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New School, New Life

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Hey everybody, long time no see I guess… You know what the first thing I told myself was before I published any story? That no matter what I won’t abandon anything, I will continue them until they’re done because I know the feeling when someone ends a story you’re reading.


Guess I’m letting myself down then. I’m so sorry for doing this but I won’t continue with this. I have tried to get back into it and I’ve been going back and forth more times then I can count if I should continue or not. I’ve lost my interest for Rise of the Guardians, and I don’t have the motivation to write anything for fandoms I’m not watching. Hell- I’m barely motivated to write stuff for the fandom I’m into right now.


I should have done something sooner with this, so you guys wouldn’t have to wait this long- but writing fanfictions haven’t really been a priority for me these last couple of months, so once again I’m sorry for talking this long to make up my mind for real.


If anyone have an idea of how to continue then you’re more then welcome to take over for me^^


Unless you’re in the Voltron- legendary defender or Final Fantasy XV fandoms we won’t see each other anymore, take care guys<3