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New School, New Life

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‘What are you gonna give Jackie?’

‘Like I’ll tell you’

‘Aster! C’mon, please?’ Aster rolled his eyes at the text, he and Tooth had been texting for a while and since Jackie’s birthday was this Tuesday the colorful girl had asked what he planned to give his girlfriend.

‘It’s gonna be something special, since she’s turning 16.’

’Aw, you’re so sweet <3’
‘Remember she’s still young, mister.’

‘Not like that!!’
‘I’m gonna pick up Jackie now, see ya Tooth.’ he sent and picked up hi keys. He and Jackie was going on their second real date, they would see a movie then eat dinner at Aster’s apartment, he had offered to pay her dinner out, but Jackie would rather make their own dinner together.

‘Give Jackie a hug from me :D’

”‘Ello Mrs.Be- um Helen” Aster greeted when he arrived at Jackie’s house.

”Hello Aster, Jackie’s in her room” Aster nodded and walked upstairs, when he came to Jackie’s door he heard a voice singing softly along with the song;

”I have died everyday waiting for you,
Darling don’t be afraid,
I have loved you for a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more~”

Aster didn’t expect much when he opened the door, but he certainly didn’t expect to find the white haired girl lying on her bed, in nothing but a towel around her. Especially not when the movie started in half and hour. She didn’t seem to notice him so he spoke softly ”Jackie?”

Jackie’s PoV
I turned when I heard my name and almost screamed when I saw Aster standing in the doorway, and I had nothing on me but a towel, it was a big one but still!

”As-Aster what are you doing here?” I knew I blushed, we had only been together for like two weeks, he hasn’t seen me without clothes before! Sure we have spent the night at each others house, but we always had clothes on. Privacy you know...

”Ah was gonna pick yer up right?” he smirked, oh I hated that smirk.

”Not until six thirty!” I argued

”And t’time is?” I looked at the clock and SHIT he was right, I quickly ran to my private bathroom, linked to my bedroom (and made sure the towel didn’t show anything)

”Shit, shit, fucking shit! Could you maybe get my clothes? They’re on my desk.” I asked while I dried of and put on my underwear (that thankfully was in my bathroom) Aster gave me my clothes and I put on the light-gray jeans and midnight blue shirt, my hair was messy but I didn’t really have time for that now. It would surly get spiky sooner or later. I looked at my phone, twenty minutes until the movie starts, Good.

”Done” I said when I walked out, Aster sat on my bed watching me.

”Good, let’s go.” We said goodbye to Helen and got in Aster’s car.

”Anyone ever told ya y’ave a nice voice?” he asked while driving


”Yer singing Snowflake, it was nice. didn’t know ya had it in ya.”

”Oh, thanks Bunny” I blushed again, I can’t really take compliments. And Aster seems to love making me blush, the bastard was chuckling...


After the movie they drove to Aster’s apartment to get dinner done, let’s just say it was easier said than done...

”How on earth is it possible that you don’t know how to cook?” Jackie looked at her boyfriend in confusion
”I mean, you have been living alone for like a year. What have you been eating?” It seemed that Aster knew next to nothing in the subject of cooking. And she didn’t know that until now, when he was unable to bake the chicken without asking how.

”’Ey, chicken’s complicated, besides ah know ‘ow ta bake, but just sweets and chocolate!” Aster argued

”Okay mister chocolate Bunny, let’s change tactic, I’ll make the chicken and you’ll make us a dessert. Deal?”

That tactic worked better then the first, and half an hour later both sat down and enjoyed the chicken with rise and sauce. They talked about everything and nothing along with joking. And turns out that Aster was right, he knew how to bake, the chocolate cake with whipped cream was simple but delicious.

The plan was for Jackie to stay the night with her boyfriend, but her phone calling said otherwise

”Ey Snowflake, someone’s calling ya” and true to his words, the blue iPhone 5C on the coffee table was calling.

”Hello?” she answered
”...Hi Helen...We’re watching a movie...Yeah?...Okay......Why?” then she was quiet for a while, probably because Helen was talking. ”Sure...Yeah, bye”

”What’s up?” Aster asked

”Helen have to get to the hospital, they are some people short, and she asked if I could head home to look after Sophie. She’s asleep but in case she wakes up, and Jamie is at Monty’s place”

”Sure, ah’ll go with” she smiled at him

”Sorry to cut the date short..”

”Nah, s’not over, we’re just movin’ to ‘nother ‘ouse, Don’ worry b’out it” he gave her a soft peck on the lips and grabbed his keys.


Thirty minutes later booth teens sat in Sophie’s room, when the blond three year old heard that Jackie was back and that she brought ‘Bunny’ she refused to sleep unless they read her a bedtime story. Apparently Aster always read her and Jamie bedtime stories when he was babysitting them. Which was adorable and Jackie wasn’t slow to mention it.

After another thirty minutes passed and now the little girl really needed to sleep. It was already two hours pass her bedtime.

”Nother story!” the small girl protested when Jackie put the book back

”No Soph, ya ‘ave t’sleep now”


”Sophie, we already read you two stories. You have to sleep.” Jackie said, not that it was gonna help

”Don wanna!”

”Soph” ”What if Jackie sing for you?” Aster interrupted his girlfriend, Jackie glared at him. Sophie thought it was a perfect deal, she loved to hear Jackie sing.

”Fine! But straight to bed right after missy.” Sophie nodded ”What am I supposed to sing?” Aster shrugged
The teen girl sighed and thought for a minute before she straighten and took a deep breath.

Aster’s PoV

”We are the worlds people. Different yet we’re the same.
We believe, we believe. In a dream”

She started, her voice was soft like before and quiet, yet you could clearly hear what she sang.

”Praying for peace and healing, I hope we can start again.
We believe, we believe. In a dream.
So if you ever feel love is fading, Together like the stars in the sky
We can sing, we can shine”

Her voice got a little louder and she closed her eyes, She was really beautiful when she sang, and it looked like she was really enjoying it.

”When you hear our voices call, you won’t be lonely anymore.
A million voices
You’r heart is like a beating drum, burning brighter than the sun.
A million voices”

She was quiet for a while, I thought she was done when she smiled and continued

”Now as the world is listening, from cities and satellites
We believe, we believe. In a dream
If you ever feel love is fading, Together like the stars in the sky
We can sing, we can shine

When you hear our voices call, you won’t be lonely anymore.
A million voices
You’r heart is like a beating drum, burning brighter than the sun.
A million voices

When I look around at these faces, I can see the stars in the sky~”

The last sentence she sang very quietly, but I quickly realized it was because Sophie was sound asleep.
We walked out of Sophie’s room and into Jackie’s winter wonderland. Jackie looked at me for a second before she punched me on the shoulder.

”Jerk!” she whispered

”What for?” I asked
”Don’t play innocent, you made me sing!” she shouted quietly

”Of course, Ah think ya got a beautiful voice. Wha’s wrong with that?” I didn’t understand, she looked so happy when she sang.

”No I don’t” I was confused, why was she arguing?

”Yeah ya do Snowflake. Who told ya otherwise?” She got quiet and looked at her feet, I knew something was wrong so I took a seat on her bead and pulled her beside me. ”Snowflake?”

”My father. he- he told me.. He said that..” I stopped her, I understood what she meant. I kissed the side of her head and and hugged her.

”Ah’m not ’im love, I love it when ya sing.” She blushed and nodded. I gave her a real kiss when she turned to me. The kiss was sweet, slow and full of love (as cheesy as it sounds..). We ended up laying on her bed, her on top of me still kissing, when we broke apart she put her head on my chest as an acting pillow. I run my hand thru her soft white hair.

”I love you Aster” she whispered and closed her eyes, I kissed her forehead and murmured back;

”Love ya to Jackie”