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Title: The Tape Chapter 1

Summary: With the rest of the Avengers down for the count and Ultron on the verge of completing his evil scheme, Clint Barton must step up to the plate to save the day one last time.

A/N: Heyyyyyy all you awesome people out there! :D I hope you've all been doing really well while I was gone! Really sorry about the delay, life got pretty hectic between work and school and I'd gotten in a bit of a writer's slump. But I'm back to bring you the story of unironically my favoirte Avenger Hawkeye! Clint has a very special place in my heart. At first you think "Wow, all he does is shoot arrows that's really dumb" but to me he's so much more. He's the human in the room full of gods and despite that he keeps going out there and tries to make the world a better place, one arrow at a time. That really speaks to me. Hopefully I'm able to do him justice, and hey maybe he'll be your fave after reading this too lol This is the 1st of a 2 chapter story, chapter 2 will be up shortly I'm doing the final editing on it so stay tuned! This story also has tons of nods to God's Gift to Earth and one of my fave writers Matt Fraction's run on Hawkeye. That series has to be one of my favorite series ever and I wanted to infuse that interpretation of the character into the fic as well, leaving character traits and easter eggs here and there. So anyway before I ramble any more, enjoy! :D


"Ok, this looks bad" Clint thought to himself, his blood leaking out onto the cold floor. Burn marks from Ultron's lasers and bruises marked his body. His entire body almost refused to move, but he knew he had to get back into the fight. "Cmon Clint up and at'em, you have work to do." As Clint scanned the industrial battlefield that was Ultron's factory, he spied copies of the metallic monster all over the place. They were hanging lifelessly from the ceiling, puppets just waiting for their Blue Fairy to bring them to life. With each new copy his influence and legacy grew. If Ultron was allowed to unleash those clones onto the world, it would spell certain doom. One Ultron was a crisis , a million would be Armageddon. In the center of the factory Clint saw the metal menace looming over the unconscious bodies of the Avengers. Although they had figured out where Ultron's base was sooner than he expected, they were playing on his home turf and he had made quick work of the team. Ultron kicked over Steve's body, picked up his shield and examined it like a child looks at a toy. He flipped it over in his cold hands a few times, feeling the grooves of each stripe gently, as if he didn't want to break it.

He began to speak in that sarcastic, pretentious tone of his.

"The problem with you all is that you thought you could win in the first place. You put on these costumes, wore these flags and thought you could be more than what you are. You thought you could stand for something and fight me. But I stand for something much stronger. I stand for change. This change requires death, yours specifically. And death is inevitable. No force on earth can stop that. No matter how much we build ourselves up"

His gentle touch then became violent. The shield began to crumble under the pressure of his gripe.

"The end always breaks us down"

And in an instant, the shield broke. He looked at the shards in his hands, his expression both puzzled yet disappointed.

"Strongest material on earth huh? Hey, you have a warranty on this right?"

He questioned Cap's unresponsive body and poked him with his foot. Chuckling to himself, he turned away from them and continued working on his army of clones, almost at completion.
"Earth's mightiest heroes. Yeah right"

Clint watched Ultron from a distant pile of rubble. Ultron didn't perceive him as a threat and tossed him farther away during the battle. Oh was he about to regret that.

Clint thought back to the plan that they had devised before they got here. He flashed back to when Tony was giving them the briefing. The plan was crystal clear to him.

"Blah blah blah sciencey terminology blah blah blah jarvis blah blah blah wipe Ultron's memory blah blah blah look at me im a bazillionaire blah blah wow clint you're so cool".

Each of the Avengers was given a scientific doo-hickey with a copy of Jarvis' AI on it. They were to restrain Ultron and plug the doo-hickey into his memory whatsamacallit on the back of his neck so that Jarvis could take over and shut him down. Jarvis had evolved since their first encounter, he wasn't going to be caught unprepared this time. As you can see from the fallen heroes on the floor, this wasn't one of Tony's smartest plans. But Tony had been acting rashly this entire time. This fight with Ultron was personal to him. Clint felt around in his suit. He still had the scientific doo-hickey in tack. He felt around in his quiver. There was one lone arrow left. He had an idea...

Clint began to shamble into position to get a good shot at Ultron. But then he heard a faint whisper nearby.


It was Natasha. She was nearby under some rubble, in much worse condition than Clint was. He limped over to her frantically and held her damaged hand.

"Nat nat nat hey guess what? I can still make this work. We still got a shot" He told her as he waved his last arrow with the scientific doo-hickey taped onto the tip of it enthusiastically. Clint was extremely proud of his creation. Nat rolled her eyes and chuckled. Her eyes glimmered with hope but then faded into concern.

"Do what you have to do, but the big guy's going to be pissed you know? Please for the love of god don't do anything stupid. I don't want you making those poor kids cry"

Clint's face mirrored Natasha's, hope then concern. Then he had the stupidest grin on his face and chuckled

"C'mon me? Do something stupid? Never. As much as I'm gonna miss the little munchkins, I want to make a better world for him. And the definition of a better world at this moment is a world without tin man over there."

The humor came back in Natasha's face and she playfully punched Clint in the arm.

"Alright, go do your job. Go be an Avenger."

They both nodded and Clint ran off. But before he left, he turned back to Natasha, a more serious tone in his voice

"Hey Nat, if I don't make it back, make sure Laura and the kids see the tape ok?"

Natasha knew full well what Clint was talking about. The full weight of what was happening hit her. She didn't want to lose him, but accepted that it was a possibility, as she always did going out on missions.

"Hopefully I won't have to do that."

As Clint ran off, the last of Natasha's energy faded and she passed out. But she knew the world was in good hands. Although he acted like a goofball all the time, Clint was one of the best agents S.H.I.E.L.D had. She couldn't have asked for a better partner to have her back. She couldn't have asked for a better friend...

Clint gazed over at Ultron, still unaware of his presence, and readied his bow. But Clint noticed that his hands were shaking. His nerves were getting to him. This never happened on most missions. But then again, this wasn't like most missions. Never had so much hinged on a single shot….But Clint thought to himself, every shot counted to him. Every shot was one shot closer to a better world. A better world for the Avengers. A better world for Laura. A better world for his kids. Thinking about his family and friends, about what this shot would save, broke him out of his funk. He was ready. Silently, Clint steadied his arm. He took aim at Ultron's memory whatsamacallit on his back. He took a deep breath.

"I got this"

And then...he let loose.

Clint saw the arrow soaring in slow motion. The arrow flew straight towards the port, without any diversion. Ultron heard the arrow cut through the air and lifted his head, but it was too late. It was a direct hit. Ultron could feel Jarvis taking control.

He frantically reached for the arrow on his back, but it was wedged in too far. He began to glitch out and wildly fire lasers all over the place. He was so close to finishing his army.

"N0000000 I JUST NEEDED M0RE T1ME! WH001'S THE10


And then he set his gaze on Clint.
"Y00000000U?!" he wailed

Clint gave him a playful wave and a smirk.

"Welp, I had a good run"
Clint said to himself and braced for impact. Ultron flew straight towards Clint and grabbed him by his neck with tons of force. Ultron shoved him through a wall and carried him high into the air above the factory. Dangling thousands of feet above the ground, Clint came face to face with Ultron.

Clint had seen something odd in Ultron's eyes in that moment, something that he'd never seen before in the robot. Clint could see anger yes, but he could see what almost looked like…fear. Fear of the end. Fear of knowing that the end has come for him and he wasn't ready. But Clint was.

Between the metallic hand putting tons of pressure on his throat and the lower levels of oxygen at that altitude, Clint found the strength to smile and tease Ultron.

"So, this is how ya go. You don't get crushed by the jolly green giant, lectured to death by the super soldier, or blasted to pieces by the man in the bazillion dollar suit of armor. No, you get beat by me, the dude who's semi-decent with a bow and arrow. How's that feel?"

Ultron could only respond with screams and binary. But he managed to squeeze out one last line before he lost control.


Clint spit in his metallic face and said

"Yeah, I'm never upgrading to iOS 8"

In those last moments, Clint looked over Ultron's shoulder, almost looking through the robot as if he wasn't there, and saw the sunrise. He saw the sun ascend over the horizon, it's light reflecting off the mountains in the distance beautifully. This is what he was protecting. He was content.

And with the last of his control, Ultron activated his self-destruct protocol, deciding at least to take the avenging archer down with him. The explosion could be seen for miles and the blast shook the factory itself, Ultron's clones crashing to the ground, his legacy shattering to pieces. The fight was over. Clint had won, and that's all that mattered.


A/M: Hey thanks for getting to the bottom again congrats you go! Hey also, if you all could be more amazing than you already are, if you have any criticisms or feedback for me on this fic I'd love for you to message me! I'm always trying to improve my writing and I'd love to hear what you have to say! Until next time!