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We Were Infinite

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The most difficult part of the entire outing, they all agreed, was that none of them could agree.

 It was really no surprise, putting eight very different teenagers from very different backgrounds in a very overwhelming city and expecting them all to want the same experience was just not possible, nor was it something they had really put much thought into. 

 "'We'll just see where the night takes us, Lily!', 'Where's your sense of adventure, Lily!', your Gryffindor courage!'" The redhead mocked, grinning triumphantly at her friends. "We should have had a plan at the very least." She leaned against the big red phone booth that James and Sirius had stuffed themselves inside, completely baffled by the idea of being able to speak into it on this end, and have someone else somewhere completely different answer back. 

 "Well why won't it work?" Sirius asked, frowning at the receiver in his hand while James was busy twisting the springy wire around his hand. 

 "It's a pay phone, Sirius." Sighed Remus, shaking his head at both of them. "Besides, who would you even call? You don't know anyone with a phone." 

 "David Bowie's probably got a phone! We could call-"

"Yeah?" Marlene chuckled, watching the two pureblood boys with the utmost amusement. "You've somehow managed to obtain David Bowie's phone number, Sirius?"

 "What's a phone number?" Asked James, now tangled in the wire up to his elbow.

"Alright. Out of the phone booth, both of you." Remus groaned as both other boys whined in protest. "James, you're going to cut off your circulation like that. Come here."

Peter and Mary were sitting on the curb with a map of the city opened across both of their laps. "There's a bunch of museums a few blocks over," said Mary, dragging her finger along the line that represented the street they were on. "I haven't gone to the natural history museum since I was little. That could be fun."

Peter made an uncertain sound and made a face. "I'm not to sure Sirius and James are museum appropriate," He looked up into the window of the phone booth where Remus seemed to be struggling to unravel James from the phone cord as Sirius continued to pout over not being allowed to make a call. 

Mary hummed in agreement. "Maybe not." 

 "Well," Huffed Dorcas, plopping down on Mary's other side. "I for one did not get poked and prodded by pins and nearly gassed to death by hair spray just to sit around." She leaned in to get a better look at the map. "Where are the discos? I want to dance!" 

"No one's going to let us in anywhere." Lily pointed out, sounding rather disappointed herself. "We're all underage and none of us have identification." 

 There was a loud bark like laugh from Sirius, who had finally given up on the phone booth. "Oh my dear, innocent Evans. You've forgotten who you're dealing with."

"Yeah," James came stumbling out, rubbing his arm which had taken on a sort of purple tinge. He didn't seem to care though, and he grinned cockily at Lily. "You're with The Marauders now, Evans. And if that's the sort of night you want, just say the word." 

Lily eyed him nervously, her lips pursing together. "What exactly are you suggesting?" 

 "He's suggesting that you simply trust us, Lily." Said Sirius, clearly catching on to whatever his best friend had in mind. "But there's a catch." 

Lily's arms folded over her chest and she sighed. "What's the catch?" 

James and Sirius exchanged a quick look, readable only between the two of them. "You can't question anything." Said James seriously. "No matter how illegal or dangerous our  actions may seem-" somewhere off to the side Remus was slamming his head against the phone booth and muttering about not wanting to bail anyone out of muggle prison. "Just go with what we tell you to do and we'll make sure everyone has a grand old time. Agreed?" 

The girls looked at each other, silently asking if anyone wanted to back out. Finally they all turned back and nodded. "Agreed." 


 "I really don't know about this, Sirius." Peter muttered uncertainly as the two of them headed down the dark alley behind the club they had all finally decided on. 

 Sirius clapped him on the shoulder encouragingly. "What's not to know about, Wormy? It's just like at school! Just transform and find another entrance. It's what you do best, Pete."

 Peter nervously rubbed the back of his neck. "Well...I mean, that's at school. This is...y'know...The World. The Muggle world, at that. What if someone sees-?"

 "You're a rat, mate. We're in the city. There's vermin-"


"- bloody everywhere." Sirius brought a cigarette to his lips and lit it, leaning against the brick wall of the alley. "No one but me and you back here. Just turn and scamper off like you've done a million times before. I'm standing watch. Don't worry so much." He smirked, smoke slowly spilling from his nostrils. "If you get the girls to have a nice night out, Mary'll probably snog you."

 Peter frowned at him. "Emmeline's my girlfriend, mate. I'm not a cheater."

Sirius chuckled and shrugged. "You're not married to the girl, Pete."

"You're not married to Moony. Are you saying it would be alright for you to go off snogging some bloke?" Peter asked pointedly, raising an eyebrow. 

 Sirius shook his head. "That's different."


 "Moony could actually kill me." 

Peter didn't seem amused or convinced and Sirius sighed, taking another hit from his cigarette and shaking his head. "Look, that's not the point. The point is this whole night is riding on you and you're going to do it or I'm going to beat the piss out of you and leave you here in the dumpster. Your choice, mate. But you'll have a disappointed gaggle of girls on your hands if you don't."

Peter let out an exasperated sigh and pinched the bridge of his nose. "I hate you sometimes, Pads." 

 "I hate me sometimes too. Go before someone else comes 'round." Sirius waved impatiently, glancing around the side of the dumpster they were behind to make sure there were in fact no unexpected guests. He gave Peter the okay and the shorter boy gave one last grumble of annoyance before shifting into rat form and disappearing into the darkness of the street. 

 Sirius dropped the butt of his cigarette and stopped it out with the toe of his boot, leaning casually against the wall to wait for Peter's return. James and Remus had both told him over and over to try to be a little nicer to the smaller boy, both disapproving on Sirius' constant teasing. Sirius always shrugged it off. He didn't mean anything by it, it was harmless. He loved Peter just as he loved all of his friends and if anyone else were to tease the boy the way he did himself, Sirius would be the first one to punch their teeth out. 

 He was about to light up another cigarette, figuring it may take a few minutes before Wormtail returned with the layout of the club, when a loud roaring noise from the other side of the alley caught his attention. He looked up in time to see a flash of bright lights and black and silver metal zooming by, faster than any racing broom he and James could ever afford put together. 

 His interest now peaked, he placed the cigarette behind his ear and quickly checked to be sure there was no sign of Wormtail yet before cautiously making his way down the street. The roaring noise had stopped, but there was still a dull, steady rumble filling the air from just around the-


Sirius swore under his breath and spun around to see Peter standing by the dumpster once more. He jogged back to meet the other boy who frowned at him.

 "Everything alright?" Asked Peter.

Sirius nodded. "Yeah, just thought I saw something strange...but it's the Muggle world so I suppose it's all rather strange to me." He forced a laugh. "Any luck?" 

A proud grin spread across Peter's face and he nodded enthusiastically. "There's hardly any security around and there's an outside area with a back door. Should be easy. Especially if we can cause some sort of distraction for the one guard out back." He shook his head. "But honestly he seems more interested in chatting up the girls than anything else."

 Sirius laughed and draped an arm over the pudgier boy's shoulders. "See, mate? Piece of cake, like I told you. Just like at school. Have more faith in yourself and I won't have to push you so hard, eh?" 

Peter's shoulders slumped slightly and his cheeks went pink. "Yeah, I know. Thanks, Padfoot."

 "Good man, Worm. Let's go get the rest of them, then." 


The inside of the club was mostly dark, lit by many colorful spotlights and a big glittery ball above the dance floor that reflected bright silvery orbs around the whole venue. The music that pumped through the large black rectangles ("speakers," Remus explained, having to shout over the noise.) was upbeat and so loud they could all feel it vibrating in their chests. 

Sirius, who's experience with muggle music was basically limited to whatever Remus or Marlene showed him, made a face. "What is this music anyway?" 

 "Disco," sighed Marlene, shaking her head. "It's not the greatest genre, but it's fun to dance to." To prove her point, she did a little wiggle of her hips, gently tapping them against Sirius' in rhythm to the music. "C'mon, Black. Too punk to dance to a little disco music?" 

 "Oh I would pay to see Sirius Black dance to The BeeGees." Lily laughed, her eyes alight with amusement and Remus hid a snort by pretending to cough into his hand. 

 Sirius lifted his chin confidently, throwing back his shoulders. "I'll have you all know I can dance to anything, thank you very much." His grey eyes drifted to the dance floor, watching the young men and woman move along to the music. "Er...perhaps a drink first, eh?" 

 James and Peter seemed to share his sentiments, and they headed towards the bar. 

 Mary giggled quietly to herself. "They've never ordered muggle drinks before..." The giggling turned into a near cackle as she imagined the boys trying to order a firewhiskey in Muggle London, let alone trying to figure out the muggle currency they had exchanged their gold for at Gringotts earlier. 

Lily and Remus exchanged a sly smile before they both sighed. 

 "Fine," Said Lily, lips almost painfully tugging into a grin, wishing to let the boys embarrass themselves.  "I'll help them."

 Lily ended up ordering for everyone, shocking them all with her extensive knowledge of liquor and mixed drinks as she rattled off names and brands with such ease that no one would ever to think question whether or not she was of age to be there. She brought her small clutch up onto the bar, pulling out several paper bills and handing it to the bartender. "I've got the first round." She smiled softly at the boys.

 James gaped at her, thoroughly impressed and in awe. "Er...thanks, Ev- er..Lily." 

She shrugged. "You lot got us in. Fair's fair." She lifted her glass, some bright red concoction with a cherry on the rim. "Cheers." And she hopped off the bar stool to join the other girls on the dance floor. 

 Remus' eyes were glued to James' face as the bespectacled boy watched the redhead run off. "Well, James Potter, if I didn't know any better I'd say you were actually trying to be a decent human being." He smirked and took a sip of the beer Lily had ordered for him. It wasn't all that bad, in fact he was relatively sure his father had let him have something of the sort earlier in the summer while they worked in the yard.

James huffed, looking down at his own drink and trying to hide his flushed cheeks. "Shove off, Moony. I'm just...y'know...trying not to bother her so much."

 "Well good on you, mate!" Said Sirius, who was already nearly finished with whatever was in his own glass. Remus couldn't tell exactly what Lily had ordered for him, but he could smell the alcohol, and it certainly wasn't weak. "It's about time you've moved on-" 

"I haven't ' moved on '." James grumbled irritably, swirling the liquid in his glass a bit. "I'm just...approaching from a different angle." 

 "'s good too, then." Peter attempted to sound encouraging. 

The truth was, and none of them would ever tell James, they all had started to think that James' pursuit of Lily Evans had reached it's peak. It was funny in the beginning, to watch as James made a complete fool of himself spouting ridiculous sonnets over the breakfast table or yelling across the corridor his proclamations of undying love. They all got a kick out of how creative Lily's hexes and jinxes were, leaving no room to question her very firm and resounding 'Not on your life, Potter' each and every time. But now...well, they were getting older. They were about to enter their sixth year of school, they'd be asked to pick a career focus and start to plan their futures...perhaps it was time for James to throw in the towel. There were plenty of other, very eligible girls at Hogwarts who maybe wouldn't hex James' underpants two sizes too small if he asked them out to dinner.

 Knocking back the rest of his own drink, Sirius slid off the bar stool. "Well, I don't know about you lads, but I've had my dose of liquid courage." He turned and winked at Remus before taking his hand. "Come on, Moons. Dance with me."

Remus nearly choked on his beer, eyes popping out. He set his glass on the bar and wiped his chin on his sleeve. "No bloody way." He shook his head.

 "Why the hell not?" 

Laughing incredulously, the werewolf shook his head. "I do not dance, Padfoot. Especially not at a club. With people!"  He dropped his voice. "And besides, we're not exactly in the right part of town for two blokes to be dancing together." 

Peter and James both looked away awkwardly. Sirius' face fell and his eyes momentarily filled with disappointment. Remus' heart clenched with guilt in his chest, but then Sirius grinned and shrugged. 

 "No worries, Rem." He gave his boyfiend's hand a squeeze before letting go. "I'm actually going to step out for a smoke first anyway." 

Remus nodded, not fully convinced by Sirius' happy demeanor, and watched the other boy leave. 

 "Relax, Moony." Said James, sensing his friend's obvious distress. "He'll get over it when he starts spinning McKinnon round the dance floor later."

Remus bit his lip. "He seemed upset-" 

 Peter shrugged and sipped from his own glass. "You were right though, this isn't the best place for you two to...well..." He sighed. "I mean, not that you two shouldn't be able to be together wherever you are, but...well...not everyone-"

Remus sighed, picking his glass back up. "I know, Peter."


Logically, Sirius did know that Remus was absolutely right. The outside world wasn't like being at school, and even with icons like David Bowie and Freddy Mercury, not everyone was willing to accept two boys dancing, touching, kissing...

He sighed and lit his cigarette. It wasn't fair, he thought bitterly as he watched a girl, wearing thigh high white platform boots and a bright pink skirt that barely covered anything at all, pull her boyfriend close and kiss him right there in the streets. He should be able to kiss his Moony like that no matter where they were or who saw it.

 Then he heard it again, that low, growling, rumbling noise that he had heard in the alley before. He frowned and looked around, no one seemed all too concerned with the thundering sound. It must not be uncommon. But he couldn't help feeling drawn to the sound. Giving in to his own curiosity, he rounded the corner.

He nearly lost the cigarette dangling from his lips when his jaw dropped.

It wasn't as if he had never seen a motorbike before. He saw them all the time in the muggle rock magazines he collected, and he had always been very intrigued by them. However, he had never actually seen a motorbike before. There were two of them parked right there on the side of the road. And bloody hell were they beautiful. 

 "All right, mate?" 

Sirius nearly jumped, unaware that he had been staring until one of the bike's riders addressed him. They were both relatively young, though obviously older than Sirius, probably around twenty one, and they were both incredibly good looking in their leather jackets and ripped jeans. The one who had spoken took off his helmet, shaking out his shaggy, dark brown hair and grinning at Sirius. "Like what you see, then?" 

 Sirius swallowed, feeling embarrassed and oddly speechless. "Er...I's just-" 

"I know, she's blinding ain't she? Just bought her 'round a week ago. Been saving up nearly all my life." His blue eyes gave Sirius a very familiar once over, lingering for a moment just below the belt and he bit his lip before offering his hand. "Curt." 


Curt raised an eyebrow, just as Sirius figured he would being a muggle and probably not use to names like his, he was ready to explain his family's astrology tradition, but Curt shrugged it off. "So d'you ride at all, Sirius?" He asked.

 Sirius laughed and shook his head, much too enthralled by the shining black and chrome bike to notice the flirtatious tone of the older boy's voice. 

"Would you like to?" Asked Curt, and now Sirius' eyes shot up to meet his. 

He was very attractive, Sirius certainly couldn't deny that, and if he was completely honest with himself, of course he wanted to hop on the back of that bike and let this older, gorgeous man take him for a go on that brilliant monster of a machine. He bit his lip and sighed. 

 "I can't." He took a step back and flicked the ash from his cigarette. "Sorry. My mates are inside waiting for me." 

Curt shrugged and gave him a slightly disheartened smile. "Maybe next time then, eh?" He nodded to Sirius. "Could I at least bum a fag off you, then?" 

Sirius brought his own cigarette back to his lips and dug into his back pocket to retrieve the old cigarette case he and James had found in the shed. He pulled one out and handed it to the man before flicking his lighter. 

 "Fuck." He muttered as no flame appeared. He flicked it again. "Fuck, mate. It's dead." 

Curt smirked around the cigarette in his mouth. "No problem." And before Sirius knew what was happening, Curt reached up, gently cupped his chin and touched the end of his cigarette to the lit one of Sirius'. He pulled away and winked at him. "Have a nice night, Sirius." He put his helmet back on and mounted the bike, revving it up a few times before he and his friend sped off, leaving Sirius feeling like a blushing, smiling idiot on the sidewalk.

 Sirius took a moment to register what had just happened and ran a hand through his hair. Still grinning, he turned to head back to the front of the club.

His grin disappeared when he found himself face to face with a not-so-happy-looking Remus.


Lily had to admit, she was having an absolute blast. A few drinks in and the girls had managed to get both Peter and James to join them on the dance floor.

 "Stick to flying, Potter." Dorcas snickered, shaking her head at her team captain. "Clearly you don't have the same moves on the ground as you do in the air."

"Oh I have moves, Meadows!" James insisted, pulling the girl to him by her arm. "You just don't realize it because you're intoxicated." He spun her around. 

 Marlene laughed, coming up behind her girlfriend so she was now sandwiched between her and James. "I think you've got it a little confused, James. You're intoxicated and that's why you think you've got moves." 

 "You know what's bloody weird?" Said Dorcas, looking off to her left across the dance floor. "Peter's got moves."

They all looked over to Peter and Mary, who actually had a decent crowd around them as they danced together. The rest of them fell into a fit of laughter.

 Lily shook her head, grinning widely. "I'm not nearly intoxicated enough for this." She started towards the bar. "Anyone else?" 

The others declined and went on with their dancing.

 Lily slid onto a stool, smiling to herself as she watched her friends from afar and waited for the bartender. She couldn't believe she was actually having a good time out in public with James Potter who was currently shaking his groove thing and twirling both Marlene and Dorcas around. She laughed to herself, perhaps things were changing. They were getting older after all. Maybe James Potter was growing up. 

She ordered herself a vodka and cranberry juice. 


She spun around. James was standing right there, smiling at her. She allowed herself to smile back. "So what, Potter?" 

 He took a seat beside her. "So, are you having a good time?" He asked, giving her a lopsided smile. It wasn't the smile she was use to from him, at least not when it was directed at her. She had seen it a few times in the corridors or the common room when he was goofing off with his friends. 

"I am, actually." She said honestly. "Thank you. I mean...we wouldn't have been able to do this tonight without you boys, so..." 

 James shrugged. "Well, thank you for inviting us. Or...I mean I suppose it was Marlene's invitation, wasn't it? I'm sure we weren't your number one choice of company." He ordered a water. 

Lily felt her cheeks grow warm with shame and she looked down. "Er...well, I-'

 The boy grinned and nudged her gently with his elbow. "It's fine, Evans. I get it. We're annoying. Hell, we even annoy ourselves."

Lily raised an eyebrow. "Do you?" 

James smirked. "Well, we annoy Remus, anyway." 

Lily laughed. An honest, amused and happy laugh. "No. Remus adores you. All of you."

 "Of course he does," Said James. "That doesn't mean we don't drive him 'round the bend. Sirius is his bloody soulmate and no one can annoy Remus better than that git." He took a sip of water. 

Lily frowned, tilting her head slightly and watching him. "D'you believe in that?" 

 "Hmm? In what?" 

"What you said? Soulmates?" 

 James' eyes met hers and he smiled, looking like he was trying to find the right words. "I do." He nodded towards the front door of the club where his friends had exited some time ago. "I've seen it. Believe me, those two idiots are meant for each other. No one else will put up with either of them." He smiled fondly and Lily couldn't help but return it. No one could deny that James Potter loved his friends. 

"Anyway," The boy sighed, chugging down the rest of his water. "If you'll excuse me, I have a dance floor to tear apart." His eyes lingered on hers for a moment. "See you, Lily." 

She smiled and waved him off. For the first time in over five years, she didn't want to hex James Potter's underpants just from talking to him. 


"It wasn't what it looked like, Moony..." Sirius said, nearly pleading as he rushed to keep up with his boyfriend's quick paced walk. 

 "Oh please." Remus growled, pulling his hand away as Sirius tried to take it. "As if you weren't just flirting with some bloke right there on the bloody street." 

"But I wasn't!" Insisted Sirius, finally managing to grab on to the taller boy's arm. "I was looking at his bike! We talked for a minute, I gave him a smoke and that was it!" That was it. Remus just had to believe him. "Fuck, Moony! Why would I flirt with some random bloke when I've done everything I bloody well can to make sure I have you! You think I'd risk that-" 

 Remus stopped short and turned on him. Sirius' breath caught in his throat as Remus towered over him, amber eyes filled with anger and hurt. "Yes! I do think you'd risk that, Sirius! You have risked it in the past! Or have you conveniently forgotten about that?" He shoved past the other boy and continued to walk down the sidewalk. 

Sirius stood, frozen in shock with his mouth agape. "Are you...? Fuck you, Remus!"  He ran to catch up again. "Seriously? You're going to use that against me right now? This has nothing to do with that, Remus! I haven't done anything wrong!" His fingers closed once again around the werewolf's wrist and before Remus could pull away, Sirius shoved him into the nearest space he could, a phone booth, and shut the door behind him. "That's completely out of order, Remus and you know it!" He kept his voice low, glaring at Remus who refused to make eye contact with him. "I know I hurt you last year. I fucked up. But you took me back and you forgave me for it! You can't just use it against me every bloody time we have a row! It's not fair!" 

 "It's perfectly fair, Sirius! It's about trust-!" 

"WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO BLOODY TRUST ME AGAIN!" Sirius shouted, kicking the wall of the booth. He ran both hands through his hair and let out a strangled, aggravated sound. "I didn't do anything with that guy, Remus! He wanted to, though! And I bloody well could have if I had wanted to as well, but I didn't ! He asked me if I wanted to go for a ride on his motorbike and you know what, yeah, I bloody did want to! And yes, he was bloody fit and he was flirting with me and that...that felt sort of good as well...But I said no because I've got you and I'm not going to fuck it up again! So he asked me for a smoke, I gave it to him, my light was dead and he used mine to light his! That's it! That's all that happened!" He stopped to take a breath. Remus still wasn't looking at him. He sighed and leaned against the wall. "Fuck, Remus..." He shook his head. "If you're never going to trust me again...if this is what I have to look forward to every time you think I've done something off..." He bit his lip. "...then I don't want it." As soon as he said the words, he wished he could take them back. But it was true. He would always have the night with Snape looming over his own head, he would always torture himself about it...but he couldn't stand it if Remus thought so little of him because of that one night, that he would honestly think that he would be so low as to cheat on him. Not after he fought so hard to get him back. 

Remus gasped when Sirius said it, and he finally looked up with fearful eyes. "W-what?" 

 Sirius cast his own eyes down and rubbed the back of his neck. "I just..." He sighed. "I love you, Remus. You know that, or at least I hope you do..." He licked his lips, his mouth felt dry. "But if you really do feel like you can't trust me, and you're always going to be questioning everything in the back of your head because of what I did last year...then how can you honestly say you love me as well? How can you love somebody if you don't trust them?" 

They were both silent and still for a very long time, until the tinkling sound of metal was the only noise that filled the tiny booth. Sirius frowned. 

 "What are you doing?" 

Remus didn't answer him. He pulled some muggle coins out of his pocket and picked up the receiver of the telephone, dropping a few coins into the slot and turning the odd little circle with all the little numbers on it. 

 Sirius watched in utter confusion. Neither of them said a word until. 

"Mum? It's me," Remus spoke softly into the phone. "N-no, nothing's wrong. I'm fine, really! No no one's in trouble..." He bit his lip. "We're out in London...yes we're being careful, er...our friend Lily's mum is with us." Sirius snorted at the lie. "Listen my...Sirius has never used a phone before, y'know...pureblood and all... and he won't stop pestering me about it so...thanks." His eyes finally met Sirius' and he smiled, holding the phone out to him. Sirius just blinked at him. 

Remus chuckled and took his hand, which he hadn't realized was shaking, and gently positioned it correctly. "You talk into this end," He explained quietly, then brought Sirius' hand, and the phone to the other boy's ear. "And you listen here." He nodded encouragingly. "Say hello." 

"Er..." Said Sirius, still unsure of how they went from fighting to this. "H-hello?" 

 "Hello Sirius," Mrs. Lupin sounded quite amused. "It's nice to finally meet you. Unofficially, of course." 

Sirius laughed nervously, his fingers fidgeting with the cord. "It's nice to unofficially meet you too, Mrs. Lupin." 

He had never met Remus' mother. Usually his dad, being the wizard in the family, brought him to the platform each september or dropped him off by floo or apparation at James' during the summer. He had seen pictures of her though. She had the same hair as her son and, although Remus' eyes were a wildly bright amber color as a direct result of his affliction, the shape and the warmth they held were very similar to the woman he was now speaking to. 

"Remus talks about you all the time," Mrs. Lupin continued, her voice light and gentle, making Sirius feel warm all over. "He's very fond of you, you know." 

Sirius' eyes flickered to the other boy, who was leaning against the glass window of the stall, watching him from beneath his eyelashes with an almost sheepish expression. Sirius smiled. "I'm very fond of him too." He saw Remus' cheeks turn pink. 

Another voice cut in, telling him to add more money or the call would be disconnected and he looked at Remus with confusion. Remus took the phone. 

 "Mum? Yeah, the call time is nearly up., he is. Okay. It was nice to talk to you too, mum. I love you." He hung the phone back up. 

Again there was silence between the two of them. 

 Finally Sirius smirked and looked up. "You talk about me to your mum?" 

Remus' face went from pink to bright red. "Er...well..." He stuttered. "I mean, I talk about all of you, of course and...well, I don't know, maybe I talk about you more than I talk abo-mmph!" Remus gasped as he was pushed up against the wall of the phone booth and his boyfriend's mouth covered his own. After a moment he relaxed, smiling against Sirius' lips and winding his arms around his waist, pulling him flush against his own body. They both moaned as Sirius' tongue ran across Remus' bottom lip and slipped into his mouth, deepening the kiss and sending sparks throughout the both.

 "I love you Sirius," Remus murmured against the other boy's lips. "I'm sorry for what I said..."

"I love you too, Remus." Sirius sighed happily, running his hands up Remus' arms to rest on the back of his neck, twisting his fingers in the curls there. He broke the kiss for a moment and looked up at him. "You believe me don't you? I didn't touch that bloke...I wouldn't-"

 Remus nodded, "I believe you," He bent his head to nuzzle against Sirius' neck, pressing kisses to his throat. Sirius felt him smirk against the sensitive skin there and suddenly their positions were flipped so that Sirius was the one against the wall. "Can smell him all over you, though." Remus' voice was a soft growl that sent shivers up Sirius' spine. 

"Oh?" Sirius' voice trembled with excitement, betraying the playful air he had hoped to have. "Well we can't have that, then..." He moaned when Remus' teeth gently nipped at his adam's apple. 

 "Oh absolutely not." 


"What bloody time is it?" Marlene yawned, shuffling barefoot down the cobblestone streets of Diagon Alley.

 "Half past fuck-it-all." Groaned Sirius. 

It was very late. Or, rather, it was very early, as the sun had just begun to come up, and they were just making their way back to The Three Broomsticks where James had had the sense to book them a room.  

 "Where d'your parents think you're all at tonight anyway?" James asked, his voice slurred from a mix of alcohol and pure exhaustion. 

Marlene giggled, the delusional kind of giggle from not having gotten any rest. "Told them we were spending the night 'round Dorcas'. Yours?" 

 "We're s'posed to be camping out in the woods a few towns down." Peter smirked, having thought of that part of the plan himself. James went to the desk for the room key and paid for it and all eight of them trudged, zombie like, up the stairs. 

"Girls get the bed." Lily insisted, leaning on Mary, who was leaning on the wall as James fidgeted with the key in the door. 

 "Bloody fight me for it, Evans." Sirius grumbled, though he himself was in no position to fight anyone, as he was being carried on Remus' back for half of the walk. 

Finally managing to open the door, they all stumbled into the room. The girls did get the bed, despite Sirius' whining protests. But it hardly mattered, as they were all so tired they would have passed out wherever they fell. And they all did, almost immediately after murmuring their good nights to each other. 

 "Wait," Lily said suddenly, her voice raspy and her mind only half awake. Everyone groaned, just wishing to finally sleep. "I just...No one else thinks it's weird that Peter can dance? I mean...Peter can dance!"