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Assorted Drabbles and Ficlets From Minor Fandoms

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Distant Thunder Like Laughter (The Little Mermaid, drabble-shaped thing, PG-aught)

Title: Distant Thunder Like Laughter
Fandom: Disney's The Little Mermaid
Characters: Ursula / Ariel / Eric
Rating: PG-something
Written for: [info]hyel's prompt to my threesome drabble prompt request, and [info]drabble_a_trois's Challenge #20, "Destroy".
Disclaimer: I'm not Disney nor Hans Christian Andersen, so nothing here is mine but the arrangement of the words.


Ursula laughs sometimes in the darkness where none can hear. The little mermaid and her prince think Ursula vanquished, but all they've done is merely killed her; she can still work subtle magics without fingers or voice, without the encumbrances of flesh.

Of nights a mist seeps beneath the doors of Palace bedchambers while Prince and Princess clutch each other in fierce lovemaking; he presses his thumbs to the pulse in her delicate throat, she nips him with her mermaid's sharp teeth. Each night Ursula joins them, blanking their eyes and whipping up storms in their blood, riding them both as they thrash and roll together between the sheets. Each morning she laughs as she listens to them wake dizzy and dazed, the exclamations and kisses over shared bruises before they wander dully off into the day. One night she'll have them wilder than ever, and in the morning the Prince will wake to a clay-cold bride or Ariel in a bed drenched with blood, and that will be Ursula's greatest laugh of all.