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Immunely Diplomatic (Torchwood/DC Comics crossover, PG-13)

Title: Immunely Diplomatic
Fandom: Torchwood/DC Comics crossover
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Jack/Gwen/a mysterious Mr. Wayne
Warnings/Spoilers: Cracklicious
All Thanks To: / Acknowledgements: [info]panda_pooka for the bunny
Author's Notes: For my way-overdue Threesome Holiday Drabbles Project, and also [info]drabble_a_trois prompt #4, Forget
Disclaimer: None of these characters or their settings belong to me.

Gwen thinks they're set until she opens her eyes from the kiss. Wayne's aren't hazed with pleasure or Retcon; they're sharp as ever, wintry blue, his smile nowhere near them as his hand presses the small of her back. "Leaving so soon, pretty lady?"

"I--" she stammers, not knowing what she'll say, but behind her Jack laughs. "I think our friend's immune to our medicine," he says, stepping into the light.

"Everything has an antidote," Wayne replies, his voice gravelly and deep. "My memory is not yours to edit. Thank you for the sample, Harkness. And the kiss."

"My pleasure." Jack motions with his free hand, but Wayne just calmly stares down the gun. "Tell me why I shouldn't shoot you?"

"Because I have no need to reveal your secrets, which my death would. Trust me." Then Gwen is stumbling backwards; Jack catches her, and she looks up to see the room otherwise empty.

"Jack!" she shouts, steadying herself against him; she dashes to the open window, but Wayne's gone. Behind her, all Jack does is laugh and laugh.