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Nautiscarader's Gravity Falls prompts

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- "You are so beautiful"
- "That's because I'm so in love with you, Ani."
- "No, that's because I'm so in love with you.
- "No, that's because I'm so in love with you.
- "No, that's because I'm so in love with you.
- "No, that's because I'm so in love with you.

The couple on screen were exchanging the same lines for quite some time now, much to the dismay of two teenagers on the couch.

- Ugh - grunted Wendy - Wasn't this series supposed to be about wars? In stars?
- I never thought I'd say it, but... where is Bink-Bink when you need him? - Dipper replied, equally disinterested. A moment of judgemental silence later, he saw his friend's stare with a corner of his eye and quickly backed off from that idea.
- I find your lack of better characters to choose from disturbing... - she muttered to him.

When another idyllic and definitely action-lacking scene passed, Wendy couldn't contain herself any longer.

- Get on with it! - she shouted.

And much to her surprise, something has happened. The girl on screen ended up right underneath the boy, rolling down the grassy hills, with their bodies entwined. The shot changed to reveal the two in a very unequivocal situation, about to engage in more than just a long and passionate kiss.
Dipper and Wendy exchanged uncomfortable sights, as Dipper found himself again in a tight spot.

- Heh, looks like I rented the extended version. - he joked, but quickly turned to the screen, as the couple started talking again and to avoid any more unsettling thoughts.
- "Ani... I want..."
- "What do you want, Pami?" - the boy on screen said, touching his lover's cheek and bringing their bodies even closer to each other.

Dipper realised that the uncomfortable situation, much to his surprise, made Wendy engage in the seance again, even if for the pure awkwardness.

- "I want... I want... To talk for hours about the political situation in the outer galaxy and the moral dilemmas of choosing dictatorship over democracy, Ani!"

The popcorn fell to the air, as both teenagers exploded with thundering "Oh, come on!".

- That's it, dude, I'm gonna take a nap. Wake me up when they actually start fighting. - Wendy shifted herself on the bed and slipped her hat on face.

And not a minute later, Dipper could hear her light snoring, occasionally resonating through her hat like one of the antagonist's signature breathing.

It took more than half an hour for any promise of beheading-filled scene to appear. Dipper lightly tapped Wendy's shoulder.

- Hey, Wendy, things are getting destroyed! - he exclaimed - That's good, I think.

In response he heard only few grunts and then a very faint voice.

- Yes, Dippy...

Dipper froze. He has never heard her calling him like that. For a very brief moment he thought she picked up the phrase from the movie, but if so... He looked at his sleeping friend again. He had no idea whether or not it sounded good, or bad, as the hat covered her face. Was he in her dream? Were they together? Were they on that meadow, discussing the political choices of the empire, long and hard?
And immediately, he had to stop himself.

- No, she is your friend, just friend, you are past that!

Another murmur from beneath the ushanka made Dipper realise that he said that aloud.

- You can't hear me, right...? - he whispered shakily.
- "Trust your feelings, young pansy-wansy" - said the soothing, British voice from the screen.

Dipper jumped on the bed when a ghost of an old mentor appeared in front of one of the characters on screen, helping him dodge enemies' moves (apparently with said feelings).

- Wait, you can't hear me as well, right?! Right? - Dipper said, properly frightened. This summer he has already seen ghosts and fictional characters coming to life, so it wouldn't be that far-fetched to see both of it happening at once.

But when the movie did not respond and instead filled the room with a radiant blast of colours emanating from a lightsaber fight, Dipper suddenly understood. He spotted the reflective DVD box on the floor... and knew exactly what to do. The box, on the contrary, in a disappointing and anti-climactic manner did not flew right into his open hand, forcing Dipper to get up and get it.

The booming music made Wendy finally open her eyes. As she tossed her hat aside, she saw Dipper sitting on the verge of the bed, watching the opening credits roll.

- Did I miss anything good? - she asked dreamily.
- Nah, nothing important. Apart from some minor genocide, maybe. You're right on time for the better part of the marathon, though. - he replied, passing her drink.

And indeed, it was better. It had less fillers, more gripping story and surprisingly better special effects from quarter of a century ago. But more importantly, it had characters.

- "Into the garbage chute, flyboy." - said the gun-wielding princess, kicking the pipe out of her way.
- "Wonderful girl. Either I'm gonna kill her, or I'm beginning to like her." - responded her savior
- Heck yeah, that's my kind of princess! - exclaimed Wendy.
- Yeah! And that's my kind of... smuggler. - Dipper accompanied her.
- Heh, you could be. Smuggling secret artefacts, maybe. - Wendy quickly replied, giving him a wink - And hey, he's so much more than that. He rescues her, and then she had to rescue them, cos she's the one with brains. I love these guys.

Dipper nodded, looking at her gleeful face, and poured another portion of popcorn to the bowl. The tension was rising, as the characters were trapped in a deadly garbage masher. Wendy had her eyes glued to the screen, watching the characters clinging to their lives. And suddenly, the feeling of oncoming and inevitable danger combined with claustrophobic alien closet opened a certain wound from the past, making the seance even more entertaining and gripping.

- Uhm, Wendy? - she heard Dipper's faint voice from her side.
- Yeah, what? - she asked watching the heroes climbing the barricades of metal junk.
- Y-You can stop now. - she heard his muffled voice again.

Wendy looked away from the screen, only to find her arm tightly closed around Dipper, who in return was pressed firmly to her chest. She quickly freed her friend from her grip and moved aside. The brownish tint from the screen hid their faces, both burning red, though not just from the lack of air.

- S-sorry, Dipper. I guess that was pretty intense and long scene and I kinda got lost. You okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine - Dipper said, catching breath and trying to calm himself.

And for once, choosing the extended edition proved to be a good choice.

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Wendy leaned against the bathroom door, her heart beating like a drum. It was meant to be a simple visit to the shack. The swimming pool was opening again, and Wendy was supposed to pick the twins up, like every year. She just wanted to find them, not to experience the most awkward and embarrassing encounter with Dipper. And she definitely should have knocked. And when she saw it, she shouldn't have stared that long. And her only words definitely shouldn't be limited to "Oh".
There was one other word on her mind, though.

The silence finally broke, bringing Wendy back to reality.

- H-Have you seen anything Wendy? - she heard the stammering voice of her boyfriend
- No, I haven't. - she replied promptly.

"Yes, you have, Wendy." - a voice echoed in her head. A familiar voice, that was was breaking through her chaotic thoughts everyone now and them, especially whenever she wanted to suppress one of them.

- Dipper… I know I should have knocked. - she started - I was looking for Mabel, and when I was opening the door, I wanted to ask her if she saw you, and then I got a text from her, and it was too late… I'm sorry. - She panted, taking one short breath after another.

"No, you aren't." - the voice contradicted her lengthy apology immediately.

Wendy could heard Dipper's steps on the other side of the bathroom doors.

- You still there, Wen?
- Yeah. - she whispered.
- I… Listen, I really hope this won't change how you think of me. - he stammered again
- No, sure it won't, man.

"Oh, yes it will. For good, baby." - the thoughts persisted.
Once more the two teenagers couldn't find any sensible words to speak. And then, just when she thought she would be ready to go, Wendy heard him clear his throat, in a rather incentive way.
"Please, Dipper, don't do that." - she thought - "You are not like other guys. You are smart. You are gallant. Please, please do not ask that one questi-"

- So, did you like it?

"But you are still a guy. And boy, that sight proved it."

- I… suppose. - she answered hesitantly, trying her best to collect her thoughts.

"Understatement of the year, Corduroy."

Wendy let out a deep sigh, and moved closer to the doorknob. She then realised she was gripping it the whole time.

- Can I… come in? - she finally asked. Wendy had no idea why were they having that kind of conversation. They were old enough to tackle these issues face-to-face, no matter how abashed and burning red they would be.
- Yeah.. - Dipper babbled.

Wendy crossed the bathroom step once more. She cautiously slid next to the door, and slowly turned her head around, as if there was some sort of danger waiting for her. Instead, she met with Dipper's anxious eyes, glancing nervously around. He was still standing where he was a moment ago, clutching the edges of his towel tight behind his back. And even now Wendy was still stunned. Despite his lower body being covered, she could clearly see it, well visible, now presented even more proudly.
She took a few more steps towards Dipper.

The size of it was the first thing she noticed. She wasn't exactly prepared for that sight, even though a thought or two like that has raced her mind before. And then she opened her mouth.

- Can I touch it? - she blurted.

Dipper suddenly jolted, clamping the towel even tighter. Both teenagers were surprised by the words Wendy said, though she had no idea what drove her to that action. Seeing it is one thing, and judging by his shaky legs, Dipper's heart was running a hundred paces already.
Wendy was about to turn back, but to her astonishment, his answer was equally unpredictable.

- Sure.

Wendy stepped forward, but then hastily turned around and closed the opened door behind her. Seeing Dipper alone would be one thing, but if someone saw them both, then… well, it wouldn't be that weird sight, the more she thought about it.
With one more step, Wendy got on her knees when she realised she needs to take even closer look. The almost silent humming of the air conditioner was now drown out by Dipper's panting and frantic gasping for air.

"Big Dipper".

Wendy looked up, and their eyes met again. She could see and feel Dipper's body shaking. He was trying his best to act restrained all the times around her, and after a few years, he learned how to control it. But not when they were in a completely new territory. First time holding hands, first arms around waist, first kiss, second kiss, several subsequent kisses for that matter, and now this.

- "Big Dipper - 1, End of the world - 0" - Wendy read the phrase aloud.
- What? Too corny? - he gulped, simultaneously trying to keep his chest and shoulders straight
- Dude, did you tattoo it on your stomach? - Wendy looked up at him worryingly - That must have hurt like a mothe-
- No, they're the temporary ones! - he quickly calmed her - Mabel had tons of these single letter tattoos. So much so I could make a Linotype machine with them. - he continued, looking down at Wendy, who was still examining the ornament Gothic letters. - Which I definitely did not considered building to make this process easier and repeatable. - he added.
Wendy snickered.
- But they would dissolve in the pool, like, immediately. - she pointed out, dragging her finger alongside the outline of letters.

She could feel his body reacting to the cold of her hand, or more likely the touch of it, which gave her a wicked sort of satisfaction.

- Not before you would have seen'em - Dipper continued bringing Wendy back onto the topic.
- Since when do you care about that kind of stuff?
- What, those fake, very commercialised things that are supposed to make me look more manly, even though they will probably make me look silly? - he started explaining - It's because of you.

Being with Dipper, Wendy was bound to live though some of the weird moments, whenever his mind would take a rather unusual approach to tackle problems. But it was so light-hearted, and so very much in his spirit, that Wendy couldn't help but giggle.

- So, you took those extremely feeble tattoos to make yourself look more… butch? - she inquired

Dipper's proud and raffish smile suddenly faded out, once he realised that his well-thought plan had a small, but crucial drawback. And when their eyes met again, they both couldn't help but burst into laughter.
- Al-right, Big Dipper, let's go to the pool. We're gonna walk all around it, and I'm gonna count the number of laughs you're gonna get. - Wendy said taking Dipper's hands to help her get up.

And when following last piece of Dipper's attire, Wendy was brought to the ground again, she wasn't exactly sure whether the gravity was only to blame.

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Mystery Shack was buzzing with noises. After several days of the total chaos and destruction, four new, completely unharmed people was a welcoming sight. Especially after the survivors in the shack learned how Mabel, Dipper, Soos and Wendy escaped Bill's terrifying mind prison. However, once they heard about the apparent wonders inside the said terrifying mind prison, Mabel quickly became the centre of attention, answering all the questions regarding the sugary nonsensical world of hers.

- Mabel! - shouted Grunkle Stan, trying to burst through the gathering of people surrounding his niece - I have a very important one.

He kneeled before her, and grabbed her arms tight.

- In that fantasy land of yours… was there a tax-free zone?
- Oh, Grunkle Stan - Mabel snickered - There were no silly taxes in Mabelland!

Grunkle Stan released his grand-niece, his face beaming with absolute delight.

- I knew it! Mabel, only a mind of a genius conma- I mean businessman could come up with something like that!
- Instead we established our currency on mutual compassion, kindness and hugs. - she finished proudly.

The smile on Stan's face faded away as quickly as it appeared a moment ago.

- Figures. Even in a world where I could have had anything, I'd still be broke! - he grunted, standing up and leaving the room.

Dipper was listening to that conversation from the kitchen, drinking from an already opened can of what he hoped to be orange soda. The red glow of the nightmarish sky outside was illuminating the room, making it even more impossible to forget that even though they escaped, they simply moved from one bubble to another.
The ominous pyramid was revolving slowly above the hills, as if it was waiting, or worse - preparing to strike.

- How long can we be here? And what is Bill doing out there? - he muttered nervously.
- Dude, you're talking to a window.

Dipper jumped and nearly spilled the ambiguous contents of the can when Wendy's face appeared out of nowhere in the window's reflection.

- Oh hi. - he responded, correcting his position on chair, trying to look vaguely calm. Even though it happened countless of times, it was still his knee-jerk reaction. And every single time Wendy couldn't help but giggle. - Did you tell the others your story? - he continued.
- Man, I wish you we're there. We wrecked that school. Thompson found a bazooka that was shooting toilet paper. And teddy bears, I think. They should've sent poets… - she said dreamily, looking at her friend. And as soon as she caught his worrying look, she realised how uncomfortable that recollection might have been.
- Oh, wow. I did it again. - she sighed - That kind of thinking would got us stuck there forever. These fantasies were really powerful, man.
- Hey, don't get too hard on yourself. - Dipper consoled her - It was a trap, that's how it was supposed to work. Everyone would fell for it.
- Except you. - she retorted - You made it out of there. When we were having fun, you were thinking for us. For me, Soos and Mabel. You were the one guy- Wendy continued, until she realised that Dipper shifted his eyes away back to the window.
- Wait… Did you saw something as well? Something that made you *want* to stay there? - Wendy asked, trying to get his response.

After a few long moments of silence, Dipper nodded.

- Was it that apprenticeship with Ford? Solving mysteries and secrets? Or maybe staying with Mabel, as she wanted, or - Wendy counted, but she was quickly cut off by his short and almost angry sounding “No”.
- So what was that? What was so special that could made you… - she started again, until she realised that Dipper wasn't just looking away She was avoiding her eyes.

The painful conclusion hit her, as she understood who would be so important to made Dipper stay there.

- Dipper… - she stammered, thinking of any kind of response - I'm… sorry.
- For what? - she finally saw him turn his head towards her. - It wasn't you. I mean, real you.

Wendy looked though the corridor to see if anyone was remotely close to the kitchen. She stretched her leg and kicked the door, closing it tight. Sitting back, she grabbed another can of soda from the counter.

- Do you… want to talk about it? - she said after a while.

Dipper looked at her from above his drink.

- I don't know if I can survive that much awkwardness. - he joked, spinning around the can back and forth between his hands.
- Hey, we've been though some awkward conversations this summer already, haven't we?

Their eyes met, and Dipper saw not sadness or uneasiness, but a face of his friend, ready to listen to him. It took a moment for Dipper to open his mouth again.

- You were… I mean, that other Wendy… She was telling me lies to keep me there.
- Lies?
- Yeah. Stuff I *wanted* to hear. That's how this world worked. It told you what you wanted to hear, or see.
- Like what? - she asked, slamming her fists together - Cos' when I meet that other lass, I'm gonna beat the crap out of her. Courdroys don't tell lies.

Dipper couldn't help but laugh. If there was someone who could punch the gigeresque creature that fooled him, it would be Wendy. Heck, she already did that once.

- Like… - he stopped to think how to phrase them. He ultimately decided not to cover the truth at all - That I am the smartest, and not like other guys, and will always think of something. Things to boost my ego.
- These are not lies. - Wendy complimented him promptly - You are clever. Dude, find me another twelve year old who cracks codes and battles monsters. And you got us from that prison after all, right?

The twelve year-old stopped staring into the abyss of the empty can and looked up.

- I suppose so.
- Sure you did. What else was the Evil Wendy telling ya?
- That we… - Dipper paused. Praising him was one thing, but a prospect of living together was something different. At the same time, Wendy raised her brow. Once she heard his words and saw him averting his eyes from her again, she knew what kind of promise was coming. - That I was your dreamy guy, and if only I was older, we could… be together.
Dipper looked at her again. To his surprise, he found her expression hasn't changed at all. She was still listening, looking as concerned as before.
- And then of course she told me that I could be older in this world, and… then I figured out that it wasn't you.
- Well, that's… - she started, gaining Dipper's attention almost immediately - … a lie.

After a painfully and seemingly long moment, Dipper realised he was holding his breath that he could now exhale.

- Yeah, that's a no-brainer… - he muttered
- Cos if I really found that dream guy I want to be with, I wouldn't care about the age. - she finished.

Dipper fixed his eyes at her.

- Wait, but haven't you said-
- I know what I said before, Dipper. - she snapped, slamming her can on the table - And I don't know what to think about it either. I'm a teenager, I should be confused about everything, right? - she fumed.

It was time for Dipper to try to apologize, though he wasn't sure what for. That he still loved her, despite the entirety of the universe trying to prove him wrong? That he wanted to still be with her, even as friends? In the end, he couldn't utter a single word, leaving Wendy equally speechless when she saw his jaw quivering.
Wendy took the chair she was sitting on from the other end of the table right next to Dipper's.

- Look, I know one thing. - she started shyly - I don't know what to think about all that, and I don't even know if I will ever know. But we won't be dating at all if either of us gets fried by one of these monsters out there. And for the matter, probably no one else will. - she brought herself even closer to Dipper - And if there is someone who has chances of figuring out how to stop that thing, it's you.
Dipper found himself transfixed by her talk and how understanding and calm she was. Her soothing voice made Dipper realise that Wendy wasn't just his love, but one of the very few people he could talk openly with. And in the end, Wendy finally welcomed a well-deserved smile on his younger friend's face.

She was about to get up in in order to check the state of the shack when she felt Dipper's hand touching hers.

- Hey, Wendy? - he said - I'm not gonna say I understand everything either, but… I'm with you, okay? And we can try understand these things together.

In return, Wendy rewarded him with the most charming smile, taking his other hand as well.

- Always?
- Always. Unless the world ends first, then it's gonna be a problem. - he shrugged and the two teenagers fell into laughter.

When Dipper heard the commotion outside the door, he stopped and had to ask Wendy one more question.

- Oh, and Wendy, do you mind- Dipper started, but she already gave him a response. She moved her two finger alongside her mouth, sealing it and throwing the imaginary key away.

And with that, the reality, as gruesome as it may have been, suddenly got a little bit better.

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There were probably some laws in Oregon that regulated the use of carts by teenagers. In the past few months Dipper Pines learned that absolutely nobody in Gravity falls cared about them. And even if someone did, most of these laws would no longer apply after Soos has tempered with the engine of the Mystery Cart. As of now, Dipper had only one thing on his mind - to save Wendy.

A mere minutes ago, Mabel burst into their room, shouting that Wendy needed help and her house had to be defended, leaving Dipper with no other choice than to run to her rescue his friend. He left her sister screaming, jumped into the cart and run towards Courduroy’s house.

When he saw the cottage in the distance, Dipper understood the problem was bigger than he thought. The house, though intact, was now surrounded by hastily made palisade to prevent incoming attackers. What’s worse, he saw blood - something has hit the stakes, leaving a crimson red mark on them. He saw a bit of that red moving, which turned to be Wendy’s hair. Dipper’s heart skipped a beat. Wendy was *outside*.

He was worried, but at the same time delighted to see her safe; even more so, when he saw her face beaming upon spotting the oncoming succour of his. The smile disappeared as quickly as it came to be, when Wendy realised that the fast approaching help had no means of coming to a halt. At the very last moment, Dipper slammed his foot into the brakes, (or at the very least tried, he was barely thirteen), preventing crashing into the fortification.

- Dipper! Are you alright? - were the first words he heard.

Still in the state of shock (both from the crash and the fact that the cart now had air-bags, which were literally that), Dipper jumped out of the seat, readying his weapon and nervously looking around.

- Yeah, but why aren’t you inside? There’s something in the woods!
- But what?

The answer left Dipper perplexed, as he realised he never really knew what was the danger that could creep in the forest around her house.

- I… - he started
- And for that matter, why are you holding a gun?

This made Dipper question his choice of armaments. Last thing that he heard from Mabel was that he should bring a gun, a phrase that froze his blood. He was almost sure that the old rifle Grunkle Stan kept behind the sofa was not functional, but it was the only thing that could do any damage. Only now Dipper realised that most guns need ammunition to work.

He was about to start explaining, but was abruptly cut by Wendy again. This time, with clear anger in her voice.

- Dude, you hit my mailbox. What gives?
- You… don’t you need help? - he stammered
- Yeah, I do. - she answered bitterly.
- Great! - he exclaimed, correcting himself almost immediately - I mean, that’s horrible, but what, how, where is that thing?
- It’s here!

Without thinking, Dipper grabbed Wendy by her wrist and rushed to ground on the other side of the wooden blockade, expecting any sort of monster to be behind them. He did not expect to see empty air.

- Are you sure you did not hurt your head…? - Wendy asked, changing the tone of her voice again.
- But… but Mabel told me that you need help with defence!
- Yes, I need help with the fence. My dad and brothers did all the job with putting it up and they left me with the painting.

Dipper put his gun down and looked around. The wooden wall was new, and there were clear sights of work. A few spare wooden stakes were placed neatly in one pile next to the shed. Upon inspection, bloody marks on them turned out to be splashes of orange paint, undoubtedly chosen to remind everyone who lives in the house.

Defeated by nothing to defeat, Dipper sat on the ground, resting his back against the fence.

- But… but Mabel came to our room, and she was yelling, and screaming, and waving her arms, and…
- …and how is that different from her usual behaviour, again? - Wendy smiled and sat next to him, avoiding the freshly painted spot Dipper chose.
- So… you were not in danger?
- Until you crashed here - no.

Dipper let out a deep sigh. She was safe. But she never was in danger. And he could make things a lot worse. And it made him look like a fool.

- Look, Dipper - she started, smiling again - I appreciate what you did… and I guess, if I was in danger you would have helped, but…

Their eyes meet for a moment, brief enough for Wendy to let her admiration of Dipper’s actions seep through, and long enough for Dipper to spot it.

- …what I really need is someone to help me paint the fence. And put the mailbox again.
- Oh, sure. - he whispered.
- And I’m gonna assume you didn’t brought paint gun either. - she said handing him a second brush.

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Dipper never wanted that for Wendy. Despite all his efforts, she always insisted on accompanying him during his expeditions to ancient tombs, bunkers, and other places sensible people would normally avoid. And truth to be told, Wendy was the reason he got out of quite a few them alive. But this one seemed a little too familiar.

They were trapped in a sturdy metal Faraday cage, too tight to move around comfortably, too low to stand up. Far away from their home, the only positive they could find was a proper ventilation system.
Dipper turned his head around, or at least as much as he could. The darkness around them was overwhelming. It was only sometimes cut off by a few blinking red lights on the old computerized board in front of them.  

- Looks like we’re stuck here for a while. - Wendy whispered, stretching her arms and legs and almost bumping her her head into the ceiling in the process.

- Wendy, I’m sorry, I didn’t want this to happen for either of us. - Dipper started.

- It’s cool, man. - she said turning one of the knobs on the old computer. - At least we have music, until the rescue arrives.

Dipper was sceptical whether the weak radio would pick up any signal, but he was proved wrong when smooth jazz slowly filled the walls around them.
Just like Wendy before him, he tried to get comfortable. He wanted to catch a bit of a sleep, but the music seemed similar, and Dipper was somehow sure that it would do the exact opposite effect.
And then Wendy moaned.

Dipper opened his eyes to see his girlfriend, basked in the faint crimson red light, wriggling nervously in her place.

- Do you remember that song? - she asked finally making eye contact with him.

He recognised that look. And he knew that song. The next moment he felt her lips on his, but he could not savour them too long, as they quickly wandered to his neck and now-shirtless chest.

- Wendy…
- What? - she answered getting herself comfortable in his laps, unbuttoning his jeans. - It’s not like there’s anyone around to see us.
Another kiss sealed the deal, and Dipper’s hands started to roam around her waist only to find that Wendy got way ahead of him in terms of undressing.

Moving even lower down his body, Wendy broke the kiss again.

- And besides, how many times you wanted to do something like that?

Dipper sighed. The accidentally close contact with Wendy in the bunker years ago was still a vivid image in his mind that made him burn red each time he thought about it. Defeated by his own desire, he moved his hands to her back, already feeling Wendy’s hips moving back and forth, making the air inside their metal prison even hotter.

As the song went on, Dipper finally gave in, and completely forgot about their predicament. His hands closed around her back, strengthening their joined movement. Wendy had no other option but to move her head to Dipper’s neck, muffling her impossible to contain moans. Overwhelmed with pleasure, Dipper opened his eyes again, and when Wendy’s head stopped being in his field of view, he saw it.

Beams of bright, alien light filled the room.

- The- there they are!  
- What? - Wendy asked turning her head around and getting almost blinded by the process - Shit, why now?

Dipper moved aside, quickly buttoning his clothes back and opened the door. The overhead lamp of their car went on, fully revealing what the song meant to Wendy. She slammed the switch, drowning the cabin in darkness again, giving her time to cover herself. Last thing Dipper saw was the mix of anger and disappointment on her face. They have been caught or denied privacy before, but no one has yet dared interrupting their song. He promptly decided he definitely wanted to be outside for the time being.

- Evening! Sorry for the late call, but we never thought we would get all four of them flat at the same time. Crazy, crazy coincidence… uh… do you even speak English?

Covered in thick blanket, Wendy was able to hear only part of the conversation between Dipper and the driver. Just a few minutes later the voices subsided, and the lights on the service truck changed colour again, vanishing in the distance.

- You okay, there? - she heard Dipper, still unsure whether or not he was completely safe to sit on the driver seat.
- Yeah, no problem. I got carried away a bit.

Dipper returned her smile and leaned over the seat for a long and passionate kiss.

- It’s gonna take a moment to change the tires - he said grabbing his tools from the compartment.
- Don’t worry, I’ll wait. And I already have the playlist selected. - she responded, casually connecting her phone to the radio speakers.

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Dipper Pines was never particularly fond of wearing suits, especially in June, but being the best man at Soos’ and Melody’s wedding obliged him to at least look presentable. For this one day, Mystery Shack became control centre for everyone somehow involved in the ceremony, so both the downstairs and the upstairs were buzzing with noises.  

Meanwhile, in his room, Dipper was meticulously rehearsing his speech, walking back and forth in front of a mirror, just to be sure there is nothing wrong with his outfit. Pictures would be taken, and he knew that his mother would be very disappointed if her little gentleman looked messy. Right now, he looked like a tailor, with no more than ten different ties on his shoulder, since every once in a while he would undo one and try on another.

The door creaked, revealing a tall young woman entering the room, which immediately brought Dipper’s attention. Wendy never liked dresses, so it was only natural that the one she was wearing today had equal amount of red and green perpendicular stripes.

- You still here? - she asked, snuggling behind him and wrapping her arms around him, staring at their reflections in the mirror.
- Yeah, I need to memorise this. Should I tell about that time he almost ate the monster we were running away from?
- It could be fun - Wendy replied, ruffling through his hair.
She noticed the ties wrapped on his shoulder, and began mentally seeing if the he chose the best.
- May I try something? - she asked taking a striped one.
- Uh, sure. I thought you like the one-

Dipper could not finish his sentence, as the world around him went completely dark. Or, at least dark with occasional stripes of slightly-less-dark. Wendy turned him around and before Dipper could say anything, she pressed him to the wardrobe and muffled his words, screams or moans with her kiss. Her hands were securing his arms that Dipper undoubtedly would like to use to regain his ability to see. He finally felt them being freed, only to have them stretched and tied behind his back with same velvety material that was covering his eyes.

Doing so, Wendy had to break her long and passionate kiss, giving Dipper opportunity to ask what was she thinking. But he could only produce a jumbled mess of words when he felt his trousers being pulled down. Being unable to move, Dipper could only imagine what Wendy was gonna do with him; he was sure that the door were not closed, so anyone could enter and see them in this compromising position. However, his racing thoughts burst the same moment Dipper felt a cold breeze when his underpants were pulled down, and when Wendy’s hand engulfed his length, stroking him lightly. He expected another kiss on his mouth to silence his groans, but was utterly surprised to feel her breath on the same height as her palm.

- Wendy…
- Shh… - she whispered - You’re worrying too much.
- We’re gonna be late! Or seen!

Ignoring his words, Wendy debated what to do to her boyfriend, and how much mess would that produce. Wendy was pumped up and desperately wanted to try doing some kind of bondage ever since that subject was brought up at Melody’s bachelorette party. She never thought an occasion would appear so suddenly. She kept stroking him constantly, bringing her mouth closer to his length, but never using it, which made Dipper twitch even more. His begging moans kept getting more and more erratic, as Wendy was working with his shaft, bringing him closer to release.
And then, without a word of warning, she pulled his underpants back and got up to take his make-shift blindfolds down and untie him. If Dipper was astonished when Wendy started her caresses, then her stopping them left Dipper absolutely perplexed.

- But…
- You’re right, we would be late. - she replied nonchalantly, freeing his hands.
- But you haven’t…
- I know, but I didn’t want to distract you too much.  

Without a word of explanation, she placed one more playful kiss on his cheek and opened the door, leaving her boyfriend in a state of utter mess. She was about to leave, when she felt a strong grip on her forearm, and she was spun around, as Dipper pinned her to the door, returning the surprise. Wendy happily obliged, and threw her arms around his neck, just in time he decided to take her and carry to his bed.

- Don’t ruin the dress, okay? - she whispered, before her world turned dark. At the same time, she could feel the mixture of warm cloth and cold texture of wooden frame next to her wrists.

Underneath Dipper, Wendy was writhing in excitement, knowing very well that she was going to be subjected to the same torture she was giving him not a minute ago. She was also sure that Dipper would very much like to finish the work she started before, preferably they way it looked like she was going to. And when she felt his agonisingly slow movements, for the first time she thought they might actually be late.

Chapter Text

Finding a place to make love was once a challenge for Dipper and Wendy. Back when she was “just” his girlfriend and their hormones prevented them from keeping their pants on for too long, they had to constantly fight to find places where they could be given some privacy. Wendy’s home was almost always occupied by at least one extra person willing to chop Dipper’s head off if he was found having any physical contact with her, and so was the Shack, especially now that Soos and Melody were running it, not to mention times where both of his grunkles were staying there as well. Forest would have been an obvious choice, if not for the fact that the Gravity Falls woods were located in Gravity Falls.

But every once in a while they succeeded in finding some empty place to release their tension, and in most cases it was a large broomstick cupboard with a countertop mounted just on the right height and strong enough to withstand their shenanigans of varying morality. Wendy joked once that if they had fallen for each other a year sooner, Dipper might had to be standing on a footstool, to which he replied that he could then just use his tongue. That suave reply not only secured the cupboard as their favourite place to have sex, but also Dipper’s position as “a keeper” and granted him a couple of times when he found himself sitting on the countertop.

And even years later, whenever time was right, Dipper found it very empowering to occasionally lift his wife and place her on a table or their corridor dresser and look in her mesmerising and longing eyes before kissing her while slowly sliding her trousers off. 

Or in this case, just plain enter and ravage her, as various pieces of their clothing were already missing when they arrived at that spot. Dipper was fantasising about it all the way home, ever since she teased him in their last phone call, before he started his homecoming journey. The two barely spoke a word before they got lost in their caresses, as they slowly waltzed to the dresser.

They shared a sentence or two before Dipper’s urges took control and he slid his finger across her exposed opening, making Wendy’s legs jitter in excitement. A loud moan was the only sound she was able to produce when Dipper suddenly entered her and rested his head near her neck, peppering it with kisses.

Wendy could already feel the dresser underneath her was responding a bit too aggressively to their erratic movements, at least since the last time. It would seem the fact that Dipper had to use extra large screws to maintain its stability was nothing compared to the treatment he was now giving her. 

The two were steadily producing the same moans consisting of random jumbled parts of their names and various affectionate words describing how much they needed each other - as if their tangled sweaty bodies were not a proof already. 

Wendy didn’t mind that Dipper ended first, his last few powerful thrusts continuously filling her with a sweet revenge for two weeks of painful separation. Still staying connected, the combined skills of their fingers managed to bring the lumberjill to her peak not a minute later. 

- Shower? - she asked, grabbing the nearest piece of cloth and fixing it between her legs, finally parting with him.

- Yeah. Go first. - he wheezed, desperately catching breath on his shaky legs.

Once Wendy jumped to the floor, Dipper took a long look at his trouser-less wife’s behind, bringing his memories to the times when the picture of Wendy in her red swimsuit was as much as he could get of her. Once she was out of his sight, he nudged the dresser once or twice, checking how much they damaged it this time. He opened the top drawer, but instead of a screwdriver, he pulled a small pencil, leaned (or rather let his knees give up) and drew a thin line in the top corner of the commode’s side, next to a series of others like it.
Occasionally their friends and family would notice these markings in various different places around the house. If they had children, Dipper and Wendy could  tell them they were measuring how much they grew, even though the elevation, angles and number of these lines would bring more questions. Instead they were telling that they were the leftover measuring lines from when they built their house, and that there were simply too many of them to be bothered. And they were right - their house, despite being small had more than enough interesting places for them yet to explore.  

Chapter Text



The predator has to know how to hunt its prey; it has to learn its weaknesses, habits, and behaviours. What place and time would it be best to strike? The nest at night? The watering place after sunrise? A comfy chair after dessert?

Such, if one could verbalise them, were the thoughts of Wendy Corduroy, sneaking through their living room to the recliner currently occupied by her boyfriend. Lost in thought, his mind was probably wandering through another jungle or temple described on the pages of the book he was reading. Whether it was for scientific purposes, or just plain fun, he loved spending time reading about ancient civilisations, secret societies, and other topics that modern science would describe as “Humbug”, whilst Dipper was already on first-name terms with them.

Leaning from behind the house plant, Wendy chose her moment to strike.

In one swift motion, she hopped over the side of the chair, landing in Dipper’s laps, straddling her petrified boyfriend, who still managed to keep the book in his hand. 

- Whatcha’ reading, Dip? - she asked nonchalantly.
- Uh, about the Oyveynich’s Manuscript. - he replied, after failing to get comfortable with his girlfriend wiggling in his legs - It’s this really weird text, no one was able to translate it so far. It has its own alphabet, so we don’t even know what language it was written in!
- Is this what you and Ford’s been up to lately? - she asked, slowly pulling the book down, so she could actually see her absorbed boyfriend.
- Uh, perhaps. He thinks we might be able to find more of the texts like these, so we could find more of its origins…

The book once more stood between her and him, as Dipper started browsing the pages, looking for a double-page map. He spend a solid minute doing so, and once he found it, he proudly opened the book in the middle to show it to his girlfriend. 

But to his surprise, the flannel-shirt-wearing red-head was no longer there. Or, to be more precise, the flannel shirt was no longer there, but its wearer was, though with each passing second less could be said about her attire. 

- Do you think your story could wait a while? - Wendy asked, unzipping her jeans and leaning to do the same with Dipper’s shirt. 

The willpower of the surprised teenager finally faded away, and with a loud clunking noise, the open book fell to the ground, before it was pushed aside by Wendy to sneak a kiss on Dipper’s neck. She did it deliberately, as she knew what will happen once she settles down in his lap and starts exploring his crotch.

- W…Wendy! - he moaned, feeling her hands slipping underneath his shirt, and drifting both to his chest and his pants. 

Hearing her name, Wendy broke the kiss, and was pleasantly surprised to see it left a faint hickey around his shoulder. 

- Wanna go upstairs? - she asked him, feeling that her bra suddenly became loose enough so she could throw it to the ground. 

She saw the smirk forming on his face. It had to be the recliner this time.

Thus, another victory for the predator is claimed. She found its pray, surrounded, and conquered it, claiming it as her own by leaving her mark. Such is the way of the huntress. But the predator has to stay vigilant, as in the great circle of life, a hunter may very well become a prey when it is least observant.

And deep down, Wendy couldn’t wait for one of these days.  

Chapter Text

The summer solstice party at the Mystery Shack turned out to be a great success; half of the city gathered in the same room that once was turned into a dance floor to promote the house of oddities to celebrate the shortest night of the year. No one expected the feast to be anything short than amazing, as the party planner extraordinaire, Mabel Pines was in charge of it. 

Somewhere amongst the crowd a different scene took place - while some of the guests were busy dancing and drinking copious amount of beverages known officially as ‘lemonade’, Dipper Pines was, for a lack of better word, immobilised on the chair. Despite his protest, his laps were currently occupied by Wendy, who did her best to make the whole scene look absolutely innocent. And superficially, she succeeded. From a side, it looked like a typical teenagers’ behaviour old people would usually shout at. 

The problem is, Wendy wasn’t just sitting. 

Slow and calculated moves of her body drove Dipper crazy, and soon Wendy realised that if she asked him to stand up, the rest of the guests would see what really was on the troubled boy’s mind. Even through his suit and her jeans, Wendy felt his stiffness waking up to life, giving her them the very first prospect of how their night is going to unfold. She loved teasing him, as she knew very well that the more she built up the tension between them, the greater the prize they are going to get. 

Fortunately for both of them, the number of guests invited by Mabel increased so much, that the party had to move outside, which the horny couple took as opportunity to sneak out. The moment they left the room and hid in an empty corridor of the Shack, Wendy and Dipper began a celebration of their own; this time it was Dipper who pinned his girlfriend to the wooden wall, thinking he could exact his revenge on Wendy. With their lips joined in a sloppy kiss, the two traced their bodies, wondering where they can find a more secure - and more horizontal - place to enjoy each other.

When the morning came and Dipper woke up alongside Wendy in one of the many guest rooms Mystery Shack received throughout the years, he immediately understood that his plan of keeping their randez-vous secret might have been foiled. Even the briefest glance thrown on him would reveal a plethora of hickeys Wendy generously scattered all over his skin throughout the past night. 

However, Wendy’s preference of Dipper’s body meant that once he put on his shirt and pants, all of the love marks suddenly became invisible to rest of the world.

Chapter Text

Dipper grabbed the table’s edge, trying his best to stay in his seat, nervously staring at the kitchen door on the opposite side of the room. He was sure his knuckles were turning white, given how well Wendy has been putting her mouth to use between his legs for the past few minutes. Still waiting for waiter to take the plates after their dinner, Wendy ducked under the table out of the blue and crawled to his crotch, giving him far better birthday present than he could ever wish for. 

The restaurant they chose - let’s face it - begged for that scenario to happen. It was located underneath street level, the light was dimmed, they had a seat in the corner of the room, and just to top it off - there were barely any other customers there apart from them. Thus, Wendy decided to put in motion one of the fantasises they discussed a long time ago, even if Dipper thought that it would stay in that realm forever. 

Working under the pressure of time, Wendy did her best to make her boyfriend remember this day for a long time - and truth to be told, her job wasn’t that difficult. Her unexpected move, combined with her excellent skills drove Dipper to the edge in record time, rewarding her with his warm, copious release she thought she would have to wait until the evening for. With her mouth still sealed around his pulsing member, she wanted to keep going, trying to see how much more Dipper could offer her, but a sharp voice of her boyfriend made her emerge from under the table, just before their waiter would spot her in the compromising position. 

- Would you care for any dessert?
- No, thank you, I’m full. - Wendy said, staring at Dipper’s bewildered, motionless face, that even in the low light looked pale white. Only from his angle one could see what the red-head was discretely wiping off the corner of her mouth.  

- Slow hour, eh?
- See it for yourself, not a living soul. - Wendy replied, pointing to the empty space next to her. 

The Mystery Shack shop was indeed lonely, sans for two young adults. The end of summer was usually a good time for the flocks of tourist to pour into places like these, meaning that Wendy, together with Melody and Soos, had to work extra hard selling bits of overpriced merchandise. But every once in a while the flow stopped, giving her nothing else to do, other than reading her college notes or listening to music.  

- Well, it’s time to have some snack then. - Dipper spoke, and to Wendy’s surprise jumped over the counter, tucking his body underneath it.

Wendy managed to whisper a simple “What the…?”, before realisation hit her at the same time Dipper unceremoniously unzipped her jeans and slid his fingers between her legs. She instinctively pressed her body to the counter, trapping his figure under the wooden top, just in case someone would enter the shop. 

She always knew that her little escapade in restaurant in Piedmont will had to be paid off one day, but she did not expect it to happen in the middle of a busy day. At the very least, Dipper was just messing with her, massaging her folds with his fingers… or so she thought, before he pulled her jeans down in one move, exposing her soaked panties. 

- No, Dipper, don’t! - she managed to scream before she realised her voice could work against her, attracting people from outside. 

She tried to keep her legs together, but the slow work of Dipper’s fingers and tongue meant that she would run out of willpower to do so very quickly. And indeed, Dipper was soon rewarded with a full view of her crotch, making one more move, sliding down her panties, and giving her a proper treatment of his mouth.

Her protests soon turned into muffled moans, as Wendy willingly surrendered her body to the actions of her impatient boyfriend. She kept eyes on the doors, trying to think any excuses of her partial nudity had some customers would arrive. But even that would soon turn to be difficult, as Dipper managed to hit spot after spot, caressing her soaking wet opening. Defeated by her oncoming climax, Wendy leant on the counter and grabbed the outer edge, imagining the grin of revenge on Dipper’s face, and preparing for the inevitable.   

And only when she let out her sensual moan, she realised the Shack’s door sign read “Open” from the inside.

Chapter Text



A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)

Surprisingly, it is Wendy who usually falls asleep faster after they are done fooling with each other. Maybe it’s because she usually is more physically active, or maybe she is just used to having Dipper as a fluffy pillow from their TV marathons days. No matter what, though, they both like cuddling afterwards, which often opens opportunities for a whole new rounds of love-making.  

B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)

Even though she wasn’t exposing them most of the time, Wendy took pride of her long legs. She knew that Dipper adored them as well, but she very rarely wore dresses or skirts. After all, if she wanted to please her boyfriend, all she needed to push one button and get rid of her jeans in one go - isn’t that easier? 

Dipper, on the other hand, took a pride of his chest. Even though as a teenager or adult he was still skinny, he has managed to grow a few “manly” chest hairs… though they were still barely visible. Wendy loved it for a different reason - tickles. 

C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person) 

Wendy was very well aware of guys’ fixation with their fluids and kind of fantasies they had - after all, she had internet. So even though Dipper tried to gallantly hide them, Wendy would from time to time allow these slightly more icky fantasies of his to be fulfilled, letting him finish on her chest, face or in her mouth. She knew it made her dorky boyfriend feel a bit more dominant, and after all, seeing his delighted face when she gladly accepted his sticky reward for her was a pleasure on its own.

As for Dipper tasting her, well… with his mouth between her folds and his tongue slurping her juices, Wendy never heard him complain about anything anyway. 

Though Wendy loves seeing Dipper’s face when she allows him to cum in her mouth, she prefers when he does it on her ass or back when they do it doggy-style. Perhaps she just likes the sudden, unexpected splashes of Dipper’s essence, or she just knows that the sight of his seed on her bum alone will instantly fuel Dipper to round 2.

D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)

A few days prior to beginning of yet another summer break, Tambry caught Wendy experimenting with various elongated and curved fruits to see if she will be able to pleasure Dipper without gagging. Dipper never realised why Tambry would sometimes end her texts to Wendy with a banana emoji. 

Back when Wendy worked in the Shack, Dipper discovered a small hole in the bathroom wall, leading to one of Ford’s old rooms, and he might have used it once to peep at her. Yes, just once, turned out the room was trapped with man-eating drapes and he had to run. But those 30 seconds of blurry, steamy image of Wendy’s naked body has stuck in his mind for a long time. 

Wendy knew very well about Dipper’s fixation of red-heads, so for several Summerween and Halloween costumes she picked characters from movies or games that matched her colour, partially for his pleasure. And when they became a couple, those same costumes were a foundation of a few very kinky role-playing nights.  


One day Mabel caught Dipper on his own, making weird faces and noises with mouth and his hands next to his face. He panicked, but only next morning, when Mabel saw how serene and satisfied Wendy looked liked, she understood what he was doing.

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)

Wendy, being older, had a bit more experience in dating, and before she has fallen for Dipper, even kissing. As a result, she was only minimally better suited for any romantic escapades when they finally hooked up. But on the field of making love, they were both kinda clueless, or at least as clueless as teenagers with internet access could be. 

Deep down, Wendy was absolutely frightened that she would do something that could cause discomfort to Dipper and ruin their moment. Fortunately, she didn’t have to do that much on their first night, apart from guiding Dipper inside her - which turned out to be surprisingly difficult, despite the fact that he ate her out a minute before.    

F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual)

For a very long time, the two inexperienced lovers made love cuddled underneath a blanket, in pretty much the same way they would sometimes fall asleep after watching movies. 

But once Wendy decided it would be fun to ride her boyfriend, straddling him, the cowboy position soon became their starting move of any night.  

Being quite athletic, Wendy has found a plethora of difficult positions in which she feels quite exhilarated. Very often, because of necessity, they had to choose various standing positions, especially when they had to sneak somewhere for a quickie. As a result  Wendy became quite fond of getting taken from back when she leans against a tree. She was also surprised to all heavens when one day Dipper pinned her to the wall, slowly manoeuvring her legs onto his shoulders. Just the astonishment from the fact that her stick-figure of a boyfriend could do that was enough to drive her to an orgasm. 

G = 

H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.) 

Dipper experimented with a short beard, just to make himself a bit more manly, since he was still suffering from his almost barren chest, but his first dive between Wendy’s tights put an end to it, leaving him only with an occasional short goatee. 

He also loves Wendy’s long, flowing hair, especially when he is able to observe it from above when she lies spread on the bedsheets, and the red strands look like a radiating, wavy halo around her already mesmerising face.

And it would be a remiss if I didn’t say I definitely borrowed this imagery from @hatbotxxx’s picture of Wendy, which also show one, tiny, meticulous and time-consuming detail about her hair that drives Dipper absolutely crazy whenever he goes down on her. 

Wendy makes sure to groom her hair, mostly because she learned very quickly how good Dipper is at oral, and she didn’t want her smol boyfriend to get lost in her bush.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

Finding place to make love was always the most difficult aspect of their relationship. Both Wendy’s house, as well as the Shack were buzzing with people, so over the years the horny couple made love in all sort of places, from (supposedly) empty glades in the middle of the woods, to the (supposedly) not-haunted storage rooms. 

And when they finally got on their own, they realised that they only need themselves to create atmosphere. 


The two prefer doing with the lights on, but every once in a while, they enjoy lack of it. And sometimes they have no other choice; three caves in this world have already been filled with their moans. 

J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon)

Dipper remembered the first time he had to go to have “private time” in some secluded place to calm his body. He initially could not understand why he reacted so strongly to the red swimsuit Wendy wore to the swimming pool, but he could swear that there was some invisible voice telling him that this combination of colour and lack of clothes on the older girl would be beneficent for him, and redirected blood from his brain to another part of his body Dipper had no control over. 

Many years later, when Wendy became much, more than just his girlfriend, Dipper thought that the slightly embarrassing habit driven by the biological imperative would be a thing of the past - but then, the holidays ended and the two young lovers were separated, both unsatisfied and filled with buzzing hormones. 

It was during the first night after the Pines returned home when Dipper discovered that Wendy was left as ravenous as he was, and apparently did equally naughty things, equally often. The telephone line - later substituted with a webcam - became a surrogate in the most desperate times, allowing Wendy and Dipper to fuel each other’s masturbation fantasies.

They both agreed not to do it too often, and wait until enough steam builds up in their needy bodies, so they can do it at the same time. After all, they both knew that the longer they wait, the better their prize will be.

Whenever circumstances cannot allows Dipper inside Wendy, they have to rely on other method of caresses, and they often pleasure each other with their hands. And just like with their snuggling and kissing, the taller one is usually more dominant than the other… though once they rest they simply switch places, again, just like if they were watching a movie. 

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks) 

The woods around Gravity Falls turned out to be exceptionally good places to have sex as well, as they could always use an argument of camping for why they need so many blankets. 

As a result, Dipper and Wendy were able to find solace in all sort of places, and even when years later they finally had their own place to call home, they would still sneak out to get a bit of adrenaline rush. 

L = Location (Favourite places to do the do)

Finding a place to have some privacy has always been a tricky one for Wendy and Dipper. it is one thing to duck behind a pillar or tree to sneak a kiss when no one is looking, but getting a safe and sound-proof place for anywhere between ten minutes and an hour is more difficult.

For a long time, their cozy bedrooms, as long as no one else was in their homes, were they only place safe enough for steamier makeout sessions and something naughtier.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going) 

Quite honesty - just being with each other was a great fuel. The same care they had for each other during their adventures was extended to their private, adult life. 

Oh, and for Dipper it’s also the red swimsuits. 

N = 

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)

Let’s be honest, the image of Wendy going down on Dipper and caressing him orally was his biggest fantasy ever since his thoughts shifted from “romantic” to a bit more spicy. Little did he know the reverse was on Wendy’s mind as well, so when Dipper’s tongue found its way between her legs one day, she knew she will have to repay him. 

Their fondness of oral is very much based on give-and-take equal proportions, constantly one-upping each other, like in a video game they love replaying, each time on higher level. 

Dipper didn’t mind that Wendy hesitated returning the favour. She gave him a few splendid handjobs, but it took her a while to engage her mouth and tongue into pleasuring his manhood as well. And, quite predictably, when Dipper was confronted with the reality of Wendy loving him orally, all of his deepest fantasies floated to the surfaces of his consciousness at once, resulting in one very surprised lumberjill trying to tame a small firehose. But Wendy considered it as a challenge, and, as time went by, she’s managed to train her boyfriend to control his most primal urges, and soon, she was not only happily indulging in inviting him into her mouth, she even used their magnifying flashlight to try taking Dipper deeper and deeper.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)

Initially, Dipper is very cautious - it is one thing to finally achieving his life-long dream of Wendy agreeing to being his girlfriend, but making love to her is whole new world of difficulties. Thus, he tries being slow and calculated, which Wendy really likes and admires. 

But each year they have to spend a few months without seeing each other, which means that during very first night of each summer or winter break they vent all of the pent-up energy they gathered throughout the year. And no matter how fast they finish, they never complain about it.  

That depends on their mood. Wendy likes getting a bit rougher treatment, but at the same time loves when Dipper slows down. Dipper prefers to start things slow, but Wendy is often ready to speed him up with some very well chosen words of encouragement. 



R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.) 

There were a couple of times Wendy dragged Dipper in places they both knew they shouldn’t be fooling around, only to find how exciting it is to make love or caress each other, knowing how big consequences it could bring. 

Every once in a while they try something new, though they never go as far as to cause pain or discomfort - that risk is out of the way. 


Wendy is definitely more willing to experiment. She was the one to suggest trying several of their magical artefacts to enhance their experience in bed, with various results. That provides a bit of conundrum for Dipper; on one hand, he doesn’t want to do anything wrong; on the other, he can’t risk disappointing her, so more than enough his eagerness and overconfidence spoil their new style of sexual play, but never to the point where it couldn’t be fixed by classical, sensual love-making, peppered with lots of hugging afterwards.

And of course, there have been a few moments in their teenage life when Dipper couldn’t pull out in time, sometimes because of his love for Wendy, or hers passion for him. Each one was followed by a nervous weeks of waiting and long, silent moments, and after a second time this happened, Wendy decided to take matters into her hands, to eliminate the danger… until that is she would be ready to let Dipper pour all of his risk into her and give him a child. 

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)

I imagine both Wendy and Dipper as fit, Wendy even more so. As a result, the lumberjill often surprises the mystery dork in how long her craving can last. But even if one of them runs out of air - which can happen a lot - they still manage to complement their rougher love-making with more sensual finish.


T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?) 

When Wendy complained to Tambry about Dipper going away for school one summer, she decided it would be a fun joke to visit a sex-shop to buy her a vibrator. Even though Wendy preferred using her fingers when she felt alone, she used it to to give Dipper one hell of Skype session one day.

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)

A lot. The same childish behaviour they had when Dipper was still a head-and-a-half shorter than Wendy grew into playful caresses, only to turn into fully-fledged teasing competition once two two became more intimately acquainted. Licking, nibbling, giving each other looks, and a whole language of codewords for their bedroom activities meant that Dipper and Wendy never stayed bored.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)

Wendy was quite surprised to find out how loud Dipper can be. They were lucky that they spent their first night in an empty Shack, as the moan that accompanied his release could wake the whole neighbourhood up. 

But throughout the years, Dipper managed to control the noises he made when he had sex with the love of his life. At the same time, it was Wendy who found it difficult to contain herself as her lover learned more and more about her body. And it was her soul-piercing scream of ecstasy that finally gave away their little secret they intended to keep. But deep down they both knew it was going to end that way.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)

Even though she doesn’t show it, Wendy often gets jealous about Dipper. Perhaps it is an extension of the brotherly and sisterly protective nature of her she felt towards both him and Mabel, but Wendy would react quickly when another, unknown woman was around her boyfriend. It was especially difficult during their travels, when they had to meet many different kind of people, and some of them turned out to be attracted to the young treasure-and-monster hunter, engaging him in discussion that Wendy was able to predict what direction they could go.

That’s why Wendy would always make sure that Dipper will not be seduced by anyone else, emptying him of all of his… arguments a night before each travel, just in case another adventurous lumberjill would appear on the horizon. It never happened, and Wendy knew her boyfriend would remain faithful to her, but it didn’t stop her from performing her ritual every time. 

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)

Wendy did not have to have an X-ray vision to know what was going in Dipper’s pants when he was around her. Even though he tried to hide it, she knew very well that she won’t be getting out of the mind of her younger friend that easily. She knew it was normal for a boy that was growing up, and somewhere deep in her heart she even felt a bit flattered that she might be dominating his fantasies. 

But when she felt the uneasiness between her legs in presence of him, Wendy knew something was wrong. She was sure he wasn’t that tall when they met last summer, and he certainly did not have such a prominent jawline with… was that beard? A very, very thin one, but clearly trimmed to be that way. 

Once she got home after meeting the twins, Wendy had to suppress her naughty thoughts, but to no avail. She buried herself under the mountain of pillows and blankets, and let her hand slipping into her jeans do the rest, bringing more previously impossible images of her friend to dominate her mind.

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

Wendy is certainly the more active one, often forcing Dipper to switch positions, though she usually alternates just between her two favourites. Dipper, though by no means sluggish, prefers to stay in the same one, which makes him focus so he can prolong his moves. 

The truth is, they both fuel each other; they rarely finish together, which means one can rest a bit while the other one does their job a bit longer, and gets hungry enough for another round. 

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)

High rise, high fall - Wendy falls asleep faster, which was a surprise for Dipper. Poor thing, he thought Wendy might not enjoy his love-making, but after one such night, he learned that Wendy isn’t just sleeping - she’s just power-napping for a surprise reprise around two or three a.m.. 


Who kissed who first? Who made the first move?

I’d love to think that Dip would grow the courage to give her a smooch, when they finally ended up together, but I think Wendy would be the one to do the first move. Dipper would probably be still a bit intimidated from the time she gave him a cold shoulder, and would faint when she’d kiss him.  

What’s the relationship like?

Long-distance relationship are never easy, and Dipper lives in a constant fear that Wendy might simply find someone more attractive in Gravity Falls. And so, for vast majority of time they talk via phone or the Internet, but during Summer and a few major holidays, they spend as much time as possible. And of course that doesn’t even include going on adventures with rest of their friends.  

Who’s the most possessive?

Wendy is so protective of her slightly younger boyfriend, especially when a few folks start picking on them, when the height difference is still visible. But Dipper can be equally as fierce and will defend Wendy with his life. 

What is their favourite way to kiss?

Initially Dipper is still afraid to be a bit braver and imaginative with kisses, so Wendy sneaks up on him and smooches him on the neck and slowly travels to his lips. Depending on whether the two are alone, or in public, the kiss gets more or less hungry.

Who tops during sex?

Wendy always win their battles in bed, though not in the way Dipper thinks: whenever she wants to, she will pin Dip to the bed and fuck the living squee out of him. And occasionally, she graciously allows him to win, squirming and writhing, which makes wonders to his ego when he dominates her. 

Thoughts on sex toys?

If by sex toys you mean gadgets or magical items the two have amasses over the years, then yes, as long as the thing they play with do not have any curse on them. 

Most sensitive areas?

Dipper: neck and waist area (he’s giggly)

Wendy: thighs

Do they shower/bathe together? If so, how far does anything go?

When she lived with her family, Wendy was used to getting quick, rushed showers, but once Dipper invaded her private life, shower became just a new place to have fun with.

How do they like their sex?

Wendy likes aggressive, though not necessarily short sex; Dipper makes sure to complement it with kisses to prolong the experience. 

How rough can the sex get before it’s taken too far?

Bondage is probably where the two would draw the line; it gives just enough adrenaline without causing any major discomfort. 

Favourite sex positions?

Doggystyle for Wendy, she feels she can get a good screw from Dipper in this position. And Dipper prefers any in which he can look into her gorgeous, green eyes. 

If they would have a threesome, who would their third choice be?

Wendy would probably not allow any woman to touch her adventurer, and with his fame as one grew, some of the gals that only vaguely recognised him, suddenly became attracted to him.

Wendy loves having sex outside; nature brings out even more of her wildness, and she can then ride Dipper cowgirl style for hours, or try every tree nearby as a support when Dipper takes her from behind. Of course, the fact that they could be caught any minute spices their time, though Wendy knows the forest well enough to know where they will be truly alone.  

Wendy is usually the one who wears pants in their relationship, but she secretly loves when Dipper’s in charge and dominates her. Perhaps just to get a revenge on him the next night. 


 fereality-indy asked about their stamina and yearning:

It was no surprise to neither Wendy nor Dipper that their initial intimate moments were a bit hastened and short, but as the two learned about their bodies, they’ve managed to make their love-making better and longer. 

Still, even their sex drive, fuelled by the years of pent-up passion built up during their shared adventures would hit a physical limitation, forcing the lovers to surrender… or at least that was the case until the two travelled into the future. 

After their first Time Agency mission, Wendy and Dipper found out that there exists (will exist) a drink that revitalises one’s energy in an instant. Without much thinking, they gladly spent half of their first payment on a whole crate of those, and rented an otel room (letter “h” became somewhat controversial in the future) to test it.  

The results were nothing short of spectacular: they’ve emptied can after can, while Dipper emptied himself into (or onto) Wendy, living through seemingly never-ending series of climaxes, wondering if they can smuggle some into their timeline. It turned out they couldn’t, at least not legally, and decided to leave it and savour it as a special treat, a promise they kept breaking to no end. 




How loud are they? Which one is the louder of the two?

It’s a classic quantity vs quality dilemma: Dipper often lets out short moans, but it’s Wendy who can make his skin crawl with goosebumps with her voice. 

Which one is more likely to initiate?

Wendy likes to surprise Dipper when he’s working, especially if she thinks he’s already done his dose of brainboxing for day. At night, however, Dipper is definitely the one who likes to cuddle or peck her with kisses to start love-making.

Oral sex? Who is more likely to give/who is more likely to receive?

Dipper is the one giving more. He loves diving between Wendy’s legs and licking her sex adored with a bit of her red hair. Wendy took some time to start repaying Dipper for his caresses, and once she tried, she discovered she was anxious for nothing, and had virtually no gag reflex, tested with their magnifying torchlight. Ever since that it’s 50/50.

Do they prefer to take their time or do they like quickies?

Depends on when it happened. When they were not living together, they often had to find places for quickies, and became very prolific at it, especially if they ventured into the forest to do so. Once they had their own house, they could dedicate more time to each-other. 

Are they open to taking risks or experimenting?

Dipper is more restrained, mostly because he is eternally afraid he’ll mess something up, and he - quite rationally - likes to stay with what he knows best. This is why Wendy usually drags him into trying something new, encouraging him every step of the way. 

Favourite position?

During said quickies, it was usually doggystyle or seesaw; if they have enough time, Wendy likes to ride him, though she also secretly loves if he’s on top, as long as they can maintain eye contact. 

How experienced are they? Is one of them more experienced than the other?

Not really. I think they were each other’s firsts and they discovered their bodies at the same time.

Which one likes to tease the other?

Wendy, no contest here. She knows her nerd, and his long crush on hers made him susceptible to her every move. 

Do they like to take it nice and slow or do they prefer to go fast and rough?

This changes from time to time. Dipper usually is the one who likes to take things slowly, Wendy often encourages him to be a bit rougher. But sometimes it’s the other way around - Dipper wants to prove for the n-th time his manliness, while Wendy would definitely accept some slow caresses as a definite proof.

Favourite place to have sex?

The shed at the Mystery Shack had a very convenient shelf located just at the right height for their shenanigans, so they often see this place as their favourite, even long after they got their own nest.

Do either of them have any kinks? 

Dipper definitely enjoys seeing Wendy in some erotic lingerie, which proved to be problematic for her; Wendy liked her clothes straightforward and not over-complicated, shall we say, so she required help from Tambry to find on-line a shop selling plaid underwear…   

Is there anything that the other does that they find particularly sexy or irresistible?

Wendy would never tell him that, but the short goatee Dipper grew somewhere between he was 17 an 18 made him extra handsome. It didn’t interrupt his oral excesses, and gave him just a bit of “manly” hair he’s been looking for during his teenage years. 

As for Dipper, he loves when Wendy kisses his neck, mostly because for the longest time she was still taller than him, and those kisses were usually a code for Wendy being in playful mood.

What’s the general tone? Playful, romantic, rushed?

Dipper tries each time to be romantic, sometimes to the extreme; Wendy appreciates all the effort, though in most cases she hastens the preparations.

What happens afterward?

Lots of cuddling. Dipper is Wendy’s favourite cuddly toy, ever since their movie nights. 




A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex) 

Cuddle up in a big pile. They had to try a bit to invent three-way kissing, and with three mouths, it often becomes a prelude to another round. Dipper is usually the one, who suggests drinks or snacks if they aren’t so exhausted that they fall asleep.


C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person) 

Oddly enough, Dipper can distinguish between the tastes of his two lovers, even when blindfolded - and yes, they have tried that. 

And of course, Tambry and Wendy know very well it is one of the most cliché fantasies to end a threesome with a double blowjob and a cum-swapping kiss… and yet they love treating their lover with it, though they definitely dose the pleasure so it doesn’t lose its charm.


F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual) 

While the three has definitely tried many positions, the one they do the most is with one of them in between the other two, becoming the center of attention for the night (or, usually, for the round). 

H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.) 

Carpet definitely DOES match the drapes in case of Tambry, which was a surprise for Dipper when he went down on her for the first time (Wendy knew about this from their PE classes).  


I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

One might have thought that with threesomes they can only go for raw, unashamed rutting… and in most cases that’s true. But the three always try to make long buildup with kisses, and on very special nights setting up candles or whatnot. Tambry turns out is especially good with preparing such items.

J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon) 

If for whatever reason they cannot go full on each other, they do mutual masturbation, since, well, now they have more combinations, especially if two of them decide to go on the third one.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)

Tambry likes being between Wendy and Dipper. Wendy always tries to get on top and dominate the other two, no mater if she’s riding him, his face, her, or her face. And Dipper, quite obviously, loves when girls finish him off at the same time.

L = Location (Favourite places to do the do) 

They say that three is a crowd, and sadly, that shows. Wendy and Dipper had to buy a bigger bed, and that became the standard place for the three. But that didn’t strop Tambry suggesting doing it in the forest, in the same glade she once caught Wendy and Dipper fooling around.

N = NO

Though they have certainly started their three-way relationship with a very successful bang, they have realised not all of their kinks are compatible. Wendy, unlike Tambry, has no problem with bondage, so in most cases the latter is doing the knots. Conversely, Tambry has no problem inviting Dipper into her other hole, something he very rarely done with Wendy. But those differences only create variety, and makes their night less boring. 

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc) 

Each of the tree try their best to be fair with giving and taking, but usually Tambry, being the newest addition, does it the most, while also getting the most. And with Tambry and Wendy lying on top of each other, Dipper can caress both of their pussies, repaying them for the double blowjobs

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)

While Wendy and Dipper often liked to sneak out and explore different inappropriate places to quickly let the steam out, with Tambry it becomes somewhat problematic. So, in many cases quickies are just prolonged teasing moments that culminate when the three return home. 

That doesn’t mean they didn’t try doing it in the broomshed, old habits die hard, you know.

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.) 

Oh, most definitely. Wendy and Dipper already did their fair share of experiments, and now with Tambry they can push it to the limit. They love exploring each other’s kinks, and now with three people, there is very little boredom in bed.

And of course there is that one risk which they often forget about, that ultimates with Dipper double dipping to become double daddy. 

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…) 

Well, the whole thing started by the three inhaling some supernatural aphrodisiacs, which lead them to confess their love for each other, so they may as well keep using it. Dipper does need it to satisfy both girls, though he does his job admirably on its own. But with the power-up, he can be sure the girls will have problems walking next day (and as a result he won’t be as well).  

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease) 

With three people, the competition is much fiercer, and as a result, it is not uncommon for two of the horny young adults to go after the third. Wendy and Dipper love teasing the newest addition to their company, Tambry definitely enjoys watching the much more athletic Wendy lie in defeat after she and Dipper brought her to a climax, and of course, the duo of two most beautiful women can tease their younger lover at infinitum, and he gladly accepts his fate.  

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)

While their relationship started with lust, it bloomed into love after Tambry joined them on their missions. Ever since that, the three knew it was something more than just raging hormones, but genuine affection for each other… though it made sex even better.

Soos x Melody






Chapter Text

The spacious, slanted lecture hall of West Coast Tech were filled with two kinds of audible sounds: one of them was the monotone voice of the elderly professor; the other, getting much more interest from students, was the wheezing of air conditioning. The topic of the lecture was not boring - far from it - but the teacher, who read the entirety of it from his textbook made the ninety minutes a true mental torture for the students that visited the hall on the warm, April day. The prospect of failing the classes because of absence was the only reason keeping most of the students in the muggy hall.

From the top row, Dipper had pretty good view of his classmates and their activities - everything from books, through crosswords, to the mobile games were infinitely more entertaining that copying a textbook that has already been printed once. His notes were not better from others, as he just flickered between pages, checking if the lecturer said anything new, though that hasn’t happened yet since the start of the term. 

It was then that he saw the screen of his phone lightning up, showing that he received a new message. His first thought was that Wendy send him a short message about their evening plans.

He was half-right.




 The text was from Wendy, but at first Dipper thought the text was a mistake, as the tone of it was nothing like a message from his girlfriend.

Wendy: You are in a dimly lit flat. You know that what you are looking for must be in one of its rooms. There is enough light for you to see just a few feet forward.

Still staring at the puzzling message, he replied with the very first, and quite apt response he could think of.

Dipper: What?

Wendy: I don’t know command “What?”.

The reply appeared almost instantly, giving Dipper little to no time to see if anyone was watching him being distracted from the lecture, no matter how unlikely it was. After re-reading Wendy’s messages, Dipper smirked. Only now it hit him, what she was trying to achieve - she picked her weapon well, but she chose a wrong opponent.
The sounds of the lecturer’s voice faded away completely, as Dipper started typing a more adequate response.

Dipper: Look around

Wendy: You stand in the corridor. There are three more doors: in front of you, to your left, and to your right. Behind you is one more, but it looks locked.  

Wendy’s response arrived as fast as the previous one, but this time, there was no mistake: she couldn’t have typed all of that in the time between his message arrived on her phone. Which meant she wasn’t using it, and she must have prepared more than a few scenarios for her clever game to copy and paste from a text file. Dipper smiled, wondering how many of them she has thought about. Certainly not as many as he has seen…

Quite frankly, Dipper was impressed. Wendy was never as avid fan of fantasy games as he was, so the fact that she did enough research to re-create an old-school text-based computer RPG was a feat he did not expect to see. Dipper remembered that he showed her one such game some time ago, and she was furious that a supposedly intelligent program from the eighties could not recognise “kick in face” as an action to kill a monster.

Dipper: go left

Wendy: You arrive in a BATHROOM. It looks like someone has just taken a long shower, as the smell of scented shampoo fills your nose.

Dipper: go right

Wendy: You arrive in a KITCHEN. It looks like someone was making a SANDWICH, as all the ingredients are still on the counter.

Dipper: go forward

Wendy: You arrive in a BEDROOM. It has a COMPUTER desk in a corner, a BED to the side and a large BOOKCASE next to the window. On a bed lies a scantily clad, red-headed woman, looking at you with passion in her eyes. It seems the REDHEAD was awaiting your arrival.

Dipper flinched. If the atmosphere in the closed hall was dense before, now it turned positively steamy. Almost involuntarily, he looked around to see if anyone else could have seen this message, as if it was something deeply embarrassing that could be easily seen. Taking caution was necessary, as Wendy had a habit of sending him content reserved just for his eyes, ever since he left Gravity Falls as more than her boyfriend. And given her imagination, her text game could very well develop graphics soon.

But no one else was watching - the last row was almost empty, sans for a two other students, equally interested in their phones rather than the lecture. A bit more carefully, Dipper returned to the conversation he was having.  

Dipper: Get on the BED

Wendy: You can’t get on BED in CLOTHES

That’s not what you said last time”, he thought, already typing a new answer.

Dipper: take off CLOTHES

Wendy: Be more precise.

Dipper: take off shirt

Wendy: You take off your SHIRT. The REDHEAD on the bed shifts her position invitingly, adoring your relatively hairless and unmuscular chest. Somehow, she seems to find it attractive.

As the text arrived within seconds, Dipper knew that this route has been prepared, or rather mined, perfectly for him. With a bit more consideration, he continued the imaginary striptease.

Dipper: Take off shoes

Wendy: You have taken off your SHOES

Dipper: Take off socks

Wendy: You have taken off SOCKS. The REDHEAD seems pleased you remembered about them, as you would have looked silly.

Dipper: Take off jeans

Wendy: You have taken off your JEANS, leaving you only in your BOXERS. The REDHEAD seems even more interested in your physique, despite the evidence presented.

Dipper: go to KITCHEN

Dipper smiled. This time, he had to wait for the response quite a while.

Wendy: Despite taking interest in the REDHEAD, you decide to go to the KITCHEN.

Dipper: Make a SANDWICH.

Another pause.

Wendy: Knowing that you will both need a lot of energy, you decide to make SANDWICH and share it with a REDHEAD.

Imagining Wendy saying that, Dipper took a deep breath, as if she was sitting next to him, whispering the words to his ear. “She wouldn’t give up easily, that’s for sure”, he thought. But, then again, he knew her for quite some time…

Dipper: go to bedroom

Wendy: You arrive in a BEDROOM with SANDWICH.

And now, the punchline”.

Dipper: Use COMPUTER

Wendy took a long while to answer; so much so, Dipper actually focused on the never-ending stream of permutation cycles on the blackboard, before checking if she has replied. Even though the text looked the same, he could feel her anger seeping through the screen.

Wendy: The REDHEAD takes the SANDWICH, but instead of eating it, she throws it away, grabs you before you can turn on the COMPUTER and pulls you towards herself. Despite being irritated by your behaviour, she closes her arms around you, making you unable to escape. She also takes off your BOXERS.

Dipper: kiss REDHEAD

He knew he made a mistake - he was too predictable.

Wendy: Where do you want to kiss REDHEAD?

Dipper: Kiss REDHEAD on the lips.

Wendy: You kiss REDHEAD on the LIPS. You can tell she was waiting way too long for that, as you two mash your lips for minutes, savouring every moment.

Dipper: Go.

Wendy: I need a direction.

Dipper grinned, imagining Wendy’s face reading his text. Upon hearing people’s commotion outside the hall’s doors, he knew his time to finish their game has almost ended, as his next classes won’t give him so much freedom.

And then, with his spare time ending, Dipper knew what to type to finish the beast waiting for him in his bedroom.

A few miles away, in his flat, Wendy was breathing heavily, recovering from the orgasm that shook her body a few minutes ago. With her left hand trapped between her thighs, she rolled to her side and replied to Dipper’s command with the final message she prepared before. Pressing Control-C and Control-V with her shaky hands on her laptop was the most she could do, while her mind was still somewhat hazed after the wave of heat that engulfed her, as she waited for her boyfriend to end his classes.

She looked once more at Dipper’s last entry. So simple, so effective.

Wendy knew that some couples had their kinks and quirks; she often saw girls being wooed with flowers, songs or poetry, but only Dipper Pines could bring her the brink of pleasure and bliss with just a few, crude words.

Dipper: Go DOWN on REDHEAD

Chapter Text

- No, definitely not a bird. I still remember when you had to rescue Pacifica’s parrots that rioted against her. - Wendy snapped at Dipper’s passing thought
- They were not parrots, though. Half-parrot, half-wyverns, remember? - Dipper corrected Wendy with a hushed voice. - I never told her, though. She might wanted to sell them.

The couple walked from the aisle, trying to find a pet for their new house. Neither of them were that keen on getting any - especially since they lived by the forest - but Mabel’s persuasion powers changed their mind overnight.

Wendy suspected that the whole trip was Mabel’s idea to test the young couple as potential future parents - a topic that Mabel liked to drag Wendy and Dipper into  during family get-togethers, despite their reluctance - but she was too polite to ask her sister-in-law if it was true.

- That’s not a pet, that’s a Pokémon. - Dipper said, looking at the exotic face of an axolotl, swimming in a huge tank. - I don’t think we have place for that kind of tank. Fish, perhaps?
- Nah, they’re too boring. - Wendy scoffed, looking at two turtles in a terrarium, poking one of them to figure out if they were alive at all, before the owner of the shop told her not do so.

They strolled one more aisle, landing by the series of spacious cages with various breeds of cats one one side, and dogs on other. It was impossible to miss, as it was certainly the loudest, with the unlikely neighbours constantly barking and hissing at each other.  

- So, something classic, perhaps? - Dipper asked, taking one of the puppies out of the glass display cage. He looked at the small, brown and white mongrel, wriggling in his hands, and passed it to Wendy, catching a sight of beaming, almost ecstatic smile on her face, that vanished quickly when she realised that someone might see it.
- Yeah, a dog would be nice to protect the house. - she asked, staring into black yes of the pup - Not sure if that one is big enough though. He might need someone to protect himself as well. We might check older ones.

Despite her concerns, she kept tickling the puppy’s belly, and Dipper thought that it will be very difficult to let her go of the ball of fluff in her palms.

- Right, though remember, it’s not just us who makes the decision… - Dipper whispered, nervously glancing around.

As on command, they both turned heads around. By the entrance to the shop, Mabel was still glued to the glass making faces to the gerbils on the other side, that apparently had zero interest in reacting to her.

But that’s not why Dipper and Wendy were concerned.  

A small pig on a leash was sitting on the floor by Mabel’s feet, motionlessly observing the rodents inside. And even though the collar, bearing the name “Waddles the Third” was sitting tightly around his neck, Dipper and Wendy could not shake off the feeling that Mabel was not the one holding on a lead.
Suddenly, his neck moved, and he slowly looked sideways, his small eyes locking onto the puppy in Wendy’s arms.

Waddles slowly shook his head, before going back to examining the gerbils.

Chapter Text

Chapter Text

The southern city of San Minos proved to be much more lively that Wendy and Dipper imagined, when they planned their trip there. It was the last place where a certain human-like cryptid was seen, and they thought that the small, sleepy village in middle of Texas would give them enough space to mess around, while looking for clues.

They did not count in the local cowboy festival.

In just few hours, the market square was bursting with people, coming to participate in all sorts of attractions, making Dipper and Wendy's lives progressively more difficult. On the other hand, it provided them with an opportunity of information - local cow herders knew more about the local wildlife than they did. 

The main attraction was the rodeo, organised on half-dilapidated sport stadium, and this was where they decided to start their investigation. It seems they were late to the main event, as a bull was dragged into the pen by no less than four men. The announcer's voice echoed from the speakers, and only now Dipper and Wendy saw that a scrawny man was hiding behind a wall of the pit the whole time.

- And now, ladies and gentlemen, it's time for our competition! - he shouted, producing a think rope from behind his back - It's one thing to ride a beast, but another to secure it! And we have this mighty, shiny, golden award for the person with best knot tying skill out there!

Dipper was not even remotely surprised that ten minutes later, his fiancée returned from the arena with a cheap, gilded trophy, leaving her four, bearded and brawny competitors completely perplexed by her skills. 

- Always wanted to try it. - she said nonchalantly, getting comfortable in her seat, still being scrutinised by at least half of the audience.
- What you mean? You wanted to be a cowgirl? I don't think they will allow audience there.
- No, I meant...

She opened her mouth, but almost immediately stopped, leaving Dipper more confused, until she leaned and whispered the rest into his ear.

- ... you know, us, in bed. 

Dipper was glad that he wasn't drinking his beverage, or otherwise the eyes of the people around them would centre at them again. He glanced around, and fortunately the audience seemed to lose the interest in them as fast as they gained it, giving Wendy a bit more privacy in telling him what she had on her mind. 

- You mean... BDSM and stuff?
- Well, we can leave the last two letters so far, just "B" and "D" - she replied, a subtle smirk appearing on her face.

The two returned to watching another competition, leaving a short, awkward pause in their conversation.

- I mean, we can start with something easy, like handcuffs. - she brought her hands closed to her body, as if her wrists were indeed tied up. 

Dipper looked down, and saw that she made the same move with her crossed legs, now tightly pressed one to the other. To any bystander, it looked as if she was relaxing, but Dipper knew how well Wendy could jump-start his imagination with a simple gesture or pose.

Suddenly, visions of Wendy having her arms and legs tied behind her back populated his mind, not for the first time, but more vivid and realistic than before. He didn't exactly felt left out as the dominant one in bedroom, but these extra toys would make his experience much, much more thrilling, from start to finish, no matter where, and how...

He gulped one last sip of his drink, hoping it would cool him down, when Wendy leaned and unfolded the rest of her plan in the same conspiratory manner:

- Of course you'll be the one tied up first, Dip... - she whispered, shaking the trophy held firmly in her hand. 

Chapter Text

Wendy Corduroy slowly entered Dipper's room through the half-opened door. After a day full of blood-freezing adventures, she wanted to see how her friend was holding up - but to her disappointment, he was asleep. Or, almost asleep, as his eyes opened at the moment she entered her room. She was about to sit on the edge of his bed, but then, she noticed it, a split of a second before he could.

Dipper almost sprang up, covering himself and the obvious bulge distorting the blanket in the only way possible, but it was all too late. Wendy's reddened face was filled with mixture of surprise and embarrassment; Dipper's was beyond crimson.

- Dude, it's normal, you don't have to pretend... - she started, trying to calm him down.

Averting eyes from her, Dipper managed to produce only a feeble "I'm sorry, Wendy".

- You don't have to apologise for that - she continued - You've been dreaming about me a lot, haven't you?
- How could I not? - answered Dipper, still trying to hide his predicament, as well as his red face from her - You're the most amazing girl I've ever meet.
- And you're an equally amazing guy, Dipper.

For a second, Dipper thought he misheard her, but before he was able to ask her to repeat that, her lips found their way to his, and the two were locked in a long, erotic kiss.

- And I think that you deserve a reward for what you've done to me and Mabel. - Wendy continued, breaking for a moment the connection between them.

Her hand drifted underneath the blanket, and wandered to Dipper's boxers. He jolted when he felt her hand grabbing him through the fabric, but another kiss shut him and his worries off for good. Never in his life would Dipper imagined that he would not only kiss, but became so intimate with the girl of his dream in one evening, just a few weeks before his sixteenth birthday.

Wendy's moves were slow and calculated, and the quivering of his mouth and lips told Wendy that she needs to change her approach. In one move she pushed the blanket aside and slid off his boxers, revealing his throbbing problem in its entirety, and engulfed it gently with her palm.
If the previous sensation of being stroked through clothes was wonderful, then this one was indescribable. Dipper imagined that a luberjill's hands would be rough, but instead they were smooth and soft, firing end of all of his nerves on his length with every move of hers.

- Wendy... Wendy... I...

Dipper stammered, trying to warn Wendy about his oncoming release. He tried restraining himself, by holding the sheets of his bed, knocking a few thing off his night stand with his other hand, while trying to find a second thing to grab onto.  

- We need to be quiet, Dipper. - she muttered - Don't worry, I can keep my mouth shut. - she whispered so close to his face that he could feel her breath.

She then moved her fingers over her mouth in an all-too-familiar gesture, and, without any warning she dipped her head down and closed her warm, welcoming lips around him, just before he was about to burst. A loud moan escaped his mouth.

- Wendy...!

Wendy Corduroy slowly entered Dipper's room through the half-opened door. She tried knocking, but hearing only light snoring, she decided to visit Dipper, even if just to see him, after all they went through earlier that day. She took a few steps closer to the bed, cautious not to wake him up; his forehead was still covered in bandages after Ford checked him an hour ago, but he seemed to be sleeping soundly. Anyone would be tired after the amount of running they have been through, especially since he had to carry Mabel all the way to the Shack.

Staring at the face of her brave friend, Wendy leaned to plant a kiss on his cheek, but then heard Dipper muttering a name, her name, in what was unmistakably a moan.
Startled, Wendy opened her mouth, as if she wanted to reply to Dipper's call, but quickly backed up, scared that the sharp breath could interrupt his him sleep. Slowly, she left the room tiptoeing, but before closing the door, she glanced once more at her friend, still apparently enjoying a very vivid dream. A huge, blissful grin on his face told Wendy that perhaps she has rewarded him with much more than she originally wanted.  

Chapter Text

Wendy was rocking back and forth on her bed, the sound of the creaking mixing with the muffled flow of water on the other side of her house. And she couldn't stop thinking.  

"Dipper is your friend, your buddy. This is wrong."

But how could it be? Just a few years ago he was a pipsqueak, like Mabel, and then... something happened. And that something couldn't get Dipper out of her mind, no matter how hard she tried (though Wendy wasn't sure if she did at all). She hoped that once their jogging would end, her mind will clear, but when Dipper asked if he can use the shower, Wendy understood how wrong was she, as her unsettling thoughts came back tenfold.

She remembered a quote from a movie, saying that if you tell someone not to think about elephants, they will immediately start thinking about them. Unfortunately, telling yourself to *think* about elephants wouldn't make them go away. Especially if they were naked, under her shower, just a few walls away...

A moment later, she buried her face in her pillow, making it hear her low groan... again. This time, however, her session ended abruptly, when the door to her room opened, showing Dipper Pines, trying to bring his hair out of the messy and wet state they were in. He didn't barge in, but instead cautiously slipped in, ready to back up at any moment.

- Sorry, I thought you might be undressing or something...

Wendy responded with a nonchalant "Nah", being more than a bit embarrassed that Dipper remained so gallant while she was having the most inappropriate thoughts about him at the same time. His words did not improve her mood, as now two scenes were playing simultaneous in her head: in both of them only one of them had clothes on, though it was rapidly changing...

- Wendy, your shower is... a bit spacious, isn't it? - he continued, sounding a bit puzzled - Is it because of your dad?
- Yeah. - she joked - It's so big we could both fit inside.

The words escaped her mouth before she could process them, rendering both her, and Dipper frozen.

- I mean, not to take shower, to have fun. - she stuttered, trying to calm him down. And gain, her mind outsped her, making Dipper even more perplexed and astonished than before.
Not wanting to risk another blubber, she jumped out of the bed, and ran to the door, shying away from the tall boy, sure of the fact that her face was now redder than her hair.

- You know what, I think I'm having a heatstroke, I need to take a shower. - she shouted, slamming the door, only to open them a second later - Alone!

Chapter Text

“Girls have too many curves”, was Dipper’s conclusion, after his first visit at the Gravity Falls swimming pool. He wasn’t precisely sure why, but he was  simultaneously angry and happy about his discovery. Or, to be more precise, he was angry, happy, and angry again because he couldn’t understand why he was upset in the first place.

This mixbag of ambivalence, however, was nothing until Wendy was added to the equation. Suddenly, a whole new wave of emotions was flowing through his body, that quite of nowhere, starting reacting on its own. Dipper couldn’t come up with a word to describe the image of his crush in a gorgeous one-piece, red swimsuit, mostly because his mind was hazed with the vision of Wendy performing all sorts of activities, that, while otherwise boring, became a sight to see in that mesmerising outfit. “Cool” wasn’t enough, “beautiful” was neither; it felt as if there should be a whole new section of books, dedicated to describing half-naked lumberjills jumping into the water and emerging wet from head to feet.

By the time of the next summer’s visit, Dipper discovered that there were such books, and learned quite a few of these words.

It was his luck that the summers were getting steadily warmer, and whenever the group would announce that the pool was opening again, he was met with the same dilemma. He would gladly go, just to get a glimpse of his red-hair crush, but was mortified by the thought that she might catch him, while she looks at her. 

At the end, however, the same, once impossible to describe force that drove Dipper to Wendy, would always win, making Dipper show up in his boxers at the pool year after year. And at some point, after many of such visits, Wendy came to the conclusion that Dipper Pines has precisely the right number of straight lines she wanted.

Chapter Text

Six teenage figures stood in a row in front of the Mystery Shack, waiting for Ford to explain their mission. Just an hour ago they received an urgent call to get there as soon as possible, with little to no explanation. Mabel, Dipper and Soos were already there, but they didn't have to wait long enough for Pacifica, Wendy and Robbie to turn up.

- Alright - Ford started, clearing his throat - I called you here, because it is my solemn duty to announce, that a great tragedy has happened. One of my animal specimens I've been studying is on the run, and may be in this forest.
- Is it dangerous, mister Ford? - Soos asked, rising his hand, as if he was adressing a teacher
- Not at all - Ford replied, unveiling the diagram on the board - It is, in fact, almost completely harmless.

The drawing on the whiteboard next to him showed a long, brown furry animal, that otherwise could be mistaken for an otter, if not for two antennae on its head. 

- Grunkle Ford, is it an otter?
- No it isn't, Mabel. - he quickly reassured her. - It's an outer-space ermine, so far, the only one in existence.
- Wait, I know what this is! - Stan shouted, walking to the porch - You take a dead beaver, stuff it, glue a duck's bill to it, and then you tell people you've discovered a new animal and charge ten bucks to let them see it! I knew that one day you will learn something from me, brother.
- Stanley, platypi are *real*. Anyway, an outer-space ermine...
- An out-er!
- No, it's... fine, Mabel, you can call it an outer, we needed a name anyway. - Ford sighed - I decided to divide you in pairs, as two of you will be more effective in catching it, so...

He looked at the six teenagers in front of him, trying to evaluate them.

- Mabel, you will go with Pacifica...
- Why am I even here? - the blonde girl asked, interrupting Ford's thoughts.
- It's a part of your redemption arc. Don't worry, it's gonna take a few issues, probably. - Soos responded, patting her head. 

Pacifica looked up to meet the face of the jovial repairman, who backed up a bit once he saw the anger burning in her eyes.  

-, Dipper, you go with... - Ford looked to his grand-nephew and noticed that he was showing him a subtle hand gesture, pointing to the girl on his right - ...uh, Wendy. Yes, Wendy, you two can be in one team.

Dipper did not allow his excitement to overflow him, though he was sure that he heard his sister let out a soft snicker.    

- That leaves us with Soos and... Robert, was it?

Now, a much louder snicker erupted amongst the teenagers.

- Why do we even need to care about the stupid rodent? - the gloomy teenager asked.
- Good question! It is, quite naturally, an alien in an alien environment. - Ford explained, walking back an forth - It might be scared... could be eaten by a bigger animal, and that could disrupt the local ecosystem...
- Oh, so we need to catch it, cos it is a scaredy-cat? - Robbie snorted in a gravelly voice
- No, not just that - Ford stopped, turning towards them - There is one more, very important issue. You cannot let it have contact with water.
- But if it's an otter...
- It's not an otter! Any contact with water will turn it into a fierce, ten-feet beast! - he shouted, rising his hands into air -  That's why I said it is *almost* harmless.

The faces of the volunteers in front of him suddenly dropped, and Robbie's was now filled with utmost horror. Ford flipped the diagram of an outer with his baton, revealing the map of Gravity Falls. 

- Soos, and Mabel, your teams will go the lake, you need to circle it. Wendy, you will need to patrol the river, all the way to the falls. As for you, Stanley, we will go towards the city, I need to check the sewer entrances.
- Hang on, since when I was part of this? - Stan snapped, jumping out of his chair.
- Since it was YOU, who fed it after midnight.




Half an hour later, Dipper realised that finding a brown, furry creature in a deep, shaded forest might have been more difficult than he imagined. Even Wendy, that normally was skilled in tracking animals was having a hard time.

- You know, we could actually let the damn thing get into the water. - Wendy commented getting from her knees after checking another foxhole.
- Why? You've heard Ford, it will...
- Yeah, a ten-feet beast. What is easier to spot, an otter, or a bear?

Dipper stood in place dumbstruck, pondering if Wendy's plan was amazing, crazy, or both.

- I think Ford must know something more about its anatomy if he wants us to prevent it from changing... right? - he reassured Wendy, though he felt that he himself was in much more need of that.

Suddenly Wendy kneeled down, and placed a hand over Dipper's mouth, shushing him. She hid behind a tree, and only when she took a good look at what was in front of it, she gave Dipper a hint to follow her. 

About twenty paces away, next to the stream, a small animal was resting on a rock, having collected a pile of leaves and twigs. It was brown, long, and was unmistakeably extra-terrestrial. Wendy placed her backpack on the ground and took off her green shirt prompting Dipper to do the same. Unlike her, Dipper came prepared with an actual net, though he was sure that if there was a person that could catch an animal with a piece of clothing, it was Wendy.
She gave him another sign to circle the furry creature from different sides. 

Watching for any loose twigs, they both emerged from behind a tree, happy to see that the animal was still asleep. Wendy was approaching the outer from the side of the river, hoping to block its potentially more dangerous exit; Dipper was sneaking behind its back's side, as it would take the animal a split of second to turn around, if it decided to run from Wendy.

In the end, the outer out-smarted both of them.

Without any warning, the resting animal jumped into the air, missing Wendy's shirt and used her forehead to bounce back, causing the girl to trip and fall into the water. The net, thrown desperately into the air failed to catch anything, aside from its owner, thought it made the animal land on the ground.

- Wendy! Are you alright? - Dipper shouted, once he got out of his own trap. Forgetting about the outer, he ran towards the river, happy to see that his friend was safe and sound, though she still hasn't managed to get to the river's bank. 

- Yeah, I'm okay. Did you catch it? - Wendy asked, taking Dipper's hand to help her stand up.

- No, It... ran... away. - Dipper started explaining, but very quickly lost his train of thought, as Wendy stood up. 

He tried looking away, but being the one, who offered help, he couldn't. At least that was his explanation. The water made the Wendy's figure even more ephemeral that she was already, but it was her white tank that emphasised the most of her body that was so far hidden from his eyes. It was a hot summer, Dipper thought. It was natural that she wouldn't wear...

When Dipper finally saw her get to her feet, he turned around on the spot. Yes, he would give anything to see more of them, or relive the precious moment in the bunker when he accidentally landed his head between her breasts, but he would never risk their friendship. 

- Uh, Dipper? - Wendy opened her mouth, apparently astonished by Dipper's sudden move. - What's going on?
- It's your... - he stammered - You are a bit... And your tank... Not that I have seen anything!

Dipper heard a small chuckle behind his back, and a faint tug, prompting him to turn around. For a split of a second he wondered if it was possible that Wendy wanted to indulge his fantasy, though the more rational part of him anticipated a smack in the face. Slowly, Dipper turned around, ready to face whatever fate got for him this time.

To his surprise, Wendy's drenched, white tank was no longer on her chest.

She was wearing her green shirt, though it was now zipped to the top, perhaps as a precaution. More curiously, instead of slapping his face, Wendy gave him a pat on back.

- Well, at least now you can say you're a proper teenager. - she winked and began walking back to the place where they left their things.
Dipper wanted to respond to her nonchalant and remarkably cool approach, but before he could open his mouth, Wendy shushed him again. This time, Dipper could hear why. 

Something was rustling behind the same tree they were hiding a minute ago. Following their own traces, they circled the tree, seeing what was causing the noise. Wendy and Dipper looked at each other, and in the same moment caught the outer's tail protruding from Wendy's backpack, catching the animal red-pawed.




- You know, I think she likes you more. - Wendy started, breaking the uncomfortable silence, as the two were triumphantly walking home, carrying the dry animal. The outer, far too tired and gluttoned from eating Wendy's sandwiches, was safely resting in a net in Dipper's arms.

- "She"? How did you know this monstrosity is a "she"? Ford told us, it's the only one on this planet. - Dipper replied, looking into the eyes of the fluffball, that indeed behave much calmer since Dipper took it.
- Well, just look between her legs, she has four teat-

Chapter Text

- Oh, you got to be kidding me. - Dipper sighed when he opened the door to their room, trying to believe what he saw in front of him.

Admittedly, they did not expect much after the only vacant place in the shabby hotel they had to stay in, but rooms for two usually contained more than one bed.

- There's gotta be something else! - a minute later the furious teenager was complaining loudly to the old owner downstairs - Don't you have something portable?
- I thought you and your girlfriend would like that. - the grumpy, old man responded, never taking his eyes from the television screen, showing reruns of a recent football game.
- She's not... - Dipper glanced around to see if his travelling partner could hear him - She's not my girlfriend.

The receptionist turned his head and took a good look at Dipper's tired figure. 

- Uh-uh.


Ultimately defeated, Dipper returned to Wendy, only to find her already getting comfortable - or as much as the conditions allowed - to sleep. Without questioning how has she managed to change her clothes so quickly (three brothers was probably a correct answer), he opened his backpack and unrolled his sleeping bag next to the bed.

- Dip, what are you doing?
- Well, you take the bed, I'm going to use this. - Dipper explained to his perplexed friend, before her hand grabbed his scruff and pulled him from his knees.
- No way. I won't let you sleep on the ground, mister. It's not the best situation, but we're on the same boat. - she said sharply, before getting back to her part of their bed, 

After taking a short shower (even though it lacked several elements that would normally make it work), Dipper found his friend already snoring lightly. Taking it as a sign of good luck, he gently lifted the blanket and slid underneath it, hoping he won't wake her up, as it could bring even more unsettling and awkward questions.

Unsurprisingly, the presence of Wendy sleeping next to him made it much more difficult to sleep, as Dipper was constantly afraid that his body would betray his mind and do something that could endanger their relationship, he valued so much. But in the end, even Dipper had to give in, and closed his eyes, wondering what kind of dreams this unusual situation might bring.


Their room was no longer shabby and dilapidated, but spacious and radiant, filled with white light. The only common thing was the bed - it still was the only one present, but to them it was no longer a problem. After all, that's what honeymoon suites were supposed to look like. Wendy kept her arms around Dipper's neck, letting go once he carried her through the room to their bed. Her fiery hair contrasted with her white dress and even more so with the sheets underneath her, once they were untangled and could flow freely, spreading like a stain of red ink, spreading wildly.

A blink of an eye later, Wendy's dress, as well as Dipper's black suit were gone, and the two were ready to caress their bodies freely. Wendy instantly wrapped her arms around Dipper that despite her strength has somehow managed to get atop of her. Her legs followed, closing tightly around his back when she welcomed him inside her. Even though his moves were slow and calculated, Dipper was breathing heavily against her breasts, giving Wendy time to explore his body with her free hands.
For a moment, it seemed that Wendy was much too keen on doing it, as her gentle caresses turned fierce when she unceremoniously grabbed his-


Dipper opened his eyes sharply, feeling a strange sensation building up in his body. His first thought was that he made something he would immediately start to regret, but once he looked around, he noticed a few things. He felt Wendy's breath on his neck, then saw that her left arm has managed to sneak under Dipper's neck, and lastly, the other one...

He gulped, happy that he managed to contain his scream by putting his hand over his mouth.

Her right arm rested on his tight, dangling dangerously close to his crotch, now getting visibly larger with every second. She was not exactly doing anything naughty, though Wendy made Dipper feel like a huge plushie, or rather the creepy anime characters pillows people order online.

Careful not to make any sudden moves, Dipper started sliding down the bed, freeing Wendy's left, and then her right arm. Once they both rested on the sturdy bedding, he heard her grunt and mutter something, before she grabbed her blanket, and rolled back to her side, taking the whole piece of clothing with her. Dipper sighed inaudibly, hoping Wendy would not remember this in the morning.    
He moved back to his spot, but it wasn't until two hours later that his eyelids became heavy enough to make Dipper let his guard down again.

In the morning, Wendy indeed had no recollection of what she did last night, though she had the faintest feeling that their stay didn't exactly go as they planned. She woke up to hear Dipper using the shower, which gave her a few more moments to remember the thing she was sure was residing somewhere on her mind. But neither after her flustered friend left what otherwise could be called bathroom, nor when she changed her clothes, Wendy could figure out what was struggling to surface from the bottom of her memories.

Only when Wendy went downstairs to pay for the night, and her eyes laid on a woman waiting in the hall, covered in a long, white dress, she remembered what she was dreaming about earlier that night. She quickly covered her mouth, trying to suppress a yelp of realisation that dawned on her.

- Miss, you wanted pay for you and your boyfriend? - on old voice brought thoughts back to reality. She looked around, noticing an old man looking at her quizzically.

- Uh, yeah. Though he's not my boyfriend.  

The receptionist grabbed the money and took a good look at Wendy's figure and her face, still showing the signs of her sudden revelation.

- Uh-uh.

Chapter Text

A familiar scene was taking place at the small bus stop on the border of sleepy town of Gravity Falls. Over the course of the last few years, a single long-distance bus would arrive to pick up two passengers that were getting progressively taller with every passing summer. And like the last five times, they were never alone. 

A whole group of people, both young and old kept slowly exchanging hugs and good-byes with the two teenagers, though one particular made a bit of commotion.

The very last thing that Dipper expected after Wendy was that she would throw her arms around his neck, her eyes quite of nowhere flooded with tears. Her cool and laid-back attitude evaporated in a second, causing everyone around to gawk at the scene that just a few years ago would be impossible without Wendy beding her knees.

Feeling the heavy stare of his both grunkles, Mabel, Soos, and a whole gang of Wendy's friends, Dipper tried to make his farewell a bit less awkward.

- Hey, we're gonna be here for Halloween. - he consoled her, feeling his shoulder getting a bit wet from her tears - Remember?

A faint smile appeared on red-head's freckled face Dipper could now fully see, once she let go off his neck. Wendy nodded, and for a second Dipper thought that it would be the last time he'd see Wendy's tears, but the very next moment not only he saw them, he could very well taste them.

If the onlookers were surprised by Wendy's sudden outburst of emotions, then her spontaneous kiss was nothing short of a sensation. Some of them knew that in the last two months Dipper and Wendy's closed friendship bloomed into something much bigger, but even they wouldn't think that Wendy would be that openly showing her affection. 

None of that mattered to Dipper, who was concentrated on reciprocating Wendy's kiss, a task that was harder the more salty droplets of tears sipped between their lips. But just as suddenly as she started, Wendy broke the connection between the two, probably feeling the same tainted taste in her mouth. A quick move of her arm wiped the rest of the tears from her face, seemingly bringing her slightly rakish smile Dipper was so used to permanently back.

- I know. And we'll be waiting for you. - Wendy said softly, tapping the rim of the blue hat she was given again not a half an hour ago.

Only when the bus disappeared behind a group of trees marking the turn to the highway, the people on the stop lowered their hands, tired from a long session of waving. The group slowly dissolved into smaller ones, with vast majority heading to the same place they were celebrating twins' seventeenth birthday last night. 

A few feet behind them, Tambry deliberately slowed down her pace and knowingly nudged Wendy's side.  

- We're gonna tease you about it till you die, you know that?
- Yeah... - she sighed, massaging the place Tambry hit a bit harder than usual.
- We're so gonna play "spin the bottle" once the Pines come back for Halloween. And you know it's gonna be rigged.

Wendy let out a deep grown, and was about to give her a witty comeback, but then an image of being stuck with Dipper in the broom cupboard in Tambry's house flooded her mind, and for once she thought that becoming the topic of her friends' jokes for the next week or so might have been worth it.

Chapter Text

In Gravity Falls the end of the summer was always marked by two events: their annual, technically illegal, but also completely ignored by the police celebrations of The Events That Never Actually Happened, and the Pines twins birthday party.

Once again, Mystery Shack turned into a huge dance floor, bringing the locals to celebrate Dipper and Mabel turning magical milestone of eighteen. At eleven p.m., the twin cakes were long gone, and the sodas got substituted with their spiked versions, making the party goers either braver and more active, or quite the opposite, sluggish and sleepy.

Mabel Pines was definitely in the first category, scouring through the dancing crowd, looking for her brother, glancing at the clock that will soon strike twelve. Her frantic search yielded someone else, the blonde heiress of the Northwests, Pacifica, casually leaning on the wall.

Once she saw that Pacifica hasn’t even bothered to look at her, Mabel felt ashamed that she left her girlfriend for such a long time, but then she noticed a smirk on her face, brought by something that seemingly only she was able to see.


- Uh, Paz, have you seen my brother?
- Oh, yes, I have. - she snickered, never taking her eyes from her target.

Or rather “targets”, as Mabel soon followed her stare, finding what caught Pacifica’s attention, causing her to emit a loud gasp.

Though barely visible in the dimmed light and through the thick, moving crowd, in the chair, on the corner of the room Wendy was sitting in Dipper’s lap, sloppily making out and moving back and forth in unison so suggestively that they were practically screaming “we did it”.
Long gone were the days of the lumberjill being the taller of the two, though the scene still looked a bit comical, as Wendy looked positively towering over her enthralled and dominated boyfriend.

- How long have these two been like that?
- Way longer than you’d think. - Pacifica responded, finally walking back to the dance floor.

The two young women exchanged knowing looks and instantly made their way through the crowd, leaving a corridor of empty space behind them and waiting patiently for the slow song to end.

- Go for it, bro! - Mabel shouted once the song ended
- Yeah, and then find a room!

Mabel’s voice not only put Wendy and Dipper in the spotlight, (both figuratively and literally, as the lights went on just when Mabel let out her calculated scream) but encouraged others to root for the pair that only now realised what was happening around them. Their eyes turned wide once she saw they were no longer hidden in the shadows, resulting in even louder cheers and applause from the crowd, lead by none other than Mabel and Pacifica.

The two red-faced young adults remained the centre of attention for a short moment, until the same two girls that started it began dancing to the new tune, dissipating the circle of onlookers around Wendy and Dipper, mercifully bringing their moment of embarrassment to end.

- Sorry, Wendy, I-I think I got lost…
- Lost? And what I am supposed to say? - she conceded, taking a sip from her plastic cup - If your sister hadn’t interrupted us, we’d be in way bigger trouble.
- So… should we repay them? - Dipper nudged her, pointing to the other side of the room.

Once again, though very little was visible through the crowd and slightly foggy air, Mabel and Pacifica were clearly mimicking the behaviour they were quite happily making fun of a minute ago, leaning on the wall in very unequivocal manner, their hands exploring each other’s backs.

- Nah, let’s leave them. And you know, I think my feet are tired from dancing - she hinted, taking his hand as she stood up.

The combination of loud music, low light and general commotion was enough for one of the celebrants and his girlfriend to sneak through the crowd, following the advice Pacifica gave them a moment ago and hoping they won’t be preoccupied with each other enough to miss the midnight wishes.  

Chapter Text

When Wendy met with Dipper on the bus stop that fateful morning, she was astonished how much has he changed, turning from the nerdy pipsqueak into a pretty good-looking guy in just a matter of a few years. She was even more amazed when it turned out that this guy not only could date, but was able to turn this afternoon into the most fun and romantic experience Wendy had all year, while still being funny and dorky.

The fact that Dipper Pines could kiss was a shock on more than one level, turning the adamant and self-confident lumberjill into a stammering, giggling mess incapable of thinking about anything else other than the dreamy man standing before her, declaring that he never stopped loving her, despite the fact that she nearly broke his heart once. 

So when by the end of the day, drunk from her excitement, she dragged Dipper into her bed and happily discovered that he was better at sex than any of her previous boyfriends, Wendy Corduroy thought it was just a natural step, stopped worrying, and left all of her energy for screaming his name. 

The moment she got out of her clothes, Dipper dived between her legs and expertly brought her to climax by the using combination of his tongue and fingers, a feat that Wendy experienced for the first time in her life. Until now, Wendy did not know how much energy her body can release when a well-build orgasm hits her, nor how loud she could be. 

Another first happened when she took Dipper's pants off, and was presented with a long and thick manhood so alluring, that she had to taste it. A single lick turned into several more, and before she knew it, Dipper's tool was sliding in and out of her mouth, further and further with each push. Even though Dipper enjoyed the dominant way he used the mouth of her kneeling friend, he gallantly told her about his oncoming release, a warning Wendy happily ignored, accepting him in his mouth - a privilege none of her boyfriends has been given so far.

When the two actually started making love, Wendy climbed on top of him and slowly slid onto his length, wanting gravity to help her experience every inch of him. Once Dipper's manhood fully disappeared between her folds, Wendy began rocking up and down, though after a moment of riding him, she leaned onto his chest and began peppering it with kisses, as her trembling legs became too weak to hold her anymore. That gave Dipper chance to roll Wendy underneath him, suddenly pinning her to the creaking wooden bed. The slow, shallow moves Wendy was able to perform while she was on top turned into heated and frantic rutting once Dipper took charge. And soon enough the lumberjill was writhing underneath him again, trying to keep her legs around his torso, afraid of the irrational possibility that her lover might leave her unsatisfied.

Fortunately, that didn't happen - her second orgasm, even more powerful than the first, took Wendy by surprise, making her squirm and trash one more time and lubricating the way for Dipper's manhood with even greater dose of her juices. A few moments later, Dipper politely, though with some effort warned ecstasy-enthralled Wendy about his own orgasm, and once again, Wendy's embrace only got stronger, awaiting her boy's climax. Though they were not using protection, Wendy would not imagine letting go of her passionate lover, and let him fill her to the brim, regardless of consequences - as long as he was near her, Wendy remained blissfully unaware of anything else.

And even though the sheer volume and warmth of his release nearly brought Wendy over the edge again, leaving her a bit unsatisfied, she had to let her body and mind rest, together with Dipper, who seemed to be exhausted of all of his energy as well. 

With a sweat on her brow, Wendy turned her head to the man lying next to her, and gave him a long, good look. It was him. The same man to her side that just gave her the most amazing night of her life was, in fact, Dipper Pines, the same boy that together with his sister once changed the life of her, and turned her sleepy town upside-down.

- Please tell me you came back for longer. - she whispered
- I can stay here as long as you like. - Dipper replied, taking deep breaths between words
- Good. Cos you're staying inside me all the summer.



Wendy remembered when she had that fantasy for the first time. She was in a middle of one of her classes when out of the blue the thought that Dipper Pines might be someone more than a friend came to her. That last cheesy line she might have picked up rattled in her brain, making the vivid image of her younger friend in bed with her come back every once in a while. She hasn't confessed to anyone about that fantasy, of course, and for a moment she even wished she started a diary when she was little. At least she could vent her thoughts there.

Even though Wendy knew how unrealistic her teenage dream was, when the Pines arrived a few days later, Wendy was a tiny bit disappointed that Dipper hasn't looked like the ideal image of him she dreamed up. But he looked differently, and perhaps even acted in a less awkward manner (though he turned crimson once he spotted her). And maybe that made Wendy realise something she wasn't able before - that all this time she was longing for the arrival of Dipper a bit more than in the years before.

Wendy yawned loudly, and stretched her arms, digging herself up from her blanket. She must have been asleep for a few hours, since to her the light coming through the windows of their house turned from blue to orange in blink of an eye. Her sleep was probably interrupted by Dipper's typing coming from his loud keyboard. From the side, she took a good look at her husband, that though still young, started faintly resembling his great-uncle Ford, especially when he wore glasses. 

He wasn't the buffed man with the physique of the football player, nor was he the suavest beau that could mesmerise her in a single afternoon. It took them a good few years to even up all the differences and quirks, until they could call themselves a couple. They had four first kisses, all of them interrupted (in order: by a mountain lion, a duck-sized tornado, a tornado-sized duck, and finally Mabel Pines), and when they first made love, they were both as clueless as possible, though were happy that they both waited for each other the whole time. 

But in the end it didn't matter, Wendy thought when she closed her arms around her husband's neck, giving him a kiss on the cheek, making him flinch a bit. He was Dipper Pines she always wanted, even though she might not have known it from the start.

Plus, his tongue was fucking incredible.  

Chapter Text

A teenage figure sneaked through the open window into the ground floor of a wooden house in the middle of the forest. The window was already open before, and if one was standing in the right place, they could see a flash of torchlight being beamed into the seemingly empty patch of forest then.
It wasn't the first time Dipper Pines climbed through the window to Wendy's room. There were moments when neither of them could stand being separated, and simply needed each other to release the pent-up pressure. For Dipper, there was also something exciting about sneaking into his girlfriend's house while her axe-wielding father and brothers slept upstairs. At some point, Dipper would be terrified by that prospect, but after a few years of being Wendy's boyfriend, he was strangely attracted to the danger his visits may bring.

The extra bit of adrenaline certainly spiced the atmosphere once Wendy grabbed his trousers to pull them down.

The two young adults had to kiss to remain silent, though a few words describing how much they needed, and what they could do to each other escaped silently their lips. Wendy needed just to take her pajamas off to reveal her  body, while Deeper had to take a few more minutes to get completely naked, as Wendy told him. He was halfway through taking off his boxers, when Wendy spoke to him.

- Alright, a new rule. - she firmly stated - From now on, you can't move.

Dipper looked at her quizzically, thinking for a moment, that she was joking.

- W-What?
- Told you, you can't move. - she continued casually, throwing her panties to his side, leaving her completely naked - Otherwise, I'm gonna call my dad.
- But... why? - Dipper kept inquiring, and nearly lifted himself from the pillow his body was resting on, but was promptly stopped in place by her strong leg, pushing him back to his position.
- You told me. "You can do anything you want with me", remember?

Dipper groaned, though he stopped himself half-way through, not to wake other inhabitants of Wendy's house. The familiar wave of defeat was looming over him, a feeling that he has experience before with his competitive girlfriend.

- I didn't mean *anything* anything, you know...
- Welp, it's too late now.

After her casual response, Wendy got comfortable on the other end of the bed, and to Dipper's utter horror, she put two of her fingers around her opening, fully exposed to him and glistening in the moonlight. She began stroking her folds back and forth, trying to catch a rhythm. She almost immediately put her other hand between her teeth, keeping her moans from escaping her mouth.

- Wendy...!

Dipper's protest did very little to the horny lumberjill with her legs spread wide in front of him. Wendy did, however, noticed the tip of his manhood proudly rising from between his legs, and gave Dipper a wink that caused the troubled boy to shudder. In the dimly-lit room Wendy could not see, but could feel how much Dipper was shaking. Dipper knew very well that Wendy might not be bluffing; over the years their friskiness has put them in more than a few troubles, each one more memorable than the previous one. So even if she was just teasing him, the invisible constraints his girlfriend put on him made the whole experience even more rousing and challenging.

While Dipper was debating whether to break himself or not from under Wendy's spell, his girlfriend changed her position. The edge of her blanket was now between her teeth, as her other hand started circling around her left nipple to stimulate herself, while she still furiously masturbated, mashing her swollen lips with her fingers.

It wasn't an image unknown to Dipper; when the two lovers were separated, their webcam conversations would become their only source of long-distance contact, and more than enough times the two ended masturbating at the same time to satisfy their wanton. There was one thing internet could not transmit: smell.

Wendy's arousal was driving Dipper crazy, making his erection was almost painful to watch, as the writhing eighteen-year old was struggling to keep in place, watching his girlfriend's erotic show.

- Dipper, now! - Wendy suddenly cried, ditching the piece of clothing between her teeth

Wendy didn't have to tell him twice. In an instant Dipper jumped to his feet and rammed into his craving girlfriend, getting a big, sloppy kiss as a welcoming gift. The kiss silenced both of them, as the moment of entry caused both of them to moan, anticipating the oncoming orgasms.

Neither of them blamed the other one for how fast they both finished. Dipper, brought nearly to the edge, needed just a few moves to bury himself in the red-head deep enough and fill her up with his release that was boiling in presence of his masturbating girlfriend. Wendy, on the other hand, needed just Dipper, in any form or contact to finally reach her peak, a moment before his happened.

Still joined, they both moved back and forth in unison, riding their orgasms; with each push Dipper kept spilling more of his seed inside her, though in smaller, but still warm bursts, prolonging the waves of Wendy's orgasm that in return fuelled her boyfriend's spastic moves.

At some point they both lost their energy, and the well-lubricated love machine stopped, letting its components take well-deserved deep breaths.

- God, Wendy... - Dipper wheezed, sounding half-amazed and half-disgruntled - That was way too intense.

Though she remained silent, he could see the confirmation in her green, half-closed eyes, that somehow looked even more lecherous than when she was caressing her folds. Dipper thought that maybe it was the afterglow and the endorphins still rushing through her veins, but he soon got an answer.

- Yeah, dude. We should do that again.

They both stared in each other's eyes, silently judging each other's reaction.

- Dibs!
- Di... Oh, come on, Dip!

A second of difference in their contest turned Wendy despondent, but only for a moment. She imagined how quickly could Dipper's tongue bring her to an orgasm if she was denied her release for such a long time, and when she thought about her tongue ending Dipper's masturbation session in a single lick, it sent shivers down her spine. And for once, Wendy thought it might be good to be a loser.  

Chapter Text

Even though movie nights were usually just Wendy and Dipper's pastimes, it began as the activity Wendy's whole gang used to enjoy. And even though their paths might have diverged, during summer they would usually meet up to revive that tradition. Despite all they have been through, Dipper was still a bit intimidated by the presence of his two-year older pals, though once he started going out with Wendy that uncertainty was slowly diminishing.

The group of seven was sitting around a huge tv screen in Tambry's house, either on different pieces of furniture, or on the floor, though the latter was slowly getting cluttered with empty cans and bits of snacks falling out of bowls around. The group has chosen "Canadian Gateau", a very raunchy and unsubtle teenage comedy that despite its sub-par humour would bring the desired reaction every few minutes when the group snickered, laughed or openly roared.

Relaxing on the lounge, Tabry noticed that Dipper, sitting between her and Wendy left for the kitchen, and the moment Wendy let go of her boyfriend, she leaned towards her in a conspiratorial manner.

- So... I've been wondering - Tambry started, shifting her position even closer to her - Has the lumberjill climbed the pine tree yet?
- Erh, what? - Wendy took another sip from her can, though she regretted it immediately when she noticed a spark in her friend's eyes.
- I asked if a lumberjill climbed a pine tree - Tambry repeated, slowly articulating her words and pointing to her and the kitchen door.

She coughed a bit of her soda, before she gave her a stern look.

- No, she hasn't. - she replied coldly, though she knew already her answer left her friend dissatisfied, and not completely assured.  
- Is something wrong?

Wendy felt a wave of relief once she heard her boyfriend's voice behind her. Dipper sat between the two girls with his own can, still slightly perplexed by what might happened in his absence.

- Nothing, we were just wondering if Wendy has invited you inside. - Tambry casually responded, looking away from both him, and Wendy's stare that if it could, would pierce through her skull.
- Huh? - Dipper flinched, putting his arm over Wendy's shoulder - Sure she has, lots of time we've been watching movies toge-
- "Movies", you say? - a sudden voice joined the discussion, effectively shifting everyone's attention from the tv screen. - What's your favourite rating? And how long do you guys last?

"Don't say anything, Dip, don't say..."  Wendy repeated in her head, wishing Thompson hasn't caught on to Tambry's baity barter.

- Uh, I don't know. An hour or two, I guess, if it's long-

Suddenly, the room roared with shouts from the guys sitting around them, nearly causing Dipper to spill his drink. If Wendy had any hopes that Dipper's presence would somehow silence her friends, they were gone in a second. Once Nate and Lee turned around and joined others in pestering Dipper, they might have call the evening off. Oddly enough, Robbie, who would probably like to make fun of Dipper the most of the group was sitting silently, and curiously enough could be the only one watching the movie. Truth to be told, Wendy found that charming and up-lifting, as his relationship with Tambry might have tone down his attitude towards-

- Hey, Dipstick - a snarky voice rang through Wendy's ears, shattering her thoughts - Like, when you two watch movies, don't you get bored of watching the same ones over and over? Did either of you want to go out and, you know, rent a different one for a night?

Wendy's eye twitched, while the rest of the group let out a collective uproar, nearly turning into chanting.  

- Dipper, we're leaving.  


A few minutes later, the couple was walking silently from Tambry's house down the empty street towards the Mystery Shack. Wendy's pace a bit too hasty for her nature, making Dipper speed up every once in a while. He didn't want to overcome her, as he has seen what happened to a few rocks that were foolish enough to stand in her way. Still, at some point he had to ask her what made her so visibly angry. In return, Wendy wanted to say that she could not believe Dipper to be that clueless, but she knew it wasn't true. Dipper was the smartest guy she knew, but there were moments when he wouldn't know a joke if it punched him in the face.

- They... were teasing us about sex. - she finally groaned, stopping him with her hand - They kept asking if... if we did it, you know.

Dipper stared at his red-faced girlfriend, while she continued her half-exasperated rant.

- And you were oh-so-oblivious or blaze about it, that they are gonna keep asking all the summer! God, I wish they stopped.
- Well, I can make that wish come true.

Dipper wasn't sure if his cutting response would cheer Wendy up, or infuriate her more. It certainly didn't help when Wendy turned her head slowly, once she understood not only Dipper's joke, but that he might not have been ignorant the whole time, and he met her widened eyes and agitated expression. 

But once she pinned him to the nearest tree with the most feverish of kisses, Dipper knew that soon Wendy's gang might have to switch from asking about "if" to "how".

Chapter Text

In the retrospect, Dipper shouldn't have done it. Walking into a girl's room without knocking would be one thing, but getting a peek inside through her window was borderline crime. Especially given the fact what the girl in question was doing.

Dipper has never heard Wendy scream so loud, though given how much he has seen, it was more than understandable.

- What the heck, Dipper?! Get out!

- Wait, you really read them? - Dipper asked, suppressing the urge to laugh, when he noticed very distinctive cover of the pocket-size book Wendy was holding.

- No, I don't! - Wendy retorted, shoving the purple-pinkish Barleycorn romance novel under her pillow - I got it on the sale, I didn't know what I was buying.

It became obvious to her that her explanations were not convincing, as her younger friend kept snickering under his nose, which, to Wendy's horror, sounder very much like he was going to text it out.  

- Okay, look, I picked it up because of a cover, okay? - she kept explaining, ignoring, with difficulties, Dipper's giggling.

Wendy lifted a cover closer to Dipper's face, so that he could see it in all of its photoshopped glory.

- A werewolf? - Dipper asked - Shouldn't that be a warning sign...? I mean, there are no vampires on it, but...
- I thought that the werewolf was eating the guy, not... - Wendy's paused, trying to hide the slight crimson that filled her cheeks - ... you know, kissing him.

She noticed Dipper turned his head sideways, so that she wouldn't know he saw it either, which gave Wendy an opportunity to strike back and ask him more important question.

- And, why did you want to meet me so urgently you nearly climbed through my window?
- Oh, that's right! - Dipper cheered - Mabel got the three tickets for that boyband/monster truck rally tomorrow. You wanna go?

Upon hearing the news, the slight, judgemental frown on Wendy's face immediately turned into a grin.

- Do I ever! I thought the tickets were all gone, how did she manage to get it?
- I don't know. - Dipper shrugged - She just said "If you don't want to be framed as an accomplice, don't ask difficult questions". So, see you tomorrow, I guess?
- Yeah. - Wendy nodded, before waving Dipper goodbye - And next time, give me a call before you climb through my window! It's a lady's room after all!

Once Dipper was out of sight, Wendy made sure to close her window, as well as the drapes as an extra precaution, and got comfortable continuing her reading. By the evening, she was nearly over, though no Barleycorn book would be done without a dose of gratuitous, happy-end smut between the two main characters. She tucked herself under her blanket, and began reading the thrilling finale of the romance between a female werewolf and her handsome tamer. Sooner than she might have thought, she found her hand slipping into her jeans, as the author described the foreplay between the tall, athletic woman, whose curse has just been lifted, and the brave, young adventurer that did it with a true love's kiss... and a bucket of holy water.
Before she knew it, the few opening sentences was enough to let Wendy's teenage, hormone-driven mind take the story on its own, as she imagined the wicked sex scenes between the two that could have happened, if the author didn't left out the best parts, afraid that the publisher might not be able to sell it to teenagers.

A few minutes later, once Wendy was more than finished, both with the story, and herself, she strolled to the bathroom to wash the shame from her body, while simultaneously making up more stories between the hero, that suddenly had his hair dyed chestnut brown, and the fierce, beast-woman, whose freckles Wendy has never noticed before.  

Chapter Text

Wendy Corduroy was used to hearing some snickering behind her back every once in a while - living with four men in the house while acting as substitute mother usually left very little time for her to take care for her own. But this time, the girls in the school hallway - as well as some boys - seemed to be making fun of something else. Wendy thought it might have something to do with her face, as they all carried their phones ready to strike a photo, but the longer she looked, the more she realised that it was something they all could see *there* was the cause.

- Why are they laughing?

Wendy asked Tambry hoping her party-loving friend would have much better insight. But when an uncomfortable grimace appeared on *her* face as well, she knew something was up. And when Tambry showed Wendy her phone, it all became clear.

Wendy wasn't a keen user of social websites, but every once in a while she would share something with the world and her small group of friends. Her latest photo, taken just two days ago was the source of the controversy; it showed her in arms of her boyfriend, playfully shying away from the kiss Dipper tried to sneak in, encouraged by his sister, who took the slightly blurred photo. But it's not the photo itself that brought Wendy's attention; a small tack-like icon above Dipper's head pinned to her social wall read "Mason ''Dipper'' Pines (15) is in relationship with Wendy Blerble Corduroy (18)".

Knowing what she would soon see, Wendy tapped the notification, showing a list of comments left by her fellow students. But she didn't had to read them, as one of them reached her ear.

- ...yeah, she is dating a kid, basically.

It happened before either Tambry, or the guy who said these words could see it coming. Wendy traversed the entire length of the corridor in what seemed like one, enormous leap, catching the male student off-guard, leaving him no time to defend, or even think that he needed to defend himself. But when Wendy Corduroy's fist met with his chest, restraining him against the wall behind him, he knew that he should have chosen his words more wisely. Her other fist was hovering in the air inch from his face, ready to strike, defacing him.

- Don't you ever call Dipper a "kid", you asshole.

Speaking through her teeth, Wendy wasn't taking her eyes away from her victim, though she saw perfectly well that the group of his comrades has dispersed, observing the scene with mixture of fear and anticipation.

- He is the smartest guy I have ever seen, way smarter and braver than you will ever be.

Her words, though spoken under her breath were now heard clearly throughout the entire corridor, perhaps attracting more attention that Wendy would like, not that she cared.

- And if it wasn't for him AND his sister, who is as brave as he is, we would all be dead. That was three years ago, too long for you to remember? - her mocking voice rose - You would be dead, I would be dead, every single person you know would be dead. And we're not because of this "kid" I'm dating.

She articulated the last words one by one, seeing as the teenager's eyes widen with each of them. And only when she heard a high-pitched female voice of her teacher behind her, she let go of him, making him nearly collapse to the ground. The petrified student looked at Wendy turning back to meet their geography teacher that lead her to the principal's, though still keeping a feet of distance between her. The two left for the office in silence, leaving much greater impact on the bystanders than Wendy could have ever hoped for.


Later, after an afternoon spent of cleaning the school floors as her detention, Wendy fell to her bed, trying to gather her thoughts regarding her household duties she still had to do. But nothing came to her mind, as she desperately channelled the rests of her anger from the mid-day row. Having nothing to do else, she called Dipper, rolling to her pillow. To her content, he picked up almost immediately.

- Hi, Wendy! - his cheerful voice echoed in her ears - I was gonna call you later, but-
- Dipper, listen - she cut him off - You gotta promise me something.

The change from her usual laid-back tone was noticeable and it startled Dipper at once.

- Wendy, is something wrong?
- Listen, promise me you're gonna kiss me, alright?

If her tone of voice threw Dipper off, her random ask sounded even weirder.

- Uh, sure. I-I was gonna do it anyway, I guess. - he stammered, relieving their first kiss that, after all, happened just two or three weeks ago, and the prospect of their lips meeting was still a mind-blowing experience to him.
- No, but not like that - Wendy interrupted again - I want you to take me by my waist, hold my back and just slam me against a wall or a tree and then kiss me. You can do that?

Wendy hasn't heard any "thuds", so she knew Dipper hasn't fainted upon hearing the words "take me" spoken by her. Moreover, his deep breathing was still heard loud and clear over the line.

- Uh, s-s-sure, Wendy. - he sputtered - May I ask w-why you want it that way? I mean, if I did something wrong last time, I hope you don't-
- No, I don't - Wendy snickered, hearing his apologetic voice.

She knew that poor Dipper would dissect every second of their kiss just to make sure he did everything in order, forgetting that it was the least important part of the entire ordeal.

- I just... I just want people to have another proof you're not a kid anymore.

Getting only a faint "Yeah, sure" as an answer, she sent him a kiss, and ended a call, falling asleep soon afterwards.


Far away in Piedmont, Dipper Pines' heart was still racing when he dissected and overanalyzed what Wendy meant by "not being a kid anymore".

Chapter Text

In a hindsight, Dipper should have seen that coming. Against his better judgement he wanted to impress Wendy, even though he didn't have to - long were gone the days when he dreamed about her reciprocating his affection; she already has. And yet, some part of him wanted to keep proving that he is worth the title of her boyfriend by showing Wendy the skills he mastered.

Tree-climbing wasn't one of them, but Dipper desperately tried to learn it ever since he first saw how good Wendy was. And indeed, after some practice, Dipper was able to climb his first tree. Two whole hours spent on a hopefully sturdy branch proved, however that getting down was a different matter. It didn't help that the person who found the lonely Pines up the tree he was sitting on was Wendy herself.

- Dip, I told you you're not good at it...
- I know! - his voice echoed from upstairs - But I'm gonna get down soon, Wendy, don't worry, you can go home.

Wendy knew Dipper too well to know how pathetic he was at lying, especially to her. Shaking her head she shouted her response back, getting ready to rescue her boyfriend.

- Uh, sure, the next ice age is gonna put you to the ground, Dip. - she loosen her belt around her waist and put it around the tree trunk. - Hold on tight, I'm going up.

Feet by feet, the lumberjill climbed up, finally meeting her boyfriend's eyes and his embarrassed face. Despite her presence, he was still clutching to the branch, as if trying to prove her how well he was doing there. But if being unable to climb down was too damaging to his already fragile ego, then Wendy's strong grip grabbing him and pulling him into her arms like a fire-fighter would do to a cat has certainly shattered it. He was glad no one saw them getting steadily down, but he was utterly ecstatic when his feet touched the ground again. A silent moment has passed between the two, before Wendy spoke again.

- So, Dipper, have you learned anything today? - she asked him, slightly mockingly
- Yeah. - he answered sheepishly - I shouldn't have been trying to impress you.

To his surprise, Wendy hasn;t scoffed him, but gave him quick peck on his cheek, simultaneously picking up a few twigs that got into his messy hair.

- Dipper, you don't have to impress me. - she spoke softly - Just promise me you won't try to harm yourself again, dude, okay?

Still bewildered, Dipper nodded, and hold his girlfriend's hand while they walked back to the Mystery Shack, hoping he could still cancel his order of titanium-covered throwing axes.

Chapter Text

 - You deserve better than me. - Wendy’s voice, though unshaken, was in every ounce filled with grief and sadness, rendering everyone in the room utterly silent. 

 - Wendy... why? - Dipper clutched the arms of his girlfriend, as he could not understand her decision.

 - Dipper... you are amazing, you are the bravest and smartest man I knew. Let’s face it, there must be a gal that would suit your skills better.

A tear run down her cheek, a sight Dipper hasn’t seen yet in all the years they’ve been together. He could hear Mabel sobbing behind him, his sister equally unable to comprehend the scene.

 - But Wendy, I-I cannot go without you. 

 - Dipper, it’s fine, you’ll be-

 - No, Dipper is serious, he cannot go without you

Ford rose from his barrier at the far end of the table, staring judgingly at the couple. 

 - We might have zero chances of defeating the boss with your current character and her setup - he pointed to the GI Jane figurine on the table - But if you respec now or make a new one, we will have NEGATIVE chances! So pull yourself, woman and roll. 

Chapter Text

 - I tried my best to not feel anything for you. - Wendy spoke softly - But guess what? I failed.

She couldn’t bear to look straight into her friend’s eyes that kept listening to her confession for the past few minutes getting more and more loss for words with every second.  

In an instance, the world around him metaphorically turned over, though sitting on top of Mystery Shack hasn’t prevented Dipper from getting dizzy from the sheer confusion. The girl of his dreams, the fantastic gal he has never gave up on was, in fact, in love with him, for a very long time. 

They acted without thinking: silently they moved closer to each other, and with their eyes closed they managed to find each other’s lips, closing the gap between them that they both thought should have been closed at least a year or two earlier.

 - Eeeee!

Wendy and Dipper immediately broke their kiss to find the cause of the screeching sound, which turned out to be the head of Mabel Pines looking at the couple through the trap-door.

 - Mabel! 

 - Sorry, Dipper, I just couldn’t wait to find out if you’re gonna kiss, it’s so exciting!. - Mabel kept explaining - Though I mean, you haven’t really tried to get away from Dipstick, have you, Wendy? You’ve been inviting him to parties, and your little movie nights, and he helps you with math, and whatnot, so you pretty much did everything to keep your feelings for hi-

 - Mabel! - they both shouted at the sweater-clad girl rambling in surprise details about what the two have been doing for the past month. 

 - Oh, right, this is the moment when you guys kiss. Grenda, lift me down, will you? 

Chapter Text

 - I don't have a gag reflex. - Wendy explained casually, looking up to meet Dipper’s widened eyes, as he marvelled at the sight of his manhood completely disappearing in her mouth.

Wendy seemed to have been a collection of mysteries of their own; not only wasn’t she disgusted by the concept of giving him a blowjob, it was her idea to drop to her knees and expertly caress Dipper’s shaft. And when he saw how easy it was for Wendy’s lips to engulf him, he had nothing better to do than to immerse in the blissful experience Wendy prepared for him.  

Little Dipper knew that Wendy was in fact practising that trick some time before they landed in one bed for the first time, using various elongated vegetables and fruits, quickly coming to realisation that her boyfriend might be surprised very soon. 

 - But we sure can test its limits. You still have the magnifying flashlight?

A mischievous smirk appeared on her freckled face when she placed a kiss on the tip of the swollen head, never taking her eyes away from Dipper as she kept stroking him.

Chapter Text

 - We are not going to steal someone’s dog. - Dipper whispered, sticking his head above the hedge to take another glance at the basset hound, snoring at the porch.

 - But we’re not stealing a dog, we’re stealing sheriff Blubs turned into a dog. - Wendy retorted impatiently

 - Isn’t that more of a crime, Wendy? It’s like, stealing a dog is that big of a deal, but kidnapping is whole heap of a deal! - Dipper nearly shouted, gesticulating wildly.

He looked to his left, waiting for Wendy’s response, but to his surprise, she was already holding the dog in her arms.

 - W-wait, how did you do that so quickly?

 - It’s a basset hound, Dipper - Wendy replied, petting the dog’s head - And more importantly, it’s Blubs as basset hound. It’s... he’s not gonna resist much, is he?

The dead-eyed, oblivious and nearly motionless stare of the dog seemed to confirm her hypothesis.

 - Now come on, deputy Durland is an ostrich, he’s gonna be more difficult to catch. - Wendy added, throwing the heavy sandbag of a dog into Dipper’s arms, as she run away into the woods. 

Chapter Text

 - Please, don’t cry. - Wendy whispered to Dipper, whose eyes were overflowing with water.

 - But it’s so... so... so beautiful! - he sobbed, watching the wedding in front of him. 

The ceremony hasn’t properly started yet, as everyone was still waiting for Melody to be walked to her fiancé, Soos, but even with so little going on, the people gathered were ogling the couple in the front row.

 - Sorry, Wendy - Dipper mumbled, blowing his nose - It’s our little Soos getting married! - he continued, ignoring Mabel and Wendy exchanging quizzical stare. 

 - No, seriously, stop it, kid! - Stan shouted from the side of the altar standing on Soos’ right - We won’t be able to hear anything with you crying your eyes out! If I’ll be alive, I’ll wail like that on your wedding, how’d you like that?

Stan’s voice and his laughter thundered between the walls, effectively silencing Dipper, who turned red at the mere thought of his own wedding. And if he looked to his side, he’d see a shade of embarrassment appearing on Wendy’s face as well.  

Chapter Text

 -  I could use a fuck right now.

That was all the couple needed to get into the mood. The controllers were thrown to the ground when Wendy pinned her boyfriend to the couch, straddling him, while the up-beat music of their favourite fighting game provided background noises for their own battle. 

One sentence, no matter how casually spoken, was sometimes all it took for either of them to stop whatever they were doing to take down their pants and have a quickie. It was mostly Wendy who would initiate sex in such nonchalant and off-hand manner, (Dipper would usually court his way into it, sometimes hilariously over-killing it) but by end of the day, it didn’t matter how the two started making love, it was that they did it. 

And when after ten minutes, the TV still displayed a “Tie” screen after their time run out, the two young adults, lying in their post-coital, limbs-tangling kiss couldn’t agree more of that verdict. 

Chapter Text

 - Wendy, don’t you think we’re overdoing it? - Dipper asked, breaking from their long kiss, finally being able to catch breath.

He wasn’t sure why would he complain; kissing the girl he still secretly had a crush on, not to mention doing it while she pinned him to her own bed in the most erotic ways was something he could only dream about in his boldest dreams. 

But the thing is, he was only pretending to be her boyfriend, and that made him more and more guilty. According to Wendy she wanted him to look believable in front of her aunt that apparently decided who will inherit her land whether the oldest of Corduroys was in a relationship or not.

Thus, for the last two days, to his amusement, Dipper spent the time of his life almost living a dream, spending more time with Wendy that he ever could wish for. 

By the late afternoon things changed dramatically, as all of Wendy’s brothers managed to find, somehow, a girl of their own, which suddenly limited Wendy’s chances of gaining the inheritance. Even though all of them were clearly faking it as well, and the girls were much more reluctant to play their parts, Wendy decided to put their non-existent relationship to a new level by kissing him, but not before practising it.

 - I mean - Dipper continued, as he felt his lips were going numb - We’ve been doing it for an hour, don’t you think it’s enough-

 - Dipper, auntie left four hours ago, and I’m sorry to say then when I told her that you are the smartest guy I know, I was lying. You are sometimes dumb as a brick. - Wendy spoke in one breath, before taking her top off and burying Dipper’s face between her breasts, hoping that her actions would speak louder than the words she wasn’t able to form for more than a year.   

Chapter Text

 - I want to be sore, Dipper. - Wendy said pushing her bottom even further up, waiting for her boyfriend to pick up her request.

Dipper Pines’ biggest flaw was his insecurity: he was constantly afraid he would do something wrong that would then ruin his life for good. It took him ages to ask his crush out, afraid that she might once again give him cold shoulder. He delayed their first kiss so much that Wendy had to intervene herself and show him that mashing their lips isn’t that difficult at all. And when they made love for the first time, only Wendy’s legs clamped around his back stopped him from shivering like a pile of jello. 

Thus, when Wendy once again requested Dipper to go one step further, he hesitated, but the series of angelic moans encouraged him to use the body of his girlfriend a bit more roughly, resulting in her screaming his name in the most delightful of ways. As he continued ploughing his way through her, he found all of his fears going away... until Wendy would find another kink to explore, of course.

Chapter Text

 - Wen, is everything okay? - Dipper noticed his girlfriend shaking nervously as the couple waited for the broken elevator to resume working.

Her soft answer did not satisfy Dipper, who now understood that putting the wilderness-loving lumberjill in a tightly closed space might without any form of exit might not be an ideal situation.

 - Hey, baby, it’s gonna be okay, it happens every now and then, do you want me to do any-

 - Distract me - Wendy stated, grabbing his shirt and dragging him into a deep kiss, which turned into a soft hug once Dipper closed his arms around her shaky body.

 - Better? - he asked, breaking the kiss, as he felt her need to breath.

Instead he saw her white face, still full of worry.

 - Nope, need more of it - Wendy said softly, locking him in a kiss again.


 - You know, they will probably check the security tapes from the elevators later, and they will see us, and I don’t think what we did falls under the “terms of use”, you know. - Dipper said to his girlfriend, happy to land her foot on reasonably open space of the corridor. 

 - I don’t care. - she said, shoving her hand under her shirt to fix her bra - You’re the best distraction Piedmont can offer. 

Chapter Text

 - You just fell twelve stories after eating a poisonous mushroom, how are you still alive? - Wendy asked Dipper as she hugged him close.

Dipper was himself as perplexed as she was; their escapade into the depths of the vast caverns underneath Gravity Falls so far has surprised them with more bizarre enemies and dangers they could have imagined, and falling from the sewage pipe was just one of them. 

His next thought, however, has cleared his mind instantly. 

 - Mabel!

But to his relief, his sister was all safe and sound, bouncing up and down on the other side of the canal. 

 - Look, Dipper how high I can jump! And I slide everywhere, wee! - she shouted, as she traversed the entire length of the bank with minimal effort, despite the rough terrain underneath her feet.

 - Well, I’m glad I found you, Wendy. We’ve been looking for you everywhere! - Dipper said, returning the hug Wendy gave him. 

A moment later, a burning sensation in his lungs caused him to cough, but instead of water he expected to vomit, a small fireball escaped his lips and bounced off the floor several times, before falling into the green pipe a feet away.

Chapter Text

 - Shut your mouth or I'll shut it for you! - Wendy understood her mistake only once the words escaped her lips. She and Dipper weren’t arguing that often, but every once in a while her husband’s antics or behaviour would drive her mad, and they had to lose a few nerves. 

Upon hearing Wendy’s words, Dipper grinned and to her anger playfully continued telling her his point of view.

 - Ah, so you are thinking we should put the amulets next to the rings, even though they could resonate-

He kept mumbling when Wendy pressed her lips to his, making his tongue a bit more active than usual when they were kissing, sending sparks of pleasure through Wendy’s body.

Once she ran out of breath, she broke the kiss, still hoping Dipper would come to his senses.

 - ... but nooo, you think it would better to put them on wood, as oppose to copper, and then-

Another kiss, another invasion of his tongue. And he still wouldn’t shut up about their goddamn new wardrobe.


Only when Wendy dropped to her knees and used her lips in more persuasive way, Dipper’s ramblings died out (though still not immediately) and were replaced by a series of deep moans. Wendy knew that she ultimately lost, but with Dipper’s hand in her hair somehow still felt like a winner.

Chapter Text

 - Will that even fit? - Wendy asked worryingly, securing herself against a mountain of pillows. Even though she was brave and adventurous, intimate moments like these made her extremely cautious of her boyfriend's actions.  

 - Let's find out, shall we? - Dipper replied, and with some difficulty, he gently pushed forward, exploring the unknown territory, until he felt he reached the end, never taking eyes from his girlfriend.


He then slowly turned the key to the right, and let out a deep sigh when he heard the familiar “click” of the lock opening. 

The two looked at each other and jumped to open the lid, filling the room with gleam of golden glow, reflecting from the pile of coins inside it.

 - You sure it’s not cursed, Dipper? - Wendy asked, trying to contain her excitement.

 - W-Well, the curse usually dies with the caster, doesn’t it? And since we calmed his spirit...

 - We’re rich, Dip! - Wendy shouted, and leaped into his arms, pinning him to bed and planting a series of kisses all over his face. - Now let’s celebrate... 

Chapter Text

 - You've gotten so tall since last time I saw you.  

Wendy Corduroy was legitimately impressed by what she saw when she came with the rest of Mystery Shack to welcome Pines Twins for the fourth summer in a row. She expected to see once again her two favourite mystery kids that put so much energy every time were around, and instead... she found two proper teenagers.

One of them has even managed to catch her eye for much more than she would imagine.

A nudge from Soos has brought her back to her senses as she gave Dipper a welcoming hug, for the very first time without having to bend down. 

A bizarre feeling was bubbling in her guts, the one that she hasn’t quite experienced for some time, but definitely did not expect to happen to her now, with sixteen-ear old Dipper so close to her.  

 - Uh, Wendy, you can let me go now... - he sheepishly whispered into her ear

Hearing these words, the lumberjill jolted and left the comfort of Dipper’s arms, only to be welcomed by his red face, and nearly everyone else snickering under their noses, as if they knew something that was staring in her face the whole time.

Chapter Text

 - I think I know what I can and can't handle, Dipper. Now drop your pants and hand me the flashlight, or you're not getting ANY tonight.

Dipper Pines gulped and followed his wife’s orders. He would like to believe that he had nothing to be ashamed of, and certainly, ever since they started dating, Wendy has never complained - on the contrary, she adored him, but when Wendy remembered about the magnifying flashlight, her ideas became much, much braver than before. 

Wendy grabbed the edge of her husband’s pants and pulled them down, exposing his already stiff length she took in her palm, sliding back and forth, making him even harder.

With her other hand, she turned on the flashlight, and immediately the tingling, warm sensation started radiating through Dipper’s manhood, multiplied by every single nerve ending there. To Dipper’s surprise, his penis was not growing in thickness, as Wendy usually preferred, but in length - which again, he thought to be quite satisfying. 

 - Let’s work on that gag reflex, shall we? - Wendy smiled, licking her lips, watching Dipper’s eyes widen as her mouth got closer to his tip.

Chapter Text

 -  So Ford and I developed a non-toxic waterproofing spray that degrades naturally after about a day or so. Combine that with some edible ink cartridges and a copy machine that can copy living things, and that should explain my friends here. 

Wendy stared agape at her boyfriend and his two perfect copies standing in front of her, helping “the original” in explaining the process. She has heard about the photocopier accident, and what pushed Dipper into trying to use it, but she never thought that he or Ford would like to repair it. 

The three teenagers in front of her were absolutely indistinguishable from one another, and the facsimile Dippers looked nothing like the failed ones he told her about - the two on the sides were as handsome and dorky as the middle one that was still wildly gesticulating.  

Only when their facial expressions changed and their excited smiles vanished from their faces, Wendy realised that Dipper stopped his explanation some time ago, and that she was staring at them in a near hypnotised state.

 - So, Wendy... Thoughts?

A smug grin appeared on the lumberjill’s face as she rose to her feet, ogling the gang of her boyfriends in her room and put her arms around the necks of the outermost boys to bring them closer to her.

 - Oh, yes... Definitely. 

Chapter Text

 - So, I found this waterfall... 

Wendy sat next to her boyfriend and opened a can of soda, taking a huge sip. 

 - And? - Dipper asked eagerly, lifting his head from the book - What did you find?

 - Nothing. That’s the thing. - Wendy casually replied, never taking her eyes from Dipper’s bewildered face. Ever since Dipper came back to Gravity Falls, they decided to continue Ford’s work of describing every oddity and weird place they could find, and Dipper was eager to hear what Wendy has seen there.

 - You mean, there was nothing inside the cave behind the waterfall, right?

 - No, there was nothing behind the waterfall, inside it, the water-testing thingy didn’t light up, nothing. Even the water flowed in the right direction. 

For a moment, the attic of the Mystery Shack was filled with a faint, monotonous tapping of Dipper’s pen against the desk, as the younger of the two explorers thought about this piece of news.

 - This place is seriously weird. - he stated firmly, before getting back to describing the most bizarre place either of the discovered so far. 

Chapter Text

 - I’m pregnant, Dipper. - A few minutes have passed since Wendy has spoken these words to her husband, rendering him silent.

 - And you were going to tell me that when, exactly? - Dipper replied, bouncing off the wall to stop himself spinning on the rope. 

About a meter or so in front of him Wendy was dangling on the other end, frantically looking up every few minutes to see if the midpoint of the rope won’t slide from the cliff anytime soon. 

 - Well, I wanted to tell you tonight… - she sighed, her face turning red - I didn’t expect us to fall into this hole.

 - Don’t worry, Wendy, I’m going to let us die here, I’ll find a plan. - Dipper stated firmly, trying to remain as calm as possible, given the head-spinning news. 

But when he turned his head to meet her eyes again, she was already climbing up the rope, feet by feet, carefully binding and re-binding the rope around her hands. 

 - Sure, Dipper, you keep making the plan, I’ll be executing it. - she send him a wink, watching as her husband began to mimic her moves, moving up to balance the weight of her and their child. 

Chapter Text

- Ugh. I hate being sick.

Wendy blew her nose into a large, plad handkerchief. Tucked under the large, thick quilt in her bedroom, Wendy was having quite frankly, one of the worst days of this summer. Or rather she would have, if not for her friend. With running nose, coughing fit and depleted of energy, Wendy was forced to stay in her bed, unable to do any work, or have fun, at least under most definitions of it.

- Might be old-timey, but it won't hurt you! - Dipper passed her a bowl of soup, careful not to spill it.
- Thanks, that smells lovely - she said through her nose. - Man, I still feel bummed. Who catches cold in the middle of August?

Hearing her raised voice made Dipper back away a step or two. One one hand, he felt blessed he could be nursing his long-time crush and spend more time with her; one the other, he knew well not to be in the radius of her arm, even if Wendy was her weakened state. Seeing his reaction, Wendy smiled and moved aside, prompting Dipper to sit next to her.

- Come on, dude, we can watch the tv. My nose isn't working, might as well fry my brain.
- Thanks. And to answer you question: someone who falls into an underground river to save her friend. - Dipper replied, somewhat disapprovingly, though he changed his tone instantly when Wendy stared at him
- So what, I was supposed to let that kelpie drown you?
- You know she just wanted a bit of sugar! - Dipper answered under his breath, shying away from her - And besides, she just wanted to play with her!

As Dipper kept explaining his point of view, gesturing wildly next to her, Wendy took a spoonful of the broth from the bowl. The warm aroma filled her nostrils and throat, and very soon Wendy realised she was eating something much tastier she was used to. She didn't feel a single glob of watered powder clumped together, or a flimsy noodle she couldn't properly bite.

- ...and technically, she was just a pony, so he probably didn't want to kill us-
- Dude, shush. - Wendy pressed her finger to Dipper's mouth - Dipper, did you make entire, proper chicken soup?

Flabbergasted by the fact that she touched him, it took Dipper a moment to form a coherent answer.

- Well, it's just me and Mabel went to the market, after we tucked you in bed, and we had an idea that-that you could use a day or two free from work, you know.

For a long moment, neither of them could say a word. Wendy stared at Dipper's reddened, candid face with open mouth that soon turned into a wide, bright smile.

- Dipper, thank you. I... - Wendy stammered - You know, I don't think I would be able to cook this myself. - she took another spoonful - Nor that I would have the time...
- Hey, this is what friends are for.

Dipper immediately cheered her up, putting an arm around her shoulder, a move that was so bold, he initially didn't register it.

- But wait, does it mean that Mabel is here as well? - Wendy asked between taking sips, eagerly waiting his response
- Oh, yeah. I think she's making scrambled eggs for your brothers and father. I think they were scrambled eggs. - he pondered for a while - How much sugar goes into scrambled eggs, anyway?

A loud, shattering noise, followed by what could be described as bellowing roars of several enraged bulls came from the ktchen and seemed to answer Dipper's question. In an instant, Wendy put the bowl on her night-table and jumped out of the bed, straight into her slippers.

- Dipper, thank you for the soup, but I-I need to go. Can't have holidays forever, you know. Dad? Dad!

Still in her pyjamas, Wendy dashed out the room towards the sounds of the pandemonium that took place on the other side of their house, hearing Dipper's footsteps behind her, as he rushed to help her.


Chapter Text

The door to the small, wooden cabin smashed open, when Wendy kicked it after several tries of opening it the regular way. Snow, both falling, and the one that accumulated on the ground immediately invaded the insides, but was quickly pushed back when Wendy and Dipper forced the door close. The two slumped to the ground, tired after no less than an hour of walking in the most terrible snowstorm Gravity Falls has ever seen. They had to make a decision, whether to reach the town, or seek the shelter in the woods, and Wendy chose the latter. Her father's old cabin hasn't been used for some time, but it contained all they might need to survive, at least till morning.

They spent the next hour making sure there are no holes around windows or walls, and putting spare clothes in those places that might steal the precious warm. A small heater, with a flimsy, bended chimney was fortunately working, and made them warm a bit, as well as prepare some canned food.

- Mabel? Mabel! - Dipper kept shouting into his phone - There's no signal. How freaky is that weather?
- Well if there is one place to have weird snowstorms, it's Gravity Falls.

Wendy shrugged, and she passed him a bowl of what looked like tomatoes and beans. As Dipper looked around, he understood why the "small" cabin didn't feel so small at all: it was designed for Wendy's gargantuan father. And then, Dipper's eyes fell to the corner of the room, and he nearly choked on his food.

- Dude, what's going on?
- Uh, Wendy, there is, uh, there's only one...

Wendy turned her head, following Dipper's finger, finding he pointed at the bed. She quickly looked back at him, raising her brow in a mocking grimace.

- Dipper, grow up.

Dipper gulped the last portion of his meal, and for the next few hours he delayed the prospect that he will need to spend a night with Wendy. They talked, they even laughed, they tried desperately to reach their families via their cellphones. As the night fell, she moved and cuddled him next to the heater, which provided one hell of conflict of stimuli for Dipper. Yes, he definitely would love to be that close to Wendy, and in his many dreams they did exactly that, but every time this happened, Dipper thought that he might do something stupid that would uncover the four-year old wound. She wasn't interested in him, at least not in the way he'd like... But when her arm touched his, he smelled her subtle, familiar perfume, and felt blissfully dizzy, resulting in his head slumping to her shoulder.

- Welp, I guess that's the signal. - Wendy spoke, and Dipper jolted back, once he understood what he allowed himself to do.

From underneath the bed, Wendy pulled a massive, thick quilt, made of multicoloured patches, very similar to the one in her room.

- My mom made these. - she stated, absent-mindedly. - This one might have been first, when we weren't born yet.

That didn't exactly improve the mood, but once he got onto the bed, Dipper at least felt a bit better about sharing it with Wendy. It was wider then he expected, again, due to Manly Dan's size.

- G-Goodnight, Wendy! - he muttered, and turned to his side, just in case Wendy would like to change.

But she didn't, and hopped under the blanket in the same clothes they ate their food in, sans the heavy boots and jumper. A shiver travelled down Dipper's spine when he felt her body nudging him, and he closed his eyes, trying hard to repel the dirty imagery that was already storming in his mind. But it all fell flat, when Wendy's arm closed around him.

- W-W-Wendy? - Dipper shrieked
- What?

A moment of unspoken silence fell between the two, when Dipper tried to vocalise his worry. Wendy rolled her eyes again, and slumped back to the pillow.

- Dipper, dude, we're freezing here, social norms be damned, it's survival 101.
- I know, it's just... You know, it's a bit embarrassing.
- Why? You weren't embarrassed when you cuddled with me on our movie nights.
- Yeah, but you know, it was... different.

And to his surprise, when he turned around, he met Wendy's eyes, filled not with disappointment, but compassion.

- Yeah, I get it, dude.

Neither of them fell asleep. Not with the unspoken discussion they were not having, staring into each other's sparkling eyes, relishing each other's company. After a few minutes, however, Dipper shied away, feeling his face burning not from the warmth of their bodies, but awkwardness.

- You... you know I'm still, you know, kinda...
- love with me? - Wendy finished - Yeah, like, no shit.
- Yeah, so you see why this is a bit weird...
- I don't find it weird. - she immediately added.
- Well, yeah, cos' you're not in love with me. If you were, you'd...

But when Dipper looked back at her, her eyes were watering, and her mouth was quivering, as if she was about to say something.

- W-Wendy, did I say something wrong? I'm sorry, I-

And then, she was kissing him, furiously pressing her mouth to his. The brave, young, smart man that proved to be a hundred times more mature that the guys she dated before... at least on some occasions. And as she mashed her lips with his, she was delighted to feel his hand, though still quivering, touched her waist, as the two were pulled closer together.

- We-Wendy! - Dipper gasped - Why- I mean, why didn't you- What?

It was time for Wendy to shy away from his eyes.

- Look, Dipper... It would be.. it would super weird if I... If I said that I...

Their eyes met again, and for the first time, Dipper saw Wendy flustered, her cheeks matching her red hair. And in the dim light of the lamp, she looked even more otherworldly and beautiful than ever.

- You know, I think we're both better at kissing that talking.

And before she could protest, they were mashing their lips again, relishing the warmth both around their bodies, trapped underneath the blanket, and the one that was burning inside them. "Was it a dream?", Dipper thought. "Maybe I got carbon monoxide poisoning, and started imagining things?". But if he was hallucinating the images of Wendy, rolling with him under the blanket, then it would be the sweetest death possible. Every few minutes they changed their position, topping each other in turns, indulging in fantasies they both have been having for quite a long time. Dipper suspected that Wendy only allowed him to topple him by surrendering her muscles, and if she wanted to, she could easily pin him to the bed.

- Is that a firewood in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? - Wendy asked out of the blue, pushing his body up a bit.
- What? - Dipper gasped, his head still spinning from the amount of kissing they've had.

And when he looked between their bodies, he understood meaning of her words.

- Oh, fu-, god, I'm sorry, Wendy, I'm so sorry, I-

Dipper jumped from her at once, trying to cover his erection, though once light shone on his jeans, it became even more obvious.

- Dude, relax. - she laughed, and pulled him back to her - You know, realistically we should have started dating like, a year ago.
- Yeah, after you rescued me from that bird monster.
- Or you saved me from the squid. - she laughed again.

Their lips met again, but as the two began kissing, Dipper put his hands underneath her waist, resulting in an instant, languorous moan escaping her mouth.

- Dipper...

The point of no return was crossed. Wendy pulled up her shirt, showing her belly, covered with goosebumps, as she tried to reach her bra. But Dipper was faster, and he with his help, the piece of her undergarment fell to the floor, leaving Dipper with sight of Wendy's breasts, suffering from the same coldness of air around. There was only one solution, and Dipper - quite insensitively - began applying it immediately, peppering her mounds with kisses, his hand caressing the other one his lips weren't taking care of at the moment.

But before he could enjoy this, Wendy pulled her shirt down, and began unbuckling her jeans.

- Too cold for that. We need to get warmer.

Dipper helped her slide her jeans down, though he did not expect Wendy to pull her panties with them in one, clumsy move. His heart was pacing furiously, when he saw a bush of red hair at the top of the one place he's been dreaming for such a long time. Petting and a bit of nudity was one thing, but the journey they were about to partake seemed much more dangerous. Frozen in place, Wendy took his hand and put it over the wet, warm opening of hers, moaning loudly when his fingertips brushed her lips. Once again, it felt as if an electric shock jolted up his arm, and it was up to Wendy to encourage him to stay there.

- Wendy... what do I...
- Just play with it, Dip...

She pulled him back to his old position atop her, kissing his face, as his fingers caressed her sex. Though Dipper fantasied about it, he was lost when it came to what he would actually do with her; but Wendy offered him help of her own hand, pointing him where, what and how to touch. And soon, she was writhing and flailing, their kisses interrupted by her moans, and his name cried into the air.

Wendy smiled, when she heard the clicking of buttons of his jeans, and a moment later, she saw his boxers and reached to them at once, revealing a rather thick manhood. If Dipper jumped when Wendy first touched him through the fabric, the the feeling of her fingers brushing his cock almost electrified him, something Wendy commented with another giggle.

It turned out that Wendy was a bit clumsy and inexperienced as well, not knowing how to caress his length, and it was Dipper's time to show her how to pump him, though he almost immediately warned her not to.

- Wendy... you do realise I'm not really gonna last very long, don't you? - Dipper quivered, staring down at their sexes, about to become one.
- Dude, I'm close as well, let's do it!

And with a nod, she spread her legs, and welcomed him, feeling the rush of energy and pleasure she hasn't felt before. If it was painful, then the pain was gone in seconds, numbed by the indescribable, blissful closeness of her... well, boyfriend, she should call him. Wendy knew that all Dipper was doing was just bucking into her, back and forth in the same, monotonous rhythm, and it didn't really make any difference if she was a pillow, but Wendy was on cloud nine, as if she was making love to someone who has claimed countless of women as his. Dipper kept mumbling "I love you!", in short, breathless moans, possibly to make him concentrate and prevent an early climax. His eyes lit when Wendy began chanting the same.

As she predicted, they were both close. His fingers already did marvels to her, bringing her climax much earlier that she would liked to.

- Wendy...! Wendy...! I...I'm gonna...
- I know, dude, do it - she screamed, pulling him even closer to herself, locking her arms and legs around his rocking body. This dampened his moves a bit for a moment, but he resumed them with even more furious bucking once she slightly loosen her grip.
- B-But... You sure I can do it? - he asked, panic in his eyes.
- Yes! - she lied, silencing him with a kiss that has finally brought him over the edge. She wasn't sure at all if it was safe for Dipper to come inside her, but in the heat of the moment, Wendy wouldn't dare to imagine being robbed of the pleasure of him filling her to the brim.

And a moment later, she got exactly that, with stream after stream of his warmth spilling into her, one after another, for what felt like hours. And maybe it even was, Wendy honestly didn't know how long they were lying underneath the thick quilt, clinging to their half-clothed bodies. But it was the heat, shared between the two that really mattered. She came a few minutes after him, though with the help of their fingers, mashing her clit in unison.

- We...Wendy... Oh god, that was... that was... - Dipper finally spoke, after catching breath
- Yeah, that *was* something.

Wendy reached for another kiss, but Dipper suddenly frowned and shied away from her.

- Wendy... You don't... you don't regret it, do you?

In return, she smiled. No, she did not regret it. Nor did she regret the next three times they did it, each separated by a long, cuddly rest. After he learned her body a bit, Dipper managed to make her come just on his own every single time, a feat Wendy was immensely proud of. Time after time, he kept supplying her with the much needed warmth of his, getting the angelic moans and the sight of his dream girl spasming underneath him in return. When the morning arrived, and she saw clear weather outside the cabin, Wendy honestly thought that it must have been their love-making that melted the snow.


Two two walked out of the cabin as more than friends, talking about each other the whole way to the town, often stopping for a kiss to warm each other up, even though objectively, there was no need for it. The snowstorm was gone, and in fact, in a few places, one could spot ground peeking from underneath the snow. But when they saw Mabel and Grunkle Stan in the distance on the street, they let go off each other's hands, just in case. They weren't sure if they should break the news now, especially now that Dipper's family discovered they were still alive.

As Mabel hugged her brother seemingly to death, Wendy turned her head around, watching the city waking up from the calamity of snowfall that occurred, glad to see that the local drug store across the street hasn't been snowed in. Once she waved Dipper goodbye, she rushed into it to ensure that their first night of passion won't be the last one, as she had so much more on her mind.



Chapter Text

Mabel did not expect her friend to visit her, but when Wendy texted that she's in an emergency only she can help with, the cheerful girl had to intervene. A few minutes later, the lumberjill arrived and quite cautiously knocked not on the twins' bedroom door, but on the window sill.

- Woah, Wendy!

Mabel rushed to let Wendy in, who from the looks of it climbed the roof of Mystery Shack with her hatchet alone.

- Why didn't you use the stairs? - Mabel asked, looking quizzically at the older girl, pointing to the doorway.
- Eh, stairs are overrated. - she snarked, sitting on the bed opposite of Mabel's - Dipper's home?
- Nah. He said he has a "thing to do", and went somewhere. - she rolled her eyes - Anyway... - she jumped to her feet and examined her friend from head to toes - What's the deal?

The beaming smile faded slightly from the red-hair's face, and for quite possibly the first time in her life, Mabel saw Wendy shying away from her. She grabbed her hair, and stroked it a couple of times, before she finally spoke.

- See... I want to change my hair. You know, to... I don't know, to make them look better, I guess.

Wendy flinched, when Mabel emitted a loud screech, clutching her face with her hands.

- Oh. My. Gosh! Of course! My quest to make the world a better place finally begins!

And with that proclamation, she she grabbed the chair in the corner, threw it to the centre of the room, and unceremoniously pushed Wendy on it, making her stare at her own reflection in Mabel's mirror that suddenly found its way to her hand. A loud, slightly menacing snipping noise reached Wendy's ears, and when she turned her head, her eyes went wide at the sight of the pruning scissors Mabel was testing.

- Nah, that won't work. Unless you want pedicure! - she happily stated, and took a regular pair of scissors from her night table. - Why do you want your hair changed anyway?

With her face turned away from Mabel, Wendy could hide, at least for a moment, her blush.

- Well, uh, I'm, uh, going on a date, I guess.

Mabel had to pause the search of her collection of teenage magazines to emit another giggly shriek of approval and excitement. Next moment Wendy was buried under the avalanche of snippets depicting celebrities to choose from.

- Okay, how do you want your hair? Fell free to ask for more! And more importantly, how is he? - Mabel sat next to her, eagerly waiting for an answer.
- Well, uh, the thing is, I don't know how I want my hair, Mabel. I want something he'd like... - Wendy said somewhat despondent, once again avoiding eye contact with her.
- No problem. Just tell me, how is he?
- Well, he's cute, I guess. - Wendy answered nonchalantly and smiled, browsing through the bits of multicoloured papers.
- Cute like this, or this? - Mabel continued, pulling pictures of two actors from the bottom of the pile. Wendy stared at two men in suits, accepting some shiny awards on a red carpet, and shook her head. Truth to be told, if she didn't see the captions, she's think they are the same people, looking almost manufactured to fit the given fashion. She knew half of the girls in her class would melt at the sheer sight of the slightly unshaven, dark-haired guys like these two.
- Nah, neither, really. More like this. - she pulled another picture and showed it to Mabel.

She took a good, long look at photo of the teenage actor in glasses, sitting in a vintage-looking set.

- Okay, to each their own, I guess. - she murmured - So, the hair... how about a braid, maybe? That's something a bit more... uh, classic? - Mabel guessed, remembering an episode of the medieval fantasy show they actor was in.
- Sounds good. - Wendy replied - You think he'll like it?
- One way to find out!

Mabel rushed to the other side of her chair, and as Wendy leaned back, she began her work, though as Wendy suspected, that did not stop Mabel from being curious.

- So... You guys have met before? Or you just found him in the woods?
- Uh, yeah, lots of times. - Wendy replied immediately. - Knew him for years, but I guess only now I realised...
- ...that's he's a dating material? - Mabel giggled - Don't worry sister, we're gonna make him jump out of his shoes. You gonna need make-up later.
- Oh, no, not that - Wendy quickly protested - I, uh, I can do that myself.

Mabel stopped her handiwork for a while, and in the reflection, she saw the pupils in Wendy's eyes, dashing nervously from one side to the other.

- Say, that boy...
- Boy? - Wendy chuckled - Mabel, he's not a boy anymore.
- Yeah, of course he's not, silly me. - she corrected herself - So, this obviously mature guy, what's he doing? He's local, isn't he?
- Uh, well, he's here for the Summer...
- But you said you knew him for years. - Mabel replied quickly, crossing two strands of Wendy's hair slightly too tight, staring at Wendy's widened eyes reflecting in the mirror.
- Uh, no, he's been just visiting this place every year. For holidays - she added.
- Oh, of course! - Mabel let our another fake laugh - After all, this place is just booming with tourists. The mountains, lakes, woods, occasional end of the universe as we know it, it's a magnet. One last thing...

And before Wendy knew it, she was facing Mabel, who, despite not being a swivel one, rotated the chair around itself in a single move.

- Does he have short, chestnut hair, he's about yay tall, is quite dorky and his nickname rhymes with "zipper"?

The terrified face of her older friend was more than enough for a confession, though it might partially be the result of Wendy's vision still being blurry after Mabel spun her around. Once she affixed her eyes at Mabel and her piercing gaze, she sighed, and grunted her response.

- Okay, okay. Yeah, Dipper asked me out. You satisfied? - she crossed her arms
- Wendy...

Mabel mewled, and sat at the edge of her bed, frowning.

- Why didn't you tell me straight away?
- I don't know - Wendy snapped back - It's... it's a bit weird, isn't it? We've been friends for years, and now he's... different, and I don't know what to do.

Wendy lowered her head, once again fixing her hair instinctively, forgetting they were partially braided.

- Oh, brother. Someone's in denial again. - Mabel sighed - But more importantly, why do you even think you'd need change of hair style?
- I don't know! - Wendy roared back - Sorry, Mabel, I'm super confused about it. He's been in love with me, and then he wasn't, and now he is, like, tall and stuff, and I agreed to that date, and I don't want to break his heart, and...
- Shush. - Mabel placed her hand at her face, interrupting Wendy's ramblings.

Wendy stared with curiosity at Mabel, who instead of responding to her, walked to her brother's bed, and quite nonchalantly punched the slanted roof over it. At first, Wendy thought that Mabel has somehow made the roof collapse, but she soon saw that few loose wooden planks have been glued together and mounted on a string like a tray, exposing Dipper's hidden shelf.

- Exhibit A in our case: You. - Mabel stated, pointing to the cavity - Quite a lot of you.

And indeed, once Wendy looked inside, her face turned red, when she saw pictures of her dotted around the little hidey place, forming what otherwise might be called an altar.

- Exhibit B: this thing.

With a fast move of her hand, Mabel produced an old, taped poster of a woman from Dipper's stash. This one, for a change, did not depict her, though Wendy saw she bore some striking similarities. The painted woman was wielding a claymore, and was clad in armour, though that was only by the name, as it revealed more of warrior's sleek body than hid. She lad athletic legs, rather large breasts, and an unmistakably familiar, long, waving, flaming red hair.

- Uh, what's that?
- I don't know - Mabel shrugged - Something from and old computer game. The one they made before they realised third dimension exists, or something, and has lots of math, Dipper loves these. Look at it, her bra has horns, for Pete's sake!

The two chuckled at the artist's idea of an armour once again, even more so when Mabel stuck her fingers at her chest, pretending to be the woman depicted on the old poster.

- So, as I said, your hair is fine. - Mabel proclaimed - Case closed.

And with that, she was about to close Dipper's hidden shelf, but before she could do that, Wendy stopped her mid-way.

- Wait, can I have a look at that poster again?
- Why? - Mabel raised her brow.

A wide grin appeared on Wendy's face, together with a splash of crimson on her cheeks.

- Well... I've been thinking about a costume for Summerween, you know, just for fun. And this thing gave me an idea...

It was Mabel's time to turn crimson, as she just realised what intentions Wendy might have.

- Woah, don't give my brother a heart attack, girl. At least not before you take him to a honeymoon!

Chapter Text

They say that you shouldn't commit to someone until you've seen them at their worst. Dipper Pines, standing in the queue at the local furniture market remembered these words, told him once by his Grunkle many years ago, as he observed the dantesque scene engulfing in front of him. The raised voice of his girlfriend, arguing with a cashier sounded somehow flat in his head. Maybe it was because the quarrel took over ten minutes already, and Dipper's brain simply decided it has always been a part of the background noise. Or maybe Wendy's groans had to rival other people angered shouts, the alarm, or the sirens of the police car.

It really wasn't her fault that she had to empty her backpack over the checkout counter in order to search for the wallet. It wasn't her fault that the gerbil had to escape. Wendy was right, of course, that the table they bought should count as one item, and not seventeen, for each individual part or screw the shop was famous for, and that they had the right to stand in the "10 items or less" line. And Wendy was quite correct saying that it should be "fewer", instead of "less" (though it was Dipper who once told her to notice that common mistake). He wasn't that keen on Wendy using the belt to strangle the cashier, even though he couldn't deny it was effective.

And as Dipper ducked to avoid getting hit by the security guard Wendy threw over the line, he thought "I'm so going to propose to her once we get out of jail."


Chapter Text

When Dipper and Mabel agreed to partake in another dimension-hoping travel for Blendin, they didn't expect that this would be the work he assigned them. They were supposed to be librarian's assistants - Dipper chose the job, winning the rock-paper-scissors game with Mabel, who'd rather save animals from forests being destroyed by pollution-obsessed super villains. But once they arrived through the portal, they quickly realised the definition of a "library" differed in this world, and so did the one of the "librarian".

Fal, who was supposed to meet them, almost at once dragged them out of sight when they stepped out of the portal, and only once he lowered his mask, he turned out to be a kindly looking man in his forties, though the initial demeanour definitely hid it well. Before he could even properly introduce their job to them, he gave them two coats (Mabel didn't need one, she already had a long, brown trench-sweater packed with her), and ordered them to follow him down the dark street, illuminated only by cold lights on a rainy, gloomy day. After a while he met another man, whose face brightened once their eyes met.

- Psst... You got the stuff?

Fal took another look at the surroundings, prompting Dipper and Mabel to do the same. The twins weren't sure what exactly to look for, aside from obvious signs of someone that might interrupt the shady exchange. He reached under his coat and produced a square, grey envelope, sparkling and buzzing with static electricity. The buyer's eyes shone, and not just with the reflection of the item he sought. He quickly grabbed it, and opened it to read the hash of the file, double checking if the item was genuine. Smiling, he produced a small bag of coins from his pocket and passed it to Fal, who took it, and prompted Dipper and Mabel to scram.

The entire deal took no less than a minute, after which the three of them were sitting comfortably in Fal's magnetic van, hovering in the alley nearby. Sitting behind the driver's seat, Fal counted the coins, while Dipper and Mabel browsed the massive collection of items stored on hand-made shelves attached to the back of the van. Each movie, book, piece of music, thought, sculpture, painting, poem or any other form of art was compressed to the form of small, square, diskette-like objects, though most of them had little to no information what's on them. Dipper and Mabel didn't have to know the details of the universe they found themselves in to know that they were surrounded by a huge slice of this world's culture.

- That guy got lucky. - Fal suddenly said - These episodes were thought to be lost. I had to pay extra to mine them, cos I just got a hunch where they might have been buried.
- Mr. Fal, how much do you have here? - Dipper asked, still marvelling at the rows and rows of envelopes.
- Dunno. No one really knows. They say there used to be libraries, where one could look stuff up. - he said despondently, passing the twins two cups of what looked like a cocoa - But I know I can find stuff. And people want it, despite all that happened.
- What happened? - Mabel asked, exchanging nervous look with Dipper.
- The Cloud...

Perhaps it was a coincidence, but some distance away a thunder rolled at the very moment Fal spoke these words, causing the twins to jump in place.

- Oh, you mean that it all turned digital and stuff? - Dipper continued - Yeah, I hear you. We have the same problem. I still prefer real books, you know.
- That's just because you can hide stuff between the pages. - Mabel interrupted - And I know what you've been hiding there.
- No I don't! I mean, no you don't... - Dipper's face turned crimson, before he understood that he cannot possibly back off from Mabel's accusation.
- He's just old-school, mister Fal, because he thinks he will make his crush more interested in him. Old movies, books, records, you name it.

Though the light at the back of the van was dim, in the rear mirror Fal saw Dipper getting progressively more flustered, and couldn't help but smile at the bickering twins.

- I-I told you I'm over her, Mabel!

Mabel mocked his stuttered response and blew raspberry at him. And since the levels of noise reached limit Fal was usually not accustomed to, he quickly cut them off.

- Well, you are half-right Dipper. It all went digital, straight to The Cloud...
- See, told you?
- ...because it ate all of it.

The tins swallowed loudly as Fal paused his story, looking back at the kids he was supposed to train.

- No one really knows how it happened, but there were people... like myself, who were dedicated to save as much as possible. Things that are precious: books, pieces of music, treatises, articles, old shows, before it all was prohibited or destroyed. I usually deal with the stories and posters, you might want to take a look at them.

The twins put away their cups of what they thought was cocoa, and still slightly taken back by his story, browsed the shelves. Each gray digital envelope had a small button in its centre, and it operated by single press. When Mabel pressed one on hers, the box vanished, and turned into what looked like a bound collection of old newspapers, so heavy she almost fell to the floor. Dipper has managed to find a series of video game posters, ballet shoes, and what looked like a real crab, though he was smart enough not to release it. Another envelope Mabel opened turned into dozens of so pieces of paper, written in tidy handwriting.

- That reminds me, we need to wait here for someone to get this.

He reached into a front compartment of his vehicle showing them another diskette, this time yellow. And no sooner than he said that, a new figure appeared, seemingly out of shadows on the pavement their car was parked. Fal rolled the shield, and quickly exchanged the goods, just like he did before. This time, however, the other person spoke more than one sentence, and both Dipper and Mabel were slightly surprised it was a woman.

- Thank you, mister Fal, I've been waiting for the next chapter for such a long time, it gives me so much hope...
- No problem, madame.
- Do you know when will the next one be...?
- Can't say that, I'm afraid.

Despite getting no sure answer, the woman smiled and gave him a much smaller sack of money, and before they knew it, she vanished into the night as quickly and elusively as she appeared. Fal counted the coins, and only when he looked up on the road, he noticed Mabel's stare in his mirror.

- What? - he quickly turned around, meeting the squinted eyes of the girl.
- Wait a minute... What was on that disk?
- Stories. - Fal quickly responded turning away from her piercing gaze. - Just you know, I collect them, and pass them to the...
- No, you don't, mister! - Mabel shouted triumphantly - I know that look. That's the look of a person who submitted a "friend's" poem to the art competition in middle school!

To Dipper's surprise, it was now Fal's turn to shy away from his sister, and from the looks of it, the shade of red on the older man's face could rival his from a moment ago.

- I knew it! - Mabel squeaked and jumped to the front seat, nearly spilling Fal's drink - You're a writer! An artist! A troubled soul! Who's your muse? I had like twelve so far, none was good enough. Dipper has this older girl called Wendy, he writes about her all the time...
- I do not!
- Oh shush it, I saw your drawing of her, it honestly looked good. - she barked - So, back to you, Fal, what do you write about?
- Enough!

With quite a powerful move, Fal slammed his hands against the dashboard, giving Mabel a clear sign to stop asking questions. Taken aback by his sudden action, Mabel scooted to the back of the van, taking place next to Dipper, who almost automatically stood up once he thought his sister might be in danger, regardless of Fal's previous behaviour.

- Yes, I might have written a story or two, but... - he pondered for a moment - But I'm not going to discuss them.
- Mister Fal, I'm sorry if I was a bit rude... - Mabel's voice quivered for a moment - I think you're amazing, really, I just wanted to...

She stopped for a moment, nudging Dipper to help her. He pondered for a moment, and after exchanging a few silent looks, he realised he might have jumped to conclusion a bit too soon.

- Yeah, there's no need to be angry! You not only find stuff for other people, you also help create it! That's... that's freaking awesome. I started writing my own journals back then, and it felt really cool. I... I was usually documenting strange things around our town, you see, but I felt fantastic doing it.
- And...?

Dipper rolled his eyes.

- And yeah, I might have dedicated a page or two to my crush.

From his seat, Dipper could swear he saw the edge of Fal's mouth curling up in a smile.

- But Mabel writes cheesy love songs about her favourite boy-bands. Ha!

Mabel opened her mouth to argue, but promptly lowered her raised arm and shrugged.

- Uh, yeah, guilty as charged.

This time, there was no mistake - Fal was not just smiling, but chuckling under his breath, before letting a loud laugh. But when he was a bout to turn back to thank the two, a bright flash of light illuminated the entire street, causing him to jump back to his seat.

- Quick, cops, lay down! There's plasma riffle under the floor!

He gripped the steering wheel of his vehicle, ready to scram, before a familiar voice reached the ears of the twins.

- Mabel? Dipper?
- Blendin!

Fal stepped on the brake, causing the whole vehicle to jerk as the engine was forced to stop, and as his eyes accommodated to the light, he saw a corpulent, bald man approach his car.

- Uh, hi there! - Blendin stuttered, noticing stern look on Fal's face. - See, there, uh, there might have been a teensy weensy mistake on our part. We definitely didn't want to send two children to your standard, run-off-the-mill dystopian future #35467.
- I thought they might be a bit too small for librarian apprentices... - Fal scratched his chin - I just thought they come in different sizes now. Oh well, I guess the playtime's over, guys.
- Aww... - both Dipper and Mabel groaned.

Though gloomy and miserable, the two found Fal oddly comforting, almost as if they sat around a roaring campfire on a cold, autumn night. But even then, a prospect of actual home lured them both into Blendin's portal. The three exchanged hugs, warm but slightly smelly due to the weird drink they all had. Dipper let Mabel go first, giving him time to linger by the vehicle's door when he got the chance to speak to Fal.

- Uh, mister Fal? - Dipper asked quietly leaning into his window - Can I, uh, keep this?

He showed him an envelope he sneaked under his jacket. Though once again, it looked unmarked on the outside, Fal must have recognised it immediately.

- Let me guess, that crush of yours has the same hair colour?

Dipper failed to answer his question, and scratched his head, which was all Fal needed.

- Don't sweat it, you can keep it. And take these, for your sister.

He gave him a couple of visibly home-made, orange, pink and red disks.

- I haven't proof-read them yet, but I'm sure she'll understand. And hey, you can use yours to keep stuff away from your sis'.
- Thank you, mister. Though I think she can trick me into pressing my thumb to the reader while I'm asleep anyway.
- Although...

As Dipper walked away, Fal grabbed his hand, prompting him to meet his eyes again.

- If I were you, I'd do something to make that girl you like notice you, instead of gaping at that poster. Though from what I've gathered you guys are already close.
- Uh, yeah, about that...
- I'm sure you'll find a way. Go on, that portal won't go unnoticed.

Blendin's nagging voice prompted Dipper's eyes to open wide, and not a moment later, he disappeared in another flash of light, leaving Fal waiting for an actual librarian's apprentice he asked the Agency for. He scanned the surroundings to see if the commotion has attracted any unwanted individuals, but the street remained as empty as it was. Just to be cautious, he raised the camouflage shields around his car, loaded a diskette into his portable typewriter, and began re-reading his latest chapter, still remembering his newest friends' uplifting words in his mind.

"Dear Diary" - Mabel began writing - "Today we went on a super cool trip to different world! It was all dark and sad, but we met a nice mister Fal, who thought us how to smuggle books and stuff. He then took us into his van and gave us weird drinks to drink."

Once the meaning of her words seeped into her consciousness, Mabel stopped, and turned her head towards Dipper, who was equally engaged in writing his journal.

- Dipper...? Don't you think this adventure was a bit... weirder than usual?
- Dunno - he replied, without taking eyes from the book - What rhymes with "flannel"?




Chapter Text

Wendy hated when they laughed, or even sniggered, thinking she couldn't hear them. She tried to stay calm and restrained, as the kiss between her and her boyfriend deepened, but the giggling of her classmates at some point became too loud to go unnoticed.

In one move, she broke the kiss, pushing Dipper aside onto the bench, and stood up straight, scanning the perimeter of her school yard looking for the source of the problem. And no sooner she found the group sitting at the table far across, the laughter began anew, this time without trying to conceal it. Almost immediately she felt Dipper's hand gripping hers, trying to stop her from confronting her classmates, but she let it go, and decisively stormed towards them. Dipper might no longer care if someone laughed at the visible height difference between him and his older girlfriend, but she sure still did.

- Hey, jackasses, what's your problem? - she roared, stomping in place.
- Our problem? - A guy turned to her as if he didn't see her coming from a mile away - You're the one who's dating a midget.
- Don't you know it looks stupid? - a girl her age added, flicking her heavily decorated hair - You might as well get all the way on your knees, your little boyfriend might prefer it.

A loud, almost primal laughter erupted from the rest of the students, apparently unaware whom they were taunting. Wendy clenched her fist and focused her eyes on the guy's very prominent chin, and was about to raise it, until once again Dipper's hand closed around it.

- Wendy, chill out, don't let them provoke you!

Wendy looked at Dipper, into his pleading eyes, so very mature for his age. She honestly didn't know what was the problem some people had with her showing affection for her 15-year old boyfriend. The longer she remained reserved, the more prominent smile on his face has become. After all, if there was one person that could stop her from earning herself a detention for breaking the guy's teeth, then it would be Dipper.

But today she had to act.

- You know, maybe they are right. That does look stupid when I kiss you like that. - she proclaimed loudly, hoping to gain their attention again.

Dipper blinked.

- It... it does?
- Yeah.

And before his mind could be flooded with horrible thoughts and painful memories of the time she rejected him, Wendy grabbed Dipper by the waist, and instead of bending her knees, she leaned onto him, properly bowing, so that their lips could meet. Dipper's back arched, and he waved his arms trying to grip something when the world around him turned almost upside-down, but once he realised he is safe in Wendy's arms, he gently grabbed her body, completing their embrace.

For a bystander, it might look like the two were in a middle of a very complicated dance move which Wendy was leading, and while she might have just invented an even sillier-looking way to kiss him, the silence that accompanied their passionate kiss was definitely worth it.

Chapter Text

Lying in his bed, Dipper Pines still felt anxious and uneasy, despite Wendy's best efforts to calm his thoughts and let him experience the fleeting moment to the fullest. Her lips, peppering not just his face, but his neck, and his still very much hairless chest, managed to do the job initially, but even once she got out of her jeans and panties, her boyfriend still wasn't sure about making love in his room while his family and friends were sitting just a floor below.

- They’re all watching the movie. They’re not even going to notice. - Wendy whispered into his ear, while she fumbled with his belt.

Moment later, she was sitting in his crotch, and there was something utterly ephemeral and captivating about his beloved red head, naked from waist down, straddling him, not to mention that she was about to ride him to high heavens. Dipper's boxers were still on, but that didn't stop Wendy from already bucking her hips back and forth, sliding her wet sex against his stiff length, causing Dipper to clutch the sheets of his bed tighter.

- I thought you wanted a quickie! - he huffed.
- Yeah, but I also want some fun. - Wendy smirked, unbuttoning her shirt.

She not only achieved her goal, but exceeded it; her agonisingly slow, but forceful pushes drove Dipper crazy, generating moan after moan from the bewildered teenager, so much so, that he had to bite his pillow to silence them. But he quickly found that he was nibbling on nothing, when Wendy yanked it from him.

- Don’t cover your mouth... - she leaned - I like hearing you.

A louder, languorous groan escaped Dipper's mouth when Wendy finally pulled the hem of his boxers and engulfed him with her warm, puffy lips that have been wetting his boxers for some time. Dipper has managed to clamp his hands over her buttocks, in vain effort to control her moves, even though he has long learned that when Wendy was on top, then he was at her mercy. And this time was no different - though Wendy definitely enjoyed Dipper's grip on her backside, that tightened or loosened depending on Dipper's desire to cry, she was in charge of both her and his orgasm.

At some point, Dipper took a different approach, and instead of shorter, quieter moans, he tried to withhold them for as much as he could and then let out a much longer, but less often groan. But Wendy foresaw this eventuality, either caressing him or simply pushing him harder into his bed whenever she felt he went too long without expressing his love for her wordlessly.

When Dipper's hands moved to her waist, Wendy knew he was close, and wanted to make the very last wail of his truly proportionate to the orgasm he was about to live through. She rose from vertical position and lifted her shirt even more, so that her previously covered breast could now bounce up and down in front of her awestruck boyfriend.

- Wendy... I'm not gonna be able to stop it... - Dipper managed to huff between his thrusts.
- I know. - she rested her hands over his, preventing him from using them to cover his mouth again. - Cum for me, baby.

If Dipper thought that Wendy might have show some fort of kindness for him, he was mistaken. If anything, her body rocked up and down on his shaft faster and faster, creating on hell of a conundrum for Dipper. On one hand, he didn't want to disappoint her; on another, he knew that the next moment he opens mouth, it will be during his climax, and that it will alert not just the whole Shack, but all the nearby creatures as well.

Ultimately, it was Wendy's sweetest and ironically softest of moans that brought Dipper to the edge. He closed his eyes, pushed his fingers deeper into Wendy' voluptuous waist, threw his head back into the pillow, feeling the oncoming wave of pleasure, and opened his mouth, but then, Wendy's lips were on his at once. One look into her passion-filled eyes told him everything, and he cried into her mouth, the same moment his hips started twitching and bucking, spilling himself into her. Wendy wasn't far behind him, crying into his mouth as well, when walls of her sex began spasming around Dipper, milking him of his seed.

Muffled groans and moans continued, just like the creaking of the bed for a few more minutes, as the two teenagers rode the remains of their orgasms, dissipating the sexual energy they managed to aggregate. Wendy cupped Dipper's face, and continued her prolonged, moan-less now kiss, until she finally felt the need to breathe. Dipper's chest was rising up and down erratically, and for the longest moment he wasn't able to say anything, as if in fear that his next words would be too loud, somehow compensating for all the whispering he did. But then, he glanced at the clock on the wall, smiled, and stared back at his girlfriend.

- Let's face it, at this point, they know what we've been doing anyway, right?
- Mhm. - Wendy mumbled, leaning on his chest again, nibbling on his earlobe. - At least we weren't too obvious. We might as well do it again. - she whispered seductively.
- Alright, but let's do it slowly this time.

Dipper's arms moved to her shoulders, and with some difficulty, he managed to roll the lumberjill to her back, though he knew that he only did it because Wendy allowed him to do so. And when a moment later Dipper began his slow, but steady pushes, Wendy knew she will have hard time restraining her voice this time.




Chapter Text

- Have you seen my flannel?

Dipper turned around, registering Wendy's words a little too late. If she was looking for her iconic, flannel shirt, then it means she must not have it. And that must mean she was...

He gasped. Well, she wasn't naked, but the image didn't exactly calm Dipper's spirit. Wendy was standing in the doorway of her room, waiting, seemingly for Dipper's answer, as she raised her brow. She evidently didn't mind showing Dipper her white bra, and more importantly, she seemed surprised that Dipper was concerned about seeing it in the first place.

- What? - she looked down - Something's wrong?
- Uh, n-no. - he stammered - It's just, uhm...

Dipper tried gallantly to turn his head around, and at the same he was unable to do so, his eyes homing every once in a while at her almost-naked torso. Wendy smirked, and the tantalising image of her covered breast disappeared behind her arms, once she crossed them.

- Well, you have seen me in my bikini, haven't you? - she asked, feeling the burning stare of her younger friend on her chest.
- Yeah, but... It's... it's different, isn't it? - Dipper asked, cautiously, shifting his eyes, trying to find the missing flannel, hidden under the mountain of other clothes scattered around her room.
- Different how? - Wendy raised her brow again. - I never understood women who can show their racks and bums in bikini, but flashing their underwear makes them scream. And those usually cover more!

Dipper had no idea what to respond to that statement. Even if he might have an opinion on the topic he never gave a thought in the past, the sheer mentioning of her costume made Dipper's imagination work wildly, showing vivid flashes of Wendy in intricate, sexy lingerie or laces, so very different from her usual tomboyish attire that made Dipper's heart melt.

Wendy's sudden grunt brought Dipper back to reality, and he found himself staring in one spot (fortunately, not the one he was fantasising about) for a solid minute.

- You okay, Dip? - Wendy asked, though the slightly sly smile drawing on her face told Dipper she didn't need the memory-reading machine to know what he was thinking about.
- Uh, yeah. - he said, and finally he managed to turn around, escaping her own piercing gaze - Uh, Wendy, do you... Do you often go like that around, uh, around your house?
- Not if my brothers are in. - she quickly responded - If they saw me in a bra, I think I would kill them deader than dead.
- Wait... But you-you're fine with, uh, me looking at it? - Dipper asked, half-petrified at the thought of Manly Dan finding them like this.

For quite a while Wendy didn't say anything, as if her behaviour confused her as well, and only once she found a sensible substitute for her shirt, she stepped towards Dipper and ruffled his hair

- You sure are cute when you blush like that. - she winked, and raised her arm to put the shirt on, giving Dipper one last stunning view of her not-quite naked body.

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Dipper never expected Wendy to break her usually cool, restrained and laid-back attitude by showing her affection for him in public, at least not to that degree. But at the same time, he had very little to say when his girlfriend straddled him on the bench in the park, letting her legs dangle through the gap, and joined her lips with his in a long, passionate kiss. They weren't that different from other teenagers mashing their faces, Dipper thought, wondering if anyone in the park saw them, thinking how unorthodox and obscene they were. But somehow, opinion of others mattered very little; his whole world, by very definition of it, was obscured by the stunning waves of red hair, letting no image penetrate Dipper's brain.

Once he broke the kiss and continued it on her jawline and then, her neck, however, things have changed. With her mouth unoccupied, soft murmurs and purring-like groans reached Dipper's ear, creating one heck of conflict for him. One one hand, they were so deeply stimulating and exciting he dared not to stop his caresses, wanting to hear more of her angelic moans; on the other he was afraid that one peck in the wrong place could break the spell, just like playing a wrong note could disrupt the harmony, and truth te be told, Dipper had very little experience playing and instrument that delicate.

But as he went along, he noticed that Wendy deliberately threw her head back, exposing more of her neck, collarbone and even shoulder for Dipper to cover with his kisses, culminating them with a long, languorous moan that escaped her lips just when Dipper's trail moved from her front to the very edge of her back. She clutched her arms around his neck, bringing him closer to her body, begging for more with a single, elongated cry that sent shivers down Dipper's spine, and for the first time stopped him from continuing his already braver than he expected journey.

When Dipper ceased his actions, so did Wendy, who finally realised how loud and conspicuous she was with her reactions to Dipper's excellent petting, stopping her amorous wail in half, as if she suddenly swallowed something.

- You weren’t supposed to hear that.

Neither of them spoke for a solid minute, the two mortified teenagers, encased in the same suggestive pose. And then, almost in sync, they both turned their heads: Dipper to the right, Wendy to the left, to check if anyone else was walking down the same alley. And once their eyes met and faint smiles appeared on their faces, Dipper leaned on her neck again, kissing her in the exact place, hoping to be, once again, the only listener of her voice.

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- Oh, look at that. I’m wet. - Wendy threw her arms around Dipper's neck and whispered seductively into his ear.
- Yeah, I know. - he replied casually - So am I, and everyone else.

He took a long look at other people in the swimming pool, either playing, swimming back and forth, or simply relaxing during another scorching Summer day.

- You know what I mean, Dipper. - she said, giving him a more serious and stern look.
- I do, and it slightly terrifies me. - he murmured, glancing back and forth at nearby people. - I mean... Here? Now?
- No, silly. - she gave him a quick kiss, pointing his face gently towards the utility closet. - I'll go first, wait a minute or two and then follow.

And with that, she got out of the pool, her swimsuit turning her into a red blur for a moment when she was mid-jump. His eyes followed her to the entrance, caught her winking just before she closed the door, and once she did so, the waiting game has begun.

Two minutes and whole extra forty seconds later, the door to the closet opened again and Dipper leaned on it, as if he was afraid he was chased. He was about to explain how fortunately for him, Mabel started telling everyone about her adventures in the woods, involving training squirrels to knit winter jumpers, which provided enough distraction for him to make the escape, but all of that were cut off by Wendy, pushing him onto the more solid, brick wall.

- Can you feel it now? - she asked, gripping his hand and putting it directly over her sex, covered only by the thing material stripe of her swimsuit.
- Oh, yes... - Dipper moaned, sliding his fingers back and forth between her puffy lips.

Even though droplets of water clung to her skin, Dipper's palm was getting coated with the unmistakable, hot, slick dripping wanton only his horny girlfriend could produce. By sticking his hand between her legs, Wendy has given him an obvious advantage: once Dipper started fondling her lower lips, her grip on his body weakened significantly, to the point where Dipper could easily turn the tables, as well as themselves, locked in a passionate, fiery kiss, by pinning her to the wall.

Immersed in a kiss, the couple slowly moved sideways, until Wendy's hips brushed with the wooden cupboard, holding whistles, caps and other equipment used once by her and other lifeguards. With one quick move, she swiped the items lying on it to the ground, and swiftly landed on top, spreading her legs, eagerly waiting for Dipper to take initiative. But instead of ramming into her as she desired, Dipper stood there, marvelling at the sight of his girlfriend's gorgeous body, covered only by the one piece of clothing that has dominated his dreams before he even knew how dirty they were. Once combined with her steaming, quickened breath and her submissive pose, it successfully left Dipper frozen until her words brought him back from his trance.

- You're gonna stare at me, or you're gonna do what you've always wanted?

Next thing she knew, Dipper's swim shorts fell to the ground, and he was between her legs again, indulging in one of his oldest fantasies. Even though they've started having sex last Summer, only now, when another heatwave came to Gravity Falls, Dipper had the chance to fulfil it; he once again moved aside the soaking strip of material, revealing her glistening opening in all of his glory, as well as a small bush of red hair above it. Despite her short, needy moans, Dipper moved slowly, pushing his length back and forth inside her, savouring the feeling of being stimulated not only by her walls, but by her swimsuit as well.

Soon, the clutter inside the cupboard began rattling louder, as Dipper put more and more strength in his thrusts. With her legs and arms locked around his waist, Wendy was trying to hasten Dipper, wondering how much time has passed, and whether their friends have noticed their disappearance. His skilled fingers moved to the straps of her one-piece, sliding them down to reveal her ample breasts, whom Dipper immediately began caressing. The combined feeling of his tongue over her nipples, his fingers on her clit, and his stiff length inside her has finally pushed Wendy over the edge, momentarily locking the feverish tandem in place, just so she could rock her desperately sought orgasm on her own, her legs and arms writhing around Dipper's body. Dipper wasn't far behind; just a few erratic moves of her was all that he needed to hilt inside her one last time, spilling his essence into her with a muffled, triumphant cry.

Though the two would love to bask in the afterglow, Wendy had already towels prepared for them, so that could clean themselves of any signs of their love-making. As they put their swimwear back on, they exchanged quick, needy kisses, knowing that these must satisfy them until evening. Before opening the door, Wendy grabbed the oversized, soft volleyball, hoping to use it as a distraction once she will be out. A moment later, Dipper heard her assembling teams, which gave him enough time to get out of the closet and back into the pool unnoticed.

Or at least he though so, until a voice startled him.

- You can thank me later, bro-bro. - Mabel's sudden voice caused Dipper to flinch, splattering water around nearby people's backs.
- Wha- Mabel?

But before Dipper could ask her, his sister was already gone, retracing the route he just took towards the closet. Dipper turned around, and amongst the crowd of people, he spotted Pacifica, who instead of listening to Wendy, dividing people into teams, looked like she was being told to wait a minute or two.

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- We’ve been best friends for a long time now. Have you ever thought about doing that... together?

Dipper nearly choked on his ginger ale once he understood the meaning of Wendy's words, and it took him another minute or so, before he collected his thoughts to respond. His first idea was that he was drunk, but then again, he hasn't touched anything remotely alcoholic, despite the occasion. Then, he thought that the sounds, lights and the crowded atmosphere of the party has somehow meddled with his brain. And then, finally, after an embarrassingly long time, he realised the word "that" might have different meaning. Dancing seemed obvious, perhaps even kissing.

- You... Want to do... er, what, exactly? - he stuttered, his widened eyes glued to the figure of his old crush.
- Sex, I mean. - Wendy answered, quite nonchalantly, and took sip from her bottle. She looked back at him and smiled, eyeing him from heads to toes. - What?

"What" was a correct reaction, Dipper thought. He put the glass onto the table, surprised that his shaky arm didn't drop it to the floor, and found himself unable to say anything for agonisingly long time.

- It's just... We... I mean, I... - he started.
- Dude, you don't have to over-think it. - Wendy interrupted - If anything, you're making it weirder.

And then it hit him. As Wendy took the green bottle to her lips again, Dipper automatically raised an alarm.

- Wait, Wendy, I can't, you- you're drunk, aren't you?

It was time for Wendy to snort her drink, this time because of the laughter that erupted from her.

- This? - she raised the bottle - This ain't got nothing on me. Look, man.

She put the bottle next to Dipper's glass, stretched her arms, and walked back and forth on the long balcony above the party floor in Mystery Shack, in an undoubtedly straight line.

- You need something stronger to make me drunk. - her eyes drifted to the commotion below for a moment, and she fixed a strand of hair that dangled over her eyes - But if you don't want to, then, it's fine, I guess.

Dipper joined her in staring down at the party-goers in silence. Half of another song went by, before Dipper snatched the bottle, and gulped down a single, shallow sip.

Much has happened between the moment the idea of accepting Wendy's proposition came to his head, and when the words have escaped his mouth. In the long, five seconds, he thought about his failed attempts at gaining her attention as a kid, then teenager, then he remembered trying his even more unsuccessful efforts at moving on, which all culminated in a bold, brave and decisive "Yes!".

- That's not beer. - he said instead, licking the same sourness of his drink from his lips.
- Told you.

She reached for his hand, and for the first time, Wendy felt his slight shiver, the vibration mimicking his increased heart rate. Next thing he know, she was dragging him down the corridor to his room, and before he could react, her arms were around his shoulders, and once again he was tasting ginger ale, but this time from her mouth.

The kiss used the air in Dipper's lungs almost immediately, but he found himself unable to stop, finally engaging in a fantasy he had since he was twelve. Fortunately for him, Wendy interrupted it, and once again eyed him.

- Have you ever kissed a girl?
- Yeah. - Dipper replied, truthfully. - O-one.
- One time, or one girl? - Wendy raised her brow, and a cocky smile appeared on her face.
- One girl. Girlfriend, that is. Was, I mean.
- Okay...

The word "girlfriend" astonished Wendy for a moment, though only a slight twitch of her brow would give it away.

- I'm gonna make it easier for you. - she continued - Nod if you've head sex a non-zero amount of times.

Dipper's head bobbed slowly, which brought back the smile on her face.

- Hey, that's something, champ. - she bumped his chest, and turned on the spot, barging into his and Mabel's empty room.

When she started taking off her shirt, she heard an audible gasp, giggled, and could already picture Dipper's face when she threw it over her head.

- You know that you have to be naked for it, right?

Wendy was right, since, seemingly in a blink of an eye, they were naked. Dipper could not remember when his hands unbuttoned his clothes, he was too absorbed observing Wendy's clothes uncovering rest of her tantalising body. Then her ample breasts flashed before him, bouncing as she tried getting rid of her jeans, and next thing he knew, the world around him was spinning, he was lying on his bed, pressed to the mattress by the stunning, naked figure of Wendy Corduroy, pulling herself from another kiss.

And then, the wetness, the glorious, overwhelming, warmth of her engulfed him, when she took the initiative and lowered herself onto his throbbing length, and for the first time Dipper realised that he was not dreaming, as the amount of pleasure and exploding emotions in his mind was far greater than in any of his dreams with her, or during either of his previous sexual intercourses. But it was her voice, the one that so far he could only fantasise about, that made his heart race faster.

Slowly bouncing up and down, Wendy was moaning his name softly, without taking eyes from her inexperienced and down right petrified lover, hoping this will finally jump-start him. And she was right: his hands moved to her waist, and as Wendy slowly leaned onto his torso, Dipper's hips began moving in the rhythm Wendy chose. One by one, Wendy's carnal moves woke Dipper's muscles to life, and with each moan, she made him braver and more confident, and at some point, she didn't have to force herself - Dipper was making love to her, so much so, she found herself surprised at the quivering in her voice once she let out a long, lecherous moan, all of a sudden.

She had no doubt that Dipper will come first, but she was more than amazed when he gripped her arms and with a mighty yell, he toppled her to her back, though from the look on his face, he was equally astonished at how bold his action was. Suddenly, almost as if hit by a spell, Wendy closed her eyes and accepted the pleasant, blissful weight of her skinny friend, bucking back and forth into her in a clumsy, but nevertheless effective fashion. Instinctively, her arms and legs locked around his body, and cries began spilling from Wendy's mouth, culminating with a powerful one she did not expect to happen... At least not the first time.

A profound realisation hit Dipper: he made her come. Wendy Corduroy, the stunning, amazing girl of his dreams, was shivering, shaking and crying underneath him, because of something he did. A moment later, he was screaming too, holding her body a bit too tight when he came, filling her with spurts of his warmth, repeating her name over and over again, as if trying to hold on to a fleeting illusion.

Sadly, once he was spent, the confident Dipper was replaced by the same stuttering and insecure one, asking if he did it right, questioning her about condoms, and then if she felt al right again, but this time, Wendy knew how to deal with him. She brought his lips back to hers again, until all of his concerns were silenced in a long kiss, third of theirs so far.

Wendy ultimately answered his questions truthfully, telling him he has nothing to worry about, which seemed to ease his mind and give him the confidence boost he needed. Their second time was equally awkward, though longer, as Wendy was quick to notice, when she covered Dipper's face with kisses during their afterglow, and by the third, Wendy was properly ecstatic and amazed of Dipper, even if she was once again riding him, doing most of the work.

- Wendy? - Dipper asked out of the blue, breathing heavily, recovering from his heftiest orgasm of the night.
- Mhm?
- Do-Do you want to go to the movies tomorrow, or something? - he blurted, staring at the slanted ceiling, before meeting her sparkling eyes.
- That would be lovely place for a first date, thanks. - she placed a soft kiss on his cheek and rested her head on his chest, preparing for a power nap, even if that would leave her feet dangling off his bed.

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- Dipper, don’t be gentle, I can handle it.

Wendy's sudden plea forced Dipper to cease his movements for a moment. Dipper was slightly afraid of taking control when they were making love, just in case he would cross a line unknown to him, risking not just their romantic relationship with Wendy, but also their friendship.

- You.. you sure?
- Heck yeah! - Wendy's eyes opened wide, at the prospect of her boyfriend finally giving her a bit more excitement.

Wendy thought Dipper was a great lover, even if he was her first, so she didn't have that much comparison, but he was a cautious one, and the rambunctious, energetic lumberjill often craved for more than just sweet kisses and long love-making, though she enjoyed it nonetheless. But Wendy could not miss that opportunity; she rolled onto her chest, lifting her backside as high as possible for Dipper to enjoy, and she was delighted to feel his grip on her ass, and the feeling of his tip inside her. But soon, he resumed the same slow, and still sensual, but ultimately weak thrusts from before, much to her disappointment.

- C...Come on, Dip! - she moaned - Didn't the Manotaurs teach you anything?

As a matter of fact, they did. At the sound of that name, Dipper remembered well his last visit to the Manotaurs' Cave, and the rituals he was privileged to observe, including the most intimate, breeding one. The image of their mares, willingly giving themselves to be a part of their herd, thrashing under huge manotaurs, rutting them senselessly was still vivid in his mind, and the sheer thought that Wendy might act the same was... unnerving, but also exhilarating, in a brutal, animalistic way.

Still keeping his grip on her waist, Dipper leaned and placed a few kisses on her neck, in an apology of the dirty thought that was about to consume him. Thanking silently for the wonders of modern contraceptives, he yanked Wendy's body up, bringing her even closer to him, and slammed himself balls deep inside her, receiving a sharp, loud cry from his girlfriend that definitely did not see that coming.

- Oh, yeah, baby! - she roared, before her voice was lost in another cry when Dipper hilted inside her again, way faster than she expected, doubling, and then tripling his efforts in pleasuring her.

With her arms immobilised by his, and her body rocking up and down by his fast thrusts, Wendy was absolutely overwhelmed by the sudden change in Dipper's attitude, and if her mind wasn't going blank with her rapidly oncoming orgasm, she'd be wondering what pushed her timid boyfriend to such extremes. For the first time in their relationship, she felt she was at his mercy, and the quick, subtle kisses he kept peppering her neck with reminded her that no matter how rough he was, Dipper won't let her suffer any discomfort.

Suddenly, Dipper let her go, and just when Wendy though she would be able to get a bit of freedom, his arms pushed her unceremoniously to the bed, keeping her in place, the pillow muffling her cry. If she thought Dipper was fast and aggressive so far, then the position he chose allowed him far better access to the deepest parts of her sex, letting him ram inside her with even bigger ferocity.

This has finally pushed Wendy over the edge; clutching her sheets, she cried Dipper's name in a long, erotic wail and let the orgasm sweep over her body, resulting in her legs and torso quivering and writhing, in a vein hope to disperse the energy. But just when she least expected it, the wave came back at the same time Dipper filled her with his warm cum, and his hips finally ceased their frantic bucking, jerking occasionally, sending last spurts of his essence inside her. She wasn't surprised one bit when he heard his feeble, tired groan behind her neck, just a moment before his defeated body slumped over her back.

The two lay in silence, interrupted by their huffs and puffs, as their chests moved up and down in sync, trying to regain the much needed air. Immersed in her long, stunning red hair, Dipper felt drowsy, and almost forgot how wild he was.

- We-Wendy, I... I didn't hurt you, did I? - Dipper asked, afraid that she hasn't said anything yet.
- No, silly. - she turned her head around, as much as she could, to meet his terrified eyes. - You were great.

Turning her body underneath his was quite difficult, but with a bit of fumbling, she managed it, welcoming Dipper into her arms, locking his body with her limbs, and bringing her lips to his. Slow, sensual kiss worked like a balsam to her aching body, soothing and relaxing her, though she expected one or two bruises to remain there for a while, as a precious reminder of their afternoon.

- Okay, now it's my turn. - Wendy suddenly said, and before Dipper could react, he rolled him to his back, pressing her strong arms to his chest.

At first, he though she was straddling him, like many times before, but she was actually squatting, just inches above his cock, as if she was sitting on a perch, or about to leap like a frog. Few drops of his come spilled from her opening onto his length, which only brought it back to life, much faster than he thought, to Wendy's enormous joy.

- Let me show you what I've learned from Hardcore Harpies...

She gave him a soft kiss, and thanking silently that she didn't have to worry about the consequences of their actions, she impaled herself on his cock in one swift move, mimicking the way the bird monsters handled their sires, milking every single drop of seed from them. Even though she thoroughly enjoyed being subjected to Dipper's rougher, previously unknown side, Wendy felt much better when she was in control, and from the delighted look on Dipper's face as well as his soft, needy mewls, so was he.

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"Well, I think that went pretty smooth", Dipper said, passing Wendy a blanket, while looking at the remains of the pandemonium that took place an hour ago. They've heard rumours about something living in the Love Tunnel, but they didn't think it would be a newlywed pair of monstrous squids, thinking the couples taking the ride were presents for them.

"It was overhyped anyway", Wendy shrugged. "Come on, we can go to my place, hide under a blanket and kiss... or do something else", she winked.

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- Are you serious? Here? Now? - Wendy gasped, feeling Dipper's kisses on her neck.

She nearly jumped in the air when he sneaked his arm around her waist in a not-so-subtle move, that nonetheless worked, as the lumberjill arched her back almost immediately, half-leaning on the counter in an inviting pose, expecting more from her boyfriend. Truth to be told, this is exactly what she was waiting for: the last couple of days was a constant barrage of tourists pouring into the Mystery Shack, and the avalanche of work left them little time for themselves. And for the last few hours the desire to sneak for a quick rendez-vous was boiling in both of them, fighting with their gift-shop duties.

But as his lips covered more of her neck, and his slightly rough chin stimulated her skin in a delightful, slightly aggressive manner, Wendy couldn't bare it any longer, and found a perfect way of releasing some of their tension under the stress of time. Reluctantly, she broke from Dipper's hug, and to his great surprise knelt in front of him, her swift hands already undoing the zipper of his jeans.

- Wendy... - he gasped. Suddenly, Dipper realised he got more than he wished for; he thought about going upstairs, to his bedroom, or at the very least into the broom cupboard, but he'd never imagined doing it here, right in the open.
- Ssh. - Wendy cut him off - If we get caught, I’m blaming you.

The feeling of refreshing, cool air on his sensitive skin meant that Wendy has managed to cope with freeing his length, and she sent her boyfriend a mischievous smile, before she concentrated on his cock, taking in her hand, massaging it gently with her thumb. Knowing that he might not last very long, she instinctively closed her lips around his swollen tip, receiving first glimpse of her salty treat in a form of few drops of his pre-cum. Above her head a long, low moan escaped Dipper's lips when and grabbed the edge of the counter, just to contain the conflicting emotions storming through him. They were alone in the Shack, and only that fact pushed Wendy to such a bold move; though they have made love when others were present in the Shack, or even in her house, they always made sure to do it behind locked doors, but this time, in a semi-public place, Wendy felt an additional rush of adrenaline in her veins, fortifying the emotions of pleasuring her boyfriend. She got the same kick whenever they had sex in the forest, seemingly cut from the world, but still a place where anyone could spot them frolicking with each other.

Inch by inch, more of Dipper's cock disappeared in Wendy's mouth, and for him, observing the scene from above, it was the most mesmerising sight, so alluring he nearly lost his mind and let his instincts carry him...

And then, the bell rang.

At once, Dipper looked up towards the door, surprised to see a small, blue van outside of it. A slightly chubby man with binoculars around his neck walked in, taking his sweet time looking at postcards, toys, gadgets and other items for sale, shown around the main room. This gave Dipper just the time to dive his hand under the counter and sort himself out, but to his utter astonishment, he received a sharp slap to his palm the moment he tried doing so. Praying the customer won't look at him at that very second, he glanced down, and noticed Wendy gently shaking her head, her lips still sealed around his cock. He tried taking a step back from the counter, but then her hands gripped onto his buttocks, bringing him closer, both to the stand, and into her wet, hot mouth. Dipper took one more look down his pants, and noticed Wendy sliding clumsily into a small empty alcove, previously filled with a trash bin, without ever resuming her marvellous work even for a second.

- Uh, hello?

The man's voice brought Dipper back to his senses, though he knew it was only temporarily, since at the same moment Wendy incorporated her tongue into her repertoire, and that brought him towards his edge faster than anything.

- Uh, h-hi, mister! - Dipper stuttered, trying to gather coherent words into a sentence - Wh-What would, uh, would you like to do? Get? Buy? Purchase?

He suddenly slammed his body over the counter, trying to look as if he was casually leaning, even if the impact shook all the items next to him.

- Well... - the man began - I was looking for some souvenirs with the town's name on them. You know, I'm doing a bit of a road trip, and...

His next words died in Dipper's mind. He hoped that his new pose would make it difficult for Wendy to perform her blowjob, but if anything, her moves were faster and more aggressive than before. Oral was never Wendy's forte, but in that very moment, she put all of her efforts into making every lick of hers count. Thanking for the radio over her head silencing her louder gulps and slurping noises, she took another breath through her nostrils, and dived further along Dipper's shaft, feeling his quivering body of her flustered boyfriend under her touch.

- We, uh, we, we have those. - Dipper stuttered, pointing to the snow globes, showing a snowman with two heads in front of a pine tree. he pushed them gently towards the man, not daring to grab them, just in case he would suddenly had to squeeze his palm. - They, uh, they are... GREAT!

As if on command, he gripped the edge of the table slightly too tight to make it look natural, though the customer, preoccupied with the cheap memorabilia and his own, long-winded speech hasn't noticed his knuckles whitening under Wendy's work.

- Yeah, not sure. What about those? - He pointed towards the shelf behind Dipper, with a few animal plushies, hand-made by Mabel over the Summer. - Are they for sale?
- Oh, oh yeah... Oh, yes... - Dipper muttered, momentarily forgetting his tone. - I mean, yes, sir, of course.

There as a moment of silence, or at least it would have been if not for the slight hum of the radio.

- Uh, you mean now? - Dipper added, wondering how long his torture would last. He was sure the annoying bloke was there for at least an hour, though he knew it couldn't be true.
- Er, yeah. - the man nodded, and scratched his head in confusion. Something was odd with the young fellow, he wondered, though his first thought was that it was simply a part of the décor and the atmosphere of the Shack filled with animal hybrids and unnatural looking objects.

Dipper slowly turned his head, Wendy's tight grip on his bum preventing the rest of his body from moving any further. She was still furiously bobbing her head back and forth, her tongue dancing around his head in the most unpredictable and arousing fashion, and if she could, she would burst with laughter at the sight of the grimace of pure horror and consternation on Dipper's face. He reached his left arm, backwards, trying to grab the nearest doll.

It was just an inch or two too far.

He chuckled nervously, hoping no moans would spill from his mouth this time, which became progressively more difficult with more and more his cock covered by Wendy's saliva. Dipper looked around, until his eyes fell upon the mop next to him. He grabbed it, raised it over his head and passed it to his other hand, in an almost acrobatic-like maneuver, which would make much more sense to his customer, if he knew that Dipper simply couldn't pass any vertically elongated object in front of him.

Once again, with only a bit of his field of vision available, he jammed the shelf with a mop once, twice, three times, until the shelf collapsed, sending tons of hats and plushies to the floor. He tried bending his knees to reach it, but with a corner of his eye, he noticed that Wendy has already grabbed one stuffed toy and nonchalantly put it on the counter, momentarily forgetting that neither she, nor her hand should be visible.

For the man, however, it was an act of magic so extraordinary that he not only bought it, but gave Dipper a tip, before leaving the Shack.

- Uh, sir, please, uh, please flip the sign, we, uh, I, need to clean, clean up. - Dipper huffed, his face visibly reddened.

He was on the home run, and the moment the bell rang again, he cried out what sounded like Wendy's name in a mix of aggravation and pure ecstasy. She opened her mouth and was about to say how lucky they were, but her boyfriend had other plans for her. He clutched the back of her head and pushed it back onto his length, trying not to be too aggressive, though at the same time he only had one thing on his mind, and there was nothing that could stop him from achieving it.

Wendy was surprised by his sudden, powerful move as well, and though it was unexpected, she remained cool in the short moment in which Dipper took control of her caresses. She took few more quick breaths through her nose, and as it happened, her decision was most opportune.

- We...Wendy... Gonna... gonna come... - he cried with a feeble, desperate voice, letting go of her hair, thinking she would let go of him, but instead, her grip on his bum tightened.

Just before he slammed his fists on the counter, their eyes met, and Wendy's wink told Dipper anything, giving him a silent permission, assuring him that he could undo himself. Next second, another cry filled the shack when Dipper came, his hips bucking frantically in place, secured by Wendy's hands and mouth, giving his sperm shooting into Wendy's mouth even more kinetic energy. Almost a week of celibacy entered Wendy's mouth in long, thick ropes, and as the musky, aggressive scent hit her nostrils, she purred in delight, slowly swallowing his orgasm, one glob at a time.

Lost in the moment, Dipper cared not if other people could see him from outside the Shack, or what would they think if they saw him doing, seemingly, with a counter. It was now time for Wendy to perceive the strange time dilatation; though she knew his climax only lasted at most a minute, she thought Dipper was spraying his potent seed onto her tongue for hours, supplying her with more and more of his sticky warmth she found surprisingly tasty.

Once he was truly finished, Wendy took her time to make the last move of her particularly impressive, and sealed her mouth tight around his flaccid length, just to scoop up any remaining bits of his cum, before she let go of him with a loud "pop". Their eyes met again, and for another, long, silent moment, they stared at each other, breathing erratically in sync, regaining air in their lungs; Dipper after a massive orgasm, and Wendy because she had to deal with it. Proudly, she showed him her empty mouth, sending him another cocky smile.

- Oh... oh god, Wendy... Oh my... - he huffed, still clinging to the counter - That was... fantastic.

His eyes followed her, rising from her awkward position, and Dipper tried standing upward for a short, salty kiss, though with his wobbly knees, it wasn't easy.

- Can't feel my legs, gotta sit down. - he groaned.
- Don't worry, you're not going to need them for a while.

Before Dipper could grab the stool and pull it towards him, Wendy's forceful push to his shoulders brought him to the ground, into the very same alcove Wendy was sitting in. Momentarily disorientated, Dipper tried to understand what was going on, but a moment later, Wendy's jeans fell to the floor with a massive "cling" of her ornamental belt buckle.

- Hmm... See, this is the part where I wish I wore dresses. - she muttered - Oh well, this will have to do.

She grabbed the vast, green cloth from one of the destroyed shelves and tied it tightly behind her back. She swung her hips back and forth a few times, and came to the conclusion she looked like a waitress.

- Come on in! - she sang, inviting both a new customer in, and lifting her make-shift skirt just enough for Dipper to see her wet, alluring panties in front of his face.

And when he heard her voice quiver when his fingers darted alongside her swollen lips, Dipper knew he will have a great time returning the favour.










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- I'm cold, come closer. - Wendy said absent-mindedly, nudging Dipper with her elbow, making him almost fall from the log they've been sitting on.

Like many times before, any request from Wendy turned the fourteen-year old temporarily paralysed, slowing down his thinking processes, as conflicting emotions and possible scenarios unveiled and rivalled with each other over the control of his limbs and speech centre, often resulting in seemingly random, unpredictable actions. This one, on top of that was certainly a much more personal one, borderline intimate, at least by their standards. Cuddling together when watching a movie, or hugging around a campfire felt natural, but a direct wish to experience the body warmth felt... well, quite heart-warming, actually. Though it was equally probable it might be ulcers from the stress of sitting next to Wendy Corduroy, Dipper thought.

For a solid minute, Dipper debated with himself how to approach Wendy's plea, until her arm closed around his shoulder and she yanked him towards her, never taking her eyes from her phone. Red-faced, Dipper turned to meet her stare, and was pleased to see a smile dawning on her freckled face as she embraced him, making this cold night a bit warmer. With his head resting safely on her shoulder, Wendy thought that she will have to thank Tambry for that tip.

Chapter Text

Around 3 PM on most working days, a certain ritual would occur at the Pines-Corduroy household, and today was no exception. Deeply immersed in his work, Dipper didn't have to look at the clock to know what time it was. First there was a loud "thud" on the roof above him, then little bit of dust fell into the prepared container, and a moment later their first floor window was opened from the outside by his wife, sliding in from a day's work.

- I'm here for my daily fix of hugs and kisses. - she announced, rushing towards Dipper, and throwing her arms around his neck, peppering it with the same medicine she was craving for.

Almost to tease her, Dipper took extra long time to finish his latest code and only after her hunger became insatiable, he had to stop, throwing his head backwards, so her lips could finally meet his. They stayed in the awkward kiss for quite a while, savouring each other's tastes, before they reluctantly had to part, perhaps just to prevent too much blood from flowing to Dipper's head.

- How's the day? - he asked, quite nonchalantly, rotating on his swivelling chair and welcoming her pleasant weight in his laps.
- Meh, the usual. - she replied - The gnomes are a bit pissed about the trees we had to cut, but Mabel promised them we will plant some more on the outskirts. And she scared them with lawnmowers.
- Good for her.

The two nuzzled, before Wendy slumped into his arms, causing the chair to topple slightly backwards into a perfect relaxing position. Dipper closed his arms around her top immediately, and it was only his voice that prevented the tired lumberjill from falling asleep in his study. If she wasn't feeling sweaty, she'd definitely lie on the small couch there, watching her nerd occupied with his work, while she either read a book, listened to music or helped him with other tasks involving his study of paranormal.

- I was about to make dinner. - he suddenly whispered into her ear.
- Oh, good, I'm famished. - she gave him a quick peck - I'll just pop under the shower first, and then I'll help you.
- You sure you don't need help with that too? - Dipper asked, placing kiss after kiss on her neck, each one slightly lower than the previous one.
- Mhm, I don't know. If I need someone to scrub my back I'll call you.

She gave him one more kiss and jumped from his laps onto the floor, heading towards the door. He watched her walk down the stairs, mesmerised with her built but attractive figure, before she disappeared from his view. Dipper closed his books, turned off the lamp, and once he was about to follow her steps, was pleasantly surprised to see that his wife left a trail of her clothes leading to their bathroom.

"Dinner can wait", Dipper thought knowing full well they were going to eat take-out today, as he stepped into the bathroom to deliver the usual overdose of hugs and kisses to his love.


Chapter Text

The rays of the morning sun, slowly seeping through the blinds fell upon Wendy's closed eyelids, and just a few seconds later, the lumberjill was no longer sleeping, muttering something indistinctive to herself, as she woke up. The first breath of air she took reminded her instantly of the previous night when they celebrated Dipper's birthday, and how the party moved upstairs just for the two of them. Her chest was swollen with pride and content, as she glanced upon her boyfriend, from his calm face, to his still very much hairless chest, and as she moved lower, her stare gravitated towards one currently vertical part of his body, covered by their sheets.

Wendy smirked. It would be cliché. It would probably interrupt his dream. If someone walked on them, it would be embarrassing, though the rest of the party-goers must have noticed at some point that when one half of the birthday twins and his girlfriend disappeared, it could only mean one thing.

And so, trying to be as careful and silent as she could, she crawled towards the end of Dipper's bed, gently put the blanket away, and after staring at Dipper's stiff cock for another moment, she put her fingers around it and moved it towards her lips. It would only be her second blowjob of her life - the first one ended quite abruptly when Dipper simply couldn't control himself over the indescribable excitement of being sucked by his old-time crush, but then again, they've just became intimate with each other a few weeks prior. By now, he should be able to withstand a few more minutes, Wendy thought.

She licked the ridge on the underside of his cock, getting a first nervous jitter of his body in return, keeping a close eye on his slightly grimaced face. She did it a few more times, covering it thoroughly with saliva, examining details of his organ that gave her so much pleasure last night, and once she was ready, she close her lips on his swollen, exposed head.

Wendy's taste-buds and nostrils were bombarded with musky, spicy smell and taste of his, but that didn't discourage the lumberjill from moving forward. She just hoped she won't cause too much harm to the most delicate part of his body. Slowly, she bobbed her head down, taking more of her boyfriend into her mouth, and almost instantly, she remembered a talk with Tambry about gag reflexes, and she understood that she didn't know if she had one. The first time she got on her knees for Dipper, he came so fast, she only took his tip into her lips. But as she went further and further along, taking inch by inch with every new bob, Wendy realised she was probably scared for nothing.

- Wendy...

Her eyes darted up from her prize almost immediately, as the croaky, tired voice of Dipper reached her ears. She couldn't help but smile (or more aptly, move the corners of her mouth a bit upward, with his penis taking majority of her lips), as she realised that at the very moment she was also sucking Dipper in her dream. Without hesitation, she replied "Mhm", and it was that extra vibration that finally woke Dipper up.

- W-What?

Expecting his sudden move, Wendy clutched his legs with her hands, partially locking him in place to avoid getting knocked by his jerking knee, or worse. It took Dipper a moment to fully understand that the avalanche of emotions he's been dreaming about were real, and that the real Wendy was also offering her mouth to him, even if she wasn't wearing a bunny costume.

- W-Wendy... - he stammered, trying to control the scream that, as he suddenly realised, has been building up in his throat.
- Hi. - she replied, taking a break from sucking him off, moving to caress his balls instead, while her other hand stroked the saliva-covered mast - Slept well, birthday boy?
- Yeah. - he stuttered, not sure if he should continue the banter - But I see I've been missing on what's been going here.
- Nothing happened so far. - Wendy replied, kissing his testicle - But I hope it will.

In one, swift move Wendy's mouth was on him again, taking more of Dipper's cock that either of them expected. Her moves were faster and more aggressive, though she kept a close eye at his face, knuckles gripping the sheets, and his blissful face, to see if she was causing him any discomfort. His legs were getting impatient, jittering in places, trying to dug his heels into the mattress, as if it could secure him in place, and it was a clear sign of what - and who - was going to come.

- W-Wendy... Wendy! I'm close!
- I know. - she said suddenly, pulling him from the warm, inviting cave of her mouth - Are you ready for a birthday wish?
- A b-What? - Dipper cried in shock, trying to comprehend the meaning of her words in the middle of his oncoming orgasm.

Wendy propped his throbbing length against her mouth, stared directly into his scared, brown eyes, smiled, and spoke in a low, alluring voice.

- Cum in my mouth. I want to taste you.

Just as she suspected, this has successfully pushed her boyfriend over the edge. She closed her lips around his tip at the very last moment, when the first stream of his seed hit her tongue. She closed her eyes, as if to try to shut her other senses, to savour the odd taste of his, though with Dipper constantly crying her name and various words of admiration for her, it was somewhat impossible. Even though she was sure his climax won't be very hefty, given how much he spilled himself inside her last night, she was surprised by the volume of his release. It was a bit watery, not nearly as thick and salty as the first time (though again, his firehose back then sprayed his cum all over her), and on the whole, she wasn't sure why didn't she try doing it again sooner.

Finally, his frantic spasms ceased, and with few last drops, his orgasm came to an end, though his legs and arms still squirmed in place, and his chest rose and fell as Dipper tried to regain the air he lost when he screamed her name last time. Their eyes met again, and with a loud "pop" Wendy took him from her mouth, crawled towards Dipper, and almost nonchalantly, as if it was a formality, opened her mouth to show him her tongue, painted thoroughly white. Equally fast, she closed her mouth, and gulped his seed down, to show him that she swallowed it all, as if it was a magic trick.

And to a certain extent, it was. Dipper was staring at her in awe as if he was a five-year old seeing a woman being cut in half. Wendy once again, couldn't help but giggle, and gave him a surprisingly salty kiss.

- Happy birthday, dude.
- Thank you, Wendy. - he stammered, wiping his lips - You know, I can't really say anything else... with the... and.. how much... and... the whole...
- I know. - she placed a finger at his lips, saving him from embarrassment of having to form a coherent sentence.

With one kiss after another, she slowly pushed him back to his pillow, and simultaneously, herself into the gentle embrace of his arms. They stayed joined for quite a while basking in the gentle warmth of the morning sun and with the smells of their raunchy night still present in the air.

- And you know what I'm craving for now? - she suddenly asked.
- Uh, m-more? - Dipper stammered.

Wendy frowned.

- No, a cake, you pervert! - she shouted - We escaped just after it was cut and I didn't have time to taste it. Come on, let's get dressed and sneak into the kitchen.

Chapter Text

At first, Wendy thought she was still asleep. She just dreamed that she woke up, stepped out onto the porch of her house and found a whole crowd of people and mythical creatures alike, some in oddly fitting suits, sitting behinds desks. But then she pinched herself and to her shock, she found out it wasn't a dream and the front garden of her house (or just part of the forest, as other people called it) has in fact been transformed into what looked like a court.

And amongst all the chaos was her boyfriend, waving at her nervously, prompting her to sit next to her.

- Hey, Wendy! Wendy! See, I did it! - Dipper gestured wildly, spreading his arms to point two groups of creatures on both sides of his small desk.
- You did it? - she rubbed her eyes again - You did what, exactly?

Then, her eyes opened wide in horror. She looked back and forth between one group of small chairs, occupied by gnomes, lepricorns and fairies babbling something to each other, and the other one, consisting mostly of Manotaurs, gremloblins and several rarely seen abominable bro-men, all of them looking rather annoyed by her late appearance. Then she spotted Candy and Grenda in the back, standing with bouquets of flowers and Mabel, holding enormous, leather-bound book.

- You... you haven't... - she stuttered, walking slowly towards Dipper's chair.
- I have, Wendy! Isn't that wonderful? - he cheered, clapping his hands around hers. - We had to extend the treaty quite a bit; aside from the gnomes we had to include the fairies, you know, because of the weapons of mass pollination, the lepricorns butted themselves in, mostly because neither leprechauns nor unicorns wanted them in... - he continued in hushed voice.
- Dude... I was-
- ...and then the gremloblins said they sided themselves with the manotaurs, and Mabel kinda had to convince others to be cool with it. Actually, Grenda did most of the work with them, she was super-helpful.
- Dipper!

Wendy's shrieking voice silenced not just her boyfriend, but ceased the whispering amongst both parties. She clutched her hands around the edge of the desk, and panted, trying to collect her thoughts that were still dizzyingly storming in her mind.

- Dipper... for crying out loud, did you actually thought you can make these guys talk to each other? - she snarled at him - Do you know how dangerous it is?
- Uhm, yes... and yes? - he answered, slightly sheepishly, taking a step back. - And we actually did, today is just the signing, and-
- Shut up! - she boomed again - You thought you can try to undo like, a century of hatred in one da-did you say you've already done that? - her expression changed mid-sentence, as she suddenly comprehended Dipper's words.
- Sure we did! - Mabel rushed in, slamming the huge, black book she's been carrying onto the desk, and gently lay two sets of pens next to it. - You really should have believed in my brother, you know. And me. And like, half of the town. It was a very productive week, you know.

Wendy once again, couldn't concentrate herself on one person; her eyes shifted from her boyfriend, still wearing a timid smile, sweating, as he anxiously awaited her response, to the huge contract, covering hundreds of pages, to Mabel, smiling cockily at her, and finally to one huge manotaur and one tiny gnome wondering why does she behave like that at all. Once she finally composed herself, she cupped Dipper's face and pulled him into a long, slow kiss, her hands gently lifting him from his chair as if he was a balloon.

- Dipper... - she said, a tear forming in her eye - You stupid, stupid, Dipper. I was joking. - she smiled. Dipper, on the other face, seemed horrified.
- You... you didn't mean it?
- Of course I didn't.
- You... you don't want want me to marry you? - his eyes blinked, becoming instantly watery.
- N-Yes, of course I do! - she boomed - I mean the other thing!

She let go of her boyfriend, making his slightly shaky body fall into his chair again.

- Dipper, I was pulling your leg when I said that I will only marry you once the goblins will befriend manotaurs, that's a phrase, dude. Granted, a fairly new one, but still, I thought you would get that.
- No, he wouldn't. - Mabel shook her head, looking at her brother somewhat contemptuously.
- Wait, you knew about it? - Dipper suddenly turned around, starting at his giggling sister.
- Well of course, you dum-dum. - she knocked onto his head, forcing him for the third time into his chair - No one would be stupid enough to do that, aside from you, cos' you are desperately in love. It had to work.
- Excuse me...

A sudden, rumbling voice startled all three of them, redirecting their stares at the manotaur chief sitting on Dipper's right.

- Is this... gonna take any longer? Cos' we were, like, in a middle of war with the magnetic eels, you know, and we thought we could get this thing done before lunch.
- Oh, yes, sure!

Wendy replied instantly and took the seats next to Dipper, and gave him a quick peck. For once, she wished that she wore something different than her plaid shirt, which must have looked very mismatched compared to Dipper's suit and Mabel's long dress. She grabbed Dipper's hand, her fingers intertwining with his, and only when she looked down, she spotted a small, red container in the pocket of his suit. She let out a small gasp, quickly covering her mouth so that she won't burst into tears and gave her excitement away. her heart beat faster, since she knew that in a few moments, once this craziness is over, he is going to go down on his knee and embarrass herself in front of the entire forest, as well as the town... and she was going to be completely fine with it.

Chapter Text

Dipper Pines wasn't that keen on drinking alcohol; as a college student he tried it a few times and it never ended well. This evening, however, he had good feelings about taking just a shot. Instead of cheap, ever-present Bud-none-the-wiser beer, Grunkle Stan brought a keg of mead from the cellar he claimed was more than 100 years old, and for once, Dipper had no reasons to think he was lying.

Dark, golden, syrupy substance poured down his throat with immediate effect: warmth spread from the tip of his tongue, coating the entire length of his esophagus, radiating to every cell surrounding it, and then to his whole body. After twenty five years of his life, Dipper finally understood what a "pick-me-up" meant.

He thought that the loud and upbeat music played in the Shack would get even more unbearable, but somehow, the effect of the alcoholic drink made him think straighter and clearer. His senses weren't dulled, they were focused, like never before.

And then, when he turned his head, he spotted her.

Wendy Corduroy sat just a few feet from his chair, bobbing her head to the rhythm of the music, at least until she noticed him and his mesmerised stare.

By now, a mere glance of her should have turned him into a puddle, a stuttering, sweating mess that couldn't think coherently. And yet, it hasn't. With the courage he never felt before, Dipper walked to his old crush, and spoke the words he meant to say for years, plainly, and without any other thought interrupting them.

- WendyithinkIneedto sya something.

She smiled.

Wendy Corduroy - the brave, intelligent, phenomenal woman blessed him with a smile, and if he had lost any of his determination to proceed with his confession, it would have brought it back tenfold.

- Ivbeen inloveyouwendy. And Ithink yiuarethe most pretyiest woman in the wolrd.

Her gorgeous, green eyes went wide at that proclamation, and for a split of a second Dipper thought he might have stared too strong.

- Really? - she raised her brow.

And then, as if the moment couldn't have been more magical, she leaned on the table and cupped his face with her left hand, grabbed his tie with her right, and brought his face close to hers. He could see the multicoloured lights of the disco ball reflecting in her eyes, her face warm and calm, adored with the most beautiful and serene smile she could have worn.

- So, how about we go out somewhere, sometime, then?

Before Dipper could process what Wendy has just said, she did something far more mind-boggling. She moved her lips to his, planting a deliciously slow and sensual kiss, the one people could write poems or songs about. If the mead has warmed Dipper to his core, then Wendy's kiss first froze him, then thawed him out, burned him, and then repeated the same process a hundred times, making each and every single nerve ending on Dipper's body fire conflicting signals.

Dipper wasn't sure how long it lasted; he closed his eyes the moment she closed hers. He was sure one song has ended and a new began in the time it took them to exchange the kiss that's been overdue for almost ten years.

- I love you too, man.

Wendy whispered, once their lips parted, and she licked hers, tasting the peculiar, strong taste of drink that made Dipper break the ice that remained unbreakable for much, much too long.

- Listeneverybody! - Dipper suddenly stood up, addressing other party-goers. - Listen! Didyu hearr? Wendy Corudoy said she LOVESME!
- Yes, we know, Dipper.

A collective chorus of guests gathered alongside the long reception table groaned in response, for the third time this evening.

Wendy was the only one who still found her newly-wed husband's drunk antics amusing. A single, small glass of mead made him ramble for at least half an hour, asking her to multiple dates, two different proms and a journey to the Moon, all of them she gladly agreed to.

But it seemed that the minuscule amount of alcohol has finally did its deed; Dipper lurched forward, then backward, waddled a bit in place, and would have fallen to the ground if Wendy didn't catch him just in time.

- Yeah, I think it's time for us to go, guys.

She bid the rest of her new family goodnight, took Dipper in her arms, and quite nonchalantly walked outside, carrying Dipper to their new home, knowing that the rest of the wedding night would sober him up.  



Chapter Text

- Are you sure you’ll be alright, sweetie? - Wendy kneeled down and fixed her son’s costume - You sure you don’t want us to go with you?
- Mom, I’m not a little kid anymore! - Tyrone protested, stomping his foot - I’m eight, I’ll be fine.

Wendy smiled, and just when he was about to dodge her move, she got him into a gentle headlock, ruffling his hair.

- Are you guys having fun?

Dipper heard his son’s pretend protests, and walked down from his study, dressed in a matching vampire costume.

- Yeah, no problems here, am I right? - she winked and stood up.
- Remember champ, you’re a Pines…
- …and a Corduroy - Wendy added, nudging Dipper into his side.
- Yeah. So you’ve got brains as well as brawns, so use both if you need to.
- I’ll be fine, dad. - Tyrone rolled his eyes, and just before he was about to walk out, he ran and hugged his parents, giving both of them a would-be-bloody kiss, if his fangs were real.

They watched him for a couple more seconds, until he joined another group of kids. Once it happened, they shared a knowing look, closed the door and nodded.

- Okay, now it’s time. - Dipper spoke and pulled out his walkie-talkie.

Fifteen minutes later, Tyrone’s halloween bag already had lots of sweets, (as well as a pack of dental chewing gum), and given the time, it was his best haul so far. His friends all walked to different houses, trying to maximise the amount of sweets they’d get by doing each one alone (an important lesson hey learned last year), and Tyrone was about to visit another one, when a sudden voice from below the ground startled him.

- Tyyyroooneeee….

The boy turned around, and only when the booming, somewhat familiar voice spoke again, he located it coming from the nearest storm drain. He looked down, and saw a pair of wide, brown eyes, surrounded by multicoloured clown make-up staring at him.

- Hiya, Tyrone! - the female voice spoke again - Would you like to come down here? I’ve got looots of sweets for a sweet kid like you, and… and…Uh… I’ve got…

The clown struggled for a moment, and a few squishing sounds later only half of its face was visible while the rest was obstructed by a huge balloon that clearly did not fit in the minuscule room beneath the street.

- I’ve got ballooons! And they float, they all floa- I man, some of them float, not this one, but if you come down here, they will…

Tyrone Pines sighed.

- Auntie Mabel, what are you doing down there?
- Really? - she let out a disappointing cry, letting air flow out of the balloon with a all-too-familiar noise. - How did you know it was me?
- It was kinda obvious… - he shrugged - Do you wanna help?

But it seemed his aunt was already on her way out, and a moment of scuffling later, a metal crate burst open when Mabel crawled out backwards from her utterly uncomfortable hiding spot.

- Alright, I’m gonna tell you the truth. Your folks told me to keep an eye on you. - she admitted, squeezing water from her long hair - They wanted to see what would happen if a stranger walked to you and offered you sweets and stuff…
- Don’t they know that most kidnapping is done by a friend or a member of family? - Tyrone raised his brow. - Which, technically speaking you are, so I guess that would be right…
- Geez, kiddo, you’re way too smart for your age. - Mabel rolled her eyes - You got a jackpot in the genetic lottery between my brother and Wendy.

They sat on the pavement for a short, awkward while, until Tyrone spoke out.

- So, do you want to go with me trick-or-treating, auntie Mabel? I know my mom and Dad would like that.
- Really? - she asked - I thought you were too old for going with adults…

Tyrone looked at her quizzically.

- Come on, auntie Mabel, you’re always fun. And besides, you deserve some treats for all that crawling you’ve done.    
- Oh, you *are* a sweet child. - she cooed. - Hang on, I need to give report to Dipper.

She took her somewhat drenched walkie-talkie out and spoke to the receiver end.

- Twin Alpha to twin beta. I have been compromised. Tyrone saw through my clever disguise, and I failed to pretend-kidnap him. Moreover, I think he kidnapped me. We’ll be home by nine. Over and out.
- Mabel, what the f-

And she turned off her device, before Dipper’s voice would boom around the street. They stood up and decisively ran towards the nearest house, Mabel’s accidentally terrifying costume guaranteeing they’d get more sweets.

Chapter Text

- Oh, come on! I can't believe it!

Wendy's raised voice alerted Dipper, who was still absent-mindedly preparing his bowling ball, hoping he won't look too ridiculous carrying it. True, he was no longer a twelve year-old that could barely lift it from the ground, but seven years hasn't made that much difference on his physique. However, the thought of spending a peaceful day at the Gravity Falls Bowling Alley vanished from his mind at once when he saw a sight that instantly froze his blood. He looked around, and from his quick glance, most other people present in the place stopped their discussions and began finding a pre-emptive shelters or hiding places, knowing full well what was going to happen, leaving Dipper in the epicentre of the oncoming storm.

In the very middle of the spacious hall, Pacifica Northwest stood with her arms crossed, looking with a stern grimace on her face at the taller red-head, who reciprocated the cold stare with equal animosity that electrified the air around them. 

Citizens of Gravity Falls knew very well the century-old stories of bad blood between the Corduroys and the Northwests. Nowadays, the two families tried not to step on each other's toes, but whenever it happened, new pages in Gravity Falls annals were written, and it looked like such an event was about to happen.

- Wendy? - Dipper asked, taking a cautious step towards his girlfriend, who at once put a hand towards him, sending a clear sign to stay away from this.
- Really, Corduroy? You had to wear it at the same day, hadn't you? - Pacifica scoffed, putting her hands to her hips in an almost primal, peacock-like gesture, making her short, white coat appear larger and more intimidating.
- Hey, I don't have to consult with anyone what I want to wear, missy. - Wendy retorted.
- Paz? What's going o-Ooooh...

From the opposite team's aisle Mabel Pines heard the commotion as well, and ducked her head to check out what has angered her girlfriend. The answer became obvious when she noticed Wendy's top, and couldn't help but let out a short giggle.

- Mabel? What is going on? - Dipper opened his hands in defeat, unable to understand how come an argument broke so quickly.

But then he followed Mabel's finger and noticed black shirt peeking from underneath Pacifica's coat.

The same top that Wendy was wearing.

The one with "Good girl with bad habits" written in bold, aggressive letters, leaving absolutely no place for interpretation of that phrase.

- Oh, dear, this is awkward. - Mabel whispered and put her hands over Waddles' eyes.
- Yeah, this won't end well... - Dipper sighed, and Mabel used her other hand to protect Dipper's sight as well.

Meanwhile, the argument was only starting.

- So, you decided to copy me, huh? - Pacifica hissed.
- Copy? Why would I want to copy someone who wears fluffy coats in August?!
- It's fashion, you wouldn't understand it. - Pacifica threw a contempt look at her jeans and pair of shoes she had to leave behind, and turned to her side in disgust.
- Oh, wait, maybe I did want to copy you - Wendy smirked - Just so I can say you bought it at the thrift store with 20% off?

This insult was evidently too much for Pacifica, who turned her head so fast that Mabel was afraid her neck might snap, and if it wasn't for her quick reaction, the two women would jump at each other's throats.

- Uh, listen... - Mabel began - Can we just acknowledge how weird is that for us - she pointed to Dipper - That you both wear shirts that loudly proclaim that you are bonking your significant other Pine?
- Yeah, I don't need to remember those moments... - Dipper sighed again.
- What? - Pacifica smiled - I only walked on you guys naked, like, twice.
- That's two times too many. - Dipper grunted - Besides, we didn't invade your privacy.

At that proclamation, Mabel turned her head towards him at once and raised her brow.

- Yes, you did. Two years ago, remember?

Dipper replied with equally confused look.

- No I didn't. You guys were having a sleepover and OH MY GOD THAT WASN'T A SLEEPOVER WAS IT?

A sudden harmonising laughter reached the twins' ears, as both Pacifica and Wendy howled at Dipper's sudden realisation. A moment later Mabel joined them, and under pressure, Dipper let out a few chuckles, though his face remained as red as before.

- Well, okay, that was an interesting experience. - Wendy wiped the tear from her eye - I'm gonna let you pass this time, but I'm still gonna kick your ass.

And she grabbed her bowling ball, decorated with hyperbolic plaid pattern and held it in front of her chest like a shield.

- I'd like to see you try... - Pacifica responded with a familiar gleam of competitiveness in her eyes, as she prepared her equipment.

Citizens of Gravity Falls pushed to the sides of the hall could finally let out a deep sigh of relief. A bowling competition probably won't end in anything too catastrophic, though some were already packing their stuff, ready to evacuate.

- You think we should show ourselves now? - Soos asked his wife, whispering into her ear.
- Nah, we'll come here tomorrow. - Melody replied, making sure to zip her jacket up and cover the ever-so-familiar black top with white letters.






Chapter Text

Dipper Pines wasn't sure why he woke up. He was having a perfectly nice dream about sitting in a living room, reading a book and not being possessed by demons, when suddenly, a familiar, tingling sensation seared through his body, collapsing his fantasy. When he opened eyes, he realised it was still middle of night, only the faintest traces of moonlight shining through the windows.

But he identified the source of said familiar feeling at once, when a series of goosebumps covered his skin. Wendy has been nibbling on his earlobe, and once she felt him jitter, she let out a low chuckle and moved her lips to his neck.

- W-Wendy? - Dipper asked, his voice still hoarse - Is something wrong?

But when he turned to her side, his girlfriend was already straddling him, undoing his boxers.

- Nah, I'm just feeling horny...

And with that, she nonchalantly lifted her nightgown, exposing her breasts that soon obscured Dipper's view of the room, before Wendy managed to settle on his cock properly. Even with his heart beating faster, Dipper wasn't sure what to do, but fortunately, Wendy was ready for him with a clue.

- Kiss'em.

And with that simple command, Dipper closed his lips around her left nipple, generating another low and deep moan from his girlfriend, who by that time has finally freed Dipper's cock from its cloth prison. When she scuttled a few inches back, a new sensation hit Dipper, when he felt how wet she already has been. Without much deliberation, she grabbed him, and pointed his length to her entrance, before sliding onto it in one go.

Dipper was glad they were alone, since the moan that escaped his lips would have surely woken up others. With a new position, it mean that sadly Dipper had to part ways with Wendy's bosom, but on the other hand, he was given a mesmerising sight of her firm breasts jiggling slightly up and down with each of her moves. And of course, he was given chance to grab his girlfriend by her waist and pretend that he was in control of the unstoppable red-head sex machine in his laps.

Though, by her standards, Wendy was running on medium-to-low settings, from the looks, sounds and smells that surrounded Dipper. Her moans still sounded sleepy and tired, and her eyelids were half-closed, though that only strengthened the seductive aspect of her face, gently illuminated by light from outside. Her bounces felt slightly uncoordinated, though Dipper's senses were anything but fully alerted by that point, making sure he was responding correctly to his girlfriends riding him lazily. She even rested her hands on Dipper's torso, even though in most cases she preferred keeping herself straight, just to give Dipper better sight of her athletic body.

But the sudden lowering of her body meant that Dipper was once again given the pleasure of caressing her breasts, and he used that privilege at once. Half-asleep, Wendy felt his wet lips around her nipples and between her breasts, and responded only with a short "Mmmh, yeah".

A moment later, Wendy collapsed onto Dipper completely, and her hips sped up. She even grabbed Dipper's hand to move it to her ass, something he was about to do anyway. Her groans grew in volume, and they began matching those that Dipper has been generating for quite some time now. Finally, she closed her lips around his, at the very moment their voices combined, and Dipper's hips bucked, filling her with a few streams of his cum. Her body shivered, and her hips twitched while more wetness poured onto Dipper's crotch.

The two lovers breathed in unison for a few more minutes, before Wendy let go of her younger boyfriend, grabbed a tissue from the box sitting on the nightable, cleaned some of the combined mess they made, and gave him a short peck.

- Thanks, Dip. I needed that.

She was about to turn to her side, as if nothing more happened, when Dipper's mumbling noise reached her ears.

- Er, Wendy? Is this something that will be happening from now on?
- Uh, yeah, I think so, man.

And with that, Wendy Corduroy fell to her pillow, leaving perplexed Dipper Pines lying wide awake on his side of bed for quite some time. He had many ideas of how living together, in their own house would look like, but even in his best dreams he didn't count random midnight quickies.

He turned to her side, gave her exposed shoulder a quick kiss, and once his arms closed around her, he drifted off to sleep.


Chapter Text

- Oh, fuck, Dipper, don't stop!

Wendy threw her head back, as she let out another carnal cry into the air around them, forcing a few flocks of birds on nearby trees to fly off in fear. Wendy was in her element - not only was she bouncing up and down on Dipper's cock, riding him in her favourite position, but they also set up their picnic in the middle of the woods, and nothing drove Wendy wilder than doing it in such peaceful and tranquil place.

Dipper Pines, on the other hand, was petrified, and only the fact that he was pleasuring his once-sweetheart-and-now-girlfriend made him continue his efforts. The very same thing that made Wendy so excited also terrified Dipper: woods of Gravity Falls were nothing but filled with dangerous creatures, some of which were more than sentient, and like no other place in the world gave him a foreboding sense of someone watching them all the time.

For all intents and purposes, Dipper felt as if his girlfriend was riding him in the middle of a shopping mall, and the fact that it turned her on provided one hell of cognitive dissonances.

- We...Wendy... - he huffed between his thrusts - Some...someone could be watching... watching us...
- I know!

She leaned over him and cupped his face, giving him a big sloppy kiss.

- That's what so cool, Dip. I want them to hear me,crying about you.

Wendy never took her gleaming, green eyes from, as she continued her mantra, her hips still working furiously around his cock.

- I want them to hear how good you are... and how... how I want you to fill me...

She leaned back, and pressed her hands against his chest, securing her position.

- So, come on, Dipper Pines. Keep fucking me!

Wendy let out another deep moan, and resumed her furious bucking, short mewls seeping into her voice, as she was approaching her orgasm.

And then, she yelped when the world around her spun, and she landed on her back, her legs suddenly pressed tightly to her chest. When her head stopped spinning, she saw Dipper's face next to hers, as he pushed his body against his, taking control of their joined bodies. With her legs on his shoulders, Wendy could only clutch her hands to his shoulder, as she marvelled at her boyfriend's sudden inspiration to dominate her.

- Dipper! - she cried, watching as her legs wobble whenever he bucked into her.

A moment ago, in a split of a second, her thoughts have overtaken him, and he decided he also wants the whole world to know what the two have been doing. He wanted the animals and stray tourists to know that Wendy Corduroy has let him caress her body and be her mate, and that made his double his efforts to bring his wonderful girlfriend to a swift climax.

Unlike her, however, he knew that he only had air in his lungs for just one cry, and he left it until the very end, second before he buried himself inside her one last time.

- Wendy...! I LOVE YOU!

Her cries followed his soon after, as long as Wendy didn't use her lips to cover Dipper's face with short, but hungry kisses, thanking him for an orgasm way stronger than she expected to live through that afternoon. Her pecks helped him cool down, as his thrusts became weaker and weaker, spilling last portions of his seed into her.

With their faces so close, and their limbs tangled around their bodies, there was no need to scream anymore. The two lovers shared their intimacy, whispering bits of their names and sweet confessions, silent enough so just the two could only hear them.

A few feet away, hidden in plain sight of the shadows cast by trees, two vilas watched the naked couple rest, and then go on, exercising their lust for each other again and again in their glade. They wondered if either of them knew of their existence, and if the red-haired woman knew why she feels so exhilarated whenever she procreates in the woods, far from civilisation. For a split of a second, Wendy's eyes lay upon one of them, but she thought it was just a trick of the light.

At the same moment, she let out another scream praising her boyfriend, unaware that her energy fuelled their spectators' powers. The stronger vila blew her spores into the centre of the glade, ensuring the couple that breathed them in would return there.

Her hand was almost visible now.




Chapter Text

Wendy opened her eyes, woken up by the noise from upstairs. She groaned, and tried mentally silencing the cries and moans, even with a pillow over her face, but up to no avail. She nudged her boyfriend, who, from the sounds of it, has been sleeping sound throughout the entire rutting session that has been going on in the flat above them.

- Dip... Dipper!
- W-What's goin' on? - he asked, flinching when Wendy woke him up.
- We gotta tell our neighbours to shut it.

They both looked at each other in stern silence, until they simultaneously reached their hands, showing which did they choose.

- Ha! - Wendy exclaimed, clamping her "paper" over Dipper's "rock" in triumphant gesture.

Dipper groaned, put on his dressing-gown, and slightly grumpy, readied himself for a talk with their neighbours, wondering if scaring them with a promise about warning the landlord will help.

And as he walked down the stairs of his house, some of the cogs in his brain began slowly rolling. They were not living in a dorm anymore. They didn't have a landlord. And most importantly...

- We don't have neighbours! - he turned towards his girlfriend, who jumped out of the bed, realising the same flaw in their reasoning.

And yet, the ominous screeching sounds continued from above. Still in their nighties, but armed with a rifle and a handaxe, the couple walked cautiously to the hatch to their roof, unable to guess what horrors they might have to face. Dipper gently lowered the folding stairs, and doing just that has magnified the volume of the otherworldly noises reaching them from the roof.

Wendy silently signed him number "three", and on said count she jumped up, though once she realised what she was looking at, she slid down, colliding with her boyfriend that was about to back her up.

- Auch! Wendy! What's going on?
- Uh, it's not... It's not what I though it would be. - Wendy replied, her face red and filled with consternation.
- Come on, let me see, it might be something-
- Hi, bro.

A familiar, and very unexpected voice reached him from upstairs, and sure enough, a moment later, Mabel's head was looking at him through the hatch.

- Mabel?! What the blazes are you doing on our roof?

Wendy snickered, bringing even more confusion to Dipper's face.

- I know "what", though I'd still like to know "why".
- It was a bet.

A fourth, even more unpredicted voice was added to the mix, and that one seemed to have finally solved the mystery of the nature of the noises coming from above.

Pacifica Northwest was wearing a sly, smug grin, as she looked down on the owners of the house they've been making love on, watching as Dipper hides his face in his palms, partially because of embarrassment, astonishment, and just the fact that he has seen these two naked enough times by accident already, and he didn't want to renew that mental image in his brain.

- Yeah, turns out we cannot keep it quiet. Science confirms it! - Mabel exclaimed in triumph, almost flashing her naked chest to Dipper and Wendy downstairs. Pacifica was faster to cover her breasts with her hands, much to her delight.
- Mabel, is this a revenge for the cupboard thing? - Dipper asked, still unsure if he was dreaming, or not.
- Yes, it is, brother. - she answered sternly.
- At least Wendy proved two people *can* fit inside... - Pacifica added, shrugging.
- Okay, guys, I think it's high time we go back to sleep - Wendy smiled, looking somewhat pitifully at all other people gathered below and above her. - Do you want to bunk tonight in the living room?
- Wendy! - Dipper roared - THEY. HAVE. A. HOUSE!
- I know, it's just courtesy.
- Thanks, future-sis-in-law but we can get down on our own the same way we got up. - Mabel cheered - Grappling hook!

And the two faces disappeared from Dipper and Wendy's view. From the noises they made, it sounded that they leapt away from their their odd love-making place, jumping on trees, probably still naked.

- Honestly, what do we have with these two... - Dipper massaged his forehead.
- Well, they had a good idea. - Wendy added, leaning on the ladder. - Remember when we did it on the roof of the Shack? You didn't ask Grunkle Stan, or Soos for permission.
- Yeah, but...

He was about to counter her, but then Wendy took one step up, lifting her night gown a bit, revealing her panties.

- You sure you don't wanna repeat that?
- Wendy...

One step at a time, Wendy teased her boyfriend, undoing more of her already provisional clothes, until her breasts were fully visible when she as half-sitting on the edge of the hatch.

- Come on, they left the blanket.

Wendy's panties fell to Dipper's face when she darted onto the roof, making him wonder if other couples had the same problems as theirs. But even if so, then the sight of his girlfriend lying naked under the stars, spreading her legs invitingly was too alluring to let that be his worry at the moment.



Chapter Text

Dipper never thought he would see Wendy in a costume more arousing than her red swimsuit, but her current one was a very strong contestant. She walked back and forth around his bed, swaying her hips whenever possible, leaning to show her already exposed cleavage, or bending her knees in such way that Dipper had an unobscured view of her lingerie hidden underneath her nurse outfit.

- Do you require any *ass*istance? - Wendy asked, sitting on his bed, careful not to touch his leg in a cast.
- I don't know, you're the one who knows how to let the body heal... - Dipper replied, enjoying their role-play.
- Well, I think I can spot one problem...

Wendy licked her lips, dragging her finger across his boxers, where Dipper was pitching quite a tent.

- You could use some... drainage... To relieve the pressure...
- Oh, yes. - Dipper gasped, a giddy smile drawing on his face.

Wendy pulled his boxers down, or at least as low as his condition allowed, slowly watching as his cock sprung to life. She gave him a quick kiss, and climbed onto his bed, carefully manoeuvring above him, until her crotch was positioned above his face as well.

- Meanwhile, I think you could use some extra fluids. - and she gently moved aside the strip of her panties, revealing her soaking folds - And so can I, for that matter...

And without much hesitation, Wendy closed her lips around his cock, getting a first taste of her boyfriend that she craved ever since he was taken to the hospital after his injury. The very same moment, shivers ran down her spine when Dipper's tongue invaded her folds, his hunger rivalling hers.

Despite his temporal physical impairment, Dipper's grip on her ass and thighs was as strong as ever, and the effect became more visible - or rather perceptible - when he began his caresses, licking, sucking and kissing her labia, folds, and of course, her clit.

Series of moans came from Wendy's throat that reverberated along Dipper's cock, only fortifying his oncoming climax. From her perspective, Wendy could see the ridges and veins on his length bulging and pulsing, first drops of his pre-cum already on her tongue. Unsurprisingly, Dipper came first, flooding her mouth in a record-short time, though given his prolonged, forced abstinence, it was a natural effect to be expected.

Wendy gulped down his seed, just in time for Dipper to use his fingers to sped up his duty, bringing her over the edge a minute or so after Wendy has swallowed his load.

- That was... satisfactory - Wendy looked at him upside down from her position - I think you will need a lot more exercises to come back to form...
- So, how many times a day should I take it? - Dipper huffed, cleaning his face from copious amount of her sticky juices.
- As many as possible. - Wendy smiled, turning on the spot, making sure she will be able to ride him cowgirl-style without hurting his leg.


Chapter Text

Hiding behind the corner, Dipper Pines took a good, long breath. He was safe, for a while.

He opened his backpack, took out his journal, uncorked the ink bottle, dipped the quill in it, and began writing.

I can't remember when the war has begun. It's been so long since I have seen anyone alive. The rations...

He looked into his backpack again. The last piece of biscuit lay crumbled in the plastic wrapper, left for the most dire of times.

... The rations gonna end soon. I still weep at the casualties I have witnessed, unable to comprehend what war can do to people.

With a heavy heart, Dipper took a quick glance at the room next to him. On the floor, together with a shattered picture frame, lay a soldier. His lifeless body reminded Dipper of who shot him, and every time it happened, he couldn't stop himself from crying in desperation and bitterness that tore his soul.


A quick shot somewhere above his head forced him to duck immediately and scoot back to his safe position.

...It is imperative that we take over the corridor to the North. It is our only chance, otherwise, I might not survive until the...

But then, he heard the door nearby creak. He took another glance, but couldn't see anyone coming. And then, Dipper Pines nearly jumped into the air and cried the most girlish of screams when he felt something alive and wet nudge his ankle.

- Oink.

Waddles looked with curiosity at the uglier Pines, whose face was painted with horror, confusion, and finally, realisation, when Dipper spotted a leather belt with two pouches hanging on pig's back.

- A message from Mabel! Smart Waddles...

And he opened the pocket with "D" on it, retrieving a fresh pack of biscuits and a letter.


Dear Dipper,

I know that you and Wendy are having a silly war or something, but I think it's time to stop the carnage. I'm gonna order a pizza for both of you, so don't shoot the pizza man. When you finish reading your letter, just pat Waddles, so he can go to Wendy to deliver her sweets and her letter.

Your loving sister,

Dipper was about to do what he was told to, but then a wicked idea crossed his mind. He grabbed Waddles, turned him around as if he was a toy car, opened the pouch with a red "W" on it, and dug his hand inside. He took the letter, and opened it, eager to know what Mabel had to say to Wendy.


Hello again, Dipper,

I knew you were going to steal Wendy's cookies, so be glad I didn't put a mousetrap in the pouch. I just texted Wendy a few minutes ago about your position.


At the same moment, Dipper heard a mocking laughter of his girlfriend, currently occupying their kitchen. With anger and determination, Dipper rolled to wardrobe, dodging another plastic bullet, put the tin soldier back to the position, reloaded his own nerf gun, with the freshly taken projectile, and rushed, in order to defend his honour to not make the dinner, regardless of the pizza-man's arrival.

Waddles tilted his head, and looked at Dipper again, wondering for a moment if it is true that in war there is no substitute for victory, or whether it really is mankind's most tragic and stupid folly, and if God is always on the side of the heaviest battalions.

And then he scratched his ear with his back trotter and took a nap.


Chapter Text

The living room of the Mystery Shack rarely has been filled with such ominous silence. The opposite ends of the couch were occupied by the two teenagers, one older, one younger, both with their arms crossed, neither of them interested in continuing the discussion they've had. Every once in a while one of them would look at the other one to see if they realised how wrong they have been, up to no avail.

Though the two had sometimes radically different views on a lot of issues, neither Wendy, nor Dipper imagined before that they would get angry at each other because of a movie. And yet, while the German terrorists were defeated one by one by the American hero, the atmosphere of intense arguments was still present, about to reignite with the tiniest of sparks.

- There! Do you see? - Wendy suddenly pointed to the screen, where a beefy man in blood-stained white shirt tackled another enemy with a long pole. - I told you, "Demise with Difficulties" IS a Christmas movie!
- No it's not! - Dipper countered - This guy just has just been killed!
- And what object was the cause of said death, Dipper? 

Wendy looked at her friend, her brow rising triumphantly, as she awaited his answer.

-...a giant candy cane... - he sighed in defeat.
- Yes! Score five for the Corduroy!

Wendy shouted wildly and stomped her feet in place, curious to see what else does Jeff McClub have in his non-existent sleeve.

- How come you are such a die-hard fan of this movie now? - Dipper inquired, leaning on the backrest.
- Dude, I told you. I barely watched holiday movies, Dad was taking us for training every December. And this is exactly what he trained us to do!
- What, kill bad guys with ornaments?

Wendy nodded, almost too eagerly.

- But how is this a holiday movie, Wendy? - Dipper waved his arms in protest.
- It takes place on Christmas, there are Christmas trees, and they defeat the terrorists that try to steal all the presents. - Wendy listed quickly.
- You mean money from the bank.
- Duh. - Wendy rolled her eyes - Also, need I remind you of the best scene that is coming right up...?

Suddenly, with the change of both the tone of her voice and the music, Dipper's eyes widened, just as he hid them behind his hands. But Wendy was faster; she clutched her arms around him and brought her smaller friend to her laps, just to force him to watch it. Dipper let out a faint "meep", but it was too late; the scene he dreaded watching has already begun.

- Ah-ha! - the leader of the terrorist laughed - You vill not stop me, mister cowboy! You haff no schöes and you haff to traverße the entire corridor to catch me!

The camera panned slowly, showing that the corridor in front of the barefoot hero was littered with thousand of sharp pieces of broken Christmas balls from the recent shoot-out. The hero smiled, and the camera once again showed a close up of the sharp, shining piece of glass on the carpet, milimeters from Jeff's naked, already bloody foot. Dipper trembled in Wendy's arms from the prospect of what might happen, when Jeff reached to his back and took out a portable vacuum cleaner.

- It's time for some Christmas cleaning. 

The terrorist's eyes widened, when he noticed the hero storming towards him, cleaning his way of any sharp objects, and before he could run away, he was head-butted and fell through the window, in a marvellous, long, slow-motion fall.

- Yowza-Kwanza, mother-Ducktective returns this December with a brand new special...

The two teenagers groaned and threw their arms into the air in aggravation as the commercial rolled in, disrupting the iconic moment.

- Oh, come on, why do they always have to cut off that line. It's perfect!
- I know!

Only now, as Dipper had to turn around to meet Wendy's eyes, the two realised the slightly awkward position Wendy has forced him into. In a split of a second the once-snuggler and once-snugglee scooted to the opposite ends of the couch again, pretending to be deeply invested in the ads.

- Okay, so... maybe this is a holidays movie... - Dipper continued.
- Of course it is!
-...but I will only agree if you say that the "Horror before Hanukkah" is as well. - Dipper smirked, revealing his proposal.
- What? No way, that is so a Halloween movie, with all those skulls and spirals.
- What about "Brooding Knight Returns" then? Do you think that weird flick is a Christmas movie?
- Uh, duh. - Wendy rolled her eyes - You've got homicidal exploding penguins on a frozen river. How is this not Christmas?
- And "Groblins"? - Dipper asked after a moment of consideration.
- Dude, I freaking love these! - Wendy cheered.
- Me too! Especially the confusing rules about feeding them!
- Uh, am I interrupting you guys?

A sudden, third voice reached Wendy and Dipper, as Mabel walked into the room with a bowl of cookies.

- We, uh, we were just talking about, uh, holiday movies, I guess. - Wendy answered, realising how close she has moved towards Dipper in the process of fangirling.
- Oh, sweet!

Mabel cheered and jumped to the sofa, unceremoniously pushing Dipper from the end to the middle of it.

- 'Cos in a few moments they will air Dipper's favourite special from our childhood!
- No, Mabel, no... - Dipper suddenly groaned, once again hiding his face in his hands.
- The Rotten Bass production of "Randall the Ruby-nosed Reindeer"! - Mabel exclaimed - Dipper loved this one. He pretended that he is a deer once and we called him "Deerper".
- No I did not!
- Yes you did, I have photographic evidence, brother.

Wendy chuckled, and for the second time this afternoon, Dipper was pulled into Wendy's arms, as she ruffled his hair pretending to look for antlers. And for once in his lifetime, Dipper suddenly was no longer embarrassed by it, even though Mabel was rolling on the sofa laughing.

Chapter Text

- Dipper... I'm cold.

Wendy Corduroy's voice, though quiet, has nonetheless woke Dipper Pines up from his shallow sleep. Giving her a quick confirmatory grunt and a kiss to her cheek, he sat on their bed and got up to close the window. As his eyes adapted to the familiar surroundings of their bedroom, he realised it was a bit brighter. When he walked to their balcony, his eyes widened, when he saw specks of snow illuminated by the yellow light of the faraway lamp at the end of the driveway to their forest house.

The entire forest was covered in at least half a foot of snow that must have started when they already asleep. Dipper couldn't help but smile, as the picturesque, Dickensian scene continued to unfurl in front of him. In Piedmont it almost never snowed, so the Winters spent in Gravity Falls always excited Dipper with the prospect of imagery he only saw in Christmas specials on TV at home. And just when he was about to indulge in watching the weather outside, he heard his girlfriend's annoyed voice behind his back, that quickly brought him to his senses.

- Oh, right, Wendy.

He closed the window, cutting the chilly wind, and walked to the wardrobe. A moment Dipper covered her with an extra thick quilt, heavy enough to wake Wendy up.

- Oh, hey, thanks, man.

She took the edge of the cover and sniffed it, smelling the familiar, faint scent of lavender, and let out a faint purr of satisfaction that only fresh, warm blankets on a cold night can provide.

- My mom made these, you know...? - she mumbled, tucking herself deeper under the mountain of material.
- Yeah, you mentioned it a few times - Dipper chuckled, getting under it as well. - That's why it's so big, it was for your dad as well.

And he was about to close his arms around her, when the brave lumberjill shrieked as his fingers brushed her exposed skin.

- Dude! You're cold!
- I know, you need to warm me up!

Giggling, the couple fought under the sheets, Wendy desperately trying to prevent Dipper from freezing her from the inside of her warm pocket. With a surprisingly decisive move, Dipper Pines grabbed his girlfriend and attempted rolling her to his other side, though that only resulted in him being tossed to almost the other end of the bed.

- Come on, Wendy, I was by that window for like half a second, it's cold outside...
- I know, and you are not letting any more cold in here. - she bickered back.
- Well, technically, I am letting the warmth out, so...

And before she knew it, he was at her again, his mind set on not letting her win this time. Their struggles have already warmed him, but now it was a matter of pride. Though he has managed to top her once, Wendy rolled him to his back in a single, swift move, dragging the multi-coloured quilt with her. Dipper responded with the same strategy, and after two more rounds, the couple found themselves in a tightly-rolled quilt burrito, facing each other's reddened cheeks.

- This is gonna be our first Christmas in this house... - Dipper suddenly cooed, looking into her deep, green eyes.
- Yeah, you're right. - Wendy retorted, suddenly realising it as well. - Feels weird, this time *we* will have to make a huge party on Christmas day.
- Maybe this time the punch won't be that spiced?
- Uh-uh, right. - Wendy chuckled - And what are those two barrels of mead in the basement for?

Wendy let him roll them to her back.

- Remember the first Christmas abroad? - he asked, peppering her neck with kisses.
- Mhm, in the Black Forest. We never found what happened to that sentient Christmas Tree, did we?
- I guess it still haunts that town. - Wendy shrugged - I mean, let's face it, that sweater it was forced to wear hasn't exactly helped the situation.

Her hands wandered on Dipper's back, sliding up and down his back to generate more heat.

- Beats the talking animals and their crazy flaming hay bale rolling.
- That's for Easter, I think.

Effortlessly, Wendy tightened her grip around him and brought them back to their starting position.

- And what about our first Christmas here? - she asked - With you all dumping all those traditions on me?
- Oh, come on, Wendy. - Dipper scoffed - We just wanted to help feel you a bit like, you know, a family.
- Yeah, and your sister was hanging mistletoe everywhere.
- Don't forget the drone. - Dipper smiled, pecking her freckled cheeks. - The days of the old “mistletoe on a fishing rod” are gone.
- I won't, and one of my ribs will neither.

Wendy smirked and before Dipper tried apologising again for his sister's matchmaking efforts, the couple rocked to the other side of their bed again.

- And remember our first, first one?
- Oh, sure - Dipper rolled his eyes - My parents were so embarrassing...
- Nah, they were cool. - she laid her head on his shoulder - They were just happy that their boy found himself a girlfriend.
- And they were already thinking, like, fifteen years into the future. - he groaned. - As if we knew what were going to be like now....
- Yeah, like when are we gonna have first Christmas as a married couple... Mason.

When she spoke his name, their eyes met, and he felt a familiar, petrifying cold sweat, when her piercing gaze seemed to be drilling a hole in his mind. Wendy mimicked the tone of his mother perfectly, and a wave of guilt swept over him.

- Wendy, I...- He started explaining, but Wendy's laughter cut him off completely.
- Chill out, man, I'm just messing with you. - she leaned over him, blowing a raspberry over his exposed neck.

Though he wasn't sure if it was possible, she pulled him into an even deeper hug, pressing her body against his.

- I don't care if you put a ring on my finger or not... - she cooed - I know you love me, man.
- Oh, good that I kept the receipt then.

At once, Wendy raised her head, though the tight layers of quilt around them prevented her from moving it higher than a few inches above Dipper's. The same, stern gaze that mortified Dipper before now did nothing to the cocky smirk drawn on his face.

- Well, in that case... - Wendy stated, looking away from him - I won't tell you if it's gonna be our first Christmas as parents, then.

Even without seeing him, she knew her retort had exact the effect she desired, just from the sudden tension in his muscles around her.

- Wendy?!
- Oh, look at the snow, Dipper. So much snow. Very snowy.
- Are you...
- I'm not telling you, I told you. I won't tell you until I'm the size of a beach ball and my waters will break. That's when I'm going to tell you.

She looked back at him, moved her fingers to her lips and zipped them tightly. In a split of a second, Dipper's expression changed from worried to sly, as he frowned.

- Oh, I know how to make you talk...

Wendy shirked again when the once-cold fingers began dancing on the exposed skin on her waist, forcing her to her back, as Wendy tried to fight off her tickling opponent, pulling them into another round of arguments and a trip down the memory lane.


When the morning arrived, neither Wendy, nor Dipper knew how many times have the two traversed the length and width of their bed, rolling their bodies stuck in a passionate embrace. Neither of them knew how many memories they talked about, how many kisses they've exchanged, how come they have managed to get rid of their clothes from inside of their blanket cocoon, and whether the special gifts they've talked about were real or not.

But judging by the heat still present between their tightly pressed bodies, if these wishes weren't going to come true this year, then they will surely do by the next Christmas.

Chapter Text

When Dipper Pines woke up, he first felt the unmistakable stiffness between his legs, the one his almost-mature body was still suffering from on so many mornings.

But as he opened his eyes, and they accommodated to the bizarre, flickering lighting around him, he noticed more and more details, and as memories began flooding his mind, he suddenly became paralysed, afraid to move a single muscle that could wake girls sleeping on both of his sides.

To his left, lay Tambry, her dishevelled, violet locks serving as a reminder of the many excesses of their previous night. On his right, Wendy Corduroy was gently snoring, her bushy, long red hair looking like a halo around her face, stricken with a grimace of pleasure she was surely reminiscing of in her sleep.

And when Dipper looked down his body, he noticed that both girls kept one of their hands over his crotch, almost as if to subconsciously protect the most important part of his body, the one that gave all three of them so much enjoyment yesterday.

Almost as if his life was about to end, more imagery began flashing in front of Dipper's eyes. Wendy and Tambry kissing; Wendy and Tambry kissing him; Wendy and Tambry kissing him in a place not usually suitable for kissing... And then, the stunning sight of their naked bodies spread on the supposedly-picnic blankets in the middle of the forest glade, now gently illuminated with the morning sun.

Dipper closed his eyes, trying to calm himself, but his vision was obscured by two constantly changing colours, red and violet, in ways so wild even his horny teenage mind could not conceive until now. The kaleidoscope of carnal combinations reminded him how many of their virginities were lost yesterday, and how utterly content they all have been from experiencing pure bliss one after another, not just from exchanging various fluids, but from the sheer closeness of each other.

Then guilt began sweeping over him, together with dreading uncertainty. How come the two most stunning ladies of Gravity Falls have decided to gave themselves to him, as well as to each other? True, the three have spent more time than usual together this Summer, but not even in his wildest dreams Dipper has thought this might lead to a situation like that...

Suddenly, Dipper's eyes went wide, and he almost sat straight up, when the most important element of last afternoon came to his mind as the final piece of the puzzle.

The Vilas.

Beads of sweat appeared on his forehead, when he remembered the nymph-like, partially see-through feminine creatures that surrounded them when they were about to set up their picnic. He remembered breathing in the pollen they scattered around the glade, and then...

The he only remembered the passion. The pure, unbridled passion shared between three of them, that only deepened as more of their clothes were removed, and they discovered more of their bodies.

But of course that meant...

If Dipper felt guilty before, then the realisation of his morally dubious actions against them truly made him petrified. What would they think of him when they wake up? Did he just wager their friendship over a single night of pure bliss? Dipper looked frantically from left to right, from Tambry's curvy body, to Wendy's puffy areolas, and her long legs, to Tambry's firm breasts, and Wendy's green eyes-

She woke up.

- Hey, Dip.

Wendy leaned in and before he could back up, she placed a single, slow kiss on his lips, though it has taken a moment for Dipper to reciprocate it, as he was still not sure if he wasn't going to be murdered on the spot.

- What's wrong, Dipper? - Wendy raised her brow, seeing the dreadful consternation in his eyes - Is my breath that bad?
- W-Wendy... - he stammered - Did... Did you...

But his question was interrupted by a second voice to his other side, when Tambry let out a loud yawn.

- Hi guys. - she mumbled. - Slept well?

And to answer her question, Wendy leaned over Dipper's body, locking her lips with Tambry's in an equally long, but utterly unabashed kiss that only seemed to deepen Dipper's concern.

- W-Wendy, Tambry... - he swallowed loudly, realising that the ladies' hands still stimulated his lower body with their slow, calculated moves - Do... Do you remember last... uh, last...
- Oh, yes, we do. - Tambry replied, completing the cycle by pecking Dipper on his cheek. - And even if we don't, I got it recorded.

She shook her phone that seemed to have been acting as her sleeping plushie, and her face lit up when she checked it.

- We nearly ran out of space. 15 gigabytes, that seems right...
- Guys!

Dipper suddenly sat right up, looking at his two lovers that seemed completely nonchalant about the situation they found themselves in. He took a few deep breaths, and stuttered his question.

- Wendy... Tambers... Guys, we... we had sex...
- Yeah, as I said, fifteen gigabytes of it...
- That's not the point. - Dipper interrupted her - I just... Because there were the vilas, and the pollen, and... I just want to know if we... If you... are okay with it.

He closed his eyes. If the consequences of his actions were to strike him now, he wouldn't dare to look into eyes of his friends. But then he felt two warm, wet kisses on his cheeks when both Wendy and Tambry leaned in to calm him down.

- Maybe this will ease your mind...

And Tambry showed him the video on her phone, where five creatures, only two of them human were seen: Wendy, as well as himself, were standing back-to-back, ready to defend themselves from the naked vilas, who seemed to have been explaining something.

- ...we gather love. That's what allows us to live. You wouldn't be here if it wasn't present between you. And we can help you achieve it in greater quantity than you could imagine, though it won't work at all if you don't discover it on your own.

A long, pregnant pause fell between the three, with Tambry being the first to proclaim her love for them. Then came Wendy. And then, Dipper looked into his own terrified eyes on the screen, when he spoke his double "I love you"s.

Tambry must have dropped the phone to the ground at that point, but from the slurping and smacking noises, he had pretty good idea of what followed their triple confession.

- Do you want to keep watching, Dip? - Wendy asked, ruffling through his curled, chestnut hair - Does our gentleman want any more proof?
- Or maybe he just wants to remind himself of what we've done later? - Tambry chuckled - I think we've hit a pretty good position around two hour mark...
- Yeah, but why watching it, when we can replay it live? - Wendy raised her brow, and the two ladies looked at Dipper with the same hungry, sly expression.

And when they saw the frown of indecision turning into a smirk of relief and confidence, they jumped at each other, exchanging a flurry of ravenous kisses.

- Maybe... Maybe we should have a shower and breakfast first... - Dipper stuttered from under the weight of his two girlfriends, still shocked at the revelation that he wasn't hallucinating.

A few moments later, the three stepped into the lake at the side of the glade to freshen themselves up, which, predictably, lead to them caressing each other's bodies as a prelude to their next round of passionate love-making. There was no speck of vila's pollen around; instead, the air was filled with the sounds of the three lovers unleashing months of pining for each other in the most romantic, as well as the most heated way. And even if the three skipped a few steps along the way, they still had a few weeks of Summer holidays to make up for it.

They also made a note to use protection this time.

Chapter Text




- Blow it up! - Wendy cheered, anxious to see the results of their little experiment
- Are you sure? - Dipper voice cracked - It may not work…
- Do it!

And Wendy put her hands over Dipper’s, pressing the detonator. For a while, Dipper wasn’t sure what startled him more: the distant explosion, or the feeling of Wendy’s hands touching his.

And as he looked at the giant letters forming phrase “We rulez!” engraved in mountains over Gravity Falls, he decided that this will be the way he proposes to her.



 -  Should I cut the red or blue wire first?

Wendy shot a nervous glance at Dipper.

 - How should I know?! I’ve never done that before! 

He answered, equally stumped, his eyes dancing over the plethora of complicated buttons, screws and metallic parts.

With trembling hands, Wendy took the pliers and cut the blue wire. 

A deafening noise filled their ears, nearly causing them to collapse to the ground when the meticulously assembled desk turned back into its primary parts, putting the couple trying to furnish their new house back at square one.


 -  So, you’ve skydived before, right Wendy? 
 - Asks the man who clearly has never been on a plane - Wendy replied, giving him a wide smirk.

Dipper wasn’t sure what made him more nervous: the fact that he accepted signing up for the jump just to be on Wendy’s side, or the fact that she just called him “a man”. 

None of that mattered, since the next moment they were falling through the air, but that exhilarating experience was nothing compared to the feeling of Wendy’s hands touching his as the two twirled around in the air. They stared into each other’s eyes, absorbing as much of the magical, eternal moment as they could, until the voice of their instructor told them to start landing.


 -  At least we can’t get more fucked. - Dipper tried to shrug, immobilised by the rocks they’ve found themselves between.

Wendy has managed to crawl a little bit closer to the only remaining hole in the rocky wall, but her moves only forced the two unlucky explorers in even more compromising position, as their bodies were pushed against each other.

Their eyes met, and with a sudden smirk, Wendy reached, as much as she could into Dipper’s pants, where she felt a distinctive shape that brushed her leg a moment ago.

 - Dammit, out of range. - she cursed when she looked at Dipper’s phone. 


 - Hey Dip, if you can guess what colour my bra is… - Wendy said with a wink. 
 - W-What?! - Dipper’s sudden flinch almost knocked the bowl of popcorn to the ground.
 - “What” is not a colour - Wendy replied - But I’ll give you a second chance.

The movie suddenly didn’t matter anymore; Dipper Pines stared into the bedsheets of his girlfriend’s bed, trying his might to get into her head and solve her riddle. 

 - Plaid? - he answered and saw Wendy’s lips turn into a frown - Red? White? Black? Pink? Come on, Wendy, I got nothing!
 - Funny thing is, that would have been a correct answer. - Wendy spoke casually, flicking her finger around the button of her shirt she really wished he earned opening. 


 - Will you be my dance partner for the rest of our lives? - Dipper spoke, dropping to his knee.
 - Only if I get to keep embarrassing you.

With a strong pull, she grabbed her boyfriend and pulled him into a kiss, and spun him around her, much to the enjoyment of the rest of the party-goers. Even after they fell to the dancefloor, they were still embraced in a kiss, to the point when only the silence around them prompted them to stop showing affection for each other.

 - Let’s dance some more, Dip - Wendy said, red-faced


 - We’ve been doing it for three hours… How come you’re not tired? 

Dipper Pines wheezed, catching breath and clinging to his girlfriend’s body. He looked up, and saw absolutely no sign of fatigue in her eyes, and what’s worse, she was clearly ready for more.

 - That’s because I didn’t spend that much time sitting by the desk and doing the nerdy stuff. Come on, Dip, one more lap.

And she sprinted through the woods, hoping to get her boyfriend into better shape.


 - What if I want them to see us? - Wendy raised her brow, as she leaned from Dipper’s shoulder after she whispered her proposition to his ear.
 - Wh-All of them? All the people? - Dipper yelped, looking around. 
 - Mhm…- Wendy let out a low confirmatory moan, one only Dipper could hear.

His heart beat faster with every remaining second, as he considered Wendy’s idea of announcing their love to the rest of the world, if they were lucky, of course. 

And so, when the referee announced next time-out, Wendy leapt to Dipper’s arms and mashed her lips with his, hoping the kiss cam would capture them. 


 - That is kinky even by my standards…

Wendy spoke as the plastic collar clicked around Dipper’s neck. She let out a chuckle, as she looked from above at her boyfriend, who just recently had the audacity to outgrow her.

 - What is your wish, mistress? - he asked sheepishly, marvelling at her black outfit.
 - I don’t know, Dip… start worshipping me, and we’ll go from there.

And with a sharp tug of the leash, she pushed Dipper’s mouth against her sex, as he licked her, she secretly wondered what will she have to do when they switch roles tomorrow.


 - If I’d known how much you liked to be watched I would’ve invited Tambry sooner. - Wendy spoke, looking at Dipper’s concentrated face.
 - Yeah, I thought I would… you know, interrupt something intimate. - Tambry added, slightly shifting her position on her friends’ bed.
 - Hey, you mind not move too much? I’m… I’m trying to concentrate… here… - Dipper grunted.

He looked up from his sketchbook, trying to capture Tambry’s expression. Most artists didn’t like when others watched them or looked through their drawings, but Dipper found a perfect way to satisfy Tambry’s wish to watch him draw by making her a model as well. 

After all, there was nothing more satisfying that sketching your naked girlfriend and her hot friend the day after of your first, unforgettable threesome.


 - Your stray red item turned my whites pink. - Dipper complained, showing Wendy a set of used-to-be-white shirts.
 - Oh, man, sorry for that… - Wendy spoke, hoping a quick kiss would act as a sufficient apologies to her boyfriend. 

And indeed, the initial grimace faded from Dipper’s face as soon as she caressed him, though he still threw the red panties at her to end their brief argument.

 - So, what shall we do with these pink ones now, huh? If it was yellow, it could repel the werebadgers…
 - Pink’s never been my colour… - Wendy spoke, putting the wet shirt over hers - But it may be if you like it…


 -  You’re so cute when you’re all tied up and needy…

Hearing Dipper’s commanding voice was a new and exhilarating experience for Wendy who was usually the one to give orders in bed. 

But with her arms and legs tied in, as she had to admit, surprisingly well-made knots, the lumberjane had little to do other than be on her boyfriend’s mercy.

When he pulled down his pants, she could already imagine what was going to be his first request. Though she wouldn’t admit it, her mouth was already watering at the prospect of loving Dipper orally, but then her boyfriend led her onto their bed, and instead started meticulously covering the exposed naked parts of her body with kisses.

And suddenly, Wendy realised that her submission might be even more difficult to bear than she imagined.


 - We accidentally got married in Vegas… oops

It took some time for Dipper to process Wendy’s words. It took him even more time to understand what that implied and how a seemingly small mission to capture an 8-ball demon that worked in a casino turned into the weirdest night of his life. 

But it took an embarrassingly long time to process why Wendy was explaining that from beneath him and only that suden realisation has woken him up instantly from the first hangover of his eighteen-year-old life.


But his babbling was cut off by her lips pressing against his, and then, as arms and legs of his old crush closed around him, Dipper thought he might postpone the mission for another day.


- Ford thinks we’ll be stuck here for a couple of days, what do you want to do? - Dipper ended his call and turned to Wendy.

She yawned, stretched out on the make-shift bed in the secluded tourists’ hut that for the next couple of days would serve as their only mean to survive the weather outside, and rolled towards her boyfriend.

- I don’t know, man… We can binge watch some cat videos, play card games, talk about the portrayal of nature and weather in Goethe’s works as a way of externalising the feelings of main characters, or…

She rolled her eyes knowingly, and sent him a sly smirk that instantly conveyed a message that put goosebumps all over Dipper’s skin.

- W-Wait, you mean… We… here… For four days?!
- Well, he wrote lots of books… - Wendy smiled, and a thunder rolled in the distance.



- Now that’s an interesting couple…
- Why?

Ron asked, only now noticing the two teenagers on the opposite site of the street outside the diner.

He took a good look at the red-haired woman and a slightly shorter boy in a cap, at the corner, who discussed something, gesticulating wildly.

- Oh, wait a minute, I get it, you think they are like us, when we were young and dashing, and lovey-dovey, full of optimism for the future, and…
- No, Ron, it’s because they also noticed this mailbox has legs! - and Kim sprinted towards the exit to capture the elusive mimic they’ve been searching for - And besides, we’ve been dating just two years, we’re not that old!


- Are you okay, Wendy!? I didn’t make it too big, did I!?

Dipper had to wave his hand in front of his half-mesmerised, half-terrified girlfriend’s face just to snap her out of her trance. Ever since the two rediscovered the magnifying flashlight, they’ve tried to push the boundaries of its powers, and as they lived together now, some of them came up almost naturally.

But it would seem that today Dipper has pushed it just a bit too far, judging by the droplets of saliva dripping from Wendy’s half-opened mouth.

- It… it Is freaking huge, man!

And before Dipper knew it, his ravenous girlfriend leapt to devour the enormous burrito, already planning how will she use the flashlight and Dipper to burn all the calories she’ll get from eating the heavenly meal.


- Hmm, I think the flashlight is not working correctly, I’m…I’m sure I’ve set it up to 2…

Wendy grimaced, looking at the pool of leaking cum, much bigger than she expected, even from the release of Dipper’s magnified cock.

- Yeah, but… - Dipper wheezed, recovering from his orgasm - You…You’ve set it to…two, so every dimension gets multiplied by two… so the.. the volume of my b-balls is…
- Eight times as big… Yeah, that’s more like it. - she finished for him.

A devilish smirk appeared on her face, she reached for the flashlight, turned the knob further, and a moment later, Dipper once again felt a familiar tingling sensation in his nether region when his genitals got even bigger.

- The question is, Dipper… - Wendy cupped his large testicles in one hand and gave his cock’s a delicate kiss, probing if she could even fit it in her mouth now - Do you want to see how would twenty-seven times of you look on my face?





 - We’re gonna need a bigger bed.

Dipper’s first remark after the three horny youngsters freed themselves from the heavenly tangled lock of their partners’ limbs caused both Wendy and Tambry to giggle in unison. 

Dipper, being rational and pragmatic, could spot the problem right away, even seconds after his body rocked with a orgasm after he filled both girls to the brim. 

In their new house, Wendy and Dipper bought the bed just for themselves, and they never imagined they would need enough space for three people to sleep and make love. 

 - What a shame, I guess we’ll have to sleep a bit closer to each other tonight. - Tambry faked her complaint.

And as the three slowly coaxed each other into another round with kiss after kiss, they realised the new bed was going to be a solid investment since the the experimental one-night sexcapade was not going to be the last one. 


 -  WOAH- is that going to fit?

Tambry’s concern was valid; while she has seen bigger ones, she never exactly experienced one herself. And so, she touched the large package with her trembling hands, to double check if it will fit the now-narrow-looking opening. 

 - Relax, Tambs, we can always use some grease…
 - Or try the back entrance…

Dipper replied, marvelling at their new, king-sized bed. 


 -  This position looks impossible enough. Let’s try it!

Wendy eagerly cheered at Tambry’s idea, though the lack of cooperation from their boyfriend cut her off quickly.

 - What’s the matter, Dipper?
 - Wendy, Tambry, I don’t… I don’t know if I could pull this off, you know… - he spoke sheepishly
 - Well, how about this - Wendy replied quickly - We’ll start and we will see how quickly you’ll join us, huh?

And before he knew it, he was already with them, not only performing as admirably just as his girlfriends wished he would, but also putting new variations on the position only the mixture of intelligence and horniness could create.


 -  Mmm, if that’s the kind of view you get from this angle, I can see why you’re always ready for round 2!

If Dipper’s senses weren’t already keen, then Wendy’s comment, spoken in low and alluring voice gave him goosebumps. 

Wendy herself was surprised as well; they have only experimented with naughty photos during the school year, so watching her boyfriend’s cum leaking out of Tambry’s twitching pussy was quite a sight to behold, and she definitely understood how proud he must feel whenever it happens.

 - Don’t worry, Dipper, I got you something better…

And a moment later, Dipper Pines was able to marvel at even more amazing sight, when Wendy unceremoniously crawled between the two. Suddenly, he was given the privilege of seeing two pussies, Tambry’s creampied one, being licked by Wendy, and hers, so far empty one, she shoved into his crotch in hope for more than two rounds.


 - So, who goes on top?
 - I called dibs. - Tambry spoke nonchalantly, as she flung her backpack to the top bed 
 - When?
 - Five minutes ago - she showed Dipper and Wendy her blog.

The two groaned in defeat and fought for another moment for the dominance over the other two beds - Dipper lost.

 - So, it’s at least twelve hour train ride and we have nothing better to do… - he stared at the two women, who exchanged knowing looks as sly smiles appeared on their faces. - …so it’s Scrabble time!


- Well, there’s always a first time for everything…

Tambry spoke to Wendy and Dipper, trying to break the ice, though, as she expected, neither of them replied quickly.

After a night of passion, the effects of potent aphrodisiac has worn off, and the three youngsters woke up with a peculiar, moral hangover none of them has felt before.

- The question is… Do we want for it to be the only time?

The three exchanged looks, and as they did so, the uncertainty on their faces changed into confidence, fuelled up by the smiles they all wear, and the memories of their first night, still vivid in their minds.

- Okay then… I, uh, I guess I’m gonna be making breakfast for three, now. - Dipper chuckled.



- We have to get that video off of the net before our parents see it.

The memories of last, wild night, vivid in Dipper’s memories, were now able to view in HD for anyone with an internet access, thanks to the lengthy video Tambry has uploaded, unaware of the popularity it will gain.

Dipper tried his might to utilise his know-how to remove it, but the amazing scene’s popularity caused it to be copied and reuploaded to dozen other sites, like a hydra, whose heads were not so much cut off by Dipper, as “politely asked to fall down”.

And just when he lost his hope and thought that private moments of him, Wendy and Tambry would be exposed to all the internet, he received a message from a person he hasn’t talked to in a while.

- Hi, Dipper, Ron here. First things first: awesome work, man, though I am slightly jelly, been asking Kim for weeks to invite Yori, but no success on my part. Secondly, Wade says he can take the video from all the on-line backups, but he and Monique want to borrow the flashlight for a weekend in return… and I guess me and Kim want it as well.


- Oohhh… keep sucking… damn, you girls are-

A sudden sound of a car’s engine broke Dipper’s utter moment of bliss, and forced him to move closer to the balcony window, where, to his horror, he spotted a van and several people climbing out of it.

- Is that a news team outside our window?

And then, as a moment of clarity hit him, he looked at the clock, already knowing what he’ll see.

The naked youngsters had perhaps under a minute to get dressed and hope to whatever deity was nearby that the amount of scented sprays will hide any evidence of shenanigans Dipper, Wendy and Tambry have been up to.

A few moments later, the three rushed downstairs to meet with Shandra Jimenez for an interview about their first published book, though one look of hers at their suspicious smiles told her everything, and she knew she will have to ask a few more inconvenient questions about their “partnership”.


- 5…4…3…2…1…Ok, now what?

Tambry looked at the clock on the wall as it stroke midnight, and then shifted her stare first to her girlfriend, and then to her boyfriend.

- Well, I guess we now celebrate - Dipper raised a glass of champagne and a moment later, the living room of their house filled with music.

Exactly a year ago, Wendy and Dipper didn’t know that one, lust-filled night with Tambry would turn into a three-way romance, and it has taken them quite some time to get used to it.

They weren’t sure how to call it, whether it will survive the test of time, or if it would have happened at all if not for a wallop of supernatural aphrodisiacs they’ve accidentally inhaled, but they knew one thing.

Tonight they were certainly going to recreate it.


- Aw, your legs are trembling~ does it feel that good?

Wendy wasn’t sure who was to blame more - her girlfriend, or her boyfriend, but she suspected they both came up with a plan to immobilise her and give her a long and sensual foreplay.

While Dipper focused on her exposed pussy, Tambry focused on her less sensitive, but prone to cause giggling areas.

They performed an admirable concerto for four hands and two mouths, ending with the fierce lumberjill arching her body and trashing on the bed when her orgasm finally hit her.

- Aww, look at her, all tied up and unable to mo-

But the moment Tambry taunted her, Wendy revealed that for at least a few minutes she’s been free, and somehow both Dipper and Tambry knew they won’t have that much luck if she was going to tie knots around their wrists.


- Swallow. All of it.

Wendy and Tambry exchanged surprised looks. It would have seemed that the potent aphrodisiac not only gave Dipper extra stamina, and made him extra virile, but also boosted his confidence, since neither of the girls expected him to give them such direct order.

But then again, given their position, this was a natural one, and in a single, swift move, Wendy and Tambry closed their mouths and swallowed the heavy, musky load that Dipper sprayed inside their mouths a few moments before.

There was only one thing left to do, and Dipper din’t even have to say it. Wendy leaned and licked the few remaining droplets of Dipper’s seed clinging to Tambry’s lips, and she returned the favour, thus locking them in a most erotic kiss they has ever experienced.


- So, Tamb…Tambry, what do you think of the “Flashlight”?

Wendy asked, gently breaking Tambry and Dipper’s kiss, though this hasn’t hindered his frantic bucking at all.

The answer Wendy was looking for was plastered all over Tambry’s face: a goofy smile of pleasure she hasn’t experienced yet told her exactly how her girlfriend reacted to the magnifying flashlight.

- I-i-t’s a-a-ama-a-azing! - her voice modulated each time Dipper dived into her.
- Come on, Dip, give her everything.

Wendy gave her boyfriend a kiss, and slapped his ass, prompting him to dive his enlarged cock balls-deep inside her.






- Eggs, flour, sugar, butter, peanut butter, jelly, syrup, and honey.
- Yes? - Mabel turned her head around, reacting to Pacifica’s voice with her unmistakable curiousity.

The Northwest heiress rolled her eyes, though she couldn’t keep the smile from dawning on her face.

- Always the same… You know you are so sweet I could eat you.

For a moment Pacifica wasn’t sure why Mabel’s expression turned into consternation, and only after she realised there were still people around them in the supermarket.

- Is that a promise…? - Mabel giggled, knowing nothing could make this scene worse.

- Paz dear, I hid a gummy koala on me. Come find it.

Mabel’s sing-sang voice prompted Pacifica to crawl towards her girlfriend, marvelling at the outfit she chose for their evening.

- Will it be in the same place as the gummy blobfish, gummy dingo, gummy mole lizard and the gummy kakapo?
- Perhaps, but just to be sure, check all other possible places.

Pacifica smiled, and Mabel giggled, watching as her girlfriend undresses her, piece by piece, peppering her body with kisses trying to find a new route to the same place Mabel needed her mouth on the most.

She will have to bake more gummy animals.

- I like you this close to me… you’re warm.

And as if to confirm her words, Mabel closed her arms around her girlfriend, enjoying the warmth on the cold, January evening. She smelled of chocolate she was drinking, as well as of the perfumes she got from her last December, and that mixture was so alluring, Mabel couldn’t help but let out an audible purr.

- Well, you should thank yourself, you made that sweater. - Pacifica replied, reciprocating the hug.
- Yeah, but it won’t be nearly that exciting if it wasn’t for who’s inside it…
- That I agree. - and she puller her into a kiss, enjoying the fact that a single sweater, though otherwise impractical, could fit both of them at the same time and was perfect for such evenings.




- I like your toys. Can I have them in me?
- Depends if you were a good girl…

A sly smile dawned on Pacifica’s face, as she crawled towards her girlfriend with the small arsenal of her toys. Though Mabel loved the feeling of her mouth on her, she had to admit, the prospect of Pacifica using any of her dildos on her was lips-watering, both upper- and lower.

- And what if I was a bad girl…?
- You get even better ones. - Pacifica giggled, donning a strap-on.


Chapter Text

 - I knew it was a mistake to get the twins matching clothes.
 - I think it was a mistake to let Mabel choose... - Wendy reluctantly agreed with Pacifica, for once them getting the comeuppance of going on a double date.

The two could could hear Dipper and Mabel’s snickering, as they walked along the boulevard, passing confused onlookers. Dipper was usually against proudly exposing his intimacy with Wendy, especially in their home town, but when Mabel gave him the idea, he just couldn’t let the opportunity pass by. 

And so, the citizens of Piedmont passed the two couples, reading “I like my girlfriend like I like my soda” on Dipper’s and Mabel’s t-shirts, and then turned their heads in curiosity, awaiting the punchline waiting for them on twins’ backs:

“Without any pants on”.

Chapter Text

When Wendy announced that she wants to role play with Dipper, his nerdy mind did not catch the hidden meaning of her words. Only when Dipper saw his older girlfriend, dressed in quite frankly, illegally skimpy top and short plaid skirt, he realised what kind of play she had on her mind.

Fortunately for him, the paralysing confusion that overwhelmed him created the best possible opening move for Wendy.

- Oh, please, mister Pines...

Her libidinous voice, dripping with lust, combined with her slow, sensual moves forced whatever words Dipper was going to say to got stuck in his throat. She was wearing a lipstick, a properly red one, something she's never done before, and while her cries and moans were firmly imprinted in Dipper's memories, just mere breathing of hers now made all the hair on his body stand up.

Like a predator, slowly approaching her prey, Wendy closed the distance to Dipper, forcing him to sit on the table that by now were supposed to be filled with dungeon maps, dice and figurines. He lost his balance, and before he knew it, Wendy was in his laps, pressing her crotch against his.

There was no reason for Dipper to confirm his hypothesis: she was not wearing anything underneath her skirt.

- Please, mister Pines... - Wendy dragged her fingers across Dipper's shirt - I really, really need to pass your classes...
- Uh... - Dipper finally managed to let out some noises from his mouth. The phrase "mister Pines" coming from her lips created a mother of all conflicts of stimuli in his head, as Dipper never thought it was possible to make that sound sexy.
- I will do anything...

And before Dipper had any opportunity to blow his chance at saying anything, Wendy has already begun her job. Kneeling in front of him, she unbuttoned his jeans, groping the obvious bulge in his pants beforehand. A moan escaped Dipper's lips, and that made him say first comprehensible words of the evening.

- Uh... Miss... Miss Corduroy...

Wendy smirked, satisfied that she has finally managed to jump-start her boyfriend into correct mood.

- Please... call me Wendy. - she spoke softly, as she took out his cock - Actually, don't call me... scream my name...

In a single move, she closed her lips around his head, tasting the first droplets of pre-cum on her tongue. Oral was never Wendy's forte, and she has only done it a few times since Dipper's 18th birthday last year, but for that occasion, the opportunity to indulge in one of the porno cliches was too good to pass. She looked up, meeting the mesmerised eyes of her boyfriend, looking as if he was still trying to process what was going on around him.

But then, his mouth curled into a sly smile, she felt his hand behind her head, and a second later, she was tasting more of him than ever before, his musky smell and taste filling her mouth, up to the back of her throat. He wasn't rough, Wendy could definitely feel his muscles tensing and flexing, allowing her to back down at any point, but the sheer idea of Dipper being in charge was thrilling and arousing.

- So, you... you finally came to your senses, Corduroy, huh? - he huffed, overwhelmed by the wetness and warmth of Wendy's mouth. - You've been skipping... skipping classes, sleeping on those you were in, and... and you want me to... to pass you?

Dipper roared those last words, and Wendy had very little time to prepare what happened next. With a much more forceful push, he buried himself balls-deep in her mouth, and let go of her immediately, so she could get much needed breath of air, though Wendy still felt like she was deepthroating him for a minute or so. Coughing and gasping, Wendy fell to her back, and looked up at the towering, half-naked form of her boyfriend, seeing the new, unknown brand of confidence she has yet to see in his eyes.

And then she understood what kind of predicament she got herself into: he was role-playing, and he was damn good at it.

- Get up.

He commanded her, and Wendy found herself obeying his every order. He grabbed her, exchanged a quick, forceful kiss, spun her around, and the very next moment she was the one lying on the table, his hands already on her thighs, spreading her legs.

- You will have plenty of opportunities to suck me...

Dipper spoke, spreading her soaked lips with the tip of his cock. He hesitated for a moment, pondering if he should give her the pleasure of foreplay like he usually did. Their eyes met, and Wendy knew the answer to Dipper's dilemma even before he had it. She let out a cry when Dipper entered her, the strong grip on her legs giving enough of support for his pounding. Instinctively, she grabbed the edges of the table, letting her head rest on what she was sure was his campaign book.

- From now... on... - he grunted, lowering his body with every thrust - I want to see you... on every lecture...

Her legs, once raised high in the air, were now almost pressed against her body, as Dipper continued to rut her, testing the stability of his table. The few mini-figures he prepared, shook with his every push, and soon fell off the table, as a proof to his strength and virility.

- ...and after each lecture... I want... to see you ... underneath my desk... drinking my cum... Got it?
- Yes!

Wendy shrieked, closing her arms around his neck, preparing for her oncoming orgasm. She leaned for a kiss, but as she did so, his moves suddenly ceased. She opened her eyes, seeing again the familiar cockiness on his face and a gleam in his eyes.

- Yes, sir.
- Yes, yes sir!

At those words, he resumed his work, cementing his dominance over her. He closed his hands around her shoulders, not quite to choke her, but enough to give the impression of doing so, and that seemed to have pushed Wendy over the edge.

- Yes, yes, mister Pines! I'll do whatever you want... As many times as you... fuck... as you wish, sir! - she cried, throwing her head back, letting moan after moan escape her wide-opened mouth.
- Even play Dungeons, dungeons and more dungeons?
- What? - Wendy asked, Dipper's words taking her by surprise.
- You said... you said everything, Wendy - he grunted, unable to keep his act much longer. - So?

The two stared at each other, watching their grimace-stricken faces, decorated with beads of sweat signifying the pleasure they were withholding, and as they came to silent understanding, Wendy answered him.

- Any time you wish, sir.

Their lips closed, just at the same time as Wendy's body trashed and quivered underneath his. A moment later, they heard the rattling of dice that fell to the floor, accompanying the carnal noises Wendy was seeping into Dipper's mouth as the climax rolled through her body. She was immensely proud of him being able to bring her to her peak first, but her pleasure was far from over. Dipper broke the kiss to cry her name, as he came undone inside her in several, hefty bursts that soon began overflowing her, and stained the plaid skirt.

Dipper collapsed on top of her, placing few tired kisses on her breasts, gasping for air with each afterwave of his orgasm that made his body jerk, supplying her with more of his cum. With each one, Wendy felt the waves of her orgasm bouncing back, prolonging the pleasure they've managed to co-create. He slowly let go of Wendy's body, allowing his girlfriend to close her arms and legs around him, puling him into another, slow, sensual kiss.

Wendy and Dipper looked at each other's tired faces, savouring the blissful, captivating moment of closeness, until Dipper opened his mouth.

- So, how did I do?
- Critical hit, I'd say.

Their lips met again, and Wendy was eager to see if her boyfriend was able to keep going, but then, they heard knocking on the door to Dipper's room.

- You there, dood? - a familiar voice reached their ears - We couldn't find Wendy, can I play her character too?
- No, way, Soos, we can't play without her... - Mabel replied.

Wendy turned her head and shot Dipper a glare that would have paralysed him if he wasn't already feeling petrified. With no other way to escape, the two only had moments, perhaps seconds, to come up with a plan, and they would need a natural 20 to make the scene not look exactly like what they have just went through.


Chapter Text

Trained by living with her brothers, Wendy was used to getting up early, but for the last couple of months her state forced her to do so whether she could sleep late or not. With the extra weight on board, she got up and walked to the bathroom, and then, once she freshened herself up, towards the kitchen, deciding she might as well start making breakfast.

She didn't have to wait long to hear her husband's steps on the staircase behind her. Still not quite awoken, and driven by the smell of pancakes, Dipper tramped towards her, and a moment later he lazily closed his arms around her pregnant belly, placing few kisses on her back, mumbling something through sleep.

- You'll get your coffee soon, Dip...
- We...Wendy...

He groaned, continuing his barrage of kisses on her shoulders, and moving to her arms, simultaneously pulling down the loose night shirt she was wearing.

- Hey, Dipper, not now! - Wendy snapped - Or I'm gonna burn the pancakes.
- But Weeeendy...

She let go of the pan, turned around, and cupped her husband's face. She knew well he was pretending, the sly smile on his face told her so instantly. He waddled back and forth and lay his head on her chest, nesting himself between her swollen breasts, and let out a murmur of satisfaction.

- Geez, didn't you get enough of me last night? - Wendy chuckled, riffling his already messy hair.
- Mhm-mh. - he replied, suddenly closing his lips around one of her nipples, though the thin fabric of the shirt.

Wendy let out a short giggling yelp and pushed him aside.

- Okay, if you are so hungry...

With little-to-no difficulties, despite carrying their son, she grabbed the edge of the counter and pushed herself up, spreading her legs. She grabbed Dipper by his scruff and unceremoniously pushed him against her loose boxers.

- Alright, mister, dig in.

Dipper's fingers reached the rubber edge at once, sliding the material down, and the very next moment he dived his tongue between her folds. Wendy let out a short moan, keeping one of her hands in her lover's hair, and the other on the upper shelf for support.

Like he usually did, Dipper started with gentle, but deep licks, and moved around her sex, sucking on her folds and lips that in recent months became even more delicate and susceptible to caresses. Fortunately for her, Dipper knew exactly how to utilise this quirk. His trail of kisses moved away from her opening, up to her thigh, and then turned around, covering as much of the sensitive area as possible.

Dipper listened to the short moans that spilled out of her mouth, while he lapped on the uniquely tasting juices Wendy kept producing. The smell mixed with the one of breakfast being prepared, and that tantalising combination only increased his appetite, making his moves more ravenous. But the real reason that made his work even more meticulous was her pregnant belly, currently obscuring his view of hers. The sight of his wife, carrying his child, filled Dipper with pride unlike any other in the world, and gave him motivation to keep going, no matter what.

As her groans turned into mewls, and he felt her grip on him strengthened, Dipper closed his lips around her clit, and made sure to keep his hands on her legs, just in case, the sudden jolt of pleasure would make Wendy kick him, or worse, the pancakes.

Wendy let out a sharp gasp, as her boyfriend caressed her most sensitive place, sucking, licking and gently grazing it with his edges of his teeth. Her moans slowly started resembling bits of the word "Please", finally turning into proper stream of chants, as Dipper continued pleasuring her.

Finally, Wendy's back arched, as much as it could in her state, at least, and she swore loudly when first, unexpected wave of her climax hit her. Her thighs quivered, and soon afterwards, Dipper was rewarded with more of her juices, as well as another series of praises, mixed with Wendy's gasps.

When her orgasm subsided, Dipper rose up from between her legs, and leaned to give Wendy a long and wet kiss, letting her taste herself a bit. When she broke the kiss, and opened her eyes, she was finally able to look into his, filled with love and satisfaction, joining him in a serene, silent morning conversation.

- Okay, Dip, keep an eye on the pancakes.

She suddenly spoke, jumping from the counter, and heading towards the bathroom again.

- Buh-But Wendyyy... - he groaned again.
- Shush, Dip.

She gave him a quick kiss, and grabbed his crotch, which instantly made his eyes wide open.

- You'll get your part of the deal soon. - she spoke, leaning against his ear - And If you're lucky, I might ditch the maple syrup for a saltier condiment.

Chapter Text

- Wow, you are big, Dipper.

Wendy swallowed loudly, and took a good, long look at Dipper, eyeing the figure standing in front of her, taking notice of all the changes in his body she thought she knew so well by now.

- But how is this freaking possible? - she cried out, suddenly throwing her arms into the air. - You're gone for half a year, and now you're an inch higher than me? You're not even in college, how is that-

Wendy was about to continue her rant, but then, Dipper gently brushed his hair out of her face and effortlessly placed a kiss on his girlfriend's forehead, leaving her temporarily mesmerised and taken aback.

- Well, I guess I properly rose up to the task of being your boyfriend, huh? - Dipper spoke, and a gentle smirk, as well a faint blush appeared on his face.

Wendy returned the sly smile, surprised by the unusually cocky remark of her boyfriend.

- I suppose so, mister...

She threw her arms around his neck, let out a tiny gasp when she felt his hands on her waist, lifting her up, and closed her eyes, as their lips moved closer and closer, awaiting a kiss she's been waiting for the last months.

- Or maybe someone was having a bit of fun with the magnifying flashlight? - a sudden, third voice reached their ears, turning Dipper's confidence into a grimace of anger and fear.

Dipper ducked from Wendy's embrace and rushed towards his sister, shouting promises of what he'd do to her for revealing his secret once he catches her.

Wendy chuckled and rushed to see how the chase would end, though when she walked outside the Shack, she did not expect to see Dipper now running away from 13-feet Waddles Mabel let out after him.

- There you go, Wendy. I think you two will have more fun with it.

Mabel handed her the flashlight, and winked, making Wendy's eyes open a bit too wide to reveal that she has had thought of some ideas regarding this unusual gadget.

But for now, she would gladly watch Dipper screaming for help from the top of the nearby tree as Waddles munched on its branches one by one.



Chapter Text

Dipper never thought he'd be able to fall in love with Wendy twice, but lo and behold, his heart seemed to have stopped again, and immediately stared beating faster when his girlfriend walked into the room of Mystery Shack.

Dipper expected she might have wear her clip-on bowtie as the only "fancier" element for his and Mabel's 18th birthday, but instead, Wendy seemed to part the ways of the crowd, in her little black dress. Without the plaid she usually wore, her prominent, vast, red hair looked even bigger, and her face even more radiant and stunning. The dark colour contrasted with her freckled skin, and suddenly, without her jeans, Dipper could marvel how long her legs were.

In her new, so much different attire, Wendy have gained more attraction from the rest of the party goers than Pacifica, who evidently did not expect to see Corduroy in such elegant outfit. Walking next to her, she tried to survive not being the centre of attention, her grimace fading only when she looked at Mabel.

Only when Wendy crossed her arms around his neck and pulled him into a long, intimate kiss, Dipper also noticed how her new attire stressed the curves of her breasts, and thankfully, the storm of hair around him made him able to take a few peeks without alerting the onlookers.

Wendy giggled, giving them a few more seconds of privacy, before the girls stepped away from the twins, just to make way for the enormous cake.

- We thought about jumping from that cake, you know... - Wendy leaned over him, turning Dipper bright red again.
- B-But the-the dress, it-it would be...
- I know, Dipper, I know. I would be so sticky, covered in the frosting, and I'd need a pair of crafty hands to get out of it... - she whispered into his ear, once again paralysing him for good - Don't worry, man, I have some of the stuff left for later.

Dipper and Mabel took a step forward to cut the cake, and as their eyes met, Dipper understood Pacifica had exactly the same plan for his sister.




Chapter Text


gotta cheer my pal @fereality-indy with his dnd campaign

- Alright, you remember what happens if you roll above a 32 on the d38?

Dipper was shocked not only that Wendy has managed to find such an unusual dice in the first place, and how she has managed to incorporate it into their campaign, but also how quickly she came to take over him as the dungeon master. With trembling hands, feeling the the pressure of Ford, Candy and Soos, he rolled the dice, and when he heard a collective gasp, he knew he had failed.

Critically failed, to be precise.

Watching as Wendy's lips curled into a devilish smile, he let out a groan, stepped away from the table, and began his punishment.

- I'm a little deer, quick and small, this is my snout, and those are my horns. When I prance around, I often fall, and that's, I guess, how I die to a troll.



- C'mon. We both know you can fuck me harder than that, dude.

Wendy's well-crafted taunt did precisely what she expected to do. Dipper's grip on her tights strengthened, and in turn she had to secure her position against the tree, when Dipper let out a cry and began moving his hips faster, diving deeper into her wet, overflowing pussy. Wendy was by no means disappointed in her boyfriend's work, but she knew there was always one way to squeeze more energy from him. And so, the forests in Gravity Falls once again was filled with echoes of Dipper and Wendy's loud love-making, as Dipper soon has managed to pushed her over the edge, and, as a result, to the ground, where she squirmed and writhed when her orgasm hit her, milking Dipper of his cum.

- Yeah, suck it, Wendy.

With Wendy's mouth around his cock, Dipper let out a prolonged moan and threw his head back, adrenaline rushing through his veins, as he was feeling on top of the world. Quite literally in fact; from the top of the Magical Mountain, deep in the Black Forest, he had perfect view of the sea of treetops, but it was the sight of his girlfriend kneeling in front of him and indulging herself in that shameless act that was most stunning. With wind blowing around him, Dipper wanted this magical, serene moment to last as long as possible, and he savoured the most of it.
But when Wendy looked up, her loving, flirtatious eyes met his, and sent him a wink, it took Dipper only a couple of seconds before he lost it and filled Wendy's mouth with his cum, much to her pleasure.



"Bend over, Corduroy", Wendip

- Bend over, Corduroy.

Dipper's firm and assertive tone was a welcomed surprise to the luberjane that usually wore pants in their relationship. She thought tonight she was going to be the one riding him, but it looked like Dipper wanted to play the role of the Alpha Pines, and Wendy wouldn't want to take the pleasure from him. She turned around and bent, per his order, exposing her naked bum and overflowing pussy. She could hear him swallow loudly at that sight, and he spoke another command.

- Spread'em.

Wendy obeyed, showing Dipper her holes in all of their glory and let out first mewl of anticipation. And when she felt him ram himself into her wet pussy, Wendy suddenly realised she liked his odd, decisive demeanour, and she'd gladly let him dominate her tonight.

But two hours later, Wendy Corduroy was a drooling, sticky mess on Dipper's mercy. The powerful aphrodisiac rushing through his veins did everything the Gnomes promised it would, from enhancing his stamina to boosting his confidence just a bit to let his newly discovered nature acclimatise. But Wendy knew nothing about it, and as she begged Dipper for a quick, merciful finish, she realised there was much more to her boyfriend, and she wouldn't mind submitting to him for a couple of nights in a row.


"death before dishonor Dipper, we ride till dawn!" Wendip role playing getting out of hand

- Death before dishonor Dipper, we ride till dawn! - Wendy cheered and jumped onto the table, making the pieces fall onto the floor.

When Dipper infected Wendy with the passion of role-playing, he didn't know that he might have created a monster. Wendy shouted a few more heroic words and jumped back onto the floor, about to storm out of the cellar.

- Come on, you pansies, are you coming or what? - she addressed the slightly terrified Ford, Soos and Dipper.
- Eh, do you... do you mean LARPing? - Dipper asked sheepishly, knowing the answer.

Wendy tossed aside her toy sword and took a real one from the chest, lifting it in the air.

- Nah, I got bored of rolling the dice, let's break bones of actual monsters!
- I love her... - Dipper sighed and followed her, dragging the rest of the weapons chest behind his party.

- I had this dream where you kissed me, and I kind of want to try it now.

Dipper Pines took a moment to process the words spoken by his old crush. Out of all the propositions he might have heard from her, the one about kissing him was the least likely, borderline impossible. He opened his mouth, and was about to speak something, but then, he closed his eyes and leaned forward, driven not by any rational part of his brain, but an instict, so powerful, it made the next few seconds the more amazing of his fifth Summer in Gravity Falls.

It was wet, it was warm, and it electrified his whole body. But perhaps the most amazing was Wendy's face once the two parted ways. The blush on her face, combined with a mixture of excitement and astonishment turned her into a stuttering mess for a moment as well.

- Uh, well... That was... pretty cool, dude. - she spoke, genuinely unable what to think. - You want some soda?
- Uh-huh. - Dipper answered, as Wendy passed him a can from her roof stash.

Reality was way better than dreams, she thought.

wendip - Dipper asking Wendy “You’ve been pouting ever since I went out on that date, what’s up?”

- You’ve been pouting ever since I went out on that date, what’s up?

Last thing Dipper wanted to see on his second date with Wendy was a frown on her face, as she dragged the spoon in the bowl of half-melted ice-cream. Wendy initially didn't register his words, and only when he leaned and repeated his question, she looked up at him.

- It's just... I don't know if it's right, dude...

Dipper tried his damnedest to remain calm, though as cold sweat rushed down his back, it was very difficult to listen to Wendy speaking those words. For a whole week he was overwhelmed that he could call Wendy Corduroy his girlfriend, that the girl of his dream, his old crush has accepted him, and now, the reality has to be met: it was too good to be true.

- I mean... If you can have triple fudge ice-cream, can you have quadruple? Is there a limit? Can you get infinite fudge?

Wendip - “I’m not jealous, but, like, come on, movie night is just for me and you only.”

- I’m not jealous, but, like, come on, movie night is just for me and you only.
- Aww, Dipper wanted to be alone with Wendy... - Mabel mocked her brother from the opposite side of a sofa - I bet you watch lots of romantic comedies and you smooch all the time!
- Mabel!

Wendy snickered, put an arm around her boyfriend and gave him a quick peck, listening to friends' continuous cheering.

- Chill out man, movies are not just for us. - she nuzzled onto his shoulder so she would whisper into his ear - Nights, on the other hand...


Wendip "I wish there weren't so many people around, otherwise I'd jump you"

- I wish there weren't so many people around, otherwise I'd jump you.

Wendy's words whispered into Dipper's ears made him flinch, and if he was having troubles concealing his erection, then now, with the prospect of making love to Wendy on a beach full of people, it was near impossible. Wendy giggled, giving his boyfriend a prolonged, soothing kiss, though with the sudden intrusion of her tongue, it was much steamier than he expected. Their trip to California so far put the into a celibate mode, as they were staying at his parents' house, so any form of intimacy would awoken a burning desire that has been growing and bubbling inside them for a few days now.

- Okay, Dipper - she suddenly broke the kiss and whispered - I can see three places where we can do it...
- A-And? - Dipper stuttered - Do you... do you want me to choose which one we should try?
- No, I want you to choose which place we should try *first*.

Wendip - "Wanna see what I look like without this on?"

- Wanna see what I look like without this on?

Dipper's nervous chuckle couldn't hide the fact that he was shivering, genuinely unsure what he'll see when his girlfriend would walk out from behind the wardrobe door. Sure, they were toying with the idea of pushing the boundaries of their privacy for some time, but now, since he was in her room, suddenly Dipper came to understanding that he might very well properly stop being a teenager, even though he has just became eighteen a few days ago. When Wendy began closing the wardrobe door, Dipper didn't know what to expect. Her naked body? Sexy lingerie? Her red swimsuit?

But it was none of that. Wendy Corduroy was not any more naked than she was before she started changing her clothes, and it took a moment for Dipper to notice what was so different.

- See, dude? I DO have a shirt that's not plad. - she cheered - Now you owe me a coffee.
- Oh! - Dipper slapped his head, as he remembered their old bet. - Yeah, I, uh, I guess we should head on.
- Right behind you, man.

And as Dipper was leaving her room, Wendy took one more look at the collection of her lumberjill, plad shirts, as well as her bra she left inside, hoping their coffee would lead to a more interesting date.




- Fill me up!

Tambry's cry echoed in Wendy and Dipper's bedroom, as the purple-haired girl begged for her lover to bring her to her peak her the same way he did to Wendy. With her best friend sprawled aside, and her pussy overflowing with cum, Tambry didn't want to be left behind, she grabbed Dipper's shoulders a pulled him against herself so she can milk him of his seed properly. But it was not her actions, but her needy words that ultimately pushed him over the edge. Tambry writhed and quaked as orgasm tore her body, simultaneously getting filled to the brim. It took Dipper a solid minute to finish cumming, the effects of the aphrodisiac clearly visible in his stamina. But the real proof appeared when he pulled out, and was able to marvel at the sight of his two girlfriends creampied in front of him, exchanging gentle kisses and wondering if he'll be able to do it again.


Wendy wakes up with her a blindfold on and her hands tied to the bed posts. There is a head in her lap with lips pressed against her lower set. And there is another set of lips on her right breast. she thinks back and remembers the night before when she came home to find Dipper and Tambry waiting on her...

At first, Wendy Corduroy didn't know what was going on. She couldn't move, she couldn't see, and only when she felt familiar voices around her, she realised she hasn't been kidnapped or thrown into some hellish dimension. Morning light shone through tiny gaps around her blindfolds, and when she flexed her muscles, she realised she has been tied to their bed. And then, as her senses were coming back to her, she felt two mouths, one of her breasts, and much more delicate between her legs. And only when she let out a first mewling moan, she remembered.

She was quite tired after a day at work at her father's company she was now taking care of. She was pleasantly surprised though, to find Dipper waiting for her. She didn't expect Tambry, though. It's been a few weeks since their lust-filled night under the influence of vila's pollen that tied the knots between the three, and though Dipper and Tambry were prepared for making Wendy's evening completely non-sexual, she was the one to open the bottle and spread the dust in the air.

As her lovers caressed her, she was remembering the haze; their clothes flying everywhere, red, purple and chestnut hair switching places every few minutes, her and Tambry playing rock-paper-scissors to see whose gonna be the one taken by Dipper first, and the kisses, the multitude of kisses that soothed their bodies torn by orgasms. Evidently Dipper and Tambry didn't have enough, and were desperate to give Wendy an emotion-filled morning.

- You... you guys know I'm gonna repay you for that? - she whimpered, her body writhing under the amount of stimuli.
- We expect nothing less from you - Dipper Pines spoke, just before he positioned himself between her breasts.


Chapter Text

Dipper Pines thought it was going to be a boring day: dark, ominous clouds on the horizon announced the storm that would interrupt an otherwise perfect, sunny Summer. As a result, he intended to spend this day in his room, on his bed, reading comics from dawn till dusk.
With a can of Pitt cola by his side, he was about to relax and indulge in another overblown issue of a team of superheroes causing more damage than good, when a multicoloured bullet shot through the doors of the Mystery Shack, ran up the stairs and burst into the twins' room

- Dipper! - Mabel shouted, jumping onto him - You gotta help me!
- Wha-wha-What happened?
- It's Dave!

Dipper blinked.

- Uh, who's Dave?
- Dave! The somber-tooth tiger! My buddy from the book club!
- Oh... right...

Dipper spoke, slowly remembering that his sister has in fact befriended a huge beast; a fact he'd like to bury deep down in his memories.

- Er, so, what does he need help with...?
- His cave is being de-loused and he has to go outside!
- And...?

Mabel grabbed the hem of Dipper's shirt and brought him uncomfortably close.

- Dipper, you don't get it! He can't-He doesn't-We must escort him! - she stuttered, trying to formulate her thoughts.
- Well, okay, geez - Dipper forcibly removed himself from his sister's lock - Don't know what the big deal...

A few minutes later, they arrived by the entrance of Dave's cave, obscured by several bushes. It was a good hiding spot; despite it being in a seeing range from the Mystery Shack, Dipper never thought there would be a cave there.

- Okay, follow me, Dipper. - Mabel spoke and began walking down the slanted corridor.

Dipper was about to take his phone to shine the light, but soon he was met with a faint, warm, cozy glow coming from Dave's den. And even when his eyes got used to the bright light, they were still opening wide at the sight Dipper was seeing.

Instead of bare, rocky walls, Dipper saw a fully decorated room, with several bookshelves, a microwave, TV, and a collection of plastic figurines sitting on it. The light was coming from a fancy chandelier, and the floor was decorated with large carpet.

And on it, was...

Dave the somber-tooth tiger was walking nervously from one side of the cave to the other, muttering something under his breath, and only when Mabel grunted, he jumped in place and his face brightened. He leapt towards Mabel, and only thanks to Mabel's equally spontaneous reaction Dipper did not freak out.

- Hi, Dave, sorry it took so long.

The tiger let out a deep, pleasant-sounding growl. Only now Dipper noticed he was wearing a pair of reading glasses.

- This is Dipper, my brother, told you about him.

Dave growled and walked towards Dipper.

- Er, hi. - Dipper squeaked. His primal instincts were kicking in, after all. - Nice, uh, to meet you. So... we're supposed to, uh, help you?
- That's right, can you believe, Dipper? They only told him about the delousing yesterday! - Mabel scoffed - And look at this! This house is pristine! No fleas, no bugs... The nerve those gnomes have.

As if by command, Dipper was pushed aside when several foot-high gnomes walked in, carrying what would look like a chemical equipment if drawn by someone who had no idea how one looks like.

Dave let put a deep, somber growl.

- There, there... - Mabel patted his head - We're gonna come to the Shack and have a nice day inside, okay?
- The Shack?! - Dipper protested - You sure about this?
- Oh yeah, he'll love it.

Foot by foot, the twins walked the tiger up the slanted corridor. What took them alone maybe a minute, needed at least five, and when the light from the outside shone upon Dave's face, he yelped, and backed down.

- Come on, Dave, I know it's hard, but it's just few hours...
- What's the problem? - Dipper asked, watching the cowardly tiger in his sister's arms - Isn't he a, you know, tiger?
- Oh, Dipper...

Mabel shook his head and once again, gently stroked the fur on Dave's back.

After another five minutes, Dipper walked out of the cave and was glad to see that the storm clouds were passing.

- Well, Dave, what do you usually do? - he asked, knowing fully well he'll receive only grunts and roars - Like, do you have any tiger sport you play? Or maybe we can go fishing, instead of, you know, taking a tiger inside the house?
- Nah, Dave likes reading books, and playing some board games. Oh! And he's a writer!

Mabel showed him her phone, with a fanfiction site profile on the screen.

- He has... five followers.
- That's five more than you! - Mabel barked back - And he's really talented! Love your works, man.

Dave let out a growl and hid his face between his paws.

- Yes, yes you are, buddy! That last chapter was fantastic! - she cheered - Come on, let's go into the Shack.
- But, Mabel! - Dipper insisted - It's sunny now, can't we go literally anywhere else?! We can go to the forest, check up on other animals, climb a mountain!

He looked at Dave, grabbed his fuzzy face and moved it away from the ground he was constantly staring at.

- Look, man!... Er, Tiger, look! We're in Gravity Falls, there's so much to do the-

But then, Dave growled. And it wasn't the meek, shy voice, but a blood-freezing one that made Dipper aware where in the food chain he was at.

From his now-horizontal position on the ground, Dipper looked at the squinted eyes of the predator and his sharp teeth, wondering if he was going to survive this.

And then, as quickly as Dave jumped onto him, his face frowned, his eyes watered, and he jumped away, howling and crying as he ran away.

- D-Dave! - Mabel shouted after him - Dave! Oh, Dipper, you idiot!
- Wha-what did I do?! - Dipper asked, slowly getting up, confused at Mabel's anger.
- You don't do that to him!
- But why?! Mabel, that's the least tiger-like tiger I've seen my life, what is wrong with him?

For a split of a second, Dipper though that Dave came back and sank his teeth into his cheek. But as pain spread through it, he realised it was Mabel, who slapped him, tears pouring from her eyes.

- Dipper, Dave's... Dave's agoraphobic. He doesn't like going outside...
- Then why didn't you say it sooner?
- I... I promised him I won't tell anyone. Bec- she sniffed - Because he knew some folks would laugh at him. Mean folks like you! - she snapped.

As if tackled by another tiger, Dipper fell to the ground again.

- Oh, man... I was a total jerk, wasn't I?

He only received Mabel's concerned grimace as an answer.

- We-We gotta find him.

Dipper looked around, and spotted a customer walking towards Mystery Shack with an umbrella in his hand.

- And I think I know what to do!


Fortunately, finding a tiger in a city is much, much easier, thanks to the paw prints in the mud, visible damage, as well as people shouting "It's a tiger!". It took the twins just under ten minutes to find the sewage entrance Dave was hiding in, his paws still over his eyes.

- Dave? Are you there, Dave?

Mabel's sweet voice made the tiger move out of the shadows and look at his friend.

- There you are... Listen, there's someone who'd like to apologise to you.

At the sight of her brother, Dave scooted away, but came back when he noticed Dipper was no longer forcing him to do anything.

- Hey, there. - Dipper spoke calmly - Listen, I shouldn't have done that. I... assumed you'd like what other people... or tigers would, and...

He reached behind is back.

- I think I found a way to make you a bit more comfortable.

Dave peeked out from the canal, and as soon as he did that, the harsh sunlight, as well as most of the surrounding world was cut off from him, when Dipper and Mabel opened several umbrellas, forming a barrier around him.

Dave cautiously walked out, marvelling at the patterns on the cloth around him. It was once again, Mabel's voice that gathered his attention.

- Can we go now?

Dave growled, smiled and leaned his head to be petted, this time by both twins.

And hour later, Dave was sitting comfortably between Dipper and Mabel on the sofa in the Mystery Shack, drinking cocoa and reading comic books.

- See, Dipper? Not so bad, right?
- Yeah, this is cozy. - he replied - Should've listened to you, Mabel.

Mabel reached for her phone.

- And, oh, look! - she addressed Dave in a would-be-surprised voice - Someone has liked your new fic!

Dave once again hid his face between paws.

- It is sooo good - Mabel giggled - Take a look, Dipper.

She handed him her phone.

- Wow, you are a prolific writer... But wow, that's a lot of shipping stuff for that one pair, don't you think you've written eno-

The sight of Dave's sharp teeth once again put an end to Dipper's thoughts.

- I'm-I'm gonna shut up now...

Chapter Text

Wendip (SFW)




Anon asked: Wendip -   “My New Year’s resolution is to finally tell you the truth, so here goes.”

 - My New Year’s resolution is to finally tell you the truth, so here goes…

Wendy took a deep breath and faced Dipper Pines. As far as he remembered, he has never seen Wendy in a state like this. She was usually so cool and laid-back, and seeing her hiding some secret was down right heartbreaking. 

 - Dipper I… I’ve never… 

She swallowed loudly.

 - I’ve never seen Galactic Feuds. I’ve just seen some memes and some random clips and that’s it… - she spoke and let out a sigh, as her eyes met the floor in shame.

She expected Dipper to get angry, but instead, her boyfriend’s hand gently cupped her face and placed a kiss on her cheek.

 - Oh, Wendy… You didn’t have to pretend. Part of being in a relationship is to be sincere about one’s preferences. Just because I’m a fan of it, doesn’t mean you have to pretend to be one…
 - Thanks, dude. - Wendy smiled - I guess I just didn’t want to alienate and disappoint yo-
 - … and this is why on New Year’s we’re gonna do a marathon of all the movies! - Dipper cut her off - All the trilogies, plus the TV series, the cartoons, I have a few books here, I’m gonna start easy with you, just the canon stuff… oh, and the Holiday special, we gotta riff on that!

Wendy stood up from her chair, and feeling her soul crushed under the overwhelming power of nerdiness she was about to experience, she let out a prolonged, sorrowful wail.

 - Noooooooo….!
 - Oh, you’ve seen that bit already? 




Anon asked

She knew she shouldn’t have done it, he was heading back to school at the end of the week, but it was a tradition to kiss someone at midnight on new years. And Dipper was there. And Wendy had to admit he had filled out nicely in the years that she had known him. She wants to say that it was the champagne that led to the kiss, but all of that didn’t explain the second kiss. Or the third.

By the tenth kiss, she stopped lying to herself, she was already missing him. By the Twentieth, she was already planning to visit him in California. Then, she lost count, but then again, she lost her mind as well, as their mouths no longer served to just deliver kisses, at least not the mistletoe-y ones.

When she woke up next to him on the New Year’s, she woke him up with a kiss, and the counter started anew.




It was a slow day at the Shack & so Wendy stared at her phone. She was playing Monster-mon Whoa, luckily there was a couple of spots that she can reach with living her station. She as about to catch a flying fish when she felt a hand slide over her back. “Hey there good looking.” Dipper said as he leaned over and gave her a kiss.

Perhaps one of the most astonishing change that occurred in the last three years was that Dipper became suave. Not massively suave, he could still turn into a stuttering dork, but on occasion, he has learned how to woo her, and she couldn’t help but find his attempts adorable.

 - How are you dipping, Dipper? - she threw her head back, responding to a soft kiss he placed on her neck.
 - Nothing much, we’ve been checking background weirdness radiation with Ford all morning. - he replied, closing his arm around her - We could use some help, it fluctuates, we need to update all readings…
 - Okay, which places needs to be re-checked?

She waited for his reply, but Dipper fell silent, staring at the screen of her phone. he reached his hand and snatched it from her.

 - Those. - he showed her the map of mon-spots in the nearby area - Those are half the places we’ve been to!
 - Dude, are you saying the company that made this game has something to do with Ford’s weirdness field?
 - Well, it is called GameWeirdos…




thatguywiththefaceog asks: wendip The only singles at the holiday/new year’s party

Though the New Year’s party at the Mystery Shack has always been fun, Dipper couldn’t shake off the feeling that he was the only one not having one. At least until he spotted Wendy in the corner and rushed to her with a glass of sparkling wine that posed as champagne.

 - Would you like some refreshments? - he asked gallantly, to which she replied with a faint giggle
 - Yeah, thanks, dude. - and she gulped down the whole drink in one go - Man, that wasn’t a great year for either of us, was it?
 - Yeah, I suppose… - Dipper look down and took a gentle sip of the alcohol. he never liked the taste of it.

The two college students remained silent, and despite that, they both knew what was on their minds. Her break-up was no better or worse than his, and though they happened a good three or four months earlier, they were still bummed down, even though they tried to cheer each other up through countless chat calls and on-line game sessions. 

 - So, to a better new year, dude. - Wendy pushed her glass, now filled with a soda, from the looks of it, and gently bumped Dipper’s.
 - To a better new year. 

Somewhere in the distance, the clock began striking. At one, Dipper looked into his old crush’s eyes, seeing the familiar, warm sparkle he used to dream about. Around five, he saw them just inches from his face. He doesn’t remember what happened between six to eleven, as Wendy’s kiss overwhelmed his senses. But at the stroke of twelve, he knew the year was already off to a good start.




Anon asked: wendip NSFW 48 said by Wendy

 - I’m gonna marry you just for doing that. - Wendy wheezed with a breathless voice once she came back to her senses. - That was really amazing!
 - Re-Really? - Dipper sat up on the bed, wiping tiny beads of sweat from his forehead.

Wendy smiled. Despite them being together so long, he occasionally needed some form of reassurance that this was not a dream, and just to confirm that, she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him again.

 - Really, Dipper. I never thought you would be able to assemble bed without the instructions. 




Anon asked: It was just a simple silver ax charm on a corded necklace, but it was the first gift Wendy had gotten for Christmas from her boyfriend. She will treasure for ever.

 - I’m sorry Wendy, I know you’re not really into jewellery, but I saw it and-

Dipper was not allowed to finish his apology, as Wendy pulled him into a deep hug that turned into a sweet, long kiss that melted all of his worries away.

 - It’s awesome, man. Plus, it will scare away the werewolves.     




johnnycatalina asks: Wendip 25 I'm taking you to tinsel town. This sounds interesting.

 - I’m taking you to Tinsel Town. - Wendy dragged Dipper through the lightly snowed market square, but found it difficult when he started pulling back
 - No way, I want to take you on the Toy Train Ride. There are cars for two, you know.
 - Okay, let’s find a compromise - Wendy sighed - How about we hob on board the Ferris Wheel of Consumerism? That is romantic and fills our needs for toys.
 - Sound  cool!

The decision to spend their date at the Christmas-themed attraction park was a good one, as it tested the young couple with all the trials and difficulties of having too many conflicting choices.




Anon asked: Wendip - “Look Up Missletoe”

 - Look up, mistletoe! 

Wendy screamed, and seeing that Dipper might not hear her, she lunged herself at her friend, pushing him to the snowy ground to shield him with her body. A moment later, the giant ornament crashed to the ground, sparks of electricity flying everywhere, dying out in said snow before they could set anything on fire.

 - Are you okay? - she asked, before looking around for any more of giant ornaments falling down
 - Yeah… yeah, I’m o-okay. - Dipper stuttered, his breath forming a dense mist in the cold weather.

It took Wendy a moment that she was lying on top of him. She smiled, and as the nearby mistletoe collapsed completely, the two exchanged a long kiss. 

I was actually going to go for the Missile Toe joke, but you have managed to misspell the misspelling, anon. 




@noblesnook asked: “Like what you see, dude?” Wendy smirks, sitting up to better flaunt her exposed tits at an embarrassed (yet intrigued) Dipper

Dipper gulped. 

 - Yeah, those are great tits…

He moved closer to brush them with his fingers and feel the delicate texture, much to Wendy’s pleasure. 

 - I took care of them… quite big, aren’t they? 
 - Yeah. I think I haven’t seen nicer in Oregon nor in California.
 - Are you implying you’ve seen someone else’s? - Wendy raised her brow
 - That’s-that’s not what I was saying…

Wendy laughed.

 - Okay, dude, relax, I’m not gonna stress you and them out for now… 

She put the two chirping birds onto the sill of her window, and watched as they nibble on the elongated piece of fat she left for them. 

 - So, where were we? - Wendy spoke, lying on her bed, letting her boyfriend crawl over her. - I think you wanted to show me your cock…


I googled “oregon tits” just to see if there are any such birds in this state. I had to google then “oregon tits BIRDS” and that lead me to this beautifully named bird American bushtit

and no, I didn’t giggle like a ten year old when I read it.




Anon asked: Wendy throwing Dipper over her shoulder, taking him to the bedroom, and then putting him through the mattress.

Dipper didn’t expect his wedding night to look like that. He was supposed to carry Wendy, gently, on his arms, looking into her lovely eyes…

And instead, he was being carried on her shoulder as she hurried up the wooden stairs of their house, and before Dipper knew, he was thrown onto their bed. Next time he blinked, her wedding gown was already on the floor, and the lumberjane waddled towards him with unbridled lust in her eyes. 

This was going to be his life now, Dipper understood. And he was more than fine with it.

Wendip (NSFW)




thatguywiththefaceog asks: wendip I found a ‘Slutty Santa’ costume leftover from Halloween

 - I thought you didn’t like those…

Dipper gulped as he watched his girlfriend parade around his bedroom in a what could only be vaguely be called “clothes”, as it revealed far more of her body that it hid, and the fact that it was vaguely holidays-related made it even weirder.

 - Oh, I hate it,all those “sexy whatever” costumes. I swear I’ve seen a sexy Ducktective one some time ago. 

She walked towards his bed and straddled his laps.

 - And this is why I want you to rip it off me….





Anon asked: Wendip with Dipper saying #75 on the NSFWaddles list

 -  That’s it, keep cumming…

Dipper listened to Wendy’s moans, circling her puffy lips with his fingers, while two other Dippers used their mouth and hands to stimulate other parts of her body. Though the copies made with Ford’s copying machine had to do it through condoms, to protect their frail bodies from Wendy’s excessive orgasm, they still achieved the results, and their girlfriend, trapped between the three was shivering, and her legs kicked and flailed as her another orgasm was approaching. Dipper knew that he might not be able to overcome Wendy on his own, but with a bit of ingenuity, the red=head was quivering in front of him, babbling his name as she was coming time after time.





johnnycatalina asks: Wendip for 31 on the not safe for waddles list.(I like that) I've always thought Wendy would be the dominate one in the physical part of their relationship, so she would be on top most of the time.

 - I could watch you ride me all day…

Dipper spoke, sliding his hands upa and down Wendy’s waist. She was very much the one to wear pants in their relationship, and though she loved when Dipper would dominate her - or rather when she allowed him to - straddling him and acting like she was riding a mechanical bull was her favourite way to milk her nerd boyfriend out of his cum. Her thighs and ass bounced up and down, and in no time, Dipper’s back arched again, filling the second condom of the night. Meanwhile, Wendy was just starting, and she would soon move to his mouth, and reach her peak.




Anon asked: Wendip - 21 nsfw list

 - Don’t you dare to pull out. 

Wendy spoke with a breathless voice, watching as Dipper’s eyes widen, and just to cement her decision, she crossed her legs behind his back.

 - Bu-But Wendy, I don’t…!

His complaint was silenced by her kiss, which only hastened his moves, as the young author found himself trapped, thrusting into the seductive park ranger.

 - I know, dude. - she responded, between her moans - But didn’t you always want it?

She looked into his eyes, and loosened her leg lock, giving him the chance to bail out from the mountain of responsibilities that awaited him. But instead, Dipper pinned her to their bed, and gave her his final few lunges, listening how his cracked voice mixes with hers when their orgasm arrived. And with each rope of his seed he painted her unprotected womb with, the picture of their future became more and more vibrant, and Dipper found himself more than comfortable with.





anonymous asks: 95 with 94 or 13 with wendip

There was a brief moment of silence around the table when Wendy blurted out her secret.

 - You weren’t supposed to hear that. 

She bit her lip, but her apology didn’t exactly undo the tension she created, and it definitely did not make Dipper less perplexed and astonished.

Admittedly, calling her boyfriend “Big Dipper” in front of his parents technically wasn’t wrong, as he has grown to be quite a handsome guy, but it has revealed part of their life they weren’t supposed to just yet. 

At least she didn’t call him “daddy”, like last night on the couch.  




Anon asked

Wendy looked through heavy lidded eyes at the clock on her room’s nightstand. It was three in the morning and she had just woke up. Her mind was still clouded with sleep, but for some reason she was unable to find its release again. Then she remembered the dream she had been having before she woke. It was an extremely steamy one, but that wasn’t the issue. it was the object of her affections, Dipper, who was asleep in the hotel room next to hers.

Even a long, cold shower didn’t help her. In her mind’s eyes she was still making love to the young man that has been on her mind for some time now. and the worst part is, she didn’t know why. He wasn’t particularly hot, or muscular, there were so many other guys out there… and yet, he was the one who would make her laugh and smile. 

Wendy let the water run down her body, as she slipped her hand between her legs, hoping that would help her problem. She closed her eyes and she came back to her fantasy when they were making love while a very old movie played on a TV screen the size of the wall of her family house. Her legs gave up and she had to sit, and just as her imaginary lover came, she cried his name.

 - Dipper!

Dipper Pines looked up, startled, as for a brief moment, he though he heard his name coming from the pipes. He listened again, hoping for just a moment that it was the voice he thought he recognised. 

For another glorious moment, he was back asleep, in which he was back in Gravity Falls with Wendy…




@noblesnook asked: How about “Cum all over my face” with Wendip?

 - Cum all over my face!

Wendy’s request, spoken with in a hushed, but impatient and needy voice only pushed Dipper closer to his edge. He gripped the metalic shelf behind him tighter, as if trying to prolong the exquisite pleasure he was getting. Wendy didn’t usually like getting messy, and in a place like this, her offer was particularly risky.

He looked down at her, and the combination of her frisky, green eyes, opened mouth and her red swimming suite did it for Dipper. He let out a groan of defeat, his hips jerked, and only thanks to Wendy’s grip on him, she managed to control the small fire hose in front of her. 

One by one she took the rewards for the work of her fingers and lips,until her boyfriend slumped over the wall, almost sliding to the floor as his knees gave up. 

He looked at his radiant girlfriend, her face and her glorious, red hair covered in his cum, and he was allowed just one photo oh Wendy in her unusual make-up, before she took the towel and wiped his climax from his face. She then ducked again and licked the last few drops from his cock’s head, before she pulled his swimming trunks up.

 - Gotta make sure we’re clean, dude. - she winked at him - We don’t want any of your boys getting lost in a public swimming pool and finding some other girl, don’t we? 

Wendy winked and threw the towel into the bin, before she opened the door to the closet ajar, so she could check if they can sneak out.




anonymous asks: During a camping trip where its supposed to be the twins in one tent and Wendy/Pacifica in the other. Dipper was just getting ready for bed after a night roasting marshmallows around the campfire. Mabel let him get ready for bed in their tent while she changed in the other tent. As he crawled into his sleeping bag, he notices that the other bag was not his sister's. He was about to question it when the tent opened and in came Wendy in the sexiest flannel he had ever seen.


For the longest time, neither Dipper nor Wendy could speak. Wendy was still surprised to find him instead of Pacifica in her ten she shared, and Dipper’s brain was preoccupied with the sight of a beautiful, plaid shirt Wendy had tied around her bosom, leaving quite a lot of her body naked, and just enough of it hidden to make his imagination busy. 

Finally, when his eyes moved up, and he saw the astonished, freckled face of his college friend, Dipper’s senses came back to him, and lifted the sleeping bag over his eyes, and started apologising profusely.

 - Oh my gosh, Wendy, I’m-I’m so sorry, I-I thought it was our tent, I-I-please don’t be ma-
 - Dude, chill, it is your tent. - Wendy interrupted him.

Dipper peeked from inside the sleeping bad, and noticed his and Mabel’s belongings, coming to conclusion, that indeed, it was theirs tent. 

 - Okay, so If I didn’t make a mistake, then why did…

Suddenly, both of them jumped in place when a prolonged, carnal wail reached their ears, and filled their cheeks with red when they realised it was coming from the other tent. Wendy and Dipper exchanged awkward, knowing looks, and the lumberjane chuckled as she laid next to still shaking Dipper. She reached her arm and toyed with a strand of his hair, wondering if her old friend are gonna try one-up his sister and try to be the alpha twin again.


Anon asked

The trees passed quickly past them as the trio ran through them. They had stumbled upon a gryphoat nest and while the chicks were cute, the momma was not happy with them being there. They thought they were clear of it until they heard a bleat/screech above them. Wendy signaled for them follow her. She led them to a cave. “Well, we may be here for a bit. What should we do?” She asked looking at Dipper and Tambry with a smirk. 

And thus, a passionate and fierce, three-way game of OHNO! was played. Dipper always kept a deck of cards in his backpack for such eventualities, and the three have played it many times, especially on their long travels. 

An hour quickly went by, and the three haven’t even noticed that the screeches have subsided. 

 - Well, it’s time to head home - the park ranger told, while Dipper and Tambry packed themselves. 

And as Tambry passed her, she gave her a knowing wink. Once they reach home they’re gonna play a strip version of it.




Anon asked: Wendy was the last one home from work. She was still in her park ranger’s uniform and finds Dipper tied to a chair. “Well I see your co-conspirator has arrived mister spy.” Turning she saw Tambry standing there in a skin tight outfit holding a riding crop.

 - Ah, predictable as always, Lens Flare. - Wendy replied, in a split of a second adapting to her game. - But you will lose, and I will help my boyfriend…

She walked to her, making sure Dipper would see her swinging her hips, still covered in her ranger’s shorts, with Pine Trees on them as a subtle nod only they would understand.

And meanwhile Dipper was simultaneously in heaven and hell. he watched as his two lovers “fight”, caressing each other, and he’d do anything to hop in, but he knew that the longer he’ll wait, the better it will be. Especially since apparently, the villain has managed to turn the hero evil, and the two approached him, and would now take care of him.. 






Anon asked

Tambry has Dipper with her hand under his jaw as she whispered into his ear. “Once Wendy is done with her ride, I want you to take control. Pin me down and ram you cock up my ass as hard and fast as you can.”

She kissed him, and with that, Tambry resumed scissoring her best friend. She gripped Wendy’s thighs and mashed her sex against hers, listening to her moans, muffled by Dipper’s cock sliding in and out of her mouth. The three often took turns dominating each other, and tonight, it was time for Wendy to be at the bottom of the ladder. Tambry’s salacious words only hastened Dipper’s actions, and it wasn’t long until Wendy was gulping down shots of his seed, while her sex spasmed against Tambry’s creating a double coating of natural lube Dipper will have a use in a while. 

When Dipper pulled out, spraying droplets of his cum against Wendy’s freckled face, the red-head was already on her feet, wrestling with her best friend to pull her to the ground, so that Dipper will have easier job pinning her to the bed, while Tamby would lick her pussy in return.





Anon asked

Wendy rode Dipper like he was a rodeo bronc and Tambry loved the sight. She leaned over and gave her girlfriend’s clit a few licks as she watched Dipper’s dick go deeper and deeper into Wendy’s ass. She couldn’t wait until it was her turn.

If anyone said that reverse cowgirl was a boring position, they have never met Tambry. While Wendy was furiously riding their boyfriend, making him watch her ass bounce up and down his cock, her girlfriend took care of the much more delicate part of her body, and witch each lick on her clit, Wendy’s voice was rising, and when her legs started to quiver, and she collapsed to the side, Tambry and Dipper knew it was their joined effort. 




 Anon asked 

“I am sure glad I took up running in high school. The boost it gave me in endurance has been tested ever since Wendy brought Tambry on as our camera woman. Especially after that night we were stuck in that cave and had to huddle for warmth. Being caught between two beautiful women led to some exciting way to generate heat.   Ever since then things have been hectic, but tonight we have decided to see where things go.” 

There was a knock at the door. Dipper put down his pen, shut the journal, and opened the door. He was greeted by his girlfriend and Tambry.

At first, Dipper didn’t know what to say - after all, he found it difficult to even look in Tambry’s eyes, after what happened last week. But then he turned to Wendy, and saw a wide, frisky smile on her face that was mirrored on Tambry’s. 

It took him him a moment to understand what was going on, but his body has already figured it out, increasing the heartbeat and redirecting blood to organs that would be more useful. 

 - If you need a pretext, Dip, we can turn the heating off. - Wendy spoke and pushed her boyfriend to the bed behind him. 

The great thing was, he wouldn’t have to trouble himself with putting this adventure to words. Tambry brought a camera. 




Anon asked

Dipper stood in the kitchen pouring out three glasses of orange juice. Placing them on a tray that already held a few bananas, some snack bars, a can of whipped cream, and some butterscotch sauce.   Picking up the tray he headed back to the room where he had left his guests. “Wendy, Tambry. i brought some refreshments.”

At first the girls, lying on their bed didn’t even notice Dipper’s presence, as the two were too absorbed, their fingers mashing furiously against the buttons, letting out muffled screams against each other. But it was the gentle sound of glasses clattering that made them look away from the screen and put their controllers away.

 - Oh, sweet, dude, thanks! - Wendy said and took one of the bars
 - Shouldn’t we leave those to Dipper? - Tambry countered, taking a glass of juice - I feel that out of us three, he needs to replenish the most strength…

She threw a knowing look at Dipper, who indeed was already half-way through the protein fruit bar.

 - You’re the one that should leave stuff for him - Wendy spoke - Don’t you want him to be a bit sweeter? - she raised her brow, pointing to the glass of juice.
 - Nah, I actually like they way he tastes. 

Tambry leaned and gave Dipper’s cheek a kiss, and a moment later, Wendy did the same.

 -  More for me, I guess. - Tambry raised her brow, throwing a shade at her best friend.
 - Oh, you wish, I’m gonna win the next round.

Dipper let out a prolonged, satisfied purr, as he relaxed against the pillows, sitting between his two girlfriends. He knew well they were doing this just to tease him, and their words restored more energy in him than any snack from the tray. He picked up his controller and saw the notification that quite well summed up his life.

“Player 3 has joined the game.”




Anon asked Dipper knew he shouldn’t have let Tambry talk him into it, but here he was

 - Is that… a camera?

Only now, as Wendy came back to her senses, she realised that there was something odd with Dipper’s glasses. She sat up and before Dipper could protest, she grabbed what clearly was a miniaturised camera, smiled, and spoke to the microphone, smiling wildly.

 - Tambry, if you wanted to join us, you just had to ask…

In her room, Tambry’s skin shivered, as the scene was unfolding in front of her. Just a moment ago, she watched her best friend, naked, living through a toe-curling orgasm as her boyfriend takes her in the deserted Mystery Shack, and now, she was proudly inviting her to join them.

One thing was sure: they are keeping the glasses/




Anon asked wendipbry 19

 - My New Year’s resolution is to finally tell you the truth, so here goes. - Tambry took a deep breath and stared into the camera.

She wouldn’t dare tell that to their faces. Wendy and Dipper were probably now all alone, celebrating the New Year’s, and last thing she wanted was to butt in, especially with a revelation like that. She resumed the recording and continued.

 - This last year, you’ve made me your camerawoman, and it’s been great, as if we were still teenagers, back in 2012… And I think all of those trips and adventures we’ve had I started, like…. - she paused - I think I…

There was a sudden knock on the door, and Tambry nearly kicked the camera on the tripod. She rushed to the door, and to her surprise, she saw her two friends, Wendy and Dipper, with the latter wearing what looked like a christmas wreath as a hat.

 - Come on, Tambs, we’ve been waiting for you! - Wendy cheered.
 - Yeah, we wouldn’t be celebrating New year’s without you!

Tambry smiled. There will be time to tell them.




Anon asked And that was supposed to be the Christmas 19 but the other works too

 - Don’t cover your mouth… I like hearing you.

Bowing to Wendy’s command, Tambry let out a prolonged wail, echoing thorough their house. Fortunately, the new year’s party was over, and they were the only ones that could hear her, and she wasn’t gonna stop complementing her lovers. 

Exactly one year ago she told Wendy and Dipper how does she feel towards them, and to her surprise, she didn’t get a cold shoulder. In fact, she got quite a warm one, though it might have had to do something with them having to share their body heat in a very snowed in skiing cabin they rented. 

And when your two crushes are naked and already kissing you, confessions are damn easier. So as Dipper was ploughing her from behind, and Wendy  pressed Tambry’s face against her pussy, Tambry gave loud and unabashed reviews about her lovers, asking for more of the same.




Anon asked

Great wendipbry stories. BBoth of them were great, but this is the the 19 I meant “The holidays are stressful… We need some relief.”

well, that’s what happens when you do not read fine print, anon.

 - The holidays are stressful… We needed some relief. 

Dipper shouted to Wendy as he ran through the thick snow, trying to dodge projectiles coming at them. The two hid behind the fallen log, and reloaded their weapons. it was true that Wendy didn’t exactly spend holidays like most people do, but even by extreme sports standards, her family’s training for the apocalypse was more than hardcore. 

 - Wendy, you know I love you, but I have to say this: I think I would rather g through actual end of the world again than-
 - Blargh. Kablargh. I’m dead. - Tambry interrupted with a monotone voice, as she splattered her jacket with the red paint ball. - Can we go home and get some eggnog?




Anon asked

Wendy groaned as she ground her hips against her boyfriend’s hardness,while he was bucking up towards her in return. She really couldn’t wait until she felt Dipper slid up inside her, but she was doing it to tease their third as much as she was to tease Dipper. “Can you guys just fuck already?” Tambry called from where she was being eaten out by Dipper. “I want my turn soon.”

 - Patience, Tambry… - Wendy spoke, brushing her friend’s cheek, which only caused another moan to escape her lips - We don’t want to tire our man too soon, don’t we-

The last sound was turned into a wail that cut off her sentence, when Dipper has used the moment of distraction to hilt himself deep inside the fiery red-head. Wendy groaned his name, as he pushed her against Tambry, but soon enough she was ready to curse him when she felt a distinctive lack of a Pine Tree inside her. 

In turn, Tambry’s eyes widened, and her body trashed underneath Wendy’s when Dipper switched his partner, giving their third a much needed pleasure. Wendy and Tambry exchanged a knowing looks, and from now, they were rivals, using their hips legs, and of course mouths full of dirty talk to become the one in which Dipper would cum. And while Dipper loved when the two worked as a team, their true nature revealed themselves when they had to compete of his attention.    

In the end, Tambry won, saying that she would love to see if purple hair can be passed on, which resulted in Dipper losing inside her, much to the delight of Tambry and premature annoyance of Wendy. But the sound of Wendy and Tambry making up by making out meant that another round of Pine lottery will be coming soon. 





Anon asked

Wendipbry Dipper to either girl #42

 - If I’d known how much you liked to be watched I would’ve invited her sooner… - Dipper spoke to his wife, listening to her moans, that complemented and mixed with those of Tambry, sitting behind the camera.

Tambry was masturbating furiously, so much so she had to put the camera on the tripod, as the sight of her two best friends making love turned her on so much. And in turn, knowing they have a spectator fuelled Wendy’s and Dipper libido, to the point where their bed was cracking rhythmically, making Tambry bounce up and down. She was smart to bring that tripod. 

The three reached their peaks at the same time, Tambry felling to her back, squirting over the couple, while Dipper planted ropes of his cum deep inside the quivering red-head.

When the three recovered, Tambry didn’t waste any time and crawled on her wobbly legs and arms towards them, and the two welcomed her between their bodies, their lips already joined. 

In the end, they came to the conclusion that bringing a camera to the bedroom was an excellent anniversary present, but not nearly as good as bringing the camerawoman. 





Anon asked

Wendy comes home from  long day as a park ranger and finds a note. ‘Kids staying with Mabel & Paz for the weekend. There is a 6 pack in the fridge and we are hidden somewhere in the house. Once you find us, the fun begins. Love Tambry’

Sadly, Wendy’s quest didn’t last long, as she caught the two in the basement, around their treasure vault, Tambry already pinned to the wall, her hand already in Dipper’s jeans.

Wendy smiled, as she stepped down.

 - I’m liking the plan, guys, you want to do it here, where we keep the stuff we found during our travels?
 - Yeah… - Tambry moaned under Dipper’s caresses - To remind of us of these times…
 - Well, if so…  We shouldn’t be giving Dipper this… - Wendy spoke, pushing aside the can of very light beer - …but this.

She reached into the safe and produced a familiar bottle with translucent, sparkly liquid inside.

 - Oh yeah, the Vilas’ sap! - Tambry exclaimed at the sight of the potent aphrodisiac - Dipper’s not gonna be able to move on Monday…
 - He better wear these this time, though. - Wendy produced a package of condoms - Unless we want to give Mabel and Paz more babysitting responsibilities…

Dipper looked at his two lovers, exchanging sultry, knowing looks, not entirely sure if they really didn’t want a repeat of that faithful night.   





anonymous asks:
“We’re apart this season, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves.” wendibry(also would you take (PG)next gen prompts like they have kids on Christmas morning)

 - We’re apart this season, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves…

Wendy’s words echoed from speakers of Tambry’s laptop. They really wished they could have been together for this holiday season, especially since it would have been their first one shared. But Tambry’s family had different plans, and the three weren’t quite ready yet to tell them that their friendship has bloomed into something else.

Tambry relaxed in her chair, and closed her eyes, imagining her two lovers next to her. She spread her legs, and moved a slick dildo against her sex, while her hand mashed against her clit, remembering how Dipper and Wendy joined forces in pleasuring her. The two weren’t idle either, and soon the room was filled with their moans, until the the three crescendo’d, so much so that Tambry nearly kicked the latop’s screen with her foot when she came.

 - I’m gonna try and get to Gravity Falls for New year’s - Tambry wheezed, as she got up, only to see her girlfriend’s belly covered in Dipper’s cum. - They gotta let me go skiing with “my friends”, right?




@noblesnook asked: Oooo how about something like “Hey Pines, how about you lose that towel and show us what you’re working with?” for (what I think is spelled) Wendippery?

I think you meant Wendipbry, the name’s gotta have bits of Tambry’s name as well in it. :)

 - Hey Pines, how about you lose that towel and show us what you’re working with?

Tambry’s voice startled Dipper, who turned swiftly on the white tiles, and noticed his two girlfriends standing in the doorway, with mischievous smirks all over their faces. 

 - Yeah, Dip. Show us the meat. - Wendy added, taking a step into the steam-filled room.

Dipper gulped and with some hesitation lifted the towel, watching as their eyes widen and mouths open. He was sure Tambry licked her lips. 

 - Now that’s big…
 - Bigger than last year. No magnifying flashlight? - Wendy looked at her boyfriend with some suspicion.
 - Please, Wendy, I wouldn’t do that to a turkey. - he smiled - I gotta do the stuffing now.
 - Yeah, we know you can do that well. - Tambry and Wendy surrounded him and gave him a kiss on each cheek.
 - And we wouldn’t mind if you do use the flashlight there…

Another series of kisses followed to his neck, giving Dipper an idea for what awaits him later. 





anonymous asks:
Wendipbry "Three is not a crowd - three is just a start!" BUT the clone-making copy machine is off limits.

 - Three is not a crowd - three is just a start! - Tambry spoke with delight, looking  at the massive atrium of the H-Hotel.

The pan-dimensional building, with its many corridors leading to an infinite number of rooms and all different parallel universes was brimming with visitors, seeking all sorts of entertainment, from games and discussions, to some more carnal ones, and it would seem that Tambry was definitely fixated on the latter part.

 - Well, okay… - Dipper muttered with some uncertainty in his voice - But how do we find, you know, people who would be willing to-Wait, is that me? But with a slightly more curly hair?
 - And is that supposed to be me? - Wendy’s eyes widen - Are you freaking telling me that I’m a brunette in a different timeline? And what the heck is with that hat?
 - Looks like they don’t have Tambry of their own… time to change that…. - Tambry spoke and the three walked to the equally nervous couple. 




Anon asked

Dipper gets a text in the middle of class “Can’t wait for you to get home.” The attached pic.

Being in a relationship with both Wendy and Tambry has really tested Dipper’s will to stay the model student and not skip classes. The two have graduated a year before, and now, if they had any free time between their jobs, the two would often tease Dipper by sending him photos from their rented flat. The sight of Wendy and Tambry sixty-ninening was burned into his mind, and with a heavy sight, Dipper forced himself to focus on the topic of his lecture. Just four more hours, and he’d be off for the winter break, though from the looks of it, it will be the busiest time for him as a boyfriend.



Every third movie night, Tambry has taking to finding the cheesiest porn w/plot that she can find for the trio to watch. and they still riff on it through out the make out session and sex that follows. "My lord, that looks like the same set from 'My Mother The Martian'!" "The alien's bodypaint rubbed off two scenes ago." "Oh, god that feels so good!"

Tambry joining Wendy and Dipper’s lives had a few unforeseen consequences. Their movie nights, an old tradition from they were still teenagers, now had a third person to choose and vote, and as it turned out, Tambry’s idea of “cheesiness” was somewhat different. 

Instead of bad movies that not so much “moved” as “were kicked” into public domain, Tambry would occasionally find an R-rated schlock that would make them moan and scream… but not from the arousal, but the bad production, dialogues and the fakery oozing from the screen.

But there was also another side to that change in taste: for each bad movie they’ve seen, its remake would take place in their bedroom afterwards, or sometimes even simultaneously. 

 - Looks like the Earth has conquered us this time… - Wendy moaned, her voice quivering under Dipper’s forceful bucking
 - Come on, Earthman, we don’t want to be green anymore! - Tambry moaned from underneath her, watching as Dipper’s face gets stricken with a grimace of his oncoming orgasm, sped up by her words.

He pulled out and a moment later, after his mighty roar, the green faces of Wendy and Tambry, painted with edible paint from Halloween party, got buried under several thick layers of globs of his white cum that soon made its way to their mouths in a series of salacious, cum-swapping kisses, while their fingers toyed with their pussies, still quivering from their concurrent orgasm.

 - That was way better than what they’ve done… - Dipper huffed, pointing his camera at his two girlfriends, hoping his shaky hand hasn’t distorted the mesmerising sight too much. 
 - The acting was better - Wendy spoke, grabbing a roll of paper towels - And the orgasms were real…
 - That’s nothing, I’ve seen the sequel, and I know what’s in there for you, Dip.

Tambry reached under the bed, and as she showed him the strap-on, Dipper was glad the camera couldn’t catch his stunned face, but it certainly showed the frisky smiles of Wendy and Tambry. They will let her decide the next movie as well.






Anon asked

After getting a message that her wife was on her way home, Mabel laid a soak proof over their bed. She then used some various ice cream toppings and whipped cream. She then waited for Paz to come in to their room.

Pacifica wanted to say she has never seen a more beautiful and appetising sight, but it wouldn’t be true - they have experimented with food before, and as it turned out, Mabel’s nipples tasted amazing with whipped cream and strawberries, and according to Mabel, so did hers. Pacifica smiled, and began to undress. 

At the very least they won’t get caught here, as opposed to when they did it on the counter at Lazy Susan’s… 




thatguywiththefaceog asks: Mabifica I think some confetti fell down my dress/shirt. Mind getting it out?

 - I think some confetti fell down my dress/shirt. Mind getting it out?

Pacifica leaned against her girlfriend, pressing her sweater-covered chest against hers, making sure her cleavage is well exposed.

 - Oh, I think I know what you have in mind… - Mabel raised her brow and smiled, mimicking a sly one of Pacifica’s.

The blond closed her eyes, and awaited feeling of Mabel’s lips on her breasts, but then, her ears were filled with a roaring noise and for a moment she was blinded, when hr sweater was suddenly pulled over her head and flew into the air. 

A second later, Pacifica stood in the middle of their room half-naked, looking at Mabel Pines, holding her leafblower. Needless to say this wasn’t what she had in mind, but it definitely worked.




Anon asked

Mabel tried her best to lay still in her hiding place, but the anticipation of what Pacifica would do to her when she found her was getting to her. Pacifica sat there in her lingerie and watched Mabel squirm under the blanket. She had found her 5 minutes ago, but knowing Mabel was getting more turned on each moment was fun to see. Playing strip Hide n Seek was one of Mabel’s better ideas.

The Northwest heiress smirked, as she circled the bed that at some point belonged to one of their servants. Her mansion was dotted with pieces of their attires, dropped in random places, though so far, Pacifica has definitely claimed more of Mabel’s clothes. And with a sharp pull of the blanket, she won, and was about to claim her as well.




Anon asked After she took her on a date to a local burger joint, Mabel proceeds  to show her the real burger meal:

(I presume you meant Pacifica, dear Anon)

Pacifica watched in awe, as Mabel took off her clothes, revealing one of the most ridiculous set of underwear she has seen, and that was saying something. Celebrating Pacifca’s fifth happy year at Lazy Susan’s was a feat, but she never thought she would see the damn burgers in the form of bra and panties on Mabel’s body, complete with lettuce-coloured stockings.

 - Aaaand? What do you think? - Mabel grinned
 - It’s nice, but… 

Pacifica started, watching as her pretend tone of voice makes the smile on Mabel’s face vanish.

 - I might go vegetarian this time.

She took the “burger” that hold her panties out, revealing her neatly trimmed pussy.

 - Or maybe even vegan…

Together with it, came the cheese that hold together the bra.

 - And the bread, too much carbohydrates. 

The two buns that covered her breasts fell to the floor, leaving her in just tomato and lettuce.

 - Come to think of it, I might be hungry for something different…

She pressed her lips against Mabel’s skin and listened to her moans. 




Anon asked

Mabel was excited. Paz called and told her she had a new piece of candy that she wanted her to try. Rushing over to Paz’s place, she knocked on the door. “Hey there good lookin’, you made it in record time.” Pacifica said as she opened the door. Mabel gave her a kiss as she walked inside. “Of course. I get a chance to see you and try some candy.  So where is it?” Pacifica chuckled at her girlfriend’s impatience, “Follow me.” As Mabel saw that she was being led to the bedroom she asked, “Ooh, is the new candy some edible underwear?” Without waiting for an answer she continued, “What flavor are they?Watermelon? Kiwi?” She was in for a surprise when Pacifica opened the door and there tied to the bed was Candy and she was smiling.

Mabel’s eyes widened as she comprehended the situation. Her yes kept looking from the naked body of their friend to her girlfriend, that now, once she got out of her expensive-looking attire, showed her black, dominatrix outfit underneath it. Pacifica noticed the uncertainty on Mabel’s face, and quickly asked came to reassure her.

 - What is it, Mabel? Don’t you want to try the new flavour?
 - I do, but…

She approached the bed and untied her friend, giving her wrists and ankles a kiss.

 - Maybe we could try vanilla first?

And with that, she cupped Candy’s face and placed a first, timid kiss on her lips, sending Pacifica a frisky look,  nagging her to join them.





Anon asked

Though Mabel didn’t know it, her ass has always been one of Pacifica’s favorite features. Paz has always loved the way her skirts clung to her every curve. Tonight she was going to show Mabel exactly how much she loved her girlfriends ass.

 - Awww…. I see what you did there.

Mabel giggled at the message on her pancake drawn with a chocolate syrup. One regular heart symbolised love, the inverted one - her posterior, and the blonde waitress at the Lazy Susan couldn’t have been happier at the reaction she got. 

 - I think I’d like some of that delicious chocolate cream on the go, ma’am. - Mabel said, wriggling her bum in place, watching as Pacifica’s face turns red.




 thatguywiththefaceog asks: Mabifica Usually it’s just a kiss under the mistletoe…

 - Usually it’s just a kiss under the mistletoe… - Pacifica giggled, unable to contain the scream building in her throat.
 - What? - Mabel asked, leaning from between her legs - I am kissing you. 
 - No-no hands then. - Pacifica commanded her, though the effect was slightly spoiled by how her voice broke half-way through.

Mabel smiled, licked her fingers she was using to play with her and she dived between her thick thighs again, replacing her skilled digits with even more skilled tongue.

Pacifica knew what she was doing, and it worked every year.




Anon asked

Mabel sipped on her glass of champagne. She watched the clock and the crowd as everyone began the countdown. She was glad to see that Dipper and Wendy were hanging close together, maybe this will be the year they get together. Now she wonders who she will kiss this year. “Two! One!” Suddenly she was spun around and Pacifica was kissing her.

Heat a thousand times more powerful than from the whiskey she tried a few days ago burned through her, but then left a powerful soothing feeling behind, unlike the alcohol. Pacifica was sucking the air out of Mabel’s mouth, and as the two fell through nothingness, Mabel let her friend guide her. 

Except, Pacifica let her be the leading one as well, and so the two fell to the floor a moment later, much to the delight of the partygoers. But neither Mabel nor Pacifica cared about that. They looked only at each other, still tasting each other’s lips.




Anon asked

Mabcifica Paz pulling NSFWaddles #50

 - I’m not gonna stop leaving marks till I’m sure everyone will know you’re mine.

Pacifica spoke, between laying more and more kisses around Mabel’s neck and shoulder. More and more of her lipstick made it to Mabel’s skin, marking her just like Pacifica wanted, though many more around her body would be invisible to a casual observer. 

Of course, a golden ring on her finger was also a sign of their bond, but the hickeys were much, much more better.


Chapter Text

 - Hey Wendy are you ready? - Dipper called out as he walked into the house from the back yard where he had been working and made his way towards their bedroom - We should be heading out to meet Tamb...

He stopped in place as he saw that not only was his wife waiting for him in their bedroom, but so was the friend that they were to be visiting... They stopped talking and started giggling when they saw the stunned expression on Dipper's face, as he lay his eyes upon his wife and her best friend sitting on their bed. It took him a while to recover from his confusion caused by the unexpected visitor, and with a would-be-casual voice he stepped inside, welcoming their friend.

 - Hey there, Tambs, lo-long time no seee... - he stuttered when he nearly tripped on the perfectly straight carpet.
 - Nice to see you too, dude. 
She eyed him and his physique. He was still very much a stick figure she remembered, though with just a few dollops of clay put here on there that definitely made Dipper pines look more like a man.

 - I see that the life of researcher isn't all about sitting with nose in books, eh?
 - As if you didn't know that. - Wendy added, leaning on the pillow - We really missed our favourite camerawoman.
 - Hey, I missed you too. - Tambry smiled - But you know, I wanted...

She shied away, unable to meet Wendy's, nor Dipper's eyes.

 - ...something different for a while. 

She didn't have to elaborate for the two to understand her. A pregnant pause has fallen, until Dipper stuttered once more, just to break the awkward silence.

 - Shall-Shall I get the cider, then?
 - Heck yeah, dude! - Wendy applauded. 
 - Oh, guy, you didn't have to. - Tambry cooed.
 - Of course we had to, that's what anniversaries are for. And we've got plenty to drink to: new job, new flat, new life...
Wendy's words were the last Dipper heard before he rushed down the stairs to their cellar. And though his wife's voice was clearly audible, his beating heart almost made his ears ring, and only when he reached the slightly cooler basement, he took a moment to ponder what was going on. It's been seven years since one very faithful night during which he and Wendy shared it with her best friend, discovering more about themselves they ever expected. And that one night lead to several more over the next months, as their journeys continued, and the two slowly became three.

And then, they... stopped.

Dipper took a moment to browse the rack of bottles, walking past the same crate he was looking for several times, until his mind cleared enough to remember what he was looking for. He has been reliving the times he spent in their love triangle for the past days, since Tambry contacted them she came back to Gravity Falls, but he didn't expect to see her in their home, let alone on their bed, and that has sped up everything. 

With a bottle in his hand, and three glasses in the other, he ran upstairs, hearing Wendy and Tambry's loud laughter, which made him oddly calm. 
 - ...and then, they've asked me: where did you learn to keep the camera so stable? - Tambry continued - And what was I supposed to say? That I once filmed a rampaging Yeeti? 
 - How much have you told them? - Wendy asked, relaxing on her side of the bed.
 - Well, I didn't blow your secrets, if that's what you ask for - Tambry replied, taking the glass from Dipper - I couldn't exactly put "part time monster hunter" on my college application. 

She took a hearty sip, feeling the familiar sweetness, followed by equally familiar warmth in her throat. 

 - Except here, it kinda counts as a job experience, so win-win.
 - So from now are we gonna hear you reporting about "local man who brawled bearacudas and won"? - Dipper asked, assuming equally relaxed position in the bed's end 
 - Nah, I'm just gonna be behind the camera. They won't let us in front of it, and I'm okay with it.
 - Whatever makes you happy. 
The three glasses clinked as they drank the toast, just as Wendy reached and turned on the music from her phone, she put in the docking station. 

 - Well, I know one thing that would make me happier... 
Tambry spoke, and shifted her eyes from Wendy to Dipper. The two shared the same looks, and before they knew, the liquid courage rushing in their veins made them drop the pretence. They could have talked about Tambry's college life, and her new job, but it wasn't a coincidence she visited them, and that she headed straight for the bedroom. 

Wendy was the first to taste the cider on Tambry's lips, and when the red-head broke the kiss, she let out a hearty moan, especially when Tambry's hand began fiddling with her jeans.

 - Damn, I missed this. - Tambry spoke.
 - Anything else you've missed? 
Wendy added, watching as Dipper sneaks his kisses around her neck, before his lips met with hers, and is hands cup her breasts. Just like last time they've made love, Tambry was sandwiched between the two, and the purple=haired woman could experience the lust of four hands and two mouths caressing her, making up for the lost years...

Her somewhat classy dress was tossed to the ground first, just like Dipper's vest Wendy has unbuttoned with her hands while her mouth was busy kissing Tambry's half-naked chest. And with Dipper's help on her bra, it soon became properly naked, revealing her breasts to Wendy, giving Tambry chance to see her eyes widening at the sight. 

As the three exchanged kisses, Tambry felt Dipper's length pressed against her buttocks after a bit of fumbling that must have meant he also got rid of his clothes. And when she opened her eyes, she was met with familiar two naked bodies of her two friends, eager to celebrate her coming back.

She turned back to Wendy, but the red-head has already taken her and Dipper's unspoken plan into motion. Tambry let out a yelp when Dipper grabbed her thighs and spread her legs, giving access for his wife to take the first lick, savouring the well-known taste that filled her nostrils and mouth. Tambry's legs quivered when Wendy;s tongue dance around her sensitive nub, and let out a proper howl when she spread her lips, just to pave the way for her husband's cock whose head slowly filled her with. 

Tambry desperately turned her head back, finding Dipper's lips ready to contain her moans. In his arms and laps, and with Wendy tending to her clit, the three were ready to start, and just like a machine waking up to life, their moves were initially slow. Dipper pushed his cock to familiarise himself with the territory he hasn't visited in a long time, while Wendy deliberately player a long game, knowing that Tambry will need both Dipper's raw power as well as a woman's touch to bring her to a proper orgasm. 

With each minute, and each time Tambry was pushed up and down, tied to the rhythm of the song, thee three were speeding up, and soon they looked like a well-oiled machine, especially when Wendy's applied a bit of lubricant to her hand and sneaked it between Dipper's and Tambry's sexes, once more causing her childhood friend to yelp under the contact with the gooey substance.

But that only made Dipper's job easier; the combined work of his and Tambry's hips meant the she was now bouncing up and down onto his cock, letting him reach the deepest part of her womanhood, while Wendy's fingers mashed her clit. Tambry wasn't idle, though; she brought Wendy into Dipper's and hers laps, and her fingers repaid her for her work, filling the room with her moans as well.

Dipper's hands roamed between Tambry's chest and Wendy's backside, hoping both of his girls would get enough attention. With Tambry's pussy embracing him tightly, and his wife kissing her time after time, Dipper Pines had to find extra force not to end their night too soon. 

But fortunately for him, Tambry fighting on two fronts brought her to her peak faster than she expected. With her legs flailing to the sides, and her arms tightly locked behind Wendy's neck, the camerawoman was letting only sharp, mangled bits of their names, and as Wendy and Dipper's eyes met, they both remembered the same cacophony of sounds from when all of their nights looked like this one. 

And with that understanding, came their orgasms. Dipper lost himself inside Tambry, pushing her against Wendy with one, final thrust that filled her with jets of his thick cum. Wendy and Tambry's hands soon became wet from their shared juices, now mixing with Dipper's, slowly leaking from her used pussy, when he retracted for a while, just so he can hilt himself inside her once more.

The three lovers twitched in unison, exchanging kisses and praises towards each other, until they erratic breathing returned to normal, giving them chance to breathe. Tambry slowly raised up, looking in turn at Wendy underneath her and Dipper behind her, his cock still in her creampied pussy. 
 - I needed that... - she wheezed, before reaching for Dipper's head to kiss him.
 - If you need us, you know now where to find us. - Wendy replied with equally tired, but content voice. - We will be glad if we could help you.
 - Wait, I forgot! As a matter of fact, you can help me. 

Though her legs were wobbly, Tambry waddled across the bed from between their lovers' lock. She grabbed the tissues and pressed them against her leaking pussy, just so she can get to her bag. 

 - We want to make a piece on the local paranormal author and the titled park ranger of his wife... - she began, fiddling with the tripod - And I offered I can try to find a suitable place to film an interview.
She placed her camera on the sturdy metal piece, returning to her lovers.

 - So, want to test my setup?