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New School, New Life

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Jackie have been to Burgess High for about three weeks and she and the ‘Big Four’ had hung out almost every weekend and much after school, the ski resort would be open in the beginning of October, which would mean in about a week or so.

In school Jackie had gained a new reputation, a prankster. Something she’s proud of, unfortunately the teachers and Helen isn’t really happy about it.

She had also realized that -with a little help from Aster- she’s really good at painting.
Said green eyed Australian have made a habit of giving her a drive home or hang out with her after school. Which Jackie ain’t complaining about, but being around Aster always makes her nervous or do stupid things. Tooth had said that it was normal since Aster was a good-looking guy. Especially if you had a crush on him.

Jackie always denied that she had a crush on Aster, she knew it was true but that was something she would never tell Tooth. She would never leave her alone in that case.


Jackie’s PoV
”Jackie could you help Sophie find a new jacket?” Helen asked me.

”Yea sure, c’mon Soph.” I took the blond haired tree-year old -(AN: I know I write 4year before but I changed her age) -and walked over to the section with jackets.
”So what color do you want Soph?”

She looked around for a minute and then squeaked and ran... to a completely different section.?
”Sophie! Where are you going? Get back here!” I ran after her and found the girl hugging another small girl.

”Baby Tooth?” I asked confused

”Jackie” The five-year old laughed

”Tanya Toothiana! How many times do I have to tell you. DON’T RUN AWAY!” I heard someone say

”Tooth?” I asked, the colorful girl looked at me and smiled

”Hi Jackie, what are you doing here?” she asked

”I was trying to find a jacket for Sophie, but she found something more interesting...” I gave my cousin a stern look. She looked at me with her big green eyes and giggled.
I shook my head and continued to talk to Tooth.

”So what are you two doing here?” I asked

”Well you know, looking for new clothes for Baby and I need a new dress and shoes.”

We talked about everything and nothing while we looked for the things we needed. Sophie and Baby Tooth found a pink jacket they both wanted so they could look the same. Tooth found a dress, it was green with yellow and turquoise feathers adoring it. And matching green high-heels. Me myself found a new hoodie, it was dark blue with silver strings and silver designs so it looked like it was covered in frost. (Like the one he has in the move but darker and with silver strings.)

When we later found Helen and payed our things Tooth and Baby followed us home, since the two girls wanted to play.

Tooth and I sat in my room and talked.

”So, have Aster asked you out yet?” she asked, I dropped the pen I was holding and stared at her.

”Eh, No, why would he do that?” She looked at me like I was stupid

”Because, He likes you, and you like him to. And don’t try to deny it. I know it.”

”Tooth please, we’re just friends.” I tried to reason

”Yea? me and North where ‘just friends’ before to. But look at us now.”

”But that’s different.” I blushed

”You’re blushing, that means I’m right.” she smirked which made me thew a pillow in her face.

”Okay, maybe I like him.. A little...” I admitted

”I KNEW IT!” she squealed and hugged me

”Knock it of.” I tried to push her away. We ‘wrestled’ as much as a girl(Tooth) could wrestle and ended up laughing.
I could never imagine that having a friend could be this fun.


Next Monday the gang met up by the Sleight like they use to before the bell rang. Their first class was English and the teacher was talking about a project they would start with next week. They would work two and two.
Jackie looked at Aster at that but quickly looked away when she saw that he looked at her to, and he did the same.

At lunch the five friends sat at a table and talked.

”I wonder what we will work with during English” Tooth said

”I hope you will choose subject on you own” said North

”Speak of nothing, have you guys heard they will throw a ball in November?” Tooth said

”Really? After last year?” Aster asked

”What happened last year?” Jackie asked

”It was one guy who tried to ruin it by crash everything during the ball-night.” Sandy wrote


”Yea, they never found out who the jerk was, but I’m happy that they will have one this year to.” Tooth said and they continued to eat their lunch.
Jackie looked at Aster and this time she didn’t look away when he looked at her back.


Later that day when school had ended Jackie found herself at Aster’s apartment, he was helping her with her art-project, since they didn’t have the class together. But right now that had a break and Aster shoved her his own paintings.

”Wow Aster this is beautiful.” she said when he shoved her a painting of a forest, she guessed it was during spring since everything was green and flowers littered the ground.

”T’anks, It’s one of ma favorites to. Hey ya ‘ungry?” he asked

”A little” she said

”C’mon let’ get some’ing to eat”
They went fore something simple... they ordered pizza.

”Okay so I have a question.” Jackie said when they ate


”What does the ’E’ stand for? Your name I mean.”

”Mm, what do I get for answering?” he chuckled

...she blinked ”Seriously?!”


”Jerk.. you could ask me something” he shrugged



”Nothing” he said

”..come again?”

”It stands for nothing, it’s just a ’E’.” He said

”Oh, Okay. Weird..?” she laughed

”Okay, my question. How long have you been staying with your cousins?” Jackie stopped laughing and looked at him with a smile.

”Eh.. About two months.” she shrugged

”May I ask something more?” Aster asked before he continued,

”Sure” she smiled ‘Why wouldn't he?’ she thought

”Why do you live with them?” that question whipped her smile of like a slap to the face.
”You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.” he was quick to say.

”No, you deserve to know, and Helen told me that talking about it might help.” she tried to smile but failed.

The two teens left the kitchen and walked to Aster’s bedroom, where they sat down on the bed.

Jackie took a deep breath and looked at the boy next to him.
”I live with my Aunt and cousins because that’s the only family I have left.” Aster didn’t say anything, he had a clue that it had something to do with her family, but not this.

”It’s easier if I start from the beginning.” she took another deep breath before she started.

”I was born as the first child of Mary and Richard Overland, my parents. My mother loved me, but my father not so much. He often told me that he was disappointed at me for not being a boy. He also called me Jack most of the time. That is one of the reasons I’m more of a Tomboy then a girl. Another reason for him to dislike me was because how I look. Both him and mom had brown hair and eyes but I have white hair and blue eyes. I was different. Mom said it was unique, but dad hated it...
When I was five I got a sister, her name was Emma, she was the cutest little thing ever. her hair and eyes was brown, just like my parents. I loved her with all my heart, but it was my fault we lost both her and mom”

Jackie took another deep breath and she had tears in her eyes. Aster moved closer to her and embraced her.
”You don’t have to continue” he whispered.

”But I want to” she breathed out.

”After mom got Emma she got sick, like really sick, and it turns out she had cancer. But mom was strong and she would survive. But then we lost Emma.
It was the second day of the year tree years ago, I was 13 and Emma was 8. She wanted me to tech her how to ice-skate, since I was fairly good at it and we had a lake not far from our house. It was cold outside but not compare to how cold it could be. I was stupid to think the ice would hold but it didn’t and- and Emma fell through”

She was crying now, big tears rolled down her cheeks and fell to her lap where her hands where folded. Aster had a hard time keeping his own tears at bay, but seeing Jackie cry like this was almost the last straw. How she was able to talk was a mystery to Aster. But then she continued.

”After Emma died it was like all of us just gave up living, especially mom, it was like she let the cancer take over. She died one and a half year later. That’s when everything got really messed up. My father quit his job and started drinking. And I tried to keep up in school but it was really hard. Since I didn’t have any friends to be with.
Half a year after mom died something in my father snapped. He had always blamed me for what happened to mom and Emma but, then he started to get violent, he would hit me if I did something he didn’t like. He forced me to stop my iceskating and Snowboarding. The abuse continued for almost half a year, before he got arrested and thrown in jail. That’s when I moved here to Burgess and changed my last name to Frost -like my mother’s parents- instead of Overland.”

”And then I met you guys.” She said with a broken smile. Her eyes was red and puffy from the crying and she had tear-tracks down her face.

”Ah’m sorry Jackie” Was all Aster said when he pulled her closer to his chest to hug her.

”Please don’t be. I hate when people feel pity for me” she said but hugged him back.

”...” he had nothing to say to that, he only hugged her closer.

They broke apart after a couple of minutes but they still stayed close to each other.

”I’m sorry” Jackie broke the silent

Aster looked confused ” Fer What?”

”For being a mess”

”Jackie yer not a mess, Ah would be to if Ah was in yer shoes.” he smiled

”I guess but...” she smirked, all signs of crying almost gone. ”I don’t were shoes!” she chuckled and put her feet on the bed. she laughed

”Yea, right. yer not.” he smiled when he saw her laugh and laughed with her.
When they sobered up they continued with their all forgotten art-project before Aster gave her a ride home.

”Thank you for listening Aster, your the best.” she said when they was outside her home.

”No prob. Jackie”

”Well, Goodnight.” she said and kissed him on the cheek, before she hurried out the car and into the house.

Aster sat there for a good five minutes before he drove back home. A HUGE smile on his face all the way.



And it’s done! There you go people, Jackie’s story and a little Jackie/Aster moment (even it it’s little) Sorry if her age is a little fuzzy, but it looks like this:

5years old - Emma is born
13years old - Emma dies
14,5years old - her mom dies
15years old - the abuse starts
15,5years old - moves to Burgess
Now - Almost 16years old (Birthday November 11th)