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New School, New Life

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When Friday arrived and Jackie walked to school she thought about this last week, she had started in Burgess High and meet new friends, she had almost had one of them in every class and in some, like English all of them was together. The five new friends always hung out at school and Jackie had really open up to them.

She and Aster had started to talk more and he always sat beside her during lunch.
The thought of the Australian boy made Jackie blush and she put her hood over her head, she had never felt like this around a guy before, why did she have to do it now?

At school she saw North and Tooth in the parking lot, they stood by a red car; No wait, that’s not a normal car, that thing is huge, and it looks awesome to ride. They saw her walking and they waved her over. North saw her face and chuckled.

”You like sleight, Yes?” North asked proudly

”Sleight?” Jackie asked

”Yes sleight, named it after the best holiday ever.”

”North has a special relationship with Christmas.” Tooth smiled

”Like ya ’ave teeth? An’ don’t be fooled by the looks Jackie, tha’ monster’s dangerous.” came a Australian voice.

”Sleight is no monster, you are only jealous because Christmas is better than Easter.”

”Don’ start with that ’gain, everyone knows Easter is betta’ than Christmas.”

”How can hidden eggs in wood be better than Christmas?”

”..Are they always fighting like this?” whispered Jackie to Tooth,

”Unfortunately, yes. They just don’t understand that it starts to get boring for the rest of us.” Tooth said

”They act just like children all the time” Sandy typed on his phone

Jackie smiled and was about to say something when the bell rang, She looked at the two boys who was still arguing.

”Okay guys, time to go.” Tooth said as she dragged her boyfriend away from Aster.

”C’mon Easter-boy, Math is about to start, lucky us.” Jackie said sarcastically as she grabbed the back of Asters shirt and pulled him with them.

Math was one of the classes where it was only Jackie and Aster, the thought that she now had Aster for herself made her blush, but her hood was up so no-one saw it.


”Okay class, today we are going to have a unprepared test about the last two chapters we have been working with.” The teacher said as she gave each student a paper to write on.

Jackie looked at Aster in horror, before she quietly banged her head on her desk.

”I’m so screwed” she mumbled, while Aster chuckled

”What, didn’ ya work with it at home?” Jackie gave him a look that clearly said ‘You’re a jerk’

”I have had math in this school for three times. THREE TIMES!” then she banged her head on the desk again, louder this time.

”Miss Frost is something wrong?” Teacher asked

”No. Except for that I have no idea what chapter we worked with before and what chapter we’re working with now.” she answered, head still on the desk.

”Well miss. Maybe if you concentrated more on class and less on other stuff you would know.” teacher said and walked to the black board.

”... Did she even think about that I just started this school this Monday?”

”Probably not, sheila’s not good with tha’.” Aster snickered

”Your enjoying this, aren’t you?”

”Ah would lie if ah said no.”

”Jerk” and then they go the questions for then test. And Aster could swear he heard her mumble something about ‘Stupid test, stupid teacher.’ and then ’...stupid kangaroo!”

When math was over the two meet up with the rest of the gang by Tooth’s and Jackie’s lookers.

”S’up mates” Aster said and Jackie just mumbled something, she seems to do that a lot nowadays.

”Hey, What’s with her?” Tooth asked

”We ’ad a test in math, sheila didn’ like it one bit.” The Australian chuckled

”An unprepared test about things I have never heard about!”

”Aw, don’t be mad sweetie, it’s just a test.”

”It’s not the teat I’m mad at... It’s HIM!” she pointed at Aster, who only laughed more.

”Why?” Tooth, North and Sandy looked puzzled

”He didn’t help at all at the test, he just laughed.!”

”Aster! That was mean!” Tooth said, the boy in question just shrugged and smiled.

”Jerk” Jackie and Tooth said on the same time.


The rest of the classes before lunch went by fast, and the gang soon found a seat and ate their lunch.

”Hey Jackie!” Tooth said

”That’s me” She smiled
”Me and the boys gonna meet up at my place tonight to hang out and watch a movie and play some games. Wanna join?”

”Sure, it sounds like fun”

”Sweet, Aster can pick you up at your home. Right Aster?”

”Yea sure”

”Yay, it’ll be so nice to have another girl with us, to kick the boys asses in SSBB.” Tooth squealed

”SSBB?” Jackie asked

”Yea, Super Smash Bros Brawl. Heard of it?”

”Yea, think so..”


”Am ah the only one tha’ think ‘t’s weird tha’ the sheilas’s talking ‘bout games, ‘stead of us guys?”

”No, all normal” North laughed, Sandy just agreed with a thumb up.


After school when Jackie arrived home she was alone, but she found a note on the kitchen table saying

”Hey Sweetie, we’re at the mall, will be back around, there’s food in the fridge.
Just call if there is something.
- Helen”

Jackie looked at the clock, almost, ’okay got two hours to spend my alone time one something’ she thought. Aster was about to pick her up at

She looked in the fridge and found some lasagna and a soda. ‘Sweet’. She quickly send a message to Helen saying she would hang out with her friends and spend the night at Tooth’s place.

After finished the food and got an ”Ok” from Helen she choose to watch some Tv.

The clock was almost when the doorbell rang. Jackie opened and was surprised to se Aster outside.

”You’re early” she said with a smile

”Yea, was close by an’ decided to pick ya up earlier”

”Okay, just gonna pack my things. Be back in a tick.” And she was gone up the stairs.

Aster walked into the house and looked around. He followed her to the second floor and soon found her room. His eyes widened when he saw her room.
The walls had a light blue color with small white dots, that he soon realized was snowflakes. she had a wardrobe and a disk. Both made of white wood. Her bed had the same color and her bedsheets had different types of blue.

”Are you gonna stay staring for a long time?”

Aster looked at her with a confused look, ”Huh?”

Jackie signed, ”I’m ready to go.”

”Did ya paint ya walls or is it a wallpaper?” he asked
”Um..” she blushed ”I painted them, I love winter and snow so I wanted a winter themed room.”

”It’s nice. Really nice.”

”Thanks” she smiled

”Well, shall we go?”


The drive was silent, Aster had to stop by his home to pick up some stuff he would bring.
Jackie took her time to look around in the small apartment. It had one kitchen, a bathroom, living room and a bedroom. Aster’s bedroom walls was painted a spring-green color with some other spring-themed details like flowers or woods.
The bedsheets was gray with different types of green on it.

Jackie sat down on his bed and looked at the boy who packed some clean clothes.

”Your room is awesome, did you paint it all by yourself?”

”Yepp, ah’m not much for Winter, ah’m more of a Spring guy.”

”Yea, I can see that.” smiled Jackie, Aster put his bag down and sat down beside Jackie on the bed.

”Sorry for askin’ but.. Is yer hair natural or colored?” he shyly asked

”Don’t say sorry, I’ve lost count on every time I get that question. But yea, it’s natural. Weird huh?”

”Na, ’s nice. Fits ya Snowflake.”

”Wh-what did you call me?”

”Snowflake” Aster smiled as Jackie blushed. Aster clapped her on her shoulder.

”Let’s get ta Tooth’s place. Bet the other’s already there.” he stood up and heaved his bag on his shoulder.

Jackie followed, still with a small blush on her face. ‘Snowflake, I like that nickname.’


Jackie’s PoV

When Aster and I arrived at Tooth’s place the others was already there, they had even started the game, but I took my time and looked around her home, the house was big and nice, Tooth said she lived here with her parents and her little sister Baby Tooth. It wasn’t her real name but everyone called her that.

”Ey, Jackie come pay with us.” I heard North say.

”Coming” When I walked into the room I saw Tooth and North on a sofa, Sandy on a comforter and Aster sat on another sofa. I sat down beside him and he gave me a controller.

”Know ’ow to play?” he asked

”No, but Jamie got a Wii game, so I’m familiar with the controller.”

”Okay, but you just chose a character, we can only play four at a time, but we have to live with that.” Tooth said.

”Ya can take mah controller first Jackie” Aster said, I took the controller as North started a new game, he choose Bowser as his character, Sandy choose Fox and Tooth choose Zelda.
I looked around the different characters, before I choose Link. North choose a random game-area (Can you call it that). I soon found out with button that did what and Link became my favorite character. The others was really good as their characters but Tooth was the best.

After some time the fight was between me and Tooth, I was almost beaten when I got a Super Power Thingy that threw Zelda out from the picture. Tooth looked at me with huge eyes.

”You beat me, you BEAT ME!?” she screeched

”Wow, congratulations Jackie, no-one’s eve’ able to beat Tooth.” Aster said as he punched my shoulder.

”Heh, yea.” I blushed ”I have always played different games with my younger cousins and I always seems to have a thing for them.” I said

”HA! Yes very good indeed.” North laughed, Sandy gave a thumbs up and Tooth smiled.

”I want revenge.” She said

I gave her a toothy smile. ”Bring it on sister” I smirked

”Now it’s mah turn” Aster said as he got Sandy’s controller. He quickly choose a character and the game begun. We played 25 rounds total and I won 8, Tooth 7, Aster 4 and North and Sandy won 3 each.

Tooth’s mom had made Tacos that we ate and then we watched some movies in Tooth’s room. The clock was 10:30pm when Sandy dozed of in a comforter. Tooth and North soon followed on Tooth’s bed.

Now it was me and Aster who watched Finding Nemo and I would lie if I said I didn’t want to snuggle with him. But I didn’t.

I heard soft snoring and Aster was asleep to, I looked at him with a smile on my lips. He looked so peaceful when he slept. I turned the Tv off and sat down on the sofa he and I shared.

’He looks so cute, should I..?‘ I shook my head and gathered all the courage I got and gave him a soft peck on the cheek. If anyone saw me now they would se my face no longer pale. But red as a tomato. I smiled and lay down on the other side of the sofa and fell asleep.

No ones PoV

After Jackie fell asleep she dreamt of winter, snow and one certain Australian boy with green eyes.
When she was asleep she missed the smile that spread on Asters face, and how the boy moved and snuggled into her side in his sleep, and how she snuggled into his chest.