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Sex by Chance

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mi name is armin
i am an omeguh
i’ve had meh sites on
this alphuh
his name is eren
i likes him

mi name is eruhn
jk its eren
im an alphuh and
i like this omeguh
namd armin
he cute i gess

im in heat rn and i saw
eren a few minits ago
shud i go for it???
they do in teh fenfics
this isnt diffrent right?
except this is trash pfft

i saw armin and ran bc
his scent wuz killin meh
little did he know, i wuz
in rut. if he found out wud he
let me do heem?
let’s find out

oh shit i saw eren
he starin at me like
r00d lol stahp
i know im in mah heat
but i cant halp myself
im gon get it 2nite

i aproached him pushd
him aginst the wall
we startd to kis with
our tungs fiting
for dominins
bc ye i likd it

i didnt think eren
wud be so dominant
but i guess its wut to
expect from heem
he movd his mouth and
startd to bite me ow lmao

“armin” i sed. i wanted
to make sure this wuz ok
with him
after sayin yes i threw him on
da bed nd put 2 fingers inside
his slick was on meh yummy

“nng!” i moned, this fucker
had his fingrs inside meh so
fast. i ground on dem as more
noisez came out mah mouth
i needed more bc im so greedy.
“gimme ur cock m8 lol” i sed

i didnt wanna w8 anymore so
i stuck it in him quickly
it wuz so tight nd warm i didnt
wanna stop it.
“fuck rmin, so damn tight” i found
myslf sayin.

i wuz so close to meh climax
i begd him to go faster nd
harder and he sed yes to me
“im so close eruhn pls”
his hand wrapd around meh length
nd began to pump

i pumpd with the same speed
as meh thrusts. his hole was so
fekin gud. with a few more raggd
thrusts i came inside. he folowd
soon after me. my knot had me
conected to heem so we were stuck

that was sum gud shit.
“eren” i said caushsly
“yeh rmin?”
“wil u be my m8?”
i wuz nervous he wud say no
“lol shur mehn”