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New School, New Life

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”Nice Jackie, now try the other jump, but remember to not loose focus.” Tom, the trainer of the Ski Report said as I made a perfect stop by him after jumping over one of the bigger jumps.

It was the middle of October and the ski report had opened long ago, snow had even started falling. That is one of the reasons I love Burgess. The Winters was perfect long and perfect cold.

”Kay, I’m just gonna take this one again” I said and loosened one of my feet to kick myself to the ski lift. While up on the top I saw someone walking and standing by Tom, I didn’t see who it was but I saw it was a guy.

I took a deep breath and fastened my right foot again before I let myself slide down the slope. I crotched down a little to gain speed, when I was going fast enough I straightened and focused on the jump I just took before. A fairly big one big that’s it. I made the jump and landed hard on the ground with my board, i did some unnecessary tricks while in the air and I could practically feel Tom’s smile as I glided smoothly to him and the stranger.

”Jackie, Jackie, Jackie.” He begin as I unfastened my fight foot again. ”You never stop making improvements on that board.” He smiled

”Thanks” I said before turning to the other man.

”Hello, My name is Robin Anderson and I am the coach of the snowboard team; Blizzard Boarders, and I couldn’t help but come looking when I saw your skills.”

I took his hand and shook it while saying saying my own name. ”Thank you” I blushed, I always had a hard time take compliments, especially from strangers.

Mr Anderson continued ”I wanted to know if you would be interested in being on our team for a while and really improving your snowboarding. Did I mention that my team is one of the best in the country.”

I was impressed and was flattered that he wanted me on his team but I wasn’t interested.

”I’m flattered, really. But I have to say no. I love snowboarding, but I don’t want to make it a more then a hobby.” I said and smiled

Mr Anderson lost his smile and gave me a look that said he did not like my answer.

”Think this through carefully Miss, I won’t ask the question again.”

I was taken aback with his change of attitude. I couldn’t help to be a little rude back. You didn’t go being rude to me without getting it back.

”I gave you your answer, live with it. Now if you excuse me Sir, I have a jump to do.” then I was of to the lift again. I could feel Mr Anderson’s glare on my back, and Tom’s smirk. I could tell he was proud of my answer, he knew I would never be in a team, then snowboarding wouldn’t be a hobby but a job.

Again I was in the top and concentrated on the left jump, a big one with ice one the top to make it harder to keep straight while jumping. I took one last deep breath before I gained speed down the slope.

Once again I crotched down just enough before my board left the slope and I made the jump.

The funny thing with jumps like this it that you don’t know if you made it good or not before you almost touch the ground again. This was what I thought before I saw that I wouldn’t make it.

”SHIT!” I wasn’t straight enough. My board hit the ground and took a sharp left turn. I gasped as pain shot through my left leg and I hit the ground.

”SHIT! Jackie” I heard Tom said and come running towards me, my head spun and my left leg hurt when I tried to get up. Tom told me to stay down and I saw stars in my vision, I groaned and when my head stopped spinning I saw Tom in front of me with a worried face and in the background I saw Mr Anderson with a smirk on his.

”Damn it!” I cursed when my leg hurt again. Tom helped me take of the board and carried me to the cottage where he kept the Firs Aid and other stuff if someone got hurt. He laid me down on a bed but I soon sat up again. He took of my boots, said I probably sprained my ankle. ”Thank God I didn’t broke it” I though and while called the ambulance, I tried to call Helen. I knew she was in a meeting at her work but she sometimes had her phone on.

”The ambulance is on it’s way” Tom said

”Helen don’t answer, she’s in a meeting. I said

”Is there a friend you could call?” Aside from Helen, he was the only adult that took care on me now, he knew about my family relations since he had been my trainer since I was 10years old.

”Yeah, I could try to call Aster” Tom nodded and said he would gather my things since the ambulance would be here soon. But before he walked out he turned to me.

”I am so sorry for this Jackie”

”What do you mean?” I didn’t understand

”I told you to take the big jump, when I knew what could happen.” He looked really guilty, and his dark-blue eyes looked really sad.

”it’s not your fault, if someone is to blame it’s myself. I also knew this could happen, but I choose to jump. And don’t worry. A sprained ankle won’t stop me form trying again when I’m better.” I gave him my signature smirk and his face lifted a little, but he still looked guilty.

When he left I looked for the contact in my phone that said Easter Kangaroo Something I come to call him along with many other nicknames.

”Maybe it was a good thing you said no” Mr Anderson said, I looked up and he had that smirk on his face again.

”Come again?”

”I mean the proposal, It was actually a good thing you declined. A miss like that would most likely get the team eliminated. Maybe you wasn’t as skilled as I thought, a jump like that is the last you have to do to be on our team. Good Day Miss.” he said and walked out. I shook my fists and grid my teeth.

”Screw that guy, good thing I said no, No way in hell I would go with a team with a coach like that.” I said to no-one. I took out my phone again and called Aster.


”Hi Cottontail, what’cha doing?”

”Jackie? Not much, ah’m paintin’ somethin’” he must be really into something if he didn’t react on the nickname.

”Oh, nice. Hey.. umm...” I trailed of, not really knowing how to begin

”Snowflake? somethin’ wrong?”

”Not really, or.. well.. Yea. I’m at the Ski Report and I kind of.....” I mumbled the last part about me spraining my ankle.

”Jackie, please tell me yer not ‘urt?!”

”Ehm, kink of. But It’s only a sprained ankle, and the ambulance in on it’s way. But I can’t get a hold on Helen, could you come? Please?” I asked hoping he would come.

”‘Course Ah’ll come Snowflake. Be there in 10.” Before he hung up I heard a car starting up. Probably to get here as fast as possible.

”Is someone coming?” I herd Tom asking.

”Yea, Aster is.”

”Good” then he looked around,where’s Mr Anderson?”

”Left, guy was a jerk, Good thing I didn’t say Yes.”

Five minuets later we heard the serene from the ambulance. I hoped Aster would arrive soon, I didn’t want to ride the ambulance on my own. Just as the ambulance arrive and two medics came in, one man and a woman. When the woman come talking to me I heard the engine of a familiar green cab and no sooner then two seconds after I heard a car door slam shut Aster came in through the door.


Aster’s PoV
After I heard Jackie was hurt I hurried to my car and when I hung up I drove to the Ski Resort as fast as possible, when I got there I run into the house the ambulance stood by. Not even caring about the cold, I just wanted to see Jackie.

Jackie sat on a bed, she talked with one of the medics and smiled when she saw me.

”Hey Aster, thanks for coming.”

”‘Course Jackie, how’ya feelin’?” I stood by the bed as another medic looked at her ankle.

”Not to bad, My ankle hurts a little and I have a headache. They say I might have a concussion.” I took her hand and gave it a squeeze as the medics took her from the be to the ambulance.

”Okay Jackie, let’s take you to the hospital to let a doctor look you over properly.” The woman said and smiled at her.

”Can Aster ride it with me?” Jackie asked, the man looked at me.

”Are you a relative?” he asked

”Ah’m ’er friend” I said

”My best friend” Jackie said and held my hand harder. I thought I would hold her’s not the other way ‘round.

”Only relatives are allowed to go in the ambulance with the wounded. Said the manly medic. With a stern look at me.

”But we could make a exception this time right Max?” The woman told her partner when she saw Jackie’s sad face. Her face lit up at once hearing that. She smiled so bright and looked at me with her big ice-blue eyes I loved so much.

The trainer came up to us, Tom I think his name was. He looked guilty.

”Again I’m sorry Jackie, and you better get well soon. Okay.” ”Sorry? why was he sorry?”

”Don’t be, I told ya this won’t stop me, ‘Kay?” she smiled

He nodded and handled her her things. The woman motioned for us to get going.


When we arrived at the hospital three nurses arrived to take over. Jackie was taken to a room and I had to stay in the waiting room After 10 minutes Someone opened the door and a nurse came inside with Helen, Jamie and Sophie. I stood up when Sophie came running to me.

”Bunny!” she laughed

”Hey Aster how are you?” Helen asked, she smiled, even though I knew she was worried for Jackie.

”Ah’m good thanks.”

”How are Jackie?” Jamie asked, the little boy was really worried for his cousin.

”The medics said she ’ad a sprained ankle an’ a small concussion. But she’s fine otherwise.” I said and sat down again, with Sophie in my lap.

”The nurse told me when she called, thank god it wasn’t worse.” Helen said when another nurse came. One who had taken Jackie away. She smiled and told us we could visit Jackie now, I practically flew from my seat and carried Sophie with me. The nurse, who’s name was Linda showed us where Jackie’s room was.

PoV ended there
When they got inside Jackie looked up and smiled when she saw them. Aster let Sophie down so she and Jamie could run to their cousin.

”Hey you two” Jackie said and hugged them. Both had climbed up her bed to sit beside her.

”How are you feeling?” Jamie asked

”Don’t worry I’m fine. And I will be able to go home later this day. Great huh?” she smiled

”Jacklyn Joy Frost don’t you ever scare me like that ever again! I should punish you with taking away your snowboard.” Jackie looked horrified when she heard this. But then Helen embraced her tight and continued.
”But I won’t since I know this was a accident, and I know that you love that sport. But You Are Grounded.” She let go and pointed a finger at the white-haired girl. ”You hear me?”

”Yes I get it. Sorry”

”Don’t apologies for something that’s not your fault, Okay.” Jackie nodded and hugged her aunt again.

Right then a Linda come inside again and said that Jackie needed rest. Jamie and Sophie left after one last hug and Helen followed, but when Aster was just outside he was called back by Jackie.

”I just need to talk to Aster okay?” Linda looked at her with a stern look. ”Please Just for some minutes, I’m not even tired. I promise.”

Linda singed ”Fine only but he needs to be gone in 20 minuted okay.” Jackie nodded and she walked away.

Aster sat down on the bed and smiled at her.

”’Ow are ya feelin’ Snowflake? Be ‘onest wit’ me.” I took her again

”I’m fine, my head hurts but my ankle is good. Could you maybe paint something on the bandage?”

”Now? Ah don’ got any things.” He said

”No not now jerk, not when I only got like fifteen minutes to talk to you.” She smiled her beautiful smile.

”So what’ya wanna talk ‘bout Frostbite?” One of his nicknames for her

”Don’t know, schools to boring to talk about, so scratch that.”

”’Ow ‘bout the Dance?” she looked puzzled

”What dan-SHIT the October Dance! I can’t go to the Dance with a sprained ankle. Damnit.!!” she groaned and fell back to the bed. Which made her groan again because her head hurt.

”‘Course ya can, ‘sides ah though ya didn’ wan’ta go.” he smirked, Jackie groaned when she though back to when the gang had convinced her to go to the Damn Dance.

Flashback 1 week earlier
The gang sat during lunch talking about everything and nothing when Tooth mentioned the Dance that would occur November 1st.

”I heard it would be Halloween themed this year.” the colorful girl said

”Yea I ‘eard it to. Wonder if on’ ‘ave ta dress up?” Aster said

”Oh I really hope so, we could have matching costumes all five of us.” Tooth squealed

”Um, I don’t know I’m going actually” Jackie said. Four sets of eyes looked at her. One particularly green par almost looked a little hurt.

”Vhat do you mean Jackie? Of course you vill be going.” North said

”Yeah, why wouldn’t you” Tooth looked concerned

”I don’t like Dances, and I’m not good at it. And no-one ever asked me to go.” She shrugged and avoided everyones eyes.

”Please Jackie, come to the dance with us? It will be fun I promise.” Sandy wrote in his phone.

Jackie signed and looked at Tooth and Sandy, ”Fine, but if it turns out boring I’ll leave.”

”YES! If it’s boring we could all leave and watch a movie at my place.” Tooth smiled

”Okay, we need costumes yes? We need theme then no?” North said.

”Um, wha’ ‘bout Vampires?” Aster asked, happy that Jackie changed her mind.

”YES IT’S PERFECT Aster!” Tooth squeaked again, before she looked at Jackie ”We need to find fitting dresses for us, and we need to have matching colors.” Jackie looked her like she was stupid.
”What?” Tooth asked

”You don’t expect me to wear a dress do you?” She asked

”Of course you need to wear a dress.”

”Okay, I’ll tell you something.. I have never had a dress in my life.” Jackie said

”Really, but your a girl right? Girls wear dresses. Not even when you was small?”

”Nope, never. But fine, I’ll make and exception this time.”

”Great” Tooth smiled ”After we’ve choose dresses I’m gonna choose a hairstyle and makeup for you” Then she realized something,”You have had makeup before right?” Jackie just smirked and raised her left eyebrow, another habit they realized she had when something was obvious.
Tooth signed and muttered something about girls and friends and not girly girlfriends.

Then the friend continued talking about unimportant stuff.

End of flashback

”‘Ave ya’nd Tooth found a dress yet?” Aster asked

”No, but now it maybe have to wait. At least until my foot is better.”

They was silent for some minute before Aster took a deep breath ”Snowflake?”

”Yeah Cottontail?”

”Ah wanted ta ask, do ya.. Do ya wanna go to the Dance with me?” he asked and seemed to hold his breath.

”I..” she started, he was the first one to ever ask her out, or he didn’t really ask her out but it was still a date kind of. Right?
She smiled and hugged Aster tight ”Yes, I’d love to go to the Dance with you Aster.” Said boy hugged her back and smiled.

”Great” then they fell silent. Before Jackie tried to hold back a yawn. Aster chuckled ”Not tired ey?”

”Shut up Kangaroo” but she smiled

”See ya later then Snowflake” he said and got up, but before he walked out the room he kissed her on the forehead and smiled at her. Better there then not at al right? He thought and walked out the room.

Right after he left a nurse walked inside and saw Jackie’s red face and bright smile.