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2 Boys 1 Heart

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In the back of a big red minivan along with his siblings sat Jack, an almost sixteen year old boy with naturally snow white hair and crystal blue eyes, rock and metal and other kinds of music on high volume in his ears. He looked out the car window and saw the sign saying ”You are now leaving the city of Burgess” he signed and closed his eyes.

He would never again see his school, house or room, never again play in the big park or by the lake he adored so much. Never again feel happiness... Okay maybe he is overreacting, but his family is moving. To another city called Berk. His father was the owner of ’Santa’s Toys’ a well known toy factory situated in Berk, and they moved so he would have closer to work. His mother also and a new job. She was a dentist. His oldest brother also moved with them, even if he was 26 years old.. His older sister lived with her fiancé back in Burgess. Again something he would never again see.

So to put it simple; Jack didn’t want to move.

He had lived his entire life in Burgess and he liked it, a lot. He groaned and was pulled out of his thoughts when Sophie, his little sister poked him in the head. He pulled out one of his headphones and looked at her.

”What is it Soph?” he asked her, Sophie had messy blond hair that reached her shoulders and green eyes.

”Do you wanna play a car game with me? Please?” the eleven year old pleaded, Jack signed and turned his music of.

”Why don’t you ask Jamie?”

”He is boring, he’s only listening on music and sleeps.” Jack looked at his two years older then himself brother. Who -as Sophie said- was sleeping.

‘What didn’t it look like I did?’ ”Fine I’ll play with you sis.”


”Henry, come here son.” a big man called he had red hair and a big beard in a matching colour. A young man walked into his office at his call. His hair was shaggy with two small braids behind his right ear and had a chestnut/ brown colour. His eyes was a mix between green and brown and his face was full of freckles.

”Yeah dad?” the boy named Henry asked his father

”We will have guests tonight. New family is moving to Berk this afternoon.” the young man shrugged. His father, Stoic Haddock was Berk’s mayor, so it was normal that families that moved here was invited to dinner with the Haddock family.

”Sure, where are they from?” Henry asked

”A small place called Burgess I think. Now I must ask you to leave, I have work.” Henry nodded and walked to his room. A fairly big room with mostly the colours green, brown and black. As he walked inside something big and black jumped on him from his closet.

”Toothless! How many times do I have to tell you. Don’t climb my furniture.” Henry told the black panther with a scowl. Said panther closed his green eyes as if to ignoring his master and jumped on the kingsized bed.
”Stupid cat.” Henry mumbled

The reason he had a living panther in his room was because he was the mayor’s son, he could get almost what he wanted. And because he had found the poor animal injured and unable to walk on his left hind leg in a small shelter in a Zoo five years ago. After pleading for his father to buy him he finally did. And for five years, the panther had been kind of a symbol for the Haddock family.

”You wanna head out bud?” he asked the black mass of fur on his bed. Toothless lifted his head immediately and jumped down the bed.

”Come on then. DAD! I’m out with Toothless.” He called to his father. ”Let’s go bud.” he smiled.


”JAAAACK Wake UUUUP. We’re here!” Sophie called excitedly to her white-haired brother.

”Wha-?” When did he fall asleep? eh who cares. He rubbed his eyes and walked out of the car.
In front of him was a big house, much bigger than their other one. It was painted brown with white windows and a white door, it actually looked really nice on the outside.

”Well son, what do you think?” his father -Nicholas or North, a big man with brown turning white hair and a big matching beard, blue eyes and a Russian accent- asked him.

”Don’t know, Haven’t seen the inside yet, but the outside is nice.”

”Oh sweetie. You gonna love it.” His mother, a colourful woman with black hair with green slings in it and amethyst eyes said and hugged him. Her name was Tina but everyone that know her calls her Tooth, for obvious reasons.

”Uh, mom” he groaned with a smirk

”I wanna hug to.” Sophie said and threw her arms around Jack’s legs, Jack wrapped his arms around his little sister.

”Sure go ahead and have a hugging party while I have to carry both all the stuffs and a baby, thanks for the love, I appreciate it..” A new voice said. Jack rolled his eyes at his brother. Jamie was brown haired and had brown eyes. He was taller than Jack since he was two years older, and had a more shaped body than him, but what Jack lacked in strength he had in speed and agility, so he shouldn’t complain. Their smallest sister, Clarissa was three years old and had light brown hair and blue eyes, the right one was a little shade darker than the left.

”Aw, poor baby, does he have to do all the work alone? Man up James, you’re eighteen, and Clarissa is tiny, she barely weight a thing.” Jack said with a smirk and hugged Sophie tighter.

”You’re happy I’m holding our sister Jackson, otherwise you’d be crying for mum to help you.”

”Boys!” Their mother said and looked at her two sons. Both teenagers smirked and laughed. Neither boys would ever do anything to hurt the other, they are brothers and best friends after all.

”It will be at least an hour before Aster arrive with the truck and our stuff. Who wants a tour of our new home?” Sophie cheered and ran to the house. Jamie passed Clarissa to Tooth and followed the blond girl.

”Jack?” North asked

”I think I skip, I’m gonna take a walk and look around okay? I’ll be back before dinner, promise.”


Jack walked for a while until he came to a small pond, not entirely different from the one in Burgess, he sat down in the grass and watched the water. He shuddered when a small wave made contact with the sand. Before he heard a loud shout.

”TOOTHLESS! Get back here NOW!” Jack turned around and was tackled to the ground by a big mass of black. When he saw what it was he screamed in fear. Standing over him was a panther, a real living fucking panther. Jack put his arms in front of his face to shield it from the animal and closed his eyes.

”TOOTHLESS WHERE- OH SHIT I am so sorry. He won’t hurt you I promise.” Came a voice from behind the panther. Jack opened his eyes and saw a boy, or a young man, maybe some years older than himself grabbing the back of the panther’s neck and pulling it of off Jack. When he got a good look at he couldn’t help but stare a little. ’Hello handsome..’ Jack thought, he had known for two years that he wasn’t interested in girls, but more in tall brunettes with-

”Are you okay?” he asked Jack carefully interrupting his thoughts, Jack looked at him as if he grew a second head or something.

”Am I okay? Of course I’m okay, ‘cus I’m used to be attacked by a fucking panther.” He said. The older boy looked ashamed and rubbed the back of his neck.

”Yeah, sorry. He don’t usually do that. He is harmless I promise, wouldn’t even hurt a fly.” said panther sat down beside obviously his master and licked his front paw.
”I’m Hiccup by the way.” The boy said and held his hand out to Jack.

”Jack, and I really hope that’s not your real name.” Jack laughed and shook the hand, Hiccup smiled and shook his head.

”No, it’s Henry, but my friends calls me Hiccup. So I mostly go by that.”

”Well in that case, I’m Jackson, but everyone calls me Jack. And I personally like Jack better.”

”Oh and that is Toothless.” Hiccup pointed at the panther, who lifted his head when he heard his name.

”Toothless?” Jack said slowly, ”Why Toothless?” he asked ”May I pet him?”

”Sure, Well, long story short, when we bought him he didn’t feel well and he barley had any teeth since he was badly treated. So that’s where I got the name.” Hiccup got quiet and looked at Jack who slowly petted Toothless on the head and behind his ears, ”Are you new here or something? I have never seen you and Berk isn’t that big.”

”Yeah, my family just moved here from Burgess. Have you been living here all your life?”

”Yep, So you are from the North’s family then? My father is the mayor so I know all that stuff whether I want to or not.”

”Your father’s the mayor? Cool, no wonder you have a freaking panther as a pet.” Jack smiled
”Do you have any siblings?”

”No, I’m a only child.”

”Lucky you, you can have on of mine of you want, I’ve got more than enough.”

”How many is enough?”

”We’re six siblings. and I’m neither youngest or oldest.” Jack said.

”Wow” Was all Hiccup said, ”How old are you all?” he asked

”Well, first there is Bunny, he’s 26, then Baby Tooth she’s 21, Jamie’s 18, I’m 16, Sophie’s 11 and last there is Clarissa, she’s only three.” By now it looked like Hiccup would drop his chin to the floor. Jack laughed at him. ”Hey, close it before you catch some flies.”

Hiccup closed his mouth and shook his head. ”Your parents have been busy.” Then the gears in his head started working. ”Bunny? Baby Tooth?” he asked. Jack laughed

”You.. might say that, and those are only nicknames, Bunny’s name is Aster and Baby Tooth’s Brittany. But the names stuck since we were small. Speaking of small, how old are you? You can’t still count as a kid right?” Jack asked

”I’m 20, hey are you coming to dinner at our place tonight?”

”Um, dinner? Don’t think so, Someone has to take care of the small ones. Which is my job. Well mine and Jamie’s.” he shrugged ”I think I should get back now. Before someone gets worried.”

”Okay, It was nice meeting you Jack.”

”Same to you Hic, You to Toothless. See Ya” he waived and walked away

”Bye” Hiccup said and looked after the boy. Toothless looked at him and snorted.
”What, he was kind of cute okay?” Hiccup said and walked the opposite direction, the panther following.


”Did you find anything interesting sweetie?” Tooth asked when Jack got home.

‘Not much, except for this really hot guy with a panther in the forest.’ ”No, not really, But I met the mayor’s son, Hiccup or Henry.. Whatever. He was really nice, and he had a really big black cat. He said you were invited to dinner tonight.”

”Yes, do you wanna come?”

”No, I’m rather home and fixing in my new room. I’ll be there if you want me anything.” he said and walked up the stairs.

”So I heard you met a guy when you were out.” Jamie said when both was in Jack’s room lazying around. Aster had arrived earlier and everyone had helped to pack everything up and get most of the stuff to their new place.

”Yeah, and?” Jack asked

”Was he cute?” Jack groaned, he hated his brother when he did that. Well two could play that game.

”I’m not sure if ‘cute’ is the right word, more like handsome, with his shaggy hair and green eyes. He also had freckled all over his face. And that body...” Now it was Jamie’s time to groan as Jack smirked.

”Please stop talking about guys like that around me.”

”You asked, don’t blame me.” Jack said nonchalantly. Everyone in their family knew Jack was gay, and no one judged him for that. So no need to beat around the bush on that subject.
For the others; hearing Jack talk about boys was just as natural as hearing Jamie or Aster talk about girls.

”Anyway, now when you have found your prince charming, maybe you could stop complain about how your life is falling apart because of the move. Okay?” Jamie said and rose from the bed. Their parents would soon leave for dining at the mayor’s house.

”He’s not my prince charming I just liked his looks that’s it.”

”Yeah, yeah, you say that. Just wait until you guys are getting married.”

”Jamie.” Jack groaned

”Are Jack getting married? I wanna be his maid of honour. You gonna be so pretty in a dress Jack.” Sophie said clapping her hands together.

Jack guessed his face was pretty damn pink by now. ”No Soph, I’m- ” ”Jackie, Jackie Jackie. I thought the family would meet the bride’s chosen husband before the wedding?” Aster smirked at his youngest brother from the door.

”I hate you guys, with my entire heart.” Jack said into the pillow he had buried his face in. His two brothers both laughed, neither wanted to be mean to the white haired teen, just mess with him a little. Jack knew that and didn’t take it to personally. Especially when one certain brunette came to his mind.

‘Maybe moving here wouldn’t be so bad after all’