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Assorted Drabbles and Ficlets From Minor Fandoms

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Maureen loves her control freak, oh yes she fucking does. Sometimes she could just love Joanne right to death. Since the phone call she's been walking for a half-hour through the wet city streets, under dripping trees tufted with pink and red and golden green. The birds are chirping, the cars are honking, the flowers are thrusting green buds into the air; even the trees are fucking, but Maureen isn't allowed to while Joanne's out of town.

She glances up and, finding herself a couple blocks from Mark and Roger's, decides to drop in. Maybe she can find Mark there, and climb on shit and torment him. He's so cute when he gets all red in the face and flustered. "Hey!" Maureen shouts, running up the stairs. "Anyone home?"

"Just me!" Mimi calls down to her, opening the door. Mimi's dressed in little lacy things, and looks like springtime and sex. She smiles at Maureen but frowns at the walls, and she's obviously been pacing; watching her Maureen grins and bites her cheek. "Argh. Wanna go somewhere?"

And share Mimi with the world? The way she stalks around the furniture, if she had a tail it'd be lashing. Maureen drops onto a couch and breathes like she just ran the marathon. "Sure, but gimme a minute. I've been running around today."

"Heh. And I've been cooped up." Mimi climbs up the side of the couch, sitting on the back by Maureen's head. "I'm waiting for phone calls--- I applied to a bunch of jobs. Office jobs," she specifies, with obvious distaste.

"You don't look like the office job type." She doesn't. Especially not in her satin and lace.

Mimi smiles down gratefully, and from here her legs are really long. "Thanks. I... I need a job, 'cause Roger doesn't want me dancing anymore. But I'm so bored, waiting for anyone to call back. And I miss dancing. I wanna move!" She throws her arms up, wiggling her butt.

"Dance for me, then." Maureen grins up, and Mimi blinks. She's ready to pull out at least a few persuasive tricks, but Mimi grins, and flips down off the couch. She stands in the middle of the floor for a mment, feet planted, arms out, and Maureen holds her breath; then Mimi starts to gyrate her hips, slowly, then faster and faster, and then she starts to dance.

God, does Mimi dance. She wiggles to a beat Maureen could swear she can hear, even though there's no music playing; she kicks up high and tosses her hair back as she stomps and spins and flips over a chair. Maureen claps time as Mimi whirls around a column like it's a pole, then grinds against it like it's a partner, head thrown back, eyes closed and mouth open in a grin. She's so hot, and Maureen's face is warming up, and she's totally getting wet as Mimi hitches a knee around the column and slides to the floor, rolling over and crawling. No, not crawling, pacing like a panther, as she crosses the floor, grinning ferally, and pulls herself up into Maureen's lap.

She's warm with exertion, kinda glowing, as she loops her arms round Maureen's neck, bouncing on Maureen's thighs, her heels on the sofa either side. Maureen ought to say something, but she can't even talk, as she settles her hands on Mimi's waist and Mimi thrashes in her lap, rhythmic waves up her flexing spine as she spins her hair around, lashing Maureen's face. Maureen laughs, and grabs Mimi's hair, pulling her head back, and Mimi laughs and winds to a stop, looking at her, eyes shining.

And kisses her. Honest, Maureen didn't kiss her first, though she does kiss back, and Mimi's mouth tastes spicy-sweet and delicious.

Then Mimi backs off, and Maureen lets her go. "Whew," Mimi says, climbing to her feet, patting herself down like she's putting everything back in place. "That was fun." She smiles, not quite at Maureen. " Thanks for asking me."

"Hey, thanks for dancing for me!" Maureen grins at her. This was awesome. "And you're welcome."