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The Avengers are my teachers!

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Sometimes Melody couldn't help but wonder how her life turned out this way. Living in an orphanage, bullied and abused. Melody is eight and has no idea about who her parents are. She isn't even sure if she wants to know. She didn't understand the people who wanted to get to know the parents that gave them up. They didn't deserve to be forgiven or have a relationship with their children. She couldn't help but feel a little guilty at the thought. She knew that she didn't think like that she just didn't want to be reminded. She was left at 'Miss Hart's home for girls' when she was only two hours old. She didn't want to but she couldn't help but wonder why the left her. Another part of her understood. Who would want a fat, suicidal freak for a daughter anyway. Melody had long red curly hair, reaching just past her shoulders and big green eyes with long dark eyelashes. She is really short for her age and studies Swedish and Spanish in school. She is left-handed and right-footed. She has full red lips and a perfectly shaped nose that fit her face perfectly. When Melody looked into the mirror she couldn't see any of this. Her entire life she had been treated like a homeless dog. She had been blinded by other peoples hatred to be able to see her real beauty.