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New School, New Life

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When I woke up I felt something really warm beneath me. And when I snuggled closer to it I felt some kind of rumbling beneath me.

”Mornin’ Jackie” I heard someone say, I mumbled and lifted my head...

Only to stare right into the gorgeous spring- green eyes that belonged to Aster. I jumped away from him as quickly as I could, and if someone said I screeched I would most certainly deny it.
I felt my face getting really warm, and I guesses I looked like a tomato.

Aster only chuckled at my reaction and sat up on the sofa we have been sleeping on, or that he had been sleeping on. I apparently slept on HIM..! My face got even hotter and I pulled my hood over my head.

”I’m so, SO sorry, I- I didn’t mean to-” I tried to apologize but he just cut me of and laughed.

” ’S no problem Snowflake, Ya don’ ‘ave ta apologize.” he smiled, but it didn’t help. ‘SHIT!!! I have never done something like that ever before, WHY do I have to act like this around HIM?!’ I groaned and still tried to hid my head.

”Where’s the others?” I asked without looking at him

”Probably downstairs, Ah guess they didn’ wanna wake us up.” he smiled, Why did he have to smile like that all the time?!’
”Let’s find them then eat somethin’ ” He stood up and stretched

”Um, yea sure.” I hate to admit it, but I would lie if I said I didn’t look at Aster’s stomach and chest when he stretched. But I quickly looked away.


As Aster thought, Tooth and the others was downstairs eating breakfast. I didn’t see Tooth’s parents so I guessed they went to work. But I saw Baby Tooth, The little five year old giggled and laughed when she saw me and Aster in the kitchen.

”Hey, Look who finally decided to join us.” Tooth laughed, I blushed again, Aster saw this and chuckled

”Ey Tooth, be nice, Jackie’s as red as a tomato.” Even if he was right I couldn’t help but hit him on the arm and call him ”Jerk”

The rest of the breakfast went well, we talked and Sandy had to leave earlier since his cousins would come visit. Helen called at some point and asked when I would be home. I said that I would spent the day with my friends.

Since Tooth had to take care of her sister we mostly stayed at her place. But went to a small playground where Baby could play with other kids. Being a child at heart I was I played with them all the time, while Tooth, North and Aster watched. But I soon got Tooth to play with us.

We played until lunchtime when we had to go back to Tooth’s house. There we played some games, watched some movies and just talked.

At Aster and I left, he drove me to my cousins house and I insisted that he had dinner with us, rather than alone in his apartment.

”Ya sure? Ah don’ ‘ave ta.”

”Stop being so stubborn, come on. I already asked Helen and now she expects you to come.” I said as I practically dragged him into our house.
When I called that I was home I was attacked by two children. One boy with brown hair and eyes and one little girl with messy blond hair and green eyes. I laughed and hugged them back. But when Sophie saw Aster she left my arms and flew into Aster’s screaming:

”BUNNY, BUNNY, hop hop hop!” I looked at her.

”Bunny..?” I asked

”Hey Aster, what are you doing here?” Jamie asked. Aster opened his mouth to say something but I cut him of.

”Wait, Hold on.. You know each other? How and how long?” I looked between Aster and Jamie.

”Yea, Aster have been our babysitter for like years.” Jamie said smiling

”Really, why didn’t you say something about that?” I asked Aster, he rubbed his neck and said.

” ’Ow would ah now yer cousins was Jamie an’ Sophie?”

I looked at him like he was stupid... ”And the part where you actually have been here with me before didn’t ring any bell? Or that I said my aunt’s name was Helen?”

”Um, no..” was all he said. I laughed and then Helen came out from the kitchen. She greeted Aster and said it was nice to see him again, since she didn’t need any babysitter when I moved here.
After the greeting and talking and stuff we went to the kitchen and ate. Helen had made chicken with rice and sauce. It was delicious. I LOVE the chicken Helen makes.


After dinner we played with Jamie and Sophie outside until it got dark. We put on a movie, but Aster soon said that he had to head home. I followed him outside to his car and there we talked a little more.

”So, did ya enjoy our movie night?” he asked

”Yea, I did, and today was really fun.” I felt my face heat up a little, Aster smiled at me.

”Good, ‘cus ya better be used to it, we always do things like this on th’ weekends.”

”Nice” was all I said, we stood like that for like two minuets before Aster broke the silence.

”Well, ah better be going, se ya in school Frostbite.”

”Bye-” I gave him a devilish smirk ”-Bunny” he rolled his eyes and sat in his car. He gave me one last smile before he drove away.

”Hehe-” I chuckled, ”I’m so calling him Bunny from now on. Thanks Soph.” I said to myself as I walked inside to find Sophie asleep and Jamie not far from falling asleep. I carried Sophie to bed first and was happy that they brushed their teeth before we put on the movie. Jamie had gone to his own bed and I tucked him in.

Helen was in her room reading a book, I said goodnight and went to my own room to sleep.

After I done myself ready for bed I took out my journal.

”Dear Journal, I hung out with the Big Four this weekend.- She snickered at the name she gave them - We was at Tooth’s place, and she have the cutest little sister in the world, except from Sophie of course.
We played a game called Super Smash Bros Brawl, and I’m proud to say that I won. My character was Link and I don’t think I’ll change character any time soon.

Today after we left Tooth’s place I hung out with Aster. And, I think I really like him. Is it normal to feel like that around a guy you have known for only a week? He just makes me happy and being around him just makes me smile... And now I really sound like a girl, damn what is he doing with me...!

Anyway, I have to sleep now. Playing with kids is taking it’s tool.


I shut the book and put it away, I snuggled deeper in my bed and shut my eyes. And guess what I dreamt of? I dreamt of spring-green eyes, blue/grey hair and an Australian accent...