. When she arrived home she found Helen in the kitchen.

”Hello Jackie, how was school?” she asked

”It was great, the classes was okay and the teachers was good. Oh and I found some new friends” Jackie answered as she took an apple.

”Really? Oh I’m so happy for you. Jamie and Sophie are upstairs if you want to play with them. Dinner will eb done in about an hour”


Jackie walked upstairs to her cousins and they played until dinner. And after that they played some more. When the clock was 8pm she tucked Sophie in and read her a bedtime story. Before she went to her own room.

In her room she went to her bookshelf and took down a small silver box. In it it was some photos, On one you could see a younger Jackie, maybe around 12years old and another small girl with brown hair and brown eyes. On another you saw a man and a woman, both dark haired and brown eyed, the woman looked like Helen but older. Jackie and the other girl, now both younger was on then photo to.

A small drop of water fell on the photo and she realized she had been crying. She put the photos down and put the box back in place, before she took out a book from her desk. On it it wrote ”Jackie’s Journal”
Jackie opened an empty page and started to write.

”Dear Journal, Today I started school... yippie for me... But it went better than I thought I found some friends to.
Theres Tina, or Tooth as everyone call her since she love teeth, she is crazy but she is really sweet.
North is from Russian and he may look big and mean but he is really jolly and he loves Christmas.
Sandy is a small mute guy, he is very nice and funny, he if he can’t talk he always seems to get his point across.
Then theres Aster.. He is from Australia and I love his accent, he has grayish/ blue hair and his eyes has a gorgeous green color, they reminds me of a warm day in Spring. He has a really nice body and he is so handsome...

In a couple of weeks or a month the ski resort will be open and I’ll be able to ride my snowboard again. Sweet.

Anyway, gotta go now, my bed is very tempting right now.