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Give Yourself Over

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These past few days had been pure heaven for Die. Everything he did and everywhere he went, he was floating on cloud nine. Something about actually having given in to his attraction to Kyo made him incredibly happy and upbeat. He’d been taking it upon himself the past few days to drop in on Kyo whenever he felt like it, just wanting to be close to him for as long as he’d be allowed.

The fact that within a two day time-span he’d managed to both admit to his biggest secret and tell Kyo he had more than just sexual feelings for him was something of a novelty. Die wasn’t exactly the king of relationships, but he seemed off to an honest start with Kyo at least. If what they had could even be called a relationship at this point.

Tonight though, he’d just requested the other’s presence, hoping he’d just show up at some point throughout the night. It wasn’t long before he got his wish, Kyo waltzing in, a smirk on his lips that Die couldn’t get over seeing there each and every time. “Hey, baby, miss me?”

Die smiled when the other came in, going over to him and settling down on the arm of the couch near him. "Of course I missed you. The real question is... did you miss me?"

Kyo looked up and grinned, reaching out to run a hand over Die's thigh. "Of course...."

He shifted slightly closer to him and leaned down, peering at the vocalist. "I um..." he stopped mid-sentence and pursed his lips a little and then leaned down toward him, pulling his blonde hair a little. "You know... you were so gorgeous on stage last night."

Kyo hummed softly, reaching out to try to tug Die into his lap, smirking. "Because I was thinking about you... and don't think I missed the little love affair you were having with your guitar. I almost wonder if I should be jealous."

Die chuckled softly and moved to nudge against the other's side. "Dude... I always have a love affair with my guitar. Sorry, but she's my first love and you've all known it for years."

Kyo laughed and hooked his arms around Die's waist, one hand stroking up and down the other's back. "I know...I guess it's a good thing I like to watch." He smiled slightly. "You don't know this but... I almost always come to watch you warm up... it's a guilty pleasure of mine I guess you could say."

Die turned his head to stare at the other, a look of shock on his face. "Wait... you're serious. You actually like to watch me play?" He pondered it for a moment. "Do I really make that epic of er... movements?"

Kyo smirked and nodded his head a bit. "I love watching you play. When I'm writing lyrics, I sometimes listen to your guitar to get into the mood." He looked up at Die, reaching out to run his hand over the other's leg. "And yes, your movements are quite epic, especially when you've gotten into it to the point that you don't even notice the crowd grabbing your pants and boots. I swear I could walk over and grope you and you wouldn't notice."

Die chewed his lip a little and then cracked a smile, leaning toward Kyo. "I have a secret. I do notice them grabbing at me... but I like it." He grinned at him and reached to pinch lightly at his jeans. "It's one of those things that... I dunno... let's say... it gets me off sometimes at night."

Kyo cackled and pulled Die closer, tilting his head to nip at the other's jaw teasingly. "Mm I see...I bet every one of them would cream their panties if they knew that." He laughed and pulled back to look at Die again. "So what else gets you off at night, sweetheart?"

He leaned in conspiratorially. "I bet it would get them off... and you know... the few that have ventured higher than maybe they should have... have found out just how much I actually like it." He shifted toward him. "I have lots of things that get me off at night... lots of terrible... horrible... dirty things."

He found himself licking his lips as Die leaned in and told him that he'd basically been felt up by a few fangirls, chuckling slightly. "Remind me to put a camera there next time. I'd love to see their reactions and yours...."

Die laughed, shaking his head. "Mmm... a camera would be perfect. The look on their face when they slid up, expecting flaccid Die and find," he gestured down, "this baby waiting on them... one of them almost fainted once. Only bad thing is... one of them told half the fucking fandom about it, too." He laughed. "At least she said I was big, though."

Kyo snorted and rolled his eyes, shaking his head. "At least they were nice about it." His eyes turned dark as he reached out and grasped Die's hips, murmuring softly. "Tell me the can't be any more horrible than my own."

Die slid off the arm of the couch and crowded into Kyo's area. "Mmm... well... let's see. I have... so many dirty things, I have no idea where to start. Let's see.... let's start small. I used to talk girls into wearing a strap-on for me and fuck the ever living shit out of me while I screamed like a girl."

Kyo grinned and let his hand stroke close to Die's crotch before pulling it away. "Mm you filthy boy...I love when you scream for me though I've yet to hear enough of it." He paused for a moment, shifting towards Die. "I doubt I could ever get tired of it..." He licked his lips. "So...what did those girls think?"

"They... well... honestly... some of them freaked out and the others did it with glee. The ones that freaked out weren't worth it." He wet his lips slightly and narrowed his eyes. "Lay it on me, Kyo... one of yours."

Kyo chuckled then bit his lip, considering. "Hmm...perhaps the most obvious. I like to bleed." He shifted and unbuttoned his shirt, trailing a finger over the numerous scars on his chest. "Some of these are not from the on-stage fits..."

Die shifted to reach and push his hand against his chest. "You thought no one noticed," he murmured, trailing a finger over his chest. "I noticed... and honestly, for a while, I thought that maybe you had an issue... in another way... but it never coincided with your... er... fits." He licked his lips and shrugged a bit.

Kyo made a soft sound as Die touched him, reaching up to cover his hand with his own. " worked both ways. A release of pain as well as pleasure." He looked up and fixed his eyes on the other's. "It's not really something I can explain in words...I'm sure you understand that."

Die's finger paused over the worst of the scars and he pursed his lips a little. "Mmm... I do understand that." He ran his hand over him again and then patted him a little. "Let's see... dirty number two... oh... wow... that sounds bad." He winced. "Not that. Definitely not that." He shook his head. "Uggh!"

Kyo nodded. "I figured you would..." When Die mentioned number two, he couldn't help but laugh, shaking his head. "No, not that...ever."

Die thought about it for a minute. "Well... you know one of my big sins. Piss play. So... down the list from there... well... um..." he looked a bit awkward. "I like strange... objects... in me."

Kyo nodded at the mention of watersports, smirking slightly. "Strange objects in you? As in...cucumbers or are we talking things like Shinya's drumsticks?"

Die winced and held up a finger. "Um... let's say... I know how that last one feels?" His cheeks heated up a bit.

Kyo had to clamp a hand over his mouth to keep from laughing too much. "Oh...I can just imagine the look on Shinya's face if he knew." He chuckled a bit more than finally stopped, a smirk still on his lips. "I think I could enjoy that one though..." he sat there for a minute then grinned. "Think my mic would fit up there?"

"Hey! I didn't give it back." He made an odd little face and then shook his head a little, laughing under his breath as the other asked about his mic. "Mmm... well... I'm pretty sure it would. But then it smells... like butt... so.... yeah. Maybe not the best idea for something that goes near your face."

Kyo laughed. "Yeah but it'd smell like your butt and maybe that's one of my fetishes...." He kept grinning to let the other know that he was joking. "...Maybe I just like the smell of fresh ass in the morning."

Die swatted at the other and made a choking sound before laughing. "Hunny... wow. I'll be sure to fart in your face next time we have sex then."

Kyo dodged Die's hand and laughed until his eyes were watering. "Hey... I said ass, not farts... that's a whole other ballgame!" He grinned then ran a hand over Die's leg. "Seriously though... I guess it's my turn so..." he thought about for a minute, humming to himself. "Well, I really like cumshots... both doing and receiving. In the face, on the ass, stomach, dick, wherever..."

Die let out a groan and reached to gently prod him. "Cumshot... that's fucking hot, Kyo," he muttered. Leaning in, "I'll be sure to surprise you with a few sometime."

Kyo smirked, licking his lips, shifting in his seat a bit. "I look forward to it. Your turn baby... got any more dirty secrets for me?"

"Let's see... I get off on semi-public displays. Like doing it in front of windows or pissing in an alley. Something I could get caught and slandered mercilessly for... but... god... I've done some dirty-ass stuff in public places."

Kyo's eyes darkened slightly. "I you with that. I like to jack off on the bus while the rest of y'all are still hanging out and drinking...except I do it right in the common area."

Die's jaw dropped and he let out a squeal of laughter, shaking his head. "Oh god.. tell me that night I kept asking if you had fleas that you were actually jacking off next to me?"

Kyo flushed the slightest bit and ran a hand through his hair. "Eh...yeah, actually...I was."

Die pumped his fist in the air and smirked. "Dude... I so knew it. I was just goading you with the flea thing because I just wanted you to admit it." He leaned his head back. "Mmm... wanna know my dirtiest event?"

Kyo snorted slightly, still a bit flushed. "Fine, I've admitted it." He let a slight smile play on his lips. "Yes, I really would like to know..."

He shifted and re-crossed his legs. "Well... so... you know during family values, how I kept disappearing at night? And some nights, the guys kept coming to look for me because I wasn't partying with them?"

Kyo thought back on a bit then nodded. "Yeah, I remember...but I never thought anything of it...I figured you were off with some chick or something."

Die started to chuckle, a sort of ominous sound for a moment before he calmed and then started to talk again. "So... well..." he leaned in in a conspiratory sort of manner, "I was doing stupid things with probably not so people. But the crowning glory was actually in like... I think it was Kentucky or something?"

Kyo raised an eyebrow, reaching up to tug a lock of the other's hair. "I'm sure you were..." He smirked a bit. "But go on..."

"It started with about seven... yeah... seven... beers, a couple shots of tequila, and well... um... a certain type of cigarette that isn't a cigarette." He paused and made a face. "Don't tell anyone about that part... yeah? I said I made some mistakes, that was one of them. But... well... right... story. I ended up in an alley, taking a piss. It took forever and by the time I was done, I was actually hard as a rock." He snorted a bit. "So I started to jerk off... in the alley... like a moron. I was almost done and this guy stumbles into the alley... with the same idea as me. And he ended up blowing me." He rolled his head to the side and held up a finger. "Wait on it." He waited for a moment and then dumped it, "Kaoru found us."

Kyo listened to Die's story, snorting softly. "You aren't the only one to ever do drugs..." He waved it off then listened to the rest, damn near choking on air when he mentioned Kaoru finding them. "Oh shit! Was that the night he was storming all over the bus and shit?"

Die wrinkled his nose. "Yeaaaaahhhh... that was my fault. He had no idea I was into being with guys and I guess it was too much of a shock for him. Aside from the fact that we were like a hundred feet from the parking lot..." he then held up a finger again. "Backtrack... that was the voice of experience. Give it to me."

Kyo shook his head. "Wow dude.... at least he was blowing you instead of the other way around..." He laughed slightly. "I think that might've shocked Kaoru more. Of course, he was probably jealous too. I think by that point, a few of us were pretty hard up..."

Die snorted and then shook his head. "Mmm... yeah, I know. I caught him more than once in a frantic match of dick and hand." He sniffed. "So... again... dude, you have to tell me. What was this on the drugs thing?"

Kyo chuckled. "I have too...he always acts super embarrassed too and I'm just like...we're both dudes, I get it." He shrugged then wrinkled his nose, running his hand absently over his chest. "Eh… well, you know back a few years when I was at my worst with the cutting and beating myself up on stage? Well, let's just say I wasn't in a very good place emotionally or mentally..."

Die shifted to lean on him. "Mmm... I can't say mine was anything other than stupid experimentation." He squeezed Kyo's thigh and then reached to cup his cheek gently. "Can I ask what it was... or is that too much?"

Kyo hummed softly, drawing Die closer. "At least you didn't get hooked." He contemplated telling Die then nodded. "It's not too least not with you." He took a breath and drew up the memories that were still painful. "You remember that one chick I dated for a while? That I actually let move in with me and shit?"

Die made a little face, not liking the sound of that. It also spoke of the voice of experience and he wasn't sure that was something he wanted to know just yet if it was still a problem. But he didn't say anything or give any hint of it, just nodding a bit. "Yeah... I do."

Kyo nodded slightly and continued. "Well... she basically broke me... in so many ways but I was blinded or something and kept letting her grind me into the ground like an insect." He stopped there, frowning as a grimace worked its way on his face. Finally, he shook his head. "I couldn't take it after a while... drugs numbed the pain. Eventually though, I managed to crawl out of that hole." He glanced at Die, then away. "If I hadn't, I probably wouldn't be here..."

Die draped his arm over him and pulled him close to him. "Baby... I know you were all over her... but she was a mega fucking bitch." He made a face and pushed his nose against Kyo's neck. "And she hated us all."

Kyo huffed softly, moving his hand to run through Die's hair. "I know...I mean, I didn't then...but I know now. She told me as much. She wanted me to quit because y'all were 'tearing us apart'." He snorted and turned his head to rest against the top of Die's. "That was part of what helped me come to my senses."

The guitarist shook his head a little and then kissed at his earlobe. He didn't know how to smoothly get away from the other's topic, so he just did it in a very Die-like manner. "But she's gone... and... so is the habit... right?"

Kyo's hand moved to rub Die's back, making a soft sound at the kiss to his earlobe. He chuckled lightly and nodded. "Yes, to both..." He sat there for a moment, enjoying the closeness, not having let anyone just be with him like this in a very long time. "So... any more dirty little fetishes? Feet? Latex? ...Tentacles?"

Die shifted even closer, his mouth against Kyo's skin. "Many more. Latex... is in fact, one of them. I love dressing in my old outfits... and doing dirty things in them." He chuckled. "Electro-stimulation... sounding..." he shrugged a bit.

Kyo raises an eyebrow and smirked slightly. "Mm really now? Electro-stimulation is something I've never tried, but have always been interested in. Sounding is... amazing when I'm in the mood and all I can think about now is dirtying up your old outfits..." He licked his lips and titled his head slightly, fingers toying with Die's hair.

Die let out a laugh and shook his head a little. "I do some of the worst things to those outfits... I've completely ruined some of them. Utterly and completely ruined." He hissed out slightly.

Kyo couldn't help the shiver that went down his spine or the heat that pooled in his abdomen at the very thought, his voice coming out slightly hoarse as he whispered. "Tell me..."

"You remember the black booty shorts and the knee pads? That outfit?" He watched Kyo for a reaction first.

Kyo nodded his head, leaning back to look at Die's face. "Yeah...?"

"Mmm... well... first I got all kinds of hard, smeared the inside with pre-cum... and worked myself up until I jizzed myself... in the pants." He paused and held up a finger. "Did you know it's hard to get that out of PVC?" He shrugged. "But lube and worse...massage oil... yeah... not great to get out of it."

Kyo coughed slightly, shifting his hips as the mental image of Die in that outfit worked its way into his brain. "Damn....very...dirty."

Die arched an eyebrow at him and then chuckled. "Mmm... so... really... you like sounding?"

Kyo nodded, running his hand up Die's thigh. "'s an intense feeling...I haven't done it much though, just a few times."

"What did you use? Actual rods or just random... things?" He leaned in conspiratorially. "I like it both ways."

Kyo smirked. "I bet you do....actual rods though. I didn't want to fuck anything up by using something least not until I knew my limits."

Die smirked. "Wow... well... I guess we play by different rules, don't we? The ability to get the real ones because money's not an issue." He reached to trail a finger over Kyo's zipper, licking his lips a little and then flicking the zipper.

Kyo nodded then let out a soft groan as Die's finger moved over his zipper, putting pressure on the steadily growing bulge underneath. "What sort of random things do you use...?"

"Let's see... mmm... The back of a knitting needle... not the pointy end. Remember that metal pen set that Kaoru got us all like... years ago? Yeeeaaahhh... stopped using that as a pen about ten days after he gave it to us."

Kyo raised his eyebrow and groaned again, the thought only making his pants tighter. "You'll have to show me sometime... I'd love to watch you get yourself off with that..."

Die chuckled. "Let's see... what else. The back of a fork... with the plastic bit, a little bulbous on the end. A straw once... don't do that, it scratches and then it burns when you pee." He winced.

Kyo wrinkled his nose. "Ouch… yeah... I've gotten a little too enthusiastic before and it burned for a fucking week. Shinya thought I had some STD or something because he saw me wincing at the urinal."

Die laughed and shook his head. "Dude... it burns like it, I swear it does." He made another face and then shied away from Kyo. "Er... I mean... ah shit."

Kyo didn't even blink, just rubbing Die's leg lightly. "....which one?"

Die made a little face. "Gonorrhea. And I know exactly where I got it." He held up a finger. "And, even worse, I passed it on to three people before I knew."

Kyo winced slightly and shook his head. "Glad you didn't give it to me. I've had jock itch and that shit was bad enough. I have been lucky in that department though."

Die ducked his head. "It was years ago. Not any danger of giving it to you... I didn't even know I liked men back then, hell didn’t even know it myself." He sniffed. "But ever since then I've been so fucking paranoid... I actually go and get tested, even when I'm not sexually active."

Kyo nodded, reaching out pet Die's hair as a way of reassurance, to let him know that he understood and it was okay. He wanted to change the subject so he decided on something that he'd been curious about anyway. "So when did you figure out you were into men?"

Die looked relieved to stop talking about his run in with STDs. He screwed up his nose a little and then dared to shift back toward Kyo again, hoping he wasn't some kind of contaminated, disgusting lump now. "Mmm... well," he murmured softly, "probably like... 2006?"

Kyo tugged Die a bit closer, turning his head to nuzzle at his neck. "Mm...that long ago?"

He nodded. "Yeah... that long ago. And the other thing was like 1999... just... so you know... it's.... been gone for a long time."

Kyo chuckled softly and shook his head before moving and shutting Die up with his lips pressed against his. "It's fine, Die. Relax. Even if you had AIDS or something...I'd still want to be with you. Okay?"

Die swallowed a bit and then sighed, flushing slightly. "It's just... it's not my proud moment." He sighed and rubbed a hand through his hair. "You're..." he glanced at him again, "really sweet, to be so accepting."

Kyo smiled slightly and leaned into Die's touch. "I understand...but I also understand that you were and are a rockstar and that it can get pretty crazy with chicks and dudes fawning over you. Hell, all of us have taken advantage of it... just some of us more than others." He laughed lightly and tugged Die's hair.

Die made a little face and leaned toward the tug on his hair. "Yeah... well... truth be told... me and Toshiya had a running tab. ... And he won." He shuddered a little and flopped his head back against the other's couch. "You're telling me though... that you had some rockstar moments?"

Kyo had to laugh at that last statement. "Toshiya won? And here I thought it would've been you Mr. Lobster." He smirked then nodded. "Yup, I had a few... especially right when we were getting big."

Die snorted. "Hunny... his list was eons longer than mine." He pursed his lips a little and then nudged him. "Tell me this... can you still count how many people you've been with in your life?"

Kyo snorted. "I didn't know he was such a slut..." He laughed then hummed, thinking about it for a minute. "Well... uhm... not counting a few that I'm sure I don't remember... probably about twenty or so? Give or take."

"Mmm... I'm glad one of us can still count it. No idea about Kaoru, but Shinya has had enough girls to fill a fucking train." He flopped his head around on the couch again. "I... refuse to try to count. Not gonna work."

He laughed. "Kaoru's either a stud and has had more girls than you and Toshiya combined, or he's stuck in the closet." He watched Die flop around and huffed, shifting his position to lie down and yank Die on top of him.

Die yelped slightly and then just sort of rested on Kyo, his hands framing the other's face. "You know... you're... an amazing person." He smiled softly at him.

Kyo flushed and glanced up at Die, leaning up to peck his lips. "You're delusional."

"Maybe so." He pushed his nose against his cheek. "You accept my past... like it's nothing. Even my mistakes. You don't make me feel like trash... and we've discussed so much shit."

Kyo moved his hands to run over Die's back, humming softly. "I accept your past because you accept me and all of my... baggage. Even before..."
He cocked his head slightly. "I always felt like... I could trust you."

Die smiled softly at him. "I've always accepted you and everything about you, Kyo."

Kyo just stared up at Die, smiling slightly. "Even when I'm incredibly anti-social and won't speak to anyone for weeks on end?"

"Even then... though I don't promise to not silently blow you when you go crabby-Kyo on us."

Kyo laughed. "You can silently blow me whenever you want baby..." He narrowed his eyes slightly. "...I wouldn't even care if you blew me on stage..."

Die arched an eyebrow. "Last concert we ever have. You're on. They'll all shit themselves and then I can turn around and scream Yes, we are all fucking gay for one another. All these years, fuckers! and you'll blow your load all over my face, right in front of them."

Kyo chuckled and grinned widely. "Alright, it's a deal... if, of course, I can still get it up by our last show."

Die snorted. "Please. Kyo penis will rise to the occasion always... it'd never leave a concert un-bonered."

Kyo let out his own snort. "You're probably right..." He looked up at Die. "Next show though... after... your ass or mouth, whichever comes first... is mine."

Die let out a growl, purposely pawing at Kyo and smirking. "Mmm... I love it... do it. And surprise me."

Kyo groaned softly and licked his lips. "I will... you don't know how many times I've come so close to dragging you into the nearest empty place backstage."

Die grabbed his shirt and pulled him close. "Damn right you're gonna drag me off. Just yank me into a corner and make me scream."

He shuddered and tugged Die's hair slightly. "Shove you against the wall... fuck you raw."

"Raw... maybe not raw." He smirked. "Lube would be great. Just a head's up."

Kyo snorted. "You'll take it however I give it to you...."

"Hey, I'd rather walk after, if you wouldn't mind. I'll walk crooked all you want. But not lubed hurts, man."

Kyo narrowed his eyes for a moment then grinned. "As long as your ass is limping back to the bus... fine."

He pinched Kyo's cheek and then chuckled softly. "I'll pay you back for it... I'll make you limp, you little harasser."

Kyo moved his head away, wrinkling his nose. "You could you know...." He coughed slightly. "It goes along with getting off on pain..."

"Ooohhhh-ho-ho-ho!" He shifted enough to yank the other under him and ground down against him. "Baby likes it rough?"

Kyo let out an, "Omph" at being flipped over then growled, arching his hips up. "Yes. When I bottom....I want it to hurt..."

He bucked his hips against the other, already feeling himself shamelessly getting hard. He let out a groan and moved down to hiss in his ear. "Oh... I can make it hurt, baby."

Kyo moaned lowly as his cock throbbed, his hands moving to grab and squeeze Die's ass roughly, his voice coming out in a growl. "Is that a promise?"

He moved to grab Kyo's hair, yanking it back and the then licking down his neck with a groan. "You... have nooo idea how much of a fucking promise it is."

He hissed and jerked his hips up, one hand moving to tangle in Die's hair. "Fuck, Die..."

Die eyeballed the coffee table for a moment and then grabbed the other and pretty much tossed him on the table in a rather unceremonious sort of manner. "Get your fucking pants off, bitch."

Kyo's eyes popped open and he groaned when he hit the table, a shiver going through him as he hesitated for about two seconds before doing what Die said and yanking his pants off, tossing them aside as he sat back on his elbows and stared at Die.

Die glowered at Kyo for a moment and then reached down to undo his zipper, letting his dick hang out. He reached to start to stroke himself and licked his lips a little, peering down at the other. "Make yourself hard."

Kyo groaned softly and trailed his hands down his chest, over his stomach and finally to his dick, wrapping his fingers around it and stroking lightly. It wouldn't take much to get him fully hard as he was already halfway there.

His eyes narrowed on the other's body, watching as he stroked himself. His own dick swelled in his hand, mostly from the sight of Kyo doing such things to himself. He wasn't sure how much he could wreck the other, but he was certainly going to try.

Kyo shifted on the table and licked his lips, dropping his hand to grasp his sac, squeezing it and rolling it in his palm before moving further back to brush over his entrance then returned to stroking his dick, his other hand going to tug harshly at a nipple.

Die let out a strangled sort of sound at the other's actions, letting go of his dick and immediately yanking Kyo toward the end of the table by his ankles. He smirked a little and leaned over him. "I love your dirty little ass."

Kyo let out a moan and instantly spread his legs more for Die, showing him everything he had to offer. "Then do something with it..."

He yanked the other's legs slightly and then slid between his thighs, leaning down to nuzzle at his neck. "You're the most amazing..." he let out a growl and then licked his hand and rubbed over his dick before pushing against his entrance.

Kyo brought his hand up to tangle in Die's hair, groaning lowly as he felt his dick pressing against him, spreading his legs more and pushing back, his hand griping the edge of the table hard as Die slipped in a bit "Hnng..."

He honestly couldn't believe he was doing this to Kyo, but it was happening. Right then and right there. He shivered a little and pushed in a bit more with a grunt. "Oh god... so fucking tight," he murmured.

Kyo hissed at the pain but his cock was throbbing, already leaking pre-cum as he forced his body to relax to let Die in. "Die...fuck...more." He shifted and tugged Die down, kissing him almost desperately.

Die pushed in as far as he could get without feeling like he was going to rip Kyo in half. He pursed his lips a little and bowed his head. "God... Kyo... oh god."

Kyo shuddered under Die, his body burning but at the same time it felt so damn good. "Fuck me, Die..." He rolled his hips up, moving against Die with a moan, pleasure and pain going through him.

He reached to grab the other's hips, holding him pinned against the table and starting to slam into his body, trying not to be afraid to force the issue and do it as hard as he could.

As Die started slamming into him, he let out a scream, hands moving to cling to Die's shoulders, his nails digging in. "Oh..FUCK!"

The sound of the other's scream set him off and he started to huff as he slammed into him. "Oh god," he whimpered out, shoving in so hard that the other was bouncing on the table.

Kyo bucked his hips up against Die's, panting harshly as he felt himself shifting on the table. He moved one hand to drag down Die's as he wrapped his legs around the other's waist, another inhuman cry spilling from his lips as the new angle caused Die to brush over his prostate.

"Oh fuck, baby, right there," he hissed out and then groaned as the table started to protest over and over.

Kyo snapped his hips up hard once more then screamed as his vision went white, his cock erupting between them in huge spurts, painting both their abdomens, his body clenching tight around Die as he came.

Die watched as Kyo started to cum, moaning as he continued to slam into him, making sure his nails would dig into the other's hips.

Kyo arched under Die as he came harder than he had in a long time, collapsing back against the table, not even caring as he heard wood splintering. "Die!"

Die shoved in and stilled, realizing at the very last moment that he'd forgone the condom. With a sort of shocked cry, he pulled out, spurting his cum out over the table and Kyo's thigh, whimpering slightly, his head bowed.

Kyo lay there groaning softly, a smirk playing on his lips as Die cum hit his thigh, reaching down to trail his fingers through the mess. "....God..."

Die let out another little huff and then shuddered a bit, realizing he had Kyo's blood on his fingers. He sniffed a bit and shuddered again. "Jesus Kyo... I think I broke us... and your table."

Kyo glanced down and shifted a bit to sit up, letting out a hiss as pain shot up his back. He kept moving anyway, dipping his hand down to brush over himself, pulling it back and looking at the blood with a laugh. "I think you may be right...but..." He shifted and tugged Die down, kissing him hard. "It was worth it..."

Die whimpered softly as he was yanked in and kissed. He blushed a bit and then chuckled. "Come on... let's get you in the shower now that I've... defiled you."

He laughed and finally stood up, groaning slightly as he wobbled towards the bathroom, dragging Die along. "I don't mind being long as it's you." He smirked and pulled the other into the shower, leaning against the wall as the water heated up.

Die somehow managed to get his clothing off in the transition of getting from the living room to bathroom. He slipped in after him and then came to push himself gently against him. "You'll be limping for a while... and that was just rough..."

Kyo chuckled and looped his arms around Die's waist, nuzzling his neck. "Mhm... but I'll survive. At least we're not doing anything right now."

He smiled and ran his hand over Kyo's sides. "Yeah... good thing... for once."

Kyo hummed and turned them so the water would spray on them. "Mhm... the break won't be long though. Management will be up our asses about something or another soon enough."

Die grunted against his mouth and then shivered a little. "Truth be told... they're already bothering me. I ignore them."

Kyo nibbled Die's mouth and wrinkled his nose. "Ugh... I'm sorry baby... want me to go piss on their shoes?"

Die chuckled. "Mmm... delightful image, but I think they might like you even less if you did. Maybe not the best idea."

Kyo huffed and grabbed some soap, starting to rub it over Die's body. "Like I care... they think I'm psycho anyway..."

"Indeed, they do. But you know what... I love the general idea of it. They get all worked up and I love how you just stare them down." He pulled him close and rubbed his hand through his hair. "You're my sexy little psychopath."

Kyo chuckled, rubbing the soap up and down Die's back and over his ass. "Mm I'll be your sexy little anything you want..." He grinned and leaned up to peck Die's lips.

"Mmm... sexy little psychopath... I like the sound of it." He leaned in closer to the other, grinding a bit against his leg.

Kyo smirked, dipping his hands lower and trailing a soapy finger along Die's crack. "You do, do you?" He pushed his leg against Die's crotch, leaning in to murmur against his ear. "I could be psycho all over you...."

Die let out a groan and then shivered slightly. "Baby... please do go all psycho on me."

Kyo slicked his soapy hand up and down Die's crack a few times then turned him and finished washing him, paying extra, slow attention to his dick and balls before grabbing the spray and rinsing Die. He very quickly gave himself a wash then smirked at Die with an evil grin. "Bend over..."

Die yelped a little, but allowed Kyo to just go about washing him, whimpering a little. When he told him to bend over, he murmured softly, "Something besides the soap... soap burns like a bitch... trust me."

Kyo snorted. "I wouldn't use soap baby..." He smirked and knelt behind Die, spreading him open and running his thumb over his entrance before cackling slightly and replacing the digit with his tongue, running it the length of Die's crack.

Die's eyes widened and he gasped, gripping the ledge of the shower. "O-oh!" He blushed slightly. "I, oh, no one has ever... ah!"

Kyo hummed softly and spread Die open more, pressing his tongue against the puckered skin. "I've always wanted to..." he went back to lapping at Die's entrance then started pushing his tongue in past the ring of muscle, groaning softly.

Die pushed against the wall, whimpering softly and closing his eyes, his hips tilted back and his body warmed from the core with what Kyo was doing. He made an incoherent noise, surprised by how much he wanted this already, not having been this stupidly horny so many times in a row with past lovers.

Kyo slid a hand around to wrap around Die's dick as he wriggled his tongue as best he could inside him then paused and worked his finger alongside it, moving it in and out. "Mmm..."

Die let out a huff, his dick already hard when Kyo moved to start fondling him. He pushed back toward him and shuddered. "Oh fuck, dude... jesus FUCK."

Kyo groaned at Die's reaction, finally pulling back and spitting as much as he could on his hand before rubbing it over his own aching cock then pressing the head against Die's entrance, slowly pushing into him so as not to hurt him. "Ungh...Die..."

Die straightened up a bit to press against the wall a bit more and get more leverage. "Nggh," he replied as the other started to push in, his own dick flexing slightly.

Kyo leaned in and nipped at Die's shoulder before murmuring softly. "Can you handle it baby?"

He nodded, panting quietly, his eyes closed for the time being, not wanting to give himself too much to think about right then, trying to concentrate on not clenching up.

Kyo thrust into Die all the way, letting out a deep groan as the other's body sheathed him in tight heat. "Oh God...." He kept still for a moment, stroking the other's cock to distract him from any pain that there may have been. After a moment, he began moving his hips, one hand coming up to rest on the wall of the shower, his mouth attaching to Die's neck.

Die let out a grunt and reached back, pulling Kyo closer to himself and just hanging on for the proverbial ride. When the other started attacking his neck, he bucked a little, whimpering. The thought of Kyo leaving a mark just made him hot inside.

Kyo growled when Die reached back to pull him closer, his teeth digging into the skin of his neck a little roughly as he bucked up into him, the pain from earlier only serving to turn him on more.

Die let out a sharp cry, shocked mostly because he'd only ever let one other person mark him up. He let out a whine just after and reached down to start frantically jerking at his own cock.

Kyo shifted a bit and slid his hand up Die's chest, scratching the skin as his thrusts became more frantic. He moaned and lifted his head, licking at the mark he'd made then moved and bit into the back of Die's shoulder, getting rougher the closer he got to his peak.

"Jesus, Kyo!" He grabbed the wall as best he could, his fingers going white on the ledge, his fist pumping desperately over his cock. He was sure he looked the part of the madman right then. "Oh god!"

Kyo let out another growl as he grabbed Die's hips, bucking into him as hard as he could in the position they were in, panting. "Die...God..." Without much warning, Kyo suddenly came, crying out as he began filling Die, shuddering at the feel of it without a condom in place. "Oh...hnng"

Die let out a string of curses while the other started to cum inside him. He whimpered softly and ducked his head a little, jerking faster at his dick, just on the verge, but not quite there.

Kyo groaned and leaned against Die for a second before reaching around and cupping his balls, squeezing them a bit tightly, his other hand going to his nipple and tugging it. "What can I do to make you cum all over my shower wall baby? Tell you how fucking gorgeous your ass looks right now with my jizz dripping out of it? How I want to bend down there and lap it up?" He let go of Die's balls and did just that, bending down and pushing his tongue into Die's ass, groaning.

Die started to respond with how he thought that licking it out would actually be a grand idea to make him jizz himself into next Sunday. But a moment later, Kyo was just acting on it and Die's hand stilled for a moment before he jerked harshly a few times, splattering his cum out over the wall with some rather throaty moans.

Kyo moaned softly as Die came, continuing to lap at his ass then standing up and leaning against his back, his hands on the shower wall to support himself, his mouth moving to tenderly kiss the dark red marks on Die's shoulder and neck. "God listening to you cum could get me hard again..."

Die let out a breathless little chuckle and then licked his lips slightly. "Mm... I'll remember that," he murmured, peering back toward him with an odd little unreadable look.

Kyo raised his head to look up at Die, brow furrowing slightly at the look in his eyes then just leaned forward to kiss the corner of his mouth since it was all he could reach in that position.

Die blinked, snapping out of it and sniffed a bit. "Aghh,.. sorry, I... uh... zoned out." He shifted a bit and reached to run his hand through his hair. "That... was sexy as shit."

Kyo laughed softly and moved to stand in front of Die, bringing his arms up around his neck. "Mhm... it was..." He hesitated for a moment then licked his lips. "We didn't use condoms... you know what that means right?"

Die peered at him and then gave him a questioning look. "Um... that you came inside me?" he asked looking confused.

Kyo grinned. "Why yes, yes I did…." He laughed and pulled Die closer. "Baby, don't look so serious... I can almost see what you're thinking and your worries are all unfounded." He leaned up and kissed Die softly.

Die gave him a questioning look, a bit confused by the direction of Kyo's thoughts. But it occurred to him that really, it was better for him if Kyo thought he was worried about that, rather than what he'd actually been thinking about. "Oh... um... I actually wasn't worried about it. Kyo, you're far less of a slut than I am." He gave him a flushed little look.

Kyo blinked slightly then nodded, just pulling Die close for a moment before huffing. "The water's gone cold."

He glanced at the shower and then shifted under the stream again, reaching back to wash himself off and then stroking his dick a bit to wash it as well. He glanced at Kyo and then at the water and then toward the rest of the bathroom. "Gotta pee... do you mind or should I wait until I'm out there?"

Kyo watched Die rinse himself, moving to do the same, thankful it wasn't entirely cold yet. At the question, he let out an amused huff and shook his head. "Go ahead... I do it all the damn time."

Die gave him a little look that clearly said he thought that was hot. He shifted a little and decided he could pee on the wall and then just wash it off after a moment. He pushed his hips toward the wall and started to go with a soft groan.

Kyo flat out stared at Die as he peed, smirking a bit as he stepped up beside him and in a moment, joined him in relieving himself, letting their streams mix.

Die groaned faintly, watching Kyo as he started to pee as well. He knew Kyo was doing it on purpose, watching him and everything just because he could push his buttons with it. But honestly, he didn't mind. These buttons he could allow to be pushed all he wanted.

Kyo finished up and turned to let the water wash the remaining droplets away. "Die... any time you want to watch or whatever... you can. I won't care."

He finished up as well, and then turned the shower head to wash the wall where he'd been urinating. With a soft chuckle, he leaned to kiss the corner of Kyo's mouth. "You make all of my fantasies come true, baby."

Kyo grinned, turning the water off and reaching out to grab a towel, wrapping it around Die, trapping him with it as he brought him close. "You have no idea how many of those fantasies we share, sweetheart... and more." He peered at Die for a moment then stepped back slightly, a soft smile on his lips as he turned to get another towel for himself.

Die peered at him and then smiled softly. "Wow," he murmured softly. "We should make an agreement to tell each other when we're sharing fantasies... don't you think?" he asked softly.

Kyo chuckled and nodded. "I think so..." He patted himself dry then turned to look at Die again. "You can sleep in a pair of my shorts if you want... by the way. know...nothing...."

Die snatched a towel and started to dry off, passing him by and whispering as he did, "I'll go with naked... but I want your sexy ass out on display all night, too. Just... you know... so you know." He pranced off toward the bedroom, something warm boiling inside and he felt like he was something special to get to spend the night with Kyo.

Kyo snorted, followed Die out into the bedroom, dropping his towel after scrubbing it over his hair. "I was planning to have my ass out on display... just for you." He grinned and bent over the bed, wiggling his butt in Die's general direction.

Die popped up off the bed and came to smack Kyo's ass, making sure to leave a hand print behind and then went back to the bed, smirking and plopping on it, rolling to move the covers around and get under them.

Kyo let out a playful growl, feeling oddly giddy as he went about getting ready for bed, running to the front to make sure the door was locked then coming back and flicking out the light before crawling into bed with Die, immediately shifting close to him, an arm draped around his chest. "Mmm it feels amazing to have someone next to me in bed again."

Die rolled toward him and then reached to touch his cheek, biting his lip a little and then huffing out a soft sigh against them. "Mmm..." he murmured softly, "it does. I haven't been next to someone at night... for a long time." He leaned in and closed his eyes, resting forehead against forehead. "I... I miss it."

Kyo nodded and nuzzled his nose against Die's. "Well... uhm... you don't have to anymore."

He leaned in and kissed him for a long moment before he murmured softly, "I... thank you."

Kyo curled his fingers in Die's hair and kissed him back, turning his head to nuzzle into Die's neck, lightly kissing the mark he’d made there earlier. "You're more than welcome."

Die closed his eyes and then settled in, licking his lips a little and smiling softly. "Goodnight, Kyo. Just... promise you'll still be here when I wake up."

Kyo hummed and nodded, reaching down to tug the blanket up over them. "I will be. I promise you that."

Die slid his hand over to grasp Kyo's, squeezing it and closing his eyes, settling to go to sleep.

To Be Continued
Chapter 2

Chapter Text

Kyo woke up several hours later and looked up at a sleeping Die. Smiling to himself, he stretched slightly and hissed out a groan at the various aches making themselves known. With a shrug, he shifted a bit and started kissing at Die's jawline.

Die stirred to wakefulness at the feeling of a warm body squirming against his own. He let out a soft groan and pried one eye open, peering up at the familiar face. It sank in rather quickly about the night before and he shivered, reaching to run his hands over Kyo's sides. "Hey, gorgeous."

Kyo hummed and leaned in to peck Die's lips. "Mornin' baby... what's for breakfast?" He smirked and tweaked Die's stomach lightly before letting his hand wander over the other's side and along his hip.

Die let out a little groan and then yawned a bit, his hand coming to cover his mouth a little. He whimpered softly and then reached to rub his hand over Kyo's backside. "Cum?" he asked softly.

Kyo smirked and shifted toward Die, pressing his obvious morning wood against his thigh. "Sounds good to me... but... I have to piss." He grinned as his hips pressed a little more against the other's leg.

Die chuckled softly. "I have to, too. It's... a morning thing." He squirmed a little and then nipped at Kyo's ear, tugging on one earring before he pushed the blankets out of the way and tumbled out of bed. "Come on... bathroom," he paused and quirked an eyebrow at Kyo, "or... balcony."

Kyo nodded. "Generally is." He groaned a bit then looked towards the balcony, grinning wider. "Out there..." He crawled out of bed, wincing slightly as he stood up then moved over to Die, wrapping his arms around him from behind and kissing what turned out to be quite the hickey on his shoulder. "Mmm... love seeing my mark on you."

Die laughed. "Dirty bastard." He reached back to ruffle his hair slightly and then headed toward the balcony, slipping outside and shivering a little at the cool blast of air. He toed the chair out of the way and smirked slightly. "Furthest?"

Kyo chuckled. "You like me that way and you know it..." He followed Die onto the balcony and stood beside him, smirking. "I was just gonna piss on your leg… but okay."

"Hey, I'm not a hydrant!" He laughed and shook his head, standing by the other and taking his dick in hand. He gave the other a dirty look and then did his best to get it as far as possible, the sound of it quite loud against the concrete.

Kyo laughed then grasped his own dick, planting his feet apart and letting go, pushing it as far as he could, hoping like hell that someone didn't decide to take a walk right then. "I think I've got you beat...."

Die made a whining sound and then laughed. "Bastard. Your dick is longer when it's not hard!" He made a face and then shook his head, just finishing taking his morning piss, nudging Kyo with his hip while he continued.

Kyo sniggered, leaning towards the other a bit. "Penis envy, baby?" He grinned and finished up finally, shaking the last few drops off then just standing there, peering out over the balcony rail.

"Who wouldn't envy that gorgeous thing?" he made a little fake 'gasp' face and then shook his head a little as he finished up as well. He grabbed Kyo's hand and then pulled him with him back inside. "Quick, before someone wonders why it's raining."

Kyo just smirked, his ego well-fluffed now. "You could worship my gorgeous thing with your gorgeous mouth..." He followed Die back inside, shutting the door.

He pulled Kyo close to him and then let out a soft groan. "I could... and I will." He pushed him down the hall back toward the bedroom. "On the bed so I can properly suck the hell out of it!"

Kyo groaned softly, stealing a quick kiss before moving back into the bedroom, climbing onto the bed and laying on his back, his cock already half-hard. "Mm, come here then and suck the hell out of it, Die."

He bounced on the bed and crawled up toward him, smirking as he leaned down and started to lick the other's dick from tip to base and then back up.

Kyo watched Die bounce onto the bed then moaned loudly when his tongue touched his dick. "'re such a sexy cock sucker."

Die peered up at him and then laughed softly before he just leaned down and engulfed the entire thing in his mouth, moaning around it. He could already feel himself getting hard from what he was doing.

Kyo groaned and propped himself up on his elbows to watch Die, rolling his hips a bit but not too much, he didn't want to choke him...this time. ""

He reached to push down on the other's hips and then reached around to grab his ass, a little on the rough side. He made a strangled sort of noise around Kyo's dick, peering up at him. "Nnngghhh!"

Kyo growled and moved one of his hands to thread through Die's hair, giving it a slight yank, his cock throbbing against the other's lips.

Die popped up a few moments later and then licked his lips, sniffing slightly and then giving him a hopeful look. "Return the favor and then fuck the hell out of me?"

Kyo grinned and sat up, pulling Die to him. "Mm… gladly." He pushed Die down and moved between his legs, glancing up at the other as ran his tongue over the tip of his cock, slowly swirling it around.

Die flopped over backwards and then propped himself back up after a moment and peered at what Kyo was doing. He shuddered a bit and then reached to put his hand on the back of the other's head. He didn't push though, he just put his hand there more for effect.

Kyo smirked slightly then dropped his head all the way down, taking Die's full length, dragging his tongue along the underside as best as he could with a mouthful of dick. "Mmngh"

Die let out a strangled sound and then whimpered softly. "Oh god... you... oh Jesus, throat of... god!"

Kyo smirked around Die's length, swallowing around him a couple of times before beginning to bob his head up and down, making sure to thrust his tongue into the slit a few times.

Die started to whine each time the other dipped his tongue into his slit, enjoying that quite a bit. He whimpered softly and bucked up toward him, gasping a second later as he damn near shoved his dick down Kyo's throat and then struggled to back off. "Oh fuck I'm sorry!"

Kyo winced on the slightest bit, looking up at Die as he swallowed around him then pulled off, licking his lips with a slight grin. "Fuck Die... if I'd known you were that turned on..." He reached down and ran his thumb over the tip of Die's dick before dipping his head back down and repeating the motion with his tongue, teasing more than anything now.

Die grit his teeth, flushing slightly. "I'm sorry... I... ah!" He had to struggle even more trying not to buck his hips, whimpering a little.

Kyo finally sat back and smirked at Die. "Stop apologizing... I think it's fucking hot when you lose control. Now come here and lose it on my cock." He shifted and laid back onto his back, reaching into the nightstand to pull out some lube.

Die moved toward him and then reached for the lube, taking it from him and then poured some on his fingers, rubbing it around. "I'm not so sure I'll ever stop losing control around you." He leaned down and licked over one nipple while he started to lube up Kyo's cock.

Kyo groaned softly, his hips jerking slightly when Die touched him. "Mm... good..." He ran his hand down Die's back, arching against the lick to his nipple, another soft groan spilling from his lips.

Die shuddered slightly and then shifted over him, spreading his legs and settling down on the other, slowly starting to push him into his body. "Shit," he hissed out, wincing as he tried to just take him without any prep.

Kyo reached up and grabbed Die's hips, moaning lowly as he slid onto him, his hips rolling up, pushing in the rest of the way. "Oh… God. Die! You feel so damn good wrapped around my cock." He reached up and ran his hands over Die's chest then settled them back on his hips, slowly pushing up into him.

Die whined softly as Kyo sank into him. He felt like he was on cloud nine and he shuddered slightly, closing his eyes and huffing out a breath. "Fuck. Oh... oh Kyo!"

Kyo groaned softly, reaching up to tug Die down to him, wrapping his arms around his back and bucking into him slowly. "Hnng...Die!"

Die let out a whine and pushed his thighs tight against the other's sides as he started to move in tandem with the other.

He turned his head and found Die's lips with his own, kissing him deeply as they moved together, moaning lowly.

Die curled his arms around the other's torso and nuzzled against him for a moment before the other initiated the kiss. He smiled into it and kissed him back, still moving with him.

Kyo ran his hands down Die's back and over the swell of his ass, grabbing a handful of cheek and holding on as he moved a bit faster. He pulled back from the kiss just enough to smile and murmur against Die's lips. "Perfection..."

Die's eyes widened as the other grabbed his ass and squeezed. He liked that, given that he really didn't have much of an ass to speak of. He chuckled a little breathlessly and huffed a bit.

Kyo grinned and nipped Die's bottom lip, letting go of his ass in favor of taking hold of narrow hips instead, rolling his own steadily upward, pushing into Die's body.

Die opened his mouth and huffed out, "I… l-" and then just ended it in a huffing breath, whimpering a bit, realizing he kept on doing this and he couldn't even begin to be dumb enough to say it. "I love this!" There, that was a good cover, right?

Kyo hummed softly, nuzzling Die's neck. "I'm glad." He chuckled lightly then grabbed Die more firmly, rolling them over so that he was hovering above him and pushed one of Die's legs up against his chest, thrusting into him at the different angle.

Die yelped a little when Kyo rolled them over and then whined softly, closing his eyes and arching toward Kyo as he started to thrust into him at this new - and quite effective - angle.

Kyo smirked at Die's reactions, loving the little sounds he made. He leaned down on one hand and brought the other between them, brushing over Die's length softly, just teasing him for now. "I could wake up like this every morning...."

"Me, too," he whispered out, feeling like he was going to cry from the feeling of Kyo's words sinking into him, but he had his eyes closed and they weren't leaking, so he had no problems to worry about, just floating on the words he knew probably meant more to him than they should.

Kyo groaned softly, leaning down to nuzzle Die's neck, rolling his hips, running his fingers through Die's hair and just connecting with him. "Hnng..."

Die shifted a little, wrangling one leg over Kyo and then rolling them over again so he was on top once more. He pushed himself down and then started to move up and down on his dick, pressing his face against the other's neck and moaned softly.

Kyo huffed out a laugh when Die flipped them once again, reaching up to grasp his hips, drawing his knees up to buck into the other's body, one hand sliding up his spine to tangle in his hair. "Dai~ God..."

"Kyo," he huffed out, moving down against him, their bodies meeting in a way that Die was honestly finding it a bit difficult to grasp how much it was meaning to him. He buried his face against Kyo's neck more solidly, not wanting his confused look to register even remotely during this, honestly amazing, sex.

Kyo wrapped his arms around Die, holding him tightly against his body as he tilted his head, letting out a soft sound. He felt like he could probably do this all day, just not even worry about cumming, instead just stay connected to the other, something about it sinking right into his soul.

Die moved in a way that had nothing to do with building toward release and more just continuing to move with one another. He let out a quiet little sigh against his neck and nuzzled a little.

Kyo shifted slightly and kissed the top of Die's head, hands travelling up and down his back lightly, almost forgetting to keep to moving. "Mmnn..."

Die kept them moving, just a shift of his hips every few seconds. He moaned softly and then let out Kyo's name again in the softest manner possible. "I..." he closed his eyes and pressed his lips to Kyo's collar bone, not wanting to say anything stupid.

Kyo finally pulled back and brought his hand to Die's face, tilting it up so he could kiss him softly, humming against his lips, thumb caressing his cheek even as he rolled his hips, pushing deeper into Die.

He let out a soft whine and pushed down harder on him, gasping as he hit his prostate with the other's cock. He spread his legs a little more and continued to press against the area, whimpering softly each time.

Kyo groaned and slid a hand between them, wrapping it around Die's length, stroking him as he pushed up into him, helping him hit that spot again. "You're gorgeous like this..."

Die's breath huffed out between them, his eyes slightly glassy. He whimpered again at the other's words. "I... oh god.. Kyo... you... ah!"

Kyo almost chuckled at the way Die's words came out, shaking his head and shutting him up with another deep kiss, jerking his hips more, groaning into the kiss.

Despite the emotional turmoil still rampant in Die's mind, he moved with Kyo, getting a bit more aggressive as his dick decided to take over the action, spurring him into meeting Kyo's thrusts as harshly as he could, achingly hard in Kyo's hand.

Kyo leaned up and bit Die's neck, moaning against it as he started slamming his hips upward, desperation taking over though the emotional was still driving him. "Dai~suke! Hnng!!"

Die didn't miss the way his name was said. He whined softly and shoved down a few more times before he gasped out the other's name as he started to cum. "O-oh god!"

Kyo shuddered as he felt Die cumming, spilling over his hand. He snapped his hips up a few more times then joined him in falling over the edge, another moan of the other's name spilling from his lips as he filled him. "Ah~!!"

The guitarist whined a little and stuffed his face against the other's neck, mouthing the words he couldn't say, followed by more mouthing, just because he couldn't say them out loud just yet and didn't want to risk Kyo knowing what he was doing.

Kyo groaned softly, settling down then wrapping his arms around Die, hugging him tightly, feeling his mouth moving against his neck and having a guess at what those lips were forming but instead of feeling like running away, it only made him hold Die tighter, burying his face against his hair.

Die felt like he was incredibly, horribly happy. He closed his eyes and tried to even out his breathing. He didn't even want to move, to disconnect them, just wanting to stay right there with him. "Kyo," he whispered out again.

Kyo shifting only to move his lips to Die's forehead then his cheek and the corner of his mouth. "Die..." he sighed softly, trailing his hand down Die's back in a lazy sort of way. "...perfection..."

Die let out a soft sound and then moved to lick over Kyo's Adam’s apple. "Hnnggg," he offered softly, in reply to the other's words.

He smiled and tilted his head to find Die's lips again, connecting them in a whole other way for a moment before pulling back again, eyes full of unspoken emotions.

When they separated, he stared down into Kyo's eyes, seeing something written there that gave him the chills. He pulled his lower lip into his mouth, chewing it for a moment before letting it go and opening his mouth. A moment later, he closed it and tried hard not to go and fuck things up by saying what he wanted so badly to.

Kyo stared up at Die for a moment then finally reached up and cupped his face. "You look like a fish out of water, baby... just spit it out." He already knew what Die would say. It was so obvious and so very close to his own feelings and emotions even though he was afraid of it, having been ripped apart far too many times, not that he thought Die would do that.

Die stared at him for a moment, his heart clenching in his chest. It was so dangerous, incredibly so. He pursed his lips a little and looked away until he could gather himself a little bit more. He let out a huff and then looked back at him, reaching to run his knuckles over his cheek. "I... I love you," he murmured out softly, but with so much conviction it was more than obvious that his words came from the depths of his heart.

Kyo swallowed a bit, the words making his heart thump wildly in his chest. He opened his mouth to respond but instead reached out to pull Die to him, kissing him hard, spilling his emotions into the kiss, hoping he understood for the moment why he didn't say it back.

Die made a little strangled sound as he was pulled down into the kiss from Kyo. He hadn't expected to hear the words in return, but he also hadn't expected that. He kissed him back after a moment, relaxing into it.

After a bit, he released Die then gazed up at him, a genuine smile on his lips, his fingers softly brushing his hair out of his face. "Stay with me...?"

He moved to curl himself closer around Kyo and yet not lying on top of him anymore. Letting out a soft sound, he murmured softly, "Of course I will stay with you, baby."

Kyo nodded and wrapped his arm around Die, sighing happily. "Good..."

Die leaned toward him and then nuzzled his nose against his neck a bit. He tried to think of a good way to ask the relevant question of how much Kyo meant with the question. Finally, he decided there was no non-awkward way. "Which way do you mean... exactly? I mean, I'm good with it no matter what, but I need to know for... reference." Well that was more awkward than necessary.

Kyo chuckled softly and shook his head. "I meant forever... in my basement." He smirked then ran a hand through Die's hair. "Actually... I guess I meant just here… with me, for a while."

Die chuckled a bit. "Mmm... I'd hate to be in the basement forever, Kyo. I'm not sure I'm cut out for the dark, dank places." He smirked a little and kissed his cheek. "I'd love to stay here for a while. Though... I do need some of my stuff."

Kyo chuckled softly and nuzzled into Die. "Oh fine, you can have some sunlight. Geez, already being high maintenance."

He chuckled. "Yeah, like I get much now. Between home and work in the car?" He shook his head a little. "But yeah... at least essentials. Like... how long are we talking?" He peered curiously at the other.

Kyo sat up a bit, laughing as he rubbed Die's back idly. "Mmm..." He shrugged slightly, chewing his bottom lip. "Well, how about we start at a week and... go from there?" He wasn't really sure what the standard was there, besides, when they started touring or recording again, times like this would be rare.

Die smiled and moved to kiss the other's cheek, nuzzling there for a long moment. "A week it is. Should I go get my stuff then?"

Kyo nodded then cocked his head. "Want me to come with... or?" He didn't want to smother Die.

"You want to?" he asked, a bit surprised. He hadn't wanted to bore Kyo with the tediousness of packing up. But if the other would come with him, then that would make him happier.

Kyo smiled slightly. "Yeah... I'd like to." He stood up and tugged the other to him, nipping his bottom lip. "But first, I think a quick shower is in order."

Die smiled against his lips. "Good... I'd like you there." He groaned a little at the nipping and followed along with him. "Mmm... sounds good."

Kyo grinned and dragged Die off with him, making quick work of washing them both, not really giving Die much chance to do anything on his own. When he was finished, he plopped a towel on Die's head then went to brush his teeth, padding around his bathroom naked without shame. "Don't forget a toothbrush. Morning breath is awful."

Die allowed the entire thing to happen and then laughed as the other plopped a towel on his head. He took it and dried off, watching Kyo prance around the room. "I am not going to get over you being naked in front of me any time soon. Just... you know... so you know." He patted his ass as he walked past him, heading to go get his clothing on. "Hey... got a pair of underwear I can borrow?" He paused. "If that's not... weird."

Kyo smirked and shook his ass in Die's general direction, feeling... giddy which was unusual for him. "I'll be sure to be naked more often then, so you get used to it." He wandered into his bedroom and dug into a drawer, pulling out a bright red strip of cloth. "Will these do?" He smirked, holding them up, showing that they were actually a silk thong.

Die arched an eyebrow at Kyo and his unusual underwear collection. He chuckled and then reached for them, examining and then snorting. "You keep strange underwear," he murmured, shaking his head and smiling. He slipped them on and then went about finding his jeans and shirt. "I seriously need a change of clothing when we get there. These are gonna stink."

Kyo smirked and dressed himself, tugging on a pair of track pants and tank top before catching Die around the waist. "Wanna know a secret?"

Die leaned back toward him and purred out a soft, "Hmm?" as he did up his belt buckle.

Kyo nibbled at Die's earlobe for a minute, reaching down to "help" him with his belt buckle. "I got those because they made me think of you."

The guitarist let out a faint little groan, feeling incredibly warmed by the fact that Kyo had done such a thing. "Have you ever worn them?" he asked softly, fingers resting over Kyo's on his belt.

Kyo smirked. "Once or twice..." He lowered his voice, pressing his lips right next to Die's ear. "...and I've soiled them a few times."

Die smirked a little. He patted Kyo's hands. "We're gonna end up fucking again if we don't get going." He laughed.

The vocalist let out a laugh and nodded, pulling away from Die. "You're right about that." He picked up his phone and keys and lead the way out, locking the door behind them.

Die grabbed his cell phone and realized it was dead from the night without a charger. "Make me remember to pick up my charger, yeah?" He padded out after Kyo, a dumb little smile on his face.

Kyo chuckled and nodded. "Sure...and toothbrush...and shampoo and underwear."

"Maybe I want to wear yours," he leaned over and hissed in his ear before casually walking off just after, leading the way out and then pausing, wondering where Kyo's car was, if he even had one. It made him realize the things he didn't know about someone he'd known for years and years of his life.

"Well, you could... or none at all." He smirked then led Die out to his car, a sleek black little number that he was rather fond of. He clicked the unlock button the remote and got in, waiting for Die to join him.

Die slid into the car and then replied, "Too dangerous to do all the time. Balls got stuck once," he admitted, looking flustered for a moment at the memory, shaking it off. "And... nice car, by the way."

Kyo winced at the very thought and reached out automatically to pat Die's leg in sympathy. "Ouch..." He grinned at the compliment to his car, running a hand over the dash. "Thanks, I love it..." He started the engine and pulled out of the parking lot, heading towards Die's place.

To Be Continued

Chapter Text

Die allowed himself to just sit there in the car, his eyes closed and his body sinking comfortably into the seat. He licked his lips every few minutes, a nervous habit that was the reason he applied lip balm so often, and occasionally reached up to play with his hair. There was no real reason for his nerves, but they existed nonetheless, something he couldn’t stop even if he tried.

Kyo occasionally glanced over at Die, humming slightly before reaching up and flicking on the radio, smirking as their own music began playing through the speakers.

Die glanced at the stereo and chuckled a little. "Wow... of all the odds." He rubbed his hands over his pants, itching for a cigarette. But he knew Kyo had stopped years ago and didn't want to smoke in his car.

Kyo chuckled and shook his head, flicking it off. "If I listen to it, I start analyzing my voice..." He finally pulled up to Die's place, parking, and then looking over at Die.

"I always find it sort of sweet," he murmured softly, reaching to run his fingers over Kyo's hand before he turned and got out of the car, shutting the door, and wandering toward his building.

Kyo sat there for a moment, blushing. "Feh..." He got out and followed Die, but not too closely though, just in case.

Die made his way up to his apartment and went about letting them in. He flicked on some lights and his cat came rushing toward him, mewling loudly for attention. He knelt down and scratched her between the ears. "Can she come or should I get a sitter for a week?" he asked, realizing he hadn't quite thought that one out.

Kyo was busy looking around Die's place when he spotted the cat. He knelt down and started cooing at her, picking her up and cuddling her. "Of course you can bring her..." He looked a bit embarrassed before speaking up again. "I... uh… didn't know you had a cat."

Die smiled a little. "That's okay, I didn't know you had a car." He gestured at the cat. "That's Snowball, by the way. I found her when she was a kitten out in the snow, almost dead... on my birthday." He gave her a sad little smile. "Just a little baby. Almost not old enough to survive without her mother. I nursed her though that stage and we’ve been attached at the hip ever since." He went to start gathering her stuff first.

Kyo cuddled Snowball to his chest, tickling her little furry tummy. "Poor little thing..." He cooed over her a bit longer then set her down, going to follow Die instead. "You can put her litter box in the hall bathroom... unless you've toilet trained her."

Die laughed. "I'm weird, but I have not done that." He went and grabbed a bucket of litter and Snowball's old box, then her food and two travel bowls he'd gotten when he went to Mei to visit his parents. He pulled out a little soft carrier for the cat and put it aside as well. "She didn't like the box, pissed herself out of fear every time. But this thing she loves. It's warm and soft and she'll sit in it all day and just peer out like it's the greatest thing." He chuckled a little and moved to get a bag for his own stuff.

He chuckled and watched Snowball wander over to the carrier, sniffing it. "Cute." He got up and followed Die into the bedroom, thinking dirty thoughts about his bed. "Don't forget your charger, toothbrush, and toys." He smirked at that last part, wondering if the other did have any toys.

Die glanced back at him, wondering if he was serious about the toys part. His collection was a bit... awkward, to say the least. He plopped the bag on the bed and then started filling it with clothing first, then his stuff from the bathroom, in a case already - all his backup stuff. His phone charger went in and then his tour laptop bag. And finally, he paused, finally kneeling down and pulling a container from under the bed, opening the lid and revealing the contents to be quite the extensive collection of porn magazines and all sorts of toys. He pursed his lips and glanced at Kyo to see his reaction.

Kyo watched Die pack, noting what all he was bringing the turned his attention to the box of porn and toys. "Nice collection...." He leaned over and pointed to a slender, swirled stick. "What's that for?"

Die smirked a little. "Want me to bring it and find out?" He picked up a leather case and put it in the bag, then tossed in his favorite vibrating dildo and lube. Next, some condoms and one very well worn porn mag. Not that he thought he was going to need it, but it was a tour habit. Just the one he could get off to the fastest so he wouldn't bother the others so much.

Kyo raised an eyebrow then smirked. "Yes, please do..." He noted the other stuff with some amusement, yoinking the magazine and flipping through it. "Interesting...." He placed it back in Die's bag then reached over rub his leg, feeling worked up again. "Is that everything?"

Die glanced at him looking through the magazine and blushed a little. "Sorry... habit. I guess I don't really need it, though, yeah?" He chewed his lip a little, adding the other toy and then went to put the box back safely under his bed. He grabbed his jacket and then his pre-packed "bus bag", tossing that on the bed as well. "That should be it."

Kyo smirked slightly, shaking his head. "You pack like a girl, baby."

Die rolled his eyes. "It's a week and it's not like we have concerts to be doing. Let's say, I'm notoriously a very bored person. So if you go out somewhere I'll need to do something or you'll come back and I'll have rearranged your entire kitchen or something. I think, you really don't want that." He laughed softly.

Kyo laughed and tugged Die to him, nibbling his bottom lip. "Don't worry, you'll have plenty to do." He smirked then shouldered Die's bag. "But if you do rearrange the kitchen, be sure I can reach everything."

Die smirked and pulled Kyo close, hand fisted in his hair and pushed his tongue into his mouth, kissing him deeply before releasing him. "Goddamn... that does not get old." He smoothed Kyo's hair down a little and pecked his lips once more before zipping up his bag and going back to the front to put Snowball into her bag.

Kyo groaned into the kiss then shook his head, smirking as he licked his lips. "No, it doesn't." He followed Die out, carrying his bag. "Now Snowball, let's agree that you're not going to piss or put hairballs on my stuff. Okay?" He looked at the cat in all seriousness.

Die smiled. "She hasn't pissed anywhere she isn't supposed to since being a kitten. Can't guarantee anything on the hairballs though." He sniffed a bit and then went back to get one thing, tossing a carton of cigarettes into his bag and zipping it up. He knew quite well that he'd go nuts without it.

Kyo chuckled softly. "Good kitty... and as long as she doesn't hairball onto my things, we'll be alright." He watched Die grabbing cigarettes and licked his lips, briefly missing the habit, especially after sex. Shaking his head, he looked at Die's stuff. "Ready to go? Got everything?"

Die nodded and glanced at the cat stuff. "I think with the litter, we'll have to make two trips. That shit is heavy as fuck." He pushed it closer to the door with his foot and shouldered the cat stuff bag and then the kitty bag. "Two trips."

Kyo nodded and picked up Die's other bag, moving towards the door with him. "Alright then, let's go. Snowball can ride in the trunk, right?" He grinned to let Die know he was joking.

Die arched an eyebrow at him. "Only if you can drive from the trunk, my dear." He smirked a little and went to the elevator, pushing it with his elbow and waiting on it come up to get them. When it did, he slipped inside and pressed for the ground floor.

Kyo snorted and stepped inside the elevator, standing close to Die with a smirk. "Ever have sex in an elevator?"

He threw his lover a glance and then smirked. "Not in this one certainly." He gestured up at the corner. "Camera up there. Hard to see, but it's there. Hate to have that make its way onto the internet. God knows I'm one step away from a sex tape online most of my life."

Kyo laughed and leaned over to kiss Die's cheek. "We should make a sex tape and sell it online."

"Can you imagine the amount of money?" he laughed and shook his head. "If the band ever goes kerplunk, we should. It'll be our next big venture. Gay Japanese porn, starring actual rockstars, all your fantasies come true!"

"I'm sure we'd make more with that in overseas sales alone than what we make in a year." He laughed, the very thought of it highly amusing. "I made one once, years ago. I still have a copy somewhere."

Die stared at him for a moment, sort of fish-mouthing. Finally, he choked out, "Show me. I need to see this."

Kyo snorted. "Okay but it's really shitty. VHS doesn't last... but it might still play."

Die held up a finger. "Dude... it doesn't matter how shitty it is - as long as it's not literal... and even then... eh... I might, because it’s you - but jesus."

Kyo shook his head, laughing. "No no, the only kinky thing about it is the bottom strapped to my bed with leather." He smirked a bit. "I'll show you it when we get back to my place then." The elevator stopped then and he stepped out, waiting for Die to join him before heading off to his car, popping the trunk for the bags not containing a cat.

Die smirked a little. "Mmm... sexy. Anyone I would know?" He plunked all bags but the one with Snowball into the trunk and then went to go put her in the front seat. He cracked one window a bit and then closed the door. "We will be back shortly, sweetheart."

Kyo paused for a moment at the question and coughed. "Maybe..." He didn't say anymore as he locked the car again, chuckling a bit as Die chatted with his cat. "You should grab your guitar...."

Die glanced up. "Actually... they're all at the studio. The one I had at home had... an incident... and is currently at the shop." He frowned a bit and wrinkled his nose. "But if you're suggesting we should compose together, we could slip by the studio."

Kyo hummed slightly, the faintest look of disappointment on his face. "Actually, I just wanted to hear you play without the atmosphere of recording or lives."

He reached toward Kyo, remembering at the last second that they were in public and went from what he was going to do to instead patting his back. "We'll go pick one up. Acoustic or electric?"

Kyo watched Die then smiled slightly, nodding. "Alright. Acoustic then." He glanced to his car. "Want me to go get the kitty litter quick so you can stay with her?"

"The huge bag of food and the litter box are in there, too. It'll take both of us." He gestured him toward the building again. "She'll be fine for five minutes."

He nodded and followed Die. "Okay." He waited until they were on the elevator again and shifted so his back was to the camera, moving close to Die and pecking his cheek.

Die smirked a little. "Mmm... stop temping me in this elevator. I know five different ones that have no camera where all kinds of naughty things can happen." He reached to rub over Kyo's hair.

Kyo chuckled. "Oh you do, do you? I'll hold you to it then."

Die held up a hand for a high-five. "And how!"

He slapped Die's hand then walked off the elevator, shaking his head. "Do your neighbors know you? Only one of mine knows me, as far as I know."

"Er... long story short... yes. Most of the hallway does." He went to open his door and opened it, stepping inside and going to go and get their stuff. He glanced back at him. "Long story long, I got trashed alone one night and went up and down the hallway, sharing shots with anyone who would and handing out demo CDs." He let out a little laugh and flushed. "Got the cops called on me by the lady in 14B."

Kyo stopped and stared at Die then burst out laughing. "Nice one, Die...way to be discrete." He grinned and slapped Die's back, shaking his head. "What'd the cops say?"

"Yeah... no one ever said I was smart, Kyo." He laughed and shook his head. "Eh... they made me come back inside and thanked me for not leaving the building and for not asking them if they'd like a shot, because that would have gotten me put in the drunk tank for the night. The older one even wished me a very merry hangover... and man was he ever right."

Kyo chuckled softly. "I know you're not smart, you're with me." He grinned slightly then shook his head. "Well, I suppose it served you right? I could just see the look on Kaoru's face if he had to bail you out of jail."

"Ha! Like I'd have called him. I'm not stupid and besides, I know to call Nora, thank you very much." He looked a little sheepish, as though he knew by experience. He grabbed the cat food bag and the litter box after slinging his laptop bag over his shoulder. "Get the litter?"

Kyo snorted, hoisting the litter up. "I see..." He shook his head, grinning. "That's why I'm Nora's favorite, she's never had to bring me a bucket or bail my ass out of trouble with the cops."

"Surprising, given that you are, in fact, Kyo. King of all kinds of trouble... just not trouble with the booze or the cops, I guess. Though, I have to beg to differ on the bucket bit. She gave you the ones on stage years ago, remember?" He smirked a little and went to lock up behind them.

Kyo smirked. "I'm never any trouble, I just sit in my bunk quietly." He laughed and followed Die back to the elevator. "It's not like I'm demanding or need my own space and stuff."

"Mmmhmm... Mr. couldn't be woken up one day and had Nora freaking out." He coughed and peered at him, smirking a little. "But yes... the least amount of trouble; that is true."

"That's happened more than once..." He grinned a little, the slightest bit of sheepishness on his face as they finally got back to the car. "I should start insisting on crazy shit like only red M&Ms or something. Think she'd do it?"

"Totally. She'd walk to the moon and back for you, I swear it." He huffed out a soft sigh and shook his head a little. The elevator dinged to let them off and he adjusted the bag of food, plodding off toward the car.

Kyo chuckled and shook his head, walking after Die to the car. "Perhaps… I wonder if she'd find it strange if I requested to be roomed with you next tour." He popped the trunk and set the litter in then grabbed the food from Die, putting it in as well before shutting the trunk and moving to get into the car.

"Probably not. I mean it wouldn't be the first time. She knows we've both sort of... helped one another through the rough times before. She’d probably just watch to see if she needed to help, too." Die put in the litter box on top and then went to go get in the car, putting Snowball on his lap. He was quiet for a long moment and then murmured, "I can't believe we're doing this. It's like... my dreams are all coming to fruition."

Kyo hummed and nodded, remembering the times that both Die and Nora had had to help him out of the darkest recesses of his own mind and soul. When Die mentioned his dreams coming true, he smiled softly and leaned over, kissing his cheek. "I'm just sorry it's taken so long..."

Die turned and gently cupped the back of Kyo's neck and pulled him toward him, kissing him ever so sweetly. After a moment, he pulled back and smiled softly. "Maybe it took us just long enough for us to be really ready."

He hummed and reached up, running his fingers through Die's hair as he returned the kiss. "Mm, perhaps so..." He pulled back a little and grinned. "Ready to go?"

Die settled back and let out a breath. "Ready." This was a huge step that Die had honestly never taken before and he was honestly ready for it at this point in his life. He leaned back and closed his eyes. "Ready for my new life."

Kyo glanced over at him and reached out to run his hand over his leg, patting slightly before turning the car and pulling out onto the street, heading to his place. "New life, indeed."

Die reached to put his hand on Kyo's leg, just leaving it there. "Mmm... hey... how awkward is it that I keep wanting to tell you how I feel about you? Like every five minutes?"

Kyo stopped at a traffic light and turned to Die, grinning. "Just a tiny bit but, I don't mind. It's been a long time since I've heard those words sincerely."

He shifted closer and pressed his lips to Kyo's ear, purring out, "I love you, Kyo." He smiled and settled back again.

Kyo shivered slightly, moving his hand to place over Die's on his leg, squeezing it tightly. "Thank you..." He knew that wasn't the most romantic response but it'd have to do for now.

Die was okay with the response, understanding that Kyo couldn't return the sentiment right then. He squeezed Kyo's leg a little and he smiled softly. "My sweet, sweet, Kyo." He paused. "MY... wow."

Kyo turned the car into his parking lot, stopping before responding to Die by turning and tugging him over, kissing him deeply. He let go after a minute and pulled back, smiling. "Don't get possessive now." He winked a bit then pecked Die's lips again to let him know he was only joking.

Die rolled his eyes. "You know what I mean." He reached in to scritch Snowball's head because she was pawing nervously at the side of the bag. Instantly she calmed and settled, starting to purr and he smiled.

Kyo chuckled and nipped Die's lip before sliding out of the car, ducking his head back in. "I don't care if you are..." He went to get the stuff out of the trunk, managing to hoist both litter and food on each of his shoulders.

Die stared at him for a moment once he had all the stuff on his shoulders. He just stared for a moment, feeling his body react to the sight. He swallowed a bit and then cleared his throat, grabbing as many of the other bags as he could, feeling like he needed to prove a point.

Kyo raised an eyebrow then smirked, knowing that look on Die's face by now. He chuckled softly as the other gathered up the rest of the bags. "Can you get all that and the cat? Or should we make another trip?"

"I've got it," Die replied, making sure to put the carrier around his neck so he wouldn't squish Snowball. He got everything else and pushed the door shut with his foot, grunting a little.

Kyo just laughed, leading the way inside the building, pushing the elevator button with his hip then getting on, waiting for Die to enter and the doors to close before speaking again. "You know...I think it's cute the way you're trying to prove your manliness when I've heard you scream like a girl." He shuffled the bags, smirking.

Die peered at him and then huffed. "Please... just because I make girly sounds in bed doesn't mean I'm a wuss."

He cackled and shook his head. "I never said you were a wuss, baby. Girls can be strong, too." He grinned at Die then stepped off the elevator, heading to his door, somehow managing to get the keys out of his pocket without putting either bag down. He unlocked the door and stepped aside to let Die in.

"So I'm a girl now?" He gave Kyo a look that clearly said he was about to prove that he wasn't a girl if that was the case.

Kyo just smirked, setting the litter and food down in the front hall for now, reaching out and grabbing one of the bags off Die's shoulder. He shrugged lightly, licking his lips. "Maybe... you're the one with the fluffy white kitten around your neck."

Die moved to put his bags aside and then put the cat down as well, opening the bag and let her out. He pushed Kyo up against the wall and leaned in to hiss, "My sweet Kyo... I can show you how much of a man I am."

Kyo kept the smirk on his face, having gotten just the reaction he wanted. "Mm, can you now sweetheart? Gonna give me a demonstration?" He reached up, tugging lightly at a strand of Die's hair, his tongue flicking out over his lips slowly.

Die moved to push his nose against Kyo's neck, inhaling the scent of the other's body. He let out a little sound and then murmured softly, "You're a little sweaty," as his hands ran up his sides, excitement already boiling in his veins.

Kyo bit back a groan, sliding his hand up to tangling in Die's hair at the back of his neck. "Manly exertion, baby..."

Die groaned softly, his hips pressing against him and rubbing a little, showing that he was already aroused by the other's sweaty skin and manly display. "God... we're just going to fuck like rabbits, aren't we?" He chuckled a bit breathlessly.

Kyo finally moved and shifting a bit, grabbing Die's hips and pulling him flush against his own, pressing into him to show that he, too, was already aroused. "Do you have a problem with that?"

"Hell no, I do not." He grabbed his hand and pushed it back toward his ass, reaching to grab his ass and rub against him, shamelessly wanting to get himself riled up as much as he could.

"Good..." He growled lowly, grasping Die's ass roughly and grinding against him. He leaned in and dragged his tongue over the still dark mark he'd left on Die's neck, smirking slightly as he scraped his teeth over it.

Die let out a little whine and then went for it, hoisting Kyo up and just praying he'd wrap his legs around him so he could get the other to the bedroom.

Kyo laughed softly against the other's skin as he was lifted up, naturally wrapping his legs around Die's waist and his arms around his neck. "Sure you can handle me?"

"Of course I can handle you." He smirked as he padded off to the bedroom with Kyo. Granted, he was a bit heavy to be hauling around like this, but it wasn't far and Die was determined. Besides, he'd dragged a drunk, blacked-out Toshiya around before and that was way worse. He plunked the other down on the bed, kneeling to start undoing the other's pants.

Kyo just smirked then held on for the ride, feeling himself all the more aroused at Die's actions because as much as he loved control there was something about giving it up that struck deep within him. When he was laid on the bed, he didn't move, just let Die go on with what he was doing.

Die got his lover's pants off and then tossed them aside, working his own off as well. He shifted close and leaned down over him, grabbing the bottle of lube out from under the pillow. He'd seen it peeking out from under there. "You're gorgeous."

Kyo groaned softly, glancing at the lube, his tongue flicking over his lips. "Trying to make me blush?" He smirked slightly and reached up to stroke his hand down Die's back.

Die moved to sort of nip at the other's earlobe, tugging lightly on it. "I love you," he hissed out quietly into the other's ear. He shifted a bit over the other, grinding a bit on his leg.

He shifted and pushed his leg up against Die before sliding his hand up and drawing the other's face close to his, nipping his bottom lip. "I love you, too, Die." He pulled back the slightest bit to look into Die's eyes, to let him know that he was sincere and not just saying it.

Die's breath caught in his throat, pulling back enough to see the other, studying him closely. After a moment, he went to push his mouth against the other's, kissing him deeply, rocking against him with a renewed passion.

Kyo stroked his thumb over Die's cheek as he looked at him then groaned softly into the kiss, returning it with equal passion, his hips rolling up to press against Die.

Die moved to grab the lube, squirting some on his fingers and moving his finger down to press against the other's entrance, rubbing lightly as his lips traveled down the other's neck.

Kyo let out a breath and shifted his legs up, giving Die better access, shuddering slightly at the first touch. He tilted his head, moaning lightly when Die's lips hit a sensitive spot on his neck, his hand coming up to tangle in his hair. "Mmn…"

Die focused his attention there, smirking a little and sucking on the skin enough to leave a light mark on him, his finger pushing into the other's body.

He moaned again, louder this time as Die teased him, his hips arching up a bit. After a moment of letting Die work his finger in, he slid his hand down to brush over the other's length, smirking slightly. "So hard for me already, baby?"

Die scraped his teeth over the area and then pulled back to whisper, "I'm almost always hard for you, sweetheart." He pushed in a second finger, not wanting to hurt Kyo too much, though still wanting to assert dominance.

Kyo groaned and pushed against Die's fingers, turning his head to nip at the other's bottom lip. "Mm, good..."

"Fuck, baby, I need my dick in you so fucking bad." He groaned faintly, pulling his fingers free and then quickly slicking up his dick, moving closer and pushing against him, slipping in with one good push, all the way to the hilt.

With a smirk, Kyo gladly spread himself open for Die. "Then fuck me baby...hard." He groaned as Die slid into him fully, hands automatically dragging down the other's spine, shuddering a bit. "Fuck...Die"

Die shuddered a bit as he sank into the other, pursing his lips and then slowly starting to thrust in and out of the other, wanting to build up to the vigorous thrusting where he'd actually lay full claim to the other.

Kyo moaned and leaned up to catch Die in a deep kiss before dropping back and just gazing up at him, bucking up every now and then to meet his thrusts. "You are...fucking...amazing."

"So are you," he murmured softly, starting to thrust a little faster, deeper, harder. "Oh, god," he hissed out against his ear, teeth grabbing his earring and tugging a little to see Kyo's reaction.

He let out a soft groan as Die pulled at his piercing, a slight shiver going through him. "Hnng..." Unable to keep his hands still, he moved them back up to drag over Die's chest. "Fuck me harder, baby..."

Die shifted them, pushing Kyo's legs up closer to his chest and repositioning himself so he could start to thrust into him as quickly as possible, moaning loudly at the pleasure of just letting go and fucking the hell out of him.

Kyo pulled his knees up and spread them for Die, moving with him as best as he could in this new position, a loud cry ripping from him when Die hit his prostate. "Ah! Yes!"

When he found the right place, he slammed into it like nothing else, moaning and gasping for breath, fucking him as hard as he could, the sound of skin slapping on skin filling the room.

As Die repeatedly hit his prostate, Kyo's vision went black and then he was letting out a near inhumane cry as he began cumming, his cock spurting onto his stomach and chest.

Die sort of gaped at him, not having expected the other to cum so quickly from this, but feeling like he should be proud because he got him off without so much as touching his dick. He thrust harder into him, groaning and then finally pushing in fully and starting to cum in an almost violent sort of manner, little jerks of his hips and whimpering cries.

Kyo flopped back against the bed, panting harshly as Die thrust into his now overly sensitive body. He shuddered and let out another moan when he felt the other filling him, reaching up to pull him down for a heated kiss.

Die leaned down over him and kissed him as deeply as he could given the issues of needing to breathe. After a few moments, he let out a breathy chuckle. "You're so... ahhh~"

He pulled back from the kiss and took a deep breath, trying to stop panting long enough to answer. "Uh" He groaned again and settled for stroking Die's arm, smirking up at him slightly.

Die let out a soft sound and pulled free of the other's body, watching for a moment as his cum started to leak back out of Kyo's ass. "Oh fuck, baby... god... it's gonna make me hard again."

Kyo licked his lips and gave Die a devilish grin, pushing the cum out a bit more. "Mm...I could get really get used to that feeling..."

Die watched the other's hole pucker a little more and cum start to leak out. He groaned, reaching down to run his fingers through it, cupping Kyo's balls just after. "Hey... you know what I want to see you do some time for me?"

He let out a moan as Die cupped his balls, his cock twitching a bit. "What's that, baby?"

"I want to walk in on you jerking off sometime... so badly. I think about it all the time." He slid down next to him and smirked a bit, leaning in to nuzzle him.

Kyo chuckled softly and turned to peck Die's lips. "Give me about ten minutes... leave and come back and I can make that happen."

Die stared at him for a moment and then smirked, leaning in and kissing him. "I've got to go and get beer. I just remembered, I'm out." He winked a bit.

He smirked and reached up to toy with a stray strand of Die's hair. "Oh really now? Is it really any fun though... if you're expecting it?" He laughed softly. "I mean, it'd be fun for me either way..." He sat there for a moment then grinned a bit. "Wanna know a secret?"

Die shrugged. "You jerking off is you jerking off, regardless. And after how many fucking years and I haven't walked in on you yet, the probability is so low." He smiled at him and then murmured, "Hmmm?"

Kyo shook his head, laughing. "I guess I'm always... careful." He nuzzled into Die a bit then grinned again. "When we're recording, you know that one unused lounge? I go in there at least twice a week and jack off - if not more - and I never even lock the door."

Die shivered a bit at the news and then started to laugh, faintly under his breath. "You're not the only one that jerks it in there. Kaoru has definitely come out of there looking a lot more relaxed than when he walked in. And I think we both know why."

The vocalist smirked a bit. "I know. I found his lube and nudie mags in there one time." He shook his head. "Interesting stuff that man likes to wank to...."

Die got that little look in his eye that he did with gossip, though he had some issues with admitting he liked it. "Oh...? Like what?"

Kyo knew Die all too well and just grinned. "I believe the title of the mag was something like 'Trans Tittie Fucking'...."

Die's mouth fell open and flapped a little before he flopped backwards and just grinned up at the ceiling. "Dude... oh... that's amazing. I love it. I knew there was something kinky in that man somewhere."

He rolled onto his side with a slight groan and laughed, his hand resting on Die's chest. "Yeah. I was rather amused by it. I couldn't stop snickering about it the entire day. Kaoru thought I was high or something."

Die pursed his lips a little and then murmured, "Want to know one of my huge secrets?" he asked softly.

Kyo glanced up at Die and nodded. "Mhm, tell me..."

"I dated a trans woman once. For about five months, actually." He held up his finger. "Actually, all of you met her at least five times. And, it was my first time getting fucked... and that's how I sort of admitted to myself that I love dick and I'd been lying to myself with the whole woman thing."

Kyo raised his eyebrow and blinked a bit. "Wow... wait... was it that one girl with the little snake tattoo on her wrist? What an interesting way to find out you like dick... I just more or less stumbled onto it one day."

Die nodded. "Yup, that's the one. Snake in more than one way." He chuckled. "Thing is... I even found out like the third date. I got a little drunk and a little gropey and-" he cut himself off and looked sort of embarrassed. "I'm sorry, you don't want to hear about my past conquests. That's just rude of me."

Kyo chuckled then waved his hand, grinning slightly. "I don't mind, baby. I know about more of them than you think I do." He looked slightly sheepish and buried his head against Die's neck. "So... you got a little surprise when you went under her skirt, huh?"

Die tilted his head a little and reached to rub his hands over Kyo's hair and back. "You'll have to explain that in a minute. But... back to this since you don't mind. Something like that... more that I had her up against the wall and was showing her how hard I was and she kept pushing back against me. Eventually... there was serious boner involved and it wasn't mine." He chuckled a bit.

Kyo snorted and shook his head, imagining what that situation must’ve been like for Die. "Well, all I can say is... I'm glad you didn't freak out and run away or something since it led to you liking dick... which put you in my bed."

Die laughed. "Mmm... I've always been a sort of open person and honestly, at that point, I was like... ah... what the fuck, why not, let's see if I can do this or if it scares the shit out of me. It took me a while to let her fuck me, but in the end... yeah... she knew what she was doing." He peered over at him. "Actually, boobs out to here." He held his hands out. "Dude... that's about all I miss from girls."

Kyo laughed. "I've come across a nice pair or two myself...." He leered a little. "I especially enjoyed cumming all over them."

Die's laugh filled the room and then he sang out, "Titty fuuckkkkkk!" before turning over and pushing against Kyo a little, his dick slightly hard again. "I'm terrible."

Kyo let out a laugh then smirked, snaking his hand down to tease Die's dick with his fingers. "Mhm... just awful."

Die bucked into his hand a little and then murmured, "Don't think you're getting out of it... how do you know more than I think you do about my exes?"

Kyo huffed slightly, pausing the actions of his hand to look up at Die then away again. "Let's just say...I've been keeping tabs on you." The faintest blush colored his cheeks. "I mean… with your conquests and all."

Die tilted his head a little. "Explain a little more..." he reached to run his hand over the other's cheek. "Have you been wanting me for a long time, baby?"

The blush got a little darker and he muttered out a, "Maybe", shifting a bit against Die. "I erm… I used to pester Nora and Kaoru a lot about what and who you were doing. But I always brought it up in ways that made it seem like just conversation." He paused and bit his lip, chewing a bit. "Of course there's also the fact that everyone thinks I'm a deep sleeper..."

Die tilted his head a little. "Wow... we've both been morons... for a long time." He shifted to press his hand against Kyo's cheek and held it there. "Stop chewing your lip, it's bad for it." He pressed his lips to Kyo's for a moment and then parted. "And, for what it's worth, I'm sorry you had to hear some of my conquests back in my not-so-discreet days."

Kyo chuckled softly and kissed Die back, nodding. "I agree..." He reached up and stroked his hand through Die's hair. "It's alright, sometimes it was... imagination fodder."

"Mmm... I'm sure it was, some of them anyway." He licked his lips a little and ran his hand down Kyo's side. "I promise not to sleep around on you. From the bottom of my heart."

Kyo blinked slightly and turned his head, nipping Die's bottom lip. "Good, because if you do, I may just have to strangle you.”

Die licked across his lips. "Mmm... I honestly will not. I only did once and it was years and years ago and... god... that was stupid of me."

He nodded slightly, nuzzling into Die. "Who with?"

"I um... well..." he sighed. "I was dating a girl back around family values... and she was sort of... well... I guess we sort of had a serious relationship. More serious to her than to me... and we had a huge fight before I left." He pursed his lips a little. "I sort of thought it was either over or mostly over and well... I told you my introduction to man dick..." he sighed. "Yeah, that was the cheating."

Kyo thought back to which girl he was talking about then nodded slightly. "Ahh..." He didn't really know what to say about it because he wasn't exactly the greatest one for relationships. "Well, at least the two of you had been fighting, so it wasn't straight up messing around."

"Mmm... there was no official break-up and when I got back... mind you, there were like five other people after that night on that tour... and well... she told me she forgave me when I got back and that she hoped we were still okay... and... it was awkward as ever living fuck." He sighed softly, shaking his head a little.

Kyo nodded and shifted a bit, leaning up to kiss Die's jawline lightly, rubbing his chest. "I can imagine...."

"Like I said, that's the time about which I changed what I was doing... and how I was doing it." He sighed and reached around to run his fingers up Kyo's back with a soft sound of pleasure.

Kyo hummed softly and nipped at Die's skin. "We all have our... moments of pure idiocy."

"Some bigger than others," he muttered out. "So... tell me... any huge fuck up moments on your list?"

He nuzzled into Die's neck and thought for a moment. "I screwed up in different ways... by being an emotionally cold dick about everything." He scratched his chin and shrugged slightly.

Die frowned a little. "I can see it... but I'm glad you're not doing that with me." He gently tugged his hair and gave him a soft smile that told him he loved him without saying it outright. Part of him wanted to thank Kyo for saying it back to him, the other part was almost afraid to mention it least Kyo take it back if he brought it up too much.

Kyo shifted and tugged Die on top of him, kissing him deeply, saying things that words could never say.

Die nuzzled the other, murmuring, "I'm glad we've finally stopped being idiots."

“Me, too, Die… me, too,” Kyo replied.

To be Continued…

Chapter Text

Die had been planning for this night for a very long time. He'd gone to his most trusted restaurant, the only place he'd go to when he had dates of any kind, and explained that he had an even more delicate situation than usual for a date and that they really needed to not be seen by the general populous. He requested his usual waiter, a friend of his. He'd honestly tried to plan everything down to a T so that he and Kyo would have the privacy they needed for the date. He had dressed up in his best pinstripe suit and was now standing at Kyo's door, a faint blush dusting his cheeks as he raised his fist and knocked. Maybe it was stupid since he was pretty much living there, but he felt like it added the final touch to the whole thing.

Kyo was putting the finishing touches on his hair for the evening, a sort of nervous energy bubbling through him that made him drop his brush at the knock. With a final look in the mirror at his all black suit and carefully styled hair, he turned and went to the door, opening it with a grin. "You look stunning."

Die smiled when Kyo came to answer the door, giving him a sweeping bow and then stepped inside. He pulled a flower from behind his back, presenting a single white lily to the other. "I know it's cliché, but... here."

Kyo smiled softly and took the flower, twisting it around then leaning in to peck Die on the lips. "It's lovely... cliché or not. Wait here, I'll get a vase or something. I'm not even sure I own a vase." He laughed and pecked Die again then wandered into his kitchen, looking around before deciding on a wine bottle.

Die chuckled. "A glass works just fine, trust me." He chuckled a bit and shook his head as he waited in the foyer, smiling.

Kyo got the flower into the bottle then returned to Die, grinning at him, feeling like a school girl on her first date or something. "Ready to go?" He fidgeted with his tie a bit.

Die smiled, leaning in and pressing his lips to the other's in a gentle sort of manner. He pulled back and gestured Kyo out with him. "No worries on the ‘people finding out that shouldn't’ front, by the way. I have my ways."

He leaned into the kiss, feeling calmer already. He had no idea why he was so worked up over this date. "Oh? You do, do you?" He slipped into his shoes and followed Die out, making sure the door was shut and locked behind them.

Die led him out toward the elevator and then outside. Once outside, he led them to a nearby parking garage and then to his car, a sleek red number. He opened the door for Kyo.

Kyo bowed slightly to the open door, unable to help smiling a bit foolishly. He slid into the car and ran his hand over the lovely interior, turning to Die once he joined him. "So, where are you taking me?"

Die slid into the car and closed his door, starting the engine. "Sang Rose," he murmured softly. "Admittedly, my favorite date restaurant because I know they'll keep any secret."

Kyo raised an eyebrow. He'd heard of the place and its extensive client list. He smiled and reached over to rest his hand on Die's thigh more for contact than anything else. "I approve..."

"They sort of... cater to people like us. With secrets to keep and a public eye to stay out of." He drove them toward the restaurant, knowing they'd also be out front to take his car to valet parking.

He hummed and nodded slightly. "Very nice indeed..." He leaned back against the seat and contented himself with looking at Die's profile, a smile on his lips.

Die just grinned, feeling like the evening was going splendidly already. After a short drive, they pulled up to the restaurant and he got out, handing the keys to the valet as he approached his car.

Kyo nodded slightly to the valet, somewhat nervous of the man. He stepped closer to Die and glanced up at him, a half smile on his lips. "Nice place..."

Die came around and they headed into the restaurant. "It is. And they're all super discreet." He opened the door and let Kyo in. Once inside, he was immediately recognized and the girl behind the counter gushed at him, leading them toward a small room in the back, ensuring they didn't go directly through the dining area, though if Kyo looked, he could see through the slats into the main area and see several largely known guests.

Kyo looked a bit uncomfortable as the girl at the counter recognized them, moving closer to Die when they started walking, He glanced through an open doorway and got a peek at some of the patrons, humming as he recognized a few. Once they were in the private room in back, he sat down looking a bit relieved.

She left them there with two menus and then bowed and winked at Die. "Your request will be right up." She disappeared from the room, closing the door behind herself. Die glanced at Kyo and noted the discomfort. "Baby, don't worry about it. They know me because - like I said – it’s my favorite discreet place."

Kyo watched her leave then reached out to stroke his hand over Die's, grinning a bit shyly. "I know, I'm a bit... overwhelmed I guess you could say." He shook his head and leaned over to peck Die's lips softly.

Die smiled, turning his hand to take Kyo's in his own. "Understandably... has anyone ever gone all out for you?" he asked, looking a little concerned that the other hadn't had someone do this for him before.

He squeezed Die's hand, flushing slightly as he shook his head. "No, they haven't, to be honest… and I've only ever put in such an effort once or twice."

Die looked almost sad for a moment. "But... you deserve it so much. Why would no one treat you like the king you are?" He reached to gently caress his cheek, only dropping his hand when the door opened again and a waiter came in with a silver ice bucket with champagne and two glasses. It was uncorked and poured for them, the waiter quietly asking if they knew what they wanted. Die ordered the chicken alfredo and a salad with extra cheese.

Kyo gazed at Die, flushing even darker at his words as he leaned into his touch. No one had ever really said anything like that to him and it honestly made him feel damn near like crying. He jumped slightly when the waiter came in but managed a small smile and ordered the steak, medium rare, with grilled vegetables.

The waiter slipped away and left them in peace, Die picking up his glass and leaning across the table toward Kyo, holding up the glass. "Toast, baby. To... us."

Kyo picked up his glass and held it up. "To us... to something unbelievably amazing."

Die clinked glasses with Kyo and then took a sip. "I really do hope that we have something amazing." He shifted across the table and kissed him gently. "I love you."

Kyo sipped from his own glass then cupped Die's face, kissing him back. "Me, too...and I love you, too." He stayed there for a moment, letting his lips linger on Die's, his thumb caressing the other's face lightly.

Die smiled against his lips, slowly deepening the kiss, happy they could have a normal date like this, that he didn't have to think about what he was doing, just do it, and all his secrets would be protected by these people.

Kyo moved his hand to the back of Die's neck as their kiss deepened. The whole atmosphere was beautiful and he loved being able to be normal.

Die finally slowly ended the kiss and smiled as he pecked his lips a few more times. "Tell me... what do you think of when you think of the perfect date?"

Kyo smiled against Die's lips then pulled away finally. "This is about as perfect as it gets." He sat back and bit his lip for a moment before reaching into his pocket. "Speaking of dates and such. Er... well, I got this for you. It's not..." He coughed slightly. "It's just a way of saying, thank you... I guess." He handed Die a small red gift box.

Die accepted the box and then smiled softly, looking it over with a faint little blush on his cheeks. He wasn't used to getting gifts from his male lovers. He started to unwrap the gift, tilting his head a little as he got down to the tissue, opening it and then picking the ring up out of the box. His eyes glittered as he slid it onto his finger and examined it, a look of awe on his face. "Kyo... it's beautiful. Thank you!" He stroked over it and then reached for him, planting another kiss on him and smoothing his hand over his hair.

Kyo shrugged slightly, trying and failing to contain a smile of near relief at Die's reaction. He had debated for hours on which one to get and had nearly given up when he finally spotted this one and knew it was the one. "I'm glad you like it." He kissed Die back, smiling against his lips.

"Of course I like it," he murmured, running his hand over the other's hair one more time before he settled back. And in just enough time, too, because the waiter entered with a soft tap on the door, delivering their salads and refilling their champagne again, asking if they needed anything else.

Kyo couldn't stop smiling, feeling proud of himself because for once, he'd done right with something like that. When the waiter entered the room again with their salads, he settled again and pulled his fork out of its cloth napkin, adding a touch of the dressing they brought then taking a bite.

Die rather shamelessly poured a ton of dressing on his and dug in with a gusto he rarely showed. He smirked a bit at Kyo, looking slightly embarrassed to have his mouth stuffed with salad for a moment.

Kyo chuckled softly at Die's mouthful then went back to eating his own. "You're adorable, darling."

Die chewed and then swallowed. "Sorry... I get so used to tour manners... at least maybe you'll understand." He flushed a bit. "Others er... haven't."

He shrugged lightly and grinned. "I understand... you eat what you can, while you can, and as fast as you can or not at all. Surprising how often 'not at all' ends up as the norm."

Die made a little face. "Yeah... issues," he murmured softly. "Not at all is... a too often sort of thing for me, I think."

Kyo huffed slightly then waved his hand, taking another bite and chewing it before speaking again. "Ah well... at least we get hamburgers overseas, right?" He grinned a bit.

Die laughed. "Actually, I sometimes miss a hamburger from overseas... those In-N-Out burgers were... A-mazing!" He pointed at his plate. "Though, I guarantee this place will blow it out of the water."

Kyo grinned. "I love those burgers... but yes, I think this place would throw us out if they heard us going on about American fast food." He shook his head and took the last bite of his salad, pushing the plate aside a bit.

A soft chuckle came out of his lips. "I doubt it... they've done some strange things for me in the past, I wouldn't put it past them to try to duplicate one if that's what I wanted."

Kyo was curious now, cocking his head and taking a sip of his champagne. "Oh, they have? Share?"

"How does a penis ice sculpture flowing tequila sound? Along with tacos and refried beans?" He shook his head. "Crazy Mexican chick I dated once... had a thing for ice sculptures, dick, and her hometown. I tried... and failed. But hey."

The vocalist nearly choked on his drink, unable to hold in his laughter. "A penis ice sculpture? Nice..." He laughed a bit more then smirked. "I think next time you bring me here, you should have it done up with sushi served on naked people... and BDSM."

"Tequila... out the penis." He pursed his lips a little and arched his eyebrow. "That... was the part that didn't go over so well." He barely got that out before Kyo suggested the sushi and BDSM and he choked a little before laughing. "Oh, hunny, if I'd known you were into that, then I would have taken you to L'amore instead!"

"I don't think tequila and penis would mix well..." Kyo laughed then shook his head, grinning. "I was kidding, baby, but tell me more about this L'amore."

Die looked a little embarrassed and then pursed his lips a little. "Well... first of all, tequila and penis does taste good. Just sayin'. And second... well... it's a club that caters to unique needs, such as sushi on clean, naked girls done up in shibari."

Kyo chuckled softly. "Maybe one night I'll bathe you in tequila and find out for myself..." He smirked slightly. "Sounds entertaining... but I'd rather eat sushi off of you."

Die smirked a little and then shook his head a little. "As long as you promise to eat it quickly so I don't smell like fish after. You know how much I hate raw fish."

He laughed and took a sip of his drink. "You could always take a bath... or we could make it dessert sushi instead."

Die leaned his head back a little and laughed. "Mmm... or just cucumber rolls." He reached to pour them more champagne, not feeling the buzz yet and wondering how Kyo was faring considering how much less he drank.

Kyo nodded at the drink, taking another sip then setting it down, feeling pleasantly warmed by the alcohol but thinking that he should be careful and wait for their dinner. He didn't think it'd be good to get smashed on a night like this. "Ha... that could work." He grinned then reached out and laid his hand on top of Die's, brushing his thumb over the ring he'd given him.

Die smiled at him and looked down at the ring just after, a faint blush on his cheeks. "I sort of slacked in the gift department, I suppose. One flower and er... well... a bottle of warming lube." He laughed a bit awkwardly. "Sort of pales in comparison, you know?"

Kyo looked up at Die's words and shook his head, his brow furrowed slightly. "Just being with you is enough, as damned cheesy as that sounds." He gave his own awkward laugh then picked up Die's hand, bringing it to his lips, brushing them over the other's knuckles. "So what's this about warming lube?"

Die smiled, watching Kyo take his hand and feeling it as he brushed his lips over him. "Mmm... you're sweet..." he wet his lips a little and then leaned in closer. "It's supposed to enhance things. I've had it for a while and never used it. Thought... you could be the one I use it with." He shrugged a little.

Kyo hummed softly and grinned a bit. "Mm...well, I'm definitely interested in trying it out. I've thought about it before but just never got around to getting any."

Die opened his mouth to say something more, but the door slid open and their waiter entered with their main dishes. Everything was set out and their empty salad plates taken away. The waiter asked Kyo to cut into his steak to make sure it was correct, politely waiting.

Kyo did as the waiter requested, noting that the steak had just the right amount of pink. He murmured a thank you as he left then turned back to his food, going about cutting up his steak. "Looks delicious."

The waiter departed and closed the door behind himself. Die smiled sweetly at Kyo and dug into his food, trying to be more polite about it this go around.

Kyo watched Die, chuckling softly. "Don't hold back on my account, baby..." He dug into his own food, mmming with pleasure.

Die snorted a little. "Yeah, I guess you should know how impolite I really am if you're going to bunk up with me, yeah?"

Kyo laughed and shook his head. "Yes, you're horribly impolite..." He went back to his food, plucking out a choice bite of meat and offering it to Die.

He flushed a little and chuckled, knowing it was true. He was less than perfect on many things and eating food was definitely one of them. He leaned over to look at the other and tilted his head a little before taking the bite in his mouth.

Kyo smiled softly and took another bite for himself, studying Die's face. "Wanna hear something absolutely stupid I've always wanted to do?"

Die chewed and then swallowed, smirking a bit just after. "Please do tell."

Kyo finished chewing and swallowed it down with another drink before speaking again. "I have always wanted to lounge in a bathtub with someone and eat strawberries with whipped cream and drink cold wine." He flushed a bit, realizing how damn gay that sounded. "It's incredibly… romantic and shit but..." he shrugged slightly, blushing a bit darker.

Die gave him a smile and then pursed his lips. "Baby... if that's what you want, then I happen to know a little market that's open late that will have both strawberries and whipped cream... and probably even wine. And... I have a tub at my place. If you're willing to go there for the night."

Kyo gave Die a soft smile. "I think...that would be a lovely addition to our evening and I'm willing to go to your place anytime. If you want to change it up..."

Die gave him a little smile. "Then that's what dessert will be." He screwed up his nose in a cute little way. "Mmm... you're adorable... and I think I'm good for now, being at your place. But tonight, we use the tub."

Kyo huffed at being called adorable, his cheeks flushing again. "Stop it..." He smiled and took the last bite of his steak. "Sounds like a lovely dessert to me..." He hesitated a moment, debating on even bringing up the next thing. "...but for now, I have to pee."

Something passed over Die's eyes as he studied Kyo for a moment when he brought up what most of his past lovers would have concluded as being the demon topic. He swallowed thickly and then straightened his shoulders, eyes going back down to his plate so he didn't have to see Kyo's reaction. "Hold it."

The look the flickered in Die's eyes shot straight to his groin and he bit back a groan. He watched his lover's actions and almost smiled, but didn't, instead shifting in his seat, leaning back a little. "Very well..."

The knot in Die's throat loosened when Kyo just went along with it, though the difference in his own posture told of how this was obviously affecting him as well. He didn't want to be cruel to his lover, but he also didn't want to miss out on something that Kyo had announced to him. If they could wait until they were alone, he could be a bit more involved.

Kyo finished off the rest of his food before speaking again, glancing up at Die. "You worry too much, baby..."

Die glanced up at him, mostly done with his food by the time the other spoke up. "What do you mean?" he asked softly.

He smiled and shook his head. "I can tell you're afraid that I'm going to run away or something just because of your fetishes or desires. But you're wrong. Why do you think I even brought that up?"

The guitarist shifted a little and then sighed softly at Kyo's assessment. "I just... it's hard, you know? When I've been shunned so many other times and knowing that you've known me so long and not known any of these secrets. It's like... a whole other me that I keep to myself and out of our career and somehow it's just difficult for me to not worry about it."

Kyo studied the other for several moments before reaching out to take his hand again. "I understand, I just... I want you to know that you don't have to hold back from me and I want to make you happy."

Die gave him a soft little look and squeezed his hand. "I know... and you do make me happy. You've already made me happier than anyone else ever has."

Kyo felt emotions go through him that he couldn't put a name to so he just smiled slightly. "Ditto..."

He took the last bite of his food and then put his fork aside. "Come on... let's get to the store and then my place. They already have my information and will bill me regardless. Let's say... a few of the people I've dated in the past liked to feel inspired by crime. I let them believe we dined and dashed and the staff played along. Now I just keep my credit card on file, it's easier."

Kyo laughed and took a final sip of his drink. "Alright, let's dine and dash then." He grinned and stood up, slipping his jacket back on then waited for Die. "Just how many different scenarios have you had set up here anyway?"

Die made a little face and then shrugged slightly. "Too many. Though, I did ask for a different room than usual. Didn't want the taint of the past, you know?" He downed the rest of his glass of champagne, standing up and moving to Kyo, gently pulling him close and kissing him. He didn't want to escape this part of the date without a kiss, but public was too risky.

Kyo nodded then kissed Die back, smiling against his lips, his arms wrapping around his waist. After a moment, he pulled back, nipping Die's bottom lip softly. "This has been so much more than I could've imagined.”

Die smiled softly at him and ran a hand over his lover's cheek. "I hope it continues to be... for a long while." He gently nudged the other under the chin and then opened the door, allowing Kyo out first.

Kyo smiled and nodded, turning and walking out, bowing slightly at their waiter before making his way out to the parking lot. Once they were out there and sort of out of sight, he caught Die's hand in his own and squeezed it, feeling rather like a school girl or something.

The waiter slipped Die the receipt as he went past, smiling at Die and looking pleased. When they were outside and Kyo took his hand, Die couldn't have looked happier as he squeezed Kyo's hand. He led them toward his car, thinking to himself how he probably should have planned the champagne better and not drank so much of it given he was driving. Stupid rookie mistake. He moved to where the valet had parked his car and paused there, glancing up at Kyo and biting his lip a little. Kyo would be worse off than him at his point, he was sure, given how much less the other usually drank. "Umm... so... I didn't really think this one through too well. I'm tipsy and... probably shouldn't be driving."

It took Kyo a moment to understand what Die was saying then nodded a bit. "Ehh... maybe not? And I really don't think I could drive either." He shifted from foot-to-foot, wobbling the slightest bit.

"Okay... cab." Die made sure his alarm was armed and he gestured. "Stay here for a second, I'm going to let them know I have to leave the car here overnight." He went back inside and told the desk staff his car would have to stay as he'd had a bit too much to drink. They said it was fine and told him not to bother with a cab, that one of their valets would drive them home in Die's car. He explained the side trip and they just packaged up some strawberries, a cold bottle of wine, and a container of whipped cream for him, sending him out with a boy named Nick to drive them home. He came back, beaming a little. "We're... being chauffeured home."

Kyo leaned against the car and waited for Die, raising an eyebrow at the items plus the boy. "I see..." He looked Nick over, hoping the boy knew how to keep quiet. "What service..." He smirked slightly and slid into the car, trying not to squirm too much.

Die got in as well, leaving Nick alone in the front, both of them in the back. He settled in beside Kyo and put on his seatbelt, giving directions to his place. He settled back and slipped one hand onto the other's thigh and gently squeezed it.

Kyo bit his lip to keep from groaning, the alcohol working in his system and making him sensitive and well, flat out horny at this point, not to mention his full bladder. He glanced up at Nick then moved his own hand to rest on top of Die's, murmuring softly. "We should hire that place to cater our next tour... imagine all the fun that could be had."

Die chuckled a little. "Trust me, I've thought about it. What gets me is how few people actually know about it. No one else in the band or staff know and most of my friends haven't heard of it either. I just sort of stumbled into it on accident one night." He pushed his hand toward the other's inner thigh, not holding back on anything at this point.

Kyo let out a shaky breath, pushing against Die's hand. "Interesting... it must be completely word of mouth. I saw a few politicians in one of the rooms as we were walking by."

Die nodded a little. "Every secret, so well kept... kept by the patrons because they need their own kept as well, and kept by the staff just because I suppose."

Nick spoke up from the front. "Kept by the staff because they screen us all for people that actually give a shit about the fact that all of you shouldn't be harassed all the time by bullshit paparazzi."

Kyo blinked slightly then grinned, catching Nick's eye in the rearview. "Much appreciated." He shifted slightly and slid his hand over to Die's thigh, returning the other's previous treatment.

Die's fingers crept higher, but not entirely up to completely inappropriate places yet.

Nick smiled. "Always a pleasure."

Die shifted a little to lean over and whisper, "How bad on a scale of 1 to 10 do you need to...?"

Kyo squirmed a bit more, licking his lips as he leaned into Die a bit and whispered back. "About a 7 and a half."

Die felt the shock of arousal buzz through his body like a slap to his groin. He almost didn't catch his groan. Closing his eyes for a moment, he huffed slightly and then squeezed Kyo's leg a bit more. He wouldn't ask for horrible things right then, not with them both being in their best clothing and a person they didn't know hanging out in his front seat.

Kyo shifted and squirmed in the seat, both from arousal and the need to relieve himself. He glanced out the window to see how close to Die's place they were and figured he'd be alright. Looking up at the other, he smirked slightly. "And how are you doing..?"

Die coughed slightly and moved Kyo's fingers about an inch down his thigh, letting him feel the fact that his dick had grown hard in his pants and was currently residing in the only place it could while hard in these pants... down the leg.

Kyo licked his lips and trailed his fingers over said dick, smirking. "I see..."

Die's hips jerked a bit involuntarily, a sound coming out of him that was not at all manly or called for. His lips twitched as he had the absurd want to laugh about his own sound, cheeks heating ever so slightly. "You will," he purred out.

Glancing to the front to make sure Nick was well focused on driving, Kyo slipped his hand along Die's thigh more, unable to help teasing him. "I know..." He leaned in closer to Die's ear. "I want to suck you off so bad right now." He flicked his tongue out to tease the other's earlobe before pulling away entirely.

Die groaned quietly, head flopping back.

Nick cleared his throat a little. "My discretion expands infinitely... just... so you know."

Die looked a little helpless, not wanting to say anything.

Kyo looked up at a Nick and hesitated for a moment before unbuckling his seat belt, leaning down and nuzzle Die's crotch. He knew it had to be the alcohol in his system, because he just didn't care at the moment.

Die let out a little sound, his eyes widening for a moment before he just sank into it, allowing this to happen. He pressed the other down a little, arching his hips up slightly.

Kyo snaked his hand up to unzip Die’s pants, freeing him from the confining material. Bending over more, he brushed his tongue over the tip, groaning softly.

Die grunted and shifted around to help Kyo get his dick out without hurting him. He gasped slightly when the other started licking at the tip of his dick. "O-oh," he hissed out.

Kyo trailed his hand up Die's thigh, scraping him through the material of his pants as he started bobbing his head slowly, glancing up at Die's face as he did.

Nick made sure to stare at the street, driving them a bit below the speed limit to ensure time. Die, for his part, pushed his hand into Kyo's hair, gently running his hands through it while the other sucked him, feeling like heaven right about then.

Kyo hummed softly around Die's cock, pressing his tongue into the slit with a slight groan as he tasted pre-cum. He lifted his head just enough to swirl his tongue around the tip then lowered it again, once more wrapping his lips around Die's length.

Die couldn't resist the urge and slowly tried to push Kyo down once he was going down on him again, seeing how far he could get him without gagging him.

Kyo practically smirked around Die's dick as he felt that hand pushing him and swallowed as best as he could, forcing his throat to relax as he dropped his head down fully, burying his nose into the hair at the base of the other's cock.

Die watched, astonished, as the other took all of him in. He wasn't exactly small in the length category and he knew if he tried it, he'd have choked by now. Just the sight of the first person to ever take all of him in their mouth almost had him cumming. He choked out Kyo's name, hands flailing a bit to try to indicate he wasn't gonna make it if that continued, without having to actually say it.

Kyo just swallowed and worked his throat around Die's cock, breathing through his nose to keep from gagging himself. He moved his hand to grasp Die's, squeezing slightly as if to tell him it was okay to let go.

It was obvious the other wasn't letting up on him at all with this. The problem being, he wasn't sure Kyo could take the fact that it'd been a few days since he'd had any time to actually get off and there'd be... quite a bit of it for him if he did cum. But he didn't have long to debate anything, his body reacting for him instead. He let out a moan worthy of porn, hips jerking the smallest amount as he started to cum.

When the first spurt hit his throat, Kyo groaned and concentrated on swallowing everything Die had to offer, eyes widening with surprise at it seemed to just keep coming. He finally had to pull back some to breath, letting the rest hit him in the face instead. When Die finished, he turned and looked up at him, licking his lips with a smirk. "Die..."

Die let out a little whimper at the volume of what he had released. He swallowed thickly and then gestured Kyo up toward him, moving to wipe the cum off his face with his thumb, slowly allowing Kyo to lick it back off if he so desired. "It's... been a few days," he admitted quietly, earning a chuckle that was covered by a cough from their driver.

Kyo shifted towards Die, chuckling softly as he pulled the other's hand to his lips, cleaning the mess from it. "Mm... I can tell. All the better, baby." He sat back and looked around, spotting a few napkins poking out of the bag from the restaurant and grabbing them, wiping his face off. He leaned over and kissed the other softly, murmuring against his lips. "Nine..."

Die huffed out a soft groan, reaching down to fondle Kyo's crotch. He rubbed over his balls and then lightly over his dick. "We're close," he murmured softly, "just a little longer." He glanced out to see they were about a block from his complex.

Kyo shuddered and pushed into Die's hand, biting his lip to keep from moaning out too loudly though it was probably pointless to keep it to himself. Their driver clearly knew what was going on by this point. He distracted himself from the growing urgency of needing to piss plus the fact that his dick was achingly hard by burying his face against Die's neck, nipping and licking along his jaw. "Fuck, Daisuke... you drive me insane."

Die groaned softly. "I'd well... drive my dick into you, but there wouldn't be time to finish before we got home." He sniffed slightly and rubbed at Kyo's hair a little.

They came to a stop and Nick murmured, "I know the garage here, what's your parking number and I'll let you out here... it's faster." Die opened the door. "Ninety-six," he replied before he got out of the car and waited on Kyo to come out after him.

Kyo let out a soft groan at the thought then took a breath, sliding out when Die opened the door. He turned and reached into his pocket, pulling out a few large bills and pressing them into Nick's hand. "Thank you..." He turned and moved towards Die, shifting slightly in an attempt to make his very obvious boner not so obvious.

Die leaned back in. "Just leave the keys in the glove box and lock the doors. I have a spare set to get in." He just hoped he wasn't doing something stupid. But he knew who to blame if it went missing at least. He headed into the apartment, biting his lip ever so slightly to keep himself from talking until they were out of public view.

Kyo followed Die closely, hands stuffed into his pockets to keep from fidgeting too much. The pressure in his bladder had gotten worse when he'd stood up and he couldn't be happier that they were almost to Die's apartment. When they'd gotten on the elevator, he glanced at Die and let out a breath. "So uhm... think your car will still be there?"

"If it isn't... guess who's paying for it?" He arched an eyebrow at him and then shrugged. Once they were in the elevator, he glanced at the camera. "Stupid camera... I'd have you be naughty as sin, but... again... video would be everywhere. Speaking of which, you never showed me that."

"Mm... true... it'll probably be fine." He chuckled softly and looked up at Die, smirking. "I'd love to be naughty in here but, yeah, camera." He scratched his nose a bit and shifted. "Ah... I didn't, did I? You'll have to remind me when we go back to my place."

Die nodded and the elevator dinged. Die made his way to the apartment and took his time opening the door, even ‘oops’ing about the keys a few times just to see how much worse it made Kyo in the process. It was really turning into a porno scenario and he couldn't have found it more amusing... or arousing.

Kyo fidgeted and squirmed as Die fumbled with the keys, biting his lip to keep from groaning at the "oops". "Problem with the keys? Please tell me you have the right ones."

Die finally slid the right one into the lock and smirked at him. "I'm torturing you for my own means," he replied quietly, opening the door and then slipping inside and making sure he was in the way of Kyo getting to the bathroom.

Kyo growled lowly, the situation becoming quite desperate. "Evil..." He followed Die inside the door, toeing his shoes off then looking at him, noticing his was in the way. "Very evil..." He stood there, gritting his teeth, his hand coming to press against his crotch slightly. "Tell me... how exactly do you want this or rather me... to go?"

Die smirked a little and wet his lips slightly. He turned to Kyo and tilted his head a little. "Somewhere dirty... ah!" He moved to him and began to undo his pants, pushing them off his hips. "Leave the boxers."

Kyo huffed and kicked his pants off the rest of the way, picking them up and laying them over the back of a chair, going ahead and doing the same with his jacket and shirt, standing there finally in just his boxers, shivering a bit. "Die..."

Die pulled the other to him, gently kissing his lips as he pushed his own jacket off, tossing it aside to pick up off the chair later. He pulled back and gestured Kyo after him. "Any dirty whim? Any at all?"

Kyo kissed Die back with just a hint of impatience there. He considered the question for a moment then licked his lips. "You're running the show tonight, baby... but... I want you to choke me." He looked at Die, flushing slightly at the request... hoping it was alright.

Die winked at him. "That, I can do." He headed for the bathroom, leaving a trail of shoes and socks and pants and finally his shirt, leaving him in boxer briefs and a wife beater. He stepped into the bathroom and settled down on the closed toilet lid, confessing, "I've done unspeakable things in here... do something unspeakable."

Kyo shivered again at the very thought, eagerly following Die into the bathroom, enjoying the shedding of clothes. When the other sat on the toilet, thus blocking it from his use, he quirked an eyebrow up, licking his lips. "Baby, I'm so close to just pissing myself and you're in my way. So either move or I'm going to piss on you." He ran his hand over his crotch again, groaning.

Die arched an eyebrow at him. "You can think of something more fun than that... come on. It's a room suited for being honestly hosed down." He pointed at the drain in the floor. "Have fun with this." He knew it was for him, but he didn't see how it couldn't at least make someone's heart thump to do something dirty in the wrong place.

Kyo chuckled softly and took a step back, considering his options before moving over the counter and hopping up onto it, leaning his back against the mirror and looking at Die as he pulled his dick out of his boxers, managing to give it a couple of strokes before spreading his legs and letting loose a stream of piss into the floor, groaning lowly with sheer relief.

Die watched Kyo, wondering what on earth he was doing. He sort of leered at Kyo as he started to piss on the floor. Die moved from the toilet then, closer to the counter, leaning in and stroking Kyo's thigh as he partook in Die's perhaps most interesting fetish. "Doesn't it feel good? Just letting go? Doing this wherever? In such a dirty fashion?"

Kyo groaned and nodded, pushing the stream out harder, watching it hit and spatter on the floor. "Yes..." He turned to look at Die, smirking at him as he managed to stop the stream. "Gimme your shirt."

Die arched an eyebrow at him, but pulled it off and handed it over to him, reaching just after to touch the tip of Kyo's cock, rubbing around the small drop of piss there for a moment before pulling his hand away.

Kyo let out a moan when Die touched him, unable to help the dribble of piss that leaked out when he did. He took Die's shirt though and tossed it down, licking his lips as he started pissing again, this time onto the other's shirt, groaning as he pushed the rest of it out, the end coming out in little spurts. "Ah... God."

Die chuckled. "Dirty, dirty boy." He rubbed his hands over the other's thighs and chuckled softly as he squeezed out the last bit of piss. "Feel better, baby?" he asked softly. He shifted toward him and pressed up against the sheer front of the counter, his dick hard and feeling nice pressed against the cool counter.

Kyo reached out and ran his hand over Die's arm, licking his lips. "Yes, lots... aside from being harder than hell." He gestured down to his cock which was swollen and slightly red. The act of pissing on things not really doing anything for him so much as Die's reaction to it. "What about you?"

Die licked his lips a little and then took Kyo's hand, guiding it down to his dick. He arched into his hand and moaned softly. "Let's make this not typical... you fuck me... and I'll choke you when I think the time's right."

Kyo wrapped his hand around Die's cock, stroking him slowly and nodding. "Sounds good to me baby... but don't hold back when you do."

Die peered up at Kyo, his eyes reflecting a bit of an issue with that, but he nodded anyway. It was fine, he knew he could hold back when the time came.

Kyo smiled almost softly and leaned forward to nip at Die's bottom lip as his hand worked his length. "I trust you..."

Die arched into the touch of the other's hand and groaned happily. It always just felt so right with Kyo and that was something he honestly cherished.

Kyo toyed with Die's dick a bit longer then let go, grasping the other man's hand and pulling him into the bedroom, going ahead and getting the lube out. "Prep yourself for me baby?"

Die plopped down on the bed and managed to get all of his clothing off and then grabbed the lube that Kyo offered him. "Always," he murmured, taking the lube and uncapping it, spreading some on his fingers. He gave Kyo a sultry look.

Kyo watched Die, smirking a bit, leaning over and kissing him deeply as he pushed the other's hand downward. "You're so damn sexy Die."

Die chuckled softly and then pushed his hand down to between his legs. One finger slowly slipped into his ass, a moan bubbling up from his throat. He threw his head back and he smirked up at the ceiling. "I once did this on the bus... everyone was on board while I fingered myself in my bunk."

Kyo let out a sound at the sight then again at Die's admission, his hand slipping down to his own cock, stroking it a few times. "Oh yeah? What were you thinking about?"

"How much I wanted to be fucked," Die hissed out. "God... I wanted someone to fuck the hell out of me... and there wasn't anyone." He shrugged. "So I used my fingers."

Kyo chuckled softly and shook his head. "Too bad you didn't have the balls to crawl into my bunk with me... I'd have fucked you straight into the middle of next week." He narrowed his eyes slightly. "Just as I'm about to do now."

Die let out a groan. "God... if I'd known so long ago. My sex life would have been so much better." He pushed a second finger in and groaned, his dick twitching with pleasure.

He nodded, reaching out to wrap his fingers around Die's dick again, stroking him slowly as he leaned down to flick his tongue over the other's nipple. "The feeling's mutual, baby."

Die huffed out a groan as the other started to stroke his dick. He shivered a little, feeling his nipples start to harden with his arousal. "Fuck," he hissed out, shivering slightly as he pushed his third finger in.

Kyo couldn't help touching his lover, moving his mouth to the other nipple, drawing the pert bud between his teeth as he swiped his thumb over the tip of Die's dick, glancing down to see a third finger disappear into his body.

Die groaned the moment that Kyo's mouth touched his nipple. He reached to push his head down against himself even more. "O-oh god," he whispered softly, thrusting his fingers a few times before he pulled them out. "Give it to me, baby."

Kyo bit onto Die's nipple before pulling back, grabbing up the lube and smearing some on his cock before grasping Die's thighs and positioning himself between them, pausing briefly to sweep his eyes over the gorgeous sight under him then thrust his hips forward, sinking himself to the hilt in Die's body with a loud moan.

Die let out a sharp cry as the other thrust into his body, shivering slightly and reaching to clamp his hands on Kyo's biceps, clinging to him. "Fuck... oh god... yes... fuck me."

Kyo slid his hands up to Die's hips and got a tight hold as he started at a frantic pace, pounding him into the mattress as inhumane sounds ripped from his lips. "Fuck! Die!"

Die's face instantly went slightly red, his arousal skyrocketing incredibly as the other began to fuck him so hard. He let out a series of noises that should really have belonged to a girl rather than a grown man, humping upward over and over.

Die's noises only served to push Kyo further, his hips snapping hard against Die's body, the sound of skin against skin echoing around the room.

Die let out a string of high-pitched curses, his head falling backwards. "Oh god! Oh fuck! Oh, KYO!" he cried out as he felt his body ramping up toward cumming. He was already so close it was almost pathetic.

Kyo grabbed one of Die's legs, pushing it up against his chest and changing the angle of his thrusts, suddenly wanting to see the other lose it without him even touching his dick.

Die let out a moan that was significantly manlier than the rest of the sounds he'd been making, his hips snapping up. After a moment, he started to cum, his jizz splattering all over his own stomach and chest.

Kyo groaned and let go of Die's leg in favor of running his hand over Die's dick, smearing it through the mess he was still in the process of making, his pace barely slowing. "Hnng... Die!"

Die whimpered a little and then moaned as the other ran his hand over his dick. It was so sensitive and he loved it. "Oh god," he hissed out. "Fuck me... god fuck me and fucking scream for me, baby!"

Kyo gladly complied, placing his hands on either side of Die and ramming into him as hard as he could, shuddering as he repeatedly filled the other. He was panting heavily and getting so close to his own release, he knew it would take a little more. "Fuck yes! Dai~suke!!"

Die lifted one slim leg, wrapping it around the other and arching up into him so that his dick started to hit his prostate. Once again, those special noises began pouring out of him, his pleasure quite intense again.

Kyo moaned and shifted his hand to hold onto Die's leg, his nails biting into the skin there. He couldn't think anymore, pleasure fogging his brain as his hips did the work for him then suddenly he let out another beastly cry akin to the ones he did onstage and he was cumming deep within Die's body, shaking from the effort as spurt after spurt filled the other's passage.

Die let out a pleased moan as the other started to cum, the sound only spurring him on to feeling absolutely amazing. He let out a soft whine and then started trying to pull Kyo down on top of himself, panting quietly.

Kyo slumped against Die when he pulled him, groaning softly as he still moved his hips though not as forceful as before, his body shuddering. "Hng..."

His arms wrapped around Kyo and he buried his face in the other's neck, trembling slightly. "You're... oh god. This... fuck."

Kyo slipped his arms under Die and held him close, pressing his forehead against the other's hair. He opened his mouth to speak but only ended up letting out a soft sound, simply nodding and hoping Die understood.

Die just stroked the other's back gently, looking pleased and rather sated, actually. A slow smile came across his face.

Kyo sighed softly and shifted, finding Die's lips with his own and kissing him deeply. He pulled away after a moment and looked into the other's eyes. "Die... I… can't even put into words what I want to say... what... my heart wants to say. It goes so far beyond...'I love you'..." He flushed and trembled a bit as he practically bared his very soul to the other.

Die kissed him back happily, feeling like it was the most intimate thing he'd experienced so far. He listened to the other's confession, the look on his face one of pure bliss. He wet his lips a little and gently caressed the other's cheek. "You never cease to make the happiest man on the planet."

Kyo nuzzled into Die's hand, closing his eyes and smiling softly. "I hope I never do..."

He gently stroked over the other's cheek and then slid his hand down his chest. "You won't... you couldn't." He gave him a gentle smile. "I just hope I never disappoint you."

He turned and nuzzled Die's cheek, shaking his head. "I doubt that’s possible, baby..." He laid for a moment the chuckled softly. "Next thing you know… we'll be writing love songs."

Die held up his hand. "Nooooo, oh no we don't. The fans would abandon us because they'll claim to have no idea what love is and say they don't 'feel' us anymore."

Kyo snorted and shook his head. "Kaoru wouldn't let it even get that far."

"Definitely not." He laughed softly and then reached to gently go back to hugging the other. "I love you," he murmured quietly.

"Mm and I love you, too." He gladly curled back into their embrace, forgetting anything else and letting the world stop spinning for that moment that he never wanted to end.

Die peered up at him and then looked embarrassed. "Uh... I totally forgot to do what I promised. So... you know what that means, right?"

Kyo turned and kissed Die's reddened cheek. "Mm I forgot, too, but... what's that?"

"You'll just have to fuck me again so I can do it this time!" He smirked slightly.

Kyo laughed and shifted slightly, pulling out of Die's body. "I think... that will require a few things... like water, another piss, and maybe something sugary!"

Die smirked at him and then patted him slightly. "Yeah, that's a good point." He pinched his side slightly. "Mmm... we'll go pee first."

Kyo nodded and moved away from Die, wincing slightly as they full disconnected, sticky mess and all, letting out an unmanly squeak when Die pinched his side. "Works for me..."

Die let out something that resembled his orgasm sound, but was supposed to be a laugh. He winked and then got up, groping Kyo's ass on the way past him. "Sexy beast."

Kyo snorted then growled, shaking his ass for Die's benefit then returning the favor, getting a handful of the other's ass, which was really all it was. "Back at ya, baby." He followed him into the bathroom and went to the sink, grabbing a washcloth to wipe most of the mess off of himself then tossing it to Die. "Just so we won't be so sticky."

Die took the washcloth and then peered at the floor, making a bit of a face. He'd forgotten he hadn't cleaned the floor from Kyo's previous bladder explosion. His shirt was still lying there soaked and the smell of stale piss was in the room. He grabbed his shirt and tossed it in the tub, then took the sprayer from the tub and turned it on, pointing it at the floor and washing away all Kyo had done the first time. Then he moved to put it back, sitting down on the toilet and not bothering to tuck his dick in. He glanced at Kyo and blushed a little. "My guilty drunk pleasure... is doing this." He started to go, piss just sort of splattering out on the tiles in front of him, some of it hitting the wall and in general it just making a big mess for what wasn't even a full bladder.

Kyo watched Die and chuckled softly as he cleaned the mess up then cocked his head when the other sat on the toilet and started going. "Well... I could think of worse guilty pleasures." With that, he grinned wide and stepped near Die though not in the path of his stream and reached down, grasping his dick and letting his own piss free with a sigh, just taking some sort of basic pleasure in all out pissing on the floor.

Die's eyes moved to Kyo, watching him with obvious interest. It wasn't something he could hide; he'd never been able to. It was why he'd stop midstream and suffer just to get the fuck out of the men's room if someone else came in to piss. He chuckled. "Learning to enjoy it on some level?"

Kyo snorted and finished up, shrugging. "Pissing on things amuses me right now but... the fact that it does turn you on can turn me on as well, if that makes sense."

"Half the fun is the amusement... and the dirty aspect of it. Things you're told you shouldn't do since you were a child." He leveled his gaze with Kyo's eyes and smirked. "Ask Kaoru, I'm pretty sure he at least understood it as a child with all his stories of peeing on people's hats and off balconies." He stood up and then grabbed the sprayer again, cleaning up their messes.

Kyo laughed and nodded. "I can see that... and you've got a great system here to indulge in your dirty little fetish." He said the last part with a wink then grabbed a bit of toilet paper to dab his dick off before tossing it and wandering back out towards Die's kitchen, glancing at the strawberries on the counter. "We never did have that bubble bath."

Die chuckled a little and followed the other into the kitchen. "Oh shit! God... I completely got sidetracked with you squirming and all." He blushed. "But, bubble bath sounds good to me. Come on." He grabbed everything and then headed for the bathroom again. He held up a hand. "Hold on." He shut the door and quickly went about digging some stuff from under the counter. First, he dried the floor and then cleaned off his shirt, hanging it up over the towel rack and then started to draw the bath, putting in some bubble bath that smelled like cherry blossoms and patchouli. Then he set up a few candles and lit them with a lighter from his pants in the corner of the room. Next he put the strawberries on the small side area built for putting your book or whatever on once you were done with your bath. And finally, he opened the wine and poured it into the two glasses he'd grabbed. Putting those on the small table as well, he shut off the water and then opened the door, flicking off the light. "Come in."

Kyo blinked, a little startled at Die's sudden actions and the door closing on him. He chuckled softly as he heard the bath running then grinned when Die opened the door to reveal the epitome of a romantic bath, complete with candles and fragrant bubbles. ""

Die beamed at him and led him in, careful to avoid the piles of clothing and still slightly damp areas of the floor. He chuckled as he helped Kyo into the bath. "From dirty to romance in what... three minutes?"

Kyo smirked and leaned up to kiss Die on the cheek. "Yep, all that's missing are the rose petals and violin music." He grinned and stepped into the bath, sinking into the scented water with a sigh. "Mmm... I haven't had a proper soaking bath in forever.”

Die settled in opposite Kyo and he smiled softly. "You really should more often," he murmured. "It's relaxing and it's helpful, especially right before we leave on a tour."

Kyo hummed softly and dipped his head down under the water the came back up, turning to lean against Die's chest. "Well, I've gone to the local baths a few times but it's difficult to catch them at a totally dead time and my tattoos are frowned upon."

Die nodded and held up his hand. "I got turned away after getting this. They're really fucking picky about it." He ran his hands over Kyo's tattoos. "Well... Die's Bath is open to you any time, baby. We enjoy tattoos here."

Kyo chuckled softly and grabbed Die's hand, pressing his lips to the inked portion of skin. "Mm, I will probably continually take you up on that offer. Little known fact about Kyo number eleven something: He loves baths." He tilted his head forward, giving Die a better view of his tattooed skin.

Die allowed Kyo to kiss his skin and then smirked softly when the other showed him more of his skin. He reached to rub over his back, enjoying the feel of it and the look of his fingers over his skin. "You're gorgeous... every bit of ink and every single scar... I love every inch of you."

Kyo shivered as Die's hands ran over his skin, a blush creeping up on his cheeks. "I'm glad." He moved the other's hand to his chest, over the worse of the scars there. "I have so many."

Die's fingers traced them by memory, so many hours he'd spent looking at Kyo without the other even knowing how he was looking exactly. He leaned in to kiss his shoulder blade gently. "I can't say I know them all... but I know most of them." He closed his eyes and then whispered, "The nights you passed out after you got off the stage..." this was hard for him to admit and his throat sort of choked up on him, "Someone took care of you... cleaned your wounds and bandaged you up... that someone... that was me." He was very quiet by the end, his cheek resting on Kyo's shoulder.

Kyo sighed softly as Die touched him where he'd practically ripped himself up, clawing at inner pain that nothing could reach. At the other's confession, he blinked and swallowed a few times, something about it sinking deep into his heart. "Oh...Die...." He reached back and ran his fingers through Die's hair, blinking a bit too much as he murmured. "Thank you."

Die's lips touched Kyo's neck gently and he managed a tiny little smile, though it was a bit shaky. "I never knew how to tell you... I always thought you'd maybe be mad at me for the fact that I sort of did it behind your back... and that you were always out cold when I would."

Kyo let out a choked sort of sound then cleared his throat and shook his head. "I don't know how I would've reacted then... but I'm glad you went to all that trouble. God knows the infections I could have gotten... I guess I just always assumed it was Nora or some staff member." He petted Die's hair and swallowed again. "Somehow though... the fact that you did it, even though you must've been exhausted yourself... just... thank you."

Die closed his eyes, trying not to let the tears overflow that wanted to, trying not to show just how weak he was with this. He swallowed thickly and then whispered out, "I've always been there for you, Kyo. Through thick and thin, it's always been me. No one else ever knew. And it never mattered that I was exhausted. I couldn't let you hurt yourself like that and then just leave it. It hurt me too much to leave it."

Kyo opened his mouth to respond then just shook his head and turned, wrapping his arms tightly around Die's waist and burying his head against the other's chest, ignoring the fact that he knew his shoulders were shaking. He couldn't hold it in, his emotions were too strong. Just knowing that someone had cared when he was at his lowest points and felt worse than scum on someone's shoe... it was too much for him. Especially since that person was Die.

Die held him close, his own tears escaping down his cheeks, a faint tremble in his own frame from it as well. "I love you... I've always loved you." He buried his face in the other's hair and just held him there, stroking over his back gently.

Kyo practically clung to Die, quietly sniffing as he whispered hoarsely. "I love you, too... I'm so sorry... it took so long."

Die just smiled softly and rubbed over his hair gently. "It's okay... we're together now. That's what matters." He framed Kyo's face with his hands and leaned in to kiss him again, just treasuring lips against lips before he pulled back and nuzzled his nose against Kyo's own. His fingers moved to run over one deep scar. "This one... I'm so sorry. I couldn't do anything about it. It needed stiches and I didn't know how until the next tour."

Kyo gave Die a somewhat watery smile and kissed him back softly then glanced down at the scar in question, reaching up to run his fingers over it. "I thought it might but at the time... I didn't ca- wait, you've stitched me up before?"

Die flushed a little and then nodded. "Yeah... this one," he touched it, "and this one," he touched one on his abdomen that was nothing but a faint line. "That one was second... I did a much better job. It was easy, you always left them covered until the next show and most of them you did the worst were the last shows. So I got the quick dissolving ones and by the time you uncovered it, you probably just thought it was a piece of the gauze or something."

Kyo's hand followed Die's, his eyes blinking. "...Wow. I knew some of them had been stitched but again… I just assumed staff or even a doctor. I never asked." He looked up at Die and leaned in to kiss him again, drawing this one out, softly whispering, "I love you," against his lips. He knew then that he wanted to do something big for Die, he just didn't know what yet. "You're amazing Daisuke."

"I just... I care," he murmured softly. Nuzzling the other gently, he smiled. "You know... those nights... the nights I took care of you, I slept better than I usually did."

Kyo smiled up at him. "Really? Why's that?" He reached up and cupped the other's cheek, caressing his skin lightly.

"Because I knew you were at least taken care of. I didn't lay there worrying about what was going on or how you'd wake up in the morning. It left me with only the worry of if you were okay... and that never goes away." He reached to run his hand over the ear Kyo used to have all his piercings in. "Tell me... why'd you take them all out?"

He leaned into Die's touch, blushing and somehow feeling guilty for ever having made him worry. At the question about his piercings, he looked away and sighed softly. "Her again… she hated them... threatened to pull them out in my sleep."

Die's mouth tightened a little and he frowned. "I'll never tell you what to do like that. You're not one to be caged like that... you're like... a gazelle. It's a tragedy to see a gazelle in a small pen with nowhere to run, no freedom to move as it pleases."

Kyo's mouth widened into a grin at the analogy. "Mm I appreciate that... but I prefer lion." He nuzzled into Die's neck, rubbing a hand over the other's chest. "I feel freedom with you. More so than when I was alone. It's like you've cut the ropes that kept me trapped within myself."

Die smiled softly at the other. "You know... I have spent most of the time I've been in love with you wishing I'd hear something like that from you. And here we are, you telling me this and it just makes me the happiest man." He reached to run his fingers over Kyo's arms, eyes following the path until he got to one wrist, a faint frown coming over him for a second before he covered it. He still remembered that night, that show... and how terrified he'd been at how much Kyo slashed at that wrist. And he remembered uncovering the bloody mess later that night, taking the chance when the other had simply gone to bed, and he still remembered how he'd almost lost it then, seeing the beautiful tattoo shredded, the blood, the gashes, and knowing he couldn't even begin to fix it without waking the other man. He'd pretty much had to clean it and walk away and that had been the hardest thing he'd done in all his years.

Kyo smiled softly then followed Die's fingers with his eyes, his smile sliding from his lips and becoming a frown as he pulled his wrist away to look at the ugly scar there. He swallowed painfully and leaned into Die, sighing softly. "I feel like... I owe my life to you."

Die closed his eyes for a moment and then reached for his arm again, pulling it to his body and gently running his fingers over the scars there. "You know the maybe best and worst part of all of this?"

Kyo licked his lips and turned to look up at Die. "What's that?"

"Some of the best and worst nights of my life have been things you probably never considered to have been connected to me at all." He gave him a wry little smile. "I guess... in a way... some would consider all I've done to be fucking crazy."

Kyo hummed and shook his head, shifting so he could place a few soft kisses on Die's neck. "You are fucking crazy, baby... but that aside, what exactly sort of things do you mean?"

"Well... this night, for example." He touched his wrist again. "Was quite possibly the worst night of my life, closely rivaled by the night I actually thought you might have overdosed on something. Of course, I was wrong... but... that does not change how I thought things were at the time."

Kyo winced slightly at the thought of having caused Die any sort of pain and he nuzzled into him, sighing. "I had no idea anyone even... noticed. I suppose I was too locked in my own personal hell to realize that I wasn't alone."

"And best... the times I could make you smile at me even through your own blinding haze. The days you'd actually tell me things that you hadn't told anyone else. And one night... I thought it was the best night of my life... but I was wrong, because the first night we got together and the night you finally told me you loved me are the best... but what I thought was the best was the night you got trashed with me and... well... I don't honestly think you remember shit. But... you kissed me. Of course, then you puked on me, but... hey, worth it."

Kyo listened to Die talk, smiling a bit then letting out a laugh at the kissing part. "Oh, no, I really don't remember kissing you but I do remember getting trashed with you and then kissing some..." he blinked up at Die, "...chick. Oh man, that was you!" He laughed louder this time.

Die snorted a little. "Oh dear sweet, Kyo... if you thought I was a girl then you must have thought I was a chick with a raging hard-on pressed against your fucking hip." He laughed. "You sort of squirm a lot when you're drunk and I damn near had to carry you back to the room that night."

Kyo chuckled and shook his head. "I have the tendency to not pay attention when I'm drunk. Probably would've noticed when you started to stick it in my ass though." He grinned then tugged Die down for a kiss.

"Hey! I never went for it... I could have, granted. But I wasn't about to. It only would have hurt me more in the end." He leaned in to allow the kiss to happen, sighing softly and then remembering the strawberries and wine mid-kiss.

Kyo snorted then kissed Die before raising an eyebrow when the other seemed to stop. "Uh... baby? What? Do I have bad breath all of a sudden?"

Die chuckled. "No, I just remembered the strawberries and wine. I didn't mean to stop." He smirked a bit and shook his head. "Apparently I can only think on one thing at a time right now."

Kyo grinned and reached for their wine, handing a glass to Die then grabbed the strawberries as well. "Well, that's funny because I was thinking about how nice your lips would taste with a hint of strawberries."

Die flushed slightly. "Well... I have to say, I think they taste marvelous with strawberry, but that's just me." He smirked a little and took the glass, then a strawberry, holding it to Kyo's lips for him to take a bite first.

Kyo laughed softly then leaned forward and bit into the strawberry, mming at its sweetness. He smirked then flicked his tongue out, catching the rest of the berry with it, making sure to graze over Die's fingers as he did. "I've got to hand it to that restaurant, those are some delicious strawberries." He turned and picked one up for Die, holding it to his lips in the same manner as Die did his own.

"Baby, they're amazing. Period. That's why I use them." He smirked slightly and then leaned in to get his strawberry, making a show of eating it and moaning as he did so.

Kyo hummed then watched Die eat the strawberry, letting out a little groan of his own as the other made it down right erotic. "...Tease." He reached for another, but instead put it between his teeth with most of it sticking out.

Die licked his lips when he was done, smirking. "I'm always a tease, my sweet." He chuckled and then moved to take the other half of the strawberry, kissing Kyo gently after he had it in his mouth and then pulling back and chewing it, swallowing.

Kyo chewed his bite then took a sip of wine. "I won't disagree with you there... strutting about on stage, humping your guitar." He smirked. "Letting your hair flow like a damn shampoo commercial. You don't know how many times I wanted to catch that hair and pull it ‘til you screamed..."

Die let his mouth hang open for a moment and then laughed. "Humping my guitar?! I have never!" But the next part shut him up and he chuckled. "Mmm... I don't think I'd react well to that, but you could try. Last person who pulled it got smacked."

Kyo snorted. "You have so… and that's too bad, but I might try it sometime. If you smack me though, I'll smack you back." He grabbed another berry and held it up for Die. "What else don't you like?"

Die laughed. "That could be... eventful. Slappy-cuffs." He eyeballed the other. "Please do explain how I've humped my guitar and then I'll tell you other things I don't like."

Kyo chuckled and shook his head. "The way you move your hips when you're playing it sometimes. Not to mention the look of pure bliss on your face."

Die flushed a little. "Okay, I see your point. But if I were legitimately humping it, fans would fucking cream their panties." He chuckled a little and then took a long drink from his wine glass before leveling his gaze with Kyo. "Things I hate... rape scenarios. Let's say..." he looked a little uncomfortable, "it brings back some unwanted memories."

Kyo snorted. "Hell, I don't blame them. I'm not sure I'd be able to hold back myself." He took a drink as well then looked at Die, his eyes darkening as he mentioned rape. "....I see." He frowned, wanting to ask but didn't want to push Die or bring up those unwanted memories.

Die looked to the side and pursed his lips a little. "If you want to know, you can ask. I'll tell you... though I've never told anyone else in my life." And that included the therapist he'd been required to go to because he'd been acting 'weird'.

Kyo reached out and ran his hand over Die's cheek. "I do want to know but only if you feel comfortable telling me."

Die leaned closer to the other, sighing softly. "You'd think I was going to come out with some huge rape story after all of that, wouldn't you?" He gave a rueful little look. "But... it's actually really not... that huge." He sighed. "You remember how I was 'sick' for like two weeks back in the end of 06?"

He blinked slightly then nodded, still frowning. "I remember and I remember your frequent visits to the 'doctor' as well." There hadn't been much information given to them at all, just that Die was "sick".

Die made a face. "The label sent me to counseling because apparently they didn't quite understand what was going on with me, only that I wasn't acting 'right'." He shrugged a little. "Counselor said I was acting out in response to 'massive trauma'. But... the worst part is all that happened to me was that one of the bands on family values got me trashed one night... to the point that I had pretty much no filter left and started confessing some of my er... tendencies. The next night, the sort of blackmailed me with them, said they'd put the videos up if I didn't do what they told me to for each and every single video. That's... sort of how a few got put up on the internet. I decided there were some things I just wasn't going to do."

Kyo frowned and felt a sort of anger bubbling in him, suddenly wishing he could beat the shit out of each and every one of the people that blackmailed Die. "And what sort of things were they asking you to do exactly?"

Die pursed his lips a little and then looked down, looking ashamed. "Mostly... drugs. Once they had me fucking high as hell, they asked for other things.... sexual favors. It wasn't like they held me down and made me... it wasn't rape in that sense, but it also wasn't like if I hadn't been high, I would have done it with those people." He frowned a little. "The funny part... it's not even the sex that bothers me to this day, it's the fact that they pretty much almost shoved a few of those pills down my throat at one point."

Kyo sighed and brushed Die's hair back. "That's... awful. No wonder you initially protested our return to the US... I'd wondered why you were so against it when you seemed to have had so much fun the first go round."

Die frowned a little. "I was so scared we'd end up bumping into those fucking jackasses again." He shook his head. "But it turned out to be so good for us... and in the end, for me. So many good friends have come of it." He gave Kyo a little smile. "Please... don't tell anyone about the drugs. I told the counselor about the sex part, but not the drugs. It could have ended me... us... the whole fucking band."

Kyo nodded his head, still frowning. "I won't tell anyone... why would I?" He contemplated Die's story, the whole idea of it making him slightly ill. After a moment though, he shook his head and picked up another berry, offering it to Die. "You know what though...?"

Die took it in his fingers and bit off half of it, then the other half, putting the stem aside. Once he'd swallowed, he murmured, "What?"

Kyo leaned forward and pressed his lips to Die's. "I love you."

Die couldn't help but smile at that. It was a little answer to his huge confession. "I love you, too," he replied, happy to be able to reply rather than start the exchange. "And on a less horribly personal note... I don't like cock rings."

Kyo laughed. "I'm not fond of them either. At least, not when I'm the one wearing it."

"What about you? Anything you're horribly against?" He tilted his head a little.

Kyo licked his lips and huffed out a breath. "I despise being called 'daddy'. It will wilt my erection in 2 seconds flat.”

Die let out a laugh. "Oh lord almighty, who tried to call you daddy?"

Kyo snorted. "A couple of exes tried it… and one tranny I picked up in a seedy bar in Hong Kong."

"I'm afraid I'd just end up laughing if I tried." He smirked. "Cannot even remotely think of you as being a daddy during sex." He squinted a little. "Don't take this the wrong way, because I'm not even remotely into him... but Kaoru could be a daddy during sex."

Kyo just bust out laughing. "Oh..oh ho..I could imagine it. 'Oh daddy Kaoru! Spank me~!'" He laughed harder, reaching down to clutch his side.

Die smirked and shook his head. "Dude... he's a daddy if I've ever seen one. I bet all the little girlies cry it to him when he fucks them hard." He finished off his glass of wine and poured another, offering to top off Kyo's.

Kyo snorted and nodded to the wine, taking a long drink when Die topped it off. "That and all the little twinks..."

Die grinned, putting the bottle back and letting out a soft huff. "Now... back to the more interesting point... Kyo has fucked a tranny in Hong Kong. For the love of god... story."

Kyo winced slightly, having the decency to look a bit ashamed of himself. "Well, you know when we first went to Hong Kong and we partied for like three days straight? Well... I went off on my own after way too many glasses of whatever liquor was being pushed at me and ended up in this bar. It was a helluva place too. Covered in neon signs. I guess the lights attracted me or something but the next thing I knew, I was sitting at a table there and this 'woman' was pushing her rack in my face. Being drunk, I thought it'd be a great time for a fuck so we went back to her motel room nearby and well, I got quite a surprise when I took off her skirt to find a raging erection." He laughed and shook his head.

Die arched an eyebrow at the other and then smirked. "Oh thank god. I'm not the only one with drunk dumbassery stories." He shook his head a little. "I have very few words. New York City. Two entire six packs and five shots of whiskey. And two women... right in front of the fans."

Kyo shook his head. "Ah yes, that little incident....I whore." He winked to let Die know he was teasing.

Die snorted. "Best part... I didn't even get anything out of it except a bad rep. Went back to the hotel and I couldn't get hard and then I ended up puking." He snorted. "Go me!" He held up his glass in a mock toast. "Thank god I'm done with the days of pretending I like vagina."

Kyo snorted and leaned forward, nipping Die's bottom lip. "Agreed..." He'd always wondered if the other really and truly liked the fangirls hanging off him like that, finding it skeezy more than anything. Of course, it might also have been jealousy that made him want to pry the hussies off with a crowbar.

Die let out a half-hearted chuckle. "Mmm... I tended to be stupid with things I guess. Let's hope I'm over stupid." He glanced at Kyo and gave him a sheepish look.

Kyo chuckled softly. "I dunno, you may be committing your stupidest act yet." He gave Die a half serious look then smiled. "I think our strawberries are about gone and the water's gotten cold."

Die snorted. "If this is a mistake, then it'll surely be the greatest I've ever made." He reached to pull the plug on the tub, waiting until it was about 2/3 of the way down and then standing up, offering to help Kyo up as well.

Kyo got on his knees and found that he was face-to-dick with Die and smirked, leaning forward and giving the other a little lick before grasping his hand and standing. "We'll see..."

Die let out a gasp, his eyes wide as he stared down at the other. "Gah!" He pulled the other up when his hand was offered and then chuckled. "We'll shower off real fast." He reached to put the wine glasses and bottle out and then pulled the curtain, turning on the sprayer.

Kyo laughed and nodded, moving under the water for a moment, letting the bubble bath rinse off of him. "Ahh the bath was amazing, baby."

"Good, that was the point." He leaned in to kiss him gently, reaching to get the shower gel and starting to rub Kyo down with it.

He chuckled softly and kissed Die back. "True..." He held out his arms for Die, letting him wash him. "You can do this anytime you want, by the way... after every show." He smirked a bit, knowing that if Die got within ten feet of him after a show now, he'd probably end up having his way with him right then and there.

Die smirked a little at him, refraining from telling him that he'd once ended up having to bathe him when he'd had the flu and gone about beating himself anyway, thus ending up in him passing out and puking on himself. That... just wasn't romantic at all.

Kyo looked up when Die's hands paused, raising an eyebrow. "And what are you thinking about?"

"Uh," he let out, pursing his lips a little and then flushing. "Nothing... nothing at all."

"Sure… I believe that... but whatever. I think it's your turn now." He grinned and pecked Die on the lips before rinsing off quickly and grabbing the shower gel, soaping Die up slowly, taking his time to feel the other's body.

Die sort of lounged half against the wall while the other started to work on him. "Hey... a man's allowed to have his secrets. Just the small ones."

Kyo hummed softly, nodding. He had a few of his own that he had yet to divulge to anyone. "I agree, just promise me you'll tell me the important stuff?" He continued rubbing soap over Die's body, more or less just feeling him up at this point.

Die nodded. "As long as you promise that as well." He didn't want to be stuck with something huge that wasn't told between them, for certain.

Kyo nodded as well then stepped back. "I think you're clean enough." He grinned and moved so Die could rinse.

Die shifted to rinse off, doing so quickly and then smiling a little at the other as he shut off the water and pushed the curtain back, grabbing a towel and passing it to Kyo, getting one for himself as well.

Kyo took the towel and patted himself dry before stepping out of the tub and scrubbing it over his hair. "I'm fairly certain I've told you every big secret I have... and if I've forgotten one or two, forgive me. It's not because I want to keep it from you or anything. I just can't remember." He laughed slightly then turned to hang the towel up.

Die gave him a small smile and nodded. "I... have a few, I always do. But it's sort of like... timing matters on them, you know?"

He gave Die a half smile and nodded. "I understand completely, baby." He moved over to Die to wrap his arms around his waist, nuzzling his still damp chest.

He ran his hands over Kyo's hair and then huffed out a soft sound. "Did you want to go and er... do what I promised and then didn't?"

Kyo laughed softly and looked up at Die, reaching up to cup his cheek. "Actually... I was thinking.. .it'd be nice if you just..." He paused and looked away slightly, his cheeks flushing. "...made love to me."

Die's eyes brightened at the prospect. That sounded much better to him, like something he could for sure do after all the confessing he'd just done. He brushed his knuckles over Kyo's cheek and smiled happily. "Of course, baby."

Kyo smiled softly and leaned into Die's touch, running his hand over the other's bare chest. "That smile, that one that you have now... I think it could pull me from the darkest depths."

Die flushed a little and ducked his head slightly. "I'm glad it'd be such an easy task. This smile... has almost always had something to do with you." He led him toward the bedroom, ditching his towel on the washer along the way.

Kyo found himself blushing at the thought and just simply squeezed Die's hand as they walked into the bedroom, moving to sit on the edge of the bed.

Die moved onto the bed and lay down on his side, gently nudging Kyo to follow him. "Come here... lay down with me."

Kyo did as he was asked, crawling up the bed and lying next to Die, reaching out to run a hand over the other's shoulder.

The guitarist pulled him close, looping one leg over him and nuzzling into him gently, kissing at his neck and moving ever so sweetly against him, not pushing anything and certainly not going fast.

He sighed softly and closed his eyes, running his fingers through his lover's hair, shivering at the intimate contact.

Things progressed ever so slowly forward, Die feeling like he was on top of the world as he pretty much coaxed Kyo into wanting him even more. He moaned quietly against his lover's lips, gently rolling him over to press between his legs, body rubbing against the other's.

Kyo let out his own soft moan as Die moved against him, his body responding as he rolled his hips upward, his hands moving to explore the other's spine. He turned his head to nuzzle and kiss along Die's neck, ever so slightly grazing his teeth over the skin.

Die moaned quietly, enjoying the way the other was arching toward him, obviously wanting him just as much he wanted him. He took his sweet time, continuing with what they were doing and then eventually going about finding the lube and moving to try to get down to start prepping the other.

The vocalist sighed with pleasure as they moved together, his arousal growing further as he felt Die responding to their actions. When the other moved between his legs, he parted them and gazed down at Die.

Die slowly moved down his body, moving to tease the tiger on his hip while he went about prepping the vocalist. It just seemed the most operative thing to do that wasn't blatantly sucking Kyo's dick right then.

Kyo shivered and reached down, running his hand up Die's arm since it was the only part he could reach at the moment. He took a breath and relaxed when Die's fingers entered him, another moan escaping his lips.

Die made sure to take it slow, kissing and mouthing over all of Kyo's tattoo before he pushed in another finger, his own dick hardening at the prospect of taking the other in such a way.

Another shiver went through him when Kyo felt Die's lips on his tattoo, his hand moving to trail through the other's hair. He groaned softly at the other finger, flexing his body some then relaxing again.

Die made sure not to go too quickly, wanting Kyo wanting him but not scrape-at-him-desperate. He kissed his way down from his belly button, nuzzling his nose against the thatch of hair around the base of Kyo's cock, almost wanting to suck the other's dick. He groaned quietly.

Kyo's breath was coming out in soft pants now, his hips shifting and pushing down against Die's fingers, his cock flexing when the other's lips got so near. "Hnn..."

Die's breath ghosted over Kyo's dick and he flicked out his tongue, tasting of the side of his dick only, not allowing himself much as he carefully moved his fingers around.

He sighed and let his hand slip from Die's hair to run over his shoulders, moaning lightly. He finally settled for resting his hands in the sheets, twisting them a bit as he whispered. "Die... I want to feel you."

The guitarist gave in for a moment and slid down over his dick, sucking him a few good times before he popped off his dick and slid up his body, lubing himself in a rather sly sort of manner. He moved to position himself and then slid all the way in with a soft groan.

Kyo let out a soft cry when he felt Die's mouth on, hips jerking upward automatically before he calmed down, shivering a bit. When Die moved up, he wrapped his arms around his shoulders, spread his legs more, moaning deeply as he felt Die move into him.

Die stayed there, just over him, a soft sort of look on his face. After a few moments, he began to move, just a little tiny shift of his hips as he ran one hand through Kyo's hair, almost cradling the other's body beneath himself.

Kyo had never felt more cherished in his life and something about the moment put a lump in his throat and he had to swallow several times before just burying his face against Die's neck, bringing his legs up to wrap around the other's waist, drawing him closer.

Die continued with the pace, soft huffing breaths coming out against the other's skin. He moved to kiss the side of his head, pleased little sounds making their way to the surface.

Kyo shifted and moved underneath Die, a soft moan of the other's name escaping his lips as his length brushed against his abdomen.

He pulled back enough to ensure they were looking at one another, leaving as little barrier as possible between them as he slowly moved within the other.

Kyo turned his head and gazed up at Die, sliding his hand along the other's back up to brush through the hair at the nape of his neck as he moved with him.

"God, I love you," he whispered, pushing in a bit more powerfully for one thrust and then going back to his old pace and power.

Kyo let out a half cry, half moan as Die pushed in harder, barely grazing his prostate. "Oh God... Die." He took a breath and murmured "I love you, too."

Die noticed the reaction and just couldn't help but want to cause it again. He thrust in at the same angle again, doing it hard enough to get his dick to push against the right area, the look on his face making it clear he wanted to see that look once more.

Die got his wish as Kyo's face contorted into a look of pure pleasure, his body shuddering as he let out another strangled moan, his nails biting into Die's skin. "Oh! Die!"

"That's right baby, just like that," he murmured softly, keeping himself very carefully on task to keep making the other create those sounds.

Kyo couldn't stop the moans as Die continually hit that spot, his hips straining upward. After a bit, he finally dropped his head back and reached out to fist his hands in the sheets, his breath coming in pants now. "Daisuke... hnng!"

Die got a little more vigorous with it, Kyo's reactions ramping up his own pleasure of the whole situation. He damn near curled himself around the other, making sure to keep the same angle. "Kyo," he hissed out.

Kyo arched into Die, clinging to the sheets like a lifeline as the pleasure got more and more intense. He knew he wouldn't last much longer and panted out, "T-touch me."

Die slid his hand down between them, grasping Kyo's cock and stroking it in an oddly different manner than how he was shoving into him.

The vocalist cried out as Die's hand wrapped around him, his hips bucking upward almost violently. "Oh God!"

Die purred out softly, "Cum for me, Kyo... let me watch you in your most intimate moment."

Kyo moaned lowly and with another brush of Die against his sweet spot, he tumbled off the edge, crying out the other's name as his body practically convulsed with his orgasm.

It only took Die a few thrusts before he was gone as well, letting out a good moan while he was at it. He bit the inside of his cheeks to refrain from screaming out the word fuck, which would surely ruin the intimate moment.

Kyo shuddered and felt another wave hit him as Die came inside him, his body clenching around the other's length before he relaxed and fell back against the bed, panting softly. "Die... love… you."

Die remained curled around him, breathing hard from the exertion, smiling down at him. "I love you too, baby."

Kyo smiled softly and pulled down for a deeply passionate kiss, running his fingers through the other's hair then wrapped his arms around him.

Die kissed him back, making little pleased sounds against his lips. When he pulled back, he gave him a little smile to the other.

Kyo lightly nipped Die's bottom lip and sighed with contentment and pleasure. "You are... absolutely gorgeous like this."

Die shifted a little, his cock slipping free of the other's body, making him gasp softly. "As are you."

Kyo shivered and let out a soft groan as Die slipped from his body. "Mmm..."

Die moved to the side, laying down and wrapping his arms around the other, burrowing in close to him with a soft sigh of pleasure.

Kyo nuzzled into Die's neck, closing his eyes and feeling his body relax into the other's embrace, slowly drifting off.

Die wasn't far behind him, settling in for the night, a smile on his lips. This... this was bliss.

To Be Continued…

Chapter Text

Die put his guitar aside, not really feeling the music right then. He frowned a little and closed his eyes, reaching to pinch the bridge of his nose. He was really tense today and the fact that he hadn't had a chance to see Kyo for a few days didn't help anything either.

Kyo was in a mood that day as he made his way to the studio. He'd been called in on his day off to redo a track that the techs had somehow managed to screw up. Huffing, he plodded into the main room and dropped his bag down with a thud, not really paying attention to who was around.

Die looked up when he saw the door open, watching Kyo walk past, looking pissed off. He didn't stop him just then, knowing Kaoru needed him and he just sighed, putting his headphones on and listening to what he'd been doing.

Kyo pulled out his notebooks and plunked them down on the table before standing to go get some hot tea. When he turned around, he spotted Die and his face softened somewhat. Glancing around, he walked toward Die, very casually running his finger over the other's shoulder on his way out to where the coffee and tea were.

Die looked up and smiled at him, reaching to catch Kyo's fingertips for a moment as the other passed him by. It made him feel a little bit better about the day. He huffed out a soft sound and went back to his work for the time being.

After getting tea and taking his sweet ass time drinking it, Kyo made his way to the recording booth and started warming up, stealing glances at Die as he did. He smiled to himself and got down to business.

The minutes slipped past, fading into hours and eventually Die got to the point where he was pissed off with his own work. He tossed his headphones down and moved over to settle down next to the tech helping adjust Kyo's settings. He crossed one leg over the other and leaned back, crossing his arms and just watching for the sake of watching, not saying a word.

Kyo got into his usual recording mode, shutting everything out as he focused on pulling the passion from within himself to convey it into the song. Unfortunately, it wasn't going his way today and he eventually let out a curse and yanked his headphones off, stomping out of the booth and past the tech and Die. On his way by, he gave Die's shoulder a barely imperceptible tap as he muttered something about getting lunch.

Die glanced at the tech and then after Kyo. He made a face and murmured, "Better go after him... he's being... well... him, again." He patted the guy on the shoulder and gave him a friendly little smile as he headed past. "It's okay. Don't take it personally; he's just mad at himself." He headed out after Kyo, catching up with him in the hallway and gently touching his shoulder. "Hey... long time no see."

Kyo didn't respond until they were well out of earshot and the view of others. He turned then and shoved Die against the wall, kissing him harshly but cutting it short for fear of someone walking up on them. "Yeah...too fucking long."

Die let out a little groan as Kyo shoved him against the wall, kissing him like he was ravenous for it. When the other pulled back, he let out a little breathless chuckle. "Too long, indeed."

Kyo laughed softly then looked around again. "So... how's your day going?"

Die shrugged a little. "Not well," he murmured softly. "And I see yours is doing equally as shit-tastic." He gestured him with him. "So... actually lunch or... 'lunch’?”

Kyo started following Die. "Yeah...I can't get it right or something. And...'lunch'." He smirked a little. Maybe a good hard fucking would bring out the passion in him.

Die smirked and debated for a moment and then gestured the other out after him, heading down the hall toward where he used to take smoke breaks. There was only one person left to accidentally walk out on them and he was busy as shit right then.

Kyo followed Die, stuffing his hands in his pockets to stop himself from groping the other's ass as it swayed a bit in front of him.

He pushed out the back doors into the area where they usually smoked, the whole area fenced in with a little tin roof over it, so as to keep the elements mostly off them when they went out. He closed the door behind them and immediately reached for Kyo, grabbing him and pressing him against the wall.

Kyo glanced around briefly before Die grabbed him, a quiet groan sliding from his lips before he pressed them against Die's, his hands immediately going to grab his ass.

"God you make me so horny," he murmured softly just before kissing the other rather passionately, grinding against him a little bit harshly.

Kyo growled slightly, kissing Die back, nipping his bottom lip. "Good... because I fucking need you." He squeezed the other's ass roughly, pushing their hips together.

Die groaned a little and then returned the favor, taking two handfuls of Kyo's ass and smirking. "You want to fuck me... or am I fucking you?"

Kyo smirked a bit, leaning in to nibble at Die's neck. "I want your ass, baby..."

Die pulled out a small tube from his pocket and placed it in Kyo's hand. It was actually Vaseline lip therapy, but it doubled well for lube when he had the urge to not just use his dry hand, so he figured it'd work for this, too. He pushed away from the wall and started to unbuckle his own belt and then unzip and unbutton his pants, just going for gold since it'd be a fast fuck.

Kyo looked down at the lip stuff and chuckled. "I'm going to assume you've used it this way before. I was just wondering how well you could take it with just spit." He watched Die reveal himself as he got a good bit of the lip therapy on his fingers, snaking his arm around the other while dipping his hand between his ass cheeks, gently pushing a finger in. "Hng... how do you manage to be so damn tight every time?"

Die let out a chuckle. "Jerked off with it before, it works well enough. Figure it'll work for this." He pushed his pants down and groaned softly when Kyo reached around and started to push his finger into him. "I manage... quite well... obviously." He chuckled a bit breathlessly.

Kyo snorted and moved his hand down to wrap around Die's dick, stroking him a bit as he added a second finger, thrusting them in a bit and scissoring them, trying to prep Die enough but also rushing it.

The guitarist was still mostly soft, concentrating for now on the fuck that was to come and wanting to enjoy that when it arrived. But the touch from the other started to bring him to hardness fairly fast and he just rode out the feeling of it.

Kyo finally felt that Die was stretched enough and pulled his fingers out, unzipping his pants and pulling himself free before adding more of the lip stuff to his hand and stroking it over his cock, groaning softly as he just enjoyed his own touch for a moment. "Ready baby?" He grabbed Die's hips and lined himself up, pushing in slowly to make sure Die was good.

Die made sure he turned himself around as much as he wanted to watch Kyo jerk himself off. He pressed his hands against the wall and presented his ass to the other, pushing back toward him and waiting rather happily while the other took his hips and lined himself up, pushing in. "Fuck." This whole things was turning him on so much.

Kyo took that as Die being okay and pushed in fully, waiting half a second before starting to thrust against the other a bit harshly, groaning as his nails bit into Die's skin. "Fuck... baby... so good"

Die let out a moan and pushed backwards toward him, just repeating himself. "Fuck," he murmured again, seeming to be stuck on the word, his dick hardening the rest of the way just to be being fucked. It was something Die just liked to have done to him.

Kyo grunted and leaned up, clamping his mouth on Die's shoulder to keep from being too noisy as he thrust into his lover's ass, his pace becoming frantic as the whole situation only spurred him on. "Hnng..."

Die had just reached down to start stroking himself with one hand, his face a mask of pure bliss when the metal door swung open and Kaoru stumbled out, cigarette already in his mouth and lighter already flicked. He just paused for a moment, staring at them, and then continued out the door, shuffling to the corner and lighting his cigarette, leaning on the fence and staring at the ground, trying to ignore them.

Kyo glanced up as the doors opened, but couldn't make himself stop as he pounded into Die's ass, letting out a growl into Die's ear. "Gonna cum."

Die almost felt more aroused by the other's presence, amused that he wanted his cig so bad he wouldn't go away until they were done fucking. Almost intentionally, he ramped up his noises, making himself lewd for the other to hear.

Kyo caught what Die was a doing and smirked, glancing over at Kaoru before all out biting into Die's neck to draw more sounds from him, his hand slipping down to wrap around the other's dick as his hips slapped against his ass. "Fuck... yes!"

Die strained between what Kyo was doing and his hand, crying out at the bite and making all kinds of other nice noises. Kaoru finally looked up at them, watching with a look that clearly reflected morbid fascination rather than anything else, puffing away at his cigarette.

Finally Kyo couldn't take in anymore and slammed hard into Die a few times before smirking and pulling out, cumming all over Die's ass with a lewd moan.

Die let out a groan and then a whimper as Kyo pulled out, jerking himself off harshly while he felt Kyo's cum splatter his ass. "Baby, suck me… please."

Kyo smirked and grabbed Die's hips, twisting him around before kneeling in front him, wrapping his lips around his dick with a groan.

Die leaned against the wall and let the other start sucking him, alternating between watching Kyo and seeing Kaoru’s reaction to this. The other guitarist was watching this part with something of an eager look on his face, cigarette just burning by his side.

Kyo shot a sidelong glance at Kaoru, smirking around Die's dick before pulling his head back and making a show of running his tongue around the head, dipping it into the slit then sliding all the way down, swallowing around him.

Die groaned at the treatment from Kyo, enjoying it very, very much. He shivered slightly and then licked his lips, reaching to put his hand in Kyo's hair, gently pushing him down as he went, knowing Kyo could take it without issue. Kaoru, for his part, shifted uncomfortably on the spot, his dick slowly starting to tent his pants, something he was obviously not proud of.

Kyo glanced up at Die then over to Kaoru again before closing his eyes and bobbing his head, taking all of Die's dick, moaning lowly. He was rather amused to see Kaoru getting hard off watching them.

Die held him there for a moment, slowly fucking himself in and out, a look of utter bliss painted on his face as he did it. After a moment, he hissed out, "Suck it hard."

Kyo groaned and pulled back with a lewd slurping sound sucking just the tip before bobbing his head faster, hollowing out his cheeks as he sucked him.

Die quickly ramped up toward his own orgasm, finally grabbing Kyo's hair and holding him still, hissing out, "I said suck, not move." He thrust in only about half his dick each time, but definitely went about fucking the hell out of Kyo's mouth before he pulled out, grabbing his dick with his free hand and just aiming it at the other's face as he started to cum, stroking a little to get it to spurt out a little further.

Kyo's eyes flashed with pure lust at Die's treatment of him, his own dick throbbing slightly when the other came on his face. He opened his mouth to catch some of it then licked his lips, moaning softly. "Damn baby..."

Die let out a little groan and then a breathless laugh, collapsing back against the wall, sliding his hand over his dick to get the last drop out and suck it off his finger. He watched Kaoru as he did it and then offhandedly commented, "You know, you're about to burn your fingers, Kaoru." The guitarist jerked and dropped his cigarette, squishing it out with his boot and then jamming his hands into his pockets and just standing there awkwardly for a moment.

Kyo glanced up at Die then over to Kaoru again, smirking as he stood up, wiping his face off. "Looks like you're having a few issues there Kao..."

Kaoru cleared his throat and shrugged his shoulders. "Not every day you walk out on your bandmates… well... fucking, to be blunt." He started an awkward sort of shuffle for the door. Die moved into his way, cock still out, not bothering to put it away, and smirked at him. "You liked the blowjob part... your dick is hard." There, he'd be even more blunt then.

Kyo licked his lips and stepped over to them, blatantly ogling the tent in Kaoru's pants. "Obviously..."

Kaoru looked a little horrified for a moment and then reached to push his glasses back up his nose. "I was imagining you were a girl, so don't be too happy about that, Kyo."

Die choked on a laugh. "Oh, hunny, he's so not a girl. That dick is amazing."

Kyo raised an eyebrow, reaching down to pull his half-hard dick back out with a snort. "Oh please, Kaoru... maybe if it'd been Die on his knees instead... but I'm a bit hard to make a girl."

Kaoru glanced down despite himself and then looked away, looking shocked like it was a novel concept the other had a cock. "Ha..." he didn't know what else to say.

Die smirked slightly and then shifted, putting his dick back away and smirking. "Cat got your tongue, leader boy?"

Kyo just smirked, tucking himself away as well. "C'mon Kaoru... we're all grown-ass men here."

Kaoru huffed. "Yes, my dick is hard, okay? I admit it. I like watching blowjobs, no matter the genders involved. But what I walked out on weirded me out, so forgive me if I'm not real keen on standing around talking right now." Die snorted a little and glanced at Kyo.

Kyo looked back at Die and slipped his arm around his waist, shrugging slightly. "Must not have weirded you out too much if you can still get hard."

Kaoru looked almost seething by then. "It's been four months, okay?!" he spat out at him and then cursed in a language even Die didn't know. Sourly, he glowered at them. "What does it take for you idiots to move so I can use the bathroom?!"

Die stared at him in utter surprise, glancing at Kyo, but still not moving, waiting on the vocalist to answer.

Kyo snorted and looked at Die with an almost questioning look. He was definitely curious and their leader's irritation only pushed that curiosity. "Four months since what exactly?"

Kaoru looked about ready to strangle someone, gritting his teeth and hissing out, "Since I got fucking laid. Now get. out. of. my. way."

Die arched one slim eyebrow. "Damn... leader needs to let off some steam. I think... it could be arranged to you know… help. It's for a good cause."

Kyo licked his lips and nodded, moving a bit closer to Kaoru. "I think so... we have to do our part to keep 'Leader-sama' happy."

Kaoru glowered at them and then reached right behind Die to slam his hand into the metal door. He got right in Die's face and hissed out. "I'm not into men. But if you don't get out of my way, I might very well punch one in the fucking face."

Die pursed his lips into a thin line, a fire igniting in them that didn't get there very often. He reached out and grabbed Kaoru's shirt, hand fisting in it. "Go ahead and try, fucker."

Kyo looked from Kaoru to Die then got between them, firmly pushed Kaoru back. "Oi... what's your problem Kao? Don't be so fucking uptight." He took a chance and reached down, groping Kaoru's dick through his pants. He knew he might get punched, but he had to know what the other's reaction would be.

Kaoru looked damn close to taking a swipe when Kyo shoved between them and shoved him back. "My problem is that I have two men that are supposed to be my friends and co-workers propositioning me when all I was trying to do was go and fucking jerk off, that's what!"

Die huffed a little and stayed out of it, pursing his lips a little and just staying quiet.

Kyo stared at Kaoru for a while then moved back, raising his hands and shrugging. "Whatever. We were just trying to help... and you're not fooling anyone but yourself, Kao." He shifted and crossed his arms over his chest.

Die stepped aside, leaving the door open for the other to exit out of if he so desired. He sighed and shook his head a little.

Kaoru pushed past and went stomping off down the hallway, muttering under his breath.

Kyo just glared after him, snorting once he was gone. "I've never seen someone so hard up and so in fucking denial of what he wants."

Die pursed his lips a little. "Get used to it. The one time he caught me with a gay porno mag in my bag, he flipped out. But that was years ago... I'd have thought things might have changed given he stuck around to watch and all."

Kyo huffed slightly and shook his head. "Yeah, if he was so freaked out by it... why didn't he leave?"

Die shook his head a little, finally doing up his pants. "Fuck if I know. I can't believe he just watched."

Kyo shrugged and readjusted himself. "Fucking weird. So what now, baby?"

Die shrugged a little. "Well... did the fuck help at least, Mr. Creative?"

Kyo chuckled softly and turned to kiss Die deeply. "Mm... maybe. Although Kaoru's bitchy attitude damn near killed it."

Die frowned a little. "I should punch him for that. I wanted to be the inspiration for you."

Kyo looked up at Die and smiled slightly. "Baby, you may not realize this but you've been my inspiration more times than I can count."

Die turned hopeful eyes up at the other and smiled softly. "Have I really?"

Kyo nodded, reaching out to run his hand over Die's chest. "You and your guitar... why do you think I almost always insist on the music first?"

Die stepped close to him, almost seeming to forget the Kaoru incident, moving to frame his face with his hands and leaning down to kiss him ever so gently. When he pulled back, he had the brightest look on his face.

Kyo sighed softly into the kiss, a soft smile on his face when Die pulled back. "I love you."

"I love you, too, baby. With all my heart." He smiled softly and pushed Kyo's slightly sweaty hair back. "Let's get cleaned up... in the break room, not the bathroom."

Kyo nuzzled into Die's hand, feeling as if his chest might burst for a moment then nodded. "I agree, I don't really want to get punched." He turned and opened the door, stepping inside and waiting for Die to join him before moving down the hall to their break room.

Die went after him, hands in his pockets, feeling like he was still on cloud nine from their little exchange. It made him so happy to know he'd been Kyo's inspiration. Once they got to the break room, he moved a coffee pot and then got to the sink, turning on the faucet and starting to wash up his hands, arms, and face.

Kyo moved over to the sink as well, wetting a couple of paper towels and wiping off his face then washing his hands and such. He kept stealing glances at Die, smiling and starting to hum softly.

Once Die was done, he moved to put an arm around Kyo's waist, leaning on Kyo a little and looking damn pleased with himself.

Kyo looked up at Die then leaned his head against his chest, opening his mouth and quietly singing out the part of the song he'd been having so much trouble with.

Die gently pushed his hands into the other's hair, holding him while he sang to himself, looking close to tears at how happy he was and how much this moment meant to him. He wanted to ask if Kyo would record it like this, but he also wasn't going to interrupt him, not a chance in hell. His Kyo was singing to him... because of him, and that meant the fucking world.

As if he could read Die’s mind, Kyo stopped briefly to reach into his pocket, pulling out his phone and opening up a recording app, hitting record then continuing on with the song, something he'd done countless times before to capture the sound at his moment of inspiration. When he was finally done, he looked up at Die and was almost shocked to see that his eyes were wet. "Baby... what is it?"

Once Kyo was done and noticed his little tears issue, Die just shook his head and moved to kiss him gently again. "God I love you... and I love even partially being the cause of your inspiration... it just means everything to me."

Kyo somehow found himself choking up a bit and just kissed Die back, clinging to him for a moment before answering. "I love you, too. More and more each day." He swallowed and licked his lips, chuckling softly. "Back to work or do you wanna bail for the day?"

Die shook his head. "I want to watch you record that, that's what I want to do."

Kyo smiled and nodded, leaning for another kiss before pulling back and moving towards the door. "I think I can do that..."

Die gave him the kiss and then smiled happily, following after him, not caring right then about his own work, just wanting to watch Kyo work.

Kyo made his way back to the recording booth and set up again, putting his headphones on and nodding to the tech. He looked out and at Die then started belting out the song with the passion he'd been seeking before, his eyes sliding closed as he fully immersed himself in it.

Die settled down with the tech, watching with a smile on his face and a certain amount of awe in his eyes.

Kyo pulled from his feelings for Die, his face contorting with emotion as he sang, throwing his all into it, almost bending over double with the effort.

The more Die watched, the closer to the glass he got, leaning forward and looking amazed. He never heard the door click shut behind him or Kaoru coming up. When Kaoru spoke up, no matter how softly, Die actually jumped. "I guess what happened was good for something."

Kyo was letting the final notes of the song trail off when he opened his eyes to look out at Die, frowning when he saw Kaoru there. He slipped his headphones off and stepped out of the booth, moving over to them and giving Kaoru a questioning look.

Kaoru repeated himself when Kyo came out of the booth, Die not having responded to him at all. "I guess what happened was good for something." Die just pursed his lips a little and continued trying to ignore Kaoru, reaching to brush his hand over Kyo's gently.

Kyo cocked his head slightly, clearing his throat a bit. "And what was that...?" He reached down and caught a couple of Die's fingers, squeezing them.

"That was a very lovely job you just did on that part," Kaoru responded.

Die squeezed Kyo's fingers back, a certain tension in them, his head bowed slightly so as to avoid talking to or looking at Kaoru right then.

Kyo nodded and murmured out a, "Thank you" before glancing to Die. "Well uhm... I really need some hot tea now."

Kaoru nodded and went around and started talking to the tech, saying some things about adjusting stuff. Die simply took the opportunity to move, getting up and leaving the room with Kyo.

Kyo studied Kaoru for a moment then moved to follow Die to their break room again, feeling somehow unsettled now despite the fact that he’d been so well into the zone just moments ago.

Die went past the area they'd been in before to what they'd dubbed the 'quiet' room. He slipped inside and settled on the couch, folding his arms over his chest.

Kyo went and got his tea, adding a good amount of honey to it then went to Die, sitting next to him and sipping his tea for a bit, brows furrowed.

Eventually Die unfolded himself and reached for Kyo's hand, holding it in his own. "I just want to beat the fuck out of him when I see him now. I don't even know."

Kyo laced his fingers with Die's and squeezed softly. "It's weird... there's this weird tension to him." He looked up at Die. "At least he made an effort to be civil?"

Die sighed and rubbed his eyes a little. "I just... right now I can't even look at him without wanting to make that face ugly as sin with my fist."

Kyo nodded, leaning his head against Die's shoulder. "It was uncalled for. Maybe we should just get out of here. I'm done with my part and I know you won't be able to focus now."

"I'll just pack up my computer and I'll bring a guitar home." He sighed softly. "You don't mind if I try there if it strikes?" He paused halfway through getting up, realizing he had just referred to Kyo's house as home.

Kyo noticed right away and smiled softly, shaking his head. "I'd actually love to watch you play."

Die huffed out a little sound and then stood completely. "Stick around while I pack up and then we'll go."

Kyo nodded. "I need to get my bag anyway. Let's go." He went out first, leading Die back to where their stuff was, simply giving Kaoru a nod as he picked up his bag, his face emotionless.

Die went to the other room and then started packing up his stuff, getting his guitar in its case as well and then cords since he didn't have it at home. He staunchly ignored Kaoru the entire time, not wanting to punch the other and risk an all-out brawl before they went on tour.

Kaoru nodded back, watching them pack up and leaving the room before they were done.

Kyo watched Kaoru leave, huffing slightly as he helped Die gather up his belongings. When they were finally done, he nodded to the tech, hoping the dude didn't read too much into their attitudes or anything then turned and casually walked out into the hall to wait for Die.

Die walked past the tech. "Night," he offered in English, knowing that Japanese was the guy's first language. The tech waved at him and smiled a little. Die tried to offer one in return as he headed out with Kyo.

When Die came out, he reached out and took the other's hand, knowing that aside from Kaoru and the tech, no one else was there. "What do you want for dinner tonight? Take out? We could always go by the market..." He smiled a little to himself, finding that he liked making dinner plans with Die. It was so... domestic.

Die smiled a little at him. "I think take out tonight. Not in the mood to have to cook tonight, you know?" He made a tiny face.

Kyo nodded. "We'll get pizza then... haven't had it in a while." He walked with Die out to his car, putting his bag in the trunk and leaving it open for Die to put his stuff in. "Think I'll stop at the convenience store and get some beer..." He slid into the car and waited for Die.

Die followed him and put his stuff away as well, closing the trunk and then getting into the car, buckling up and pulling out his phone, flipping through it a bit and making a little face. "Brother's bugging me about coming in for a haircut again."

Kyo glanced over at Die. "Hmm... just don't do anything drastic, yeah?" He started off towards home, settling his hand on Die's leg as he drove.

Die chuckled. "Yeah... I'll try not to." He sighed softly and tilted his head back. "He doesn't know." he closed his eyes.

Kyo looked over at Die as they pulled to a stop. "Doesn't know what?"

"That I'm gay," he offered quietly.

Kyo blinked slightly then squeezed Die's leg, continuing on down the road. "Oh..." He bit his lip, frowning slightly, not sure what to say exactly. He didn't want to push Die the wrong way. "Will you... tell him?"

Die kept his eyes closed. "This is the first time in my life that I've actually wanted to." That was saying something for sure.

Kyo glanced over at Die before pulling into the parking lot of the convenience store. He then leaned over and kissed Die's cheek, nuzzling him a bit. "It's your decision. Whenever you're comfortable."

Die looked over at him. "Mmm... if you were to find out about your sibling, would you rather want to know through a phone call, text, or in person?"

Kyo thought about it for a moment then sighed softly. "In person or at the very least... over the phone. Text is a horrible way."

Die nodded a little. "Will... will you grab the beer?" he asked softly.

Kyo nodded and pecked Die on the cheek again before slipping out of the car and putting his sunglasses on, not feeling like being recognized at the moment. He walked into the store and got beer and also picked up a few other things to snack on.

Die texted his brother a few times, asking what he was doing and then telling him he was going to stop by for a few minutes if that was okay. His brother seemed enthused at the idea and said he had something from his mother for him to pick up anyway.

Kyo finally walked back out with a few bags and set them in the backseat, climbing back in the car and looking at Die knowingly. "So... to your brother's then?"

Die peered up at him and blushed a little. "You know me too well." He sighed and then nodded. "I... I don't want to keep it from him when I'm finally serious about someone. It'd be unfair to you... to us."

Kyo felt a little thrill go through him, his heart flip-flopping some. It'd been a very long time since anyone wanted to tell their family about him. "I hope that he's understanding then." He realized he was a bit nervous at the prospect but pulled back onto the road and headed in the direction of Die's brother's place, knowing the general area.

"You don't have to come in with me if you don't want to. I mean... it's sort of my issue for not telling him." He pushed a hand through his hair. "My parents don't know either, but... that's a whole other ballgame."

Kyo looked over at Die. "It's up to you sweetheart... I'd be happy to come with you but I understand if it's something you want to do on your own."

Die shrugged a little. "Honestly, it'll be easier if you go. But I can't know how he'll react, so…."

Kyo shook his head. "I'll go. Now, which street is it?"

Die gave him instructions really quickly from where they currently were, impressed Kyo remembered at least this far from the whole one time he'd been dropped off here after a live. It showed how much Kyo had been paying attention all these years.

Kyo turned where Die told him and parked, reaching over to squeeze the other's hand tightly.

Die squeezed his hand back and leaned over, stealing a quick kiss, thinking it for luck. He let go and slid out of the car, trying to tug his clothing into the right places and whatnot. "Here goes nothing... or everything."

Kyo smiled softly and slipped out with Die, brushing his hair back and taking a breath. "It'll be fine... I hope."

Die loved his brother with an intensity that he couldn't manage to ever meet with another family member and it was going to crush him if the other didn't see the light in all of this. But he supposed it was a chance he had to take, because Kyo was his light, his heart and soul... and honestly worth even the closeness of his sibling. He headed to the door and pushed the doorbell, waiting, as always amused that his brother had spent all of his money Die had given him on a home that wasn't an apartment rather than other items.

A few moments passed and the door was opened by the other, fairer-haired brother, a smile on his face that rivaled Die's bright smiles. "Ah! You were mostly here already, I see. Come in, come in!" He stepped back and smiled at Kyo. "A pleasant surprise, Kyo. How are you?"

Kyo waited on the door to be answered, suddenly feeling quite nervous and rubbing his palms together. When Die's younger brother answered the door, he bowed and offered him a small smile. "Fine, how are you?"

"I'm doing good. Finally got a chance to listen to the little demo Die slipped me. Really liking how things are progressing."

Die huffed a little. "Hey, how many times do I have to tell you that no one is supposed to know I slip you shit?" He shook his head, just standing in the entryway, causing his brother to give him an odd look.

Kyo chuckled softly. "Thank you and don't worry, I won't tattle to the boss." He went to step in, but noticed Die wasn't moving and frowned a little but didn't say anything, simply cleared his throat a bit.

Die shifted over enough for Kyo to get inside the door, not wanting to be a pain about it. His brother eyed him oddly and then sighed. "Okay, what's got your panties in a twist? You never just hang in my foyer unless you've got some bomb to drop on me."

Die swallowed thickly and ducked his head, wishing like hell he'd pre-gamed this shit. He didn't want to leave the area because he'd have to take his shoes off and he feared his brother exploding at him over it. That was always the problem with huge info, he supposed.

Kyo licked his lips and moved into the foyer a bit more, sticking close to Die but glanced over at his brother, unable to help clenching his hands together.

Die's brother slowly shut the door and just looked between them, looking concerned. "Is it dad? What's going on?"

Instantly Die's face went from nervous to panic. "God no. I'm sorry, it's nothing like that!" He frowned then and ducked his head a little. "I..."

Kyo coughed a little and just barely shifted to the side so that his hip brushed against Die's. He wanted to take and hold his hand but that would sort of jump the gun.

His brother relaxed a little, but still looked concerned. "You...?"

Die reached one shaking hand up to cover his face for a moment and then rather abruptly moved to hug his brother, leaving the other looking baffled, but hugging him back anyway. When Die stepped back, he looked a little more composed. He'd just had to do that before he might be kicked out of his brother's life forever. One last good memory for the road, so to speak. He swallowed against the lump in his throat and then straightened his shoulders and looked the other in the eye. If he was going to do this, he'd do it like a fucking man. "I thought you should know something... fairly important about me. I'm gay."

Kyo bit his lip, nervously watching Die's brother's face for his reaction, ready to defend his lover if need be.

He stared at his older brother for all of a few seconds after the admission and then cracked a smile and shook his head, laughing softly. He reached to pat him on the shoulder. "Take off your shoes and get your ass in here. Jesus fuck. You act like the whole world doesn't already know that." He headed off toward the living room, chuckling to himself.

Die looked a little deflated and slightly bewildered, crouching to unlace his shoes and push them off. They'd stay for a few minutes at least, he supposed. Standing back up, he glanced at Kyo and murmured, "Guess I drop the other bomb now then."

Kyo blinked slightly, laughing a little behind his hand at Die's brother's reaction, relief going through him. "I guess so..." He toed off his shoes and stepped into the other man's living room, waiting for Die before deciding whether to sit or stand.

Die followed his brother in, being handed a tumbler with about a shot of whiskey in the bottom. He took it and knocked it back, handing the tumbler back. Kyo, on the other hand was handed a small teacup. "It's a new green tea I got at this fancy new place. See what you think."

Die settled down on the couch when his brother sat, crossing one leg over the other in an elegant sort of manner.

Kyo smiled and took the tea with an appreciative nod, settling beside Die on the couch and sipping the tea, mming softly. "Ah, it's very good. I love the hint of lavender in it."

Die reached for Kyo's free hand, luckily the one next to him, and laced his fingers with his own. He waited on his brother not to have anything in his hands before he offered. "I'd like to let you be one of the first to know... Kyo and I are dating... and it's pretty serious."

His brother looked over at him and then at Kyo and smiled softly. "So... will you be bringing him to Christmas dinner then? With Mom and Dad?"

Kyo swallowed and squeezed Die's hand, looking up at his brother. "...Christmas dinner?" Frankly, the prospect of being surrounded by Die's family scared the shit out of him but if the other wanted him to, he supposed he'd find some way to deal.

Die's eyes widened and he stuttered a little before bursting out with, "Mom and Dad don't know I'm gay!"

His brother scoffed slightly and shook his head. "Watch this shit." He opened his phone and dialed their parent's phone number. They answered on the first ring. "Hey, it's me. Big news. Die finally came out. Just now."

Kyo gaped a bit at Die's brother then started laughing softly. The whole situation was starting to become hilarious to him despite his residual nervousness over it all. He hadn’t told his parents about moving to a new place, much less anything about his sexuality or who he was dating.

Die gaped at the other like he'd lost his fucking mind. He growled out, "I'm gonna fucking kill you, you idiot!" when he told his parents.

Die's mother snorted in a very unladylike manner over the phone. "Oh, he finally admits it? Just now?" She just turned and rolled her eyes at her husband. "Took him long enough..."

The response from his mother from the phone’s speaker shut Die up immediately and he just blushed and pushed his hand over his face. "Fuck meeee," he intoned under his breath.

Die's brother laughed. "I don't think he knew that we knew before he did. This is pretty amusing to watch."

Kyo just sort of snickered into his teacup, trying so hard not to laugh at his lover's discomfort.

Die's mother sighed. "Language, Daisuke... Anyway, calm down dear. We know and we're perfectly fine with it!" She laughed into the phone. "Oh stop torturing your brother."

Die looked up at the other and huffed out a sigh. "It'd have been nice if he'd at least let me tell you guys myself. I mean... it's sort of big... to me."

His brother grinned. "Hey, I left the real news to you."

Kyo instantly stopped laughing and looked uncomfortable again. What would Die's parents think? He wasn't the greatest at socializing and he’d been rather aloof the last time he’d been in their presence. He also had a horrible track record for relationships that made him “not boyfriend material.”

Die's mother just chuckled. "I know it's big to you but it's out there now, like a Band-Aid. Now what's this about real news?"

Die squeezed Kyo's hand and then did his best to be loud enough for his parents to hear him. "I'm in a serious relationship... it's why I decided to come out with this finally." He peered over at Kyo, trying to find the right way to do this.

Die's brother just patiently held the phone, waiting on the whole thing to be said.

Die's mother and father listened intently, smiling at one another as they waited to hear who Die was with.

Kyo just squirmed a bit, holding Die's hand tightly.

Die realized he wasn't getting any help on this one and just spit it out, elegant or not. "I'm with Kyo and I love him with everything I have."

Die's brother just smiled cheekily.

Die's mother looked at the phone then smiled, even though Die couldn't see it. "That's wonderful sweetheart! You two deserve to be happy!" She paused for a minute then asked. "Does he love you back yet?" Die opened his mouth to reply, but Kyo beat him to it and he found himself relieved he didn't have to try to field the question.

Kyo cleared his throat. "Yes, I do...with all of my heart." He found his cheeks were rather red at this point, thankful that Die's parents weren't really there to see him fidgeting or blushing like a schoolgirl.

Die's mother laughed softly. "Glad to hear it. You better be good to each other. And Daisuke! I want you both at Christmas dinner this year! No excuses!"

Die lifted Kyo's hand and placed a chaste little kiss on it. "I promise I'll be there, but I can only speak for myself. I'm not keeping him from his own family if he wants to see them, Ma."

Die's brother spoke up again. "Die has to go. We're going now. Bye!" He clicked the phone shut and chuckled a little. "They'd never shut up, so... yeah."

Kyo let out a soft sigh and looked over at Die. "I'll be there... my family doesn't... really do that." He cleared his throat and then reached for his tea, finishing it off.

Die rubbed his thumb over Kyo's hand, giving him loving warmth through the action itself. "I'm surprised everyone was so okay with it all," he murmured softly.

Die's brother shook his head. "Die, we've all known you were gay since you were in high school. You just kept lying to yourself and fucking all those slutty girls to lie to yourself." He glanced at Kyo. "Er... you didn’t hear that."

Kyo lifted Die's hand and repeated the same little kiss Die had given his moments before then chuckled softly. "Don't worry, I've seen him in action on tours."

Die rolled his eyes. "I just..." he sighed. "Yes, I was lying to myself, but I didn't even know it, honestly until a few years ago. And by then it was awkward to try telling anyone, so... I just kept doing it." He made a face.

His brother shook his head. "You're an idiot Die. But... you've stopped being so much of an idiot now, which is good."

Kyo just shook his head and squeezed Die's hand, smiling up at his brother thankfully. "I really appreciate that..."

He chuckled. "So... I assume this was probably a pit stop... I don't want to hold you guys up."

Die shrugged a little. "After today... I need to regain some composure... trust me. I care about you and all, but it's like... dude... too much."

Kyo nodded a bit. "We were just on our way home, actually..."

"Well, I wish you guys well and don't think you have to hide anything from me." He smiled softly. "You guys just... fit together. From what all I actually know, you guys need one another."

Die offered a little smile as well, getting up and going to hug his brother, getting a hard hug in return. Once he pulled away, his brother moved to hug Kyo as well.

Kyo had stood up and was slightly surprised by the hug, hesitating before smiling and hugging the other back. "Thank you."

Die smiled a little and then headed for the front door. He went and started to put his shoes on, looking more relieved than he had all day.

Kyo followed and slipped on his own shoes before turning and giving Die's brother a slight bow then a smile.

Die's brother padded after them, looking pleased. "For your sake, I hope things go smoothly for the both of you."

Die glanced up and smiled. "We'll be fine... K... I've been in love with Kyo since... well... before I even admitted to myself I was gay."

Kyo blushed slightly. "And I've been at least attracted to your brother for just as long... though of course it's grown to be much, much more than that."

Die got up, looping his arm around Kyo's waist. "Now if you'll excuse us, we have beer and pizza to enjoy."

His brother grinned, a smile almost as epic as the other. "You two are adorable together." He held up his phone. "Just a picture to send to our parents?"

Kyo wrinkled his nose a little then looked up at Die before nodding. "Fine... but it better not end up on the internet or something!"

"Not a chance in hell. Trust us, Kyo, we know how to be discrete about Die's business and your business is the same as his. No one else's but ours." He smiled and when Die leaned in, he took the photo and then showed Kyo it was just going to their parents with a message of not sharing with anyone else.

Die grunted and eyed his brother. "Just one last question. How long have you all been talking about what gender I should be boning?"

"The fucking part? Mmm... well... just the fucking part, we try not to outright talk about. It's awkward for Mom and Dad. But personally, I kept hoping you were boning your American friend and just hiding it so you'd be on the right track for yourself. But... this is better, Kyo's much nicer."

Kyo raised an eyebrow. "American friend...? Which American friend? Should I be worried?"

Die sighed. "He's talking about Jon and no... I didn't bone him. Not for lack of his trying way back when, but he got the hint and stopped."

Kyo snorted slightly and shook his head. "Oh, well, good." He grinned slightly then stepped out the door, waving to Die's brother. "We'll be seeing you again I'm sure..." He didn't know why but he was suddenly ready to just have Die to himself.

Die followed after, his brother waving and then closing the door behind them. They got back to the car and Die got in, sort of curling up in his seat and sighing softly. "Well... that went better than I thought it would."

Kyo got into the car then turned and pulled Die to him, hugging him. "Yes, I was honestly not prepared for your parents."

Die nodded, hugging Kyo tightly for a moment. "Trust me... neither was I. He's not normally so... er... up front." He sighed softly and then pulled back. "I'm sorry you got stuck in the middle of it."

Kyo shook his head and smiled slightly. "It's okay... better now than later I suppose. At least we got that out of the way." He settled into his seat and started driving, heading home.

Die flipped open his phone after a moment and groaned a little. "Great... Mom's asking if I've 'done the deed' with you. Not a question I want to answer to my mother." He exited the message and went to his app for ordering pizza. "What do you want on your pizza?"

Kyo grimaced. "Er... no, no it's not a good question for your mother." He puffed out a sigh then shrugged slightly. "I'm good with whatever."

Die ordered a pepperoni pizza and left it at that, sending the order and putting it on his card. Another message came in and he looked horrified, closing his phone. "Oh good god. I know she has good intentions, but Jesus fuck." He waved a hand at his phone. "Contaminated."

Kyo raised an eyebrow. "Do I even want to know?" He was glad for the moment that his family wasn't in touch.

Die huffed out a laugh. "She sent me a picture of two naked... and quite aroused men that said 'good luck' under it." He tilted his head back and sighed. "She's always been... a bit more forward than most people."

Kyo looked a little aghast at that, shaking his head. “Christ..." There was no way in hell his mother would have even looked at porn, much less send it to him. He finally pulled up to his place, getting out and getting the bags from the back and his own bag from the trunk. "How long til the pizza gets here?"

Die opened his phone to check and then murmured, "Fifteen minutes or so." He opened his mom's message and replied quickly and efficiently. ’Mom I don't need the porn, I'm not 12. I can get my own. As for the other question, not that it's any of your business, but yes.’

Kyo nodded and started walking, shaking his head. "Are you telling her we've slept together? I'm not sure I'll be able to look her in the eyes."

"She won't stop this if I don't. We're talking about the woman who gave me my first porn magazine, lube, and condom." He made a face. "She won't bring it up if we don't. And now that she knows, I don't have to endure my mom sending me porn."

Kyo winced slightly. "Wow... your mom is... one of a kind." He chuckled and held the door open for Die, moving to the elevator. "I had to get my first porn from someone's older brother."

Die smirked a little. "Truth was... I was too much of a nerd in school. I'd have never ever managed to get it myself. And come to think of it... that magazine had more men than women in it. I guess she did know back then anyway."

Kyo laughed as he stepped onto the elevator, pushing the button then leaning against the wall. "Maybe or she at least had an idea." He grinned and reached out, running his hand down Die's arm. "I'm glad though... that you're out and they're okay with it... with me. I'd hate to be a source of upset in your family."

Die shrugged a little. "If you had been, it wouldn't have mattered. I'd have told them to go screw themselves. I've chosen who I want to be with and that's my business and mine alone. Like Kaoru... he can just kiss my ass."

Kyo frowned slightly. "I'd still hate it though... and Kaoru can go eat a dick." He stepped off the elevator when it stopped and went to unlock the door, smiling when Snowball greeted them with an adorable little mew. "Hi kitty, were you a good kitty today? Hm? I hope you didn't shed on the bed again." He chuckled as she bounced off.

Die peered down at Snowball and then laughed. "Right... like she'd even remotely know not to do that. Her hair sticks to everything, drives the techs nuts trying to get it all off me before photoshoots." He winked at Kyo. "You'll have to tell them er... something... like you got a cat too unless you want them to know."

Kyo laughed softly, still watching the kitten bound around, toying with the laces of his boots. "Eh… let them think whatever. They're paid enough to keep their mouths shut. I am a bit freaked out about telling Nora though. Not that I think she'd care but I'm afraid she'll cock-block on tours."

Die laughed and shook his head. "I somehow doubt she will. Honestly, she's the one who makes sure when I'm getting to that point where I can't stand it anymore, that I get a room to myself for at least twenty minutes. And I'm sure I'm not the only one she does that for." He knelt and took off his shoes, licking his lips a little and patting Snowball's head before he stood up.

Kyo cocked his head a bit. "Huh... I thought that was only my privilege.." He grinned then set his bags down, moving over to Die to kiss his lips lightly. "Gonna put the beer in the fridge since the pizza should be here soon-ish." He moved to the kitchen, sticking two beers in the freezer to get them extra cold for their meal then went into the bedroom for a minute.

Die chuckled. "Yes well... for you I bet it's like every fucking night. For me, it's like three times a tour when I can't get my dick not to be hard anymore and it's killing me." He shrugged a little and then kissed Kyo back before the other wandered off. Die flopped on the couch, moving to lay on his back, feet and legs over the edge of the chair arm.

Kyo came back into the living room and made his way to Die, about to lean down to kiss him before the doorbell rang. He huffed and moved to answer it, getting their pizza and setting it on the coffee table. "Food's here. Want those beers now?"

Die peered up at him and then smiled softly. When the other came in to kiss him, he leaned up, but he got blocked by the doorbell and he groaned, flopping back. "Yeah... beer now."

Kyo nodded and went to grab their beers, finally getting to sit down next to Die and going for that kiss now, making it a deep one.

Die leaned up to get his kiss when the other came back, one hand snagging in Kyo's hair as he slowly delved his tongue into the other's mouth, tasting all he had to offer him with a low groan of pleasure. This was what he'd been waiting for all day. Private time and sensual, glorious intimacy with Kyo.

Kyo let out a soft moan of his own, his hand moving up to cup the back of Die's neck, feeling himself relaxing in a way that made him realize he'd been tense for most of the day and was now finally comfortable and at home.

Die shifted a little and pulled Kyo into his lap, urging the other to straddle him so he could more properly make out with him right then. For some reason, he wasn't trying to ramp it toward sex, despite the desire to do so. Rather, he was just kissing him, being close to him and gently running his hands over the other's back.

Kyo moved into Die's lap, slipping his legs on either side of the other's, sighing into their kiss, sliding his hands down his back, rubbing softly. He could feel himself reacting slightly but ignored it, just truly enjoying the closeness.

It was a few minutes before Die pulled back, panting softly, his cheeks flushed and his eyes filled with arousal. It was obvious he was already eager for something more, but he didn't say a word, didn't even try to do anything. He just smiled and lightly slid his hands from Kyo's back to his hips. "So... food?"

Kyo let out a breathless chuckle and nibbled at Die's lips for a moment, trying not to squirm from his body's reaction. "Yeah... food." He hesitated for a minute then smirked, shifting in Die's lap and getting comfy and reaching for the pizza box, setting it on his knees and opening it. "Looks good."

Die let out a soft laugh when Kyo settled on him and moved the pizza box to him. He smiled and licked his lips. "Does this mean I get to feed it to you then?"

Kyo snorted. "If you wanna." He pulled out a small piece and handed it to Die, grinning then opening his mouth. "Ahh."

Die took it and then snickered, putting the tip of it in Kyo's mouth and waiting on him to bite it off and start chewing.

Kyo bit into the pizza, hardly able to chew for laughing. Once he was done with the bite, he grabbed the slice and held it up to Die's mouth. "Your turn." It was silly as hell, feeding each other like this but it gave him a wonderfully light feeling in his chest.

Die gave him a smug little look and then took as much of a mouthful as he could muster, chewing and then swallowing. "It's... been a while since I had pizza," he admitted with a chuckle.

Kyo let out a laugh before eating the rest of the slice. "I see... it's been a while for me too to be honest and simple though it is, this tastes pretty damn good." He grinned and picked up another slice, smirking at Die and taking a huge bite of it, just to show he could.

Die finished off the rest of his own piece and then reached for a second one as well. "This is the first time I've ever had someone sit on me and eat though... I have to admit to liking this very much."

Kyo swallowed and smiled a little softly. "I kinda like it too. It's... intimate." He reached for his beer to take a drink then finished off the second slice as well, considering a third but deciding against it, instead leaning up to lick some pizza sauce from the corner of Die's mouth. "Messy..."

Die looked a little startled at the lick and then flushed, his dick jumping right along with him, lifting the pizza box a little. He caught it and cleared his throat, hoping Kyo would just blame that on a leg spasm or something.

Kyo glanced down at the pizza box and laughed softly, kissing the side of Die's mouth. "You're rather cute when you're jumpy."

Die tilted his head back and shook it a little. "God I feel like a teenager."

Kyo grinned and nipped at Die's lip a bit. "Well... I have something that might make you feel less... teenager-ish."

Die reached for his beer and took a long drink from it before setting it aside on the table. He studied the other, wondering what on earth he could mean and he let out a soft, "Mmm?" as his way of wondering what was coming.

Kyo shifted a bit and reached into his pocket, pulling out a key and pressing it into Die's hand.

Die blinked down at what he was given, his head tilted a little and then his lips parted and his eyes came back up to stare at Kyo. "You... I... my own?" His heart pounded in his chest and if he'd been even a little more drunk he'd have probably started to cry, always having been a total sap.

Kyo licked his suddenly dry lips and swallowed a bit, looking up at Die. "Well sort of... uhm… Die... will you… will you move in with me... officially?"

Die pushed the pizza box off to the side and grabbed Kyo, hauling him completely against him and pushing his hand into the other's hair. Maybe some would have considered it fast. He probably should have as well. But the truth of the matter was, they'd been close to one another for more than a decade and he didn't feel like any of this was moving faster than it should have given the time they'd really known one another. "Of course," he breathed out. "I will." He pulled back a little and studied Kyo, wondering how to ask what he should keep and what he should sell or put in storage somewhere, but not quite knowing how to ask it.

Kyo let out a little gasp as Die pulled him close but then slid his arms around the other, nuzzling against him slightly. He knew it was sort of sudden, but it just felt so right and frankly, he was tired of waiting. "Good...." He leaned in and softly kissed Die's lips, murmuring against them. "Thank you."

Die kissed him back ever so gently and then made a little sound. "So... how are we going to decide what I'm bringing with me?" he asked, knowing his clothing wasn't an option, but almost everything else was.

Kyo rubbed Die's back and shrugged slightly. "Bring whatever you want, we'll make room... or we can toss it all and get new, make it totally ours instead. My furniture is... simply functional more than anything."

"I have an attachment to... very little of it. But admittedly most of it is expensive." He tended to be a bit of a fashion whore when he let himself, shopping for the sake of it at times. It was one of his rather girly traits and he knew it.

Kyo chuckled softly and shrugged slightly. "Well, I admit that I like your taste so... perhaps we can integrate your stuff in with some of mine and then pitch other bits. I am fond of my bed though."

Die smirked. "I can't argue with being fond of your bed, mostly because that's the bed I've been intimate with you in." His eyes danced with pleasure at that comment. Not even really realizing what he was doing, his thumb had moved to the vein Kyo had just above the level of his pants, stroking lovingly over it.

Kyo chuckled then let out a soft moan as Die stroked that vein, the feeling going straight to his cock. "I… uhm... mmm…."

For a moment, Die didn't know what had gotten into Kyo. After a few more though, he realized what he was doing and moved his hand to Kyo's thigh. "Ah... well... I guess you know part of you that I'm a bit obsessed with now, don’t you?" He flushed and shook his head a little, hair falling in his face.

Kyo chuckled slightly, shifting a bit in Die's lap. "I won't complain if you indulge in your obsession." He leaned in and pressed his lips to Die's, this kiss a bit more heated than the ones before it.

Die let out a rather guttural sound, kissing Kyo harshly for a moment before literally standing up, holding Kyo to himself and heading as well as he could toward the bedroom. He was done with this holding back thing for the time being. His dick was aching and he just wanted to fuck Kyo senseless right then.

Kyo groaned into the kiss then let out a sound as Die hoisted him up, eyes darkening as he sensed the sudden urgency of the other's mood. Once they were in the bedroom and close to the bed, he tilted his head to scrape his teeth over Die's neck, running his tongue over the vein there.

Die crawled on the bed and laid Kyo down, shifting over him and never letting him go. He only moved enough to snake one hand in and start undoing his own belt buckle and then pants. His dick hurt from the confines of his pants and he'd be damned if he wasn't going to free it.

Kyo clung to Die as he laid him down then watched him free himself, reaching down to assist by pulling the other free from his pants, stroking him lightly. "Damn baby... so hard for me already?"

Die could feel the heat rush to his groin the moment Kyo touched him, a groan leaving his lips as he just enjoyed it for a moment. "You'll find... that I'm always hard for you, Kyo." He shifted to getting Kyo's pants undone instead, smirking softly.

Kyo chuckled softly then let out a groan of his own, his hips jerking slightly. "Apparently baby... the feeling's mutual."

"Mmm... so I can see," he murmured, licking his lips a little and then shuffling down Kyo's body, taking him in his mouth without even hesitating long enough to give away what he was doing.

Kyo watched Die,letting out a loud moan as the other's mouth descended on him, his length throbbing. "Nng, Die~"

Die bobbed his head over the other's length, obviously enjoying himself, his cheeks flushed and his entire body holding all the signs of intense arousal - rigid shoulders, arched back, his hips pitching forward every few seconds... and just the way he sucked dick was like he was getting high off of it.

Kyo could damn near cum just from watching Die go at him, his back arching slightly as he reached down to tangle his fingers in the other's hair, moans spilling from his lips.

Die slurped and sucked, moaning as he went after Kyo's dick like it was the most glorious thing ever. He was arousing himself beyond how he'd been with Kyo up until now, really letting completely go and allowing him to realize how much he honestly loved going down on someone like this.

Kyo watched Die with some fascination, his cock jerking in the other's mouth as he sucked him like a damn porn star. Before he knew it, he could feel his orgasm building rapidly and he let out another guttural sound as he exploded into his lover’s mouth. "Oh… FUCK Die!"

Die kept right up with what he was doing, sucking almost desperately. He took all the other had to offer him and swallowed almost all of it. The last bit, he spit into his hand and rubbed on his dick, using it as the world's best lube. He shifted up over Kyo, one hand propping him up, the other working Kyo's pants down enough to expose him, then positioning his dick, eyes pleading for this to be allowed.

Kyo shuddered as he came, loving the feel of Die swallowing it. When the other spat into his hand, his eyes widened a bit and he groaned at the look on Die’s face, nodding his head and shifting to get one leg free from his pants so he could spread open for the other. "Fuck me into the mattress, baby."

Die pushed the pants aside and moved to the correct position, pushing his dick against him, slowly sinking in, loving the feel of using Kyo's cum as the lubricant for this. He only hoped they'd done it recently enough that the other wouldn't be in too much pain. He held his control on a fragile little wire, so close to snapping, to losing it.

Kyo let out a loud, piercing moan as Die entered him, the use of his cum making it so much more intense and erotic. He looked up at the other and reached up to grab him by the hair, dragging his head down for a hard kiss then hissing against his lips. "I said... fuck me."

Die let out a little huff of a snarl into the other's mouth, hunching over him and starting to quite literally fuck the hell out of him. He was desperate and every single ounce of his being spoke of it, the way his every movement was frenzied, the way his heart pounded, the way he felt almost close to tears from the intensity of his arousal right then. Just from letting himself go while pleasuring Kyo.

Kyo held on for the ride, his cock still hard despite having cum once already. He fed off the intensity Die was radiating as he bucked his hips up, He continually panted out Die's name as he reached up and dragged his nails up the other's back.

Die alternated between watching Kyo's eyes and then looking down to watch their joining as he pumped in and out of the other. It aroused him so much to know it wasn't just a meaningless fuck, it was Kyo he was fucking, the man he'd loved for so long, the man he'd do anything for.

The sounds Kyo was making were becoming inhuman and loud as he thrashed under Die, his muscles tensed and tight from the effort of it all. After another moment, he screamed out loud enough for the neighbors to hear and came harder than the first time, spurting onto his stomach and chest, Die's name somewhere in the incoherent sounds he was making.

Die felt something like shock filter through him. He groaned loudly, as he thrust more erratically, Kyo moving under him. He let out a huff of breath, stilling as he started to cum, just letting Kyo feel him as he filled him up. The relief of it all filtered through him, making him sag slightly against the other. "O-oh... oh yeah," he whispered out.

Kyo clung to Die as he felt the other's cum filling him, groaning more softly now, burying his head against a sweaty neck. He shuddered and wrapped his arms more securely around Die, letting his body clench around him briefly then relaxing into the mattress with a sigh.

Die shifted enough to slip out of the other, curling himself around him, his body shivering from the way he had exerted himself with this. His hand moved to stroke at Kyo's hair, giving him loving attentions after the almost violent way he'd taken him.

Kyo curled up against Die, his hand soothing the scratches he'd put on his back, nuzzling into his neck and kissing the skin there lightly. "Mm... love you."

"I love you, too," he murmured softly, smiling down at the other. "That... that was really good," he offered.

Kyo let out a soft chuckle and kissed Die's cheek, whispering out a bit hoarsely. "Yes... yes it was… so damn good."

Die dropped his head and closed his eyes, flushing a little. "I um... I hope I wasn't too… overzealous with my actions," he murmured. "Sometimes I get really into it... and well... you know."

Kyo snorted and shook his head, coughing to clear his throat. "Not at all but I've been overzealous with my voice." He laughed and brushed a hand through Die's hair. "I get the same way, baby, but I'm not delicate. I've taken it without prep or lube before."

Die chuckled a little. "I'll remember that rough edge is all my fault and I guarantee I'll end up hard as fuck each time I remember it." He shifted a little and closed his eyes. "And what I actually meant... was the uh... blowjob." And really how he'd acted like a porn star while sucking him.

Kyo smirked a bit. "Somehow, I like that idea." At Die's clarification, he grinned widely. "Oh that. That was fucking hot, baby. I wouldn't mind if every blowjob was like that."

"I... really enjoy sucking dick... as if that wasn't obvious." He snorted and tilted his head back, rolling over onto his side, closing his eyes. "I still remember the first time I got to suck someone off... God I was aroused as hell. As much as I like being dirty, this tops it so much."

Kyo shifted and turned to look at Die, licking his lips. "Again, I'm not complaining, baby. Not in the least. You're absolutely gorgeous with your lips my dick." At the other's mention of his first BJ, Kyo raised a questioning eyebrow. "Tell me about it?"

Die stared at him for a long moment and then pursed his lips. "Are you really okay with hearing about my past conquests?"

Kyo licked his lips and shrugged slightly. "Die, baby... they're a part of you and your past. Besides, you're with me now, not them."

Die gave a little nod. "Well... if you're okay with it, then good." He chuckled a little. "The first time I got to suck a guy off, I was really fucking drunk... and this guy had been at four of our stops already, eyeballing me every single time. He didn't seem to even know the band, just kept watching me." He shrugged. "Being drunk and stupid because of it, when I ran into him that night, I gave in and talked to him. He hit on me so obviously I couldn't possibly have misunderstood. He followed me to the bathroom and it didn't take us long before him taking a piss and starting to stroke himself turned into my mouth on his dick." He paused, gauging Kyo's reaction.

Kyo listened to Die's story, trying to think back to the tour he was talking about but couldn't remember. When Die finished, he just snorted and shook his head. "Holy crap..."

"It was... well, the first time I really knew what I wanted the most. And let me tell you... from that point on, every fucking time you wore those damn track pants and pitched a tent in them, it was the hardest thing I'd ever done not to shove you against a wall and suck the hell out your dick."

Kyo let out a faint groan at the very thought. "Hnn... I wish the hell you had ,that would've been exactly what I wanted and needed in those moments."

Die reached down to run his fingers through Kyo's drying cum on his belly. "Trust me... I'll be doing that real well from now on. Don't be surprised if we get denied for a while that I'll end up shoving you against a wall regardless of who else is around."

Kyo licked his lips and watched Die's fingers on his stomach, muscles twitching a bit. "Somehow... I know I wouldn't give a fuck."

Die let out a little growl and pushed himself to sit up, getting up and heading toward the bathroom. "I can't get enough of you. I feel like a rabid, horny dog."

Kyo moved to follow Die, smirking a bit. "You can hump my leg any time, baby."

"Oh, it's not your leg I want to hump," he replied, going to start washing up, cleaning his dick and then putting his pants back on correctly. "I think it's like I'm making up for all the times I've wanted you and haven't had you... you know?"

Kyo chuckled and grabbed a washcloth, wetting it and cleaning himself up. "Yeah, I definitely get that."

The guitarist offered a smile to the other and then reached to gently run his hand over the vocalist's cheek. "So... tomorrow we can go and get some of my stuff then?"

Kyo turned to place a kiss to Die's palm then nodded. "That works for me."

"Good. I think this is going to be actually... a lot of fun." He grinned happily at the other.

Kyo leaned up and kissed Die softly. "I hope so. Hell, we've practically lived together on the tour buses and stuff."

Die held him close as he kissed him back. When he stepped back, he gestured Kyo after him. "The rest of my beer is in there. Can't leave it half-drunk now, can I?"

Kyo let out a laugh and went with him. "Of course not... and I could use another slice of pizza." He smirked. "Worked up an appetite."

"Quite!" Die went and plopped back on the couch, handing a piece of pizza to Kyo, grabbing one for himself and snatching up his beer, taking a few swallows.

Kyo flopped down next to Die, leaning against him as he ate his pizza, peeling off a pepperoni and tossing it to Snowball, who was watching him longingly. "This is nice."

Die snickered. "She's gonna love you so much. Sharing your food and all. That's all it takes to be her best friend." He nudged the other with his knee. "It is nice."

Kyo chuckled and reached out to scritch her chin before tilting his head up to look at Die, just smiling.

"No fur on the bed, hmm?" He grinned at him, knowing she'd gotten the other into her fuzzy little paws.

Kyo pursed his lips and huffed. "Shush..."

"Mmmhmm," Die chuckled and finished off his slice of pizza and his beer in record time. He shifted back and pulled up his shirt, lightly running a hand over the little swell of his belly from the food, a bemused sort of look on his face. "It doesn't stop amusing me when I eat enough for this to happen," he offered by way of letting the other know why he was doing what he was.

Kyo finished off his slice as well then watched Die rub his stomach, looking down and placing his hand over it, chuckling. "You made a food baby."

Die smirked. "That... I very much did." He laughed. "And it'll be just like all that terrible mpreg shit. I'll poop the 'baby' out."

Kyo choked out a laugh before smacking Die in the stomach. "That's disgusting. You're not allowed to poop here. Remember, we're Gods... we don't poop."

"Hey! If I can't poop here, then I'll have to keep my place to do it in!" He arched one eyebrow at Kyo. "And we don't want that, now do we?"

Kyo huffed and rolled his eyes. "Fine... just as long as you don't do what Toshiya did that one time after he ate real Mexican for the first time." He wrinkled his nose and shook his head.

Die looked horrified. "That's what a fan and spray are for, that man has no respect for other people's noses and we all know that from the bus."

Kyo nodded, snorting slightly. "I swear he did that on purpose. There was a window in that bathroom, too!"

"He probably did because he's a jackass." He laughed. "Remember when he used to fart and then wait on us to smell it and see who'd cave and leave first?"

Kyo laughed. "Oh God, yes. What the hell was he eating? Skunk ass?"

"I think so." He chuckled and then crossed one leg over the other. "I drink beer all the fucking time and even I don't manage to smell like that. But he did... all the time."

Kyo shook his head. "I don't smell even remotely close to that unless I'm sick or something." He looked up at Die and grinned. "This is some sexy talk, isn’t it baby?"

Die laughed. "Hell no! Now tell me all about how you had to piss once and that's hot. This... nope." He made a face. "Definitely not into that... end... of things."

Kyo chuckled softly and then smirked. "So one time… I was on stage and I had to piss so bad that I nearly pissed my pants."

Die hadn't really expected the other to go along with it, after all it'd only been to prove a point. But instead he was apparently getting a hell of a story in exchange. "Oh?" He tried to remain looking calm and unaffected for the time being, though surely he was failing. "Do explain in more detail."

Kyo chuckled softly, giving his lover a knowing smirk. "Well, we were overseas at the time and it was one of the shows I was wearing my track pants. Anyway, I'd made the mistake of having a couple before the show and they went straight to my bladder along with the water that I normally drink on stage." He wrinkled his nose. "I was gonna go before the encore, but there wasn't enough time so I did the whole thing in misery before finally stumbling off stage and just pissing right into a bucket."

Die swallowed hard and then shivered, feeling his nipples getting hard from the story. It aroused the shit out of him and he couldn't even begin to help it. "Fuck I wish I had paid attention," he mumbled. He closed his eyes and imagined the whole thing, trying to place the time, the concert. This was definitely going in the spank bank, that was for damn sure.

Kyo ran his eyes over Die, smirking slightly as he reached out and flicked his thumb against one of the other's hardened nipples. "I'm surprised you didn't notice. My eyeballs were practically floating. I think even let a little loose in my pants."

Die groaned both at the contact and the admission. He wasn't too into the wetting aspect, only when it was associated with pure and utter desperation, which was exactly what Kyo was describing. And it was just the way he liked it, a little tiny accident and full-on desperate pissing somewhere unusual. He huffed out a soft sound and then licked his lips. "Tell me something... was it the same thing again the night you were wearing khakis? Because I had a serious mental debate as to if you pissed yourself of jizzed yourself on stage."

Kyo flushed slightly and licked his lips. "That was jizz... because I worked myself into such a damn frenzy that I couldn't hold back."

Die groaned, his head tilting back again. Somehow that was even better. "Be more descriptive," he pleaded with him, already feeling like he was going to have to solve a quick pants problem of his own in a few minutes.

Kyo gave Die a little smirk. "I was hard up and in desperate need of a serious fucking, preferably from someone that, at the time, I couldn't have." He glanced up at Die's face. "Anyway, I was riled up the entire day and was supposed to have gotten some 'me' time, but it never happened. When we got on stage, I threw myself into the performance and was sufficiently channeling my energies to that... until someone thought it'd be a good idea to start humping their guitar in front of me."

Die instantly jerked up to look at Kyo, his mouth open in a little 'o' shape. "Really? It... it was me? I caused you to lose it? On stage? In front of everyone?" He looked sincerely shocked.

Kyo laughed softly. "Well, it was several things, but you were at the peak of it all. I'd found myself halfway wishing we were still doing fan-service. I'd have come and humped your ass from behind or something."

Die let out a groan. "You know... I'd never have stopped you and I'm sure a lot of the fans would have enjoyed it." He smirked at him. "I hope you know that I'm so totally putting all of this in the spank bank."

Kyo laughed and leaned forward, nipping Die's bottom lip. "I'm sure a few girls would've creamed their panties for sure... and that's fine." To be honest, the idea of Die getting off to his stories turned him on and Kyo found himself squirming slightly.

"I can't say I've ever jizzed myself on stage, though I used to get damn close to pissing myself. My bladder wasn't doing so well for a while there and I would get to the point of almost losing it every single night before we'd go off for the encore." He smirked a little. "And that's the closest I've come to telling the fans about my... likes. I told them it was happening on purpose."

Kyo chuckled and shook his head. "That's rather bold of you. I remember that though and remember thinking it odd that you would purposely put yourself in that situation. That was before I knew or even thought of you having that fetish of yours - which, by the way - I think about nearly every time I take a piss now."

Die smirked a little and then peered up at him, letting out a tiny groan. "Really? You know... you should just let me know... talk to me about it... text me.. send picture mail." He winked a little and laughed.

Kyo snorted then held up his finger, shifting and standing up, going to the hall and coming back with his phone. He flipped through the pictures for a minute then held it out to Die, showing him one with a clear view of his dick and piss coming out of it and into a toilet. "I took this the other day, just haven't had the chance to send it."

Die took his phone when the other came back, peering at the photo on it and then letting out a keening sort of whine, moving to send it to himself, shooting off the image and then flicking back to it, feeling the last little bit of his control over his dick slipping away. He licked his lips and felt his phone vibrate in his pocket, letting him know he'd gotten the image. "Fuck," he hissed out, the vibration feeling good.

Kyo licked his lips as he watched Die's reaction, his own dick giving a sharp throb. "Tell me baby... do you like vibes used on your dick?"

Die flushed a little and then nodded. "I do... there's this little bullet I used to use, just put it in my palm with some lube and jerk off with it set on high." His hips shifted a little, making it obvious his dick was achingly hard.

Kyo reached down and ran his hand over Die's dick, groaning softly. "I have a couple... one I use sometimes to fuck myself and another that I use mainly on my dick."

Die groaned, pushing his hips up toward Kyo's hand. He closed his eyes a little and then murmured, "I know it's an odd request... but can we just jerk one another off?"

Kyo licked his lips and nodded, palming Die through his pants. "In here or you wanna go to the bedroom?"

Die huffed softly and then murmured, "In here." He shifted over, moving to sit up and then tugging Kyo over to sit down next to him. "C'mon, baby." He immediately went about opening his pants, pulling his dick out.

Kyo hummed and got comfortable next to Die, unzipping and freeing himself, groaning softly as he gave it a few strokes. "It's like I or my dick can't get enough of you."

Die laughed softly. "Eventually we're gonna have chafed dicks and then we'll have to stop for a while. Until then... fuck like rabbits." He took his own dick in hand and watched Kyo's actions, stroking himself and looking pleased about it.

Kyo snorted and shook his head. "I don't think I could stop even then." He stopped talking then and focused on his cock, giving it long, slow strokes, making a show of it for Die.

Die watched the other for a long few moments before he moved his hand over to Kyo's lap, coming in around the base of his cock and starting to help him jerk off. "Did you ever think of piercing it?" he asked softly.

Kyo groaned as Die's hand joined his own, licking his lips. "I have... several times actually." He shifted and reached out to return the favor, wrapping his hand around Die, sliding his thumb along the underside. "Why? Would you like me to?"

Die let go of his own dick, just letting Kyo do the work on his while he worked on the other's. He enjoyed feeling the not-so-familiar dick in his hand, not his own that he'd known his entire life, but his lover's whose he was still getting to know. It aroused him even more that the other was willing to just talk with him while they were doing this, like it was everyday business. "I don't know... I've heard you're out of commission for a while after."

Kyo closed his eyes for a moment, just feeling and enjoying Die's hand on him, the slight roughness that came from years of guitar playing providing a certain kind of sensation that he thoroughly enjoyed. He continued moving his hand on Die, exploring the other's dick with his fingers. After a moment, he looked up and nodded. "Yeah, so I've heard... I think if you get it done like underneath, you can still use it."

Die shivered a little, arching into the other's touch, implying he wanted things to ramp up a little more. "Maybe," he breathed out, getting past the being able to use his brain for its intended function part and into the oh-god-it-feels-so-good phase.

Kyo groaned lowly and shifted forward to catch Die in a heated kiss, his hand moving faster over the other's cock, his own hips bucking slightly as he moaned into his mouth.

Die leaned in as well, free hand snaking down to grope at his balls. He shivered slightly as he slowly started to spear his tongue into Kyo's mouth, his hand jerking the other off perhaps a bit roughly.

Kyo sucked on Die's tongue in a somewhat lewd manner, another groan sliding out as Die got a bit rough with him, his cock starting leak pre-cum. He slipped his other hand up to tweak his own nipple, his hips jerking.

Die was sure they were making quite the sight and he honestly was enjoying the fact that they were. He moaned into the other's mouth, arching up toward the other, humping a little, knowing he was intensely close to his edge already.

Kyo curled his tongue around Die's as he bucked into the other's hand. He tightened his own fingers around Die's cock, jerking him faster, unable to stop the sounds sliding past his lips. It felt so damn good to be like this with Die and he was almost sad that he was so close already.

Die moved one leg up and then shoved himself slightly up toward the other, knowing when he came, he wanted to put it all over Kyo's pants and cock if he could. Excitement ramped up quite a bit in him and he pulled back from the kiss, panting harshly.

Kyo let his head drop back when they parted, moving his free hand to grip the back of the couch to steady himself. After a moment, he looked at Die again, seeing the pleasure there and groaning. He glanced down at the other's cock and stroked it harder, squeezing tighter when his hand slid over the head.

Die's hips bucked a little and he murmured, "Just a little firmer, baby," he pleaded, his hand working quickly at Kyo's cock, never once faltering, his grip on the other sure and true.

Kyo did as Die requested, tightening his grip on the other's dick. He watched his face, panting heavily as he got nearer to the edge. He was close, but wanted to watch Die lose it.

It only took Die a few more strokes after Kyo tightened his grip to cum, a groan slipping free of his mouth. His cum was a bit thin with his jerking off earlier in the day and then Kyo and him fucking, and now this. But he still managed to splash Kyo's dick with the second spurt, the rest dropping over his pants, Die's hips jerking.

Kyo watched as long as he could as Die painted his pants with cum before groaning out loudly and bucking into the other's hand, losing it as well, spurting onto the edge of Die's shirt.

Die groaned as Kyo's dick started to pulse in his hand. He spit out a string of curses, jerking Kyo rather vigorously until he was done. Once he was sure Kyo was finished, he let out a soft chuckle and then licked his lips a little, leaning back. "Mmm... you're... gorgeous."

Kyo sat back on his knees after he'd finished, pulling his hand up to lick the bit of Die's cum that got on it. "And you... just… mmm." He chuckled and flushed a little. "God... you've stolen my ability to use words."

Die leaned in, gently kissing him and then murmuring, "Don't worry... I'll give it back... when you need it most." He smiled.

Kyo smiled softly, brushing his other hand over Die's cheek. "How can I expect you to give me anything when you've given me so much already?"

"I'll never stop giving as long as I possibly can," he murmured quietly, finally moving to let go of the other's dick and then started to clean his hand off with some tissues.

Kyo sighed and shivered slightly when the other moved his hand off him, leaning in to peck Die's cheek before shifting into a sitting position and closing his eyes for a moment. "I feel like I'm going to wake up and this will have been a dream."

Die frowned a little, putting his pants back on properly. "It's not... I've already made sure in every way I can that I'm awake. And if I am... you are. Trust me."

Kyo chuckled and pulled Die to him, nuzzling his neck a bit. "I do trust you..."

Die rolled his head to the side and then chuckled. "Well tomorrow should be interesting, given the um... porn I have."

Kyo snorted lightly and shrugged. "I'm intrigued. We'll get popcorn and watch porn all night after we're done bringing your stuff here." He grinned. "It can't possibly be that bad."

"You might take that back after you see how cheezy half of it is." He chuckled a little and then leaned back, closing his eyes. "Mmm... overall, today has been quite nice I think."

Kyo hummed softly, suddenly feeling rather sleepy. "Mmm, overall, I would agree..." He ran his hand lightly over Die's knee, glancing at the other then smiling. "Thank you..."

"Maybe we should call it a night?" he asked quietly, thinking it maybe best they go and sleep before doing a lot of moving shit tomorrow.

Kyo huffed out a sigh and nodded. "Sounds good to me, baby." He stood and stretched, then reached out for Die's hand.

Die stood as well, taking Kyo's hand and walking beside him to the bedroom... no... their bedroom. He couldn't wipe the goofy smile off his face at that, feeling on top of the world.

Chapter Text

Die stood in the middle of his living room, boxes all around him and a tablet in his hand. He'd taken Shinya's advice and picked up an iPad so he could catalog what he wanted to get rid of, what he was keeping in storage, and what he was taking to Kyo's. He swallowed a little and huffed out a sigh as he scrolled through, looking for where he'd put his couch on the list.

Kyo came out of the bedroom carrying a box of Die's regular DVDs, huffing slightly as he set them down on the couch. "This is the last of them aside from your porn. There are some that I have, but I don't think we'll have many duplicates." He looked up at his lover as he wiped sweat from his brow. "You okay?"

"This is gonna drive me nuts," he murmured softly, shaking his head. "Shinya's idea was all fine and dandy until I forgot to catalog something." He sighed and then flopped down on the couch. "Maybe... I don't want to do this by a friggin’ catalog."

Kyo hummed softly and took the iPad away from Die, tossing it onto a pile of clothing that had yet to be boxed up. "Die, don't worry so much about it. It'll be fine." He leaned down and pecked Die on the lips, giving him a smile. "So... what exactly did you tell Shin about moving anyway?"

Die watched the other toss the iPad aside and then peered up at him, enjoying the brief moment of the kiss. "Mmm... well... I didn't actually explain and he kept his nose out of it. I just said I was moving and all my stuff couldn't come with me. He gave me his advice and that was that."

Kyo nodded, satisfied with the answer. He knew they'd have to tell their bandmates eventually, but he wasn't exactly ready to spill the beans yet. "It sounds like a good idea but if it isn't working for you, don't force yourself." He gave Die’s leg a pat then moved to start folding and boxing the clothes the iPad was on.

Die stared at his clothing as it disappeared into the box. "You know... you'd think we wouldn't have to do this ourselves... and you'd also think I wouldn't own this much shit." He laughed and shook his head, pushing himself back up. "I'll... take care of the err... questionable stuff in my bedroom... and bathroom... and," he turned around and headed back to the couch, reaching under the cushion and pulling out a porn mag before heading back toward the bedroom, "this."

Kyo chuckled and shook his head. "I half-ass considered hiring movers that packed too, but it seemed a little too risky... and you do own a lot of shit, that's for sure." He grinned then looked interestedly at the porno mag. "Want my help?" He was definitely curious about Die's collection. Not so much because it was porn, that rarely did anything for him but he was more intrigued because the other seemed so keen on hiding it still.

Die paused in the hallway and debated it. He weighed his options. Either Kyo would find out by it being in his house or else he'd find out right now. It seemed better for him to find out now and if he reacted negatively Die could just 'lose' part of it along the way. He lifted a hand and gestured Kyo along with him, heading to the bathroom first.

Kyo licked his lips and stood to follow Die, wondering about the other's attitude. Surely the porn couldn't be that bad... right? He shrugged lightly and moved to lean against the frame of the bathroom door.

Die opened the sliding glass cabinet with his meds in it and reached around the back, pulling out a single small magazine. He tossed it on the top of the other one on the counter. This one was just a plain old porno mag, men fucking women. It was what he'd deemed safest to hide in a 'public' space. He then reached in the shower, opening a shampoo bottle and tipping it, a slim dildo slipping out. He tossed the shampoo bottle out then and quickly rinsed the dildo in the sink. He dried it off and then gestured at the bedroom. "Okay, bedroom."

Kyo glanced at the porn mag and then looked up at Die tipping the dildo out of the shampoo bottle. "Clever..." He grinned a little and turned to follow Die further down the hall. "How many other little hiding places do you have?"

Die smirked a little. "That's it in the house. The rest is fairly obvious. But you'd be surprised on tour." He chuckled a little and then moved to the bedroom, first opening his bedside table drawer, revealing all kinds of lube, condoms, and a few toys.

Kyo chuckled lightly then peered into the drawer. "Think you’ve got enough lubes ?" He picked up a purple vibe that had ridges on it, rubbing his thumb over them as he thought about how it would feel to use it. "Have you used all of these?"

Die lifted his eyes to the other's face and then nodded. "Yeah... I have. There's one that I haven't, but it's in the closet. It arrived like... the day before we got together. Haven't had a need for it." He started moving things into an empty box, tossing the mags in first and then adding his toys and whatnot on top.

“I see...” Kyo grinned a bit then watched Die go about packing his most intimate things, snagging one of the mags and flipping through. It was fairly harmless, just a bit of male on male bondage. "Interesting enough..."

Die reached over and flipped to page 17, pointing at the shibari on that page, not saying a word, just pointing. He then moved to reach under the bed and pull out another mag, this one really one of the worse ones, featuring women doing dirty things. He tossed it in the box and then went to his closet, pulling out the vibrating, twisty-headed vibe and tossing it - still in the box - on the bed. He then reached up and pulled down a small open-topped box that contained some of his 'worse' DVDs, carrying it toward the bed.

Kyo stared at the shibari, running his eyes over the intricate knots and then imagining the person in those ropes as Die and let out quiet sound before snapping the mag closed and setting it in the box with the others. He glanced at the peeing mag and wrinkled his nose, though it was more the vaginas than the fetish. The vibe also intrigued him and he thought about how it'd be to use on Die or himself. After a second, he cleared his throat then glanced up at Die, peering into the box. "Is this your 'worst'?"

Die eyeballed him and then nodded a little. "Yeah... the 'tame' stuff is the stuff in the front to throw everyone off, thinking I'm just open about it. Right there on the shelf next to the other stuff.”

Kyo nodded then cocked his head. "Show me the one you're most scared to show anyone?"

Die sat down on the edge of the bed and started rooting through his collection. He wasn’t entirely sure which was the one he was most scared to show, but he figured it would just sort of pop out. He finally settled on one, it was a video of trannies that looked pretty innocuous upon first glance, but reading the cover provided information beyond the photos. There was everything from pissing to full-on roleplay-rape scenes in it and a hell of a lot in between. He hesitated for a moment and then tossed it on the bed next to Kyo. "Not something you want your friends to find unsuspecting... also not something you live down once they do find it."

Kyo picked up the DVD and studied the back cover, raising an eyebrow then nodding. "I can imagine... I'd have been a bit shocked to find something so extreme but..." He tossed the DVD back in the box and shrugged. "Porn doesn't define a person..." He grinned slightly. "After all, I've watched some pretty sick stuff before..."

"Let's say I went through a pretty dark period for a while there... and this isn't something you can just toss in the trash can and hope no one sees." He sighed softly and rubbed over his hair. "I have so much that I'd die if most anyone else found."

Kyo stood and went to Die, wrapping his arms around him from behind. "We all have our secrets, baby..."

Die turned in his arms and pulled the other against him, burying his nose in the other's hair with a soft sound that meant he was relaxing. It was really all it took these days, just to surround himself by Kyo and his scent.

Kyo tilted his head to place a kiss to Die's chin, hands stroking over his back. "If you really want to get rid of it, let's go throw it in Kaoru's mailbox." He gave the other a wicked grin, the idea rather amusing to him.

Die's eyes widened and then he started to laugh. "Oh god... no, I have a better idea. We put it in his gift box next concert. He'll never know who gave it to him or why."

Kyo grinned wider. "Perfect..." He dug through some of the other DVDs, not finding anything too horrible except one about cock and ball torture. With a wince, he held it up and pointed to it. "Please tell me this was just a curious thing..."

Die glanced at it and then winced as well. "Yeah... pretty much. I wanted to know why on earth these men could want that. I think they must have fake balls or something."

Kyo grunted and tossed it back in. "I hope so, I couldn't stand it." He looked at Die and then around the almost empty bedroom. "Is that all of it then? Or do you have some secret wall panel?"

"No more except what's in the front that's in plain view." He shrugged a little. "I took a lot of it with me the first time, just haven't taken it out is all."

Kyo raised an eyebrow then chuckled. "I see, okay then… looks like we should have a porn marathon or something." He honestly hadn't watched porn in a while, not having the time or need to.

"My hard drive is worse..." he shrugged a little and then grabbed the box, heading into the front with it.

Kyo followed Die, snorting slightly. "Well, porn aside... what furniture were you thinking about? Remember, I can rearrange my stuff, too."

Die put his hands on his hips and then murmured, "I'd like to keep my couch... I paid a shit-ton for it. And my TV and sound system are way newer than yours. We could move yours to the bedroom for lazy time. My coffee table can go in storage. If... that's okay with you."

Kyo looked over Die's couch and electronics and nodded. "That sounds great... it'll save us from having to shop. We could put your coffee table in the spare room if you like."

Die nodded. "Sounds good to me. And that little table in the hallway, we're keeping for sure. It was my grandmother's, s'all I have left." He offered a fond little look at the memory.

Kyo smiled and nodded. "Absolutely, we'll put it in my... OUR... hallway and throw the one I have in there out. It's cheap anyway." He glanced at Die's couch again then closed his eyes, envisioning it in the living room and smiled. It would look good in place of his own and Die was right about the TV and sound system.

Die reached for Kyo's shoulder and pulled him into his arms, just holding his lover for a few minutes. "Hey... Kyo... do you know how to dance? Like... couples stuff, not what you do on stage."

Kyo curled his arms around Die, humming softly until the other spoke. He looked up at him and flushed slightly. "Erm... well... not very well."

Die brushed blonde hair back from the other's face, peering down at him, his eyes full of unspoken emotion before he dipped his head and initiated a sweet, sweet kiss.

Kyo blinked slightly then closed his eyes, kissing Die back gently, reaching up to caress the other's cheek. His heart flip-flopped in his chest as one word echoed within his mind.

Die kissed him until he was breathless, parting ever so gently, leaving a trail of little kisses over Kyo's lips before he completely leaned back up. "This... is everything I ever hoped for and so much more. I just want you to know that."

Kyo stared up at Die, almost clinging to him. "I..." His voice broke and he had to clear his throat before beginning again. "I never thought I'd ever find... this." As he spoke, he moved his hand to rest against Die's heart, feeling it beating against his palm.

In all his time Die had never heard Kyo's voice break like that when it wasn't from the strain of pushing it too hard on stage. It brought a lump to his throat and butterflies to his stomach. "You mean the world to me." And he just prayed they'd never fuck this up.

Kyo just nodded and leaned in to place a kiss on the spot his palm was before biting his lip and pulling back slightly. "I honestly don't think... I could live without you."

Die studied him, feeling something like agony grip his heart at the other's statement. He'd always known deep inside that Kyo didn't toy with love for a number of reasons, but this one still came down like a vice on his heart. The idea of Kyo dying wasn't something he wanted to think about. Not now, not ever. He pulled Kyo against him tightly, long arms holding him in place as he kissed the side of his head and did his best not to cry. He knew with as long as he'd been harboring feelings for the other, he honestly couldn't go on if Kyo chose to take away this fragile life, and even that found a way to choke him up. He couldn't say a word, just holding him tight and close.

Kyo swallowed thickly and clung to Die, eyes squeezed shut as the emotions of the moment coiled tightly around his heart. He knew then that he would never leave Die's side, no matter what. His love for the other was too strong, built silently through the years even unbeknownst to himself. He finally gathered himself a bit and murmured against Die's chest. "I love you, Daisuke."

Die hugged him back fiercely. "I love you, too..." he hesitated for a moment and then murmured, "Tooru." He loved him for everything that was him now and everything that had been him through the years and that wasn't likely to change.

Kyo's eyes popped open and he glanced up at Die, the most sincere smile gracing his lips at the sound of his birth name coming from the other. "You remembered." It was an odd thing to be happy about since he’d often mentioned that he detested his real name but nonetheless, hearing it come from Die’s lips paired with those three little words really meant quite a lot to him.

Die offered him a watery smile and then cupped Kyo's face in his hands again. "I remember a lot of things... do you still remember the first time we met? Like twenty seconds in the bathroom at some seedy club we were playing at?"

Kyo brought his hand up to rub over Die's arm, chuckling softly. "Yes, the place was awful. I remember thinking that I didn't even want to risk pissing in the urinal for fear of some super germ jumping onto my dick."

Die laughed, glad the moment was growing a little less heavy. He was always wary of heavy moments when it came to Kyo especially and he'd hate to leave the other brooding for long. He licked his lips a little. "Yeah... but you just sort of dropped it on me that I was a good guitarist and you thought I should leave and join you."

Kyo grinned, taking a breath that seemed to shake the thick fog of emotions surrounding them. "Yeah, well, sometimes you just have to get straight to the point!"

"And the best part... I didn't say it right then because I wanted to draw it out... but I was going to say yes from the moment you asked." He pushed his hand into the other's hair and shook it just a little, leaning in with a soft growl. "You're a convincing little bastard, you know that?"

Kyo chuckled and reached up to tug Die down for a quick kiss. "I would apologize, but I'm not sorry. I knew you were eager to get away from your other band anyway..."

Die pressed his lips to Kyo's and then pulled back, chuckling. "Mmm… I was... but if we don't get to packing again, this will never get done." A bit sadly, he pulled back and went about tossing some stuff into a box.

Kyo huffed lightly, but kept his smile in place, turning to go stack Die's dishes he'd wrapped earlier into a box marked fragile. "You have some pretty nice pots and pans, I might just toss mine."

"One can never have too many pots and pans, Kyo. We're probably gonna wanna keep most of them from both of us." He gestured toward the kitchen. "Like the rice cooker, yours is just fine, but a backup is always good."

Kyo nodded and moved to put said pots and pans into another box along with utensils and miscellaneous kitchen things. "Very true, where do you want the knick knacks in here?"

"Put them all in the 'free' box with the exception of the little egg timer. I'll let the neighbors pick through that box because I know they know me and well... I bet one of them will at least take anything that's left." He smirked a little, knowing they had at least one fan on his floor.

Kyo hummed and started gathering them up, putting all of them in the box Die indicated except for the egg timer and a little picture frame magnet with a photo of Snowball. He set those in with the kitchen stuff and closed up the box with tape, letting out a sigh. "Almost finished... the place looks... well, empty."

Die finished up with the living room, lovingly placing the few plants he had in a box and already debating where they'd go in his new home. "Just the last bit of my bathroom stuff and that's it."

Kyo watched Die with the plants, smiling a bit. "Okay, I'll go call the movers then. They came highly recommended as having dealt with… celebrities." He hated using that term to describe anything to do with himself but every once in a while, it was the only thing that fit.

Die smiled, coming by to gently kiss Kyo on the lips. "You're a doll for having found them. I had no idea where to even start." He took the last box and headed down the hall to the bathroom, starting to rake things into the box, starting with the shower and then migrating to cabinets and drawers.

Kyo grinned, pecking Die's lips back then picked up the fragile box, heading out to his car and alerting the movers that were already waiting that they could begin, informing them of the furniture items that would be going.

Die, for his part, made a call to Gara, a relatively good friend, offering some of his stuff to the other man and getting an enthused response. He told him what it was and how big, telling him to let him know when he'd be ready to come get it before the month was up.

Kyo went back up to Die's apartment and leaned against the wall while the other was on the phone. Once the call was finished, Kyo moved over to Die and ran his hand over his arm. "The movers are on their way."

Die glanced at Kyo and then nodded. "I wonder who's gonna want the bed," he murmured, scratching his head. He had no idea what to do with it if no one else wanted it.

Kyo thought for a moment. "We could offer it as an extra special FC item... I'm sure there are some fangirls out there that would love to roll around in your sheets, whether you're there or not!

Die snorted. "I was just going to say that. And hey... I wouldn't put it past some of the boys as well. Don't underestimate the power of hormones."

Kyo chuckled. "True... but I think the logistics of it all would too much to deal with. We could always put it in storage or something. You never know when you might need an extra bed..."

Die nodded a little. "Okay, sounds good. I mean it's not that old, so it should be fine. Just need to find a way to wrap it up before putting it in storage."

Kyo pointed to the men entering the apartment. "They can do it. It shouldn't be a problem."

The guitarist glanced up at the men coming in and then nodded. "Good deal... I have a storage locker... it doesn't have much in it, but I guess that's where it's going."

Kyo nodded. "That works for me, I was just trying to determine if there was space in my own storage for it." He picked up another box of Die's stuff and glanced at the other, murmuring softly. "You're not... sad or anything... about leaving your apartment?"

Die glanced over at him. Honestly, he wasn't really sad about it, though he supposed he was feeling a bit on edge. He shrugged. "Not sad in the least." More like praying they were making the right decision together.

Kyo offered Die a slight smile and reached out to squeeze his hand lightly when the movers were in the other room. "Good... shall we?" He gestured to the box in his hand.

Die gave a little nod, going to grab his most sensitive boxes so the movers couldn't snoop and balancing the two plus his guitar, he gestured at the door with his head. "Your car with this stuff?"

Kyo picked up another box. "Yep, I think it'll all fit in the trunk or backseat. Your guitar can go in the backseat at least." He led the way out into the hall, pushing the elevator with his hip.

Die waited patiently behind him, a smile on his lips. "This is perfect." Even with any worries, this was still perfection for him. Being with Kyo and knowing he was actually going to be officially living with Kyo was nothing short of amazing.

Kyo glanced up at Die and smiled softly. "I've been thinking the same thing all day... I've already got ideas for re-arranging our place to include your stuff."

Die's eyes sparkled. "Sounds like a plan... but not until tomorrow or my back will friggin hate me." He chuckled softly.

Kyo laughed a little and shook his head. "Actually, I was thinking more like next week or something. I think tonight's going to be one of those 'grab take-out and eat it in our boxers kind of nights."

If Die had had a hand left, he'd have high-fived Kyo for an excellent idea. But as it was, his hands were full and he had to settle on enthusiastically replying, "Damn right!" The elevator dinged and they slipped inside, Die managing to hit the button for ground floor.

Kyo grinned and leaned against the wall of the car, letting out a sigh. "You're hot... by the way... when your hair is all up in a ponytail and you're wearing that tank top."

Die cast a sideways glance at the other and flushed a little. "You think so?" He thought he looked like hell like this.

Kyo nodded. "I do... because it's the real you, not put together or anything for the press, etc."

"You're the sweetest, you know that, baby?" He smirked a little and stepped out once the elevator arrived on the ground floor. He allowed Kyo in front of him to lead the way to his car, not really remembering where the other had parked.

Kyo flushed the slightest bit then lead Die to his car, setting his boxes down to open up the trunk before arranging them inside while leaving enough space for the others. "I think that'll about do it..."

Die added his boxes to the trunk and then opened the back door, putting his baby in the back, making sure it wouldn't slide into the floor if they had to make any sudden stops. He closed the door and glanced at Kyo, a little smirk growing on his face. "Do we supervise or?"

Kyo watched Die settling his guitar in like a child and had to smile. The smallest thought of a long away future flashed through his mind before he shrugged slightly in response to Die's question. "That's up to you... they know what to get and are being paid well for their discretion." He'd outright insisted on covering the cost of Die's move and refused to let the other pay one cent on it.

Die shrugged a little. "My key's on the hall table, so as long as they don't miss taking that, then we're good I guess. Does that mean we just go and wait for them at your... our place?"

Kyo nodded and grinned. "Yeah, they'll call if they have any questions or anything. Did you get everything you wanted to bring yourself?"

Die nodded. "Yeah I'm good with whatever we've got right now I suppose. Most of the important irreplaceable shit is here... except grandma's table, but it won't fit in here."

Kyo chuckled softly. "Your grandmother's table will be fine. I told them that if they broke it, I'd use the pieces to perform a prostate exam on them."

Die let out a laugh and shook his head. "I'm actually certain you would, that's the best part." He opened the car door and slid into the seat, buckling up and settling in.

Kyo grinned and hopped into the car as well, getting situated before starting the engine and pulling out and onto the road, heading towards their place.

Once they had been driving a bit, he reached out and squeezed Die's leg, almost in a reassuring manner.

Die reached down, putting his hand over Kyo's. "We should buy one thing together... something that will be ours just to symbolize this."

Kyo stopped at a red light and turned to Die, smiling softly. "What did you have in mind?"

Die shook his head a little. "I don't know... anything in particular you think we're missing?"

Kyo thought about it for a moment then turned left instead of right towards home. "Well, with your TV and sound system... we need a new entertainment center."

Die's eyes lit up at the prospect of it and he grinned happily. "This should be fun!" They could make that the centerpiece of their move, find something matching both Kyo's stuff and his own and join them.

Kyo smiled and pulled up to a popular, slightly high-end furniture place. "This is where I got my bed and some of the decorative stuff on the walls."

"I'm so glad you liked my idea." Die squeezed Kyo's hand before opening his door and slipping out, waiting to make sure Kyo locked the car up with all his valuables in it.

Kyo stole a quick kiss, then went about locking the door and engaging the alarm. His windows were tinted but still, why take chances? "Of course I like your idea. To be honest, I was thinking the same thing."

As they headed up to the store, Die found himself walking like he was on the highest of highs. He grinned happily as he moved along, humming softly. "Great minds and all that."

Kyo chuckled and shook his head. "Of course..." He wandered around casually with Die for a bit, looking at a few things here and there before moving over to the entertainment centers.

Die followed after him, looking at a cute little cutting board set before catching up with Kyo and stuffing his hands in his pockets to keep from being mr-touchy with the items in the store.

Kyo studied the pieces for a bit before pointing to a rather nice one that would fit both the TV and sound system and leave room for other components and such. "What do you think of that style?"

Die went over to it and picked up one of the informational cards, starting to read the stats and making some agreeable noises as he went through it. He put it back and then nodded. "Looks sturdy to me and it says they'll set it up for us, so no cursing at the damn thing and missing parts."

Kyo chuckled. "That's half the fun... but... I think it'd match your couch and my coffee table as well as fit nicely in the living room."

"Oh, it's not fun... trust me, you do not want to see me trying to put one of these things together. I have literally thrown fits that broke other things in the house because of it." He gave the other a sheepish look.

Kyo just grinned and nudged Die lightly with his arm. "Fine, we can have them set it up. I don't want you to throw a fit unless it's in my bed." He smirked slightly then picked up the card to go inform the store that they'd be purchasing it, happy that they’d found something they both liked so easily.

Die was glad no one was around to hear them harassing one another, if only because there were still people he'd like to know before the general populous. He padded along after Kyo. "Hey... we both have to pay equally for this. It's a requirement."

Kyo stopped and chuckled lightly. "True. Okay then, we'll pay together... but how?"

Die glanced at the price-tag in Kyo's hand and then paused, looking around to make sure no one was paying attention to them. He pulled out a wad of cash, counted through it real fast and then handed it over to Kyo. "I'll owe you 50,000 yen. Stop by an ATM and I'll give it to you right after we leave."

Kyo blinked and hesitantly took the cash, he kinda didn't like it even though he understood the meaning of it all. "Okay, that'll work. I only have 10,000 on me so that wasn't going to cover it." He gave Die half a smile then made his way to the register, paying and setting up a delivery date and time. With his receipt, he turned back to Die and grinned. "Done, it's our's."

Die watched the other pay, putting his wallet back in his pocket while he waited. When Kyo announced he was done and the center was theirs, he smiled and headed outside, holding the door for Kyo in an absent sort of manner. Once they were outside, he smiled. "Lucky I carry any cash on me at all."

Kyo walked with Die to the car, glancing up at him. "I rarely carry more than a few 100 yen really." He slid into the car and waited for Die to join him before heading out again, this time for an ATM.

Die nodded a little. "Good practice... I think we all know someone who's been mugged. Never pleasant."

Kyo snorted. "Yeah. I'd really rather not lose my month's pay in one go." He pulled up to an ATM. "Wanna give me your card and number so you don't have to get out?"

Die handed his card over and then flushed before he muttered out, "0216". As if that didn't tell a lot about how long he'd had Kyo at least on his list of people he truly cared about.

Kyo took the card then blinked at the number before smiling softly and giving Die's leg a firm squeeze. "That'll be easy to remember..." He slid the card into the machine and entered the number then withdrew the money, thankful the ATM let him get that much at once. "Okay, that's it. Here's your receipt and card back." He grinned and handed the items to Die.

Die was glad Kyo took it well. He took the card and receipt back when it was offered to him, wondering if Kyo had noticed how huge the balance was in his savings account. Everyone thought him a frivolous bastard, but the truth was, he was still wearing his chrome hearts shirts from well over eight years prior, taking tender care of them. "Yeah... I'd hope it would be," he murmured.

Kyo chuckled and pulled back out onto the road, heading towards home. "So... what are you going to do with all of that? You know you can spend it... right?" He’d seen the rather sizeable balance of Die’s account more by accident than anything.
Die glanced at him and shook his head. "It's... let's just say it's the just in case. I mean we've already almost broke up as a band twice. It's never too early to be prepared."

Kyo frowned at the very thought, but nodded his head. "I guess you're right. I have some saved up, but nothing near that." He made a mental note to add more to his emergency fund the next day, suddenly feeling insecure, especially now that he and Die were together.

"I'm... a freak of nature in preparation to be honest." The guitarist shrugged a little.

Kyo hummed and, at long last, pulled up to their place, pleased to see they'd beat the movers. "Well, maybe it'll rub off on me." He smiled slightly and got out, gathering things from the trunk.

Die reached to gently touch Kyo's cheek. "Maybe... and if not, we're good because I'm here and we're together." He smiled a little.

Kyo's smile brightened a bit and he leaned in, kissing Die softly. "Then you can do all of the preparedness stuff around the house."

Die saluted and then grinned. "Will do." He got out and quickly went around to get his guitar and the other few things in the back seat, starting with that stuff.

Kyo laughed and waited until Die got his stuff, shutting the trunk with his hip and locking the car before heading in and right up to the elevator. "I'm glad we cleaned house beforehand."

"Right? If we didn't, we'd have all kinds of problems." He licked his lips a little and followed after Kyo, glad the elevator was waiting on them.

Kyo nodded, stepping onto the elevator. "Yeah, really. I didn't think I had that much useless junk laying around!" Once they were to their floor, he lead Die to the door and set the boxes down to open it up, grinning. "We're home."

"Junk... dear god, I had no idea I had so much I could just toss in the trashcan until now." He laughed, stepping in and putting down his stuff and then turning around. "One more trip and we'll be back in home!"

Kyo chuckled. "Yeah, I'm not sure who had the most, me or you." He moved and set his own boxes inside the door then shut it again, going once again to the elevator. "I feel like I've ridden this elevator more times this past week than I ever have in all the time I've lived here."

Die laughed. "I'm sure you rode it as many times when you moved in... you know, probably more since the movers will be doing most of the riding." He snorked. "In that manner, at least."

Kyo sniggered and gave Die a wink. "I'd like to do some riding on this elevator...."

Die looked around, trying to see if there were any cameras on it. He smirked when he saw none and no place one could be hiding. "We'll see... we'll see."

Kyo licked his lips at the idea. "We will, hm?"

"Oh yes, we will." He grinned as the doors opened and he stepped out, heading for the car, a new bounce in his step despite how tired he was.

Kyo chuckled softly, getting a good eyeful of Die's ass as he followed him. "You make me feel like a horny teenager most of the time..."

"I am a horny teenager... in my dick and heart." He laughed and opened the trunk, pulling out another large box.

Kyo just grinned, picking up the last box. "I know." He shut the trunk and once again started for the building. "But you're MY horny teenager..."

Die plodded back to the elevator, catching it just as someone came out. He slipped inside and managed to push the button to get to Kyo's floor. "Yes... yes I am."

He started to make a snide comment about how Kyo was a lovely dick-hole, but decided that sounded incredibly non-romantic, so he left it in his head.

Kyo leaned against the wall of the elevator this time, close to Die. "I suppose the movers will be here soon with the rest of it." He made a slight face, not ever having been a fan of moving and unpacking, he just wanted it done.

"I say we offer them money to unpack some of the more specific boxes. What do you say?" He laughed softly and shook his head a little.

Kyo grinned. "That would be amusing at least!" He knew some of their fellow rock stars would have had them pack up and unpack everything, no matter what it was.

"Mmm... like the kitchen box... that should be no fun at all to unpack. Boring ass pots and pans." He headed to the door and waited on Kyo to unlock it again.

Kyo snorted and unlocked the door, moving inside and slipping out of his shoes before setting the boxes down. "I think we should make them unpack everything and be complete divas about where it all goes.

"There is not enough money in the world for the diva status I could accomplish, baby." He tossed the box on the floor, knelt and removed his boots and then retrieved the box, heading down the hallway to the bedroom to hide his dirty porn. "Bring the uh... questionable box?"

Kyo grinned. "I'd like to see you in full diva mode one of these days." He picked up said box and followed Die. "I think it'll fit in the closet."

Die let out a, "Ha!" from the other room and then toed open the closet door, putting the box in the floor. He'd deal with it later to hide it more properly... or get rid of it. "Full-tilt diva mode is worse than Loki on a bad day, hunny."

Kyo laughed loudly at the comparison and shook his head, bringing the other box to Die. "Oh baby, it wouldn't last long. I'd fuck it right out of you."

Die pulled Kyo to him and smirked. "Mmm... well, I know one good way to get some if you're holding out... for some... unknown reason."

Kyo gave his own smirk, running his hand along Die's chest. "Well, maybe I'll just do it on purpose." He almost laughed at the thought though, because he didn't think he could stand being without Die that way for very long.

"Hey! That's no fair!" He snorted a little and glanced up when he heard a knock on the door. "I think they're here."

Kyo chuckled then grumbled slightly. "Alright, let's get this show on the road..."

"Hurray," Die murmured, actually smiling a little to counteract the tone of his voice. He plodded in, looking already tired.

Kyo followed and took over, directing the movers here and there with boxes and furniture pieces, just getting them in the generally right area and figuring he and Die could rearrange later.

Die directed the second man on a few of the unmarked boxes, peeking in and seeing what was in them before telling him where to go.

A few hours later, Kyo sighed and flopped down on Die's couch that was now in place of where his used to be. The movers had finally finished up and left and he was just plain exhausted by this point. "Have I ever mentioned how much I hate moving?"

Die flopped next to the other as well and huffed out a sigh. "God... about as much as I do?"

Kyo nodded and leaned back, closing his eyes for a few minutes before, reaching out and grasping Die's hand, squeezing it. "It was worth it though."

Die had to agree with the other. He smiled happily and reached to squeeze Kyo's knee gently. "This is all worth it... every single ache will be totally worth it."

Kyo smiled softly and shifted to lean against Die's shoulder. "Absolutely..." He sat there quietly for a few minutes then looked up at Die. "You know what?"

"What?" Die asked softly, giving the other a heavy-lidded look and smiling happily.

Kyo licked his lips. "Your couch looks better in here and so does your grandmother's table."

Die slid his arm around the other's waist and held onto him tightly. "Mmm... I think our things look really good together.”

Kyo smiled and kissed Die's shoulder. "I like that word... 'our'." He'd been alone for so long it'd seemed and now that he had Die, he wanted to build memories and buy things that were "theirs".

"Ours... such a... ring to it." He leaned in to kiss his cheek and then moved, getting up and going to go and get something from the kitchen. He came back in and settled down next to Kyo, holding out a little white box. "For... us."

Kyo blinked as Die left then took the box, opening it. A big grin spread on his face as he saw the éclairs and he leaned over to kiss Die softly on the lips. "I love you."

"I love you, too, baby." He pulled one out and then offered it to Kyo, holding it next to his lips. "Open up." He chuckled right after.

Kyo grinned widely and opened his mouth, tongue flicking out to catch a bit of the icing.

Die groaned a little and licked his lips. "Mmmm... that's right, keep doing that right there."

Kyo had to laugh slightly but he continued, leaning for a bit to lick at the icing slowly, digging his tongue into the pastry to get to the cream inside. "Mmm..."

"I'd tell you to suck it, but that'd be awkward." Die laughed and shook his head a little.

Kyo swallowed the bit of cream and laughed. "I think it's a little...soft for that." He grinned and took a bite before taking it from Die and offering it to him.

Die waved his hand a little and chuckled. "I have another one for me, this one is all for you."

Kyo shrugged and went back to eating his, slowly, making sure to dip his tongue into the center and tease Die with licking the cream out of it. "Mmm... this is so good."

Die chuckled and flopped back, licking his lips a little. "Mmm... you're so gorgeous when you do shit like this," he murmured softly.

Kyo finished off his éclair then blushed slightly. "Mmm... I don't think so. I think you are." He licked his fingers before wiping them on a napkin and picking up Die's treat, holding it out to him. "The initials are a nice touch by the way."

Die grinned. "I thought they were and no... I insist... you're most gorgeous to me." He leaned over and took a somewhat dainty bite of the end of the pastry.

Kyo laughed softly and leaned in to peck Die's cheek as he chewed. He was happy in a way he couldn't even put into words. Everything seemed so wonderful right then. He let out a little sigh of contentment, not even realizing he was staring at Die.

Die moved to eat a bit more of the éclair, not bothering to be all dainty any longer. He smirked and allowed himself to eat it like a man, meaning most of it all at once. He grinned and popped the rest in, chewing and swallowing before responding. "Yeah, I enjoyed doing something cute."

Kyo chuckled and leaned forward, kissing Die's sticky lips. "Mm, you can do something cute all of the time for all I'm concerned. It just makes me love you more."

"Then maybe I shall." He winked at him and then licked his fingers to get the rest of the pastry off them.

Kyo laughed softly and just watched Die, reaching out to gather a bit of cream the other missed, swiping it with his thumb then licking it off.

Die sighed softly and turned to peer at Kyo, his look relaxed. "Should we unpack my clothing at least? No wrinkles?"

Kyo considered it for a moment then nodded. "Sure, we can do that. Are they all in the bedroom now?"

"Yeah, they put the boxes on the closet floor. So it'll be easier to get going on putting it away. If we're lucky the most important shit will be on top." He smirked a little at him.

Kyo stood and laughed. "It'll all be on the bottom then." He led the way down the hall to their bedroom, grabbing a box and scooting it towards Die before popping open the one underneath. "Ooh I get your t-shirts. Exciting." He grinned and started unpacking them, laying them on the bed for now.

Die opened up his box, finding all his various pants. He smiled, starting to get them out, ripping open the bag of hangers to hang up the ones that would wrinkle if put in a drawer. "So... what side do I get and which drawer... or drawers? Or are we just tossing in and mixing?"

Kyo glanced up from putting one of Die's shirts on a hanger and shrugged. "Well, I figured we could split sides. Like I have underwear on top so just shove it to the side and put yours there? As far as the closet goes, I don't care." He grinned. "We could just start wearing each other's clothes and see if anyone catches on!"

Die chuckled. "I like the sound of that." He motioned. "I'd like right, if possible and I'll just put things in the closet. Pants with pants, shirts with shirts and so on."

Kyo nodded. "Works for me." He went back to unpacking the box, refolding a couple of shirts before raising an eyebrow and pulling out what looked like a piece of black lace. "Please... tell me these are yours."

Die hung up some of his most worn pairs of pants, sitting and starting to put things on hangers in the floor after that. He glanced over when Kyo spoke up and his eyes widened significantly. "I... er..." his face grew warm with embarrassment and he finally offered, "Well... remember how I said I liked putting on the old costumes? Maybe... it wasn't just our costumes... but just... costumes in general."

Kyo fingered the material then looked up at Die. "And... what costume do these go to?" He held them out and examined them, licking his lips as he imagined Die filling them out in all the right ways.

Die ducked his head, going back to putting things on hangers. "Uh...the ‘my dick in them’ costume?"

Kyo let out a soft sound but didn't say anything else. He also didn't put the panties away either, instead he laid them on the bed near their pillows then went back to unpacking the box. The very idea of Die's dick trapped in that lacy material had his pants tightening.

Die let out a little huff and quickly finished up with his box, stuffing things in the closet just after he was done, ensuring it was at least near the right area, but not being overly meticulous about it.

Kyo brushed against Die as he went to get another box, smirking to himself slightly as he started putting Die's shirts on hangers and hanging them up.

Die dumped out the bottom of his box and stared down at his pile of normal underwear and the few panties mixed in. One pair bright red and silky, another lime green with little ties on the sides. Yeah... that was a fetish he hadn't quite admitted to, though it was also one he hadn't indulged in in a long time.

Kyo had turned around to ask Die if there was anything else and caught sight of the other panties. "Damn baby... how long were you going to hide this little bit of fun from me?" He picked up the red ones and grinned. "I think these are definitely your color."

Die flicked his gaze up to him and flushed a bit again. "It's... been a while... I guess I actually sort of forgot. It wasn't an intentional omission."

Kyo chuckled softly and moved over to kiss Die's reddened cheek. "I'm only teasing you. I like some surprises."

He studied him and then slowly started to relax. "So... you're actually okay with this then?"

Kyo ran his fingers through his hair and gave Die a smirk. "Baby, short of pedophilia, scat and a few other things, I'm okay with most fetishes, really." He ran his hand over Die's shoulder. "I'm not going to run off because you like to wear panties."

The guitarist looked incredibly more relieved, reaching for Kyo and pulling him into his arms, just holding him there. "You are the most forgiving and loving person I've ever known.

Kyo laughed softly against Die's chest, rubbing his back lightly. "With you, it seems to be a constant thing. Before, I would never have considered myself forgiving."

"Really? Because you've always been like this with me... around me. You just used to be... darker... that's all." He shrugged a little. "But this Kyo... I've known this Kyo for a long, long time."

Now it was Kyo's turn to blush and he looked away, biting his lip. "I think... I know it's just with you that I can be... human."

Die leaned down, kissing his way down the side of Kyo's neck and then catching his earlobe in between his teeth and tugging lightly before letting go and whispering, "You can be anything you need or want to be with me... as long as you promise to be honest with me. It's what I ask."

Kyo sighed softly and turned, sliding his fingers through Die's hair and tugging him down for a deep kiss. "I'm scared right now. I'm scared that you're going to be just a figment of my imagination and I'll wake up and you'll just be the guitarist of the band I'm in and won't have a clue how badly my heart, my soul needs you."

Die slid his arms around him, holding him tight. "Then we fear the same thing... we share even that to bind us together. This way... if we are just in a dream... we're in this dream together and we'll know it when we wake up." He knew it was irrational, but he didn't care, couldn't care right then.

Kyo just nodded and clung to Die, out of words to say. He turned his head and nuzzled Die's neck, placing light kisses to the spot where the other's pulse beat, feeling as if their hearts were synched up and beating as one.

Die almost felt like the air was too thick, like the topic was too serious. He had to break it somehow or they'd spiral down together and he knew it. He grasped the first thing he could think of it and murmured, "Would... would you like to see me model those panties for you?"

Kyo took a breath and leaned back some, a smile making its way onto his face. "I would... very much."

Die licked his lips a little and huffed out a breath. He went to pick up the panties from where he'd tossed them at. He held them up. "Which ones? Black, red, or green?"

Kyo moved to sit on the edge of the bed and cocked his head. "Red for tonight..."

Die put the others back and then held up a finger. "Hang on a second." He wandered out of the room and into the bathroom, stripping down and pulling on the panties. He then put his jeans back on and left his shirt off. He headed back into the bedroom and paused at the door, leaning on the frame in a manner that clearly implied a sexual nature.

Kyo raked his eyes over Die's form, seeing the panties peeking up over the jeans. He licked his lips and stood up, moving over to him and dragging his hand down Die's chest, over his stomach and eventually to the edge of his jeans, feeling the silky material of the panties. "Fuck baby..."

Die's breath ghosted out, his body shivering faintly beneath the touch that he was so enjoying right then. Kyo's fingers felt like heaven as they raked down his chest and just under the edge of his jeans. He moved his hand to grasp the other's, pulling it down to his dick, pushing Kyo's hand against it through his jeans. "Make me hard in them before I show you."

Kyo groaned softly and nodded, squeezing Die through his jeans a bit as he moved a bit closer and leaned in to take one of his nipples into his mouth, flicking his tongue over it then biting it lightly.

Die groaned softly at the feeling of the other touching his dick and sucking on his nipple at the same time. He shuddered a little. "Yeah... like that," he whispered out ever so quietly. His dick started to swell in his pants, his cheeks flushing in pleasure.

Kyo squeezed Die's dick a little more firmly, feeling him harden in his jeans. He moved to the other nipple and gave it the same treatment as before, his free hand moving to stroke over Die's side and down to his hip, nails scraping along the skin there. "You're so damn sexy Die."

The guitarist let out a groan, his hips pushing toward Kyo's touches. He was already almost fully hard, his breath coming in short little gasps of pleasure. After a moment, he pushed Kyo gently back and shivered slightly as he took a step back and reached down to slowly unbutton and then unzip his pants, licking his lips a little.

Kyo blinked when Die pushed him back then let his eyes focus on the other's hands, biting his lip. "Show me baby. Let me see your gorgeous cock all wrapped in lace."

Die started to push his pants down over his hips, hips slowly twisting as he pushed his pants down, letting them fall down his hips to the floor. He stepped out of them, coming back to stand in front of Kyo. The panties molded to his dick, the tip of it poking out over the top of them, unable to completely fit in the confines of them.

"Oh God..." The vocalist couldn't help himself as he dropped to his knees and began nuzzling his lover's cock through the material of the panties. He reached up to grasp Die's hips and ran his tongue along the length of him, up to the tip poking out. It was one of the sexiest things he'd ever seen.

Die let out a surprised little sound, his hips canting forward at the feeling of the other licking at his dick through the material. He'd never had anyone play with him while he was in them and this was becoming a whole new aspect of it for him.

Kyo glanced up at Die as he mouthed him through the panties, loving the feeling of his lover's rigid dick underneath the silky undergarment. After a moment, he moved to lick at the tip while bringing a hand down to slip between Die's legs, fondling his balls then teasing the area behind them.

Die let out a little whimper and shivered slightly. "Jesus, Kyo... slow it down some or I'm going to fucking jizz myself in about another minute and a half."

Kyo chuckled and pulled back, licking his lips. "Sorry, I couldn't help it..." He lightly stroked his hands over Die's hips, smirking up at him.

Die let out a little laugh and reached to ruffle Kyo's hair. "Obviously... you like what you see." He pushed his hair back and then let go, moving over to the bed and crawling up on it, swaying his ass back and forth and then settling in a manner that was somehow reminiscent of a feline's posture when stretching.

Kyo stood and watched Die move to the bed in his sexy manner, reaching down to grope himself through his jeans that had become quite tight. He stripped out of his shirt and moved over to the bed, kneeling on it and reaching out to run his hand down Die's side. "Oh yes, I like a lot..."

Die pressed his head against the mattress, letting out a soft moan as he swayed his ass back and forth. "Show me how much."

Kyo couldn't resist a swift smack to Die's ass before slipping his hands down to unbutton and unzip his jeans, pushing them and his boxers out of the way to free his achingly hard cock. "See what you do to me?" He swiped his thumb over the tip and pulled it away slowly, a string of pre-cum stuck to it.

Die peered over at him and then let out a soft groan as he saw how aroused the other was. "Let me taste it, baby."

Kyo shifted closer to Die and reached out, running his thumb over his lover's lips.

Die allowed him to smear it over his lips, then he licked it off, making a show of it and then moaning softly. "You always taste so good..."

Kyo groaned as Die licked his thumb then smirked slightly and sat back on his heels. "Why don't you come get a better taste."

Die pulled himself out of the position he'd taken up and shifted over to Kyo, tugging his hips and yanking him down on the bed. Rather than leaning down to suck him like Kyo probably expected, he shifted over him, rubbing his silk-covered length over the other's crotch.

Kyo let out a small sound at being moved then watched Die, fully expecting him to go down on him. When he didn't and the vocalist felt him rubbing against his dick, he moaned deeply, arching his hips up. "Oh...fuck!"

Die moved his position just a little to curl his arms around the other, just thrusting against him with the silken barrier between them. He had no intention of doing more, just wanting them to both soil his panties in the most lewd way possible.

The sensation of Die's dick trapped in the silky panties rubbing against him was driving Kyo mad. He wrapped his arms around Die's back and raked his nails along the skin there.

Die groaned softly, one hand coming up to pull at Kyo's hair, yanking somewhat harshly as he continued to thrust against the other, moaning rather loudly.

Kyo hissed at the hair pull, turning to bite into Die's shoulder as he shifted slightly and thrust upward, positioning himself so that the head of his length had more contact with the panties. "Hn, baby, gonna cum in them for me?"

Die groaned in a manner that clearly showed his pleasure in the matter. He thrust harder against him, burying his face against Kyo's neck as he worked toward his release. "God yes... I want you to help me dirty them. C’mon."

Kyo moaned and wrapped his legs around Die's waist, bringing their bodies flush together as he gyrated against him. He was close already and knew it would only take a bit more for him to lose it.

Die chose his spot carefully, avoiding tattoos and finding a piece of nice, smooth skin before he sucked it into his mouth, groaning against his lover as he frantically humped him, his orgasm ramping up on him, so close he knew stopping right then would be hopeless.

Die's mouth on his neck pushed him over the edge and with a loud moan, he came, making sure to get most of it on the panties as he still bucked his hips, panting heavily. "Die!"

Die could feel the warmth of the other's cum wetting through his panties and he couldn't hold it back any longer. He pushed his hips forward with a groan, his back arching and his head falling back as he shot his load. Most of it spurted out over Kyo's stomach, Die too out of it to realize he wasn't getting the panties like he'd planned on, the orgasm too good for him to give a shit right then.

Kyo groaned softly as he felt Die's cum painting his stomach. It was only after he was nearly finished did Kyo realize that he'd missed the panties and it made him laugh softly as he brushed his fingers through Die's hair. "God, baby..."

Die's hips jerked involuntarily a few times, pushing his dick through the cum on the other's stomach and he groaned softly. "Fuck... I so needed to cum," he hissed out, a little laugh right after. "That felt so fucking good."

Kyo smirked and trailed his fingers through the mess before wiping them on Die's soiled panties. "Uh felt damn good having you rub against me like that..."

The guitarist let out a little laugh, nuzzling against the other. "And they say... that with gay men it always has to be intercourse. Proved them wrong, didn't we?"

Kyo laughed and turned to kiss the side of Die's neck, which was where he could reach. "I'd say... we've proved a lot of those foolish sayings wrong."

"Indeed." Die rolled over to the side, rubbing at the panties, getting the cum really rubbed into them and then making sure his dick was fully in them. He reached for Kyo's hand and pushed them over his dick in the panties, his hips flexing a little. He gave the other a dirty look and then got up, heading into the bathroom.

Kyo watched Die, a soft groan leaving him as he rubbed the cum in, messing the panties up even more. When the other grabbed his hand, he helped him run the cum in a little. "Dirty..." He shifted and got up, following Die to the bathroom to clean up, smirking.

Die glanced at him as he went to the toilet. He pushed the fabric down out of the way and started to relieve himself into the toilet with a sigh of relief. Post orgasm piss was always the best.

Kyo just watched for a moment, squirming the slightest then giving up and moving over to the toilet, joining Die in pissing with a slight groan. "So... answer me this, would you rather be caught doing dirty things... or not?"

"Mmmm... not, I'd think. When I get real caught up in being incredibly dirty, I don't like to be caught. The potential for someone to be horrified is far too high." He shrugged. "But like being caught in an alleyway or something, no big deal."

Kyo nodded and reached out to run his finger over a particularly wet spot on Die's panties, licking his lips. "Makes sense..." He pulled away and finally went to get a wet washcloth, cleaning himself up before getting one for Die. "On another subject, I don't think I could ever get tired of seeing you in those... damn."

Die pushed the panties down and stepped out of them, a little flush on his cheeks. He kicked them over to the hamper and then flushed the toilet, starting to clean up with the cloth he was given. "Mmm... I should think not."

Kyo just leaned against the counter, watching Die clean up. He smiled softly as he thought about how damn cute his lover looked when he got all flushed.

He finished wiping up and then tossed the cloth over the panties, the gesture seeming accidental, but covering them so completely it could only be on purpose.

Kyo chuckled softly and went to tug on a pair of boxers, flopping down on the bed with a sigh and grin.

Die traipsed after him, going to sit next to him, not bothering with underwear. He flopped backwards on the bed and huffed out a little sigh. "That really did feel good."

Kyo turned and laid down half on Die, half off and grinned, kissing his chin. "Yes, it really did. I expect you to do that again sometime... soon."

Die smirked. "Mmm... I will, I promise." He leaned up and kissed the other gently, letting out a pleased sound and then flopping back, a stupid grin on his face.

To Be Continued…

Chapter Text

Die sat in the living room, his laptop on the corner of the couch arm. He and Kyo hadn't done anything for a few days and frankly, he was getting to the point he desperately needed release. He used to be a two-to-three times a day kind of guy and not having done anything at all since two days before, he finally gave in to the urge while Kyo was out.

He'd hunted down his favorite site for some guy-on-guy action and pulled up two of his favorite videos in different tabs, alternating between them while he got himself nice and worked up. It didn't take him long before he opened his pants and took his dick in hand, starting to jerk off while he watched the guy on screen start to spurt his load into the other's spread asshole. Dirty, but effective for fapping, he decided.

Kyo was tired. He'd had a photo shoot and he hated photo shoots, especially when they insisted on several different retakes. Finally though, he was allowed to leave and he very quickly made his way home, ready for some Die cuddle time. He smiled slightly as he let himself into the apartment, quietly toeing off his shoes then walking into the living room. The sight that greeted him was not something that he was expecting and had him frozen in place for a moment, biting his lip against the groan that threatened to slide out.

Die had switched to the other video, completely oblivious to Kyo being in the house at all, his headphones preventing him from noticing much of anything except what he was currently watching. The second tab showed a couple frantically fucking while pressed up against the side of a car, like they couldn't take the fact that they had to go the twenty steps to be in the apartment complex and just had to fuck right then, right there instead. He let out a little moan, his hips pushing up into his hand as he got a little more vigorous, going in time with the thrusting the men on screen were doing.

Kyo moved further in the room for a better look, smirking as Die didn't seem to hear him at all. He watched for a bit longer, slipping his hand down to press against the growing bulge in his pants.

Die clicked a link off to the side of the second video, immediately moaning fairly loudly as a guy took his dick out of his pants while on a public train, several people around him. The man started to stroke his cock, pausing and letting out a spurt of piss onto the seat in front of him before he continued masturbating, one of the other passengers watching him attentively. Die paused in his own fapping, head tilting back, his eyes closed as he pushed, a little stream spurting out of his dick and onto the floor. "Oh shit." Instantly, he stopped, pushing his laptop onto the couch fully and yanking his headphones out, scrambling to grab a handful of tissues and start pushing them into the carpet. "Fuuuuckkkk... he's gonna kill me. God damn it!"

Kyo raised an eyebrow as Die switched to the pissing video then pissed himself, watching it splatter to floor. He bit back a slight laugh as his lover cursed and frantically started cleaning up. He slipped up behind Die and wrapped his fingers around his throat. "Tsk....pissing on the carpet, Daisuke? For shame...."

Die froze the moment fingers closed around his neck. But a moment after, he realized it was Kyo and relaxed at least a little. But he could feel his temperature steadily rising with his embarrassment. He'd been caught, not only with porn and his dick out, but completely missing his pants and pissing on the floor in his enthusiasm for his jerk-off session. He huffed out a breath and then murmured, "Does it matter that I seriously did not mean to and that I'm going to clean the hell out of this before I do another thing?"

Kyo kept his hand where it was and leaned into Die so that he could feel the obvious tent in his pants. "I don't know... it looked like it was on purpose to me."

Die let out a soft moan at the feeling of Kyo's dick pressing against him. He closed his eyes, his hands still pressing tissues into the mess on the floor. "Was supposed to be my pants."

Kyo tightened his hand on Die's throat slightly then ran it down his chest and over his stomach, finally reaching his dick and running his fingertip through a droplet of piss there. "Did it feel good...?"

The guitarist let out a little groan, his hand clenching in the tissues. "Yes," he whispered out, his dick jumping a little at Kyo's touch, making it obvious how incredibly horny he was right then.

Kyo smirked and gave his lover's dick a couple of strokes before moving back. "Well, don't let me stop you... go on." He'd deal with the messy carpet later and if it didn't come clean, he could blame it on the cat.

Die shivered a little when Kyo told him to go on and do it. He almost felt like he'd cum if he even tried right then, though admittedly, that didn't sound like a bad thing to him. He swallowed thickly and sat back, taking hold of his dick. He stroked it slowly and then aimed for under the table, letting out a little spurt and then groaning. With Kyo watching, and evidentially approving, it was even better. He shifted slightly, peeing a little more right in front of where he was sitting at. He had the worst urge to piss the couch, but he was sure Kyo didn't look forward to waiting on this to be cleaned up either, though he eyed it real well, wondering if maybe he'd just give him permission since it was leather. "Such a dirty fuck," he muttered out.

Kyo watched Die piss in the floor, something about it making his cock throb. He couldn't help groping himself while he watched, licking his lips. "Are you done? Or is there more?"

"I've had a few beers... trust me... there's more," he murmured, looking up at Kyo and seeing him grope his dick like that. "Take it out... let me see how hard you are for me." He licked his lips a little, lifting his dick and pushing with another grunt, letting his piss arc out a ways onto the carpet. He kept going for a little while, the piss making a wet noise as it landed in the forming puddle, the sound really getting Die off right then. His free hand went down to grope at his balls, doing so a bit roughly.

Kyo quickly freed his own dick, proving that he was rather hard at the moment. He smirked a bit as he leaned into Die, grinding against his ass some. "Damn baby. I love watching you be dirty." He reached down and grasped Die's dick, aiming it at the couch as he humped against him. "Go on, it's leather, it'll wipe up... make a nice puddle for me."

Die rubbed himself back against Kyo's dick, pushing his jeans and underwear down more so his bare ass was against the other's dick. The moment he gave him permission to go on the couch, he lost the rest of his control, pushing hard and letting his piss hit the back of the seat where he'd been sitting, watching it splash down on the seat and then dribble off the front onto the carpet. His hips jerked a little as the last few spurts came out and he grabbed Kyo's hand. "Oh fuck, jerk me off. Please. I'm so goddamn close. Please!"

Kyo groaned when his dick slid against Die's bare ass, not being shy about grinding against his crack as he watched Die's stream splash and pool on the couch. "Fuck Die..." At the other's request, he wrapped his fingers tightly around his dick and started stroking him hard and fast, his actions a bit rough.

Die didn't even have to wait more than maybe fifteen seconds before he stared to cum, copious amounts of it spurting out over the couch and carpet while he damn near screamed from the pleasure of it. He clung to Kyo like a lifeline and then hissed, "Oh god... fuck me. Fuck me now."

He moaned lowly as Die came, stroking him through it then pulling his hand away, surveying the mess briefly. He didn't hesitate to comply with Die's begging, glancing around then finding a bottle of lube, quickly smearing some on his dick before pushing Die over onto his hands and knees, not caring that it was right into the mess as he pushed into Die's ass as slow as he could stand, a grunt issuing from his lips. "Fuck yes!"

Die ended up on his knees in the mess, but he didn't give a shit right then. He knew this was going to be loud and he reached for the remote for the sound system, turning it on to some loud English music and tossed the remote out of harm's way, letting out a gasp as the other pushed into him, glad he had just cum so he was more relaxed. It stung a little, but nothing excruciating. "God, baby... I made you so hard, didn't I?"

Kyo leaned down to growl lewdly into Die's ear. "I almost jizzed myself watching you piss on the carpet. You're so goddamned sexy when you really let go." He shifted back and grabbed Die's hips, thrusting in the rest of way before grabbing up the bottle of lube and pouring more down Die's crack, using his thumb to rub it around a bit. He waited just a moment then began fucking Die harshly, his nails biting into his hips.

Die groaned, his back arching in an elegant sort of manner, his ass sticking up in the air. "And here I was," he gasped, "freaking out... and all along..." another sharp intake of breath, "you enjoyed seeing me."

Kyo chuckled darkly, dragging his nails over Die's ass then smacking it. "I should tie your ass up and flog you for it..." He smirked then reached up to push Die's head down, his face close to the mess. "But you're so fucking dirty, you'd probably like that..." Letting go of his lover's neck, he went back to the task at hand, thrusting into Die's willing body.

Die let out a groan as Kyo started talking about tying him up and flogging him. It'd been a long time since someone had done or even threatened such a thing and he thought to himself that he'd very much enjoy it if Kyo decided to. When Kyo pushed him down toward his mess, he resisted as much as he could, not wanting his hair or face in it, wincing a little.

Kyo smirked at Die's resistance, not really intending on getting piss on the other's face, but his mood was on the sadistic side tonight. He didn't push too far though, easing them both back a bit before resuming his thrusts, feeling his cock already throbbing in anticipation of filling Die with his offering.

The moment the other started thrusting in just the right way, Die set up a racket of moans and cries, sounding closer and closer to a woman with each moment that passed them by, the pleasure too intense for him to hold back the sounds, especially after he'd already cum.

The sounds spilling from Die's mouth only drove him further and he practically pounded into his body, animalistic growls and grunts coming from him. He was so damn close, his balls drawn tight against his body.

Die felt a white wash of pleasure shoot through him, his body trembling from the force of it. It was only a few seconds after that he realized he'd cum a second time without so much as a touch to his dick, spilling himself out all over the carpet beneath him.

Kyo felt, rather than saw, Die cum a second time and that was all it took for him to lose it, shooting the first spurt into Die's ass, then pulling out to let the rest of it hit his back and then thighs, smirking a as he claimed his lover's body in such a lewd way. "O-oh..yes!"

Die groaned at the feeling of Kyo starting to cum, the warmth of it in him and on him. He was shaking like a leaf, almost unable to keep himself upright right then, little whimpering sounds escaping him every few seconds in his dazed sort of state.

Kyo finally finished and collapsed back onto the half of the couch that wasn't messy, pulling Die with him and shuddering slightly. "Damn baby..."

Die shakily picked up his laptop and put it on the table, looking a little dazed with the whole thing. "This is gonna take half the friggin’ evening to clean up," he murmured, a stupid grin plastered on his face nonetheless.

Kyo chuckled softly and placed a light kiss to the side of Die's neck. "Yeah...but it was worth it."

"We shouldn't wait so long in between. Apparently I can't take waiting so long." Die sighed softly and turned his head to peer at Kyo. "I was so worked up..."

Kyo hummed softly, slipping his arm around to stroke Die's tummy. "I could tell. You didn't even hear me come in..." He let out a little sigh and made a face. "Touring is going to be even more hell. We're going to either have to tell everyone or at least tell Nora... so we can get some time alone every few days."

Die let out a soft grunt as he stretched into Kyo's touches. "Nora would understand... though since Kaoru knows already, I don't see the point in hiding it from the others either honestly."

Kyo pressed his forehead to Die's shoulder. "I suppose not but... what if... what if it rubs them the wrong way?" He looked up at Die with a slightly anguished look.

"Then we'll deal with it. It's not their place to judge us for what makes us happy, Kyo. And if at least some of them can't see it our way, then they're not half the people I thought they were."

Kyo smiled slightly though he was still feeling anxious. "I suppose you're right. Besides, I think Kaoru's reaction was the worst we'll get."

"Toshiya has no room to talk as far as I'm concerned. And Shinya I don't think would chance anything to make you angry at him." He shrugged a little. "Some things are too valuable to lob off."

Kyo hummed. "You're probably correct. I'm just paranoid I suppose."

"Nora would never risk saying things to us that wouldn't go over well." He shrugged. "Plus she's open... she might give us a lecture on what happens if we break up and whatnot, but I think overall she'll just be happy we're doing something steady."

Kyo frowned at the very thought of having to hear a 'breakup' lecture but shook it off and just nodded. "It will probably be a relief to her that you're in a relationship and she doesn't have to look out for you getting into trouble."

"Yeah... tell me about it. She'll see me as scandal free in comparison to usual." He smirked a little.

Kyo laughed and pulled Die to him, pecking him on the lips. "You, my dear Dai, are a scandal all by yourself."

He licked his lips a little and shifted slightly, feeling like he should really start cleaning up. "That... I am. The only thing I pray she never finds out is my piss fetish." He made a face. "That would not be good at all." He pushed himself up and held up a finger as he went down the hall. He came back with carpet cleaner spray and two old towels. The first, he tossed on the couch. "Mop that up, will you? I'll clean it in a few. Carpet first." He knelt down and started to spray the spots with the cleaner.

Kyo huffed and shook his head. "You should've seen her face the first time I came off stage bleeding with a massive boner." He grabbed the towel and started on the couch, making sure to dry everywhere the pee had run.

Die glanced up at him, smirking a bit and then wincing a little. "Yeah.... well... you should have seen mine." He started in on the first spot, scrubbing while the room started to smell like lavender. "Just... saying... but do you know how it feels to see the person you've got it pretty bad for all riled up and obviously hard, and yet bleeding at the same time? It's not a mixture you're exactly prepared for the first few times."

Kyo laughed softly, standing up to get some leather wipes he kept around for spills. "I... can imagine." He paused in his actions, grinning at Die. "Sorry for any inconvenience I might have caused then."

Die snorted. "My dick was like YES PLEASE and my brain was like oh god what has he done?! Those reactions together are quite interesting to say the least." He paused and glanced up at him. "You know I tried scratching myself while jerking off once, just to see how you felt... and that did not end well."

"Well, I've had a few of those mixed reactions myself like 'Oh God this feels great' and 'oh God I think I need stitches now'.” He looked back at Die, raising an eyebrow. "Why not?"

He made a face. "I did not enjoy scratching myself to say the least. I don't mind when you claw at my back during sex, but doing it myself was no good at all."

Kyo shrugged and went back to wiping down the couch, sighing as it started smelling like leather again. "I'll keep that in mind... although, if you told me I couldn't claw your back, we'd have to have sex with me in shackles from now on."

"Even been jerking off and do something that just doesn't agree with you and just lose your boner completely?" Die nodded slightly. "That." At the second part, he smirked. "Shackles don’t sound so bad to me."

Kyo laughed. "I have actually... it sucked because I was pretty turned on and then just deflated like a balloon." He moved to toss the wipes in the trash and towel in the laundry before coming back out. "Psh... you would love me in shackles wouldn't you? Completely at your mercy..." He licked his lips, actually liking the sound of that a bit.

Die glanced up at him and laughed softly. "I think you like the sound of it, too." He had moved on to the next big puddle, scrubbing at it. "Definitely gonna need a shower after this. And we're throwing this towel away... damn."

Kyo nodded and squatted down to help Die, having grabbed another towel. "It’s okay baby, they make more..." He looked over the mess and bit his lip slightly. "Uhm... did you ever consider... puppy pads or something?"

Die's eyes flicked up to him and he let out a laugh. "Honestly, I hadn't ever considered just pissing on the fucking floor like I was two years old. I blame this one on you for everything but that first accidental spurt." He smirked to allow him to know he was fooling around.

Kyo laughed and leaned over to place a kiss to Die's shoulder, shrugging. "I just found it so hot to watch you really let yourself go there...."

Die chuckled. "Mmm... admittedly it was fun. But not fun enough to repeat it and suffer the consequences." He moved to the next puddle and started scrubbing, glad this was the last big one.

Kyo wrinkled his nose and nodded, getting the spray and covering the area that needed it. "Eh, I have to agree. I'm definitely not fond of the clean up."

"Mmm... however... your balcony is free game, just sayin'." Die glanced back at him. "And any tile area."

Kyo glanced towards the balcony and grinned. "Mm true, true... maybe we should redo the whole place in tile." He laughed.

"Nah... I will just refrain from doing... this... again." Die chuckled and finished up on that spot, doing the quick wiping up of the last few small places and then settling back. "Okay... that's clean, now toss the towels, wash the clothing, and pretend I never did this." He snorted and got up.

Kyo snorted as well and stuffed the towel he had in the trash, shrugging a bit as he stripped out of his own clothes to put them in the wash. "Nope, you never did this and I never got off on it. In fact, I'm not even home yet and you're dreaming."

"Good... good... that I can agree to." Die took the rest of his clothing off and emptied pockets, taking off chains and whatnot and then shoving everything into the wash and turning it on.

Kyo reached out and pinched Die's naked butt, chuckling softly. "So... bath time."

"Sounds like something necessary to me." He smirked a little and rubbed his hand through his hair slightly, huffing a bit.

Kyo nodded and made his way to the bathroom, assuming Die would follow him. He went about getting the water temperature just right before getting underneath the spray, letting out a sigh. "Mmm, definitely necessary." He had, after all, had quite a long day.

Die plodded after him, his feet making a soft slapping sound on the floor under him. He huffed out a sigh and moved to get in the shower with the other, looking content as the spray started washing away his current shame.

Kyo chuckled softly and moved to let Die get the spray, slipping his arms around him once most of the mess was gone. "You're gorgeous."

The guitarist leaned into Kyo's touch and yawned a little, a lot taken out of him by that session. "Remind me to jerk off in conspicuous places more often when I want to have you fuck the shit out of me, yeah?"

Kyo hummed and nodded, nuzzling into Die's neck, placing light kisses here and there. "Sounds like a plan to me, baby... though I don't always promise to interrupt you. I might just watch."

The guitarist chuckled. "Honestly, I don't mind. I want to watch you one day again... now that I'm not committing some huge sin by doing so."

Kyo grinned. "I'll keep that in mind... of course, you could always 'accidently' come back to the bus early while everyone else is at an after party."

Die smirked a little. "Ahhh... so that's what you do in your spare time on the bus, huh? We get drunk and you beat off." He winked at him and then closed his eyes, allowing himself to envision it for a moment.

Kyo chuckled. "Well, sometimes... other times, I'm dead asleep before I can even find my bunk."

"C'mon... everyone has time for at least one good squirt before they pass out. Especially with the raging hard-ons you leave the stage with, I doubt there's any issue at all with it taking a while."

The vocalist glanced up at Die then laughed. "Okay, fine... a good 90% of the time, I jack off as soon as I'm alone."

Die chuckled. "That's what I thought." He winked as he finished up his shower and then stepped out, grabbing a towel from the rack. He dried off quickly and then padded off toward the bedroom, humming softly to himself.

Kyo just huffed out a laugh and followed suit, taking care of drying off then wandering after Die, finding him on the bed. He plopped down beside him and stretched out, giving a slight yawn.

Die reached over and patted his leg and then rolled over, glancing at the clock. "Would it be too lame to go to sleep now? I mean... we never sleep in and this would be the perfect opportunity."

Kyo hummed softly and curled up against Die's side. "Mmm, I think that would great actually..." His eyes were already closing as he tugged the covers up.

Die tucked the covers in around them both and pushed one leg over the vocalist's, holding him as close as he could without being suffocating in his presence.

He chuckled softly and slipped his arm over Die's chest, letting his hand rest over his heart. "Love you."

"I love you, too, baby," Die smiled to himself, glad those words could pass between them now, not just a one-sided declaration.

Kyo smiled and soon drifted off, truly feeling at peace with the way things were between them. It was...perfect.

To be continued

Chapter Text

Die stood in the midst of the crowd at the airport, feeling more than a bit stressed out. He'd gotten pretty much no sleep on the plane ride over and his stomach was feeling a little blah from the food on the plane. But at least they were on solid ground now, a bus presumably ready to pick them up as soon as they got had all picked up their luggage.

He glanced to his side and took in the sight of the other's standing in a little clump. He closed his eyes and reached to pinch the bridge of his nose as he heard the announcement that they were starting to unload their baggage and please be ready to claim it at carousel three. He opened his eyes and shuffled a few steps forward, waiting as he watched bags come thumping out onto the conveyor.

Kyo stood with his hands stuffed into the pocket of his hoodie, sunglasses obscuring his eyes and shoulders hunched up. The plane ride over had proved long and annoying, as he'd kept waking up at every little sound. It didn't help any that he couldn't use Die as a pillow and they had been pretty much separated for the last couple of weeks in preparation for the tour.

Hearing the announcement that their baggage would be arriving soon, he moved closer to the thing and waited for it, glancing around and noticing that he was standing right next to Die. "You look ill."

Die glanced over at him and then frowned a little, nodding. "Think the food made me a little miserable... plus no sleep. But, I'll be fine." He didn't really want the other to have to worry about him so much, so he just tried to look a bit less sickly while he was at it. He leaned forward, grabbing one of Kaoru's bags and pushing it off toward the other guitarist.

Kyo grunted in response, having passed up on the food as stress did nothing for his appetite. He spotted Toshiya's suitcase and grabbed it, handing it off to the bassist and receiving a murmured, "Thanks". After a few moments, Kaoru handed him his own luggage and he moved back to let the others get their own, watching the people in the airport. One girl was studying him very carefully and it made him want to hide behind something, not ready for the onslaught of fans just yet.

Die finally saw his own bag, grabbing the huge grey hard-shell off the belt and putting it on the little baggage carrier before heading off toward the odd-sized package area and waiting on their guitar cases to come out. It took them a few minutes to come out and when he was sure they had them all, he headed out toward the curb area, hoping like hell the bus was there already and not a group of fans.

Kyo wheeled his own bag outside to the curb and was thankful to see their bus waiting as well as staff members who were taking care of the other equipment that had had to come with them. He made his way onto their home-away-from-home for the next few weeks, and put his bag on his bunk before plopping down in one of the seats, letting out a sigh.

Die allowed the staff to take his cart and took only his carry-on onto the bus for the time being. Getting out of here was top priority. He quickly went and figured out where Kyo had left his bag, claiming the bunk below Kyo's as his own and then settling down on the edge of it, debating going to sleep, but not so sure about it.

Kyo glanced up when Die got on the bus then looked out the window, seeing Toshiya and Shinya chatting with staff and Kaoru overseeing the loading of equipment just outside. He moved to where Die had sat down and settled down, leaning his head on his shoulder. "I wonder if they'd notice if we went to sleep at the same time...."

Die glanced over at him and gave him a soft smile. "I doubt it... I mean, they expect me to not sleep on the flights and they know you tend to want to sleep a lot on the bus, so... you know."

Kyo hummed softly and placed a kiss on Die's bicep before standing up and tugging the curtains closed on his own bunk before toeing off his shoes and sitting back down on Die's bunk, scooting in against the wall. "I kinda don't care if they do notice. They can suck it if they have a problem."

Die watched Kyo as he took off his shoes and then went about getting comfortable in Die's own bunk. He laughed softly and took his boots off as well, putting them aside and then slipping into the bunk, pulling the curtain shut and tugging Kyo into his arms. He pushed his hand into the other's hair and held him still as he leaned in to claim the other's lips, having been wanting to do that for near two days now.

Kyo smiled against Die's lips and slipped an arm around his waist, returning the kiss eagerly. It had only been a day or so, but it had been too long for him since they'd last been able to just be together in any sort of intimate fashion.

Die broke the kiss after a few moments, shifting slightly to take off his chains and belt, depositing them outside the bunk along with his wallet and a few other items from his pockets. He moved to do the same for Kyo, brushing over his crotch with the back of his knuckles and smirking a little before he took his belt completely off and put it aside.

Kyo watched Die remove his accessories then smiled as his lover did the same for him. He was about to thank him when he felt the other's hand brush against him and he had to bite back a groan. "You did that on purpose.”

Die glanced up at him and smirked. "Of course I did. It's been too damn long again." He sighed softly and slid his arm around him again, nuzzling into his neck and just holding on. "Mmm... I think... I can finally manage to sleep again."

Kyo snorted and shook his head, grumbling a bit before bringing a hand up to stroke through Die's hair. "Yes, it has been too long. I haven't even been able to get in a quick solo session." He sighed and kissed the top of Die's head. "Me, too... maybe."

Die smirked a little bit and then huffed slightly. "Yeah, I've been a bit dry in that department, too. It's... yeah... not so great." He shuffled a bit closer and then pressed a finger to Kyo's lips as he heard voices and the door opening and closing.

Kyo had opened his mouth to say something else, but silenced himself when he felt Die's finger against it. He heard other's walking around and bags being set down. Kaoru's voice ringing out through the bus, taking a head count of members, staff and stuff.

Die winced at the head count being done, not wanting to be discovered right at the beginning while he could be potentially relaxing with his lover. So he simply offered, "I'm in my bunk!" while Kaoru was still near the front of the bus, nudging Kyo a little and hoping it wouldn't sound like they were in there together.

Kyo followed Die's example, shifting a bit to yell towards the top of the bunk. "Sleeping!" He lay back down and listened as Kaoru carried on with whatever. With a grin, he kissed Die softly, whispering. "That worked..."

Die smirked a little, nodding, burrowing himself back into the other's neck and closing his eyes, more exhausted than horny for the time being. Later, he'd have that taken care of... or so he hoped.

Kyo yawned and closed his eyes, brushing his fingers through Die's hair before falling asleep, not even noticing the bus moving and carrying them towards their first stop of the tour.

Hours later, Die finally woke up to an aching bladder and the pang of hunger in his stomach. He licked his lips a little and nuzzled into Kyo a little more, unsure how long they'd been asleep or where they were or even what time it was.

Kyo let out a grumble and rolled over, cracking an eye open. "S'time to leave yet?"

Die nuzzled into him a bit and shook his head, whispering, "I don't think so. But... I sort of need to get up... and you're on my arm."

Kyo huffed slightly and moved, sitting up a bit. "I gotta piss, too, lemme know if the coast is clear... and where the hell we are for that matter."

Die nodded a little and quickly shifted out, slipping out of the bunk and making his way to the bathroom, leaving the curtain drawn on his bunk. He took his much-needed piss and washed his hands before heading back and seeing no one was looking, he poked his head into the bunk. "Your turn." With that, he sauntered off down the aisle to go ask someone if they knew where they were.

Kyo slipped out of the bunk after Die had come back and went to take care of his business, rinsing his hands and then his face, combing his fingers through his hair. He patted his face dry then sat back on the edge of Die's bunk, promptly dozing back off without meaning to.

Die found out that no one knew where they were and he didn't want to bug the bus driver, so he just went back to the other, smirking a bit when he saw Kyo was dozing on the side of the bunk. He gently reached to poke him. "Kyo... lay down."

Kyo blinked his eyes open again and huffed. "I'm awake. What time is it and did anyone stock the fridge?"

"It's late, like almost midnight, and I have no idea on that one." He leaned against the side of the bunks and smirked down at him.

Kyo hummed then looked up a Die, licking his lips and running a hand up the other's thigh, dipping inward then pulling away. "Gonna go find out..." He stood up, making sure to brush against Die as he wandered out to where the mini-fridge was, looking in it and finding some bottled water. He grabbed two bottles and made his way back to Die, offering him one. "Most everyone is asleep..."

Die glanced at him and then took the bottle of water. "Some food would be marvelous. My stomach is calm now and adding water is probably not going to work out so well." He sighed softly and then gestured Kyo toward the front so they wouldn’t disturb their sleeping bandmates and staff.

Kyo nodded and moved back to the front, plopping down on the couch and looking out the window, seeing city lights in the distance. "I could go for fast food right now. Too bad this thing can't hit a drive-thru."

Die chuckled. "I think I could navigate it if you wanted me to. Go inside and try ordering us something. If they have pictures, even better."

Kyo laughed. "I think I can get my point across." He scrunched up his face and spoke in English. "I want hambahgah." He wrinkled his nose and looked at Die. "I dunno... it'd be hard to get out the condiments though."

Die almost wanted to start laughing at Kyo's try on English, but he didn't dare. That'd just be cruel and he wasn't a cruel person. He smirked a little and reached to pat his hand. "Just tell me what you want and I'll convince the driver to stop and I'll go get it."

Kyo huffed softly and leaned into Die for a moment. "Okay, I want a hamburger with mayo and fries. Wonder if we should wake the others up... or just get them something for later."

"I'll just get them something for later. No point in interrupting much needed sleep for something I can guess on." The guitarist shrugged a little.

Kyo nodded and stretched out, letting his hand drift over Die's thigh with a smirk. No one was awake to see them at the moment so he was feeling a little bold with his touches.

Die shifted a little closer to him and reached over to cup his cheek, pulling him close and kissing him ever so gently on the lips. He pressed his nose to the other's and smiled softly as he nuzzled him a bit. "It's so nice... to have someone close to me while we're away. It's a huge comfort."

Kyo smiled softly and nuzzled their noses together, placing a light kiss to Die's lips. "I agree... it will be so wonderful to have you to go to after shows. I normally feel so isolated because I can't communicate how I feel or what I need in those moments."

Die lightly kissed him again and then offered softly, "I wish you'd known I would have done anything for you... all these years." He kissed him one more time and then shifted away. "I'll go tell the driver to stop at the first burger place... we're almost in town."

Kyo frowned a little, sighing softly. "I wish I had known bad." When Die got off the bus, he watched him go, smiling at the thought that the other was doing this for him.

Die padded off to the front and conversed with the driver shortly, going to get his wallet and then coming back, waiting until they were at the place, parked just off the street. Die left the bus and went to get food. He came back with three huge bags and a portable container with six drinks in it. He gave one to the driver and then settled into his seat next to Kyo, pulling out the other's order as well as his own.

Once Die came back with their food, Kyo gladly took his and dug in. "Thanks good...."

Die pulled out a bag of onion rings and a chicken sandwich for himself, the thing loaded with tomato and lettuce, just the way he liked it. He nodded a little at Kyo and then slumped back, starting to much on his food, a content look on his face.

Kyo smiled around a bit of burger, swallowing then taking one of Die's onion rings with a smirk. To him, this was one of those simple moments of happiness that he couldn't really explain but it was nice and he found himself smiling as he continued with his meal. "You're the best."

Die, in return, stole a few fries and then opened a few ketchup packets, dumping them on his sandwich wrapper and swiping his onion ring through it before crunching into it, getting crumbs all over his shirt in the process.

Kyo chuckled softly at Die's mess, reaching over to swipe the crumbs off his chest. He dipped a few fries in the ketchup and ate them before going back to his burger, finishing it off in another couple of bites. He wiped his mouth then sat back with his smile still in place.

Die looked down as the other swiped the crumbs off, shrugging a little and giving him a sheepish look. He went back to eating his chicken sandwich, making please noises every few bites, something he was apparently unaware of doing.

The vocalist turned to look at Die as he made noises, grinning. "Good sandwich, babe?"

Die glanced up at him and blinked before it slowly dawned on him that his vocal chords had been producing sounds. He flushed and swallowed the bite in his mouth, offering a small, "Uh... yeah." He made a mental note to pay more attention to what he was doing when he sat down to eat from then on.

Kyo just laughed and glanced around before leaning over to place a quick kiss to Die's cheek. He finished up his fries and balled up the wrappers then stood to toss them in the trash can.

Die took a few more minutes to finish up his food, concentrating on being quiet and not making his noises when he ate. Finally, he was done as well, taking a huge drink of his soda and then wiping up the crumbs on the table, tossing his garbage in one of the empty bags and settling back with his soda. "First fast food in a while."

Kyo moved to sit back down next to Die, sipping his own soda and nodding. "Yeah. It was good." He set his drink down and started fidgeting with the edge of his shirt, yawning.

"You still tired?" Die asked, lightly bumping his knee with the other man's own, a little smirk on his lips.

"Kinda. Jet lag and all." He glanced over at Die, letting his knee brush against the other's. "Too wound up to sleep though, I think."

Die's head hit the back of the seat and he lolled it over to the other to peer at him. "Think we can get away with something quick?"

Kyo licked his lips, tugging at his shirt some more. "Maybe? I mean, I know we've all jacked off on the buses before..."

Die pursed his lips a little and then murmured, "I bet we could get by with it right here if I get my laptop and we put on porn. No one would think anything of it more than us both being hard-up for it."

Kyo considered it for a moment then nodded, rubbing his hand over his thigh, already antsy for it. "That might work..."

Die slipped out of the booth and went to put the food on the counter next to the sink so no one would accuse them of contaminating it. He then grabbed his bag and pulled out his laptop, setting it up and plugging it into one of the outlets, settling down again and starting it up, fingers drumming impatiently on the counter as it booted up.

Kyo watched Die get his computer then shifted over when he set it down, reaching down to quietly undo his belt in anticipation.

Die smirked at him as he finally logged in and then pulled up a folder of videos that were already on his computer, no need for an internet connection. He gestured to Kyo to pick one, not wanting to embarrass himself with some of the content, making sure the volume was most of the way down, and then fully relinquishing control to the other.

Kyo leaned over to look at the videos, studying them for a moment before picking one that looked relatively normal, two guys giving each other blow jobs.

Die watched as it started up and then as quietly as he could, he unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, slipping his hand in and starting to massage at his still-flaccid length, urging himself into hardness. The idea of doing this with Kyo bounced around in his mind, arousing him further than the video would have done by itself.

Kyo watched the video for a moment then turned to watch Die, licking his lips slightly. He soon followed suit and undid his own pants, snaking a hand in to brush over himself, letting out a soft sigh.

Die was watching Kyo from the side of his vision, trying to be inconspicuous about it. He grunted as the blonde boy in the video started going down on the other one, sucking dick in an enthusiastic manner. He shifted his underwear aside and pulled his dick free of his pants, palming it completely and starting to jerk off slowly.

Kyo became slightly enthralled with the movie, ideas for him and Die floating through his head as he pushed his hips up into his hand. After another moment, he glanced over to Die and smirked slightly, slipping his free hand along the other's leg before going about freeing himself from his pants, stroking his hand over the length of his cock with a soft groan.

Die grunted faintly due to the hand on his leg, enjoying the touch for what it was. His free hand went to rest on Kyo's thigh as well, just lightly gripping the toned limb beneath as he sped up his strokes a little bit, his heart starting to beat rapidly in his chest.

Kyo shifted and pressed into Die's touch, losing focus on the video and just concentrating on his dick. He picked up the pace a bit, his other hand flexing on Die's thigh, his lip pulled between his teeth as his hips jerked a bit.

Die glanced to the side again, watching Kyo for a long few moments before he looked back at the screen. He was close, so very fucking close. His hips arched up, his hand moving even quicker on his dick. "Shit," he hissed out, feeling a mild bit of panic settle over him as he realized he was going to get this all over his pants. He slowed down, a bit agonized to do so, but glanced around, finally finding the tissue box he knew had to be there somewhere. Nora never let them down on that one. He snatched it up and yanked out a few, decorating his lap with them quickly and then glancing back up at the screen, a gasp leaving his lips as he caught sight of Toshiya pawing through the food bag.

Kyo was watching Die with some amount of fascination as the other had a mini panic attack about tissues, chuckling softly before his head snapped up and he spotted Toshiya. His hand froze on his dick and he glanced at Die, mouthing, "Fuck".

Toshiya glanced back at them and then murmured, "Don't let me stop you, I'm just hungry." He went back to sifting through the bag, making happy noises when he found his breaded chicken sandwich he always liked. "You remembered! Thank you!" He grabbed his fries and soda and went closer to the front of the bus to plop down and eat.

Die glanced at Kyo and then shrugged, starting to stroke himself again, not at all put off by it since the other hadn't reacted badly.

Kyo flushed slightly, watching Toshiya get his food then go to sit down. He was debating on stopping, but decided to fuck it and went back to his dick, his strokes built to get him off quickly now instead of taking his time.

Die huffed out a soft moan, his hips arching as he jerked himself off rather quickly, his hand not but a blur on his dick, years of playing the guitar making him faster than the average person with it. As he started to cum, he released a small grunt, his cum spurting out a bit wildly over his tissue-covered lap, some on his hand, and some on the table.

Kyo groaned lowly as Die began cum. He watched as long as he could, but ended up squeezing his eyes shut as he got more into it, images of him and Die together fueling him on until he lost it with a low groan, not caring that most of it spurted onto his shirt.

Die let out a low little grunt as he watched Kyo lose it all over his shirt. He wished like hell that could have been his mouth, but he didn't say anything. Rather, he just started cleaning himself up and then tossed the tissues into the bag of trash he'd had going. He offered Kyo some tissues and closed out of the porn with his other hand.

Kyo sighed softly and slumped back for a minute before taking the offered tissues and mopped up what he could, wrinkling his nose a bit at the feeling of it soaking through his shirt. He huffed a bit and tucked his dick away then pulled his shirt over his head, careful to not get the mess in his hair.

Die watched quietly for a few minutes and then closed his laptop, putting his dick away and doing his pants back up. "Do you think Toshiya noticed we were... uh... not watching the screen at that point?" He gave a little innocent face.

Kyo bit his lip and shrugged slightly. "I'm not sure. He hardly looked at us, more interested in his food." He hoped that was the case anyway, as he wasn't ready to explain things to Toshiya right then.

Die nodded a little. "Let's hope..." He wasn’t all that interested in explaining anything right then either. In fact, he just was relieved he'd even orgasmed, given how long it'd been for him.

Kyo sat there for a moment before he shivered and realized how cold he was without his shirt on. Glancing towards the front where Toshiya had gone and seeing that the bassist had passed out again, he took his chances and leaned over to kiss Die quickly on the lips. He smiled softly then scooted from the booth to change out of his jeans into his track pants and another t-shirt.

Die smiled at him as he watched him go, just content to be where he was for the time being. He'd bother to move in a minute, once the post-orgasm bliss had faded out. But he knew he could ride that for a while and he was going to do exactly that.

Kyo changed quickly and wandered back out where Die was, sitting back down and yawning widely. He was tired and would have to go back to sleep soon if he had any hope of keeping a proper schedule during this tour. "You're incredibly sexy in your post-orgasmic bliss..."

Die glanced over at the other and smiled softly, his eyes a bit unfocused for the time being. He chuckled. "Thank you."

Kyo grinned then grabbed his soda, taking a drink and finishing it off then tossing it in the trash. "Wonder how late we can sleep in tomorrow..."

Die shrugged a little. "Not sure. But we should probably get back to sleep... just a guess."

Kyo hummed and nodded, standing up and stretching again before making a face. "Guess I should go to my own bunk...."

Die slipped up from where he'd been sitting, pulling Kyo in for a brief hug, kissing him on the cheek. "Might be more conducive to not cramping up." But that also meant he'd lay awake forever, but Kyo didn't know that and he was pretty determined he wouldn't find out.

Kyo hugged Die back, nuzzling into him for a few seconds. "Perhaps so..." He let out a sigh then shrugged and headed back towards the bunk area, climbing into his own and laying down. It was going to be a long few weeks, that was for sure... unless they came out to the rest of the band.

Die watched Kyo go and then glanced back at Toshiya before heading to the bunks himself, slipping into his own and settling down, just hoping sleep would come at some point.

Kyo lay there for a while, listening to the sounds of the bus and the others sleeping. He rolled over a few times then finally pulled out his phone, shooting off a text to Die's. /"Can't sleep..."/

Die heard his phone buzz, picking it up from the floor and inspecting it. He sighed softly and returned the text. /"Me either... just glad I'm not the only one."/

Kyo read the text and huffed slightly. /"Sucks... hard to sleep without a warm body next to me."/

At Kyo's confession, Die breathed out a sigh of relief. /"I know. I've gotten so used to you... I've slept so well while you're there, but I can't when you're not."/ He sent a second one quickly after. /"Come down here."/

Kyo read Die's next text and was about to reply when he saw the next one and smiled slightly. Quietly shifting out of his bunk, he slipped into Die's. "Couldn't stand it...?"

Die looked up when Kyo appeared, putting his phone away in his pocket and then scooting over for the other. He held out his arms and pulled him close, nuzzling into his neck. "I couldn't."

Kyo smiled softly and happily moved into Die's arms, threading his fingers through his hair. "We might as well hold a meeting tomorrow or something and just admit to them that we're together."

Die sighed softly and then nodded a little. "I think so. This isn't going to work trying to hide it. I need to be around you too much," he whispered out against Kyo's neck.

Kyo nodded, turning his head to kiss Die's temple. "I feel the same...and it would be odd for us to just suddenly start... hanging out all the time."

"True enough... I mean some things they wouldn't ever suspect, but given your uh... awake-status, I'm sure they'd think something was up." He flushed a little.

Kyo chuckled and ducked his head a bit. "Yeah, I'm sure... generally everyone steers clear of me and my... wakefulness... so why would you suddenly be following me to whatever dark corner I find?"

Die shifted his head a little, nuzzling under Kyo's neck, not caring that he was being overly affectionate right then. He was entitled given their absence from one another for a while beforehand.

Kyo didn't mind Die's affections in the least, smiling in the darkness and stroking the other's hair. It was nice, really nice to be so connected with someone like this, especially since they were so far from home.

Die leaned into the other's touch and closed his eyes, basking in the touch and just allowing it to happen, already feeling a hell of a lot closer to sleep than he had before.

Kyo let out a soft sigh and shifted, getting more comfortable, his eyes sliding shut as his hand moved a bit to rub over the back of Die's neck.

Within minutes, Die was out like a light, his breathing deep and relaxed, his body limp, half on Kyo and half off.

It didn't take Kyo much longer to fall asleep himself, happily clinging to Die and completely comfortable despite the small confines of the bunk.

To Be Continued...

Chapter Text

A few days has passed by since the pair had fallen asleep in the same bunk, neither of them discovered by anyone. And Toshiya had never mentioned a thing about their little escapade with the porn out front, so Die was fairly certain the other hadn't even noticed they'd been looking at one another rather than the screen when he'd come out.

The days in between had been rather uneventful, the shows going off without too many hitches and most everyone in a good - or at least operative - mood throughout. They'd stopped by a steakhouse for lunch and Shinya and his 42oz steak had been the highlight of the stop, something that amused the hell out of most of the crew and band alike.

They'd arrived at the venue ahead of schedule and Die had wandered off to the drug store down the street to get some beer and lube, along with a few condoms. He'd worn his hoodie in and paid in cash, keeping his head down so no one would question who he was. When he came back to the bus, it looked like he only had beer and nothing else, much to his benefit.

Around an hour later, he now stood stage left, his guitar in hand, participating in sound check rather actively in comparison to how he tended to some days.

Kyo, for his part, was in a foul mood. He'd woken up with a sore throat and his day had only gotten worse. He'd tripped getting out of the bus at one point and his exclamation of pain was overheard by a group of particularly annoying fans who all rushed towards him, causing him a good deal of panic until Nora thankfully showed up to fend them off. He'd gotten away with a quick wave then dashed into the venue.

He was getting ready for the sound check when a tech came and informed him that there was a problem with his microphone and that they were working on it but he'd have to use a spare which irritated him and to make matters worse, he was getting a headache.

With a sigh, he finally climbed on the stage to start his vocal warm-ups, wincing when his voice came out all wrong. This was not going to be a happy night for him.

Die got through his sound check without so much as a single problem, glad that for once the cards were in his favor. He wasn't really paying attention to anyone else during the whole thing, only his own cues when they were given. He and Kaoru and Toshiya did their test together and then he was done, handing his guitar back to Kuroo and then plodding over toward Kaoru's side of the stage. Someone yelled his name from the rafters and he looked up, still walking forward, not even paying attention, his foot catching in Kyo's microphone cord. He went stumbling forward, the mic coming crashing from Kyo's hand onto the floor.

After a few seconds of flailing around and almost falling, Toshiya caught Die around the middle and righted him with a sigh. "You're gonna die, man."

Die looked a bit confused and then looked toward Kyo, his eyes full of his regret for not paying attention. "Sorry, Kyo."

Kyo was in the middle of attempting another song, actually getting somewhere this time when his mic was ripped from his hands and crashed to the floor with a sound the pierced his ears painfully. His head snapped up and glared at the person responsible, his mind not really registering that it was Die. "Fuck! What the fucking hell?" With a growl, he detangled himself and stalked off, brushing roughly past Die and Toshiya. He was raging by the time he got back to the bus and almost knocked George over. He didn't stop to apologize though, instead just stalked onto the bus and into the back, slamming the door that separated the bunks from the rest of it.

Die stood there, staring at Kyo's retreating back, his eyes wide with something that looked a lot like fear. His mouth moved, but no words came out. He just felt like he was completely and utterly back-handed, despite Kyo not having put a single hand on him.

"Told ya, man." Toshiya sighed and patted him on the back. "Shoulda picked it up for him. Might have helped."

Die sighed and plodded off toward the back room, intent to just use some part of his beer before they even got to the meet and greet - which, he was one hundred percent certain Kyo was not going to be partaking in tonight.

Kyo's fit of anger had not helped his throat in the least and after about an hour of sulking in his bunk, he finally had to go find Nora to get some medicine and hot tea. He put on his hoodie and wandered back into the club, sighing as he spotted the ever growing line. It looked like it would be packed and somehow that just made his mood worse. He moved to the backstage area, skulking around until he eventually ran into Nora and told her what he needed then, as an afterthought, said that he would not attend the meet and greet.

Nora didn't look too surprised, just rushing off to find what Kyo needed, all the while doing her other jobs. She somehow got Kaoru back to the bus, Toshiya's bag from the bus, and Kyo's medicine and tea from the store down the street. Kuroo made the hot water for Kyo's tea and they gave it to him before quickly leaving the room.

Die, on the other hand, sat in his own dressing room, nursing his fifth bottle of beer, knowing he'd be quiet and more than a little drunk during the meet and greet, but not really giving a rat's ass.
Kyo managed to thank Nora and Kuroo for their help as he pretty much ignored Kaoru's presence as he sipped his tea and took a double dose of the medicine.

Thoughts of the look on Die's face kept surfacing in his head and it made him less outwardly angry and more upset with himself, his mood dropping into a dark place. He'd have to apologize to his lover but they didn't have time now as it was nearing time for the meet and greet.

Soon enough, they were called to gather for the meet and greet and Die managed to put on his cologne and pretend like he wasn't as drunk as he was. At least he knew he could play completely trashed, most of the songs known pretty much by repetitive motion now. He moved to stand behind Shinya, his head down and his nerves creeping up on him.

A few minutes later, they were hustled into the room and everyone was cheering. Die did his best to not look like a grumpy asshole, even though he felt like one. After a few more minutes, they had moved past the Q&A that he barely even heard and onto the handshaking and photos. He put on his hardcore face and kept it there, not saying much to anyone as they moved along.

Kyo was busy drowning in his own despair when a staff member came to tell him the M&G was almost over and since they didn't have an opener for this show that it would be time to go on soon. He thanked him and went to finish up his outfit which only consisted of stripping out of his shirt and slipping his jacket on instead, zipping it up about halfway.

After he was presentable, he made his way inside and towards the area they would be entering from, peeking out to survey the group at the meet and greet. His eyes fell on Die and more guilt wrenched his gut. The guitarist was unhappy and wobbling a bit which meant he was probably drunk.

He sighed and found a dark corner to sit in while he waited on the rest of the band to finish up, keeping his hood pulled low and sunglasses on, never mind that he could barely see the floor with them.
Die ended up having to be at least a bit sociable with one of the fans, a rather shy girl who brought him a hand-woven bracelet and gave it to him directly, not even in a bag. He thanked her and did his best to smile in the photo, though he was glad his sunglasses were on because he knew his smile never met his eyes.

For one of the first times in his life, he was glad when it was all over, not usually feeling that way about meet and greets. He went to go take a leak and then grabbed another beer to hand it to Nora to put on the stage. She took it without a word, apparently having been warned he was in a mood since she normally argued with him a little and didn't say a word today.

By the time the meet and greet finished up and the rest of the band moved to get ready to get on stage, Kyo was so deep into himself that he barely noticed them gathering nearby. Kaoru called him over for a pre-show chat/pep-talk that he had no interest in and just mumbled a couple of time as he kept stealing glances at Die.

Finally, the lights dimmed and it was time to go on stage. Kyo prayed quietly to whatever deity listening that his mic had been fixed and his throat didn't act up then followed his bandmates onto the stage.
Die found that he was maybe slightly drunker than he'd thought as he took the stage, his head swimming slightly. He took note of the other's on stage and then finally the bottle of water on top of his amp, the beer beside it, both of them open and waiting on him. He put his guitar on and went to gulp down half the bottle of water, knowing passing out during the show was not an option in the least.

Kyo mounted his box and peered out over the crowd without really seeing them. The place was already too hot and he knew he wouldn't stay in his jacket past the first few songs.

The music started and he waited for his cue before jumping into the song with a growl, throwing himself into the energy of the moment. Fortunately, his throat didn't give him much trouble, the medicine seeming to have done its job. When the first Inward Scream came up, he shrugged out of his jacket, baring his chest to the crowd and pulling a few loud screams. He reached down into himself and threw out the emotions of the day in the form of animalistic growls and cries, thumping the microphone hard against his chest several times throughout the process. He was damn near shaking by the end of it and as the last echo tapered off, he brought his hand up and dragged his nails over his chest, raising welts but not breaking the skin.

Die turned away during Kyo's inward scream, facing his amp, his face distorted in a mask of pain. He'd made his lover feel like this, he'd been the cause of his agony tonight, and that ripped him apart inside. It took every ounce of his strength to not slam his guitar down on stage and just leave. When he finally looked up from the floor, he caught Shinya staring at him, resting in such a way he could see Die, but not be seen by the crowd so he could watch. For a long moment, they kept their eyes locked, and he sighed softly, looking away and closing his eyes. Kyo's cries ended and Die let his hands go to his guitar, Shinya moving back to where he belonged on the drums. A few moments later, they launched into the next song and Die remained with his back to the crowd until he could suck it

up and look less like someone ran over his puppy dog right before the show. He turned around finally and did his best to resume some semblance of normality in his routines with the crowd.

As the show went on, Kyo caught Kaoru looking at him a few times with a look that said he knew something was up. He ignored it though and focused on singing. He was doing fine in that respect until near the end of a song and his voice broke horribly and painfully. He growled in frustration and launched into another fit of cries and inhuman sounds, thankful it was time for the encore because at the end of it, he threw the microphone down and stalked off stage without so much as looking at the crowd or the rest of the band.

It was all he had to not just keep walking straight out of the venue.

Die exited the stage faster than normal, his beer bottle clasped in his hand. He stalked off to his dressing room and drained the rest of the bottle, throwing it against in the wall with a scream of something that actually wasn't anger. He just didn't know how else to get out his horrible emotions without crying like a fucking sissy. And going back on stage with puffy eyes seemed like a horrible plan. He stalked to the bathroom and threw some water on his face before coming back and waiting next to the entrance back to the stage.

Kyo heard the bottle break and Die scream as he'd been right outside the door of the dressing room when it'd happened. He clenched his fists to keep from screaming himself and ended up punching the nearest thing he could, which unfortunately ended up being a metal sign on the wall. With a hoarse curse, he looked at his now bleeding hand and sighed. At least the pain rush had relieved some of his tension but it was nowhere near enough.

After hunting down more meds and a quick shot of whiskey - which had Nora shaking her head at him - he made his way back to the stage, just in time to go on again. He threw himself into the rest of their set, wincing as his voice got worse and worse.

Die actually ended up on stage last, which wasn't at all usual for him. He passed all the other's by and grabbed up his guitar, putting it on barely in time to get in on his part of the song at the right time. He felt like he was on edge the entire time, messing more than one thing up during the encore. By the end, he shoved his guitar at Kuroo and snatched up a handful of picks, tossing about ten out to the crowd in less than a minute. He threw out his water and then the bottle and the cap, feeling like throwing something more valuable in his fit of rage, but knowing he'd regret it.

He waved and headed off stage, leaving before almost everyone else, something else horribly unusual for him. He stalked off to his dressing room, slamming the door behind himself and dropping down on the couch in the dark, burying his face in his hands, allowing himself what he hadn't before, his shoulders shaking a little with his emotional overload.

Kyo forced himself to wave to the crowd before disappearing off stage and finding the closest empty, dark room. He stepped in and didn't bother with the light before letting out cry of frustration, anger and despair. He'd hurt Die and he hated himself for it. He kicked out and his foot connected with what had to be a couch and he grunted in pain. "Fuck!"

In another fit of rage, he resorted to his old standby of relief and brought his hand up to his chest, nails digging into the flesh as he scratched them across already scarred skin. He could feel the blood welling up and spilling out and somehow it numbed him, if only briefly. He finally let it wash over him and he slid to the floor of the room, closing his eyes and mind to the world.

It took Die a few good minutes before he collected himself even a little bit. He sighed softly, wiping his eyes and locating his glasses in the dark, putting them on and then grabbing his bag. He went to the door and flipped on the light, glancing around to see if he left anything. After a few moments, he sighed and turned the lights off, departing the room and heading for the bus, his head bowed.

Kyo didn't realize he'd passed out until he was being shaken awake by a concerned looking Nora. She didn't say anything though and just handed him a few wet wipes. It took him a few moments to realize what for and he winced as he glanced down at his chest. With a sigh, he cleaned himself up a bit then took his jacket from her with a muttered 'thanks' before standing and following her from the room to the bus.

Once there, he made his way straight to his bunk, ignoring Kaoru and Shinya as they attempted to ask him what was up. He tugged on a t-shirt then climbed into the bunk, shutting the curtain before flopping back with a sigh, once again sinking into his own dark thoughts and wishing like hell he could take today and redo it.

Die made it to the bus and found Kuroo, giving the other instructions to give one of the venue staff a little something extra to clean up the broken bottle in his dressing room. Right after, he headed onto the bus and went straight to his bunk, throwing his bag on the floor and scrambling into his bunk, rolling over toward the wall and allowing himself to wallow in his own stew of emotions once again.

Kyo heard Die get into his bunk and desperately wanted to crawl down there and apologize and beg for forgiveness. It wouldn't work though right now and suddenly he just desperately needed to get out of there. He slipped out of his bunk and dressed himself in jeans, a tank top and a dark hoodie before grabbing his wallet and heading to the front of the bus, informing the first person he saw, which happened to be Kuroo, that he was going for a walk and he'd be back later. He headed off in a random direction, walking for a while before he realized that he was surround by shops. Paying closer attention to his surroundings, he came across a gift shop.

On a whim, he stepped into it and began looking around, stopping at a display of stuffed animals. One in particular caught his eye, a little beanie red panda. It made him think of Die and he picked it up, deciding to buy it for his lover. It wouldn't do for an apology but maybe it'd help a little. After walking around a bit more, he went to the counter to purchase the panda, having a bit of trouble with the money amounts until the kind woman at the register helped him with it. Flushing a bit, he thanked her and headed back out onto the street, intending to head back to the bus before realizing he was hopelessly lost.

Die lay there in the darkness of his bunk for the longest time, finally getting it all out of his system. This was stupid. All he'd done was accidentally trip over a microphone cord and Kyo had gone off on him. He should have just been angry for a little bit, not so irrationally hot-headed about it. But then... this was Kyo, not just any old person, and Die had known he was getting into a hot ball of trouble with the other to start with. But the fact that he'd caused the issue made it that much worse now that he was in a relationship with him.

After a while of hearing nothing, he finally mopped up his eyes and blew his nose as quietly as possible before getting out of the bunk and seeing if they were still at the venue. When he was told they were, he got back off the bus, sunglasses still in place and headed to the venue shower, his change-bag in tow.

After wandering around a bit, Kyo sighed and gave up trying to find his way back to the bus. He would've looked up the venue but he honestly had no clue what the name of it was, having not paid attention. With another sigh, he pulled out his phone to call Nora, frowning when she didn't answer. He debated for a moment then tried Kaoru, not getting an answer there either. He stood there for several moments and finally let out a huff before he texted Die's phone. "I'm lost." It was a shitty thing to do, given their current circumstance , but it was getting late and he had no interest in being found by fans while alone.

Die had just finished stripping off the moment his phone went off. He frowned a bit as he looked at it, finding it was Kyo and he was lost. He typed in the name of the venue and the address, pretty anal about remembering such things, and then tossed his phone on the pile of clothing, grabbing his kit for the shower and stepping into the cubicle, drawing the curtain and turning on the water.

Kyo stared at the text for a few minutes, noting that Die had said nothing at all to him other than the address. He sighed and shook his head. What had he been expecting? He'd been an asshole and he knew it. Shaking his head, he put the address into a map app and headed in the direction it told him to.

Along the way, he came across a rather nice looking jewelry boutique and stepped inside. He ignored the nasty looks of the workers and went around the place, examining the pieces before coming across a lovely silver bracelet with rubies around it. He knew it would look perfect on Die and called the saleswoman over to purchase it, smirking a bit as he handed her his credit card, not having that much cash on him.

After the purchase was made, he left and finally made his way back to the bus to store Die's gifts in his bunk for the moment then grabbed up his shower bag and headed inside to take care of that.

Die took his time in the shower, letting the warm spray of the water lull him into a slightly less conscious state of being. He huffed slightly as he shifted and his back cracked a few times. He did one last rinse down and washed the conditioner from his hair before turning off the water. Slicking the water from his hair, he stepped out of the shower cubicle and pulled his towel from his bag, quickly going about drying off.

Kyo walked into the shower area just as Die was stepping out of the cubicle. He opened his mouth to say something, but closed it shook his head. He wasn't really sure where to start with an apology though he knew a big one was in order. Instead, he ended up hovering in the doorway, looking uncomfortable.

Die glanced up, seeing Kyo there and pursing his lips a little. He felt almost like he should hide his shame right then, not knowing how to react to the other's presence very well for the time being. He sighed a little and settled on drying off enough to put his boxers on and then his track pants.

He glanced over at the other again and then offered quietly, "Sorry I'm taking so long; didn't realize anyone needed it but me." He yanked his shirt over his head, his oldest Chrome Hearts tank, and then jammed his stuff back in his bag, phone going in his pocket. He made his way to the door and then slipped past Kyo. He paused in the hallway and then quietly offered, "For what it's worth... I'm sorry."

Kyo watched Die finish dressing then visibly winced when he apologized for taking so long. He bit his lip and frowned as the other pushed past him, his hand reaching out to touch him then pulling back when he spoke again. His heart dropped when Die once again said he was sorry and he just shook his head. "Die... I-" Fuck, why was he so bad at this? He mentally kicked himself and hung his head, staring hard at the tiles on the shower floor before taking a slightly shaky breath. "Don't... don't... apologize. It was...." He huffed out a breath before glancing up a Die with pain in his eyes. "I'm stupid."

Die paused, not sure he wanted to know what Kyo had to say, but listening nonetheless. He turned back slightly to look at him when he obviously came up at a loss for words. He could feel the pain stabbing in his chest, a familiar ache he'd experienced in the past, and he knew it was anxiety, a fear born of too many lost relationships over stupid shit.

Die gave a little shrug. "No... not stupid." He wanted to just go over and hug Kyo, to tell him it was alright, that he forgave him, if this was his apology. But without the words he needed to hear, he felt like he was somehow trapped in it all, his words stuck in his throat. He just gave him a sad little look before fishing out his sunglasses and slipping them back on to hide the obvious redness of his eyes. "I'll... see you on the bus, yeah?"

Kyo clenched his jaw as Die put his sunglasses on, obscuring his eyes like a barrier between them. He simply nodded and stepped in the shower area, shutting the door behind him and getting into the cubicle, turning the water on as hot as it would possibly go before finally breaking and letting out a sob of emotion, his throat protesting the strain. This was bad and he felt like he was drowning. He didn't know how to fix it. He didn't realize he just needed to actually apologize.

Die made it about halfway to the bus before realizing he was probably putting a huge strain on Kyo. He slumped against the wall and pushed a hand through his still wet hair, his eyes closed and the frown on his face deepening. He felt like shit and he knew he was being stupid about this whole thing. If he just didn't give a shit, then maybe Kyo wouldn't. But... that also seemed unlikely.
He sighed and opened his eyes just in time to see Toshiya stop in front of him. The bassist was wearing his flannel pajamas, making it obvious he'd already gone through the motions of his shower. He hand his hands jammed in his pockets and he looked grim. "Have you seen Kyo?"

Die nodded and gestured to the shower. "He took the shower after me. Sorry... have I made us late by taking a long shower?"

Toshiya shook his head. "No, it's fine. Just worried about him since he's been gone a bit and was so worked up tonight." He paused and then offered. "You look a bit... out of sorts yourself. Is... something going on?" He was delicate about how he put it, not pushing or prying, just wanting to know what was happening.

Die gave a tiny shrug. "Yeah... I guess I got too offended by what he said with the whole microphone thing. And he's upset now too... and I guess that's my fault."

Toshiya sighed and just plunged in head-first. "Look, I'm not blind. I know what's going on. Stop pussy-footing around with it. I just... Die, you know Kyo's a bit... fragile. You always took care of it in the past, but now... you're avoiding it rather than helping like you would have. Be his rock and suck it up."

Die winced a bit and shifted his bag off his shoulder, giving it to Toshiya. "Fine... but if he punches me in the fucking face, you're taking the blame." He gave him a slightly irritated look and then headed back down the hallway and into the shower room.

He stood there for a moment, just feeling stupid and then quietly, "Kyo?"

Kyo had been leaning against the shower wall, exhaustion having set it from the show but more so from his and Die's... fight? Was that what this was? Their first fight as a couple? He was rolling those thoughts around in his head when he heard Die speak up; jumping slightly as he'd not heard the door open. "Yeah?" He winced when it came out as a hoarse croak, coughing a bit to clear his throat.

Die moved to sit down on the bench next to Kyo's stuff, a frown on his face. He picked at his pants a little and then sighed softly, reaching to push his glasses up and rub over his eyes. "Finish up and come out, will you?"

Kyo snorted slightly as he realized he hadn't even washed. He took care of that quickly and finally turned the water off, grabbing his towel and slinging it around his waist before stepping out and looking at Die before finding a spot on the floor to stare at.

Die watched the other come out of the stall, a deep sadness in his eyes as he saw those scratches there. He looked away, feeling choked up. "I... I did this to you, didn't I?"

Kyo looked up again when Die spoke then glanced down at his chest, flushing in shame and bringing his hand up to cover them as he looked away. After a few moments, he took a breath and shook his head, swallowing a bit thickly. "No... I did." He looked at the pain on Die's face and it killed him, he wanted to go over and wrap his arms around him. Instead, he dried off quickly and grabbed his boxers and shirt, pulling them on before speaking again. "I'm sorry." It came out very quietly, barely audible but he'd said it and it was the best he could do. He kept his eyes firmly on the ground as he stood there, braced for Die to tell him that that wasn't good enough or something.

Die let out a quiet little sigh when the other told him he was sorry, standing up and quietly pulling Kyo into his arms. He pressed a kiss to the side of his head and just held him there for a long few moments, unwilling to let go, regardless of how it looked to anyone who might walk in. That didn't matter right then.

Kyo tensed when Die first hugged him then relaxed into his touch, bringing his own arms up to wrap around Die's waist, practically clinging to him as he buried his face into his chest. He couldn't believe he'd been so damn stupid over something so simple.

Die buried his nose in the other's hair, not caring that it was wet right then. He closed his eyes hard, keeping the few tears of relief at bay for the time being. After a few more moments, he murmured, "It's okay... I should have been paying attention to where I was going."

Kyo shook his head. "I shouldn't have snapped. I was having a really bad day and... I just... lost it." He coughed and sniffed a bit, his nerves feeling raw as he pulled Die a bit closer, trying to calm himself down.

Die pressed a kiss to the side of his head again and then pushed a hand into his hair, rubbing in a soothing sort of manner. After a moment, he murmured, "I forgive you."

At Die's words, he finally lifted his head to look up at the guitarist, bringing a hand up to stroke over his cheek. "Thank you." He swallowed again then leaned up and pressed his lips to Die's, needing that intimate contact.

Die relaxed into the other's touch, allowing the kiss and gently returning it as well. For the time being, he wasn't reacting in an aroused sort of manner, rather it was more one of relaxation and relief as he kissed him back, glad this was finally stopping. He'd had enough of being mad for the day.

Kyo sighed softly into the kiss, carrying it out a bit longer before pulling away again, giving Die a half smile. "Thanks for giving me directions earlier instead of telling me to go fuck myself or something. I'd have deserved it."

Die shook his head. "Even if I was horribly mad at you, you wouldn't deserve being lost and ignored." He touched the other's cheek gently. "No one deserves that." He gestured at Kyo's bag. "We should probably get back to the bus."

Kyo hummed slightly, leaning into the touch for a moment before sighing. "Yeah, probably so. I'd hate to hold them up." He picked up the rest of his things and put them in his bag before pulling Die in for another quick kiss. "I love you."

Die hadn't been so relieved to hear those words since the first time Kyo had spoken them to him. He offered his best smile given how drained he was. "I love you, too."

Kyo smiled and squeezed Die's hand before letting go and heading out of the shower room, feeling drained but definitely happier than when he'd walked in there.

Die trailed after him, feeling a little better, but not as good as he could have. In a way, he still blamed himself, and he still felt bad for throwing the fucking bottle around in the dressing room too. Usually he didn't let his temper get the better of him.

Kyo stopped before they stepped outside and looked at Die, his expression a bit odd. "What is it?" He felt the guitarist still had something on his mind and he wanted it all smoothed over before they had to face the rest of the band. No doubt the others had sensed the turbulence between them.

The guitarist huffed out a little sigh. "Honestly... I lost my temper earlier. In a pretty bad way." He stopped, bowing his head, feeling ashamed of his actions. "I guess it could have been worse, but... I'm afraid to ask what I'd have done if anyone had been in the room with me."

Kyo winced a little and reached out, squeezing Die's shoulder. "I... I'm sorry. You wouldn't have lost yours if I hadn't lost mine." Guilt crossed his face and he hung his head a bit, chewing his lip. He made a mental note to just stay locked in his bunk the next time he was having a bad day.

Die shook his head a little and quietly pulled Kyo close, just hugging him for a moment. When he stepped back, he murmured, "So... who ruined your day before I got to it and gave it a finishing touch?"
Kyo leaned into the hug, clinging to Die slightly before taking a breath and letting out a bitter laugh. "Honestly, myself. I woke up with a sore throat and it snowballed from there. Tripped in front of the fans, my microphone wasn't working and then..." He looked up at Die. "I hurt the only person in this world that probably could've soothed my ire in the first place."

Die frowned a little. "In front of the fans? Really, really? That blows big ones." He reached to ruffle Kyo's wet hair. "Didn't hurt anything too bad?"

Kyo huffed and nodded, his cheeks heating a bit at the thought. "Yeah, right off the bus. I didn't hurt anything, but several of them came rushing towards me like a stampede."

"Oh lord." He knew how the fans were with Kyo all the time. He didn't usually mind it happening to himself unless he was really hung over and trying to avoid them when it happened. Indeed, most of the time, he put himself out there so the fans had someone to converse with and be close to like normal people. He patted Kyo's shoulder. "No cameras?"

He winced. "I think I heard a couple of clicks. I'd look on the internet but I'm afraid to." It wasn't that he minded fans, but some of them were aggressive in a way that he couldn't deal with, especially when he felt he couldn't communicate properly with them. "It wouldn't have been so bad but I felt like an animal at the zoo or something at that point."

"Yeah... true enough." He glanced toward the bus, which was already running. "We should probably get on board." he sighed, not wanting to go back to the mobile trap, but he knew they had to.

Kyo glanced towards the bus and let out a sigh, nodding. "Yeah, I suppose so." He turned to Die and pulled him close again, hugging him tightly for a moment before letting go and moving towards the bus.

As they reached it, Kaoru stepped from it and gave them both a suspicious look. "It's about time you two showed up, we're ready to go and have been for a while."

Kyo just muttered out an apology and stepped onto the bus, waving to the others then heading back for his bunk, definitely not in the mood to socialize.

Die looked up at Kaoru, thinking of just letting it all slide, but he didn't feel like he particularly wanted to. He paused by him and turned his head. "You know... there was nothing untoward going on. We were talking some things out that no one else needed to hear or be involved in." With that, he started up the bus steps.

Kaoru just glowered at Die, not saying anything more, but was obviously displeased as he slammed the door behind them then motioned to the driver to get going. Kyo, for his part, just ignored it as he made himself comfortable on Die's bunk, sitting there instead of climbing up to his own.

Die headed down the aisle, tossing his bag in the back corner and then sighing softly. He closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose, shaking his head. This was getting to be annoying as shit. He came back to sit down next to Kyo and leaned toward him. "I think we should just tell them. Pretty damn sure Toshiya knows... Kaoru's being an ass... and if we just toss it out there, I think he'll chill a little."

Kyo looked up as Die walked in then let out a soft sigh, nodding his head a bit. "Yeah, I noticed Kaoru's attitude." He thought about it for a long moment, going over the issues that would arise if not everyone was pleased about it. After a few moments, he glanced up at Die. "Okay, we might as well. I'm a bit tired of hiding it anyway."

Die nodded and waited until Shinya drifted toward the others in the main area, gesturing Kyo with him as he stood up and went to lean against the counter directly in front of them all. "Hey... we have a bit of an announcement, which may or may not come as a surprise to some of you." He took note that Nora and Kuroo were at least paying attention as well, Rick looking a bit lost from closer to the front of the bus. "Kyo and I are seeing one another. It's been going on for a while now, but it's getting to be a pain in the ass to hide it from everyone. So... it's easier this way. Now you all know."

Kyo just stood there watching everyone's faces for a reaction and waiting on a shit storm. For his part, he was nervous as fuck about telling other people about his relationships in general, let alone one with a bandmate.

Kaoru crossed his arms but didn't say anything, his expression unreadable. Shinya, however, simply smiled. "It’s about time you two got together. You've been dancing around each other for quite some time now..."

Die looked relieved, noting Toshiya giving a thumb's up and Nora just smiling and ducking back into the back area. Kuroo, for his part, looked a bit confused, looking between the two of them and then finally, in a small voice, "I honestly didn't think you were uh... into that sort of thing, Kyo."

Kyo's expression was one of relief as no one jumped up and started screaming or anything. When Kuroo spoke up, he looked a bit perplexed then gave him a slight smile, shaking his head. "This seems to be... a special case."

Kuroo's mouth formed a little 'o' and then he just nodded and went off after Nora, seeming to have been doing something with her. From the front of the bus, Rick spoke up in English. "Hey! Is anyone going to tell me what's going on?"

Die glanced at him and then laughed, shaking his head and running a hand through his hair a bit awkwardly. "Um... well..." he fought to find the right English words, "Me and Kyo are..." he held up two fingers and put them against one another, "together."

Rick looked a little surprised and then replied, "No shit."

Kyo caught the gist of what Die was telling Rick and ducked his head a bit, blushing. Rick looked shocked more than anything and he wondered what the American was thinking.

Die replied, "No shit." He shrugged and then looked back around at the other's. "Okay, so that's out there. Now I don't have to hide it when I feel like sitting next to Kyo all the time." He offered a little sheepish look. "That was getting awkward as fuck."

Shinya chuckled and shook his head. "I don't think anyone would have noticed until you started fucking loudly or something." Kyo blushed a bit more that then let out a sigh. "Right, well, like Die said... now you know." He coughed and shrugged awkwardly. "I guess, it goes without saying that this should be kept... private."

Die let out a laugh that quite possibly put Toshiya's to shame on level of awkward. He clapped a hand over his mouth until he could calm down and then snorted. "Yes, well... you know... that happens, too."

Toshiya snorted at Die's laugh then grinned. "Just clean up after yourselves." He shot a look at Kaoru, who had put his headphones in and was studying his computer. "Some people forget and leave their jizz in odd places." He laughed again, clapping a bit like a retarded seal.

Kyo just huffed and dragged his fingers through his hair, looking for all the world like he just wanted to crawl under the table. He had not been prepared to discuss his sex life with the rest of the band.

Die held up a finger. "I do not leave it for other people to find later on the bus." That part was necessary, given what he'd done in alleyways and bathrooms before. "No one else needs to touch my spunk." He glanced at Kyo and gave him a sympathetic look. Apparently he was far more open about this than Kyo was.

Toshiya just laughed again. "No way. That's why condoms are the best for jacking off while on tour! No muss, no fuss! Plus, you're always prepared for a quickie." His eyes sparkled with amusement. The bassist was having a good bit of fun with this, given how embarrassed Kyo looked.

Kyo just let out a snort and shook his head. "That's also why we have wet wipes and shit. The staff aren't stupid..."

Die gestured to three different tissue boxes he could see within range. "And a fuck-ton of tissues. Wipe up the spunk so Nora doesn't have to. We're a bus full of men with a 'no girls but Nora allowed' policy. I think they expect us to be watching porn or jerking off every five minutes."

Toshiya leered a bit and laughed. "Nah, not every five minutes, just in the middle of the night."

Kyo just rolled his eyes. "Some of us should jerk off every five minutes..." he said this lowly with a glance to Kaoru who was currently going over some papers or something.

Die let out a giggle that sounded more like he had just jizzed his pants. "Well... when you can't admit things to yourself, it's hard to get laid."

Toshiya looked a bit too interested in what Die had to say at this point, raising an eyebrow and leaning forward. "Oh? Know some secret I don't?"

Die glanced at him. "Well... er... let's say Kyo and I got a little too overzealous one night at work and he walked in on us... and didn't leave. But afterward, he got all mad and shit. Fucking weird-ass shit."

Kyo plopped down on one of the couches and shook his head. "It was bizarre... I mean, he was pissed."

Toshiya coughed a bit and shook his head. "Weird... Kaoru's usually pretty laid back." He shot the other guitarist a look and frowned thoughtfully.

"Exactly," Die chimed in again. "He got up in my face and we almost got physical over it rather than just a screaming match."

Toshiya frowned a bit more, crossing his arms. "Wonder what bit his ass?"

Kyo shrugged and glanced at Die then Toshiya. "He was jealous? Or just really hard-up?"

"No idea." Die shook his head a little. "In any case, I'm glad you guys are accepting of us. I sort of feared two more people hating us for it."

Toshiya laughed and reached out to pat Die's leg, which was the only part of him he could reach from where he was sitting. "Nah, it's cool. I just hope it all works out. It can be difficult, what with being on the road and stuff."

Shinya nodded, smiling at them both. "But it's better than Die moping about because Kyo doesn't notice him." He smirked a little and went back to his magazine.

Die's head turned abruptly to stare at Shinya. "God... was it that obvious?"

Shinya peered at Die over the top of his magazine. "Only when you were drunk and crying on my shoulder about it."

Die looked taken aback and then flushed darkly. "Oh lord. Well... uh... shit." He pushed his hand through his still-damp hair. "Uh... sorry?"

Shinya shrugged and glanced at Toshiya. "No problem. Now I just have to worry about this one. So it's one less wet shoulder." This earned him a glare from their bassist which he ignored.

Kyo finally spoke up again, shaking his head. "Well, um, if we're all done with this fun stuff... I'm going to bed." He stood up and started making his way towards the bunks, feeling a bit overwhelmed suddenly.

Die watched Kyo and he didn't want to seem too eager, but he didn't want to leave Kyo alone either. He wanted to fall asleep in his arms, to watch Kyo sleep next to him for a while as he drifted off... and damned if he hadn't told them all everything for a reason. He stood up and trudged off after Kyo, murmuring a soft goodnight to everyone else, including Rick, who waved back to him.

Kyo had already crawled into Die's bunk, making himself comfortable against the inside wall, waiting for the other to join him. He was pleased with everyone's reactions, even Kaoru's, though his was one of indifference it seemed. He knew their band leader wasn't pleased about the relationship but he didn't really know why and didn't care at that moment.

Die slipped into the bunk after removing his cell from his pocket and stepping out of his shoes. He settled in, laying down and stretching out as well as he could in the bunk. "American buses are supposedly built for American people... how the hell do they fit in here? I'm not even American-man-sized and I feel like if I were any taller, I'd be hunched over."

Kyo chuckled and stretched out, for once glad that he was short. "I don't know what the problem is; I'm not having any issues."

"Mmmhmm... I'm sure you're not," Die commented, a smirk on his lips.

Kyo grinned and wriggled against Die, scooting until he was flush against him. "Mm, this is kind of nice. For once, the bunk doesn't feel like a cage." It was true, Kyo felt at ease despite the decidedly cramped quarters with the two of them in there.

Die smiled, curling up next to him, adjusting until he was comfortable. "Glad to be of help." He leaned in and nuzzled him a little, just taking in the smell that was Kyo.

Kyo sighed and closed his eyes, placing a kiss to Die's shoulder before finally falling into a deep sleep, a peaceful look on his face.

Die spent quite a while longer falling asleep, still fretting quietly over his and Kyo's fight, not having enjoyed it at all and thinking to himself that he needed to pay closer attention to Kyo's moods from then on unless he liked being violently angry. When he finally did fall asleep, it was almost an hour and a half after it was obvious Kyo had passed out and his sleep was restless, as it usually was when he was on the tour bus.

To Be Continued...

Chapter Text

Hours later, Kyo finally dragged himself to wakefulness at the persistent fullness of his bladder. Grunting, he shook Die's shoulder. "Babe... gotta piss... bad."

Die clawed his way through the sleepy veil of not having been asleep for nearly as long as Kyo had. He grunted softly, his brain trying to register the other's words. He made a little face and then murmured, "Huh?"

Kyo whined a little, getting desperate at this point. He shook Die a little harder than necessary, hissing. "I have to piss!"

Die gave Kyo a dopey little smile, blinking sleepily at him. "Oh? Mmm..." he smacked his lips a little and shifted slightly to push his morning wood lightly against the other's thigh. "Does that mean you want me to move?"

Kyo stared at Die incredulously then let out a low growl, pushing his thigh against Die's boner a bit roughly. "Please? I'll make it up to you when I get back... or hell, follow me in there. No one's awake at this hour." He squirmed a bit, reaching down to cup himself.

Die grunted a little and then rolled out of bed, smoothly getting to his feet even though he was still groggy. He just leaned back against the divider between the sets of bunks and closed his eyes, yawning widely.

Kyo scrambled out of the bunk, thinking he was free until his foot got caught up in the blankets and he face planted at Die's feet, groaning as his bladder protested and he leaked a bit on his pants. With a wince, he rolled over and stood up, muttering out a cuss word as he stared down at the small wet patch there. "Fuck..."

Die opened one eye as Kyo flopped on the floor. The other eye opened and he arched one finely-plucked eyebrow at the smaller man. Once the other was up, Die immediately noticed the wet patch, a little thrill running through him as he purred out, "You better hurry."

Kyo practically hissed at Die as he hobbled his way to the onboard bathroom, barely getting his pants down in time to relieve the rest of the pressure on his bladder.

Die remained where he was, closing his eyes once again and listening to the going's on in the bathroom. When he heard Kyo finishing up, he shifted to roll back into the bunk, quietly pushing his pants down and freeing his aching length, waiting to see how Kyo would react to it once he came back.

Kyo finished up after what seemed like forever, shaking off and flushing the toilet then rinsing his hands. With a sigh, he flicked off the light and made his way back to what he was starting to think of as their bunk. He crawled in beside Die, flopping down, nad then noticing the other's bare erection. "Should've known..."

Die at least had the grace to allow a blush to paint his cheeks. He sniffed a little and then shrugged. "At least thought you should know that this is at least half you." He pulled the elastic of his pants back up over his erection and then snuggled up to Kyo in such a way his cock was far from touching range, closing his eyes and snuggling down to try to sleep a while longer.

Kyo chuckled softly at Die's reaction before shifting and trapping Die with his leg, dipping his hand down to brush over the other's crotch. "I didn't say put it away." He gave Die's dick a light squeeze through the material of his pants then worked his hand under them, wrapping his fingers around his lover's length, a soft sound escaping his lips.

Die let out a surprised little gasp, whimpering as the other pushed his hand into his pants. He shivered and then arched toward him. "Hnngggg!" That wasn't the most expected turn of events, but he wasn't going to argue with it either.

Kyo smirked, shifting so that he could place his lips right next to Die's ear, letting his breath ghost along the shell of it before whispering. "To know that I caused this turns me on so fucking much." He moved his hand slowly, wanting this to last, his own cock quickly hardening.

Die huffed out a soft breath against Kyo's neck, a little chuckle following it at Kyo's words. His tongue slicked out, wetting his lips and incidentally lightly flicking over Kyo's neck, wondering how the vocalist would react.

Kyo shuddered at the touch of Die's tongue on his neck, a soft groan escaping him. He moved his hand, swiping his thumb over the head of Die's cock, his own hips jerking a bit.

Die's hands began to wander, sliding down Kyo's stomach and then over his cock, finding the little wet patch on his pants and drawing it between thumb and forefinger, rubbing it there before letting it go and palming the other's cock with a soft groan.

Kyo smirked slightly then bit back a moan as Die palmed him, not wanting to wake the whole bus with their activities. He pushed against Die's hand, burying his face against his neck, his own hand working a bit faster on Die's length.

Die let out a soft little sound, hips jerking against the other's hand, slipping his own hand up and doing his best to push into the other's pants at the awkward sort of position he'd placed himself in.

Kyo squirmed against Die's hand, not getting the right angle after a moment and letting out a huff. He pulled his own hand free and held up a finger before shifting onto his knees as well as possible, his short stature making it easier in the tight space. He pushed his pants down, freeing his cock then moved so that he was near Die's head, lying down with his head resting on Die's thigh.

Die watched Kyo shift around, wondering what he was doing. The new position made him smirk a bit as he reached out and started to stroke the other's cock, eventually leaning in and licking at the head of his cock, more than a little thrilled to be doing this with the other while they were in the bus.

Kyo had returned to stroking Die's length when he felt the other licking at him, causing him to let out a groan. He turned to look up at Die and whispered softly. "Don't buck your hips..." With that, he leaned in and wrapped his lips around the head of Die's dick, using his hand to stroke the rest of it, not wanting to harm his throat.

Die grunted, perhaps a bit loudly the moment the other started giving him head. The fact that he was willing to do this while they were on tour made him immensely happy and he did his best to not even move his lower half at all. He made up for it by going to town on Kyo's cock, bobbing his head and sucking, his motions almost desperate in nature.

Kyo let Die's cock slip further into his mouth, keeping it from entering his throat as he bobbed his head carefully. He let out a muffled groaned at Die's actions, his hips rocking slightly, his free hand moving to find Die's, squeezing it, seeking another level of connection between them.

Die's free hand grasped Kyo's tightly when the other took it in his own. He let out a muffled little sound around Kyo's dick, sucking particularly hard for a moment before popping off and gasping for air, his lips red from his actions.

Kyo moved to lap at the head of Die's length, dipping his tongue into the slit as he dropped his hand to cup and roll his sac. When Die pulled off for air, he glanced up at him, letting out a low groan.

Die grunted a little and then pushed his head down on Kyo's dick again, bobbing his head over the other's length, enjoying it quite readily. He wouldn't admit it, but it was his first time actually blowing someone and getting blown at the same time and it was amazing.

Kyo paused his actions for a moment, just enjoying what Die was doing and wishing like hell he could return the favor fully. He bucked his hips slightly, giving Die's hand a squeeze before going back to work on his length, suckling and lapping around the tip.

Die managed to squirm around until he had his free hand on Kyo's inner thigh, lightly rubbing there as he sucked him, just enjoying the opportunity to fully enjoy his lover this way.

Kyo let out a sound of pleasure at Die's touches, shifting to do the same, brushing against the neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair at the base of the other's length as he moved his mouth down, placing kisses and licks all along it.

Die kept up his work until he couldn't possibly anymore, his jaw seriously getting sore. He pulled back and worked his jaw a bit, his hand moving to wrap around the other's dick and stroking him instead.

Kyo groaned when Die pulled off and stroked him inside, bucking into his hand. He was almost there, his orgasm building slowly, heat pooling in the heat of his stomach. He wrapped his hand around Die's length again, mimicking his actions as he stroked him, going back to licking and sucking at the head.

It took Die a minute before he felt confident his jaw wasn't going to cramp up again. He pushed his head back down on the other's length, taking in as much of him as he could and then moaning, hoping that'd help.

When Die engulfed his cock again, it pushed Kyo over that edge. He moaned around Die's dick as he started cumming into the other's mouth, his hand squeezing the base a bit. "Mmm!"

Die swallowed everything that Kyo gave him, though he had to pull his hips back from the other to keep from bucking toward him. The moment Kyo was done, he pulled back and reached down to frantically try to pull Kyo back toward his dick, a little whimper leaving him.

Kyo groaned and took Die deep into his mouth, sucking him harshly as he cupped and squeezed his sac, glancing up at Die and silently urging him to cum.

Die let himself very slightly tilt his hips a few times, the motion helping him over the edge. When he did cum, he didn't warn Kyo, figuring if he didn't want to swallow it, he'd just let it dribble out.

Kyo groaned when Die's orgasm hit, slightly surprised though he had known the other was close. He thought about it for about two seconds then swallowed it all, slowly and carefully taking Die's full length into his mouth just as the last spurt shot down his throat. He swallowed around Die a couple of times before pulling his head up with a groan. "God..."

Die let out a grunt as he finished up, sort of sagging against the wall and laying there, his head on Kyo's thigh and a dopy-ass look on his face.

Kyo let his head flop against Die's lower stomach, his hand stroking over the skin there as he gazed up at him. "You are... incredible."

Die gave him a little smirk and then sighed softly, nuzzling against his thigh. "Mmm... always glad to give you all my enthusiasm in that department." He winked at the other and chuckled softly before staring up at the ceiling, an odd look on his face. Very faintly, someone could be heard jerking off, the distinct sound of hand-on-dick making its way into their bunk.

Kyo was about to respond when he heard the sound too, it taking a bit longer to register to him what it was. He raised an eyebrow and slowly shifted so that he was laying the right way in the bunk, smirking a bit as he whispered to Die. "Guess we weren't the only ones... or did we give someone a free show?"

Die let out a low little chuckle. "Mmm... I suspect a show... a sound show at least." He smirked a little. "Ten bucks it's Kaoru."

Kyo chuckled then cocked his head a bit, trying to pinpoint where the sound was coming from. "I bet it is... he always goes to wash his hands after so... we'll just wait and see." He smirked and twitched the curtain open just enough that they would be able to see anyone walking towards the bathroom.

Die arched his eyebrow at Kyo's knowledge of other people's masturbation rituals. So he supposed he wasn't the only one listening to other people and paying attention at times. He waited, hearing a low groan after a few moments and then the sound of tissues being pulled out from a box.

Kyo shrugged at Die's raised eyebrow. "You aren't the only one that has trouble sleeping on the bus." When he heard the tissues being pulled out, he shifted closer to the edge of the bunk, peering out through the tiny crack and waiting.

A few minutes passed and finally someone's feet hit the floor and a pair of legs passed by Die's vision, clad in khaki pants. Die pumped his fist in the air, knowing the only person to have a pair besides himself.

Kyo spotted a tattooed hand as it passed them by and he almost laughed. "Knew it..."

"Too bad no one's going to give me ten bucks," he murmured and then chuckled, shaking his head and closing his eyes once more.

Kyo snorted and turned, nuzzling Die's neck, whispering. "I'll give you ten bucks... in the first hotel we stop at."

Die chuckled. He reached to grope Kyo. "This doesn't look like a bill to me, feels more like a giant roll of coins."

Kyo grunted slightly, his hips jerking a bit at the grope. "Mmm, I never said it'd be delivered in bills, baby."

He grinned and then rolled over on his side. "Mmm... well... good morning... now that we're more awake and less... fucking." He smirked a little.

Kyo laughed softly and glanced up at Die. "Mm, good morning to you too. Though, I have to admit, I like the part where we're fucking."

"I have a confession," he leaned in and whispered, "I could wake up like that every single morning." He licked at his neck and then rolled out of the bunk, getting up and damn near running right into Kaoru.

Kaoru backed up and gasped. "Hey!"

Die just grinned at him. "Good morning to you, too, Kaoru. I hope you had a nice morning." He winked and then sauntered off toward the front of the bus.

Kyo grinned then moved to follow Die from the bunk, witnessing the exchange between the two. He shot Kaoru a smirk then followed after Die, a slight sway to his hips. "Is there coffee on board?"

Kaoru stood there, looking stunned as Kyo got out of the bunk as well. He knew he'd been caught, but he didn't know how to feel about that. He put on a hard face and just grunted, brushing past Kyo a bit roughly.

Kyo raised an eyebrow and looked annoyed. "Oi... excuse you."

Kaoru muttered something that may or may not have been an apology before disappearing into the little curtained off area in the back for changing.

Die shook coffee grounds in the can to get Kyo's attention, tilting his head a little. "Coffee?"

Kyo wrinkled his nose in Kaoru's general direction before turning his attention back to Die. "Yes, please...."

Die started to make the coffee, waiting until Kyo was close and then murmuring softly, "He's such a prick about it. Someone just needs to give him a freaking kick to the ass."

Kyo leaned against the counter near Die, snorting at his comment and nodding. "Yeah, no kidding...part of me would love to just break him out of it."

"Maybe he needs it. He's starting to piss me off... and we both know how that ends. With my fist in his face." He sighed and finished putting the coffee grounds in the filter, adding water and then turning it on to wait.

Kyo sighed slightly, shaking his head. "I really don't want you two fighting, especially while we're on the road in another country." He stroked his chin then glanced towards the bunks. "Maybe we could get him drunk and loosen him up some... figuratively and literally."

"Maybe... I have a good idea what's eating him, but it's just gotten to that point where I want to knock some new brain cells around in there. Maybe best if you at least try talking to him before we include me?"

Kyo nodded, running a hand through his hair. "Yeah, maybe so... I can try at least. Maybe tonight, after the show and after he's had a few?"

Die nodded a little. "It sounds like maybe a good time. A bit tired, running high from the show. Just don't catch him on the downturn."

Kyo licked his lips then turned to the coffee maker, seeing that it was done. He grabbed a cup and filled it before moving to sit at the table. "It might work...”

Die shrugged a little, following suit and then settling down. He glanced up as Shinya shuffled through the area and gave him a little wave. Shinya grunted, waved back, and disappeared into the bathroom.

Kyo glanced up at Shinya, nodding to him then turning back to his coffee, yawning slightly. After a little bit, Toshiya padded out, grabbed a cup of coffee then disappeared again, his voice being heard as he greeted Kaoru and offered him the coffee.

Die glanced over at Kyo and then toward the sound of Toshiya and Kaoru's voices. He pursed his lips a little, something flashing in his eyes for a moment before he looked back down and finished up with the coffee.

Kyo raised an eyebrow at the look on Die's face, muttering softly. "What?"

Die shook his head a little. "I don't know if I'm right, so I'll just keep it to myself for now. But... if I get more evidence, then I'll say."

Kyo hummed and nodded, shrugging a bit then yawning, pillowing his head on his hands for a moment.

Die drank a bit of his coffee and then came to sit next to Kyo, straining to see if he could hear anything else from the back of the bus, any indication of Toshiya or Kaoru saying anything more.

A few moments later, Toshiya slipped from the back looking less than happy. He went and poured himself a cup of coffee then glanced to Die and Kyo before nodding towards the bunk area. "Apparently, some people aren't morning people."

Die frowned a bit more and scooted more toward Kyo, making space for Toshiya. "Sit... we won't bite... much." He tried on a little smile for the joke.

Kyo snorted and moved over as well, giving Die more room so Toshiya could sit without being squashed. He peered over at the bassist with a curious look then made himself comfortable again, leaning into Die a bit, remembering that they didn't have to hide anything.

Toshiya huffed out a short laugh at Die's joke then sighed and plopped down next to him, taking a sip of his coffee.

Die drank more of his coffee before saying a word, finally looking over at Toshiya, his arm around Kyo's waist by then. "So... he’s been being an asshole to you, too? I sort of thought it was only us because... well... you know."

Toshiya hesitated then let out a bitter laugh, a pained look on his face. "He's being an asshole to everyone but Nora, actually. Thought, admittedly, it's gotten worse since you two...." he licked his lips and looked a bit guilty. "I... I don't know what it is... he's never been so irritable like this. I mean, we all have our moods but his has been constant the past few weeks."

Die thought about it for a moment before deciding to just be perfectly honest. "I think he's got his ass so far in the closet that he can't see the light of day. And he's pissed we can be okay and open with it while he stews about his own sexuality."

Toshiya blinked then turned to look at Die, an unreadable look on his face. "Eh, you... you think so? I've seen him with plenty of girls."

Die shrugged and then glanced at Kyo. "Mind if I tell him what happened before we left?"

Kyo coughed and looked at Toshiya then back to Die before waving his hand, ducking his head a bit. "Go ahead... such as it is."

Toshiya raised an eyebrow and looked between the two. "What did you do?"

"We got... overzealous at work," he glanced back and lowered his voice, "and Kaoru walked in on us. He didn't bother to walk out... instead, he stayed and jerked off to us doing it. But afterward, he got real pissy and I damn near got in a fist fight with him." Die sighed and shook his head. "Closet, I'm telling you."

Toshiya gaped at Die's story, finding it hard to believe that Kaoru would just stand there and watch, much less jack off to such a thing. "What the hell? Is that why things have been off between you two?"

Die nodded a little. "I think he's feeling awkward that it arouses him and he can't control the urge to do something about it. And the fact that I'm not shy about it makes him flip out at me because I am what he can't be. He's been... slightly nicer to Kyo... yeah?" He glanced at his lover to double-check.

Kyo perked up from his half dozing state; having been a bit comfortable leaning against Die. "Ahh, yeah, somewhat. Mostly, he just doesn't talk to me except to ask about the monitors or sound.”

Toshiya chewed his bottom lip then let out a sigh, scrubbing his hands through his hair. "So... how does one even go about getting him to open up? If we force the issue, he'll just end up punching one of us."

Die shrugged. "I volunteer to get punched if that's what it takes. I'll take his ass and beat it until we're both satisfied that we're done." He sighed. "I'm not afraid to get into it with him. It's just that it's sort of... counterproductive."

Kyo shook his head, reaching out to place his hand on Die's arm. "That wouldn't work out and it would just be a headache." He glanced over at Toshiya. "Maybe, someone else could."

Toshiya frowned a bit then shrugged. "I could try, maybe?"

Die studied Toshiya for a long moment and then just got done with it and said what was on his mind. "I'm under the impression you have... a bit to invest in this... are you sure you want to be the one to get lashed out at?"

Toshiya hesitated then hung his head, fidgeting with his coffee cup. "Is... is that obvious? And I can take it...I don't think he'd hit me at least."

Die reached one hand across the table and placed it on the other's hand. "It's... well... let me put it this way, you have the same look I have had on my face for the past few years before I worked things out with Kyo."

Toshiya flushed darkly, letting his hand stay under Die's for a moment before letting out a huff, shaking his head. "It's... pathetic really. I knew or was pretty sure he wasn't... you know... but I still found myself pining away, especially after I'd gotten drunk at the after parties. I couldn't stop hanging on him."

Kyo spoke up then. "It isn't pathetic to desire someone. What's pathetic is that you could be missing precious moments of life with him." He reached and intertwined his fingers with Die's, squeezing lightly. "Although, I do have to agree that it may not be the best idea for you to go head-to-head with him just yet."

Die pursed his lips a little and then finally murmured, "Kyo... you can keep a rational head on you if you try. Do you think you could poke the bear?"

Kyo hummed and nodded slightly. "I could at least poke him the first time." He looked at Toshiya and offered the bassist a slight smile. "Eventually though, you're going to have to grow a pair."

Die squeezed Kyo's waist gently and huffed out a little sigh. "Company," he muttered under his breath, hearing Kaoru's distinct shuffling coming toward them.

Toshiya was about to answer but looked up in the direction of the footsteps. He gave Die and Kyo a pinched look before waving lamely as Kaoru appeared past the divider.

Kyo glanced up but didn't say anything, instead, he leaned more into Die, yawning again.

Kaoru wandered in and then went to get coffee, turning around once he was done and sort of glowering at the three of them over the top of his cup.

Die pursed his lips a little and rolled his eyes. "Good morning, groucho."

Toshiya looked guilty and after a moment of being glared at, he grabbed his coffee cup and scooted past Kaoru to head back into the bunk area, muttering a soft, "Excuse me," as he did.

Kyo stared Kaoru down, not appreciating the look he was getting. He knew that tonight, after their show and maybe after he let off a little steam with Die... he'd have to have that chat with the guitarist.

Die leaned over and gave Kyo a gentle kiss on the cheek before getting up and purposely getting into Kaoru's space for a moment. He stretched, right next to him, watching his reaction. After a moment, he murmured, "Gonna get dressed," and wandered off toward the back.

Kaoru, for his part, looked purely horrified at having so many people in his space so quickly. Though, the moment Die was in it, he shivered and clenched his teeth, eyes darting to Die and then away again, a certain nervousness in the air.

Kyo caught the whole exchange, the slightest territorial look in his eyes as he witnessed Kaoru's reaction to Die's closeness. Yes, the man was definitely having some issues there.

Die hummed to himself as he started to get dressed, putting on his concert clothing except his sandals, not wanting to put on boots just yet. He figured the fans were used to his feet by now.

Kaoru found himself staring at the floor, the hand holding his cup shaking ever so slightly.

Kyo finally stood up and moved towards the back, pausing in front of Kaoru and taking his coffee cup away, setting it on the counter. "Should probably hold off on the caffeine if it's going to make you so jittery." He gave Kaoru a little smirk the headed back to the changing area, pulling on his standard track suit and sneakers.

Die shifted behind Kyo and took his hand, pressing it to his belly and arching a bit toward him as he breathed a soft little moan into the other's ear. He didn't explain, didn't do anything more than that, just let go and headed back toward the front of the bus, a little smirk on his face.

Kyo stopped and shivered a little bit a Die's actions, an electric jolt of arousal shooting through his body. He had to stand there for a few minutes to get a handle on himself before he headed up front as well, making himself comfortable on the couch, whispering to Die. "Tease..."

Die leaned back against the counter and pulled his shirt up a little, showing how his belly was a bit distended and he gave him a naughty look before letting his shirt fall back down and then hopping up on the counter, swinging his legs. "How long do you give it?"

Kyo chuckled slightly and shook his head, looking around before giving Die's stomach a light pat. "An hour at the most." He bit his lip then glanced up at Die. "Gonna share...?"

Die's eyes sparkled a bit at the very thought of Kyo allowing him to share and he huffed out a soft groan before tilting his head back. "Definitely."

Kaoru walked up about halfway through the exchange, watching them for a long moment and then finally voicing, "Share what?"

Kyo smirked then shifted his gaze to Kaoru, raising an eyebrow. He didn't really think sharing something like that with Kaoru would be a good idea at the moment, but part of him was damn tempted to.

Die immediately spit out, "I'm thinking of getting waxed." He couldn't think of anything else to say that would get the focus off what it really was faster and he definitely didn't want Kaoru knowing about his fetish.

Kyo chuckled at that and shook his head. "I think it'd be damn sexy... and a lot easier than just shaving it all off."

Kaoru screwed up his nose. "Hurt like a motherfucker. Guess you like the pain, though, given who you've decided to be with." He stalked off after that, an even sourer look on his face.

Kyo felt like he'd been slapped in the face at Kaoru's comment. He didn't know what the guitarist meant by it, but it pissed him off and he found himself clenching his jaw so tight it hurt. He couldn't afford a screaming match with Kaoru right then but there would be one later. That much he knew.

Die pushed himself off the counter and went right after Kaoru. "Hey! That was uncalled for!" He grabbed Kaoru's shoulder. "I get you insulting me. That's fine, do what you have to do. But do not involve him in your bullshit. Do you understand me?"

Kaoru looked likely to punch Die in the face at any moment, his fists curling by his sides as he took what supposed to be a menacing half-step toward Die.

"Do it. Just fucking do it already," Die let out, his voice a low growl.

Kyo stood up and got behind Die, tugging his arm slightly. "Just leave it... this isn't worth it." He glared at Kaoru, daring him to actually hit Die. He'd tear him apart if he did.

Die tried to shrug Kyo off of him, looking beyond pissed. "No. It's gotten to a point where I can't tolerate the bullshit anymore." He jabbed a finger at Kaoru. "Just talk about your fucking problems once in a goddamn while. I never pegged you for a homophobic asshole until all of this started... and it's not making me happy with you at all. We were friends, Kaoru... fucking friends. And now you pull this bullshit all the goddamn time. No friend does that." He looked ready to spit, he was so angry. "And no coworker should either." He then took his leave of the situation, turning away and heading toward the front of the bus and the bus driver.

Kaoru just stood there, looking insanely pissed off, but not saying a word. He didn't know what he could say to that.

Kyo swallowed and looked after Die then back to Kaoru. He hesitated for a moment before crossing his arms and fixing the other with a hard look. "We need to talk."

Kaoru's eyes swiftly switched from Die to Kyo and he arched an eyebrow. "Oh do we now?"

Kyo licked his lips and nodded shortly. "Yes... because I'm sick of your bullshit, too. So, either fess up and tell what your problem is with me and Die or shut the fuck up and let us be happy. Die's right, you two were friends, close friends. Now you're trying to throw that all away on something that I don't think you understand."

The bus stopped rather abruptly and Die exited the bus. After a few moments, all that could be heard was some cussing and glass breaking outside.

Kaoru had to reach out and grab the side of the counter for support and he made a face as he righted himself, staring at Kyo again after a moment. "Fess up? To what exactly? I don't think I have a damn thing to fess up to, Kyo."

Kyo stumbled and almost fell over. He let out a curse and glanced towards the front of the bus. "You're lying to yourself then." He sighed and dragged a hand through his hair. "Either way, this shit needs to stop." He wanted to continue the conversation but concern for Die made him turn and quickly find his way to the exit. He got off and looked around for Die, not seeing him immediately and slightly panicking. "Die..."

Die came back around the side of the bus when Kyo called to him, carrying some broken bottle pieces. "Sorry... closest thing was a beer bottle from the other night, so I took it out on it rather than Kaoru's face." He shrugged a little. "Didn't mean to worry you."

Kyo just shook his head and went to Die, slipping his arms around his waist and pulling him close.

Die leaned into Kyo's touch, sighing softly and shaking his head a little. "I honestly... do not know how to get through to him without making a huge mess."

Kyo frowned and nodded. "He's... being a stubborn jackass. I don't know what to do." He rubbed Die's back lightly, sighing.


Kaoru just stared after Kyo, the look on his face completely unreadable as he moved to sit down on the now-vacated couch.

Toshiya had witnessed the whole thing and when Kyo left the bus, he moved to the front and sat on the opposite end of the couch as Kaoru, glancing at him. "You know... you're being a little unfair to them."

Kaoru glanced up at Toshiya, a little frown on his face. "They're being too public about this shit. It's pissing me off."

Toshiya looked away and tugged at a string on his shirt. "Are they really? So far, it's only been in the privacy of the bus, Kao."

Kaoru clenched his jaw a little and looked down. "I mean too public for me... in front of me, around me, near me, where I can hear it."

Toshiya cocked his head slightly. "Why do you care so much? It's not as if you're jealous, right?"

Kaoru looked almost ready to explode at that, but he tamped it down, reminding himself that Toshiya wasn't the one causing his problems. He took in a deep breath and then just shook his head. "Don't want to talk about why. I just do."

Toshiya looked rather sad at that and just shook his head, standing up to go back to his bunk for a while. Before he left, he turned to look at Kaoru with a frown. "Just be careful whose toes you're stepping on. You forget, Kyo's sensitive... he may look hard on the outside but he internalizes things... insults... and Die's likely to break your nose the next time he sees you." He shrugged then disappeared quickly, crawling into his bunk and shutting out the world as best as he could.

Kaoru looked after Toshiya, an odd sort of look on his face.

Die shifted a little against Kyo, finally pulling back, a slight pained look on his face. "Remember that hour? I may have overestimated that. Fuck..." he pushed his free hand into his pocket to sort of grope at himself with another wince, giving Kyo a shifty glance.

Kyo blinked at Die then let out a laugh, looking around and realizing they were kinda in the middle of nowhere at the moment, pulled off on a little side road. He spotted a sizeable tree and pointed to it. "Make like a dog...."

Die shrugged a little and headed off toward the tree. He got there, dropped the glass shards and quickly got his pants unzipped and his dick out, barely managing that before he started pissing, letting out a groan that should have told of an orgasm at the relief he felt as he started to water the tree.

Kyo followed Die, watching him for a moment before coming beside him, careful to stay out of the stream as he reached out and grasped his dick, stroking it slightly as he pissed.

Die groaned as Kyo took his dick, stroking him while he pissed. "Yeah... just like that. God... you're making me hard." He pushed harder, his piss splashing off the tree trunk and making a huge puddle on the ground. "I could cum... so easy right now. Are you gonna jerk me off when I'm done pissing, baby?" He couldn't help the dirty talk right then, so aroused it was just pouring from his mouth.

Kyo smirked, moving a bit closer to Die to get a better grip, continuing his motions as Die's piss splattered everywhere. "Yes, I want you to cum, baby... all over the tree." He reached down with his free hand and groped himself, feeding off of Die's arousal.

Die finally finished emptying his bladder, one hand supporting himself against the tree, the other reaching to help Kyo get his cock out of his pants. He wasn't going to get all the way through this without at least touching his dick. "Jerk me off. I'm ready, I'm gonna cum so fast for you."

Kyo groaned and shifted so Die could get to him, glad for the touch as he wrapped his fingers more around Die's dick and jerking him off hard and fast, not making any pretenses about being slow or anything. "Fuck Die..."

Die's fingers closed around Kyo's cock and he started jerking him off with equal fervor, his hips bucking forward. He didn't care right then if anyone did see them. He'd write it off somehow if he had to. But frankly, he didn't give a shit. "You're so hard... so fucking hard."

Kyo grunted and jerked his hips forward into Die's hand, closing his eyes and shivering. "All for you, Die. All for you." He swiped his thumb over the tip of Die's dick, smearing a few droplets of piss and pre-cum around then went back to stroking him, squeezing a bit.

Die found himself on the verge of orgasm very quickly. His hand moved over Kyo's cock quite fast as he arched into his lover's hand. "Ah!" he let out, hips jerking a few times as his other hand moved to grab Kyo's hand, holding it tightly in place while he fucked it. He stopped with the head of his cock in Kyo's palm as he started to cum, doing it on purpose, wanting to feel his cum fill Kyo's hand.

Kyo hand to use his free hand to hold onto Die's shoulder as his hips bucked into the hand moving over his cock. He moaned softly when Die just started fucking his hand and then again at the feel of warm cum spilling into it. "Oh... fuck... Die... yes!"

Die pushed his cock through the mess in Kyo's hand a few times before he pulled back and squatted down, taking Kyo's cock into his mouth without so much as a word of warning, sucking him hard and bobbing his head quickly.

Kyo was about to smear Die's cum on the tree trunk when his lover's mouth engulfed him, causing his knees to damn near buckle. "Oh God! Die... shit!" His clean hand tangled in Die's hair, his hips snapping forward slightly.

Die took it like a champ, not choking or anything, just letting Kyo go after him. He reached down to start putting his dick away while he continued to suck his cock, everything about him screaming that he loved what he was doing.

Kyo growled then pushing his dick down Die's throat, tugging his hair as a brief warning before he started to cum. "Fuck yes!" He pulled back slightly, rocking his hips as he finished up then pulled himself free of Die's mouth, giving him a dirty look as he smeared the rest onto his lips. "You're so goddamn sexy like that..."

Die swallowed everything Kyo gave him, allowing him to give him the last bit on his lips. He smirked up at him as he licked his lips clean, cheeks flushed, and a look of pure relief on his face. "I think... we've found how I don't pound Kaoru's face in."

Kyo chuckled and slumped against the tree, petting Die's hair. "I think I can deal with that method."

Die licked his lips again as he stood back up. He swiped one hand over his mouth to make sure he got it all and then finished putting his pants back together. "Think anyone saw us?"

Kyo glanced around and shrugged. "I don't think so, you picked one hell of a deserted place to stop. I imagine the rest of the crew is going to be mighty confused at this point." He gave Die a grin, moving in to kiss him lightly before making sure his own clothes were settled.

"Yeah... well... this wasn't my intention, but I was about to explode... apparently in two ways." He laughed and glanced at the tree and the ground under it and then nodded toward the bus. "C'mon."

Kyo chuckled and made sure his clothing was arranged before grabbing Die's hand and walking back towards the bus. "So, you think Toshiya's got it bad for Kaoru?"

Die glanced over at Kyo, his long fingers curling around the vocalist's smaller hand. "Yeah... I do. He seriously looks like I used to. It's the same face I stared into for years in the mirror every day, Kyo."

Kyo licked his lips and squeezed Die's hand, his face warming the slightest. He still couldn't wrap his head around the fact that Die had pined for him for years. "I hope he sorts it out soon then..."

"I do, too... that's not a nice place to be." He squeezed Kyo's hand in his own ever so gently. "This is a much better place."

Kyo smiled and paused near the bus, tugging Die to him and leaning up to kiss him softly. "Yes, it is..." He moved to open the door, not caring if anyone saw them.

Die kissed him back gently before parting from him and entering the bus, reluctantly letting go of Kyo's hand for the climb up the steep steps. He made it to the top to find Kaoru standing there, his arms crossed over his chest, and he just pursed his lips and pushed past him, not bothering with a single word. It just wasn't worth it.

Kyo followed Die, catching sight of Kaoru and biting his lip. He wanted to say something but didn't, giving him a slight smirk instead as he moved past him, heading for the bathroom so he could wash his hands.

Die grabbed some sanitizer and went to the sink next to the coffee pot, washing up a bit and then plopping down on the couch, firmly placing his head in the clouds for what he hoped would be a while. He didn't want to deal with Kaoru anymore right then and honestly, not much else until he had to be on stage.

Kaoru just looked between the pair, a grim look on his face as he took a seat up in the front of the bus and stuck his nose in a magazine that he couldn't even read.

Kyo finished washing his hands then joined Die on the couch, not saying anything as he grabbed Shinya's iPad, having asked to use it on his way by.

Die eventually moved to curl up against Kyo's side, just staring off into nowhere for the longest time. He didn't want to think, didn't want to ruin what had happened outside and how it had calmed him down and this seemed the easiest way out of them all to remain attached to it.

Kyo didn't even look up from the article he was reading, simply reaching out to stroke Die's hair softly, trying to ignore the still heavy atmosphere on the bus. It wasn't like they could spend the entire time in their bunks so Kaoru would just have to get over it.

To Be Continued...

Chapter Text

It took them a few hours more before the bus stopped in the parking lot of a small diner in what looked to be the middle of nowhere. Die peeled himself up off the seat with a sigh. He desperately wanted a cigarette, but he didn't say anything, just looking at the building. "Think we should brave it?"

Kyo blinked and rubbed his eyes, having dozed off. He needed to piss and was kind of hungry by that point. "Ehh, maybe together?" He glanced at Kaoru, who was also snoozing and then at Toshiya, who was trying, but failing, to pretend like he was reading instead of watching Kaoru. Shinya was playing cards with Nora and not paying attention to them either. "Yeah, I say we brave it. Bathroom and then food."

Die grabbed his bag and headed for the front of the bus, going out as quietly as possible so as to not wake Kaoru on the way out. Once outside, he headed right for the building, still fighting the urge to pull out a cigarette and smoke the hell out of it.

Kyo nodded and stood up, combing his hands through his hair then following Die. As they walked, he glanced over at Die. "Smoke one if you want to, babe..."

Die finally stopped just outside the diner and swallowed a bit, looking sheepishly over at Kyo. "Is it that obvious?" he murmured softly, reaching into his bag and digging one out. "I'm... trying to quit. But I just can't when we're on tour and this bullshit is going around all over the place. Maybe when we're home... when I don't have to deal with Mr. Grumpy-Pants."

Kyo chuckled softly and reached out to pat Die's shoulder. "I know. I never could quit on tour either... just hurry up. I have to piss and frankly, I don't want to go in there alone."

Die lit the cigarette and took a long, much-needed drag. He let out a tiny sound when he exhaled, blowing the smoke away from Kyo, not wanting to get him in it given his voice and the fact that they were on tour.

Kyo smiled at the gesture, moving to lean against the building, hoping the patrons inside weren't being too curious about what they were doing.

It only took a few minutes for Die to finish up the cigarette and then put the butt out in the gravel ashtray atop the trash can. "Okay... bathroom stop and then food."

Kyo let out a sigh. "Okay, just hope the toilet is sanitary." He opened the door for Die to go in first then followed him, glancing around uneasily at the dimly lit diner. It seemed more homey than sleazy though and for that, he was thankful.

Die headed straight for the bathroom and slipped inside, it was a single stall and a single urinal. He headed for the stall and slipped inside, undoing his pants and pushing them back a bit, starting to relieve himself into the toilet.

Kyo slipped in after Die and snorted as he took the stall. "Shy?" He moved to the urinal and pushed his pants out of the way, letting go into the fairly clean urinal. "Ahh..."

"I thought I'd be nice and let you use the more convenient one." He let out a little laugh, finishing up and tucking himself away, zipping up, and then heading to wash his hands.

Kyo chuckled and shook his head. "What a gentleman." He finished up himself and adjusted his pants back into place then joined Die at the sink, playfully bumping hips with him.

Die glanced at the door and then quickly wiped his hands off on his jeans and grabbed Kyo, kissing him harshly on the lips before letting him go and licking them. "Better than dinner..." he smirked a little and sauntered out of the restroom and to one of the open booths, settling down. They wouldn't leave without them and he wasn't leaving until he had some food in him and a non-bumpy place to eat it.

Kyo grunted into the kiss, catching a squeeze of Die's ass before he managed to get out the door, smirking at him. "Mhm." He moved out and plopped down in the booth with Die, picking up the menu and staring it with some amount of frustration. "Err...."

Die patiently started down the menu, mumbling like he was reading it to himself, but loud enough for Kyo to hear it as well. "Chicken fried steak, hamburger, chicken and... waffles?" he looked a bit confused for a moment. "Breakfast sampler... eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, and toast or pancakes... club sandwich, BLT... er... bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich... pork loin dinner, spaghetti and meatballs, fried popcorn shrimp." He stopped reading and glanced over to see if Kyo wanted anything he'd read so far.

Kyo smiled slightly then raised an eyebrow. "Chicken and waffles?" He shook his head then thought about it for a moment, trying to decide if any of it sounded good. "Chicken fried steak... I think."

"I want the pork loin dinner... with salad." He smirked a little. "Do you want brown or white gravy? And baked potato or mashed potatoes?" Glancing up, Die caught the waitress walking toward them. "And what to drink?"

Kyo bit his lip. "Brown gravy and mashed potatoes... and tea." He looked at Die a little sheepishly. "Thanks."

When the waitress came, Die ordered both their meals, pushing the menus to her and then settling back in the booth. "She's cute." It was out of his mouth before he could stop it and he flushed. "Not that way! I swear! I just... fuck." He sighed and ducked his head.

Kyo huffed out a sigh and looked at the waitress as she walked off, wrinkling his nose. "Old habits die hard, hmm?" He reached out with his foot and lightly kicked Die's shin under the table, a slight smirk on his face.

"Hey!" Die seemed to shrink in on himself a little bit more as he crossed his arms over his chest. "It's not that, it really isn't. The way she carries herself, she knows she's at least attractive. Not overconfident. It's just... cute. But not like cute in a I'd-want-to fuck-her kind of way." He sighed, looking out the window, wishing he'd just stayed in the damn bus now, his mouth getting him into more trouble than this was worth.

Kyo just stared at Die for a moment before laughing, which continued for several minutes until he was holding his stomach. Die defending himself was hilarious, especially the way he got all flustered. He finally managed to stop laughing and used his foot to pat Die's leg. "Aw, you're so cute... but not in a I-want-to-fuck-you kind of way."

Die didn't know what to make of Kyo laughing at him. He supposed he'd expected Kyo to be angry, to blow up at him or something. So far, he'd yet to have made such a stupid move and he'd expected backlash that was obviously not happening any time soon.

He sighed a little and shook his head, cheeks heating up a bit. "Hey... be nice."

Kyo smiled, softer this time. "I am being nice, baby. I just think at this point, it'd be ridiculous for me to get overly jealous over you commenting about how cute some waitress is. Although, if you'd openly flirted with her, I might have been a bit annoyed."

Die let out a soft hiss between his teeth. "I thought I made it clear I'm not into women anymore." He sighed and reached for a sugar packet, turning it over and over in his hands. "Though... honestly, you're right about old habits. I still look because I feel like I'm supposed to. I got so used to it; it's hard to break it."

Kyo sighed softly and shook his head, looking around before reaching out and placing his hand on Die's. "Oi... I was only teasing you." He pulled his hand back and shrugged a bit, feeling a bit bad for laughing at Die.

He glanced over at Kyo, feeling something special well up inside him at the fact that the other was willing to chance touching him like that in public. He opened his mouth to answer, but he stared in shock as Kaoru slid into the booth opposite them. Slim fingers splayed out on the table. "Thanks for waking me..."

Kyo jumped slightly as Kaoru spoke, looking over at their bandmate. He pressed his lips together in a thin line, waving his hand. "We didn't want to disturb your beauty rest... though it doesn't seem to have had much of an effect." He smirked, the jab at Kaoru was more like their good natured ribbing that seemed absent lately.

Die busied himself with the sugar packets and little containers of creamer, making stacks and whatnot, trying not to get involved in this whole thing.

Kaoru, for his part, started to look grumpy, but then took in Kyo's smirk and took it for what it was. "Asshole," he muttered out, picking up a sugar packet and tossing it into Die's creation, watching it crumble. "Order me something with toast."

Kyo snorted and then looked at Die, shrugging slightly. "I'm not sure that's on the menu. 'Something with toast.' You'd have to be more specific."

Die glowered at Kaoru before starting to rebuild his little structure. "Breakfast sampler has toast... club sandwich has toast." He shrugged a little, focusing on balancing some sugar packets.

"Breakfast sampler I guess." Kaoru shifted a little and then sighed, looking out the window. "Look... I know I've been an asshole and maybe we need to talk about that."

Kyo blinked and looked up at Kaoru, nodding. "Yeah... you have been. So, talk." He fixed the other guitarist with a look. He was willing to listen to him, but refused to accept any bullshit about it.

Die gently nudged Kyo. "Let me out so I can order his food," he murmured. "I'll be right back."

Kyo nodded and stood up to let Die out, scooting back into place afterwards, giving him a slightly concerned look. The tension was obvious on his lover's face and he found himself reaching out and giving him a light squeeze on the arm.

Die paused long enough to let the other touch him before he went to tell the waitress what Kaoru wanted to eat, just ordering club sandwiches for the others, Nora and the driver included. He knew Kuroo could order his own as well as the other roadies if they wanted to.

Kaoru watched Die get up and leave before he looked back at Kyo and sighed. "I... I can't explain a lot of it, but I guess I feel affronted by it, like seeing you both together gets to me somehow." He shrugged a little. "And I do things I shouldn't, and normally wouldn't, do."

Kyo peered at Kaoru, listening to him, his hands folded in front of him on the table. He let out a slight sigh and shook his head. "I have a theory... on why it bothers you so much." He was treading dangerous water here but since Kaoru had come willing and prepared to talk, maybe he wouldn't fly off the handle.

Kaoru pursed his lips a little and then murmured a quiet, "Oh?"

Kyo leaned back and crossed his arms, fixing Kaoru with a serious look. "You're bothered by it so much because you're jealous that we're so comfortable with our sexuality and you can't find your way out of the back of that closet you seem to have stuffed yourself in."

Amazingly Kaoru didn't get worked up about it. Instead, he sat there and carefully considered the other's words. After a moment, he shakily offered, "I... think I need to throw up. Excuse me." He got up and sort of stumbled toward the bathroom.

Die watched Kaoru go, coming back to the table and frowning a little as he gestured he wanted back into the booth. "What was that all about?"

Kyo blinked at Kaoru's statement the looked up at Die, standing to let him back in. "I don't know... I told him I thought he was buried in the closet and he just said he had to puke."

Die let out a little chuckle. "Mmm... well... I'm familiar with that feeling. Just let him get it out and then he'll come back. That... was the truth settling in."

Kyo shook his head, shrugging. "I hope that's all it was... we don't need a virus running around."

Die shook his head. "Trust me on this one. I've been there and done that." He sighed and sat back. "He just sat there with a blank look on his face and then said he had to?"

Kyo raised an eyebrow then nodded. "Yeah, pretty much... broke out into a sweat then darted off."

Kaoru came back to the table, looking a bit less pale, sitting down and swiping one of the sugar packets from Die's pile, starting to nervously shred the edges of it. "I... what makes you think that?"

Kyo stared at Kaoru then let out a little chuckle. "Among other things, you just went and got sick just because I said that." He glanced at Die then licked his lips. "You also can't seem to stop yourself from getting aroused by our... activities."

Kaoru shifted uncomfortably, shrugging a little and finally heaving out a little sigh. "It's true... I can't seem to stop that. It's like I don't want to, but it's..." his cheeks flushed a little and he looked away out the window, mumbling the last part so he could barely even understand it himself, "better than sex really."

Kyo shrugged a little. "So you've got a fetish along with the other. Kaoru... you've got to loosen up, man." He didn't understand why the other was so tense about this sort of thing, but then again, not everyone was as twisted as he was.

Kaoru looked even more confused for a moment. "Meaning... what? I... like to watch and that's why it's so... arousing? Maybe it's not the other thing?"

Kyo shook his head. "That's not what I meant. To be blunt, you're a gay voyeur. I don't know how else to put it. "

Kaoru blanched, looking more than a little pained by this revelation. "How do I even deal with this? It's not like... I know how go about this with... men... much less the fact that I'm not okay with it." He put his head in his hands and groaned a little. "Not that I'm any good at this with girls either."

Kyo felt sorry for Kaoru at this point. He glanced at Die then sighed. "Well, you have to admit it to yourself first... but, what's the real reason you're not okay with it? Your parents? Religion? Society? Bad experience?"

Kaoru blinked a little and then shifted again, uncomfortable. The waitress arrived, saving him from answering for a moment as Kyo and Die's food was placed on the table, she said something and Die nodded. Once she was gone, Die offered softly, "She said yours is coming, sorry it's taking longer."

Kaoru nodded a little and then continued shredding the sugar packet. "I... um... mostly religion, I guess. I've grown up with how it's not right and you'll go to Hell. But... it also makes me really uncomfortable, like the thought of it makes me hard and yet sick. That's not right."

Kyo grabbed his knife and fork and went about cutting up his steak while he listened to Kaoru talk, shaking his head a little. "You're already in hell though... one of your own making." He took a bite and chewed it, swallowing before speaking again. "That part, well... the best way to get over that is to be the top for a while. Get used to being with a man period before you go trying to let someone put their dick up your ass."

Kaoru shifted a little and then looked like he was about ready to excuse himself again. But his food arrived and he settled down again, reaching to pull at his pants under the table, a bit clumsily. He stared at the amount of food and then quietly picked up his fork and went about cutting up his egg and sausage. "How the hell am I supposed to even hit on a guy? It eludes me. What if I do it to the wrong kind of guy? I'll get punched in the face."

Kyo had to laugh at that part, his mind going to Toshiya. "That's the risk you have to take, I suppose... but, if you open your eyes, you'll be able to tell which guys are into guys. Take Rick for example, he's straight as a ruler. It's obvious. Die, though, is the opposite. Obviously into men. It's all about the looks, the actions, their posture, and their reactions to things."

Kaoru thought about it for a minute and then sighed, just going to eating his food on his plate, a faraway look in his eyes.

Kyo shrugged and went back to his own food, looking over at Die with a questioning look, wondering if he was saying the right thing.

Die spoke up finally once Kyo gave him that look. "Try watching porn first. See which gay porn turns you on. Whatever does it for you there will likely do it for you in real life. Then you'll know going into it if you want to fuck or be fucked. Simple as that."

Kaoru looked a little horrified for a moment, but just nodded a little. After a moment, he quietly admitted, "I like it when men suck each other. And what you were doing that day... outside... I liked that a lot." He shifted again, yanking at his pants.

Kyo caught the motion of Kaoru tugging at his pants this time, smirking a little. "Yeah, I could tell... since you couldn't stop yourself from getting off to it... and since the thought is exciting you even now."

Kaoru squirmed in his seat and set his fork down, halfway through the food and realizing he wasn't going to manage any more of it. "I... it's been... a while." He made a face and looked out the window again. "Hand only does so much."

Die snorted a little. "So do something about it. Find someone to fuck or suck you off. Whatever floats your fancy. You know... if a guy's looking at your dick in a restroom, they'll usually suck you without a second thought."

Kyo chuckled softly and nodded. "It's true, Die knows from experience and I've had the thought myself... of course, sometimes you need to look at what's right in front of your face." He said this last part with a wink, once again thinking of their bassist.

Die pulled out his phone and fiddled around with it a bit before putting it down. A moment later, Kaoru's phone vibrated and he pulled it out, opening the message and then gasping. "Die! What the hell?!"

Die laughed softly and smirked. "You said you liked guys sucking dick."

Kyo peered over at Die's phone and smirked at the porn he'd pulled up. "Nice..."

Kaoru couldn't help it, just letting the video play out, looking at it, no matter how ashamed he was of watching it, it made him achingly hard. "Uggh..." he muttered and finally closed it, pursing his lips a little. "Can you get a box for this? I think I've worn out my welcome in here."

Kyo just nodded and waved at him. "Sure, sure... good luck with... that." He smirked slightly, knowing that Kaoru was going to be furiously jacking off as soon as he was alone.

Die almost choked on his drink, waving Kaoru off. Once the other was gone, he chuckled and leaned against Kyo. "Well... now that that's out in the open... maybe things will be less terrible."

Kyo nodded, turning to nuzzle Die's neck briefly. "Hopefully... I'm half tempted to text Toshiya and tell him that Kaoru needs a good sucking off."

Die let out a little chuckle. "On that one... I think let things run their own course at least until Kaoru's more... available to the idea. There's such a thing as moving too fast."

Kyo nodded and picked at his food a bit more before pointing to it. "I think I need a box, too."

Die flushed a little. "Not me... I'm completely and utterly done." Every last bit of his food was gone, all of it in his belly. "Sometimes I can eat a fucking horse."




Kaoru ventured out of the diner and into the bus, making his way rather quickly to his bunk. He kicked off his shoes and glanced around, feeling almost ashamed of what he was about to do, but not knowing what else to do about it. He slipped into his bunk and clumsily opened his pants, pulling out his aching cock and then opening the video on his phone again, his finger accidentally hitting the volume button, the sound of slurping and then a very masculine groan coming out. Suck my cock, like a good boy. That's fucking right. Kaoru let out an undignified sound and damn near broke his phone trying to get it to shut up.

Toshiya was lying in his bunk when the sounds of something very obvious pornographic filtered in to him, making his eyes pop open. At first, he thought it was Die and Kyo being blatantly loud about things, but then realized it was a recording and it was coming from Kaoru's bunk. He raised an eyebrow and sat up, listening for more, squirming a bit as he did. Well, that was interesting.

Kaoru lay there, terrified someone had heard him for a long few minutes. Finally, he calmed down enough to restart the video, the sound of a moan coming from his phone again. He cursed and paused it, finding the volume control and turning it back to vibrate, shame welling up inside him. He couldn't even jack off to gay porn properly, it seemed.

Toshiya heard another sound come from Kaoru's bunk and shook his head. How long had the other been jerking off to porn? How many times have they been on tour and he still didn't know to use headphones? The bassist huffed and dug in his bag, pulling out some earbuds and standing up. He didn't bother to say anything as he shoved his hand through the curtain, holding the headphones out so Kaoru could see them.

Kaoru let out another very undignified sound as a hand came into his bunk. He stared at the hand for a moment, recognizing it to be Toshiya's, and then finally reached for the headphones, allowing himself the temptation of taking the set from his hand, his fingers trailing over the bassist's own. "I'm sorry," he muttered out quietly.

Toshiya let out a nervous chuckle, Kaoru's touch sending a shiver through him. He patted Kaoru where his hand could reach, which happened to be his thigh. "Don't worry. It's just me back here." He moved to pull his hand back and go back to his bunk, having his own issues to take care of now.

Kaoru let out a soft gasp when the other patted his thigh. It was so close to being his cock and he almost wanted to yank his hand back and put it against his erection. But he instead stared dumbly at the other's retreating fingers and then coughed a little. "I... the volume was an accident... I promise."

Toshiya paused, letting his hand rest on Kaoru's leg, further down this time. He chuckled softly. "I figured as much... it's easy to get flustered and forget to make sure it's down."

Kaoru stared at that hand, almost desperately wanting to see what it would feel like. But he had no proof the other was gay, no proof he wouldn't start some terrible fight over this. His fingers moved to explore his own dick, imagination allowing him to think of what if it was Toshiya's fingers and not his own.

Toshiya stood there a moment longer. He should have moved away, should have just gone back to his bunk, but instead he stood there like a fool, petting Kaoru's leg, despite knowing the other would probably rather be alone. It didn't matter though, he couldn't make himself pull away, especially after he heard Kaoru shift, the movement of his hand obvious. "Kaoru... I..." he paused and shook his head. No, there was no way the guitarist would accept something like that. "Don't worry about the headphones. I have an extra pair..." With that, he pulled his hand away and returned to his bunk, lying down and squeezing his eyes shut tightly.

Kaoru's heart beat a little faster, knowing Toshiya wasn't moving away when he figured it was so obvious that he had gone back to touching himself. He squirmed a little and then reached for his hand, missing it by a mere inch. He just looked at where his hand had gone, a sort of dismayed look on his face. After a moment, he heard Toshiya getting back into his bunk and he licked his lips a little, returning to his porn on the phone, this time with the headphones plugged in, one out so he could make sure he wasn't being too loud, the other in so he could hear the sounds these two men were making while they hooked up. The video migrated through the blowjob, Kaoru's hand growing a bit more vigorous on his cock when the one being sucked started to push into the other's mouth, taking control of the whole thing.

Toshiya couldn't stop himself from listening to Kaoru's motions, his own hand soon slipping into his sweat pants to wrap around his own cock, turning to bury his face against the pillow to muffle the moan that slipped out. He knew he could be loud in bed and that tended to be an issue when he was jerking off on the bus. He bucked into his hand, imagining it to be Kaoru instead, ignoring the slight pain that shot through his chest.

Kaoru got really into it when the guy pulled out of the other's mouth and started to shoot his load all over the one sucking his dick. He groaned a little, humping into his own hand, and then grunting as he came, rolling over to shoot his load all over the wall of his bunk. He had a thing for doing that, finding it dirty and offensive and enjoying that fact. But he'd always clean it later out of respect.

Toshiya couldn't help it. When he heard Kaoru obviously cumming, he jerked himself frantically for a moment then shot his load in his sweat pants, letting a little whimper escape him as he did.

Kaoru lay there for a moment, panting as the waves of his orgasm died down. He licked his lips a bit and huffed out a quiet sound of content before starting to dig around for tissues to clean up his mess with.

Toshiya, for his part, kept his eyes closed as he tried not to make any more sounds, feeling guilty for having gotten off to Kaoru like that. He always felt that way, but he couldn't help the way the other man made him feel and the situation just then had proved way too much for him. Finally, with a sigh, he shifted and sat up, peeking out of the curtains before slipping out of his bunk to go change out of his soiled pants.

Kaoru found the tissues he kept for just such an event, pulling them out and wiping the tip of his cock before taking care of the wall. He then shoved them in the small trash bag he kept as well. Putting his dick back in his pants, he zipped up and buckled his belt before picking his phone back up and saving the video rather than just having it as a text from Die. It'd obviously done its job.

Toshiya spent a few moments in the bathroom, washing up and changing before heading back out, pausing by Kaoru's bunk. "...Kaoru?"

Kaoru pulled out the headphones and wrapped them up. He was just relaxing back when he heard Toshiya's voice. He flushed a little and then coughed. "Yeah?"

Toshiya stood there for a moment, opening his mouth and closing it before clearing his throat. "Erm... I... did they order food for everyone?" He winced, that probably sounded lame as fuck.

Kaoru lay there for a moment, realizing there was more to this than the question that was actually asked. He rolled out of the bunk and sat up on the edge, peering up at Toshiya. "I think so... and I know that wasn't what you were going to say."

Toshiya almost jumped when Kaoru appeared on the edge of the bunk, his face flushing darkly. He swallowed and shook his head, hair swinging down into his eyes. "It... it's not... nothing... I'm just gonna go get food." He turned to walk away, heart hammering in his chest.

Kaoru watched him walk off and finally sighed. "Toshiya?" He waited to make sure he had his attention before he offered, "I'm sorry I... you know... where you could hear. It was rude of me." He pushed himself up and headed into the bathroom, closing and locking the door and starting to wash up, feeling like the whole exercise had been futile.

Toshiya opened his mouth to tell Kaoru it was no problem, but just ended up staring at the bathroom door. He felt ridiculously stupid and awkward. He'd never had any issues with relationships or anything, but with Kaoru it was so different. His feelings were beyond physical attraction and it didn't help that he was pretty sure Kaoru would punch him if he told him the truth. He sighed and turned to crawl back into his bunk, not feeling like eating anymore.

Die stepped onto the bus a few moments later, finding the air full of a tension he hadn't quite expected. He made a little face and then called out. "Toshiya, Shinya, we have food, guys! Nora, you too!"

Kyo followed Die, carrying a couple of bags with the to-go plates in them. He raised an eyebrow at the atmosphere then wrinkled his nose, muttering softly. "The hell went on in here?"

"I have no idea," Die muttered back before he slid onto the couch and tossed his bag on the table.

After a few moments, Toshiya crawled out of his bunk and wandered out. "Hey... thanks." He dug into one of the bags and pulled out his food, going to sit at the table to eat it, getting out of the way of Shinya and Nora as they came for their food, too.

Die watched the man and huffed out a little sigh. "So... uh... did we miss some huge argument or something?" he finally asked.

Toshiya looked up and flushed, shaking his head. "Not an argument... I mean... nothing... really." He couldn't exactly explain that he practically listened to Kaoru jerking off to what was obviously gay porn then went and got off on it himself. "Just, uhm... awkward moment."

Die arched an eyebrow and then made a soft, "Hmm..." sound, but left it at that. He assumed maybe it had something to do with Kaoru and the porn he'd sent him, but he didn't ask because that'd probably not help Kaoru on the accepting front.

Toshiya shrugged and dug into his food, not offering any more on the subject, his cheeks colored bright red by now.

Die grunted a little, dropping it since Toshiya looked a bit on edge. He'd talk later... alone... maybe. If the bassist didn't look ready to freak out.

Kyo just shook his head and turned to look at Die. "Gonna piss quick then get ready for bed..." He headed towards the restroom, almost bumping into Kaoru as he passed through the bunk area. He gave him a look then offered a small smile. "Everything alright?"

Kaoru gasped when Kyo almost bumped into him, looking a bit wild for a moment and then coughing, looking away, something sheepish in the way he was looking. "Uh... I... guess so?"

Kyo sort of laughed at Kaoru's reaction. "Dude, it's just me, calm down." He slipped past him then glanced back. "I would ask, but I think I can guess... the video was pretty hot, hm?"

"Yeah..." he sighed and pushed a hand through his unruly hair. "I apparently need to learn how to use headphones. Go me." He made a face.

Kyo blinked then held back another laugh. "Oh man, so that's why Toshiya's acting all flustered. He heard you..." He slapped Kaoru on the shoulder and shook his head. "Yeah, headphones are a must on the bus... and always make sure they're plugged in. I usually do a test with music first."

Kaoru grew a little red. "Yeah... yeah... he did. And he gave me his headphones." He looked a little ashamed. "I try to go and accept something and I fuck it up like that."

Kyo licked his lip and shook his head. "Don't worry about it. Toshiya's not exactly straight... though you didn't hear that from me."

The guitarist at least had the ability to keep his mouth shut on that, flushing a bit and grunting. "Ah... well... I see. I guess that means he didn't... mind."

Kyo shrugged. "It was probably awkward..." He stood there for a moment then nodded towards the bathroom. "Don't worry about it, yeah?" He moved on into the bathroom, taking care of business.

Kaoru made a little face and nodded, shrugging just after, wandering back off toward the bunks. "Will try not to."

Die cleared his throat a little and noticing Kyo and Kaoru were both away from them, he reached to touch Toshiya's hand. "Hey... what happened?"

Toshiya jumped about a mile when Die touched him then looked around before hanging his head, blushing. "Kaoru uhm... he forgot headphones while he was watching porn. It was obviously gay porn... and I knew he was... you know, getting off on it." He huffed and wiped his hand over his face. "It... I couldn't help... getting aroused... and I think he knew."

Die quirked an eyebrow at him and then chuckled a little. "Yeah, it was... I gave it to him." He pulled up the video on his phone, making sure it was on mute before pushing it toward Toshiya. "But... even if he did hear you, why would it matter? You heard him."

Toshiya looked at the video, his cheeks flushing again. "Oh, wow..." He handed Die his phone back then shrugged. "Well, it would have been fine if I hadn't acted stupid and felt up his leg after I offered him some headphones."

Die let out a laugh and took his phone back. "Did you now?" He licked his lips a little and leaned forward. "And how did he react to that?"

Toshiya shrugged a bit. "I'm not sure... he didn't freak out and tell me to fuck off... he just kinda laid there."

"Well, I'd say that's not a negative reaction." Die shrugged a little. "So honestly, don't worry about it. Kaoru's negative reactions are... very negative."

Toshiya sighed softly and nodded, nibbling his food. "I guess... but... it was damn awkward."

Die made a soft little sound and shrugged slightly. "I think it's fine. He'd have freaked out if he didn't like it at all. But we had a talk with him and... I think he's trying to accept that side of himself. He'll probably lash out a few more times, but..." he shrugged again.

Toshiya blinked. "You actually... talked to him about it? He admitted it?" He was shocked honestly because he was pretty sure their guitarist would have kicked someone's ass before admitting it.

Die gave a little nod. "Yeah... I think he's still a bit panicked, but... we'll see if we can't get him to be a bit more agreeable in the future."

Toshiya laughed a little. "I was freaked out when I realized. I mean, you know, you're raised to believe that girls are who you're supposed to be with then suddenly you're into dudes and it's weird."

Die huffed out a breath. "Believe me... I know. Everyone else knew about me before I knew about myself." He flipped through his phone, finding a picture of Kyo's dick and smirking a bit, knowing it was his secret that it was Kyo's. He flicked through, finding a picture of his own and arching an eyebrow. That wasn't a bad picture, actually. He selected to send it to Kyo and then looked back up at Toshiya.

Toshiya sighed and shrugged, toying with his hair. "Yeah, well it was kind of obvious with you, even when you didn't know it." He smiled a bit then raised an eyebrow. "Dude... are you looking at porn?"

Die cleared his throat and bit a little on his tongue before smirking. "Did you see it?"

Toshiya shook his head. "No but I could see the perverted look on your face."

"Ah well... just as well, unless you really want to know what my cock looks like." He let out a laugh and glanced out the bus window, seeing a road sign flash by, but not catching what it said, only that the top number was 113.

Toshiya wrinkled his nose slightly, a grin spreading on his face. "I've seen your cock so, no thanks." He was feeling more relaxed now and started nibbling at his sandwich again, shifting around to prop his feet up on the chair in front of him. "This tour has been full of surprises already and we've only gotten started..."

"Dude! When the hell did you see my dick?" Die completely ignored the second part of Toshiya's statement in favor of the first, his cheeks actually taking on a slightly red hue in the process.

Toshiya laughed, waving his hand. "Chill, it's not like I was creeping on you or something. You were drunk as hell one night and took it out in front of me in an alley to piss." He shrugged.

"Hey, that does not count. It's much better hard." He gave Toshiya a lewd sort of wink and then laughed. "If you're not careful, I'll have to prove it."

Toshiya snorted. "Yeah, yeah, well I would say mine is bigger and better, but then I'd have to prove it to you and I already blew my load for the night." He snickered then glanced towards the hallway before leaning forward, speaking lowly. "So, is Kyo's as glorious as it looks pressed against those track pants of his?"

Die almost burst out laughing. He debated showing Toshiya the picture of Kyo's dick, but he decided Kyo might well kill him. Instead, he satisfied himself with holding out his fingers to show how long and then his hand like he was gripping the shaft to show how big around. His smirk was absolutely shit-eating the entire time.

Toshiya sort of gaped at Die's actions, a look of envy on his face for both Kyo's size and the fact that Die got to take it. "Damn... dude... I'm surprised you can walk."

Die let out a laugh. "Mmm... some days, me too." He sat back and studied the other. "Should I be concerned you want to know his size and not mine?" He arched his eyebrow and gave Toshiya a stern look.

Toshiya snorted and waved his hand. "Nah, just pure curiosity on that front... I mean, I know you've seen him get hard on stage. Who wouldn't be curious?"

Die snorted. "If only the fans knew that all their fantasies are probably underdoing it." He glanced toward the back of the bus. "Shit... let's stop talking about his dick or else the whole bus will get some insight as to what exactly I enjoy doing with it."

Toshiya let out a goofy laugh then nodded slightly. "Yeah, probably a good idea." He sat back and glanced out the window, wondering where they were.

"Mmm... well... thanks for that." He laughed a bit and shook his head. "Now I can't stop thinking about it." He glanced at Toshiya and then away again. "Do you find yourself thinking about you-know-who’s cock all the time? What it looks like, how it would taste?"

Toshiya blinked then ducked his head, blushing a bit. "Sometimes... especially how it would taste. I sort of have a thing for blowjobs." He licked his lips and fidgeted with a napkin. Why he was nervous about this topic, he didn't know. He supposed it was because they were talking about Kaoru instead of just random people.

"Me, too. Ever since I figured out I was into guys, fuck... man... I just want to suck cock all the damn time." Die smirked a little and leaned forward. "Have you ever?"

Toshiya huffed out a soft laugh then nodded. "A few times... random dudes in bars."

Die shifted a little, starting to feel aroused by the topic at hand. He cleared his throat and then crossed his legs in a slightly different way, drumming his fingers on the table top, searching his mind for another subject. "I uh... I think we've been to the venue we're going to before. Haven't we?"

Toshiya gave Die an odd look then one of realization before reaching up to run his fingers through his hair, having been fighting off squirming himself. "Ah, yeah, I believe so. This will be the third time there, I think."

Die let out a little hum and licked his lips, still thinking about sucking cock rather than the venue. He coughed a little and then just shook his head and laughed. "Okay, obviously I just can't learn to shut up when I need to."

The bassist laughed softly. "Well, if you want to go cure your craving, I wouldn't mind. I'll just sit here and play with Shinya's iPad or something."

"I uh... well..." he arched an eyebrow at Toshiya, "do you have an aversion to watching people?"

Toshiya hesitated for a moment, then shook his head. "No, I like watching. I mean, it's kind of hot. Why?"

Die felt his cheeks flush ever so slightly. "Well... honestly? I get off on it. I love people watching me..."

Toshiya shifted a bit in his seat, licking his lips. "Yeah? Like, just full out... ogling you while you go at it?"

Die felt a thrill shoot through his body and he glanced toward the direction Kyo had gone. "Yeah..." He picked up his phone and sent off a quick text. 'Gonna jerk off. I made myself horny. And... so not leaving the table to do it.' He sent it off then put his phone down, reaching to grope himself through his pants, uncrossing his legs and spreading them a bit. He knew Toshiya couldn't see him just yet, but he was definitely already getting off on this, his heart thudding in his chest. Part of him just hoped Kyo would come indulge him a little as well.

Kyo had gotten caught up reading when Die texted him. He pulled his phone out and read the message with a raised eyebrow. A slow smirk spread on his face as he realized just what that implied and shot one back off to Die. 'Gonna get off to Toshi watching you?'

Toshiya watched Die, seeing his hand disappear under the table. He drew his bottom lip between his teeth, eyes bright with building excitement. He wondered how long he could watch without touching himself.

Die picked up his phone again when it made a little sound. 'Damn fucking right.' He glanced up at Toshiya and licked his lips a little, hips arching into his own touch. It made it so much better when someone was watching. He shuddered a little and moved both hands to undo his belt and then his pants, pushing his pants down a bit so he had a full range of access to himself.

Kyo looked at the last message, chuckling lowly and reaching down to grope himself, already growing hard from the thought of Die indulging in one of his fantasies. 'Don't cum without me.' He'd go out there in a few minutes, join the fun.

Toshiya almost groaned when Die undid his pants, knowing that he was exposed now. "Do you ever use toys?" he questioned in a barely audible tone.

Die smirked at the text, just glancing at it. His eyes slid up to Toshiya as he started to slowly stroke his cock under the table. "Yeah... I do. But Kyo's so much better than any toy I've ever used." He winked and then ran his thumb over the head of his cock, grunting quietly at the feeling. His hips bucked a little and he shifted back in his seat so Toshiya could see at least part of his dick if he wanted to, his hand slowly working his stiff length.

Toshiya found himself leaning forward slightly, eyes taking in Die's cock once he could see it, his hand rubbing over his own thigh. "I... I bet." He finally indulged himself, placing his hand over his crotch and pressing, biting back a moan. He was mostly hard already.

"So you do care what my cock looks like," Die breathed out, a wicked sparkle in his eyes as he watched Toshiya lean forward to take it all in. He jerked himself a bit harshly for a moment, his own eyes trailing over the bassist's body. "Is it making you horny yet, watching me when you know I'm going to do this right here, right in front of you until I cum?"

Toshiya's cheeks heated up a bit, but he didn’t deny it. He grunted softly, his hand flexing on his dick. "Yes... s'fucking hot." He finally sat back some and unzipped his own pants, reaching in to stroke over his cock. He was about to pull it out when a sound made him freeze. He looked up to see Kyo coming from the back then looked at Die, just the slightest bit worried.

Die eagerly watched Toshiya put his hand into his pants to take out his cock, enjoying seeing someone else getting off to him doing this. He glanced up at the sound as well and just smirked at Kyo. "Hey," he purred out, letting go of his cock long enough to scoot over just a bit for Kyo to sit if he wanted.

Kyo slipped into the area where Die and Toshiya were, greeted with the sight of his lover's cock on display and Toshiya's about to be. He chuckled softly at the look on the bassist's face. "Believe me Totchi, he wouldn't be doing this if I wasn't okay with it." He leaned down to capture Die's lips in a possessive kiss and then sat next to him, his hand slipping out to stroke over his thigh.

Toshiya let out a breath then nodded slightly, pulling his cock free and giving it a couple of strokes before breathing out. "Go on..."

Die smirked a little and reached for Kyo's hand, taking it in his own and pressing it over his cock, slowly starting to stroke his dick with it. "Hnnggg..." his head tilted back and his hips shoved up, "much better."

Kyo smirked and took over stroking Die off, his eyes focused on Toshiya as he did so. He shifted and made a show of it, sliding his hand from base to tip of Die's dick then swiping his thumb over the head slowly, smearing a bit of pre-cum around.

Toshiya couldn't and didn't want to look away from the display his two bandmates were putting on. It was so fucking erotic seeing them together. He resorted to full out stroking himself, hips bucking up a bit as he did.

Die started to just let it all out, one hand moving to lightly rub at his nipple, the other reaching into Kyo's pants and stroking him there, feeling him already hard. That only made him even more aroused, his heart thudding in his chest. "Show us, Toshiya. Don't hide it. You're so fucking horny, you just want to cum. don't you?"

Kyo grunted as Die touched him, bucking into his hand for a moment before pulling back and pushing his pants down, revealing his cock with a smirk, pulling it up to show Toshiya its full length. "Show Toshiya how well you suck cock, baby."

Toshiya couldn't help but moan at both Die's words and the sight of Kyo's cock. It was definitely magnificent and he found himself licking his lips at the thought of sucking it. He shifted back a bit, spreading his legs as he stroked himself harder.

Die took in the sight of Toshiya's length, watching the way he stroked himself, filing the information away in the back of his mind. But he was immediately distracted by Kyo telling him to show the bassist how well he sucked dick. He groaned, giving up on the table being down. He tossed his phone into the seat, grabbing Toshiya's leftovers and putting them on the seat. He pushed the table up, putting it up in the wall bracket before he sank to his knees on the floor between Kyo's legs and took his dick in his mouth, not even hesitating to start right in on deep-throating him, lewd groans coming from his throat as he took back over stroking his own cock.

Kyo waited for Die to put the table up then reached forward and tangled his hand in his hair, tugging a bit harshly as Die started sucking him with that talented mouth. His eyes swept over to Toshiya, smirking slightly at the look on his face. "Fuck yes, Die... suck my cock... so good."

Toshiya brought his hand up to cover his mouth as he moaned again, louder this time as his hand moved a bit frantically over his cock. The scene before him was like something out of his fantasies and he knew that this wouldn't be the first time he got off on it... just the first time it'd be real.

Die let out a louder groan as Kyo got a bit rough with him. God how he wanted to fuck. He shuddered a little, pulling up off Kyo's dick and hissing out, "Want my fucking dick in your ass so fucking bad," before he went back down on Kyo, making a total scene out of it, his belt clanking as he jerked off furiously.

Kyo smirked and bucked his hips, pushing his cock down Die's throat, groaning lowly. "You'd let me fuck you right here, wouldn't you? Right here in front of Toshiya..." His voice had taken on a deep growling tone, his cock throbbing.

Toshiya shifted forward, dragging his free hand through his own hair as his hand moved in a blur, his hips bucking up into it. He wouldn't last much longer, this was making him so damn horny.

Die let out a whine around Kyo's cock, bobbing his head diligently, wanting the other to cum so he could taste it. He wanted to see Toshiya cum and, from the sound of it, the other was getting damn close already. He stopped jacking himself off for a moment, wanting to do it where both men could see him lose it when he did cum.

Kyo groaned lowly and tugged Die's hair again, just a bit harshly. He reached down and raked his nails over his lower abdomen, his cock jumping slightly in Die's mouth. "Gettin' close baby."

Toshiya had to make himself back off his dick some. He didn't want to cum just yet, wanting to see Kyo fill Die's mouth and see Die spill. He settled for stroking himself slower, shivering a bit.

Die started moaning around the other's cock, using his free hand to reach up and scratch lightly over Kyo's chest, under his shirt. He looked up into the vocalist's face, his cheeks flushed.

Kyo stared down into Die's eyes, giving a soft moan then letting his head drop back as he bucked his hips a few more times before cumming with a moan. "Hnng Die..."

Die let out a loud moan as the other spurted down his throat. He grunted and swallowed it all but the very last dribble, pulling back and letting that get on his lips. Pulling back from Kyo, he turned and slumped back against the seat, still kneeling in the floor, legs spread. He licked the cum from his lips and started to really go at himself, pumping his cock a bit harshly. "Oh yeah, oh fuck yeah... I'm gunna blow it all over the fucking floor. Fuck!"

Toshiya watched the display between the two of them moaning at the dribble of cum on Die's lips. He only had to stroke himself a few more times before letting out a soft cry and cumming, his jizz hitting the floor near Die. "Oh... God... yes!"

Kyo collapsed onto the seat next to Die, reaching out to drag a nail over his neck and collarbone. "Mm that's it baby, cum for us... show Toshiya how fucking sexy you are when you lose it."

Die couldn't take it anymore, the moment the other started to cum, his load splattering the floor near his knee, he lost it. His own cum spurted out over the floor, hitting the bench opposite him in rather large quantities. "Oh shit... o-oh shit!" His hips jerked and he arched, head falling back as he emptied himself out all over the floor of the bus.

Toshiya watched Die cum, his hand still stroking his own dick, a shudder going through him. "Fuck Die..." This was, by far, the most erotic thing he'd ever seen.

Kyo smirked, threading his fingers through Die's hair once he was finished, eyes sweeping over the mess he'd made. "You'd think you hadn't cum in months."

Die leaned back, panting as he finished cumming. He knew it was dirty and oh so wrong, but he couldn't help it, he pushed just a little and a few tiny dribbles of piss slid down his dick, unnoticeable unless someone was looking for it. He licked his lips a little and slid his hand over his dick before looking back up at Kyo.

Kyo had been watching Die and noted the dribble of fluid that was not cum, a dirty smirk on his face as he met Die's eyes.

Toshiya flopped back against the seat, eyes closed and breathing finally slowing back to normal. "Ah... better than any porn." He chuckled. "Thanks guys."

Die chuckled a little, still staring up at Kyo. "Yeah... it definitely is." He held out his hand. "Give me that box of tissues so I can clean up this mess while I'm down here?"

Kyo let out a little laugh himself then reached and grabbed the tissues for Die, taking one to wipe the head of his dick off before tucking himself away. "Yep... always better to watch in person."

Toshiya cracked an eye open and glanced at his mess on the floor mingled with Die's. He felt a bit guilty letting Die clean it up by himself, so he tucked himself away then slid off the seat carefully and grabbed some tissues, mopping up what was on his side.

Die reached for the tissues and started mopping up his side of the floor and whatnot, glancing at Toshiya and smirking a little. "So... now you know why I like it so much." He laughed softly and used another tissue to clean himself up, tucking his dick back in his pants, but not bothering to do them up again just yet.
Toshiya snorted and nodded, feeling suddenly drained after blowing his second load of the night. "Yeah... damn..." He let out a little laugh and dragged his fingers through his hair, glancing up at Kyo. "Thanks for the show."

Kyo idly reached out and petted Die's head, smirking at Toshiya. "My pleasure... literally." He glanced down at Die and grinned.

Die chuckled softly and leaned back into Kyo's touch with a quiet purr. "Thanks... for indulging me. I guess Shinya's the only one who hasn't seen me mid-fuck now." He let out a little snort and wiped his hand over the back of his mouth.

Toshiya chuckled. "I'm not sure if it would turn him on or scar him for life!" He made sure his clothing was arranged and stood up, stretching then stepping over to grab a bottle of water, taking a large gulp of it.

Die chuckled. "Probably both." He pulled himself up from the floor and settled in next to Kyo, putting the table back where it belonged, squirming a little to get comfortable. He leaned toward his lover.

Kyo shrugged as he wrapped his arm around Die's shoulders, pulling him close and letting out a little yawn. "I think I'll try to spare him the 'horror' of seeing us go at it. I'd like this trip to be smooth sailing from now on."

Die nodded a little. "It'd certainly be nice." He shifted again, taking Kyo's hand under the table and subtly moving it over his crotch, not having zipped up yet. He had unleashed a horrible desire by doing what he had and it was eating at him not to be doing anything more about it.

Kyo nodded in agreement, keeping his face completely passive as he felt Die move his hand, having to bite the inside of his cheek to keep from smirking. He cupped Die's length, moving his hand ever so slightly.

Toshiya for his part was halfway falling asleep as he stood there drinking his water and looking out the window, squinting at sign that had a picture of a deer on it. "Must be lots of them around or something."

Die almost wanted to scream at Toshiya to leave them alone, but he didn't want to get into it with him over something stupid. Instead, he tried to look interested in the deer sign. "Uh... yeah... lots of... deer." He could feel that ache starting to burn low in his stomach and he knew he was going to have to go soon, no matter who was around. Starting and then not finishing was definitely not his strong suit.

Kyo coughed and looked at Toshiya, raising an eyebrow. "Toshiya, you're going to fall over or something. Go to bed..." It was the nicest way he could put it and he hoped the bassist got it and left soon.

Toshiya blinked then looked at Kyo and Die before yawning widely and giving them a sheepish look. "Yeah, okay. You're right." He tossed the now empty water bottle then turned and headed towards the back, tossing a, "G'night," over his shoulder.

Die lifted one hand in a wave to the other. The moment he was gone, he managed to grit out from under his breath. "Bottle. Now."

Kyo chuckled lowly and got up, finding an empty bottle and handing it to Die. "Wait too long, baby?"

Die grabbed the bottle once Kyo came back with it, taking off the lid and pulling out his dick. He pressed the head of his cock to the bottle top and started to piss, the sound of it sending tingles up his body. "Ah... oh god," he groaned out, obviously enjoying himself, though not answering Kyo outright.

Kyo watched his lover start filling the bottle, smirking. "You know, I think you're the only person that has ever made pissing erotic." He was referring to Die's reactions to it rather than the action itself.

Die filled the bottle damn near to the top before he finished, the last few spurts squirting out into the bottle a bit loudly. Finished, he capped the bottle and put it on the seat between them, shaking the last few drops off onto the floor and then stroking himself for Kyo's benefit. "Mmm... that's because it feels amazing. Next time you piss, just... feel it."

Kyo chuckled and leaned over to kiss the side of Die's mouth once the other was finished. "Honestly, I've thought about it... and of course a post jizz piss feels like a whole other orgasm."

Die put his dick away and did up his pants. He reached to touch Kyo's thigh, smoothing his hand over the fabric. "It does. No man can deny that." He glanced up as Shinya passed through the area, smirking a bit at them, but keeping right on walking without a word. Die glanced down at the bottle and hoped it would pass as Gatorade or something like that.

Kyo sighed softly at Die's touch, looking up at Shinya as he walked past, raising an eyebrow at the smirk on his face. He just shook his head and shifted closer to Die, obscuring the bottle from view.

Die gave Kyo a grateful little look when the other moved to hide his piss bottle from view. He didn't want to have to explain that when the bathroom wasn't occupied or broken. He leaned back on the seat and closed his eyes, content to just rub at Kyo's thigh.

Kyo turned and nuzzled into Die's neck, kissing lightly. He was happy that they didn't have to hide their relationship now even if they did have to hide some kinks. Overall, it was just a nice feeling to be able to carry on a relationship without the hidden factor in every single respect.

With that thought in mind, Kyo rose from his seat and held out a hand to Die. “Nap?” After all, none of them kept regular schedules on the bus.

Die grinned, fastening up his pants and then picking up the bottle to dispose of in the trash, grasping Kyo’s hand and puling himself up. “Nap,” he agreed quietly, padding after the vocalist, a pleased smirk on his face.

To Be Continued...

Chapter Text

The last notes of the song filtered through the venue followed by inhuman growls that turned into moans and cries, sounds that might seem tortured to most people, but they held an entirely different meaning tonight. Kyo's body bent and twisted to an invisible beat, motions fluid and seemingly never ending. He could feel himself growing aroused, the material of the track pants he chose to wear that night tenting out as he became fully hard. He let out another cry then stepped off the riser, eyes sliding to his left, barely hiding the heat in them.

Kyo waved to the audience and headed off stage, hovering just on the other side to watch Die's display, his body dripping with sweat and shuddering slightly with that buzz that came from pouring himself into the music and feeling the heady energy from the audience and the rest of the band.

Die had been watching Kyo most of the show. When he'd change places on the stage, he'd watch the other. He couldn't help it. Kyo was amazing in all that he did and the way he moved and sang. And it all hit him close to home. The other was absolutely on fire tonight and it encouraged Die to give the show of his life as well. When the last notes of Kyo's cries faded away, Die found himself lost in his own world of his guitar. For the first time in years, he found himself on his knees, playing the hell out of it in some 'big rock ending' style thing that just came solely from the heart. He knew Kaoru might have a hernia, but he didn't give a flying fuck right then. He cut off the last note and ripped the strap of his guitar from his chest, putting it aside and looking out toward the audience, screaming at them rather violently before he chucked out a few picks and stood up, grabbing a bottle of water and dumping it directly on a few people in the front row. He threw both middle fingers up at them before he whirled around and headed off stage, his heart beating frantically in his chest.

There was another energy thrumming through Kyo that night and as soon as Die rounded the corner, Kyo sprung on him, shoving him against the nearest wall. He didn't say anything, didn't need words, as he pressed against Die's body, nails digging into the other's shoulders.

Die let out a soft gasp as Kyo pinned him to the wall, his hips instantly pushing toward the other as the other pretty much attacked him. "Oh god," he hissed out, feeling how hard Kyo was. This was the shit his fantasies had been made of for so long he didn't even know how to react properly to it. He just felt like he was going to jizz himself in no time flat if the next thing Kyo demanded of him was a blowjob.

Kyo groaned lowly as he rocked his hips against Die's for a moment then he pulled away, glancing around them. No one was coming near their little corner, most likely thanks to Nora shooing them away and that was fine with him. He looked up at Die and licked his lips. "Suck my dick, now." he demanded hoarsely, reaching down and pushing his pants out of the way, freeing his achingly hard cock.

Die's face literally contorted into a look that sincerely meant he was about to fucking cum in his jeans. "Oh god," he repeated as he sank to the floor on his knees. He didn't even hesitate, just leaning in and taking Kyo's cock in his mouth, starting to suck the rigid length. The feel of it on his tongue made him groan, despite the stage sweat taste, which wasn't so pleasant. This was his fantasy and he was living it and he'd be damned if he gave a fuck what Kyo tasted like right then. His fingers fumbled with his belt, opening his pants and freeing his dick so he could get fully hard without the confines of such a tight area restricting him.

Kyo smirked slightly at Die's reaction, dropping his hand to thread through damp hair. He let out a soft moan as Die's mouth wrapped around him, sending jolts of pleasure up his spine. His head dropped back against the wall, his hips jerking a bit. "God, yes!"

Die's hands pushed up over the damp fabric of Kyo's pants, his fingers digging a bit as he gave him very enthusiastic head. He sucked and moaned and bobbed his head, not being quiet or neat about it in any respect. He was drooling a little down his chin and his eyes had a wild look to them.

Kyo had to open his eyes and look down at Die, groaning at the enthusiastic display he was giving. He could already feel himself close to cumming. "Fuck Die... that's it... suck my cock."

Die didn't stop, not for a moment. His jaw hurt but he wasn't about to give it up, not in the least. He reached around to clutch at Kyo's ass like he'd done so many times in his fantasies. He was rock hard, his cock jutting out of his pants, obvious as all hell.

Kyo groaned and bucked his hips, shuddering. Another second and he was losing it, moaning out Die's name as he came hard down his throat.

Die grunted as Kyo filled his mouth with cum. He shuddered a bit and pulled back once he needed air so much he couldn't take it anymore. He sniffed a little and wiped the drool from his chin, looking a bit embarrassed at how into it he'd been. He just knelt there, his back and head against the wall, hips jutting out, dick hanging out of his pants. He was sure he made quite the sight.

Kyo slumped against the wall, panting harshly as he stared down at Die, his cum painting his lips, mixing with the drool on his chin. He took in the fact that his lover's cock was on display and quite hard and smirked, reaching down to pet Die's hair.

Die tilted his head toward Kyo's hand and he choked out a little laugh. "Wow..." he chuckled again, "dude, I've had fantasies that went exactly like that." He wiped his lips again and then licked them, wiping the excess on his pants.

Kyo snorted and shook his head. "You don't know how many times I've wanted to just shove you against the nearest wall and fuck the hell out of you after a show." He glanced down at Die again, his eyes still full of primal lust.

Die sat there panting for a few minutes before he finally decided he needed to get the hell up. He pushed himself upright and struggled to get his dick back in his pants, finally managing it. He buttoned up and groped himself real well once before he cleared his throat. "Need something to drink," he murmured.

Kyo hummed and grabbed Die by the hips, pulling him close and kissing him deeply, reaching down to grope him before letting go. "Yeah... me too." He pushed away from the wall and wandered slightly unsteadily towards the catering area.

Die groaned into the kiss, his hips jerking. He wanted so much more, wanted to have the hell fucked out of him while he screamed loud enough for everyone to know. But he was a bit uncertain what he was and wasn't welcome to do right then. He shuddered a little and followed after Kyo. He whined a little as his dick brushed the inside of his pants in the most uncomfortable sort of way.

Kyo glanced back as Die whined, a smirk playing on his lips. He knew he was still hard as well and probably in need of release. He'd be glad to take care of that of course, but he figured Die knew that already. They finally reached the table set up with drinks and located his hot tea, pouring himself a cup and taking a small sip. "You're still hard..."

Die grabbed a bottle of water, being a good boy and downing about half the lukewarm bottle. He set it back down and shivered a bit. "I... yeah... I know. Trust me, I fucking know." He groaned a little and then looked around, seeing the couch in the corner. It was huge and leather and cooshy looking. "Fuck me," he pretty much demanded, heading to the couch, already undoing his pants.

Kyo smirked and followed Die's gaze to the couch. He took another drink of his tea then licked his lips, groaning faintly. "Gladly..." He moved to follow Die to the couch, catching him around the waist once they were close to it, his hands dipping down into Die's pants, brushing over his length. He could already feel himself getting hard again, still wound up from the show and just Die in general.

Die had just got his pants undone when Kyo's hand invaded them. He let out a loud moan, not bothering to hide it. He didn't give a fuck right then who heard or really anything at all. He just needed Kyo like he needed air to breathe. He dug in his pockets and shoved a condom and tiny pillow of lube in the other's spare hand.

Kyo ground his hips against Die's ass for a moment then took the condom and lube, stepping back slightly to push his own pants down and out of the way. He reached down and quickly stroked himself to full hardness then slipped on the condom with a groan. Once the condom was in place, he pushed Die's pants the rest of the way down, squeezing his ass roughly.

Die allowed Kyo to rough him up, pushing him around. He slid onto the seat, perching in just such a way the vocalist could stand behind him and have about the right height to stick it to him real well. He leaned into the back of the seat, groaning faintly.

Kyo gazed down at Die as he opened the lube, squirting it into his palm and smearing it over his cock before reaching out and smearing it over Die's entrance, pushing one finger in. Of course, he was impatient and wanted to hurry but didn’t want to hurt him.

Die whined a little as Kyo pushed his finger into him. Not that he wasn't grateful for the thought, but he wanted to get on with the main event. He'd been wanting Kyo's cock in him for the whole friggin’ tour and now he was getting it and he wanted it now.

Kyo groaned as he wriggled his finger inside Die before adding a second, scissoring and spreading them open. It wasn't long before he grew impatient and pulled his hand back, grasping Die's hips instead, positioning himself at his entrance. With a quick push, he slipped into Die's body, moaning lowly. "Oh... God."

Die shivered a little, pushing back into the other's touch. Once the other shoved into him, he cried out, burying his face into the back of the couch. That was much better... his arousal was getting the needed attention and he knew he was eventually going to orgasm, which made him really damn happy right then.

Kyo waited just a moment then started thrusting into Die, using his hips to pull him back. The risk and the noises Die was making only fueled his desire. He smirked as he brought one hand down over Die's ass.

Die started to cry out even louder, heedless of what was going on. He reached down under him, jerking off his cock almost frantically as Kyo fucked the shit out of him. "Kyo," he hissed out, shuddering.

Kyo moaned breathlessly, slamming into Die roughly, reaching out to drag his nails down his lover's spine. "Fuck Die... yes!" He grasped Die's hip, using it for leverage, pushing in deeper.

It wasn't even a minute later before the guitarist started to cum. He let it splash out over the couch, knowing he'd clean it when they were done. He let out a loud moan the moment he started to cum, his body spasming from the force of it. "Oh fuck!"

Kyo moaned and shuddered as he felt Die clenching around him with his orgasm. He grabbed Die's hips and fucked him hard for a moment before crying out and tumbling over the edge as well, filling the latex barrier between them.

Die just lay there, panting quietly as he found himself on the come-down from sex. He licked his lips a little and chuckled. "God, I needed that. So fucking much."

Kyo leaned over Die's back, kissing his shoulder softly and letting out a laugh. "Mhm... me too." He stayed there for a moment before moving back and pulling out of Die, quickly getting rid of the condom then flopping on the couch with a huff, exhausted by now.

Die shivered a little when the other pulled out. He moved enough to grab some tissues, mopping up the mess on the couch and then reaching to wipe his ass a bit. He tossed the tissues down and flopped over next to Kyo. "Mmm... I won't be walking right again for a while," he murmured, smirking toward the other.

Kyo gave Die a smirk, reaching over to run his hand over his thigh. "I apologize...' He leaned over and kissed Die's cheek. "Damn... I don't think I can move."

Die chuckled at Kyo's apology. "Mmm... don't worry about it. I enjoy it."

After a few moments, Kyo turned to look at Die, smiling. "I fucking love you."

Die shifted, doing up his pants and then smirked at the other. "Mmm... I love you, too. And this... this was amazing."

Kyo smiled, totally happy at the moment. "Very... why haven't we done this before?"

"I think because we have issues admitting our fantasies?" The guitarist shrugged a little and licked his lips.

Kyo shrugged and leaned in for a soft kiss then stood up, stretching and cracking his back. "Think anyone saw or heard us?

"Kuroo probably... he always comes to check on me after each show. But he knows enough to keep himself away from me if I'm... busy." He gave the other a little smirk.

Kyo raised an eyebrow then laughed. "I see... Nora just usually leaves me on the floor... checks if I'm breathing.”

"Mmm... well... Kuroo tends to find the flaws and lets me know so I can work on them the next show... apologizes for anything he does that fucks up my show." He shifted closer to Kyo and leaned on him slightly. "I like doing this right after the show. It tires me out and makes me feel even more amazing. I think I could sleep better like this."

Kyo nodded, knowing the techs' work and appreciating it of course. "Mm, me too, baby... just wanna curl up in your arms now and sleep for the night."

"We should go back to the bus, eat our dinner, and then go for it." Die smiled and pushed himself back up. "There are burgers waiting on us. They say they're whiskey barbeque."

Kyo licked his lips and was about to say he wasn't hungry when his stomach gave a loud grumble. He laughed and shook his head, patting it. "Sounds delicious." He stood up and wrapped his arms around Die, holding him for a few moments.

Die pulled him close and kissed him gently. After a moment, he chuckled and kissed his forehead. "God, people should be glad I clean my fucking jizz up with as many places as it has been shot over the past week." He laughed a little and shook his head.

Kyo snorted and patted Die's shoulder, moving towards the exit. "Especially with the amounts you manage." He grinned then headed towards the exit.

"Hey... some people think it's good to be able to fucking jizz like I do." He chuckled a little and headed off after him. "Mmm... come on. That burger is calling my fucking name hardcore."

Kyo laughed softly and walking down the hall. "To be honest, I like it..." He smirked, then peeked out the doors, thankful to see that most of the fans had left. He ducked his head and darted to the bus, huffing once he was safely on it.

Die headed after Kyo to the bus, looking pleased with himself. Once they were on, he smiled and settled down at the table, grabbing the burger with his name on it. He pulled it out and groaned as he looked in the box. "Oh my fucking god. There's an onion ring on the burger, this... is amazing."

Kyo plopped down next to Die, not being shy about sitting a little too close to him as he grabbed his own burger. He chuckled softly and plucked the onion ring off of his own and set it in Die's box. "Here, you can have mine."

Die took it and stuffed it in his burger as well before taking a huge bite of it. He let out a moan that was rather like the one he'd just made a few minutes earlier for a whole other reason. He began taking huge bites, scarfing it down quickly.

Kyo went at his food a lot more delicately, taking small bites and enjoying it though his energy level was fading fast. He did let out an mmm and called a, "Thank you," to Nora as she wandered past at some point. When he was about two thirds through his burger he set it down and huffed. "Full..."

Die finished off the entire burger and the pile of fries next to it. He groaned as he settled back, patting his full stomach. "Oh lord that was fucking good," he muttered before letting out a burp. He licked his lips a little and then stood up, pulling up his shirt a little and staring down at his little tummy. "Mmm... very good apparently."

Kyo chuckled, stealing a couple of fries then reaching out to poke the food baby in Die's stomach. "Very nice. I think it’s twins!"

"Yeah, burger and fries. Not identical I'm afraid." He laughed and shook his head. He put his shirt back down and padded off toward the bunks, crooking one finger toward the other. "C'mon."

"That's alright, they'll look the same anyway." He snorted then stood, gladly following Die. Once they were in the bunk area, he stopped and whispered. "Gotta piss..."

Die sat to take off his shoes, but he glanced up the moment Kyo told him what he needed to do. He popped up off the bed and herded Kyo into the bathroom. He closed the door behind them and pushed Kyo's hands away so he could do everything himself. He moved his pants away and then held his cock, murmuring, "Okay... go ahead."

Kyo fussed for a moment as Die pushed his hands away then just let him do what he wanted, groaning faintly. He shifted a bit then started going, finding that he had quite a bit to let go, eventually leaning his back against Die's chest.

Die shifted his aim to get it all in the toilet without splashing. He watched over his shoulder while he voided his bladder into the toilet. "Thank you for putting up with me," he murmured softly, "for doing stuff like this for me."

Kyo finished with a few more spurts then just stood there, letting the last of it drip off the head of his dick as he shrugged. "I figure there are worse things than letting you indulge a bit." He glanced up at Die. "Besides, I like making you happy."

Die kissed his cheek and shook him off before giving him a good two strokes. He tucked him back in and adjusted him like it was his own cock he was doing it to. He nuzzled against him again and then patted his ass. "Flush." He went and washed up his hands, the waited on Kyo.

Kyo grunted at the strokes then let Die once again take care of everything before reaching forward and flushing. He moved to wash his hands as well out of principal, then turned to look at Die.

Die smirked at him. "That was nearly as satisfying as doing it myself." He let out a little laugh and then opened the door, gasping slightly to see Kaoru standing right outside. He was already clutching at himself and looking distressed.

"Move already. Jesus fuck." Kaoru pushed past Die and then past Kyo, not even waiting on the door to close before he was yanking his dick out and starting to go.

Die thought his eyeballs were going to pop out of his head and he had to stumble his way out of the bathroom, pretty much rushing for the bunk because that was not the person he needed to be staring at.

Kyo nearly yelped when Kaoru pushed into the bathroom with them, whipping his dick out frantically. He blinked then looked at Die, seeing the look on his face and almost wanting to laugh in a way. "Coulda knocked, Kao." He slipped out and shut the door, following Die to the bunk and crawling in. "You okay baby?"

Die shoved himself in the bunk and lay there for a moment, his heart pounding frantically. He swallowed and rubbed his hand over his face when Kyo crawled in. He shook his head a little. "No... not really. God, what if he saw the look on my face?" he hissed out.

Kyo reached out and ran his hand over Die's arm, shaking his head. "Trust me, he didn't see anything but the toilet and relief. I don't think he noticed there were two of us in there."

Die flopped back and he closed his eyes. "Please do not take this the wrong way... but that image is not going away any time soon."

Kyo raised an eyebrow, feeling an unwanted spike of jealousy. He let out a small huff and shrugged. "If you want to think about Kaoru's dick."

Die arched an eyebrow at him. "Baby... I didn't see his dick. I mean the image of him dancing around holding his crotch. I got the fuck out of dodge before he started... you know."

Kyo just hummed in response, shrugging again. He wasn't sure but for some reason, the idea of Die thinking about Kaoru in that way bugged him. He was probably being stupid though.

Die pursed his lips a little and felt honestly like he wanted to cry. He swallowed a bit and sighed. "I'm sorry," he murmured softly.

Kyo laid there for a moment then let out a soft sigh, feeling guilty for making Die feel bad. He found his hand and squeezed it softly, shaking his head. "Don't be."

He closed his eyes and shook his head. "No... I guess I shouldn't be looking at anyone else, no matter how... uh... odd... the situation." He squeezed his hand as well.

Kyo shifted around and leaned up to kiss Die's cheek. "Well, I guess that's it though... I don't know how to feel in that situation."

"If it makes any difference, I look at others, but it's you I love and will touch. I have eyes, but my body and heart are yours and yours alone."

Kyo felt like his chest might burst at Die's words. He scooted himself closer, nuzzling against his chest. "Ditto."

He pulled Kyo into his arms and kissed his cheek. "I'm sorry I made you jealous... but... I don't think I should lie either."

Kyo leaned into Die, stroking his back. "I appreciate that. I really do." He tilted his head up and lightly kissed Die, smiling.

There was a shuffling sound outside the bunk and then a cough before Kaoru's voice. "I uh... I'm sorry I was so rude. I really had to go." He huffed a little and then shuffled off.

Die just remained quiet, not responding at all, hoping it was Kyo that he thought was there and only Kyo.

Kyo blinked then called out after Kaoru. "S'ok, I understand..." He turned back to Die and shrugged a bit.

Die rolled over on his side, facing the wall, trying to fight the image in his head. He sighed softly and closed his eyes. "Let's just sleep, yeah?" he murmured softly.

Kyo hummed and shifted around, looping his arm around Die's waist. "Yeah, sounds like a plan..."

Die tugged Kyo's arms closer around him and held him against himself real close. "Mmm... I love you, Kyo." He closed his eyes and heaved out a soft sound as he settled down.

Kyo closed his eyes, burying his nose against Die’s shoulder, murmuring softly as he began to doze, “I love you, too, Die.”

To Be Continued...

Chapter Text

The show had been utterly perfect on Die's end. He hadn't missed anything major and Kaoru even high-fived him after the show, showing he didn't think he'd fucked up either. It left him feeling incredibly upbeat and alive. Even after they got back to the bus, he was antsy. He almost wanted an after party, but they had to get to the next venue. So, instead, he cracked a beer and settled back on the couch, his eyes alight with pleasure and a smile on his lips.

For Kyo, the show had been equally fantastic. His voice had remained smooth and unbroken the entire time and he'd been energetic throughout, even tossing a few water bottles to the crowd at the end.

He had made his way to the showers first and then onto the bus to change and wait for Die so when the guitarist settled on the couch, he moved from the bunk area to sit next to him, grinning. "I'm jealous of your guitar tonight, baby."

Die's eyes immediately flicked up to Kyo when he sat down next to him. He held his half empty bottle up in the air, toasting to an invisible source. "And maybe I'm a little jealous of your throat tonight, so... we're even." He smirked at the other and shook his head.

Kyo gave Die a dirty smirk and grabbed a drink for himself, clinking his bottle against Die's. "Mm, jealous of my throat? I can't exactly hump my throat... but you and your guitar, however..."

Die's eyes took on a wicked look as he leaned in, one hand reaching to curve around Kyo's neck, stroking up the muscled column of flesh. "Yeah... but I could hump it real well if you'd let me."

Kyo had to bite his bottom lip to keep from groaning out loud as Die's hand touch his neck, a spike of heat going straight to his groin. His own hand wandered to Die's thigh as he shifted to whisper lowly. "I think that's something that could be arranged..."

Curiosity burned bright in Die's eyes as he slowly closed his fingers, squeezing just little by little to see what Kyo's reaction was to the whole thing.

Kyo let his eyes slide shut, Die's actions having an obvious effect on him. His face flushed slightly as a quiet moan escaped him. He was definitely thankful that the others weren't on the bus yet.

Die licked his lips a little and leaned in close, breathing softly across Kyo's mouth. "You like this? You enjoy having your most precious instrument threatened in such a way?"

Kyo shuddered, opening his eyes to stare into Die's. "It removes the control from my hands. I enjoy the struggle." He squeezed Die's thigh, digging his nails into the fabric of his lover's jeans.

On instinct alone, Die thrust the beer bottle on the table and his hand shot out and grabbed hold of Kyo's wrist, wrenching it back and off to the side as he leaned in. His knee moved up between the other's legs, threateningly close to the vocalist's sac. "Beg me for my dick, Kyo. Beg me to fucking choke you with it."

Kyo's eyes flashed with surprise at Die's actions, a small yelp sounding from him as Die's knee pressed against his crotch. He wriggled his arm, finding the other's grip quite tight which only made him whimper again. "Ahh! Die..." He licked his lips and looked up at his lover, shivering a little before he commenced with the begging. "Please let me suck your cock, I want to feel you fucking the back of my throat with it, choking me, cutting off my air."

Die squeezed just a tiny bit more before he let go and backed up, standing and opening his pants. His belt jingled a little as he presented himself to Kyo, already partially hard. He gestured to the floor. "On your knees and you can have exactly what you want from me."

Kyo groaned softly and got to his knees without hesitation, leaning in to nuzzle Die's crotch, nipping at the skin right at the base of his cock. Smirking, he glanced up at Die and put on his best innocent face. "Is this what you want Die? Me, here on my knees for you?"

Die let out a little grunt, grabbing Kyo's hair and directing him toward his cock. "It's what I've always wanted." He pushed his dick against the other's lips, waiting on him to open up and accept it.

Kyo gave a soft sound and parted his lips, eagerly accepting Die's cock, wrapping his lips around the tip of it, digging his tongue into the slit.

Die let out a little whine and pushed the other a bit, trying to get him down further on his dick, still trying to be forceful with him.

Kyo flicked his eyes up at Die then slowly slid his mouth downward, taking Die's dick inch-by-inch until it was pressing against the back of his throat. He swallowed then started bobbing his head, going slow at first to ensure that his throat was relaxed.

"Fuck, baby, be careful," Die gasped out, unable to keep up the badass front once he was concerned about the other's throat. He reached to stroke over his hair, groaning faintly, his eyelids fluttering a bit.

Kyo grunted in response, knowing his limits. He reached up and dragged his nails over Die's thighs while he sucked him, gradually picking up the pace, groaning around Die's dick.

Die let out a keening whine and threw his head back, desperately trying not to thrust into the other's mouth at all. He was at the peak of his restraint, almost trembling from it.

Kyo pulled back and teased the head of Die's dick with his tongue, smirking up at him slightly. "I find it endearing that you're restraining yourself, baby." Without hesitation, he slid down on Die's cock once again, hollowing out his cheeks as he let out a low moan. Part of him wanted to feel his lover's cock choking him, despite knowing it would end up making his voice hoarse in the end.
Die let out a strangled groan, fingers grasping at Kyo's hair again, pursing his lips a little and then huffing out his air, eyes rolling back in his head. He struggled to get the other's hand, pushing it toward his balls.

The vocalist followed Die's desperate movements, moving his hand to cup and squeeze his sac, his other finding a bare patch skin on Die's stomach and scratching his nails over it lightly, never ceasing the movements with his mouth.

It didn't take him very long before he started to cum, shuddering and emptying himself into the other's waiting mouth. His eyes rolled back in his head and he groaned faintly.

Kyo took all Die had to offer, swallowing every last drop before lifting his head, swiping his tongue over the tip of Die's length then licking his lips. He lightly rubbed Die's thighs as he smirked up at him, loving the look on his face.

He shuddered a little as he sort of slumped backwards a bit. "Oh my fucking lord." He sniffed and then chuckled.

Kyo stood and wiped his mouth, chuckled softly. "I'll take that as you're satisfied..."

"Oh yeah, for sure." He reached for Kyo and pulled him up and close to him, leaning in to kiss him deeply.

Kyo slipped his arms around Die and returned the kiss, nipping his bottom lip. "Good..."

Die slid his arms down the other's side. "You're... amazing at that, you know it?"

Kyo flushed slightly but grinned. "Nah, I just like your cock."

"Good, because I have no idea what I'd do without you liking it." He laughed and lightly pinched Kyo's butt before letting go and nudging him slightly. “The others will be back soon.”

Kyo huffed slightly and nodded, moving back and making sure he was properly dressed and his hair was mostly in order. "Wish we could get more than a few moments alone..."

Die nodded a little "It'd be nice, wouldn't it? Maybe we can ask Nora for something sometime."

He hummed and rubbed his chin, thinking. "Perhaps. There are a couple of days here and there where we don't have two shows in a row."

Die smiled and nudged him. "Just wait on it. It'll happen, I promise."

Kyo smiled and leaned up to kiss Die, pulling away just as the door opened, ending their alone time. "I hope so."

"I promise," he murmured one last time.

To Be Continued...

Chapter Text

They'd had the day off for once and everyone had been given a free choice of the three hotels in the area. Die had a feeling that it had been Nora's way of trying to get them to not feel like sardines in a can and he was thankful for it, since it meant he and Kyo could find a place to themselves. She also just gave them money for the rooms, allowing them to actually pick it out themselves.

Die accepted his cash and watched Kyo take his as well, knowing they could end up with a damn nice single-bed suite for that price if they wanted. He'd ask once they'd chosen their hotel. Everyone else chose the two lower priced ones and Die pointed at the giant building that looked super high-class. "That one." He glanced at Kyo to see if he'd choose it as well.

Kyo had stood there fidgeting during the whole meeting, just ready to get the hell away from the rest of the band and crew, minus Die. He had begun feeling rather trapped and claustrophobic the last few days. He accepted his money and glanced at the hotel Die chose, automatically pointed to it as well, knowing they'd be pooling their cash for the room anyway. "That one, too."

Die smirked a little and waited until Nora had gotten the driver to open the bottom of the bus, reaching in and getting his bag, his smaller one already over his shoulders. It was only midday and they had until the same time tomorrow before heading out, and that meant at least twenty-four hours away from the others.
He stepped into the lobby of the hotel, the heater making him feel quite nice and he headed right for the desk, settling against the counter and quietly asking what sorts of king size rooms they had. The clerk was quite nice, pulling out a little pamphlet and showing him the various rooms.

Die immediately chose the third room on the list, done in whites and greys, the bed huge and a giant plush couch he already wanted to sit on in the room with it. It even came with a luxury jet tub and rain shower in the bathroom, a bidet listed under the amenities, something he always missed when overseas. She gave him the price and he immediately forked over his money and asked Kyo for seventy of his as well.

Kyo had quickly scooped up his bag and followed Die into the hotel, staring around in awe at the opulence of the lobby. He quietly peered over Die's shoulder at the pamphlet of rooms, humming softly in agreement at the one he chose. He slipped Die his portion of the cash then glanced at the desk clerk, wondering how odd this seemed to her. However, it seemed that money talked and she was just beaming at them, patiently waiting for Die to pay.

Die handed over the cash and she pulled out two small duffel bags from under the counter, explaining that the room price also paid for these bags, the bath robes they were allowed to keep, and the soaps and whatnot that were in the bag. She gestured over at the bar behind them, explaining one free drink would be served in about half an hour, whatever they desired.

He smiled and took the bags, putting them on his rolling bag only to have a bell boy rush up and start loading their bags onto a cart. He just let him do so, smiling and accepting their room keys, which were actually keys rather than plastic cards.

Kyo blinked at the duffel bags, not understanding what the woman was saying in the least about them, but figured Die would tell him in a moment. He almost laughed when an actual bell boy came to get their bags, not exactly used to this sort of service overseas, since they had to be on a tighter budget. "Fancy..."

Die smirked a little. "I think that was supposed to be our food budget, too. But I don't care. I have my own money we can use for food tonight. This place is amazing... and they have a bidet." He padded after the bell boy, humming softly along the way.

Kyo snorted and followed along with them, looking around. "Yeah, I was going to suggest we spring for room service, if that's okay with you. I'm a little tired and want to just chill."

"Sounds good to me." They got into the elevator and the bell boy pushed the buttons, basically keeping to himself, though he did glance curiously at Kyo's tattoos a few times. When they got out, he asked Die for the room key and went ahead to go get it opened and unload their items, doing so quite fast. Die dug out a twenty from his pocket and waited on the guy to finish. When he was done, he handed it over and thanked him. He thanked Die as well and disappeared down the hallway, Die entering the room and immediately ditching his boots on the corner. "Oh my god, it's so beautiful!"

Kyo nodded, reaching out to rub his hand over his arm once he noticed the bell boy staring at his tats. He wondered if the kid liked them or if he thought he was some Yakuza from the movies or something. The thought had him laughing softly to himself as he stepped into the room, slipping out of his shoes once they were alone. "This is spectacular, Dai..."

He moved and flopped down on the bed with a huff. "Oh God, this is so soft. I'm never leaving. Cancel the rest of the tour."

Die laughed softly at Kyo's reaction. He picked up the duffel bags and went to the bed with them, sitting down and passing one to Kyo. "They say these are ours, as well as the robes. We can take them when we leave. It's included in the price. Also, there's free drinks in half an hour down at the bar."

Kyo sat up and shifted to lean against Die as he took the duffel bag. "Cool, so you want to go get a drink, hm?" He glanced up at him and grinned. "I might even get one myself..."

Die pulled out the stuff inside, finding a razor, deodorant, soap, shampoo and conditioner, lotion, and even a nail clipper set and small sewing kit. He grinned and put it down beside the bed. "Nice place. And yeah, a drink sounds great. But you know... the pool also sound wonderful. Did you see the photo of it on the bottom of that pamphlet?"

Kyo peered at the stuff, picking up the shampoo and sniffing it, finding it to be some high quality stuff. At the mention of the pool, he nodded and grinned. "Yeah, I noticed. It looked heavenly, especially since this is an adult hotel. There won't be any brats running around, being noisy."

"My thoughts exactly." Die stood up and went to his bag, rooting around. He came up with a set of trunks and dangled them by a finger. "Let's go before we're too exhausted to do this, yeah?" He tossed them on the bed and started to strip down so he could change into them.

Kyo laughed and stood up, going to his bag and pulling out a pair of simple black trunks, following suit and stripping out of his clothes to pull them on. He dug out a pair of flip flops and a plain t-shirt, tugging it on over his head. "Don't forget our keys... I'd hate to have to go through the lobby soaking wet."

Die grunted a little and tucked the key into his pocket before putting on his Chrome Hearts flip flops and then shrugging into one of his shirts. "They should have towels there. If not, I'll come back and get them." He smirked and grabbed Kyo's ass as he walked past. "C'mon, let's get our free drinks and then our pool time."

Kyo let out an unmanly squeak at the ass grab, having not expected it. He huffed and swatted at Die before stepping into his shoes and following him out, nodding. "Yeah, pretty sure they'll have towels. This is too nice of a place...."

Die chuckled, exiting the room and heading back toward the elevator, looking pleased with himself. "I haven't been swimming in a long time."

Kyo pressed the button and nodded. "Me either, not that I can swim that well anyway." He wrinkled his nose then stepped into the elevator once it arrived, almost frowning as he noticed someone else was on it.

Die got into the elevator and waited on Kyo to follow, pushing the one for lobby to go get their drinks first. "This place is amazing."

Kyo leaned against the wall. "Yes it is. The rest of the members are gonna be jealous." He chuckled softly.

The elevator arrived in the lobby and Die made his way to the bar, ordering the first strange looking drink on the menu as his free drink, waiting on Kyo to order his as well, a smirk on his lips.

Kyo glanced at the menu then at Die, huffing slightly as he pointed to a picture of what looked like a cherry flavored drink. He was really going to have to work on his English.

The bar tender moved to go make their drinks and Die leaned on the counter, smiling happily. "I'm so glad we have today off. We can relax like normal people."

Kyo nodded, scooting onto a bar stool and looking around at the other people there, silently thanking whatever Gods above that there were no rabid fans. "Yeah, me's so nice to not be on a schedule."

Their drinks were served up in record time and handed to them. Die smiled and accepted his, thanking the bar tender and then making a mental note to tip him later. He licked his lips a little and headed toward the sign that said pool.

Kyo took his with a nod then followed Die, chancing a sip of his drink as he walked. "Oh God, this is... strong, but good." He stepped into the pool area, glad to see it was completely unoccupied. "And it looks like we're alone."

Die licked the rim of his glass and then took a drink, smirking. "Amazing. This one was labeled as Zombie Juice." He took another drink as they came into the pool area. It was a rather huge pool, with little fountains spraying into it at odd points, a hot tub that was semi-attached in the far side. He immediately headed for the shallow end, stepping down three steps and settling in, drink still in hand. He put it aside and took off his shirt, tossing it off onto one of the recliners, leaning back on the step and tilting his head back. "C'mere, sweet thing."

Kyo grinned and set his drink down, shrugging out of his shirt and placing it on the same chair as Die's before grabbing his drink again and stepping into the pool, relieved that the water was warmed just right. "Zombie Juice, eh? I have no idea what mine was called, it just looked good and I was right. It's delicious and sweet." He moved over to Die, slipping his arm around him with a sigh, sipping at his drink. "God, this is like... paradise."

"Cherry Rock'n'Roll," Die murmured, with a smirk. "Fitting." He offered some of his toward Kyo as well. The door opened and a few people came in, most of them younger adults, early twenties from the looks of it, two girls and a guy. One set of them split off to go to the hot tub and the other girl stepped around them, heading into the water and away from them, quietly apologizing for disturbing them.

Kyo chuckled softly at the name. "Indeed." He took Die's, handing him his drink before trying out the Zombie one, mmming. "That one is good too..." He looked up at the other people, almost moving away from Die when the girl came into the pool, but decided to just stay when she didn't seem to care.

Die took a drink of Kyo's and then traded him back for his own. "They're both nice." He smiled a little and shifted slightly closer to Kyo, sensing his discomfort. "Don't worry, no one looked at us like they know us," he murmured as quietly as he could.

Kyo nodded slightly, sipping his drink again, the alcohol being strong enough to already start affecting him. "Good, I'd really hate to be all over the damn tabloids and shit." He sighed slightly and leaned his head against Die's shoulder for a moment.

"Eh... I don't think anyone would care about us in that way over here. I mean... we're not big enough to have something like that follow us on US soil." He put one hand on Kyo's under the water, smirking slightly.

Kyo hummed and shifted a bit, squeezing Die's fingers then finishing off his drink. He moved over to the edge of the pool, setting his glass down then making his way back to Die, noting that no one was paying attention. He smiled and slipped his arms around his lover's waist, sighing softly. "This is so relaxing."

Die took a bit longer to finish his drink, it having come in a larger glass to start with. He leaned into Kyo's touch and sort of let out a little rumbly sound, implying he was quite happy with this idea. "I agree."

The drink relaxed him enough that he leaned into Die's chest, nuzzling a bit. "Mmm..."

Die chuckled a little. "You're adorable." He glanced up as the girl who'd gotten into the pool pulled herself up on the side and scooted back over the little gutter that ran around the pool. She held a hissed conversation with the ones in the hot tub and they started laughing, the boy encouraging, "Do it! Do it!"

Kyo snorted at Die, thumping him on the back. "I'm not cute. I'm scary." He mock pouted then looked in the direction of the girl as she got out of the pool, catching the words her friends were saying. "Wonder what that's all about..."

Die shrugged a little. "Who knows. Maybe wanting her to jump in or something." He sniffed a little and looked away.

The girl finally laughed and pulled her legs out as well, spreading them and reaching to get her bathing suit out of the way. She shifted forward a little bit and started to piss into the drain, the sound of it quite loud and distinctive in the enclosed room.

Die's eyes snapped back toward her, his heart racing in his chest. Was this really happening right then? Right in front of him?

Kyo hummed then jerked his head up, hearing the sound and then seeing her position. He automatically looked at Die, his expression an odd mix between horrified about the fact that she might get pee in the pool and amused because he knew this would affect Die. "Oh...."

She finished up with a little groan and then glanced over toward them, calling "Sorry! Nature calls and the room's on the 20th floor!"

Die huffed out a little sound, burying his face in Kyo's shoulder. He was a bit horrified, not knowing what to say or do, especially given that he was steadily growing aroused from what had just transpired. He just hoped that his dick wouldn't get hard and give him away, fear gripping his insides as to how Kyo would react.

Kyo gave a shrug at the apology, mostly because he didn't know what she said after, "Sorry". He shifted a bit and lightly patted Die's back, licking his lips. "Baby... alright?"

Die tried to take a deep steadying breath before he responded at all. He then sat up, trying to look as composed as possible. "Yeah..." he shifted a little and desperately began to wish he could just make this all not happen as he felt his body start to react, his mind processing the sound of it over and over. He pulled away. "Gonna swim a few laps." He slipped off into the water and started to swim laps, almost desperate to keep his crotch down and out of the way of anyone seeing for the time being.

Kyo blinked at Die's odd reaction then noticed the slightest bulge in his trunks as he pulled away. "O-ok... I'll be here." He was a bit confused by it all, wondering why Die was acting like he didn't already know about his fetish. He sighed and sunk down in the water, sort of swimming around but not really doing laps. He couldn't help but feel like the entire mood of the afternoon had been ruined.

It took Die at least fifteen minutes before he calmed down enough to not have his dick tenting his swim trunks anymore. He dove under and then came back up at Kyo's feet, standing up and slicking the water out of his hair. He noticed the others had left and he glanced at the hot tub. "Want to go in there for a bit?" he asked quietly.

Kyo shrugged lightly at Die's suggestion, moving for the ladder and pulling himself out of the pool. "Glad they left." He slipped into the hot tub with a sigh, settling onto the built in bench.

Die went the other way, pulling himself up from the pool into the hot tub, settling down in the center, sort of floating there. He still looked a bit uncomfortable, but didn't say anything.

Kyo huffed, frustrated with Die's mood. He leaned his head back and sighed again, flicking the water with his fingers. It didn't help any that the alcohol from earlier had made its way to his bladder. He wanted to say something but he really didn't feel like going to find a restroom and he wasn't about to piss down the drain either.

It took him a minute, but Die finally floated over to Kyo, settling his arms on the other's knees, peering up at him, a sort of bewildered look on his face. He opened his mouth twice to say something and then finally hung his head a little.

Kyo glanced down at Die when he moved over to him. "Daisuke... what the hell?" He was starting to get downright concerned with the way Die was acting, not to mention utterly confused.

Die pursed his lips a little, trying hard not to actually react the way he thought he was going to. That terrible feeling was welling up in the back of his throat and he just shook his head a little, trying to shake it off. "What?" he finally asked, very quiet about it.

Kyo gritted his teeth, reaching down to grasp Die's arms. "What the hell is wrong with you? You're acting like... like... fuck, I don't even know! I mean, it's not like I don't know that girl pissing in the gutter affected you." He sighed and let go of Die, crossing his arms.

Die gasped a little at Kyo's reaction. He pulled back slightly and stared up at him in a way that clearly showed how shocked he was. After a moment, he looked away and he sighed, shifting onto the seat across from Kyo, his head hung in shame. "I'm sorry, okay? I... I don't know why things keep happening around me like that. I can't change that it does and I can't change how I react to it!" He honestly was close to tears, panic welling up inside him. Under the water, his fingers trembled as he grasped the edge of the seat.

Kyo reached up and scrubbed his hand over his face, sighing softly. "Die... I thought we'd established that I was okay with... that. So, to have you freaking out on me is unsettling." He glanced over at him, frowning.

The guitarist gritted his teeth, trying to stop the stupid sissy feeling inside him that wanted to make him cry. It took him a few minutes to actually gather up the ability to talk again. "I'm sorry... I'm so sorry. I just... it aroused me... and I hate that it did and I'm sorry."

Kyo sighed again then turned, placing his hand on Die's shoulder. "Stop apologizing... I know it aroused you. I know seeing Kaoru that way aroused you. It's okay... really." He could hear the tremble in Die's voice; that tone people get when they're close to tears. He hated it. It made him feel helpless because he couldn't seem to calm Die down.

Die took in a deep breath. "I think we should go back to the room," he murmured softly.

Kyo nodded and stood up, making his way out of the hot tub and grabbing one of the plush towels that were stacked nearby. He wrapped his around his shoulders then held one out for Die before walking back to their stuff. He dried off a bit then slipped his shirt and shoes on, keeping the towel around his waist to catch drips from his trunks.

Die got out as well, carefully drying off and then squeezing his trunks out as well. He put the towel around his waist as well and then went about getting his t-shirt on and then his flip flops. He picked up their used glasses and checked to make sure he had his key. He sighed softly, opening the door and letting Kyo out ahead of him.

Kyo glanced back at Die then slipped out of the pool area, heading for the elevator that was nearby, pushing the button. He kept shooting Die glances from the corner of his eye, his mouth set in a frown.

Die dropped their glasses off at the bar and headed back to the elevator just as it arrived. He pursed his lips a little and then entered, pressing for their floor and taking out his key.

Kyo stepped into the elevator with Die, leaning against the wall of it, fidgeting with his towel. Once they arrived at their floor, he stepped out and led the way to the room, waiting on Die to open the door with the key.

Die trailed after Kyo and then unlocked the door, stepping inside and quickly entering the bathroom. He waited until the main door was closed before he quickly stripped off and got into the shower, turning it on with a yelp as the cold water hit him full on.

Kyo had just stepped into the bathroom when Die yelped. He jerked his head up then realized what had happened, letting out a little chuckle before he stripped out of his own wet clothes.

After squeezing out his trunks and hanging them up to dry, he sighed and glanced at Die, clearing his throat to get his attention. "Erm... I have to piss... just... you know." He normally wouldn't have bothered announcing it, but the current situation made him feel like he needed to.

The water heated up a bit and Die quickly grabbed the car of soap on the ledge, getting it unwrapped and whatnot. He glanced up when Kyo spoke and then flushed a little, responding with, "Okay," before trying to concentrate on his shower. He was still feeling really worked up and he didn't know what to do entirely about what had happened down at the pool.

Kyo moved to the toilet which happened to be right by the shower. He started to go, letting out a sigh of relief. He hadn't realized how bad he'd needed to go.

Even over the sound of the shower, he could clearly hear what Kyo was doing and he found his body had an even more violent reaction to him than it did earlier. He started to harden very quickly, getting to full arousal quite fast. His heartbeat sped up and the moment he heard Kyo sigh, he damn near didn't stop the moan that wanted to come out. But it also swelled up the fear of what had happened earlier and he found himself trying to hide his reaction in the corner, his heart in his throat.

Kyo finished up finally with another sigh, shaking off and moving to the sink to rinse his hands on principal before going back to the shower. "...mind if I join you?"

Die shifted a little, reaching to use the dispenser for the shampoo on the wall, getting a handful and working it up into lather in his hair. "That's fine," he murmured softly, all the while cursing his body under his breath.

Kyo stepped into the shower, moving to stand under the spray which put him in close proximity to Die. After a moment, he huffed and reached around, grasping Die's arousal lightly. "You can't hide it from me..."

Die let out a sharp cry as Kyo reached around him to grab his dick. His body shuddered a bit violently and he grabbed the wall for support, not having expected Kyo to have done that. He closed his eyes, trying to calm down. "Can't help it," he whispered out, whimpering a little.

Kyo let out a soft laugh, stroking Die slowly, shivering slightly at how incredibly hard he was, his own cock starting to react. "I know,” he murmured as he leaned forward and placed a kiss to the back of Die's neck.

Die leaned against the cool wall, sighing softly as he allowed Kyo to stroke him. He shuddered again, unable to stop the reaction, all his barriers down due to the unnecessary stresses he'd just encountered. He closed his eyes, trying to fight the stress down. His hand came down to grasp Kyo's wrist, just settling there, not forcing him in any way.

Kyo took his time, going slow and light, placing soft kissing along Die's skin. He could tell his lover was feeling vulnerable and unsettled and he hated it, wanted to soothe it. He brought his other hand around to splay on Die's stomach, rubbing lightly.

Die stood there, his breathing definitely in the desperate sort of category. He let out a little whine and finally pushed toward Kyo's hand, needing a little more but unwilling to just ask for it.

Kyo hummed softly at Die's whine, smirking against his back. He shifted a bit then grasped his cock more firmly, picking up the speed of his strokes, swiping his thumb over the head a few times.

The moment the other sped up, Die let out a little groan, hips jerking once before he was cumming, spurting his release all over the wall in front of him. He didn't even have a moment to think about it before it happened, a shock to even himself.

When Die came suddenly, Kyo let out a small sound of surprise. He stroked him a few more times then pulled his hand away, chuckling softly as cum stuck to it, stringing between Die's cock and his fingers.

Die stayed there for a moment, chest heaving as he gasped in air. "Oh god," he whispered out, a bit horrified with how fast he'd cum.

Kyo shifted to rinse his hand under the spray of the shower, smirking a little. "Indeed..."

Die finally pushed away from the wall and sighed softly, reaching to wash himself off and his hair out, putting conditioner in it. "I um... didn't mean to... so fast."

Kyo shrugged, moving away from Die so the other could finish washing, turning to grab the soap, quickly washing himself then moving on to his hair, ignoring the fact that his dick was fully hard. "You were pretty worked up... I'm not surprised." He rinsed himself then started shampooing his hair, scrubbing his scalp with his nails.

Die finished up with his conditioner and then ran his hand over Kyo's abdomen as he slipped past him. He still felt that swell of displeasure, but he wasn't entirely sure what to do about it. He murmured, "Meet me in bed," before slipping away.

Kyo shivered as Die touched him, nodding in response as he went about finishing his shower. The mood was still odd, despite his arousal. He rinsed his hair, conditioned it, and rinsed it again then stepped out, drying off quickly. He slung the towel around his waist and walked into the main room, moving to sit on the edge of the bed near Die.

Die dried off hurriedly and then slid onto the bed, the comforter pushed down to the bottom. He'd worked himself into half arousal again, the lube from his bag lying on the bed next to him, though it was obvious he'd also prepped himself already.

Kyo stood again and tossed the towel to the floor before turning and crawling onto the bed, glancing down at Die then at the lube, a slow smirk spreading on his lips. "Mm, you work fast..."

Die flushed a little, just reaching for Kyo, tugging him close to him. "I need you... please."

Kyo shifted on top of Die, hovering above him for a moment before leaning down and kissing him lightly as he pressed against him, letting out a soft moan. "You're gorgeous." He positioned himself and slowly slid into Die's body, shuddering as the heat enveloped his cock.

Die let out a little whine, one leg lifting to curl around Kyo's thigh, pulling him closer with it. He arched up a little, his eyes rolling back in pleasure. "Oh god... Kyo," he murmured out.

Kyo reached down to grasp Die's hip, pushing in to the hilt and staying still for a moment before starting to thrust into him, slowly picking up speed. "Die!"

Die clung to him, panting softly, his hips arching up into the thrusts the other made into his body. "Kyo...."

Kyo leaned down, burying his head against Die's neck, biting a little roughly as he pushed into him harder, a muffled moan escaping him. "Hnng!"

Die gasped out as the other shoved into him a bit more roughly, his hips jerking upward and staying there. "O-oh!"

Kyo shifted back onto his knees, giving himself more leverage. He ran his hand over Die's chest and down to his cock, wrapping his fingers around it, stroking in time with his thrusts. "Yes...."

Die groaned happily as the other started to stroke him off. His hand came down to hold onto Kyo's wrist again, enjoying feeling him doing this to him. "Please," he whispered out, not even sure what he was begging for.

Kyo paused for a moment to shift his hand, intertwining his fingers with Die's then going back to stroking him off, using both of their hands. "Die, you feel so good," he groaned out, snapping his hips roughly.

Die's cries grew in volume, his hips moving with Kyo's thrusts and the pumps on his shaft. He clamped down around him, hoping Kyo would enjoy it.

Kyo shuddered as Die's body clamped around him, rocking his hips faster, his breath coming in pants. He used his free hand to scratch his nails down Die's thigh, groaning at the sight of the red lines that appeared.

"Come on, baby, fuck me like you need me to breathe," Die whispered out, his expression almost desperate.

Kyo didn't have any issue in complying with Die's request, shifting a bit and grasping both of his wrists, pinning them to the bed on either side of Die's head. "I do need you to breathe, more than you're ever know," he murmured lowly before he started slamming into Die's body, sounds of pleasure spilling from his lips in increasing volume.

Die lay there, his wrists trapped under Kyo's hands, feeling more vulnerable in that moment than he ever had before. His breath caught in his throat as he stared up at Kyo, watching him move over him, his eyes full of love and so much trust. In that one moment, he knew everything was okay, that it was all trust and complete love... and all so completely worth it.

Kyo gazed down at Die, thrusting into him hard and fast, his body coated in sweat, shuddering from the effort. He could see the emotions in his lover's eyes and he leaned down, placing a breathless kiss to his lips. "I love you, Daisuke," he panted out against them before his hips snapped forward hard once more and he cried out, almost singing out his pleasure as he started to orgasm.

Die let out his own cry under Kyo, wrapping his legs around the other, body arching up toward him. The moment he felt the other start to fill him, he let out a soft sound and then whispered out, "I love you, too, Tooru."

Kyo rocked his hips, moaning softly at Die's words, finally releasing his wrists to bring his hand up, dragging it through Die's hair. He finally stilled his body and slumped down atop Die's, burying his face against his neck. He felt drained in the best way possible.

Die wrapped his arms around the other's body, holding onto him. He held him close, shivering. He wanted to apologize to the other for the incident earlier, but he didn't, knowing it would ruin the mood. Instead, he just squeezed him closer to him.

Kyo nuzzled into Die's neck, kissing the skin there lightly before lifting his head to look down at him. "You're... perfect."

Die reached up to touch the sides of Kyo's face, smiling softly. "I love you so much."

Kyo smiled softly, running his hand down over Die's chest and stomach, stroking over his length lightly. "Not as much as I love you."

Die gasped when the other touched his arousal. "A-ah!" He knew he was being loud, but he also knew he didn't care right then, in this place where no one knew them.

Kyo chuckled lowly, having known Die was still aroused, despite their tender moment. "That's right baby, I love it when you scream for me." He wrapped his fingers around Die, stroking him lightly.

After a moment, Die reached down to grab his wrist again, enjoying every second of it. "K-Kyo!"

Kyo shifted slightly, rocking his hips just a bit, providing Die with some sensation even if he was mostly soft. He dipped his head down to swipe his tongue over a nipple as he moved his hand a little faster.

Die let out another whine and arched toward him, his eyelids fluttering closed as he started to cum, spurting it out across his own abdomen.

Kyo groaned, slowing then stopping his strokes, pulling his hand away after a moment. He couldn't resist trailing a finger through the mess, smirking up at Die. "God, baby... so sexy."

Die whimpered a little as he relaxed on the bed. He licked his lips and then closed his eyes. "Come here... lay here with me."

Kyo gladly did so, moving to lie next to Die, resting his head against his shoulder. He reached up and stroked his hand over Die's cheek, smiling up at him, feeling blissful.

Die huffed out a little breath, curling his arm protectively around his lover's shoulders. "I'm sorry I freaked out earlier," he finally murmured.

Kyo leaned up and kissed Die's cheek, shaking his head. "It's okay, baby. You just had me worried there."

Die pursed his lips a little and then sighed softly. "I just... I still feel bad about it."

Kyo nodded slightly, leaning back to look up at Die. "Don't, okay? You can't help it any more than I can help the fact that I'm short."

"I know..." he murmured softly, "I just... I don't know." Die sighed.

Kyo rubbed his hand over Die's chest, shrugging slightly. He wasn't sure what to say really. "I know, Die, I know."

"I love you... and I love your forgiveness and understanding," Die offered quietly, stroking his hand down the other's back.

Kyo smiled softly and pecked Die's cheek. "I love you, too... and how could I be anything but forgiving after all I've put you through over the years?"

Die gave Kyo his best little smile, leaning into the other's touch. "It's not been so bad, you know."

Kyo chuckled and cocked his head. "No? I haven't been trying hard enough then." He smiled at Die's smile, unable to resist leaning in to kiss those upturned lips. "You're adorable."

"Ah, I think it's been quite enough, my sweet." The discomfort was sort of wearing off, though he honestly had to admit that he had been royally freaked out by how he'd reacted to the girl earlier and Kaoru the night before. Some part of him wanted to talk about it, but another part of him thought that'd be rude.

Kyo chuckled again then shifted so he could peer at Die better. "I know you're still... unhappy... with what happened. If you want to discuss it, I'm all ears. If not, that's fine, too." He reached up and combed his fingers through Die's hair soothingly.

Die shifted closer to him and closed his eyes. Kyo always seemed to know what he needed the most. After a few moments, he started talking, his voice low, if not a bit sheepish. "I just... god, in a few ways I hate that my body reacts, even when I'm not actually attracted to the person. But it's like... the sound and the knowledge of it."

Kyo hummed softly in response. He didn't fully understand that part of his lover's fetish, but he did get being freaked out by one's reactions to things. "Which explains why girls doing the pee-pee dance tickles your fancy..."

Die flushed a little and reached to rub at his nose a little. "I... uh... yeah...." He fell silent for a moment and then muttered out, "Sometimes I just listen to it... and that's all I need. I think maybe that's the most humiliating part of it all."

Kyo gave Die a light pat, shrugging slightly. "You can't help what gets you off. All I can say is I'm just glad you don't want to drink it or something. Everything else, I can deal with."

Die made a face. "It fucking smells most of the time. Why the hell anyone would want that shit in their face, mouth, or stomach is beyond me." He sighed softly and dropped his hand down on the bed near his head, just sort of flopping there. "I can't even watch the porn with it in it. It makes me lose my fucking boner."

Kyo had to laugh at that, quickly halting it though with his hand over his mouth. "Yeah, it would me, too..." He reached up and grasped Die's hand, squeezing it.

Die's long fingers curled around Kyo's, returning the squeeze gently. "I just have to put this out there... I quite often feel like a total freak. I mean... I'm the one with the fucking weird-ass fetish. I don't think anyone else has one that rivals it in strangeness. It's an uncomfortable feeling."

The corners of Kyo's mouth tugged down a fraction at his lover's words. "You don't know that for sure... Kaoru could be harboring a deep fetish for licking door knobs and you're forgetting that I have thing for cutting my skin open." He sighed softly. "All of that aside though, I understand how uncomfortable it can be... so, just talk to me when it is, okay?"

Die reached for Kyo, gently trailing his fingers over the other's skin. "I don't consider yours strange... all of the world knows." He had to quirk a tiny smile though. "Door knobs? Really?"

Kyo hummed, shrugging slightly. "The world may know but it still freaks people out sometimes." He gave Die a grin, nodding. "I saw it on one of those documentary things. These people, mostly chicks, were getting their freak on with the door knobs. Then there was this one dude that was having a sexual relationship with his car."

Die arched an eyebrow and rolled over. "Dude... I guess I can see a chick wanting it, I mean... it's bound to feel at least okay up in there. But... what part of his car exactly?"

Kyo readjusted and shook his head. "All of it apparently. It showed him underneath it, making out with the fender..."

Die had to laugh a little and then shook his head. "Okay. I guess I have no room to talk, but... at least something useful! Gearshift?"

Kyo snorted. "Up the tailpipe, maybe? I dunno. All I could think of was getting rust or something in my junk."

"Not comfy, man. Not at all." He rolled closer to Kyo and smiled softly. "I feel a little better now. Thanks for talking with me."

Kyo grinned and nuzzled into Die, flopping his leg over the other's. "Any time baby... I'm glad you feel better."

To Be Continued...

Chapter Text

When Kyo woke up on the wrong side of the bed, he was usually in for a rough couple of days. It never mattered what was going on in his life, when his mood took a down swing, he had to ride it out and simply hope that he didn't hurt anyone's feelings.

Today was one of those days and panic had made him avoid Die as much as possible so he wouldn't snap or hurt his lover in any way. He stayed on the bus during sound check and mostly hid inside his coat at the meet and greet.

When it came time for them to hit the stage, he did so with the intent of ripping whatever demon it was that was tormenting him to shreds. He tore into the opening song viciously and continued on, spiraling downward as the show went on.

Die had been trying to find Kyo and talk to him all day, but the other seemed to be strategically avoiding him. It was sort of beyond him as to what exactly the issue was, but he didn't push his luck, just waiting on the concert to be over. As they entered the stage, he found himself wincing at Kyo's viciousness, having to sort of turn away from the other to not end up entirely focused on him for the entirety of the show.

By the time they were up for the encore, Kyo was so deep within himself that he barely noticed the crowd or the rest of the band, including Die. He just knew that this was something he had to get out on his own and hope that it would ease off once the show was over. They were set to play Mazohyst for the last song and he threw every bit of anger, sadness and frustration he had into it, screaming himself hoarse by the time the last notes faded away in an attempt to shake the dark fog surrounding him. Unfortunately, it didn't work and as soon as he stumbled off stage, he punched the nearest wall with a bitter growl.

Die found himself wondering what was going on by the time they were done. He thrust his guitar at Kuroo and quickly went about depositing picks and water bottles into the audience, even grabbing Kyo's bottle and tossing it out as well. He headed out after Kyo, frowning as he rounded the corner, wondering what he'd find.

When Die appeared in the hallway he was currently abusing, Kyo had the insane urge to tell him to just get out. He knew the other had seen him at his absolute worst but somehow, this was different. He was... scared, not to mention confused, by the inner turmoil he was experiencing. Instead of saying anything at all though, he merely slumped against the wall and hid his face by tipping his head down and away from Die.

Die took in a soft breath and moved close to the other, sliding his hand down the vocalist's back. He didn't say anything, not knowing what to say in the least to help him. He just slid his arms around the other's body, leaning his cheek against the other's back.

Kyo shuddered at Die's touch, hesitating then bringing his hand up to place over the other's. He let out an annoyed huff, his stomach twisted in an anxious knot. After a few moments, he finally whispered, barely audible, "If I could explain, I would."

Die nodded a little, kissing at his shoulder blade ever so gently. "I know... I know, baby." He rubbed his cheek over the other's sweat-slicked skin. "Is there anything I can do?"

Kyo almost let out a laugh, shaking his head slightly. What he wanted and needed right then was a release; usually accomplished through abusing himself, focusing the pain elsewhere, and turning it physical rather than emotional. He was afraid to ask Die for that kind of thing though, despite their frequent foray into all manner of kink. This was somehow different.

The guitarist smoothed his hands down the other's chest, turning his head to kiss lightly at his neck. His hand moved down to tease over his lower abdomen, not trying to go anywhere with it, just wanting to be soothing and blatantly there for the other.

Kyo finally relaxed enough to lean back more against Die's chest, letting out another breath. When people started milling around, gathering up equipment, he sighed and whispered to Die. "Is there somewhere we can go... alone?"

Die nodded a little, pulling back from him and taking his hand. He led them down the hallway and into a small room labeled Thinking Room. He slipped inside and pulled the door shut behind them, pushing the little lock button on the door and taking Kyo to the couch. He settled down and patted the seat next to him, the light in the room very dim.

Kyo looked around the room with some appreciation before sitting on the couch and curling back up against Die, still fighting his way through the murky thoughts in his head. "I hate this... I hate this part of me... this fucking pit inside."

Die slipped his arm around the other, pulling him close to his side. He leaned his chin on the other's head. "I love every single piece of you, even the negative bits."

Kyo grunted softly and allowed Die to pull him close, trying not to squirm. He glanced up at his lover then bit his lip, reaching up to scratch his chest, probably harder than necessary. "Usually... I can relieve this by... finding something sharp."

Die's eyes slid down to the other's nails, watching as he dug at his chest a bit. He gently grasped his hand and brought it to his lips, pressing a kiss to his fingertips. "Can we try another way and if that doesn't work... then I'll leave you to your devices?"

Kyo shifted and looked up at Die, taking a moment to appreciate how damn beautiful his lover was in the soft light of the room. He snorted as the bitter thought of, you don't deserve him, filtered in his head before he chased it away. "And what way did you have in mind?"

"Lay down on your front," Die murmured, getting up and waiting until the other did as he asked. He settled down on his knees beside the couch. He reached out and gently began to massage the other, following the actions of his hands with those of his mouth.

Kyo did as Die asked then let out a soft sound as the other started massaging him, his muscles far too tense for his liking. He let his eyes slide shut, his body trying to relax.

Die leaned into the harder muscles, intentionally doing it in a far firmer manner than was necessary, trying to cause him some amount of pain in a manner that it was acceptable and even expected.

The vocalist shifted and groaned when Die hit a particularly sore muscle hard, the small amount of pain it caused making him shiver slightly. "Hnn..."

Die paid close attention to the other and how things were affecting him, wanting to ensure he was doing his part in this. He pushed against the other, working his way down his back and closer to his ass, knowing the lower back could be horrid.

Kyo was finally unwinding, the knot inside him easing up little-by-little. He couldn't help fidgeting though, shifting against the couch some. He had just settled again when Die hit a spot just above his ass that made him groan, pain shooting up his spine. "F-uck!"

Die chuckled a little and pushed down on it again. "Stubborn, baby." He kissed his upper back as he worked out the knot.

Kyo grunted, turning his head back to look at Die with a look of disgruntlement. "Bite me."

"I was talking about your muscle, but okay." He leaned down and yanked his pants down enough to reveal one ass cheek, sinking his teeth into it enough to hurt, but not enough to draw blood.

Kyo was not expecting Die to actually bite him, much less on the ass and the action drew a surprised yelp from his lips. He wriggled a bit, another sound escaping him that had nothing to do with surprise.

Die let out a little laugh, kissing the area he'd bitten before going back to massaging the other. "You asked for it."

Kyo huffed and shook his head before readjusting and getting comfortable again, feeling less and less moody, though it was still there.

Die worked his way over Kyo's entire back and then down the backs of his thighs, even massaging his ass before his hands started to ache. He plopped down on his butt and held his hands out with a whine. "Please?"

Kyo moved and sat up, looking at Die's hands sympathetically, reaching out to take them, squeezing lightly. "Thank you, baby. It helped..."

Die groaned lightly when the other started to massage his hands. He looked pleased with the outcome. "That's not all of it, just... need my hands back in shape is all."

Kyo drop one of Die's hands, focusing on a single one for now, griping it in his own and squeezing then using his thumbs to massage the palm. After a moment, he moved to the fingertips and brushed his own against the calluses there before going back to massaging, doing each finger slowly.

Die groaned as the other got toward the end of the whole thing. "God, baby, you do this fantastically."

Kyo chuckled softly and finally finished the one hand, pulling it to his mouth to brush his lips over the back of it then grabbing Die's other hand, giving it the same treatment. "I paid attention when we were getting massages back in the day."

"I did, too." He smiled after a moment and leaned in to kiss him on the lips. "But... are you serious, did it help at all?"

Kyo pecked Die's lips then nodded. "Yeah, it did... gave me something else to focus on. It's still there but not as severe."

Die nodded a little, pulling his hand back from the other and shifting to straddle his lap, rubbing his hands down the other's chest and sides, dragging his fingers roughly, leaving red trails behind.

Kyo raised his hands to grip Die's hips when he slid into his lap, letting out a groan at Die's fingers, his body shivering a bit. "Die..."

"Mmm... hush, baby... I know what you need." Die raked his nails up his sides, making sure not to actually cut him, but put it in as much as possible.

Kyo leaned back against the couch, holding on to Die tightly as he relished the sting of nails digging into his skin. He moaned lowly, unable to resist rolling his hips up a bit.

Die pushed toward him, grunting softly, unable to help that he wanted him, despite this not being about him at all. He sniffed a little and reached to grab the other's hair, yanking him back and exposing his neck, scraping his teeth over it. He let out a rough sort of moan, his palm running roughly over the other's crotch, knowing the harshness of it would get his lover riled up.

Kyo groaned, shuddering at the rough treatment, loving every second of it, his cock twitching in response. "Hnng, Die... fuck!"

Die shifted closer to him and leaned in to kiss his neck gently. After a moment, he sighed softly, breath huffing out over the other's skin. He licked his lips a little and nuzzled him a bit as he continued to rub over his cock harshly. He only hoped this was considered helping Kyo's issues.

The smaller man slipped his hands up to scratch down Die's back, bucking his hips into his touch, his mind driven with lust now as pleasure-pain coursed through him. He needed more though to push away the black cloud that had descended upon him. He turned his head to nip at Die's ear then whispered into it lowly, "Fuck me... please."

It took everything in Die not to react in a surprised manner. But the truth was, he hadn't expected Kyo to say such a thing. He nodded a little and shifted against him, pushing his hand up to Kyo's zipper and tugging it down before flicking open his belt and the button on his jeans. "No lube," he huffed out, more of a comment on the fact that he had none than anything else.

Kyo shook his head and spat into his hand, reaching down to slip it into Die's pants and stroke over his cock, wetting it as best as he could. "Don't care."

Die's breath hitched in his throat and he groaned softly. "Mmnnnggg!" He licked his lips a little and tugged Kyo's pants down around his thighs. "Turn over and stick that fine ass up in the air for me, baby." He stood up and quickly unfastened his pants, hoping Kyo would be ready fast.

Kyo pulled his hand away and did as Die asked, pushing his rear up in the air. He glanced back at his lover with dark eyes, murmuring, "Don't hold back."

"Don't worry; too worked up to hold back." Die grabbed his hips and positioned himself, pushing in with a grunt. "Oh lord," he hissed out, "so fucking tight."

Kyo let out groan, shifting and pushing back against Die, relishing the pain he felt from being taken this way. Yes, this is what he needed. "F-uck!"

"Holy shit." Die couldn't even seem to control himself. After a moment, he started to thrust into the other, not starting slow or anything, just fucking him hard and quick.

Kyo growled and clawed at the couch, looking for purchase. He arched his back and pushed Die deeper inside him with a low cry, his cock throbbing between his legs.

Die kept moving, faster and faster, little whimpering sounds coming out every few seconds. He shoved into the other and paused, leaning over Kyo and reaching under him, raking his nails up Kyo's stomach.

Kyo was falling apart, tumbling so close to the edge as Die drove into his body repeatedly. When he felt the sharp sting of Die's nails on his stomach, his body jerked and he was suddenly cumming hard, spilling onto the couch beneath them, crying out Die's name.

The guitarist was almost shocked as his lover came all over the couch. He shuddered and groaned, his hand sliding down to Kyo's cock to jerk him off a few times while he was still in the throes of passion. He kissed his shoulder and thrust in a few more times in just the right way, trying to get off as fast as possible.

Kyo moaned and shuddered as Die continued to move within him, his body clenching around his cock. He was reeling from slight shock that he'd cum so fast and so hard. "Die... God~!"

Die pushed in a few more times and then stilled as he started to cum. He didn't pull out, just letting Kyo feel him as he filled him up. "Fuck, baby..." he murmured softly.

Kyo finally slumped forward, resting on his elbows to avoid the mess beneath him. He let out a sound as he felt Die filling him, using his body to milk his lover. Already, he was feeling lighter and more like himself.

The moment he was done, Die whimpered softly and slipped his arm around the other's midsection. He rested his forehead against the other's shoulder, panting softly. "Better?" he asked softly.

Kyo reached back to thread his fingers in Die's hair, letting out a soft sound. "A lot, actually. Thank you."

Die slowly pulled out and then settled back, licking his lips a little. "Good." He smiled and reached to gently pat Kyo's ass.

Kyo grunted as Die pulled out, feeling slight pain, but nothing he couldn't handle. He turned and leaned in, kissing Die deeply. He pulled away with a sigh and looked around, wrinkling his nose. "Guess we better clean up before someone comes looking for us..."

Die shifted a little and allowed Kyo to sit up. "Or we could let them see it," he murmured softly, laughing a moment after. He moved back and started to get his clothing back in order.

Kyo smirked and nipped Die's bottom lip. "I'm sure it wouldn't be the first mess they've come across..." He stood up, wincing a little as soreness settled in. He glanced down at his stomach and ran a finger over one of Die's scratches that had broken the skin, a slight shiver going through him. "Very nice..."

Die grinned at him and then shrugged. "Couldn't help myself... what can I say?" Die was quiet for a moment and then, finally, stood up. "I'll clean this up, you get cleaned up yourself, hmm?"

Kyo nodded and simply got all of his clothing back on, leaving the room to go and get himself fully back in order.

Chapter Text

Die shifted his weight from foot-to-foot, licking his lips a little as he fished out his electronic cigarette. He pushed one hand through his hair, smiling as a few straggling fans made their way past the bus, waving a bit as they left. He lifted one hand in parting, and then checked the fluid level on his cigarette before turning it on and taking a drag from it.

Kyo had been hiding in the bus for a while after the show, waiting on everything to settle down. He kept peering out the window and when there appeared to finally be only staff and band members present, he slipped off the bus and moved to stand by Die. Gesturing towards the electronic cigarette, he asked, "How is that thing?"

Die smirked a little when Kyo came out, holding it out to him at the question. "Here. This one doesn't have any nicotine in it anyway and it's just vapor, won't hurt a thing."

Kyo took it and pulled in a drag from it, humming in appreciation at the menthol flavor that filled his mouth. He blew out the smoke-like vapor and smiled, watching it curl into the night air then disappear. "Nice..."

"It is nice. Same feel as the cigarette and none of the addicting, harmful shit." His eyes landed on the other's mouth as the vapor disappeared into the night air, licking his lips a little at the sight.

The vocalist nodded and took another, longer drag, smirking ever so slightly as he let the vapor slide out between his lips slowly, fixing Die with a dark look.

Die felt heat spiral down toward his groin as he stared at the other man's lips while he smoked the cigarette. Finally, he looked away with a low groan, leaning back against the side of the bus and closing his eyes. "You taunt me without trying."

Kyo blew out his current mouthful of vapor and chuckled lowly. "Who said I wasn't trying?" He shifted his weight and rested his shoulder against the bus, facing his lover. In a low tone, he murmured, "It's been too long."

"Oh?" he chuckled a bit, "Mmm... well, then it was working for sure." He moved his hand up to rub over his nose and then sniffed. "It has been."

Kyo let out a huff then pushed himself upright, licking his lips. "If I thought we could get away with it, I'd take your ass, right here against the bus." He smirked then took another puff off the fake cigarette, finding that he enjoyed it quite a bit.

Die inclined his head toward the sky, a little smile on his lips. "You so would... and knowing that you would makes it all that much better to just be standing here, even if we can't."

He laughed then looked around them, noting that the only people around were a few staff members, who were not paying attention. After a few moments consideration, he took the step that closed the distance between him and Die and leaned up to press his lips to the other's upturned jaw.

Die let out a little sound at the action. "Baby... you tempt me so friggin bad." He tilted his head a little and then murmured, "Need a fucking hotel room so goddamn bad."

"Consider it payback for all the damn tempting you do on stage. I find it difficult to keep my eyes to the front." Kyo snorted then looked around, chewing his bottom lip. "Yeah, we do, but we aren't scheduled to stop tonight."

Die let out a groan and pushed away from the bus, his eyes darting up to the venue and then down the street. After a moment, he seemed to come up with an idea. "Truck stop... the showers for truckers. We'll use them, say we're too icky and suggest it and Nora will let us."

Kyo brought his hand up to run through his hair, wrinkling his nose at the stiffness he felt there. "Brilliant... and not entirely untrue." He pulled out his phone, shooting off a text to Nora, adding in something about the steam from the shower being helpful to his voice. It wasn't a full minute before he received one back, saying that she would make arrangements. "Done."

Die smirked a little. "Good... then we can fix a few things that way. We'll just take the handicap stall there." He reached over and took the cigarette from him, taking in a few drags and then turned it off and put it back in his pocket.

Kyo blew out his last mouthful of vapor then nodded. "Sounds like a plan." He shifted anxiously, already anticipating shoving Die against the shower wall.

The guitarist glanced back toward the trailer, seeing them loading the last few pieces. "We're almost out of here," he murmured, pushing away from the bus and starting toward the door, intent on getting his bag ready for this.

Kyo nodded and followed Die, waving to the other three band members as he slipped onto the bus, heading straight towards the back to get his own bag and a change of clothes.

Die quickly shoved a few items of clothing in a bag: a condom, some lube, and his shower bag. With that done, he settled down and started to clip his nails, nail file resting on his leg while he concentrated on getting the length right.

Kyo watched with some amusement as Die primped himself then glanced down at his own nails, huffing slightly and yanking the nail file from Die to smooth them out some so he wouldn't feel like he was tearing his lover's skin to shreds.

Die glanced up at Kyo, smirking a bit at him before mouthing the words, "So considerate," chuckling a little just after and then yawning as he clipped the last one and scooped his clippings into a tiny pile.

Kyo snorted softly, tossing the file back at Die then leaning back, feigning a nap as the bus started rolling. He crossed his legs and arms, trying not to squirm. He prayed the truck stop was nearby and not like two hours down the road instead.

The guitarist caught the nail file and started to file his nails so there weren't any hangnails. He smirked a bit and then got up and put the file away and the clippings into the trash can. Plopping back down, he sighed softly and rubbed at his head a bit.

Kyo shifted and rubbed his arms a bit. He leaned closer to Die, murmuring, "I'm going to fuck you raw."

"You'd better..." he whispered back, closing his eyes and letting his head hit the headrest behind him, "You'd fucking better."

Kyo let that thought tide him over as they rolled down the road, his own eyes slipping shut. After about twenty minutes, Nora came to the back area they were sitting in and informed them that they would stopping shortly, a knowing look on her face as she moved back towards the front. "Finally..." Kyo picked up his bag, slinging it over his shoulder and moving to peer out the window, the lights of the truck stop filtering in.

Die picked up his bag as well and bit on his lip a little, anticipating so much of what was coming. He paused by his bunk and dug around; finally pulling out a small waterproof vibrator, thinking Kyo might find it amusing at the least... if he had the balls to bring it out. He shoved it in the bag and then headed after Kyo, feeling the bus come to a complete stop.

Kyo didn't look back as he stepped off the bus, sure Die was following him. He made his way inside and to the waiting area, letting Nora take care of payments. A few minutes passed them by and rather rapidly, Daisuke was called over the speakers, followed by, "Your shower is ready." He stepped in and found the largest stall, he moved into it and waited for Die to join him, thankful the place was empty.

Die trudged in after Kyo, glad that it wasn't the kind where they had to go to a specific stall once their name was announced. That would have been awkward for them to get into the stalls together. He quickly got undressed next to the little bench and grabbed the mesh bag with all the things in it he'd need, laying his towel on top of his belongings. He peered under the stall, seeing Kyo's feet and legs, and then joining him in the shower.

Kyo grinned as Die joined him then moved over to the faucet, turning it on warm then angling the spray so they both could wash without being in each other's way. "This is nice." He chuckled and grabbed up his shampoo that he'd brought with him, starting to soap up his hair.

Die stared at Kyo as he started to wash off, his eyes burning with something far more than just his usual lusty look. He grabbed his wrists and pushed him back against the wall, sealing his mouth over the other man's, grinding his lower half against him urgently. Washing was far from his mind and he wanted to make that perfectly clear to Kyo.

Kyo had about a second to see the way Die was staring at him before he was pinned against the wall. His first instinct was to fight, squirming against Die then groaning into his mouth as the other ground against him, sending shocks of pleasure coursing through his body.

Die kissed him until he couldn't stand it anymore, pulling back to take in a large lungful of air, tugging Kyo to where he could rinse his hair out. "Shower later, fuck now," he hissed out in an almost desperate sort of manner.

Kyo grunted then quickly rinsed the soap from his hair before turning on Die, shoving him roughly against the wall and resuming their kiss, pushing his tongue into the guitarist's mouth. When he pulled away, he was slightly breathless. "Lube's in my bag... get it. Unless you want me to fuck you without."

Die arched toward Kyo as he was pushed against the wall. He grunted a little when the other told him about lube. He grabbed his bag from where he'd placed it on the ledge and shoved a tube of lube into the other's hands. "Condom in there if you want it, too." He almost hoped he did, wanted him to find the vibrator if nothing else.

Kyo took the lube then smirked, moving to dig for the condom as well, knowing the slickness of it would speed things up. As he was searching for the familiar foil package, his hand brushed over something else and he pulled it out, discovering a waterproof vibe. He let out a low chuckle and brought it back over to Die. "Been shopping have you?"

Die raised his gaze to Kyo's own as he found the vibrator. He allowed his lips to turn up in a little grin. "Whatever am I supposed to do without you to fulfill me on all these long, lonely nights?" He reached down to stroke over his own erection, grunting a bit as he worked it to full hardness, hoping Kyo would enjoy the show of it. "I had to find something to help me, baby."

Kyo watched Die stroke himself with lust burning in his eyes. His own cock was twitching and he reached down to almost idly stroke it. "Show me... prep yourself with it."

Die swallowed a bit, reaching to take it from the other. He grabbed the little red vibe and licked over his lips as he held it out to Kyo. "Lube me up, baby."

Kyo popped the top on the lube and reached out, squirting a good amount onto the tip of the vibe then setting the lube on the little shelf in the shower stall before moving over to Die, running his hand down his chest, unable to resist touching him.

Die debated what to do with the fact that he wasn't laying down right then. Finally, he murmured, "Baby, hold my leg." He lifted up a leg and waited until Kyo had hold of it before leaning against the wall more fully and reaching down to put the vibe against himself. He pushed the top to turn it on and groaned as it started to relax him enough to slide in.

Kyo chuckled and held Die's leg, watching his actions with the vibe and groaning a little. "Even like this, you're still so goddamned sexy, baby."

Die humped up toward Kyo, whimpering a little bit. "Thank you," he breathed out. After a moment or so, he pushed it in and started to thrust it. "Oh god!" he whispered softly.

As Kyo watched Die, he groaned softly, shifting closer and reaching down to wrap his fingers around Die's cock, stroking lightly. The position was awkward, but he kept hold of Die's leg, eventually shifting a bit to use the wall for support. "Fuck, Die... is this what you do when I'm not around? Tease yourself like this?"

Die's hair fell down in his face, shielding him from Kyo's direct gaze. He let out the softest of moans, still plunging the vibe in and out of himself, enjoying the slim, slick feel of it going in and out of his body. "I do... always," he murmured.

Kyo let out a low sound, his cock throbbing as his mind provided him with a mental image of Die writhing on their bed, pumping the vibe into himself. After another moment, he couldn't stand it and leaned in a bit to press his erection against Die's thigh, groaning. "You've got me so damn hard."

Die grunted a bit, pulling the vibe out of his ass. He slid it up over his balls and then across the base of his dick with a soft groan. "Kyo... take me. Make me fucking cum already."

Kyo took the vibe away from Die and set it on the shelf with the other things then grabbed the condom, slipping it on quickly before grabbing Die and turning him around, pushing him to bend over. He grasped Die's hips, positioned himself, then pushed into his body with one thrust, moaning as tight heat enveloped him. "Fuck yes!"

Die pressed himself against the wall and groaned as Kyo pushed into his body. He arched his back, causing his ass to present a bit more fully to Kyo. "Come on, baby... fuck me hard."

Kyo growled and quickly started thrusting into Die with short, hard thrusts, building a fast pace. The sound of their joining filled the shower area with lewd, wet slapping sounds.

There was a soft cough from the next stall over and Die let out a little gasp. "I... a-ah!" He groaned softly, trying to thrust back toward him.

Kyo snickered softly, pushing that much harder into Die's body, groaning. "Your ass is so fucking hot."

Die let out a tiny sound, his dick incredibly hard, the head of it ruddy with his desire. "Fuck me harder!" He already felt like he was gonna cum and he just wanted it hard enough to manage it.

Kyo growled and shifted them both, pulling Die's hips back some then bending his knees before slamming into him impossibly hard, fingertips digging into Die's skin hard enough that he was sure there'd be bruises later. "Fuck yes!"

Die let out a strangled cry and started to spurt his cum out over the wall in front of him, unable to even remotely slow it down. He whimpered a bit, hanging his head down, panting.

Kyo's kept up the pace as Die came, thrusting into his clenching body until he couldn't stand it anymore and pulled out, yanking the condom off then thrusting into Die's body once more before cumming inside him with a low moan.

Die let out a startled cry, feeling the other's cock plunge back into him. He let out a little whimper, pushing back toward him while he started to cum in his ass.

Kyo finally stilled and put his hands on either side of Die's head, bracing himself as he panted harshly. "God..." He rested his forehead against Die's back, groaning softly. "You are... amazing."

"No... you are," Die murmured softly. He let out a tiny chuckle. "Who just got a show?" he asked quietly.

Kyo found himself flushing a little and shook his head, murmuring, "Not sure."

Shinya cleared his throat and sighed. "I did, thank you very much." He sounded more amused than annoyed though. "I would have left and come back later, but I was already in here when I realized what was going on." With that, he grabbed up his stuff and disappeared from the showers, leaving them alone.

Kyo winced slightly and made a mental note to make it up to the drummer later. Maybe he'd buy him some fancy bubble bath or something.

Die gasped as their question was answered by Shinya. Out of all the people he'd expected, it hadn't been Shinya. He blushed and then let out a soft groan. "Oh man... we owe him on that one." He turned off the vibe and moved to wash it off.

Kyo huffed and moved away from Die, smirking as his cum dripped out of the other's ass. "Yeah, I suppose so. I didn't even hear him come in." He wrinkled his nose then moved under the spray once more, turning it more towards hot.

"He's always quiet," he murmured, carefully moving under the spray and starting to wash his body off. "But... it's okay, I needed you so bad, it doesn't matter."

Kyo nodded in agreement then smiled softly, feeling less sexually charged and more just exhausted now, but in a good way. "I always need you." He paused for a moment to lean over and kiss Die's shoulder.

Die smiled, tilting his head a little and reaching to put some soap bubbles on Kyo's nose, winking at him as he did it.

Kyo wrinkled his nose and flailed a bit at Die. "Oi!" He leaned his face into the water to wash them off, then goosed Die's ass for good measure.

Die yelped a bit and then chuckled. "Mmm... you're amazing, you know that?"

Kyo grinned and hung his head slightly before slipping his arms around Die's waist, pulling him close. "You're lying... but I love you anyway."

"I'm not lying at all. I'd never lie to you." Die rubbed over his lover's back gently. "And I love you, too."

Kyo hummed softly, nuzzling into his neck. "You make me all warm and fuzzy, stop it." He smiled against Die's skin. No matter how much he grumbled, he truly loved their sweet moments after sex.

Die kissed his cheek and rubbed over his hair. "Let's finish up so we don't keep everyone forever and so Toshiya and Kaoru aren't afraid to come in here." He laughed softly, reaching for his soap.

Kyo snorted and nodded, grabbing his soap again, starting to wash off. "I wonder if they'll shower together...."

"Mmm... wouldn't put it past them." Die smirked a bit and finished up washing, quickly getting his hair washed as well.

Kyo shrugged and moved under the spray to rinse off, taking a moment to stand there and let it hit the back of his neck with a sigh. "I dunno, I'm not even sure they've gotten past the awkward cuddling stage."

Die chuckled. "That's true, we have no proof. But... both of them are so fucking horny, I'm sure they might have done something at least."

Kyo laughed. "Maybe so...I dunno. I'm just glad Kaoru's off our case." He grinned and ran his hands over Die's hips before moving out of the spray and to the other side of the stall to grab his towel, starting to dry off while Die finished up. "In other news, I am so ready to be home."

Die nodded a little. "Home would be nice at this point." He sort of leaned toward Kyo, pursing his lips a little, wondering how the last few dates were going to go. He honestly was worried about Kyo by this point, though he wasn't saying anything because he didn't want to make him upset. On the other end, he sort of wondered if anyone was going to remember his birthday this year.

Kyo offered Die a smile, then went about drying off, brushing his teeth and such, missing the look on his lover's face. He made one of his own as he thought about going home and what all he needed to do once they were back in Japan. He was experiencing more and more pain with his throat as this tour went on and he was starting to worry about it. Of course, he wouldn't mention it to the others, especially Die. He hated to worry them.

Die watched Kyo wander around. He got up and followed after the other, doing his own cleaning up, shaving and brushing, and then combing his hair. He finished up as fast as he could, wandering off toward the shop area to try and get some beer for the night.

Kyo dressed then gathered their things, following Die into the shop afterwards. He wasn't interested in any of the snacks and moved over to the shelves of trinkets and souvenirs, reaching out to poke at a figure of a cat that supposedly was life-like, lost in his own thoughts.

Die checked out with a mini keg of Heineken and a refill for his vapor cigarette. He snuck in a bag of M&Ms and paid, wandering back out to the bus. He went to the back of the bus and settled down with his beer, grabbing a can and popping it open.

Kyo finally went and grabbed a couple of cold teas and bought them, struggling a little with the money and language, but managing it. He made his way back to the bus, feeling exhausted now after the show, his and Die's activities in the shower, and his sudden downturn in mood. Letting out a huff as he boarded the bus and went to the back where Die was, curling up next to him before laying his head on his shoulder. "Nice keg..."

Die smirked a little as Kyo came and settled down next to him. He took another swig from the can and then licked his lips. "Yeah... I thought it'd be a nice touch after the show tomorrow."

Kyo hummed and opened up one of the teas he'd gotten, sipping and making a face. "Ugh, way, way too sweet." He sighed and set it down.

Die let out a little huff and then pointed toward a spare cup and a tea bag. "Make another cup and split it with the other one."
Kyo looked at the cup and considered it before shrugging and waving his hand, digging into the bag for the other one which was a different brand and had honey in it. He opened it and sipped it, look faintly relieved. "This one is better." Tea crisis averted, he settled back against Die, closing his eyes.

Die made a little sound and then chuckled, settling back and closing his eyes. "Good. Sucks to pay for things that you don't like. Try giving it to Toshiya, I think he might not mind it being sweeter, then at least it's not wasted."

Kyo shrugged some. "I can't be bothered to get up right now. I'll ask him later." He yawned and shifted some, getting more comfortable then pulling out his phone to check the time, smirking a little as he noticed that it was 11:58, two minutes until it would be Die's birthday.

Die licked his lips again, finishing off the can of beer and then setting it down on the table with a burp. "Mmm... I think I need to take a whizz." He stretched a bit and started to get up.

Kyo bit his lip then reached out to grab Die's hand, stopping him. "Wait a minute?"

Die arched his eyebrow at Kyo and then settled again. "Mmm... okay," he smirked and reached to run his hand over Kyo's back.

Kyo glanced at his phone's clock once again then turned and cupped Die's face, kissing him softly. "Happy Birthday, baby."

Die looked a bit surprised, letting out a tiny gasp. He beamed at Kyo. "Thank you, baby, you're amazing.

Kyo smiled and shrugged. "How could I forget your birthday?" He placed another small kiss to Die's lips then pulled back. "As a present, I'll sing any song tomorrow night you want me to..." He knew such a thing could be a challenge but he wanted to make Die happy in a way that physical gifts wouldn't.

Die debated it for a moment, trying to decide what he wanted the other to sing for him the next night. "Ruten no Tou," he murmured softly, "I think I'd like to hear you try that again... but... you have to convince Kaoru to add it in."

Kyo thought about it for a moment then nodded, smiling. "I'll see what I can do... he shouldn't have too much of an issue with it... but you never know with him."

Die smiled and shifted closer to his baby, holding him around the waist. "Mmm... you're amazing." He reached to push Kyo's hair back from his forehead. "So... was the bathroom thing intentional or... just a side-effect?"

Kyo nuzzled into Die's touch, then let out a chuckle. "Partially intentional, you're cute when you squirm... but the timing just happened to be right."

Die chuckled, reaching to tug Kyo's hair a little before he made to get up, seeing if Kyo was going to stop him again or not.

Kyo huffed at the hair tug then smirked, putting his hand on Die's thigh. "How bad you gotta go?"

Die paused, halfway out of his chair. He gave a little shrug. "Like... normal?"

Kyo hummed, wondering where the line was and how much Die could take and even if he'd enjoy this sort of game. "Wait..."

Die's eyes sparkled a bit as he sat back down, wondering where Kyo had managed to pull this one from. He wondered, too, if he knew how far to push it. He supposed he'd find out. "Very well," he murmured, shifting closer to Kyo and leaning on him a bit. "Hand me another beer will you?" he pointed to the half empty twelve-pack under the table near Kyo's feet.

Kyo grinned a bit then reached to get Die his beer. He knew it must seem like this was coming out of nowhere, but over the past week or so, Kyo had been surfing fetish sites, looking for something different to do for Die's birthday that they might could get away with. He hadn't turned up much, but this had been one of the suggestions.

Die took the proffered beer and popped it open, taking a healthy swig of it before putting it on the table and rooting through his bag. He came up with the bottle of solution for the e-cig and fished out the cigarette, putting the solution in and offering it to Kyo. "Mint chocolate chip... sounds terrible, but so good."

Kyo watched with interest as Die prepared the cigarette then took it with a skeptical look. "Mint chocolate chip?" He raised an eyebrow then took a puff, wincing when the vapor and air hit his throat wrong, sending him into a coughing fit.

Die peered at the other and then frowned, taking it back and lightly rubbing his lover's back. "I'm sorry, baby, I didn't mean to make you end up coughing!" He reached for a water and shoved it toward Kyo, not sure what else to do.

Kyo shook his head, coughing a bit more before finally getting it under control, taking the water and drinking it. He finally let out a sigh, looking almost embarrassed. "No, it just hit wrong."

Die patted his back a bit and then shrugged. "If you're sure, then... good." He leaned back in closer to him and took a drag of it himself.

Kyo nodded then leaned into Die, hiding the look of pain on his face. After a moment, he licked his lips and spoke again. "The flavor was surprisingly good though... tasted like the ice cream."

Die nodded. "It does..." he still suspected something more was going on, but he didn't really feel like pushing it, especially on his birthday. Maybe things weren't as bad as he was thinking they were... maybe he could ignore it just a little longer.

After a few minutes of silence, he reached over and placed his hand on Die's stomach, pressing slightly. He wanted to forget his own issues for the moment and continue on with their little game.

Die let out a little gasp and sort of pushed into the touch, a blush on his face from the pure idea of Kyo enjoying him like this. "Mmm..." he shifted slightly and started to sip at his beer again.

Thankful the others on the bus were either asleep or otherwise occupied, the vocalist shifted and placed a few light kisses to Die's neck. "If we were home, I would have you let it go anywhere you wanted... even the carpet or bed."

Die groaned faintly, closing his eyes. He imagined it and found himself becoming quickly aroused, which would only help him with the whole holding idea of their session, that was for certain.

Kyo chuckled and pressed against Die's stomach again, a little harder this time then let his hand dip downward, brushing over his crotch before pulling back and resettling himself against his lover.

Die almost wanted to choke on his beer as Kyo groped at him. This... this was pleasant, for sure. He smirked a bit. "Mmm... baby," he murmured.

The shorter smirked up at Die, letting his hand run idly over his thigh. "I have a confession....I love teasing you."

Die's cheeks flushed a bit and he pursed his lips. After a moment, he murmured, "You know... I love you teasing me, too."

Kyo responded by moving his hand up higher and cupping Die's length, pressing against it with his palm. "Good..."

Die's hips pushed up involuntarily, a little groan leaving his lips as he tried to rub up against Kyo's hand. He glanced at him and then smirked, "C'mon, baby... take it out and jerk me off."

Kyo looked up at Die, licking his lips. "Well, since you asked so nicely..." He waited a moment, teasing Die some more before shifting and unzipping the other's pants, freeing his length from the confines of his boxers. He swirled his thumb over the head then started slowly jerking Die off, mming softly.

Die started pushing up into Kyo's touches, whimpering a little as he felt the other's touch on his dick. When Kyo's full palm slid around him, he let out a groan that was purely and entirely erotic, his head falling back, beer clutched tightly in his hand.

Kyo's arousal spiked as Die started making the most delicious of noises and he sped up his strokes, seeking more of the sounds despite the fact that they would easily be overheard.

Die could already feel his excitement ramping up, his heart thudding in his chest as the other jerked him off right where anyone could see him. He pursed his lips, letting out another little whimper.

A loud gasp was heard and then the sound of someone clearing their throat. Something slid onto the table and he looked up to see the other three gathered around, a small cake on the table.

Kaoru cleared his throat, looking away. "Um... happy birthday... and it appears we have poor timing."

Kyo was about to lean in to attack Die's neck again when someone gasping made him nearly jump out of his skin. He flushed a bit and quickly let go of Die's dick, yanking his nearby hoodie over it for the moment. "Erm..." He coughed a bit then scratched his head. "Nice cake," he offered lamely.

Toshiya just stood their laughing into his hand, finding the whole situation rather amusing. "Ha... looks like you were getting an early gift, eh?" He winked dramatically.

Shinya, on the other hand, was politely staring in the opposite direction. He cleared his throat then spoke. "Sorry to interrupt you two, we can wait a few minutes.."

Die coughed a bit and then murmured softly, "Um... it's- it's okay. Honestly, um... well, it was past midnight!" He flushed, pushing the hoodie down so it was covering his junk a bit better. He sniffed and shifted uncomfortably but then spied the cake again and beamed. "You all remembered so early into the day!" His smile could have lit the room.

Kaoru shifted from foot-to-foot. "Um... yeah, you think we'd forget you? We never have when we're all together, Die."

Kyo got over his embarrassment as he watched Die light up, reaching out to take his hand then grin up at the others. "You guys could've included me."

Toshiya waved his hand and beamed at Die. "Why do you always think we'll forget? We haven't yet!"

Kaoru glanced at Kyo and shrugged in a sort of apologetic manner. "We didn't because we knew you'd have plans of your own... or hoped... and obviously we were right. Maybe some communication would have been better." He glanced away again, a bit nervous to have seen what he had with Toshiya's prior issues with what he'd done.

Die looked between them all and then quietly offered, "Thank you so much..." He shifted around under the hoodie, trying to get his dick back in his pants, which was honestly a bit more effort than it was worth, causing him to curse under his breath.

Kyo peered up at Kaoru then shrugged. "Perhaps, but honestly, this was sort of spur of the moment." He glanced over at Die then coughed, standing up and shielding him from view for a moment. "Next time though..." he stood there a bit awkwardly before speaking again. "By the way, Kao, can we add "Ruten no Tou" to tomorrow's show?"

Toshiya took great joy in sniggering at Die's trouble, knowing it had to be a pain in the ass to deal with. He was completely oblivious of Kaoru's discomfort with the situation.

Die glowered a bit at Toshiya's reaction, shifting behind Kyo's makeshift shield and pushing the hoodie out of the way to lift up a bit and tuck himself back in the proper way. He managed to get zipped back up and shoved the hoodie back over his crotch since he still had an enormous tent in his pants.

Kaoru glanced at Kyo and nodded a bit. "Yeah, sure... sure... I'll slip it in somewhere." He glanced at Die and his face went a bit red. Flustered, he mumbled something about doing that now and went quickly toward the back of the bus.

Kyo nodded then glanced back at Die, seeing that he was covered. He sat down as Kaoru took off, raising an eyebrow. "What? No cake?"

Toshiya stopped laughing and peered after Kaoru, frowning the slightest bit. "Be right back guys, go ahead with the cake!" With that, he took off after Kaoru, finding him and placing a hand on his shoulder. "Hey... what's up?"

Shinya was rather unaffected by the whole situation and just shrugged, getting out the plastic knife they'd brought along to cut the cake, going about sectioning it into perfectly even pieces. "This is why it is so much easier to not date within the band... or business for that matter."

Die arched an eyebrow at the other and then murmured, "One cannot help what the heart wants, Shinya. And I'll have you know it's been a long time coming between me and Kyo. I've had it bad for him for a long time." He reached to scoop some icing off the piece he deemed as his own, sticking his finger in his mouth.

Kyo took his piece and halved it, scooping it onto Die's plate before digging into what was left. "It is a struggle sometimes for sure but as Die said, it's been a long time coming and it was really unavoidable..." He let his leg brush against Die's, a tender look in his eyes.

Shinya tasked and waved his hand. "I suppose so, but still, it just seems too sticky for me..." He shrugged his shoulder then started to eat his cake, focusing more on it than Die and Kyo.

Kaoru had reached his bunk and started digging around for paper and pen. He damn near jumped when Toshiya touched his shoulder and stared at him with wide eyes for a moment, knowing his embarrassed flush probably told his entire story. He sighed and looked away. "Saw too much... I'm sorry."

Toshiya bit his lip and lightly rubbed Kaoru's shoulder. "It's okay, really. Why are you so embarrassed by it? We all got a good eyeful of Die cock..."

Kaoru peered back at Toshiya and then looked down at his bag, finally finding a pen. "...Because of the other night. No more wrong ideas... you know?"

Toshiya blinked at Kaoru a bit then made an, "Oh," face before smiling and patting Kaoru's back. "Oh, no, I get it. It's fine... seriously." He was rather relieved that that was all there was to it and not anything else.

Kaoru pulled himself upright and leaned against the side of the bunk, studying Toshiya to make sure he wasn't pissed off. That wasn't going to be a good thing if he was, that much was for certain.

Toshiya looked at Kaoru, chewing his bottom lip a bit. "I really am sorry I totally overreacted the other night, but honestly, I was pretty damn smashed." He wanted to put any worries the other had to rest.

Kaoru stared at Toshiya, his eyes filled with emotions. He shrugged slightly and then smoothed out his shirt. "It's okay... I understand where you're coming from." It just had him running like a scared rabbit, that was all.

Toshiya nodded then looked away before glancing back at Kaoru, feeling shy. They were technically together at this point but had yet to do anything remotely relationship like, including kiss. He shrugged his shoulders then gestured toward the area the rest of the band were. "I think we should skip on the cake, yeah?"

Die grabbed his piece of cake and stabbed a fork into it, starting to eat it rather quickly. He was feeling two urgent needs and neither was going to go over well with any of the others hanging around. But he had a feeling he was going to have to put up with them for a while before cake-time was done.

Kyo, having the smallest piece of cake, finished his off first then leaned back against the couch, watching the others eat. He glanced at Die from the corner of his eye, wondering how his lover was fairing at the moment.

Shinya wasn't blind to the situation, but didn't want to run off either, so he sat there eating his cake for the time being. "So, Ruten no Tou, huh? Your request, Die?"

Die glanced up at Shinya and nodded a little. "Yeah... that obvious?" He smirked slightly, polishing off his cake and putting his fork down after giving it a good licking.

Shinya shrugged a little and smiled. "I've seen the way you get into that one..." He finished his cake then sat back, feeling a bit caught between the two couples. God only knew what Kaoru and Toshiya were up to now.

Die nodded a little and looked over at Kyo, then back at Shinya. "Thank you guys for the cake." He smiled and shifted slightly, the urge to pee hitting him a bit harder as his dick began to go flaccid. He put his hand on Kyo's thigh under the table and squeezed a bit, trying to let him know how he was being affected.

Shinya, not knowing about Die's full bladder or anything and just assuming that Die and Kyo could resume their activities later, made himself comfortable and peered at them both. "So, this has been one eventful tour..."

Kyo smirked slightly when he felt Die's hand on his thigh, subtly reaching down and placing his own over it, patting lightly. He knew from the way Die was squirming that he was probably getting pretty damn desperate by now, but the sadist in him loved it.

Die stared at Shinya, coughing a bit into his hand, trying to hide the pure horror he felt at the fact that the other was sticking around while he and Kyo were playing this twisted fetish game. He squirmed a bit and glanced at the drummer. "Yeah... very, very eventful... insanely so, in fact." He turned his hand over to hold Kyo's, squeezing a bit once again.

Kaoru bit his lip a slightly, a look of curiosity on his face at the way the other was staring at him. After a moment, he glanced back toward the others and then to Toshiya. Without a second thought, he grabbed the other, pulling him forward by the front of his shirt, hand sliding up into his hair. He tugged him against his body and leaned in to kiss him, grunting faintly as their lips contacted with one another.

Toshiya could only gasp as Kaoru grabbed him by the shirt, hands flailing a bit as the action threatened to throw him off balance. When their lips met, he melted into Kaoru's embrace, tingles going down his spine as he parted his lips, clearly eager for more.

Kaoru grunted softly into the kiss as he pushed Toshiya back against the bunk wall, grinding up against him a bit as he kissed him, clearly way too fucking hard up for his own good. His tongue slid out across Toshiya's lips, tasting him for the first time, a thrill slipping through his body. It was as good as he'd thought it would be. He pulled back a moment later though, knowing he was going to be labeled as a tease and he groaned a little, pushing his own hand through his hair. "Oh man..." he murmured.

Toshiya let out a whine as Kaoru grinded against him, the action causing fire to rush to his groin. He reached out to cling to the guitarist, flicking his own tongue out to tease at Kaoru's, moaning softly. The other pulling back only left him standing there, panting slightly as he stared at him with wide eyes, bright with arousal and emotion. "O-oh..."

Kaoru blinked a bit at the other, a flush shifting through his body. "Um... I think... we can be clear on the chemistry thing now." He let out a shaky little laugh, uncertain how to let on that he wasn't intending to go further just yet, but that he was, in fact, quite aroused by even just the kiss.

Toshiya let out a laugh then ran his fingers through Kaoru's hair. "You think...?" He knew the other was still hesitant, but part of him desperately wanted to shove him into his bunk and show him that it would all be okay.

Kaoru smiled softly, glancing away and backing up another step. He was too on edge to let things continue right then or he'd be soiling a perfectly good pair of underwear without meaning to. He hated to admit it, but he was horny as hell from just a kiss and that was just damn sad. He glanced back at the others. "I really do want a piece of cake and it looks like Shin cut us off some."

Toshiya hesitated a bit then leaned in to kiss Kaoru's cheek then nodded. "Yeah, okay, cake then..." He smiled and moved towards where the other guys were, knowing his cheeks were quite flushed.

Shinya crossed his arms and nodded. "I think the fans have become quite a bit attached to our meet and greet packages though I heard a few of them saying they preferred the more intimate atmosphere of special winners and such, which I can understand."

Kyo wanted to laugh as Shinya continued on about the tour, nodding his head in agreement. "Yeah, I suppose so. I find it stressful at times, but I do enjoy meeting everyone." He squeezed Die's hand particularly hard as the conversation went on, knowing his lover was probably to the breaking point.

Die made a little face. "But that'd disappoint so many other people. It'd be unfair." He sniffed a little and sighed, leaning on the table, thinking to himself how he would feel if his favorite bands did that to him after giving him the opportunity in the past. It seemed cruel. He shifted slightly, wincing as the shift put pressure on his bladder. His free hand slipped down to press over his stomach, which was slightly distended at this point.

Shinya licked his lips, reaching out to pluck a small bite of cake off the plate. "Yeah, it would be unfair. I like that this gives everyone a chance, though the business side of it puts a bad taste in my mouth, but you can't get around that."

Kyo sniffed and nodded. "Yeah, it would be difficult..." He shifted slightly, taking a moment that Shinya was looking at something else to slip his hand over Die's crotch, pressing a little harshly then relaxing again as the drummer looked their way.

Die damn near yelped as Kyo put his hand over his crotch. He grabbed his hand and put it over his belly, letting him feel how full his bladder was. He shifted again, shivering slightly and crossing one slim leg over the other, ducking his head to hide the look of distress on his face. After a moment, he gathered himself again and smiled at Shinya. "Where'd you find the cake?"

Shinya chuckled at the question. "Walmart, actually. We got it yesterday and kept it hidden."

Kyo smirked to himself, rubbing over Die's stomach a bit before pushing then pulling his hand away completely, stretching some. "It's not bad for Walmart. Pretty good actually..."

Die grunted a little, feeling a few drops of piss leak out from his dick into his underwear. Thankfully that wouldn't be noticeable at all and he ran a hand over his face to hide the grimace that accompanied the issue. He put his hands down and linked them on the table. He thought about getting up, unable to even talk right then with the battle waging below his belt.

Kyo noticed Die's actions and licked his lips, his own arousal spiking from it. He knew that Die was probably suffering quite a bit right now, but there wasn't much he could do about it without announcing to the rest of the band that he was going to piss himself.

Kaoru headed back over and settled down on one of the open seats, taking his piece of cake and smiling fondly at the group of them. "You're all so wonderful to be around, you know that?" It was like he'd sprouted a third head it was so absurd for him to be thanking them like this.

Shinya kept going on about the tour and fans and such until Kaoru came back and spoke. At that point, he shut up and just stared at their leader like he was insane. "Thank you?"

Toshiya sat next to Kaoru, eyebrows raised at the guitarist's statement, a chuckle bubbling out. "Kaoru... did you hit your head back there?"

Die arched an eyebrow at Kaoru, the shock of his statement, taking his mind off his bladder for the time being. He smirked slightly and licked his lips a little. "Yeah... hit your head real hard, didn't you?"

Kaoru glanced around and then glowered at Die for a moment. "What, I can't compliment you all on Die's birthday?"

Kyo chuckled softly and shook his head. "You can, but it is rather unusual..." He gave Kaoru and then Toshiya a knowing look, having a feeling that he knew exactly why their leader was so chipper.

Shinya smiled then hid a yawn behind his hand. "Well, I think it is far past my bedtime. Happy Birthday... and you are all wonderful." He stood and bowed to them before turning and heading for his bunk.

"As are you, Shinya. Thanks!" Die smiled a bit, watching the other wander off. He turned his attention to the other two. It wouldn't be so bad if he just wanted to get jerked off under the table. But having them sitting there while his 'big secret fetish' was brewing inside him was a whole other ballgame. He sniffed and wiped his hand over his nose, shifting again.

Toshiya reached out and patted Kaoru's back, beaming at him. "Ah Leader-sama, your joy is a foreign concept to us!"

Kaoru rolled his eyes at them and then shrugged. "Just happy is all... really... happy." He took a huge bite of his cake, determined to eat it all.

Toshiya felt his cheeks warm a bit as Kaoru admitted to being so happy, joy welling up inside him as he felt that he was partly responsible for it. He picked up his own piece of cake and dug in, smiling. "I wanted to get you the Hello Kitty cake they had but they said no..."

Kyo waved to Shinya then glanced at Die from the corner of his eye, noting that he seemed more and more distressed at this point. He shifted and dropped his hands into his lap, holding them there a moment before slipping one onto Die's thigh, squeezing. "Hello Kitty... that would've been amusing."

Die let out a laugh, regretting it immediately as he spurted out a little more piss into his underwear from the tightening of his abdomen. If he completely lost it in front of friends and coworkers this was going to be really bad. But he also knew if he tried to get up, Kyo would stop him. The glinting in the other's eyes told him that quite clearly, along with the hand on his thigh.

Kaoru glanced between everyone at the table, his eyes coming back to Die. "You okay? Pull a muscle or something tonight?" He hated the idea of Die doing something like that with only a few dates left.

Kyo could only smirk as Die struggled to keep it all in. He felt a bit cruel at this point and hadn't intended on making him wait so long, but the rest of the band had forced the situation to be drawn out.

Toshiya was lost in thought, but when Kaoru asked Die about his pulled muscle, he turned towards the other guitarist, a look of concern on his face.

Die wanted to melt into the floor at that point. He tried to put on his best face and then sighed. "Um... I just..." then it hit him, he could just say his dick was still hard, they'd all seen it anyway and it didn't give away his fetish. "My dick's pushing on my clothing and it sort of hurts, that's all." He shrugged.

Kaoru choked a bit as Die pretty much told them he was still hard. He shoved the last bite of cake into his mouth and stood up. "I uh... completely forgot about that. I'm sorry, Die, that's cruel of us."

Kyo almost let out a laugh at Die's excuse, bringing his hand up to his mouth, coughing to cover it up.

Toshiya did choke, coughing a bit at the piece of cake he nearly inhaled then standing up too. "Oh, yeah... well, happy birthday then." He grinned, then grabbed Kaoru's wrist, pulling him away and back to the bunk area.

Kaoru stumbled off after Toshiya, flushing a bit as they vacated the area, embarrassed by what they'd interrupted.

Die, on the other hand, breathed a sigh of relief once they were gone and shoved the hoodie off his crotch. "Fuck," he hissed out, "Kyo, I have to go so fucking bad." He turned desperate eyes on him and then huffed out something that was supposed to be a laugh. "Are my eyeballs yellow yet? Because fuck!"

Kyo waited until the others were gone before moving and straddling Die's lap, hands pinning his shoulders back. "No, but your pants are about to be. How bad do you have to go, Die?" He shifted forward, pressing into Die some, showing him that he was still rather aroused at this point.

Die let out a whimper as Kyo mounted him. Normally, he'd have been all for this, but he didn't know how he felt about pissing himself in the middle of the bus when the others could probably hear, smell, and possibly walk in on it. But the feeling of Kyo's cock pressing against him shut that part of him up real quick. If Kyo was enjoying his fetish like this, then so be it. "So fucking bad," he murmured softly.

Kyo leaned down and pressed his lips to Die's for a quick, rough kiss then pulled back, his eyes dark. "Do it, Die... piss your fucking pants... right here, right now." He felt a thrill go through him, his hips bucking against Die slightly before he moved back a little. It was a risky thing, but that was probably half of why it was getting him so riled up.

Die stared up at Kyo, his heart pounding in his chest. Somehow, he'd envisioned this going a bit differently in his head. He'd assumed if he did end up with an accident, it'd truly be an accident, on the way to take care of his problem. But instead, Kyo was turning into an on-purpose. He supposed, that made it better... easier. He could blame it on that instead of on not being able to hold it any longer. He pushed his hips up a little and whispered, "I lost a little bit already... not on purpose," just to see how Kyo would react.

Kyo narrowed his eyes at Die's confession then reached down with his hand, running it over Die's jeans, finding the small wet spot there, tsking slightly as he pushed against Die's dick. "What if you'd lost it all? Pissed yourself while everyone was sitting there? How would you have felt?"

"Humiliated," Die replied immediately, his cheeks flushing a bit as he pushed up toward Kyo's hand. That hand encouraged him though, made him think if Kyo was going to have him be dirty, he'd pay for it with at least a wet hand. Determination set through him and he pushed out a rather large spurt, sure to soak his pants where Kyo was touching, an evil glint in his eyes.

Kyo opened his mouth to respond, to taunt Die a little more but snapped it shut as he felt the area his hand was currently touching become hot and wet. He narrowed his eyes and drew his hand back inspecting it then wiping it on the leg of Die's jeans. "That was uncalled for..."

Die smirked at him. "Mmm... I beg to differ." He took Kyo's hand and pressed it back over his crotch. "It's just piss... and you asked for it. Besides... if I let go you'll have it all over your pants as well, you know." He arched into the touch, pushing Kyo's hand against his dick with a little moan.

Kyo grunted and shifted some, not too sure how he felt about ruined pants, but at the same time, if Die was going to suffer, he supposed he could as well and they would wash anyway. He rubbed his hand over Die's dick then leaned back a bit, revealing his tented pants. "You have me so goddamned hard right now."

Die let out a little groan, reaching to touch Kyo's dick through his pants. He could feel his own arousal stirring, but after a moment, he could tell that there was no way he was getting fully hard until he pissed. But he wanted to fuck so badly that he couldn't even help it. He shifted slightly and then yanked Kyo forward against him. Without a moment's more hesitation, he let go. It all rushed from him so quickly that he could hear the steady hissing of it as it came out of his body. He let out a throaty moan as he felt his pants grow warm and wet, piss cascading down his crotch and pooling under him on the seat. It trickled down the legs of his pants and dripped off onto the floor. It just kept coming, so much of it when it wasn't going into the toilet, making a total mess over the pair of them. He reached between them, unfastening his pants quickly and taking his cock out, pushing out the last few spurts of it over the front of Kyo's pants, watching them darken and imagining the other pissing himself instead, his dick growing hard in his hand. "Oh god," he breathed out.

Kyo groaned as Die touched him then let out a sound of surprise as he was pulled forward. After barely a second, he felt and heard Die's piss flowing out of him then the unmistakable sound of it hitting the floor. He glanced down, watching it wet the front of Die's pants and pool in the seat with some amount of fascination and arousal.

When Die unfastened his pants and pissed on his own, Kyo let out a groan, the warmth feeling good to his erection, despite where it was coming from. "Fuck, Die... look at the mess you made..." he reached out and smeared around a few droplets of piss that clung to the head of Die's dick.

Die groaned, bucking into Kyo's touch. He couldn't help it, now he was just aroused as sin. He reached up, grabbing a handful of hair and yanked Kyo's neck back, licking up the column of it before he slid his hand around it, squeezing just slightly, knowing it'd set Kyo off. "You made me to do it... now you do it. You're in this with me, baby... in all the way."

Kyo shuddered as Die pulled his hair then licked his neck. He let out a groan as the other's hand slid around his neck, automatically swallowing as his dick throbbed. He looked down at Die for a moment then reached down, pulling himself free from his pants, stroking his cock some, smirking. "I'm too hard."

"Excuses," Die breathed out, his hand tightening just a tiny bit, though not enough to actually hurt Kyo at all. He just wanted to fuck with his head, not his voice or throat. He wet his lips a little and then reached for his lover's cock, starting to stroke his dick.

Kyo let out a low chuckle then groaned, the pressure Die was putting on his neck was just enough to make him feel fuzzy around the edges and to make his cock ache. He bucked into Die's hand for a moment then stopped, biting his lip and forcing himself to relax enough. It took him a moment, but he was finally able to push a spurt of piss out, grunting as it spattered onto his own pants.

Die wanted to groan the moment that Kyo indulged him. The warmth hit his own hand and he whined a little as he rubbed his hands over the fresh wet spots on Kyo's pants, knowing he hadn't created them. That somehow urged him on greatly, his dick coming to full attention now. "Oh god, Kyo," he whispered, amazed by how aroused this made him. Maybe Kyo had given him something more to look at in this respect, though he was sure this would be a once a year indulgence, if that at all.

Kyo loved the way Die reacted to his actions. Even if this was really the wrong time and wrong place to be doing this sort of thing, he wanted to give Die something special. He licked his lips then shifted, pointing his dick more towards Die's crotch before pushing out another spurt then letting it trickle out, not having the holding power that Die seemed to have. "Hnng, Die..."

Die groaned a little, watching Kyo, his hand still in place, one on Kyo's dick and one on his throat. He felt it splatter against him, dripping down his dick and he felt like he could cum just from the idea of this, much less it actually happening to him right then. He watched as piss kept trickling out of Kyo's dick, smirking a little, finding it erotic that Kyo couldn't keep as fine of control as he could. He slid his fingers through the warm drizzle and murmured, "Just let it out... if someone catches us, I'll say I did it all. Give it to me, baby, all over my shirt and my dick. C'mon." He couldn't believe he was asking for it like this, but it was so warm and pleasant to have Kyo doing it for him.

Kyo stared down at Die, swallowing around the pressure the other's hand was creating in his throat, moaning softly as he bucked his hips a bit and forced himself to piss as hard as he could, a steady stream coming out and splashing over Die's dick and the bottom of his shirt. "Fuck, Die, so dirty."

Die let out a soft groan, his pants growing warm again as Kyo started to piss on him fully. Knowing Kyo was being this dirty for him, and him alone, really got him going. Without being able to help it, he moved his hand from Kyo's cock to his own, jerking off rapidly as piss hit his cock. It didn't even take him a full minute before he was gone, his cum spurting up between them, splattering everywhere, his moans louder than they should have been, his hips jerking, a look of pure ecstasy on his face. "Kyo," he breathed out.

Kyo finished up with a final spurt then watched as Die started to frantically jerk off, a moan sliding past his lips as he saw the ecstasy on his lover's face. He reached down and began stroking himself, only to stop as Die began cumming. He ran his other hand over Die's dick, stroking the last bit out then bringing it up to his lips, smirking as he sucked his fingers into his mouth, cleaning them off.

Die groaned faintly, feeling honestly rather fulfilled by what had just happened. He reached for Kyo's cock, his free hand slipping down Kyo's chest and then to his balls while he jerked him off with the other hand. "Come on, baby... give it to me."

Kyo let out a soft moan as Die touched him, his hips bucking up a bit. He let the other jerk him off, sliding his hand down to his lower abdomen and scraping over the skin with his nails some, shivering. After a few moments, he started thrusting more into Die's hand, feeling his orgasm approaching. "Die..."

"That's right baby, come on... just like that. Cum all over my hand, sweetheart." He had no idea why he was showering the other in affectionate words in an attempt to get him off, but he really hoped it wasn't doing the opposite of what he wanted. His eyes flicked up to Kyo's and he licked his lips, letting him know how much he wanted this to happen.

The look in Die's eyes and, though he wouldn't quite admit it, the affectionate words were all it took to push him over the edge he'd been teetering on. With another buck of his hips, he moaned and started cumming, spurting out onto his abdomen and Die's hand.

Die groaned as Kyo splattered him with an entirely different sort of warm liquid. He leaned up to catch Kyo's lips in a kiss as the other came, slipping his tongue into the other's mouth and making a pleased little sound as he did it.

Kyo slipped his clean hand up into Die's hair, returning the kiss then resting his forehead against the other's, panting softly. "Happy Birthday, baby."

Die let out a little laugh and then groaned. "How... in the hell... do I explain this to Nora, by the way?" He pitched his voice a bit differently. "Nora, can you clean mine and Kyo's pants? I pissed them," he hissed out in a whisper, rolling his eyes.

Kyo snorted and shook his head. "I have no idea... I was kind of thinking we could just sneak them into a coin laundry or something."

"I think we may very well have to," he mumbled, "but for now... we need to clean this seat, and desperately. My ass is getting cold.

Kyo nodded and shifted off of Die, groaning a bit as he had no choice but to tuck himself away from the moment, even in the wet pants. "I think there are some of those Clorox wipes in the cabinet there."

Die chuckled a bit, watching Kyo tuck himself away in wet pants. "Mmm... sexy... just sayin'." He didn't even bother, he pushed his pants off and then went to get a garbage bag, coming back with it and a few baby wipes as well as the Clorox wipes. He put his pants and boxers into the bag and then started wiping down his feet and then the couch and floor, doing a really thorough job of it.

Kyo huffed a bit then peered as Die got a garbage bag. "You could have mentioned that..." He stripped out of his own pants and underwear, tossing them into the bag as well before using the baby wipes on himself. "I find it ironic that we went and took a long, hot shower first and then got really filthy."

Die let out a laugh. "Piss is sterile." He finished up with the couch and floor and then gestured. "Stand over the bag." He grabbed a lukewarm bottle of water and his towel from the showers they'd just had.
Kyo wrinkled his nose. "I know... but besides that, cum is sticky." He moved to stand over the bag, raising an eyebrow at Die. "Gonna give me a sponge bath, baby?"

Die shifted over to him and poured some water over the sticky parts, washing with his hand a bit and made sure he was clean before handing him the towel. "Now me." He handed him a wet wipe for his feet as well.

Kyo smiled a bit at the care Die was taking to make sure everything, including himself, was clean. "Thank you, honey." He dried off then wiped down his feet before tossing the wipe in the trash. He moved over to Die and quickly gave him the same treatment before he wrapped him in the towel. "All clean."

Die used a wipe on his feet as well and then tied up the bag, glancing around. "Where do we put it?" he asked, his cheeks a bit flushed, realizing they were naked in the middle of the bus.

Kyo glanced down at his exposed body then hummed, staring at the bag. "Er... no idea. Just in the bathroom or something? And we really need pants."

"Uh... no... nowhere anyone can see." He bit his lip and then went to put it under the sink cabinet, pushing it into the back. He put a few things in front of it. "We'll find a way to wash them tomorrow, but it has to be then because they'll smell." He made a face as he meandered back toward the bunks, not seeing anyone out and about.

Kyo wrinkled his nose then followed Die. "Yeah, I'm sure there will be a place near the venue." He got to his bunk and reached past the curtain, pulling out his pajama bottoms and tugging them on.

Die looked up at Kyo as he crawled into his bunk, biting his lip and then getting his own from his bag and pulling them on along with a new shirt. He leaned up on his tiptoes and reached to pull Kyo in for a brief kiss. "Love you, baby," he whispered in English.

Kyo blinked then smiled, the words taking a moment to process. "Love you, too." He stood there for a moment then nodded towards Die's bunk. "Bed?"

Die smiled and nodded, slipping into his own bunk and waiting on Kyo, curled up on his side.

Kyo moved into Die's bunk as well, shifting around a bit then curling up next to him, his arm sliding around his waist. After a few moments of lying there, he whispered softly, "I hope I didn't push you too far..."

Die's eyes glittered as he peered at Kyo. "No... actually... you showed me an aspect I didn't think I'd enjoy, but for sure did."

Kyo hummed and nuzzled against Die's chest. "Good..."

Die ghosted his fingers over the other's cheek and smiled. "You're a very giving person and I hope you know how much that means to me."

Kyo leaned into the touch, flushing some. "I just want you to be happy."

"Well, you managed that really fucking well," Die murmured, nuzzling into Kyo's neck. "Though... I am now cold." He laughed as he tugged Kyo closer. "C'mere."

Kyo laughed and curled himself around Die, shivering a bit himself. "You're just using that as an excuse to cuddle."

"Ha! Like I need an excuse!" He chuckled and tugged a blanket over them both.

Kaoru groaned in his bunk and thumped it. "Can you both be a little less sickeningly sweet while we're trying to sleep?" he asked, chuckling just after.

Kyo opened his mouth to say something then snorted. "Get some earplugs like Shinya."

Toshiya giggled somewhere in his bunk, having been half listening to Kyo and Die murmur to each other with some jealousy, wishing that he was cuddled up with Kaoru at the moment.

"Oh hush!" Kaoru hissed out, laughing just after as well, still in too good a mood from earlier to really be bitchy about it.

Die chuckled, shaking his head. "Okay, okay... you, too, jerkface."

Kyo laughed softly and readjusted. "Y'all are all jerkfaces... so there."

Toshiya huffed. "Oi! I didn't say anything!"

"But you were listening!" Die tacked on, smirking from ear-to-ear.

"Go to sleep!" Kaoru huffed a bit and rolled over, though he really wasn't mad, just putting on that he was so they'd sleep at least some tonight.

Toshiya let out another huff then laughed before settling down again.

Kyo chuckled and shook his head. "Yeah, yeah, we'll sleep... eventually." He was actually already quite drowsy, the show, their shower and recent activities had taken a lot out of him.

Die curled up into Kyo's arms and rested his head on the other's chest, something that was usually reversed, but he felt like he wanted to be held tonight, on his very own birthday.

Kyo smiled and wrapped his arms around Die, stroking his hair softly and placing a light kiss to the top of his head. He adored moments like this, really.

Die closed his eyes and allowed his mind to start to wind down from the night, a little smile on his face as he started to drift off.

To Be Continued...

Chapter Text

Kyo held Die all through the night, sleeping peacefully and happily until he woke up several hours later, the bus having already stopped at their venue. The first thing he noticed was that he had to piss and the second was that it felt like his throat was on fire. Frowning, he slowly shifted out from under Die and made his way to the bathroom, taking care of that, then getting a bottle of water. He took a sip and winced at the pain, silently cursing to himself. This was not good.

Die didn't even wake up, passed out completely in his bunk for the first time in a while. He was so exhausted that he was finally sleeping and not just napping.

Kyo sighed and went to his own bunk, digging out his bag and searching in it until his found what he was looking for, a pill case with four white pills in it. He hated the idea of having to take them but the way his throat felt at the moment, he would have to in order to get through the show. He shoved the pills back in his bag for now, he'd take them later.

Die woke up sometime later, stretching and yawning. He pulled himself out of bed and padded toward the bathroom, looking purely groggy.

Kyo was on his second cup of herbal tea that he'd fixed, perched on the edge of the couch in the back and looking lost in his own world, his persistent throat issues concerning him and throwing him into a downward spiral.

Once Die had finished pissing and taking care of his other morning routines, he came back out and went about getting himself dressed for the day. He put on his standard black jeans and a black tank, then grabbed his cardigan, putting it aside to get before going on stage. Fastening his belt buckle, he came to a stop in front of Kyo. He just smiled and leaned down, catching Kyo's lips in a short kiss before he straightened again. "Morning, baby."

Kyo blinked slowly when Die kissed him, barely having time to react to it before the other pulled away. He offered what he hoped was a smile and not a grimace as he murmured back, "Morning."

Die settled himself on the couch next to Kyo and smiled softly, reaching to rub his leg. "Ready for today?" he asked quietly. It would be an eventful one for certain. He could already feel the warm buzz in his body from the fact that it was his birthday and they had a show, one of his favorite things, to keep him occupied.

Kyo swallowed another sip of tea, debating on telling Die how he was feeling then decided not to, he really didn't want to ruin the other's birthday so soon. "Yeah, definitely... though I do kinda wish we were spending it alone together instead."

The guitarist gave the other a smile. "You're amazing for wishing such things." He reached to push his finger on Kyo's nose before standing up again. "Well, since we're here, I guess we should do the laundry and then get some breakfast. I can take care of it." He wandered over to the cabinet and crouched down, opening the doors and starting to root around.

Kyo blushed slightly, leaning over to kiss Die's cheek then wrinkling his nose. "I suppose so."

After a minute, he leaned up, looking purely panicked and hissed out, "Kyo! It's not here!" His eyes were wide and he could feel his heart thudding in his chest near-desperately.

Kyo had just stood up to assist Die with the laundry when the other informed him that their bag wasn't there. "Oh shit....who took it?" He moved to check the garbage can and even some of the other cabinets, just to be sure before he ran a hand through his hair agitatedly. "Damn it!"

Die sat back on his heels, letting Kyo search around with him, looking purely distressed. He pressed one shaking hand to his mouth and then quickly stood up. He made his way to the bathroom and shut the door, though not locking it, and pulled out his phone. He didn't know who to text first, finally settling on Toshiya. Sometimes he'd played pranks with him and some of them had been more than a little thoughtless in the past. He started typing out a message. Did you take the clothing I was going to wash? It's not a funny joke to find my clothing missing if you did. He hesitated on it, not sure if he should send it or not.

Kyo rooted around in a few more places and then sort of leaned against the wall, letting out a slightly shaky sigh. He started to ask Die what he was doing but then heard the clicking of his phone. "Who are you texting?"

"Toshiya," Die replied immediately. "Sometimes his ideas of jokes are not funny."

Kyo sighed, scrubbing a hand over his face. "Yeah, I remember."

Die huffed after a moment and finally sent the text off, having no idea what else to do. It didn't give away too much if he hadn't, but enough if he had, to show what he was talking about.

Toshiya was currently nursing a cup of coffee while watching Kaoru bustle around the venue, setting things up and checking them. His phone went off and he pulled it out, raising an eyebrow at Die's message then shot one back. Uh, no. I haven't seen any laundry. Sorry, man.

Die groaned and slammed one hand into the wall, cursing under his breath. He came out of the bathroom and looked ready to seriously do some injury to someone if he didn't find out what happened to his bag sometime soon. "Wasn't him."

Kyo moved out of Die's way, wincing a little. This was not good... not good at all. "Great... er... Nora?" He hated to even ask her, but what choice did they have?

Die let out a sour growl and yanked his phone back out, knowing texting her was going to get nowhere, he dialed her number and waited. Once she answered, he tried his best to be civil, though his voice was shaking with something that could only be labeled as fear. "Nora? It's Die... uh... can I talk to you in person?" He didn't want to risk a fan overhearing him for any reason.

A few moments later, he hung up the phone and jammed his phone back into his pocket. "She says she'll be here in a few minutes, was just on her way."

Kyo reached out and placed a hand on Die's arm, squeezing lightly. "It's going to be okay..." he was worried too though, because it would be hard to explain piss-soaked clothes.

It took about ten minutes before the bus door opened, revealing Nora, carrying four huge bags. She got up the steps and put things down, then closed the door and locked it behind her. After some more wrestling, she got the bags onto the table and let out a sigh. She turned to Die and tilted her head at him. "Okay, what can I help you with?"

Die stared at her, a nervous look on his face. After a few moments, he looked down at the floor and then mumbled, "Did... did you take out the trash this morning?" It was all he could think of to ask, given that maybe if someone didn't pay attention to the contents, then his and Kyo's clothing had been pitched somewhere... hopefully nowhere near the venue.

Kyo glanced up as Nora entered the bus, eyeing the bags she was carrying with some concern. He bit his lip and kind of poked at them once they were on the table.

Nora reached to swat Kyo's hand away without really fully paying attention. "Stop poking the bread, Kyo," she murmured quietly, refocusing on Die a moment after. "I did." She smiled and then turned around, reaching for the bag furthest from Kyo and handing it over. "Your laundry." And she grabbed a smaller one. "You're laundry." She picked up a third bag. "Toshiya's laundry." And then she pointed at the third bag, "Groceries. I was finishing Kaoru's and Shinya's laundry when you called. I had Kuroo stay with it though." She shrugged a little and then looked concerned. "Did you throw out something you didn't mean to?"

Die paled visibly when he was handed back his laundry and quietly opened the bag, his heart thumping in his chest. He rooted around a bit, a few things had been dirty a couple of days and there on the bottom, were his jeans and boxers and shirt from the night before. The look on his face said it all, the way he went even paler and looked ready to be sick. "I... oh god," he whispered out.

Kyo let out a huff at the slap to his hand then looked up as Nora handed him a bag, pursing his lips some. He opened the bag to discover his own soiled clothing from the night before, his stomach lurching a bit. "Oh."

Nora glanced between the pair of them, noting the look of horror on their faces. She reached and put a hand on Die's shoulder, steadying him as he wavered on the spot. She squeezed a bit. "Calm down, both of you, please." She glanced back through the bus, checking if anyone else was on board and lowered her voice just in case. "I don't need any explanations, but you didn't need to throw them out. You both know I'll clean up after anything: accidents, vomit, I don't care. It's not a big deal, but I'm not letting almost 60,000 yen worth of clothing get thrown away because someone's ashamed of something." She patted Die's shoulder and squeezed Kyo's as she picked up the grocery bag and went to the fridge, kneeling down to restock it.

Die looked like he wanted to sink into the floor and vanish from earth. The idea that Nora, of all people, had seen their piss-soaked clothing made him feel incredibly upset. He didn't want his secret out and least of all did he want someone he damn near considered to be his mother knowing about it. But it seemed she already knew. "Nora, I... we... oh god," he whispered out, his voice cracking.

Nora looked sharply at him and held up her hand. "No. I said I don't want explanations, just don't go trying to throw things away again. Is that clear?"

Kyo took a while to recover from the shock of Nora having taken care of their clothes without so much as batting an eye. When she squeezed his shoulder, he turned and looked at her with gratitude. "Thanks, Nora..."

Nora gave Kyo a small smile. "For... future reference, please don't put it in a tied up bag. Makes it worse. Leave it on the floor in the bathroom or something." She gave them a little smirk and went back to restocking the fridge. "You know... if you're coherent enough by then after all the booze."

Die almost wanted to breathe out a sigh of relief. So she chalked it up to pissing himself because he was boozed up and maybe passed out. And... maybe she thought Kyo had gotten wet because he'd been in the bunk with him at the time? He blinked a little, feeling some of his worry ebb away. That, he could deal with and wave away easily. "Thank you," he murmured, traipsing off to his bunk to go put his clothing away.

Kyo gave Nora a little bow then followed Die, placing his clothing in his bunk then crawling out and peering at his lover. "Well, then...."

Die stared at Kyo, his eyes still slightly scared and he shook his head, trying to imply they'd talk in a minute, but not now. He sat down on his bunk and put his head in his hands, trembling slightly.

Nora made fast work of getting everything put into the fridge and then dumping Toshiya's laundry on his bunk. She skirted past Die and headed off the bus without another word.

Kyo offered Nora another small wave then sat next to Die, reaching out to lightly pat his arm.

Die let out a thin little whine and then choked out, "Of all the fucking people... she's like my mother to me, Kyo!"

Kyo frowned and let out a sigh, chewing his bottom lip. "I think maybe... that's better in a way?

Die kept his head bowed, arms resting on his knees, hands hanging down. He let out a soft sigh and then sat up, knowing he couldn't mope forever over something he couldn't change. "I... I think she knows, Kyo. The way she cut me off when I was going to make something up... I think she knows."

Kyo leaned back some and closed his eyes, swallowing a bit. "Maybe she does... it wouldn't surprise me for her to have picked up on some things."

The guitarist shifted uncomfortably and then ran a shaking hand over his face. He just had to deal with this. He knew she wouldn't judge him because she honestly loved them all like her own children, despite being near the same age. For a while they'd joked she was 'Mama Nora', but dropped it when they'd realized she might take offense due to the age implication. And, really, was it so bad for someone he knew would never betray his trust to know? But that didn't keep the shaken-up feeling from him whatsoever. He reached for Kyo's hand and squeezed it tight. "I think... I shall not be doing that on the bus from now on. I feel bad for her, if nothing else, for having to handle that."

Kyo hummed softly, nodding. "I have to agree..." He knew this had to be difficult for Die, especially given how self-conscious he was about his fetishes not to mention the close relationship with Nora. Kyo, on the other hand, had long ago figured out that 'Mama Nora' could handle almost anything you tossed at her.

Die turned his face to Kyo's and then looked shocked all over again. "Oh no... no no no..." he stood up so quickly he wacked his head on the top of the bunk and started cursing. After a moment, he just had a sour look on his face and was rubbing at the lump on his head. "She... she'll think... but... what about you? I... I have to take the blame. She can't think it was both of us. I just... I did it and you got it on accident. Or... something, I don't know, I'll figure it out." He looked even more distressed now that it was Kyo on the line and not him.

Kyo stared at Die for a moment then reached out, grabbing him by the wrist. "Daisuke! Calm down... I mean, you don't know that she knows."

Die didn't know what to do. He half wanted to fling Kyo's hand off and make a run for it, go prove Kyo innocence to Nora. But the other part was horrified at the prospect of having to try to make something up about why he'd pissed on Kyo. He swallowed thickly and ducked his head. "But I can't let her think you did it. That's not fair, Kyo. It's my problem, not yours."

Kyo sighed softly, reaching out to pat Die's shoulder then just leaning back against the wall of the bunk. "I think you're worrying too much."

Die shivered a little and huffed out a breath, looking unhappy. "Maybe so..." he shifted a bit uncomfortably, "but... I don't even know." He sighed and then curled up within the bunk, closing his eyes. "Just come lay with me so I can forget it, yeah?"

Kyo nodded and moved into the bunk with Die, curling up beside him, placing his hand against the other's chest. "It'll be okay..."

Die supposed it would be, one way or another. He just needed to relax and stop worrying so much about what Nora did and did not know. All that should matter was the man right here next to him and that the fans hadn't found out his dirty secret. Almost an hour went by before he finally fully relaxed in Kyo's arms, lightly snoring, though he was only napping.

Kyo only lightly dozed himself, his mind going over the fact that his throat was probably in the worst condition it had been on the entire tour. He once again considered mentioning it to Die, but decided against it, not wanting to worry the other after the morning they'd had. He'd just take meds, drink more tea, and spend extra time with his humidifier.

Kyo woke up sooner than Die, leaving the guitarist to snooze, going about getting dressed and drinking more tea, then eating the food Nora brought him. He'd made his way into the venue without much hassle and had gone straight backstage to use his humidifier, having skipped sound check in order to rest.

Die snorted himself awake about an hour before the meet and greet was scheduled to start. He winced, sitting up in a now-barren bus. "Shit!" He quickly rushed around, getting ready for their day and then hopping off the bus and heading for the sound check area, looking more than a little flustered as he passed the fans.

The vocalist had just glanced at the time when he saw Die rush past and winced a little, guessing the other had not awoke until now. He should have at least made sure an alarm was set or something, but he'd honestly not thought that Die would sleep so long.

Die quickly went through the motions of sound check, trying not to panic too much. Once he was done with that, he huffed out a sigh and padded backstage, flopping down on a couch and snatching up the waiting bottle of wine, popping it open, and pouring himself a quarter glass. He had been trying to cut down a bit and wine seemed to do it for him quicker than beer ever had. He swirled the glass and then sniffed it and took a sip.

Kyo heard Die's sound check end and he finally flicked his machine off, standing and wandering into the next room to see his lover sipping wine. He gave him an apologetic look and curled up next to him, murmuring softly, "Slept that long, huh?"

Die glanced up at Kyo and nodded a little, taking in deep calming breaths as he sat there with his wine. He licked his lips a little. "Yeah... no idea why. Maybe emotional exhaustion."

Kyo frowned slightly and reached out, running his hand over Die's leg. He was dealing with his own demons at the moment, so he wasn't much for offering moral support, but he still wanted to comfort him in some manner. "Perhaps..."

Die made a little sound and then went about drinking more of his wine. "Know if there's any dinner left?'

"I'm not sure, Nora brought me something earlier though. There should be though... there was a catering table that seemed well-stocked when I passed it earlier." He sniffed then leaned back, clearing his throat a few times.

Die gave a little nod and swallowed the rest of his wine. He stood up and pushed a hand through his hair. "I need to get some food, I'll be back in a few minutes."

Kyo nodded and continued to sit there, leaning back with his eyes closed. He honestly had no desire to go to the meet and greet this evening, but he knew he couldn't disappoint the fans that way so he would go. Perhaps he'd just huddle into his coat or something.

Die went to find the food table. When he found it, he quickly got one of the BBQ sandwiches that seemed so tasty and a few potato chips. He added a pickle slice and then grabbed a sandwich for Kyo as well just in case he was remotely hungry, coming back with the items. He handed one to Kyo and plopped down on the couch.

Kyo contemplated the sandwich then picked it up and took a bite. It was definitely tasty. "Thanks." He took another bite then reached over and took a couple of Die's chips, eating them as well.

Die smiled a little, going about eating his own sandwich. He could tell something was wrong with Kyo, but he wasn't entirely sure what and he didn't feel much like pressing given what had happened earlier in the day. He picked up a chip and offhandedly offered it to the other man.

Kyo polished off his sandwich then took the chip Die offered, letting his fingers brush over the other's before pulling away and eating the chip. After a few minutes, he stood and walked over to the table full of drinks, cups, a coffee maker, and pitcher of tea. He poured himself some tea then went back to the couch, settling down against Die once more and letting out a sigh. "Almost time for the thing with the fans."

"Yeah... it is," Die murmured. He wanted to be happy, wanted to be in sincere tip-top shape for his Birthday's meet and greet. He sighed softly and leaned back, debating his problem. After a moment, he quietly offered, "I think we should talk tonight... about last night and Nora... and some other stuff." He reached to squeeze Kyo's thigh. "Nothing bad though, I promise."

Kyo glanced over at Die then nodded, licking his lips. "Okay, we'll talk then." He had an odd feeling in his gut about that, past experiences with the phrase we need to talk dancing around in his head. He finished off his tea then stood. "Going to hit the toilet before the meet and greet." He offered Die a small smile then took off towards the bathroom.

Die almost reached out to get Kyo for a moment, just to give him a kiss. But the other didn't seem in that sort of mood right then. He made a little face and decided he'd been wrong to tell him he wanted to talk when they didn't have time to do it right then. He got up to follow Kyo, but was intercepted by Kaoru, trying to round everyone up to get to the meet and greet.

Kyo quickly took care of business then washed his hands, looking at his reflection in the mirror. He could see the stress there, the worn look one got after a long tour. He hated it and scoffed at it as he turned his back and left, heading back towards the area he and Die had been sitting in. He didn't get there though, seeing that the others, Die included had gathered near the stage. With a sigh, he darted into the sitting area and grabbed his coat, tugging it on, then joining everyone, standing next to Die.

Die glanced over at Kyo and offered him a smile, lightly brushing his hand over Kyo's arm before putting an acceptable distance between them, knowing he shouldn't be squished against the other when the fans came in.

It was silly, but something about that little touch of Die's made him smile a little, drawing him out of his funk just the smallest amount. He shifted off to the side as they took their places, smoothing his coat out and then putting on a what he hoped was a neutral face as Nora lead the fans in.

Die mostly stared at the floor for the duration of the questions area. At one point the fans insisted on singing happy birthday to him and he thought to how they'd done that for Kyo once, long ago, in this very same city. He couldn't help the blushing smile that lit his face or the way he almost tripped over his words trying to say thank you.

Kyo stayed huddled in his jacket for most of the questions, only answering a couple. When some fans insisted on singing Happy Birthday to Die, he smiled to himself, thinking it really sweet that they wanted to and remember the time fans from the same city had sang to him.

They answered their questions and then Nora led them over to another area for photos and handshakes. Most of the fans said thank you and took a picture and moved on. But two handed him a cake and he clung to it, a huge grin on his face. A few talked to Kyo longer than just a few simple words and one made a relative scene over Kaoru, making Die smile.

When they moved on to pictures and handshakes, Kyo was relieved to see it moving quickly for the most part. A few of the fans spoke to him, telling him how inspiring he was in their lives and such, making him blush a little. He understood some of their words and got the idea for the most part, but he'd had to call Nora over for one fan. After they were finished, he glanced over at the others and saw Die receiving a cake from a couple of familiar faces and he had to grin, knowing that had probably made the guitarist's night.

Once the fans were gathered around the stage, they departed from the area, Nora grabbing their bags and leading them off. Die looked around once Nora sat the presents down and looked dismayed. "Where's my cake?"

Nora looked shocked for a moment and then rushed off. She came back a few minutes later and showed him the box. "See, all fine."

Die smiled and nodded. "Good. Will you put it in the fridge on the bus?"

Nora nodded and wandered off with it.

Kyo followed and once they were safely backstage again, he pulled Die into a hug, smiling up at him. "Sweet of them..."

Die leaned into Kyo's hug, smiling softly. "Yeah." He pushed one hand through Kyo's hair, cupping his cheek and leaning in, kissing him sweetly for a moment.

Kyo nodded in agreement then smiled against Die's lips, returning the kiss, running his hands up and down Die's back.

Die grinned once he pulled back and ruffled Kyo's hair a little. "I love you, baby."

Kyo huffed at his hair being mussed then smiled, reached up to stroke Die's cheek. "I love you, too."

Kaoru came by, smirking and waving a hand at them. "What is it that the American's call this? Oh, yes... PDA." He laughed and headed off.

Die let out a snort and slid his arm around Kyo's shoulders. "You ain't seen nothin' yet, baby."

Kyo flipped Kaoru the bird then leaned into Die's touch, grinning. "He doesn't know the half of it."

Toshiya heard Kaoru and chuckled, catching him in the hall and smacking one on him. "PDA~!" He grinned and wandered off, heading for the food table.

Kaoru stood there, looking a bit shell-shocked, a tingle going through his body from the kiss. Toshiya was certainly throwing him for a loop, that was for sure.

Die chuckled and finally patted Kyo's cheek again. "Gonna go take a piss before we go on." He turned and trudged off toward the restrooms.

Kyo laughed at Kaoru's reaction then nodded, going to take his throat medicine and make sure his hair was in place. He was feeling somewhat better at the moment, the pain nearly gone, so maybe he wouldn't have too many issues with the show. He did a few last minute stretches and such, and then finally headed out to where they would enter the stage from.

Die arrived behind Kyo a few minutes later, smelling faintly of wine and his e-cigarette. He patted Kyo's shoulder and slipped down past him, getting to his position in the lineup, taking a deep breath and waiting.

Kyo turned as Die patted his shoulder, frowning slightly at the smell of wine coming off him, but dismissed it a moment later as Kaoru signaled that it was nearly time. He readjusted his in-ears, making sure they were secure and then focused on centering himself, putting all aside except the energy coming from the crowd.

Die came out on stage to a burst of cheers and applause. He waved and then took his guitar, ready to get into this show and have a damn good live.

Kyo waited for his cue, then move onto the stage, ripping into Ruten no Tou with as much passion as he could throw out, determined to make it good, since it was Die's request.

Die's eyes flicked over to Kyo for a moment, a grin dancing on his lips. He moved to the front of the stage and did his best to amp up the crowd, playing his own part in what he considered to be a flawless manner.

Kyo felt electrically charged as the music washed over him, his ear picking up Die's part almost too easily. He sang out the lyrics in perfect pitch, not so much as a tingle hitting his throat throughout the entire song and soon he was wrapped up in the energy and vibes that came with the screaming crowd below him and the band pouring themselves out around him. Little did he know that it would all come crashing down before the night was over.

Die ripped into the next song with a scream at the crowd, letting a note ring out and shaking his fist at them to be louder. They responded by screaming back at him, a few middle fingers being raised in his direction, making him grin. Tonight was going to be amazing; he could feel it deep inside his bones.

Kyo held back a grin as Die taunted the crowd, his own hands out, beckoning them to scream for him. He threw himself into the song, growling and screaming the lyrics rather than singing them. He hunched over, foot tapping on his crate as he ramped up, finally finishing the song with a ripping growl that left his throat sore. He bounced off his crate and moved to grab a bottle of water, downing half of it then going back for the next song.

Die took the opportunity to come to the very front of the stage, out in front of his equipment, crouching down and giving some very hardcore looks to a few of the familiar faces in the crowd. He lived on things like this, seeing those usual faces looking up at him, screaming for him and throwing themselves into their songs. It made all the difference in the world to his mood during a live, seeing the adoration and love there... or not. A few reached for his boot, putting their hands on it and he let a big grin slip over his face, lowering his guitar almost to the stage and violently putting out the last few chords of the song. Pulling back, he bounced away to trade off guitars while the others took a tiny break, doing what they needed as well.

Kyo caught Die's every move and would have laughed if he wasn't too busy scowling as was expected. He got more water, ignoring the twinges that were making themselves known in his throat. He made his way back to his box, stepping up on it and looking out at the crowd, sneering. They screamed and pumped their hands into the air, reaching for him, for the band, as if touching them would make their lives complete. Perhaps to some of them it would. He let a small smirk touch his lips then started into the next song.

Die bounded back to his mic, making sure he got a few of his signature moves in, making the people in front of him scream, even the men pumping their fists and letting out manly growls at him. He made his way in front of his equipment again, striking a pose and waiting on the hands to come creeping up his legs. But they stayed on his boot instead and he stared down at them, yelling to try to get them to move up higher, but they all stared at him in an almost reverent fashion. The truth was, he adored the touches, the fondling, and even being with Kyo wasn't about to stop him from giving the fans this piece of himself. He let out a laugh and twisted his leg, allowing their hands to slide up higher, some on his calf, others on his lower thigh and knee. He tilted his head back and let out another shout, starting to sing along with Kyo for a couple of bars, bouncing a little on the spot.

They were nearly through the song, everything still fine, then one long, high pitched note that he held out seemed to rip his throat to shreds. Kyo finished the song with a growl then doubled over in pain though he figured it looked more like his usual theatrics. The next song started and he carried on, screeching through most of the lyrics, pain welling up in him like fire, burning him alive.

By the time his Inward Scream started, he felt like crying and eventually turned on himself, clawing at his chest at first and then all out punching himself in the cheek, his teeth cutting into the inside of his mouth as he did it a few times until blood was dripping from his mouth and onto his stomach. It did little to sooth him as he chanted, his voice hoarse and raw.

After a few moments, he dropped to his knees, bending over far enough into the crowd that he felt people petting at him.

He reached out and grabbed someone's hand, squeezing it tightly, then releasing it, sinking back into himself, crying out with inhumane sounds, full of pain.

Die thrived on the attention given to him by his adoring fans. There were hands everywhere, on his guitar, on his legs, gently resting on the hand he was using to strum with. He thought to himself that nothing could top this feeling: his own birthday, everyone so happy to see him, his side fuller than usual, a few people coming over for only that reason.

But then he heard it, Kyo's voice faltering and he spun away from the fans, playing toward his amp for a moment, a wince coming over his face. He wasn't at all pleased with where he could imagine this going. But it only meant he was going to try to be more for the fans, to keep the attention off Kyo's voice and on him. It was his usual reaction. Any problems with anyone, Die covered for it by drawing the attention away and onto himself.

A few minutes later, he could hear Kyo smacking himself, the sobs coming from a few fans and he winced again, covering it with a sneer at the crowd, flipping them off. They responded the same way and he licked his lips, trying hard not to look at Kyo, knowing there'd be blood, knowing his heart would be on fire with agony if he did it. With the intentions of finishing the concert in his mind, he focused on the crowd, on the familiar faces now filled with pain, and threw himself to their mercy, trying to attract their attention and gain their focus on him and him alone. It was for the best, some people thinking Kyo's actions only theatrics, others taking it to heart just as he did. And he felt for them in a way no one could have ever guessed.

Kyo stayed hunched over on his crate, hand going to tug wildly at his hair, body trembling with pain as more blood dripped down his chest. He swallowed and let out another pained cry then stilled, waiting on the next song and throwing himself into it, body jerking like it was being pulled by marionette strings.

Die did his best to continue to keep up all appearances with the crowd, encouraging their usual antics, trying to get them to head-bang, throw him the bird, and scream when he did. For the most part, it was working and for that much, he was glad.

Kyo was determined to not let the fans know that anything was really wrong, though he had a feeling some of them knew. He could see the pain on their faces and felt sorry for inflicting it. After the song, he moved over to open another bottle of water, surprised and thankful to see a thermos there instead, his name on it. Nora must've sent it out at some point. He took a quick drink of the warm liquid inside, finding it to be some type of Theraflu stuff.

He ignored the look Kaoru was giving him and didn't dare look towards Die as he moved to pick up his microphone again, praying to all the Gods to just let him finish the show without further complications.

They started the next song and though his voice was still ragged, it was slightly less painful and he managed to push through it.

Die continued to play, his head bowed to form a curtain with his hair, focusing on the crowd, on the fact that he'd pulled a few of them on his side back into his world, where he gave every pretense of being perfectly okay. One set of eyes followed his every move, absorbed in it, another person head-banged so hard he could have sworn they'd hit their head on the stage if they weren't careful. He stalked off toward the other side of his area, pumping his fist into the air and screaming out some of the lyrics, keeping everyone engaged, a few of the men roaring back at him, causing him to smirk.

Kyo was only granted a small reprieve from his pain, by the time they were on the last song, he could hardly see straight from it. It felt like he'd swallowed razor blades coated in salt. For the most part, he could tell the crowd was none the wiser, but a few concerned faces peering up at him, streaked with tears, told him that if he couldn't fool them, then there was no way he was passing it off to Die or the rest of the band as something minor.

As the final notes reverberated, he dropped his mic, grabbed a water bottle and spat on the crowd, going through the motions and then turning and making a beeline for the small private area afforded to him and slammed the door. He yanked out his in-ears then all but collapsed onto the floor, holding his head in his hands. This was bad. It was like nothing he'd ever felt before and it honestly scared the shit out of him.

Die all but flung his guitar at Kuroo when the break came before the encore. He was terrified inside as to what he was going to find inside that room. He slipped up the stairs in a bit of a rush, almost missing the last one, stumbling into the door, Nora catching him at the last second and giving him a concerned look. He just shook his head and pushed into the room, muttering, "Can you uh... keep the others out for a minute?" He reached and thrust a few towels and waters at her and then closed the door, leaning on it. He stared down at Kyo on the floor, his entire body shaking with his fear as he took a few steps forward and then knelt next to him. He lifted his chin and pushed his hands away, pressing a finger to his lips. "No talking..." he whispered.

He grabbed one of the towels and a bottle of water, wetting it and carefully started to mop up the blood from Kyo's face and then from his chest, doing it in a loving sort of manner, knowing he had to hold himself together for his lover's sake, for the crowd that was waiting on their encore, screaming for it even now.

Kyo started when the door opened, but he heard Die's voice and didn't move until his chin was being lifted up. At Die's instructions, he kept his mouth shut, jaw clenched tightly. It seemed that his lover knew just what the problem was and he felt a rush of gratitude for it... for not having to explain himself.

As Die started to clean him up, he reached out with a shaky hand to rest it on his shoulder, squeezing tightly. He could hear the crowd calling for their encore and he knew he would have to go out there again, endure more pain for them.

Die knelt there for what felt like eternity. Finally, he leaned in and tilted Kyo's head back. He placed the most gentle of kisses on those gorgeous lips, the slight tang of blood meeting his tongue. He pulled back after a moment and stood. "I'd stick around, but if I do, I'll end up with an embarrassing situation. Let the others in, please?" He hurried out the other door and down the corridor to the restroom, quickly relieving himself. His bladder had become a pain in his ass in the past five years and he hated it sometimes. As much as he could enjoy it at other times, today was not the day whatsoever. He came rushing back as quickly as he could, doing up his belt, stepping into the room where the others looked ready to leave once again.

When the others came in, Kyo ignored their looks of concern, picking up and redoing his monitor, attempting to psych himself up for the encore. He gave an experimental cough and winced, though the pain had ebbed slightly.

Nora showed up with more liquid medicine which he drank quickly, finishing it just as Die came back. He gave him a slightly helpless look then sighed as Kaoru signaled it was time they headed back out on stage.

Die squeezed Kyo's shoulder as he passed, moving to take his place as they descended the stairs. He let out a little sigh and moved toward the stage. As he entered, he pumped his fist in the air, mouthing out, "Fuck yes!" to the crowd, trying to get them amped up.

Kyo stalked out on stage, his movements slow and deliberate. He picked up his mic and spread his arms, sneering out over the audience. He sent up a quick prayer and then dove into the song, pushing away the pain, determined to get through this. His voice sounded awful even to his own ears, raw and hoarse for the most part, flat in others as he tried to reach notes that he couldn't. He didn't care though, just continued to push through the encore despite the fact that his body was shaking by the end of it.

Die pulled out all the stops, taking his brand new guitar in hand for the first time this tour. He even shared it with a few of the familiar faces, focusing on the feeling of being adored and trying to get the noise level in the venue to unspeakable volumes. When he finally couldn't hear anything over the roar of the crowd, he was satisfied, thrusting his guitar at Kuroo when the last song was over, immediately starting to give out pics and toss out water over the crowd, dumping a good amount on the first few rows as he knelt there. They still cheered and screamed and he felt at least for a moment the last bit of happiness he'd be getting tonight, he was sure.

Kyo gave one last growl and dropped his mic. He managed to toss water on a few folks in the front row and wave to the crowd before finally darting off stage. He stopped long enough to let Nora remove his monitors and hand him an ice pack before pointing at the door and heading out of it, going straight to the bus.

He was about to crawl into his own bunk when he changed his mind and moved into Die's instead, curling up with his knees to his chest as the pain washed over him, getting worse, making him sick to his stomach. This was not the usual pain of having pushed himself too far, this was something else - something serious - and he was terrified of what it could mean.

Die made his way through everything, getting off stage behind the others. He only had to look at Nora for her to point to where their vocalist had gone. He didn't even stop for water, just grabbed his wine bottle and downed some of it before putting it on the other side of the room and pushing out the back doors.

"Die!" Nora called after him, stopping him in his tracks. He looked back. "Your cake, don't forget it. I think you two might need it."

Die nodded and then headed out, quickly rushing to the bus. He came in and grabbed the cake, cutting off two small slices and putting it back in the fridge. He looked in Kyo's bunk first and then in his own, kneeling down and pushing the curtain out of the way. He sat there, reaching to brush hair back from the other's face. "Baby..." he looked absolutely forlorn, like someone had just run over a kitten right in front of him.

Kyo didn't hear the bus door open nor did he hear Die rustling around in the fridge, so when the other spoke, he jumped then looked up Die, eyes full of pain, both physical and mental. He leaned into the other's hand then drew in a shaky breath. "Die..." His voice sounded more like a croak and he winced.

It was a few moments before he realized the other had cake and a wave of guilt washed over him, reminding him that he'd probably just ruined Die's birthday. With a sigh, he gestured to it then shifted over in the bunk, giving the other room to crawl in if he wanted. "I'm sorry."

Die shook his head a little. "Don't, baby... don't talk and don't apologize." He ran his fingers over the other's cheek and then pushed one of the plates toward him. "Eat your piece... it's cold, so it'll help with the icky feeling in your throat. I hope." He took a bite of his own, chewing a kiwi off the top and thinking how grateful he was for a little bit of a pick-me-up right then.

Kyo felt his lip tremble slightly, a lump in his throat that had nothing to do with the pain just then. He swallowed it and nodded, taking his piece of cake, biting into a piece of strawberry. He chewed it and swallowed, finding the cold really did feel good and continued on with the rest of the piece, leaning onto Die despite being sweaty from the stage.

Die ate his slice quickly and then put the plate out to the side. He waited on Kyo to finish as well and then did the same, crawling all the way in with the other and settling down and putting his arm around him. He turned on the light above them and patted Kyo's cheek. "Open up, baby, let me see."

Kyo had pretty much forgotten about his cheek, but cringed a little when Die patted it. He swallowed to make sure there was no cake left in his mouth then opened up, titling his head back and closing his eyes as he did.

Die carefully moved Kyo's head to peer in and look at the damage. He could see the gashes on his cheek, relieved they weren't too bad and would heal on their own. He turned his head a little and then peered in, wincing at how raw and aggravated Kyo's throat looked. He gently patted him and murmured, "No talking between now and the next show. Period. Text or write it out. I mean it."

Kyo let out a sigh and opened his mouth to protest before snapping it shut and looking around, finally spotting Die's notebook and grabbing it, using the attached pen to scribble out on the back page. I feel like the damned Little Mermaid..

Die peered at what Kyo wrote, having to crack a bit of a smile at that. "Mmm... but you don't look like one." He leaned in, kissing his lips gently and then slid his hand down Kyo's hip, his gaze traveling his body. He wanted to take Kyo's mind off his problems, but he wouldn't act if there wasn't anything to act on.

Kyo huffed slightly and then inhaled sharply as Die's touch sent heat straight to his groin. Despite all of the pain, he had still been hard throughout most of the show, proving that he truly was a masochist in that way. He turned and peered at Die, eyes questioning slightly, confused about his intentions. He didn't want to assume that was where it was going.

Die wet his lips slightly, watching Kyo's reaction to his touches. Once he was sure the other was at least not in too much pain to respond to him, he gently kissed his lips again, his hand sliding down over his groin, gently rubbing. "Do you want some relief, baby?"

Kyo bit his lip and nodded, his body already responding. He pulled Die forward by his shirt and kissed him hard, arching into his touch. It seemed an odd thing to be doing, but it would take his mind off his current problem and keep him from sinking too far into himself.

Die let out a soft sound into the kiss, moving to unfasten Kyo's belt and pants, doing so with ease. He slid his hand into the other's trousers, pulling his cock free and starting to stroke him, intending to give him the relief he needed and then just lay there with him until the vocalist fell asleep in his arms.

Kyo bit his lip to keep from groaning, his hand going to thread into Die's hair as the guitarist touched him. He mouthed out, "Please," hoping Die would know what he was begging for.

Die kissed him once more before he shifted out of the bunk, getting back in the other way around. He pulled Kyo toward him and leaned in, gently licking up his length and then sliding his mouth over his lover's cock. He wasn't certain if this was what Kyo had wanted, but it was what he felt he could do best right then.

Kyo watched Die switch positions with some confusion, but then let out a hoarse moan as Die's lips wrapped around him, his hand coming out to grip the other's hip hard as gazed down at his lover, mouthing his name even though he knew he couldn't see it at the moment. He wanted so badly to be returning the favor, but knew that was the last thing he needed to do with his throat jacked up.

Die let out a little moan around the vocalist's cock. He absorbed himself in the task at hand, trying to forget that his lover was in pain while he worked to give him at least some pleasure on top of the suffering he had to still be feeling. He was diligent, his head bobbing quickly, tongue swirling and his cheeks hollowing out when he sucked.

Kyo writhed beneath Die, his body saying what he couldn't, hips bucking up slightly into the other's mouth. He let his hand move up to slide over Die's side, just needing to touch him.

Die's free hand moved to touch Kyo's hand, keeping it where it was on his hip. Yes, he was hard from pleasuring his love, but he wasn't going to let him do anything about it right then; this was all about Kyo for now.

Kyo shifted some, lacing his fingers with Die's and squeezing as he rolled his hips. He was quickly losing control, soft pants issuing from him.

Die gave it his all, doing things in just the right way he knew his lover would get off fastest from. He let out a low groan, trying to encourage Kyo to cum for him, just wanting to give him his relief.

Kyo clung to Die's hand, letting out the barest of moans as he got nearer his peak. It wasn't much longer before he opened his mouth in a silent scream, hips jerking up as he started to cum into Die's mouth, a whisper of the other's name on his lips.

Die sucked harshly at Kyo as he started to cum, taking everything his lover had to offer, swallowing it down without a second thought. He licked the head and then pulled away, quickly shifting his position to come and lie next to Kyo in the proper way. He carefully put his boxers back in place, not bothering with his pants, brushing his fingers over Kyo's cheek and nose. "Rest, baby..."

Kyo shuddered as Die finished then shifted so the other had room to lay the right way, a grateful look on his face as he reached out to cup Die's cheek for a moment, leaning in to kiss him lightly. He let out a sigh and shifted, laying his head against Die's chest, closing his eyes as exhaustion took its toll and he almost immediately started falling asleep, his fingers idly spelling out I love you on Die's skin.

Die lay there, feeling Kyo writing on him, a soft smile on his face as he made out the characters the other was drawing. He gently kissed his forehead, laying there close to him and waiting on him to fully fall asleep, knowing this would be one that nothing would or could interrupt once he was fully down for the night.

Kyo let out a final sigh then stilled, his breath evening out as he finally did drift off completely, clinging to Die even then.

Die remained for a while after Kyo was asleep, finally peeling himself up and going to do a quick wash-job in the bathroom. He came out, looking exhausted and emotionally drained, dragging his feet, shoulders hunched.

Toshiya was rummaging in the fridge, looking for something that wasn't cake when Die came out. He looked up and frowned, seeing the exhaustion on Die's face that had nothing to do with being actually tired. "That bad, huh?"

Die turned sad eyes on the bassist and gave a little nod, looking almost ready to burst into tears. He pursed his lips, unable to even remotely talk. Somehow, this was worse than all the other times he'd tended to Kyo. Being in a relationship with him made him care that much more and it hurt so deeply that he knew if he opened his mouth, his last barriers would crumble and he'd end up an emotional wreck.

The bassist's frown deepened when all Die could do was nod. He'd been there once or twice before when their vocalist had had to be tended to and Die needed help carrying him or fetching supplies. He could tell that it was quite a strain on him even then, so it must be that much worse now that Die and Kyo were in a relationship. Standing, he moved over to Die and clasped his hand on his shoulder, squeezing tightly. "It's going to be okay, man..."

Die stared at him for a good half a minute before doing something he was sure he'd regret later. He tugged Toshiya into his arms and buried his head against the bassist's shoulder, tears leaking down his cheeks, unable to stop them from overflowing. He whimpered out a little sob, clutching onto the other for dear life, sure that he'd never ever live this down, not in a million years. But he needed it... needed it in a way that he was uncertain he'd ever before.

Toshiya blinked in utter surprise as Die practically clung to him. He was about to make some sarcastic remark when he felt moisture leaking through his shirt and his face softened, a hand moving up to pat Die's hair lightly. There'd be plenty of time to rib the other for this later, but right now, he could feel the trembles coming off him and knew he had to be breaking inside.

For the most part, Die held it back, only a fraction of what he was actually feeling seeping through. He gave it a few moments and then pulled back, wiping at his eyes with the back of his hands and then wincing. "Sorry," he breathed out, "I don't... I can't..." he gave up, shaking his head in dismay. "Too much."

Toshiya held Die until he pulled back then peered at him with concerned eyes. He just shook his head and turned, grabbing up the box of tissues from the table and offering them to Die. "It's alright... I understand." He frowned and scratched his head. "I don't like seeing him in pain either... or any of you for that matter."

Die knew how awkward he'd just made all of this and he took the tissue box without comment, wiping his eyes and then blowing his nose, tossing the used tissue in the trash before putting the box down and stuffing a few more into his pocket for good measure. He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself. In a low voice, he offered, "It's... it's not like usual, Toshiya. There's something wrong. I can feel it from him. Something's very, very wrong."

Toshiya grabbed a water bottle and took a sip, setting it back down before sighing softly, shaking his head. "Do you think we should get him a doctor? Would he even go to one?" He knew Kyo could be rather stubborn about that stuff. He sat there for a moment then winced slightly, nodding in the general direction of the venue. "You're going to have to tell Kao..."

Die flicked his eyes down to the table and nodded. "I'll do it... and I'll take care of the rest of it, too. I always have and I always will." He reached to squeeze Toshiya's bicep and moved past him. "I... um... I'm sorry I lost it like that, I really am."

Toshiya nodded then offered Die a small smile, reaching up to pat his shoulder. "It's alright..." He moved to get comfortable on the couch, yawning. He really hoped it was just a sore throat or something and not, like Die said, something serious.

Die made his way off the bus, braving himself through the crowd and back into the venue. For the most part, people left him alone, a few waving and he waved back, though he still looked grim.

One inside, he made his way to the backstage area, knowing he'd find Kaoru there. When he did find him, he pushed his hands into his pockets and murmured, "Kaoru?"

Kaoru set down the papers he'd been looking over to glance up at Die, raising one questioning eyebrow. "Yes?" He had a feeling this conversation wasn't going to be a good one because Die looked like his puppy had just been hit by a bus.

Die swallowed thickly and looked at the floor for a long moment. Finally, he looked up and then sighed. "It's Kyo... I... surely you noticed something was wrong tonight?"

Kaoru sniffed, took his glasses off, folding them, then tucking them into his shirt pocket. He fixed Die with a serious look and nodded. "I noticed... what happened and is he alright?"

Die took in another breath, trying to keep his emotions at bay until this was all finished. He shook his head. "No, Kaoru... he's not okay. This... this wasn't the same as usual. It wasn't just strain. His throat is all raw and inflamed, he's in so much pain... it's like..." his voice broke and he cleared his throat, trying to cover it, "it's like he's been hiding it from us, it's so bad right now."

Kaoru's mouth set in a grim line as Die told him what was going on. He reached up to rub a hand over his chin, then sighed in frustration with Kyo, aggravated at the vocalist's tendency to hide things like this. "He'll have to see a doctor pronto....but Die....we can't just cancel our next show, not this late in the game." He knew it sounded harsh, but it would be an absolute nightmare for all involved.

He bowed his head and nodded. "I know, Kaoru... and Kyo knows it, too. I think that's why he's been keeping it from us." He sighed, pushing his hair back, only for it to fall in his eyes again. "I forbade him to speak at all. He has to write us or text us, period. And... I'm not sure about waiting until we get back to Japan for him to be looked at, but it might be best. Make an appointment now."

Kaoru huffed slightly and nodded, tugging his notepad to him and scribbling down a few things then looked back up at Die. "I'm trusting you to keep him in line. Keep him quiet, get whatever throat medicines you and Nora can find into him and make him rest. That's all I know to do for right now. At least we're nearing the end of this leg."

Die nodded. "I won't let you down, Kaoru... remember, I'm doubly invested in this. He's as good as under my care right now and I know he'll pay attention to me." He sighed, shaking his head. "I... I need to get back to him."

Kaoru looked at Die for a moment, then reached out and patted his shoulder, nodding. "I know, just don't forget to take care of Die too..." He released the guitarist and then went back to his work, his look a lot more pinched than it was before.

Kyo was having trouble keeping quiet as he kept waking up from horrible nightmares, thrashing in the bunk and found himself calling out to Die only to have fire claw his throat and barely a harsh whisper come out. It hurt so bad it made him sick to his stomach and tears spring to his eyes. He was alone at that moment and scared out of his mind about this.

Die made his way quickly back to the bus, climbing in and heading straight for the bunks. The moment he found Kyo, looking distressed and freaked out. He gasped, falling to his knees and gathering Kyo up. "Baby, baby, calm down. Sshhhh, don't talk. It'll be okay, whatever it is, it'll be okay. I'll make it okay," he let out, convinced he could do this.

The instant Die showed up, his mind awoke fully and he took a shuddering breath, reaching out to cling to Die, his heart thumping too loudly in his ears. He buried his head against Die's chest, feeling at least safe for the moment. He took in another deep breath before he stilled against Die, just shaking his head.

Die reached toward the other, gently rubbing his hands over the other's back. "Sshhhh... just breathe, my love." He tilted his head up and peppered his face with kisses. "You're amazing and you make me tingle just from thinking about you," he murmured softly, trying to get Kyo to focus on him instead of his pain.

Kyo did as Die bid, taking another couple of deep breaths then looking up at his lover, the barest of smiles pushing through his pain-laced expression. He reached up and patted Die's face then sighed. He hated feeling pathetic like this, needing someone to take care of him.

Die reached to gently caress his cheek. "Baby... even in your pain, you are beautiful." He gave him a sad little smile and then sat back, pulling Kyo with him, into his lap. He settled against the wall and kissed the side of Kyo's head.

Kyo flushed and then shook his head, batting at Die before settling down and grabbing up his notebook and pen, writing on it then showing it to Die. "I'm starving, but I'm scared to eat anything that isn't the consistency of baby food."

Die leaned over to read the paper and then he smiled softly. "I'll fix it, baby. Just go sit at the table and we'll fix it, okay?" He got up once Kyo was out of his lap.

Kyo blinked at Die then nodded though he was skeptical at just how Die could fix it. He padded into the bathroom and relieved himself, washing his hands then making his way to the table, sitting with his feet curled under him.

Die wandered over to get his phone off the counter. He dialed Kuroo, knowing he was the man for this job. Once the other answered, he quickly asked him to go find someplace with baked potato soup and get two big containers of it. He hung up after a minute and smiled, coming to sit down next to Kyo, putting his arm around him. "Solved, baby."

When Die came in, he leaned against the other and gave him a tiny smile. He still didn't know how Die was going to fix it, but he had to trust him in this.

Die gently turned Kyo and began to rub at his shoulders, massaging out the knots in his lover's back and shoulders. It would do him no good to be worked up like that. "You're okay, baby." Though he said it more to help himself than anything.

Kyo would have let out a groan at Die's administrations to the bunched up and knotted muscles in his back, but instead settled for reaching back and stroking Die's leg, hoping he understood.

Die smiled softly, concentrating on Kyo's back. After a few minutes, he just started lightly rubbing, kissing the side of the other's head gently. "Baby, I love you."

Kyo leaned into Die, moving his hand to find the other's and squeeze it tightly. He gave a lame nod of his head, turning and mouthing, "I love you," back to Die. He pursed his lips then leaned back, placing a kiss to Die's cheek.

Die offered the other a little smile and ruffled his hair. "We need to learn sign language," he murmured softly, hearing the door open and looking up to see Kuroo coming in with two heavy bags.

Kyo laughed silently, having been already thinking that. He shifted to a sitting position as Kuroo came in with his load, curious about what it could be.

One of the bags was passed off to Toshiya, the other handed right to Die, containing two huge containers of baked potato soup, complete with cheese, bacon bits, and sour cream on top. Die thanked him and went about opening them, pushing one in front of Kyo with the plastic spoon.

When Die opened the container of soup and set it in front of him, he looked almost happy, the smell wafting to his nose and making his stomach growl loudly. Without waiting, he grabbed up his spoon and dug in, the soup rich and tasty as well soothing to his throat.

Die grinned as he watched Kyo start eating with gusto. He reached to run a hand over his lover's hair. "See, told you I'd solve it." He started to eat his own soup, doing so a bit slower than the vocalist.

Kyo paused between bites to smile softly at Die, leaning over to kiss the side of his mouth, licking a bit of sour cream from the corner of his lips before going back to his soup. He realized it was odd to be that happy over soup, but right then, he didn't care.

Die chuckled, already feeling a bit better that he was actually eating something and looking a bit less horrible for the wear. He went back to eating his soup, finding that he'd been more hungry than he'd thought.

Despite his initial gusto, Kyo only got a third of a way into the container before leaning back and rubbing his stomach, letting out a burp with a slight wince. He didn't think he'd ever get used to American portions.

Die chuckled when Kyo stopped, finishing off his own quite easily. When he actually did eat, he tended to do so in quantity, it was just a sad fact of his eating habits. He picked up the container and tossed it in the trash, recapping Kyo's and putting it in the fridge for later.

Kyo stayed in the booth where he was, leaning his head back and closing his eyes. He felt some peace settle in for the moment, his throat temporarily soothed by the thick, warm soup. He didn't dare try to talk or anything though.

Die came back and settled down, leaning on the table and glancing at Kyo, his mood back to a bit sourer than before. "Baby... did my e-cig do this to you?"

Kyo lifted his head, frowning at Die's question. He sighed and shook his head firmly. No, the e-cig didn't have anything to do with it, he was sure. This had started when they were still in Europe, he'd just been pushing it away and ignoring it.

Die looked down at the table after Kyo's answer and then nodded. "Okay... you promise?" he looked back up, a worried look in his eyes.

Kyo reached out and grasped Die's hand, squeezing and nodding, letting out in a soft whisper. "Promise..."

Die made a little tiny sound and then sighed, rubbing over Kyo's back. "Okay," he murmured.

Kyo felt guilt wash over him. He should have told Die what was going on from the start, but he'd been pushing it away, hiding it from him and the rest of the band.

Die flicked his eyes up to the other man, studying him for a long few minutes before sighing softly. "Okay, so... any ideas on what kind of meds soothes it the most?"

Kyo snorted lightly, thinking of a few prescription pain pills that would surely take the edge off. He wasn't about to go that route though, not without an actual prescription. The last thing he needed was to be busted for drugs or something.

With a sigh, he shook his head and grabbed the notebook, writing in it then passing it to Die. Nothing over the counter except something like that Theraflu stuff and ibuprofen.

Die made a little face and then hummed softly under his breath. "Nothing... better?" he gestured at Kyo's throat. "The last time, what'd they give you? I'll see if I can get our doctor on the line to call something in if need be. I don't think Theraflu is gonna help you."

Kyo bit his lip and took a moment to remember then scribbled it out on the paper, adding something like that... after the name of the med.

Die nodded a little and pulled out his phone, sending off a few quick texts. It was a few minutes before he got an incoming call and he answered it, slipping away from the table, the scrap of paper with the name of the drug on it clutched tightly in his hand.

Kyo watched Die go then curled up more in the booth, eventually just laying down in it and dozing off, somehow looking more like a child than anything.

Die came back some time later, having spoken with the doctor, gotten a prescription in for something more powerful than the last time, and then with Nora, asking her to pick it up before they departed for the night, the pharmacy a block away promising to have it ready in under fifteen minutes. He sat down next to Kyo and reached to gently stroke his hair. He'd wanted to talk tonight, but now was not the time and he was honestly pretty sure his own problems were nothing in comparison to this. He almost felt ashamed for what had happened earlier in the day affecting him at all with Kyo like this now.

Kyo woke up to Die stroking his hair and had to smile a little, reaching out to catch that hand and hold it for a moment before sitting up. He gave Die a little pout then gestured with his hands that he was thirsty before scribbling in the notepad. I remembered that you wanted to talk. I'd like to... it'll help take my mind off this crap.

Die looked at the other, a confused look on his face before he nodded. He didn't really want to right then, given how it made him feel like shit to even think his problems were worth anything right then. But if Kyo asked for it, then he'd do it without question. "I got your meds ordered... and... okay, but just know I feel like it's nothing in comparison, okay?"

Kyo patted Die's arm then nodded, waving his hand. He didn't think that at all, but he wanted to give Die the chance to air out anything that was bothering him instead of having all of the attention on himself.

Die looked back down at the table and then sighed, pushing shaking hands through his hair. "I'm scared," he murmured, glancing around to make sure the others were safely out of earshot or not on the bus. "I'm scared of what Nora found out, I'm scared what she thinks. If anyone else found out... if they know... what do they think of me? I feel... disgusting." And that was to put it lightly. He felt worthless... less than human for what he enjoyed and how far out of the norm that it was.

Kyo frowned a little and reached out to rub Die's back, shaking his head. He didn't think Nora had figured out the real reason behind their messy clothes, but something told him that even if she did, she'd ignore and go on much like she did when having to clean up after a night of drinking.

He set to writing again, telling Die as much. Don't be scared, baby. I don't think anyone else knows.

Die glanced at the message and then shook his head, looking away. "But it doesn't change how I feel about myself. I thought I could keep everything hidden away, keep everyone else out of my business, but... I guess I'm as stupid here as I ever was with fucking around in my younger years. Reckless and bullheaded."

Kyo bit his lip, feeling guilty because he'd been pushing Die's fetish a lot lately, eager to see his lover come undone. He sighed softly, frowning. Reckless and bullheaded would be doing it on the damn street corners with strangers.

The guitarist looked again at the paper and then shrugged. "I know... but... it just uggh... can you see the look on Kaoru's face? Shinya's? Toshiya's? Because I can, and it's horrifying."

Kyo shook his head, wincing a bit at the thought. No, he couldn't imagine the look on their faces at all, but what business was it of theirs? We'll just have to be careful. He knew that was pathetic reassurance, but he was at a loss as to what to say to make Die feel better about the whole ordeal.

Die let out a little sigh and leaned down to rest his head on the table, peering at Kyo and his writing. "I think... whenever we're around anyone else, we shouldn't do any of that stuff. Just... normal stuff."

Kyo just nodded, reaching over to pat Die's leg softly, flipping the notebook closed for now.

Die closed his eyes and just rested there, feeling sour about how he was reacting to it, thinking himself not worthy to do this sort of thing right then. But Kyo had wanted to talk about it, so he had.

Kyo watched Die with a critical eye, seeing the slight self-loathing there. He let out a huff and swatted the back of Die's head lightly, opening his notebook again scribbling out, Stop it!

Die jerked a bit and peered at the pad as Kyo wrote out words that felt like he was yelling at him. How on earth he could get something so clearly out in paper-written words was beyond Die. But it was one of many reasons he loved him, nonetheless. He shrugged a little. "I have to get over it, baby... I can't help that it bothers me."

Kyo gave Die a slightly pinched look then nodded, reaching out to pat Die's arm lightly. He knew the situation had gotten to his lover but he wasn't sure how to reassure him that it would okay.
Die sighed and reached to touch Kyo's cheek. "Just bear with me, sweetheart. I'll figure it out at some point. I promise."

Kyo leaned into the touch, nodding slightly then giving a yawn, wincing slightly at the strain on his throat. He pouted afterward, feeling grumpy that he couldn't even yawn properly.

Die leaned in and pecked his lips a little, giving him a gentle smile. "It's okay."

Kyo let out a huff then shifted, making himself comfortable against Die. Truthfully, he was fighting the urge to do as he normally did when he was feeling this amount of pain and inner turmoil. He usually wanted to lock himself in his bunk or some other dark corner and shut out the world.

Die gently tugged Kyo's sleeve. "Come on, baby... let's go get some rest, okay?"

Kyo blinked a bit, having dozed slightly. He nodded and shifted out of the booth, stretching then leading the way to the bunks, holding up a finger as he crawled into his own, coming out a moment later with pajama pants in his hand.

Die gave him a little smile, waiting on Kyo to finish grabbing his pants and then reaching for the vocalist's belt, pulling him close and then unfastening it and then his pants as well. With that done, he slid them down his hips and knelt, waiting on him to step out of them.

Kyo blinked in surprise as Die began helping him undress, but he let him, and stepped out of his jeans, careful not to fall as he reached out to steady himself with one hand on Die's shoulder.

Die grinned at him and then got up, folding up Kyo's pants and putting them aside on the counter. He took his pajama pants and knelt down with them, holding them out for Kyo to step into.

Kyo offered Die a smile as he stepped into his pajamas, feeling a bit silly. His throat hurting had nothing to with his ability to dress himself. However, he just complied with his lover, secretly loving the pampering.

Die stood up with the pants, drawing them up Kyo's legs and then patting his ass lightly. "Good... we're perfect." He kissed his nose and then gestured to the bathroom. "I'll be right back."

Kyo laughed silently then nodded, moving to crawl into the bunk to make himself comfortable while Die took care of business.

Die wandered into the bathroom, quickly relieving himself and then stripping down to his boxers. He came out with his clothing folded up, put it aside on the counter as well, and then put on his silk pajama pants. He crawled into bed and curled up against Kyo's side.

Kyo pulled Die to him as soon as the other entered the bunk. He leaned in and placed a lingering kiss on his lips, reaching up to run fingers through his hair.

Die made a little sound of pleasure and then chuckled. "Mmm... we're all so touchy-feely and I love it."

Kyo paused for a moment to realize that he had been sort of touchy with Die that evening. He just shook his head and dropped his hand down to goose Die's rear end with a good pinch.

Die let out a little yelp and immediately there was a cough and a laugh from the other side of the bunks.

Kyo chuckled softly then settled down, laying his head against Die's shoulder, closing his eyes.

Die put his arms around him and ran his hand over the other's back, chuckling softly. "I love you..." he was trying so hard to keep Kyo in a good mood right then, but it was getting exhausting.

Kyo nuzzled into Die then looked up, mouthing the same words back to his other before finally closing his eyes and letting sleep take him away.

Die waited until Kyo was asleep, this time trying to sleep himself, not at all wanting a repeat of before. He licked his lips a little and leaned in toward him, closing his eyes.

Chapter Text

Die found himself having a fitful night of sleep, not the best in the world, but not the worst because he'd gotten at least gotten some. At long last, he dragged himself out of bed, went about his morning routine and then came back to bed, kneeling down and leaning over Kyo. He pressed one finger to Kyo's lips and then gently shook him, seeing if he'd wake up for him.

Kyo had been plagued with nightmares throughout the night, but then had finally just sort of passed out from exhaustion. When Die started shaking him, he opened one bleary and went to speak before realizing there was a finger over his lips and he wasn't supposed to talk anyway. "...."

"Good morning, my sweet." Die gave him a soft smile and removed his finger. "Scale of one to five, how much does it hurt?" he murmured softly. "Hold up your fingers."

Kyo offered Die a small smile, reaching out to pat his arm lightly. At the question, he hesitated and swallowed a bit, wincing as the pain was still there, though it had abated some thanks to the medication. He sighed softly and held up three fingers then crooked one to indicate two and a half.

Die nodded a little. "Better than last night at least." He brushed some of Kyo's hair back from his face and then held out his phone. "What do you want to eat for breakfast?"

Kyo nodded and just leaned in, pecking Die's lips with his own slightly chapped ones. When he pulled back, he took Die's phone, opened the notes application, and typed in one word. "Miso".

Die took it and read it, smiling slightly from the kiss he'd just received. "Mmm... that I can do without leaving the bus." He slid backward a bit. "Get ready and come sit out here and I'll make us miso." He pulled out of the bunk entirely and went to his bag, rooting and then coming up with a green bag of instant miso fixings. He went to the sink area and started filling the bowls with water, adding the miso paste. He peered around the bus, seeing if anyone else was awake, he could hear Kaoru still snoring in his bunk at the very least.

Kyo nodded and scooted out of the bunk, stretching and grunting as his back popped. He stood and wandered into the bathroom to relieve himself and rinse his hands and face before heading back out to where Die was, rubbing his hand over the other's back as he moved to sit at the table.

Die didn't see anyone else milling around and so he only made two bowls. He moved to sit next to Kyo with his bag of supplies and held up the little foil packets. "Tofu, green onion, or uh... whatever this unlabeled one is?"

Kyo wrinkled his nose the pointed to the green onion one, not wanting to risk the unlabeled one as being something horrid.

Die opened the packet and dumped it in Kyo's soup. He added the tofu one to his own and put the unlabeled one back in for another day. He pulled out two disposable spoons and passed one to Kyo, mixing his soup with his own, waiting on the tofu to hydrate for him.

Kyo had to smile as Die fixed his soup for him, despite his being perfectly capable of doing it himself. He took the spoon and stirred it around, letting everything incorporate as he yawned and leaned into Die.

It almost felt like one of their lazy mornings at home when he and Die would fix breakfast and just lounge around with mussed hair and pajamas, not bothering to get dressed until late in the day if at all.

Die leaned toward Kyo almost involuntarily, finally getting his soup how he wanted it and just picking up the bowl, sipping at it that way given that they were still on the road and he didn't like slopping soup all over himself.

Kyo poked at his soup a bit more then followed Die's example, picking his bowl up and sipping at it, the warm liquid soothing his still raw throat. He took his time, slowly sipping as he gazed out the window at the passing scenery before finally setting his bowl down and looking up at Die. He cleared his throat and opened his mouth, attempting to speak. "Thanks..." He winced as it came out hoarse and scratchy, a frustrated look passing over his face.

Die instantly looked over at Kyo when he spoke and shook his head. "Don't. No talking, only singing at the show. I don't think you should do sound check either. Kuroo will do it, he knows how to make most of your practice sounds to see if things are set right. But, baby, please, please don't talk." He put his soup down and reached over to gently touch Kyo's cheek. "Please." He still felt partially at fault for this and he didn't want to let the other do more damage if at all possible.

Kyo bit his lip as Die begged him not to talk anymore or do the sound check. He sighed and nodded, leaning into Die's touch some. He could tell the other was blaming himself and he hated it. He hated the whole thing. He didn't want to rely on others to do his talking for him or his sound checks or anything else for that matter. He waved his hand in an agitated gesture and just nodded again for lack of any other way to communicate.

Die leaned in and kissed Kyo's cheek, remaining there for a long moment, his eyes closed as he wrestled his emotions back into check. Pulling back, he gave Kyo a pathetic hint of a smile and then picked up his soup, silently drinking it.

Kyo let out another sigh and reached up to pet Die's hair then turned to take the last sip of his own soup before standing and putting the bowl in the sink. He went to get his notebook then came back out to sit next to Die again, scribbling on it. "This sucks."

Die finished up his soup and sat there, watching Kyo move around. He turned the notebook so he could see it better and then nodded. "I know... it does, baby."

Kyo huffed a little and put his head in his hands. He wanted to throw a tantrum, kick things, break something. It was really starting to get to him and being cooped up in this tour bus wasn't helping. He grabbed the notebook again and wrote, "I wanna get out, go shopping, whatever."

Die let out a soft sound and then pulled out his phone, doing a quick search of the area. It seemed they were in butt-fuck nowhere and the only thing was about ten miles ahead, a place called 66 Joe's which he could only assume from the store sign next to it was something seedy. He arched an eyebrow. "There's what is likely a porn shop. You up for it?" He chuckled.

Kyo considered it for a moment then gave a shrug, figuring it'd at least get him out of the bus for a few minutes. He scribbled, "That'll work." and then leaned back in his seat, closing his eyes.

Die got up and wandered to the front, telling the driver to pull off at the shop if it looked open. He went back to the bunk area and quickly put on some clothing, pulling on a hoodie. He went to the bathroom and washed his hands and face, quickly brushing his teeth. When he came back out, he smelled of mint, but still had some stubble.

Kyo waited until Die was finished dressing to get up and do the same, pulling on his hoodie over his track pants, not really caring right then about his appearance. He went and brushed his teeth then looked in the mirror, snorting at his reflection. He looked tired, worn, and scruffy. He turned and moved more towards the front of the bus to peer out of the bigger windows, seeing the store sign up ahead.

Die came along behind Kyo and made sure he had his wallet and cell phone. He nudged Kyo. "Do you have your ID? I bet they'll check us since it's friggin broad daylight."

Kyo stuck his hands in his pockets and realized he didn't have any such ID so he held up a finger and moved to the back, digging in his bag for his wallet and stuffing it into his pocket before rejoining Die.

Die smiled as the bus turned into the parking lot and bumped along to a stop, gravel crunching under the bus' tires. He heaved out a soft sigh and stepped down, opening the bus door and slipping out, pushing his sunglasses on as he stepped down onto the ground. He waited on Kyo and then shut the door, heading straight for the shop.

Kyo tugged his hood over his head and followed along with Die, his feet crunching in the gravel as they walked towards the shop. He noted that it wasn't too awful even if it was a bit run down.

Die opened the door and slipped inside, fishing out his ID as the man at the desk lazily asked to see it. He handed his over and the man looked puzzled. Die sighed and pointed at the date area, reading off, "20 December, and year." He tapped the year a few times and took his glasses off to show it was him. The man nodded and held his hand out for Kyo.

Kyo held out his own ID, following suit and pointing at his birth date. The man shrugged and handed it back after a second. Kyo took it, put it away, then turned to Die, nodding towards the toy section.

Die smirked a bit and headed down the first aisle, turning out to be magazines on one side, books on the other. His eyes raked over the various covers, feeling his heartbeat speed up a bit in his chest as he caught sight of some rather raunchy guy/guy magazines.

Kyo wandered off to look at the various offerings of novelty toys, snorting when he found some pretty horrid looking blow up dolls. He opened his mouth to say something to Die then remembered and pulled out his phone, shooting off a text instead. "Should get one of these male blow ups for Kao, put it in his bunk or something."

Die felt his phone vibrate and he pulled it out just as he'd been about to reach for a book on exotic sexual situations. He smirked a little and shot a text back off. "Go for it if you dare. I bet he'll have a heart attack." He gave the book another look and then abandoned it. The last thing he needed as more fetishes right then. He moved on to the various lubes, trying a few on his fingers.

Kyo just laughed silently then moved on to the vibes and plugs, huffing when none seemed to strike him. Instead, he wandered on over to where Die was, pointing to an exotic looking bottle of lube. He picked it up and sniffed it, raising an eyebrow when he found it to be cherry blossom scented. He held it to Die for inspection, smirking a little.

Die gave Kyo a small smile when he came over to view the lubes with him. He sniffed it and let out a little groan. "Buying that," he murmured. He moved on toward the toys section, seeing a very lovely red prostate massager that he eyeballed for a moment before flushing slightly and moving on down the row.

Kyo grinned and picked up a bottle that wasn't used as a tester and moved down the aisle with Die, seeing the look on his lover's face at the prostate massager and just picked it up as well.

After looking at a few more things, Kyo left Die to his own devices and went to pay for his items. He had some difficulty understanding the cashier but finally managed to get it all paid for then just went and stood near the door to wait for Die. He was glad the others hadn't decided to join them, figuring it might be a bit awkward if they had.

Die ended up in the DVD aisle and he found himself staring at a few of the more raunchy ones that portrayed women with dicks fucking men, the title proclaiming TREMENDOUS TRANNIES! He moved away from those as well and finally went back to the magazine aisle, picking up a good gay one with lots of blowjobs and a box of condoms along with a small tube of lube. He paid for his items and got them put into a bag. He gave Kyo a little smile and then headed out the door.

Kyo followed Die out, taking a moment to reach out and grasp the other's hand. He was feeling a little better after getting out of the bus, albeit a bit horny now, given the nature of the store they'd just visited.

Die gave Kyo a soft smile and squeezed his hand. After a moment, they arrived at the bus and he opened it, holding up his hand to allow Kyo to get in in front of him.

Kyo walked onto the bus and offered Kaoru a little wave as he headed back to his bunk to store his purchases, not in the mood for any sort of ribbing and such. He stashed everything under his pillow then moved back out to make some tea while the bus was stopped.

Die let Kyo get into the bus, following him in, securing the door behind them. He glanced up, seeing Kaoru waving back to Kyo and he sat down next to him quickly, pushing the black bag over to him on the seat. "For you. Thought you might find it... useful."

Kaoru gave Die a confused sort of look and opened the bag, pulling out the lube and examining it, then seeing the condoms, and finally the porno mag. He shoved the bag shut and gasped. "Die... uh... wow...."

Toshiya, having inconvenient timing, wandered out then, looking bedraggled from sleep. He plopped down beside Kaoru and rubbed his eyes. "What's up? Why're we stopped?"

Kaoru flapped his mouth a little bit, not having any idea what to tell the other.

Die cleared his throat. "Kyo and I went to see the porno store." He pulled the bag back toward him, deciding it'd be his until Toshiya was none the wiser.

Toshiya blinked at Kaoru's reaction then glanced out the window before laughing a little. "Nice! Did they have anything good?"

Kyo came to sit down next to Die with his tea and shrugged in response to Toshiya's question, waving his hand a little.

Die scooted closer to Kyo and looked between the other pair. "Yeah, they did... but just got basics really... lube."

Kaoru shifted slightly in his seat, glancing at the bag.

Toshiya looked out at the store again then shrugged, not really interested in it because so far, he and Kaoru hadn't done anything remotely sexual save for that one heated kiss. He gave a small sigh at that and then turned back around, a smile back on his face. "How's your throat Kyo? Feeling any better?"

Kyo peered at Toshiya then Kaoru, frowning slightly then looking at the bassist. He waved his hand to indicate he was a little better then shrugged and shifted, leaning against Die's shoulder some.

Die glanced between them and then abruptly made a decision that he might regret. He picked up the bag and plucked out the magazine. He tossed it on the table, it falling open to a slim white man blowing a rather muscled black man. He pointed between them. "For the love of god, the sexual tension is going to strangle me. At least show your cocks to one another." He nudged Kyo a bit. "C'mon, baby."

Kaoru stared at Die with a look of something like horror on his face. He half reached for the magazine and then put his hand back down in his lap, making a rather good fish face again.

Kyo raised an eyebrow then nodded in agreement with Die, standing up and heading into the back of the bus, a smirk on his face. Hopefully, his lover had made the right move because it was definitely ridiculous for Toshiya and Kaoru to be acting like virginal teens.


Die settled down next to Kyo and reached to touch the other's hair gently. "Would it make this easier on you if I couldn't talk, too? If we both have to write?"

Kyo nodded then waved his hand, shaking his head before leaning against Die with a sigh, scribbling something else down. "No but you could occupy your mouth..." Porn shops always had the tendency to get him going and since they had the slightest bit of privacy with Toshiya and Kaoru occupied and Shinya sound asleep, he'd been thinking of taking advantage.

Die arched his eyebrow at the other when he read what he'd wrote. "Is that so?" he murmured, chuckling softly. He leaned in and gently kissed Kyo on the lips before slipping down off the bunk and between Kyo's knees. "Take it out for me and show me how horny you are," he purred out, popping the top on his beer and taking a swig.

Kyo smirked a little and leaned back some, unzipped his jeans and pulling his half-hard cock out. He took a moment to stroke himself to full hardness, flexing in his own hand, his mouth opening in a silent groan as he worked himself up quickly.

Die took another mouthful of beer and didn't swallow it. Instead he leaned in and pressed his lips against Kyo's cock. Slowly, he let him slip in, the beer floating around in his mouth with Kyo's rock-hard dick. He swallowed it, looking up at the other and feeling triumphant. Two of his favorite things combined: head and beer.

Kyo raised an eyebrow at Die's actions, then found himself gripping the sheets at the dual sensations of cold beer and Die's hot mouth on his cock. It felt pretty damn good, especially when Die swallowed and he bucked his hips up, asking for more, his hand going to Die's hair.

Die chuckled softly, pulling up from his cock. "Liked that, did you?" He licked his lips and picked up the bottle, trickling some beer down Kyo's cock, lapping it up with his tongue as he did it.

Kyo let out the quietest moan, nodding his head. As the beer dripped over his cock, he shuddered, the cold being almost too much, but Die's tongue taking care of that real quick.

Die let out a little groan and smirked as he took another swig of beer and repeated the process of sucking on Kyo's cock and swallowing around him. He was enjoying the combination of beer and his lover's dick quite a bit, particularly enjoying the way he was reacting to it.

Kyo gave Die's hair a little tug, his cock jerking a bit. The sensation was unusual, but it felt damn good and he loved the way Die seemed to be enjoying himself. He pulled his lover's hair to get his attention and mouthed out, "God!"

Die looked up at Kyo when he pulled his hair, watching him at the way he mouthed out what he was feeling. He swallowed around him again and then started bobbing his head, intent on making the other lose his load as quickly as possible, wanting to see Kyo come undone so fast.

Kyo gazed down at Die for as long as he could, but ended up dropped his head back and squeezing his eyes closed as immense pleasure washed over him. His lover's mouth was like heaven around his cock and he couldn't stop himself from pushing up into it, fingers abusing the other's hair slightly.

After another moment, he slipped his hand under his shirt and scratched over his chest lightly, mouth dropping open as he was pushed over the edge, cock jerking as he spilled his load down Die's throat.

Die was utterly and entirely amazed as he watched Kyo reach to start to scratch over his chest. He groaned around the other's dick and then in the next moment he felt his cock jump in his mouth. His eyes widened as he felt the hot cum start spurting into his mouth. He swallowed around him a few times, whimpering softly as he sucked diligently.

Kyo bit his lip hard to keep from moaning as he came. He let out a breath and settled back, petting Die's hair for a moment then leaning down to cup his chin, kissing him hard, dipping his tongue in to taste the combination of beer and cum.

Die leaned in toward the other and allowed him to kiss him, smirking a bit into the kiss. He'd definitely enjoyed that and he had the arousal to prove it. He swallowed and then chuckled. "I got you off so fast, baby... I take it you liked my idea?"

Kyo snorted in response the pointed to the bunk, indicating that he wanted Die to get into it. He wanted to return the favor, but he'd have to do it in a different manner, one that Die hopefully enjoyed.

Die gave Kyo a curious sort of look. After a moment, he reached up and gently cupped Kyo's cheek. "You're not allowed to suck me off, baby." He leaned up and kissed him gently before moving to get into the bunk, settling down.

Kyo nodded then scooted into the bunk, shifting around then undoing Die's pants and pulling them down, getting them off so he could spread the other's legs a bit. He reached and dug out the bag from the store, getting out the cherry blossom lube and putting some on his hand before wrapping it around Die's length, stroking him slowly for the moment.

Die watched Kyo curiously, allowing him full reign of what was going to happen. He shivered slightly and arched up into Kyo's touch once he was using the lube on him. The scent of cherry blossoms filled the area and he felt like he was in dual heaven, letting out a tiny groan.

Kyo might not have been allowed to suck Die off, but that didn't stop him from using his mouth as he dipped his head down to nip and suck at Die's thigh while he worked his hand over his cock. He didn't stay there long though and soon moved his slick hand down to cup and roll Die's sac before going even further and pushing one finger into his body, glancing up at his face to see his reaction.

Die let out a gasp as the other started to finger him, beyond excited for the prospect of the other man fondling him like this. He spread his legs a little more. "Baby... god, please."

Kyo gave Die a smirk, pleased with his reaction and started wiggling his finger, pushing it in and out. He knew Die could take so much more, but he loved toying with him like this. He even shifted and placed small kisses and licks to the head of his dick.

Die let out a soft moan and closed his eyes, arching his hips up. "I... this... oh gods," he breathed out, hips arching up toward the other.

While Die was distracted by it all, Kyo quietly pulled out the prostate massager and lubed it up. He kept up his licks to Die's dick as he slowly and carefully pushed the toy into him.

Die immediately tensed for a moment and then relaxed when the other started to push a toy in. He groaned faintly and tilted his head up to watch what the other was doing. "Oh god, baby... you bought it," he murmured, letting out a breathless sort of gasp when it got to where it felt really good.

Kyo smirked up at Die and shifted around a bit so he could start pushing the toy in and out, rubbing against Die's prostate slowly for a moment, then turning it on the lowest setting.

Die let out a louder groan as the other started to thrust the toy in and out of his body. With the vibrations added, it made all the difference in the world. Immediately he had to yank his pillow over his face, his pleasured cries being voiced to the whole of the bus, albeit muffled now.

Kyo had to bite his own lip, finding himself squirming a bit as Die cried out. He rotated the toy and pressed it directly against Die's prostate, wondering vaguely if he could cum just from this.

Die's hips bucked and his cries grew incredibly louder, one hand flailing around until he found Kyo's hand that wasn't holding onto the toy, grasping it firmly.

Kyo squeezed Die's hand and backed off a little, pulling the toy out for a minute as he leaned down to press a few kisses to Die's quivering stomach. He gave it a moment, then slowly slid the toy back in, wiggling it a bit.

Die lay there, trembling, a fine sheen of sweat having broken out on his skin in such a short period of time. This was unreal and he couldn't have been happier to have such a toy in his possession. He gently squeezed Kyo's hand as the other slid the toy back into his body.

Kyo loved the way Die looked at that moment, so beautiful in his pleasure. He shifted some more and moved the pillow to press his lips against Die's as he started lightly thrusting the toy in and out, grazing Die's sweet spot over and over.

Die immediately had to start trying to not let out too many amazing sounds. He clung to Kyo's wrist and reached up to grab his hair as well, whimpering softly and bucking up into the thrusts. He was already straining toward his orgasm again, completely pleased with the whole thing.

Kyo leaned into Die, knowing his was close to losing it, the sounds issuing from his gorgeous lips being testament to that. He nuzzled Die's neck as pushed the toy in against the perfect spot then turned the vibration up a notch, mouthing the words, "Cum for me," against his neck.

It didn't even take Kyo mouthing the words, rather the moment the vibration was turned up and pressed against his prostate, he was a goner. He let out a loud cry of Kyo's name, jerking his hips upward as he started to spurt cum out over is abdomen and thighs, some of it landing on Kyo's hand as well.
Kyo bit his lip as Die came, his name being cried out so beautifully that it made his heart flip flop. He turned off the toy but left it in place for the moment, his other hand slipping down to brush over Die's length, smearing in the mess there.

Die shivered, whimpering faintly as the other started to rub over him and stroke over his cock a little bit more. He let out a faint whine, hips squirming under the other's actions.

Kyo kept it up for a few moments before finally pulling away and easing the toy from Die's body, setting it aside. He leaned up and kissed Die's lips softly then grabbed some tissues from the box they had stashed in there and started wiping up, first his hand, then Die's stomach and thighs.

Die lay there, panting softly, his entire body feeling like it was on fire from what had just transpired. He blushed something awful after a moment, turning quite red. "I suppose I owe everyone an apology for my er... loudness... yeah?"

Kyo laughed silently and shrugged a bit, shifting and peering out of the bunk curtains to see if anyone was looking their way. Fortunately, it seemed that they either didn't notice or were nice enough to not interrupt at least.

Die quietly moved to put his pants back on and then slid out of the bunk. He let out a little grunt and patted Kyo's back. "I'll go and wash up and then apologize anyway."

Kyo nodded and scooted out of the bunk, going to dispose of the tissues in the bathroom trash, waiting for Die to wash up so he could wash his own hands and the toy.

Die washed up his hands and his abdomen. After a moment, he patted himself dry and then ran his fingers over Kyo's arm before he moved off toward the other's. "Hey... um... guys?" he asked quietly, peering out into the main area.

Kyo moved into the bathroom and shut the door, going about cleaning the toy really well and then his hands, feeling a little bad suddenly that Die was having to apologize.

Toshiya looked up from the porn mag Die had left earlier and raised an eyebrow. "Yes~?" He smirked a bit as he set the magazine down.

Die shifted on his feet. "I'm... sorry... I was so loud. I just couldn't help it." He ducked his head a little and glanced at Kaoru, who just shrugged, looking up from his phone where he'd been texting someone.

Toshiya just cackled, waggling his finger. "I could tell! Must've been some good head or something~" He grinned, reaching out to poke Die in the ribs, feeling like teasing the other.

Die let out a soft huff. "Or something," he murmured. But at least he got the point that the other didn't care that he'd been loud.

Toshiya just smirked and waved his hand before holding up the magazine with it open to a page with two guys fucking on the beach. "Could you do that? I'd hate getting sand everywhere!"

Kyo wandered out and patted Die on the back, waving at the others then digging in the fridge for some water. He shrugged a bit at the beach picture. He'd probably want a towel or something at least.

Die made a little face and then laughed. "With Kyo... I'd do it anywhere honestly."

Toshiya snorted and grinned at Kyo. "Of course you would." He shrugged then got comfortable again, leaning slightly on Kaoru as he continued through the porn mag like it was a novel or something.

Kyo just smiled, reaching out and briefly squeezing Die's hand.

Die tugged Kyo closer and then gestured at him. "I mean... have you seen this man? I mean really really seen? He's fucking gorgeous." He kissed Kyo's cheek. "And amazing in bed," he purred out in his ear, "and cock like whoa." He laughed at his own terminology, rubbing his hand through Kyo's hair.

Kyo leaned into Die then blushed darkly as he started praising him, ducking his head and swatting at Die's ass. He loved it though, being fawned over by his lover.

Toshiya had to keep himself from rolling his eyes and instead just laughed. "Yes, Die, I've seen Kyo's cock though I'm sure not in as much detail as you have!"

Die pulled the other in front of him and ran his hands down Kyo's sides. "Oh, it's glorious in every single way." He chuckled softly and kissed the other's cheek. "And not to mention how amazing of a person he is." He nipped his ear. "And how much fun this is to say how much I adore him while he can't say shit to stop me."

Kaoru was watching the entire thing with an amused look on his face, shaking his head slightly. "It's almost pathetic how in love you are."

Kyo felt like his face was on fire by the time Die got finished. He finally resorted to, lightly, stomping on his foot and huffing like a petulant three year old. When Kaoru spoke, he just glowered at him, giving him the finger for lack up anything else to do.

Toshiya was laughing so hard by then that he was clutching his sides. "Oh my God, Die, you're like a fourteen year old!"

Die laughed, rubbing Kyo's hair again and smirking, feeling less ashamed now. "Mmm... you know you like it, Kyo. And yeah, I know it. But it's only the truth, honestly."

Kaoru smirked. "I am very much aware. And I'm happy for you."

Kyo just sighed and leaned into Die, a secret smile on his face as he reached back and caught one of the other's hands, squeezing tightly. Yes, he did actually like it to a point.

Toshiya just grinned and nodded. "Me, too, even if it is sickeningly sweet." And he was just a bit jealous, too.

Die smirked a little and then murmured, "Well, I think a nap is in order. Wake us in an hour, yeah?" He tugged Kyo along with him, looking way too pleased with himself.

Kaoru set an alarm on his phone and ran his hand over his beard, glancing over at Toshiya. "That was... certainly amusing."

Kyo waved at them as he was tugged along, just huffing a little at Die.

Toshiya peered over at Kaoru and laughed softly. "Yeah, I have to say, I never thought I'd see Kyo so... tamed."

Kaoru snorted. "He's far from tamed. Die just has a firm grasp on how to deal with him, he always has. Remember, he's always been the one to keep him at least in a neutral mood and get him up from his worst lows. It's the best thing for him, for sure."

Toshiya hummed and nodded. "Yeah, I suppose you're right." He bit his lip then glanced back towards the bunks before continuing on, his voice lowered. "I wonder how he's handling not being able to speak.."

Kaoru winced a little. "Not well I'd assume. But Die's certainly doing his job by trying to make sure he's distracted enough to not think about it every single second. But I think we need to keep an eye on Die as well. This is crushing him more than we could ever understand. It's not just his friend and bandmate, but his lover... and from what I heard, he thinks something is very, very wrong, not just his voice being lost temporarily."

Toshiya frowned, feeling an odd flop in the pit of his stomach. "You think? I mean, Kyo's had issues before... I just sort of assumed this was something like that."

"Die's convinced otherwise," Kaoru murmured, shrugging his shoulders. "I'm no expert, but we have an appointment set up for him the moment we're back in Japan. We've got two shows to get through and then we can get home and get him examined."

Toshiya ran a hand through his hair and nodded. "Good, I hope it's nothing though."

"Don't we all," Kaoru replied, heaving out a soft sigh. "Don't. We. All."

Chapter Text

Die shifted a little in his airplane seat, wincing as he pulled himself out of a foggy sleep. He licked his lips and moved to sit up a bit more. After a moment, he put his hand on his belly, wincing, the need to pee after a few hours of sleep a bit intense. He sniffed and sat back, peering over at Kyo, seeing if his lover was awake or not.

Kyo was not having a good flight. He couldn't sleep and hadn't been able to since the previous night's show. And speaking of the show, his throat was on fire and no amount of water, tea, or whatever, was curing it. He'd even tried alcohol, but that had only numbed it for a few seconds before the inferno returned. He'd been sitting with his eyes closed for at least an hour, hoping that some God would take pity on him and let him at least pass out.

When Die shifted next to him, he cracked one eye open and peered at him. In a croaky voice, he spoke, "Good morning."

Die slid his arm around the other, gently embracing him before he pulled back and brushed his fingers over the other's cheek. "Hmm... Good morning, indeed. You doing okay?" He peered at him with sincere worry in his eyes.

Kyo leaned into Die's embrace then shrugged slightly. "I guess so." He glanced away, looking out the window at the endless expanse of ocean beneath them. "Have a good nap?"

"Baby..." Die sighed softly, shaking his head a little. "You don't have to lie about being okay, I can hear your voice, you know." He reached over, gently taking his hand and lifting it to kiss the back of it gently.

Kyo's face turned more sullen and he let out a sigh. Turning back to Die, he licked his lips, squeezing the other's hand. "Yeah, I know. So no, I'm not okay. I'm fucking exhausted and in pain and I'm ready to rip my esophagus out."

"I know, baby... I know." He gently ran his hand over Kyo's chest and then up to his neck, rubbing lightly over it. "Things need to be looked at. I just hope whatever it is can be solved."

Kyo swallowed reflexively as Die's hand brushed over his neck, then sighed again. "I hope so... but for now, I just want to sleep. It's been," he looked at his watched and huffed, "twenty six hours."

Die winced a bit and looked at his watch, seeing 9 hours left of their flight. He shifted and reached into his bag, pulling out a punch-pack of pills, popping two blue ones out and passing them to Kyo. "These will make you sleep, trust me on that. All natural, not addictive." He winced a bit and held his hand over his abdomen. "Uh... excuse me for a moment." With that, he bolted off toward the restroom.

Kyo took the pills, looking at them with some skepticism. He was no stranger to sleeping pills, not that he'd ever mentioned it to Die. There were just some nights that his mind wouldn't shut off and he'd needed them to obtain some grip on his sanity. He hadn't brought them with him though, because with Die, he found that he rarely needed them.

He watched Die bolt for the restroom with an odd look. He almost got up and followed him, but decided to leave it, picking up his water bottle and popping the pills, hoping like hell they worked.

Die made it to the restroom and relieved himself quickly in the blue plastic urinal. It seemed to take forever and by the time he was done, he was a little bit aroused and he felt honestly more than a little horrified that he was. He tucked himself back into his pants and headed back out to his seat. He settled down and reached for Kyo's hand, holding it gently in his own. "They're only mild pills, I promise."

Kyo shrugged and set his bottle back in the pouch of the seat in front of him, then squeezed Die's hand, glancing over at him. "Have a good piss? You were in there a while... for that anyway..." He knew he should probably be preserving his voice at this point, but he had gotten so sick of that stupid notebook.

Die glanced at him and blushed a little. "Er... yeah... just... a lot of it." He reached down to rub over his belly a little. "I seriously had my stomach pouching out."

Kyo reached down and patted Die's tummy. "I see. You been asleep or... just waiting?"

"Asleep, for a very long time." He sighed and licked his lips, gently kissing the other's hand again. "Mmm... so it'll take about fifteen minutes for those to kick in and then I promise, you'll be out like a light."

Kyo just nodded, shifting in his seat to lean his head against Die's shoulder. "Okay, I hope so. I'm so damn tired and my mind is going crazy." He huffed and held up a sketchbook he'd brought along, flipping a few pages of abstract pen drawings on every spare inch of each page.

Die reached over, gently taking the notebook from him and flipping through the pages slowly, looking at the drawings. "Wow, these are actually really good, Kyo. Have you considered doing anything with them?"

The vocalist shrugged, closing his eyes. "Not really. They're just doodles from the brink of insanity. Not exactly something you want to hang on the living room wall."

Die gave him a sad sort of look. "I'd hang it on my wall."

Kyo opened his eyes and glanced up at Die, peering at him for a moment before offering him a small smile. "You can keep them then." He leaned over and flipped to one page in the back, separate from the others, showing Die a hand with an intricately drawn snakeskin pattern on it, very obviously inspired by a certain tattoo.

Die peered at the drawing a smile spreading over his lips. "Baby, I've found my living room piece. I can see it now, right behind the couch." He gently closed the notebook and tucked it into his bag with great care, leaning over Kyo to grab a pen that was trying to escape, flailing around in his lap for a moment, and then settling back again.

Kyo couldn't help but feeling no small amount of pride at Die's reaction to his drawing. He ducked his head a bit, burying it more against Die's shoulder. "You're too sweet." He closed his eyes once more, actually starting to feel a bit drowsy. After a few quiet moments, he reached over and rubbed Die's leg, murmuring quietly, "I love you."

"I love you, too, baby." Die slid his arm around the other and pulled him close so he could rest there against him. "Sleep, sweetheart."

Kyo curled up more against Die, taking a deep breath then settling down. It took another twenty minutes, but he did finally fall asleep, the pills thankfully keeping nightmares or dreams of any kind, for that matter, away.

Die remained there the entire time, accepting a few drinks from the passing stewardesses, and cradling Kyo against him for the duration of the time that Kyo was passed out, occasionally readjusting him so he wouldn't snore, covering him with a blanket when he started shivering.

Kyo remained blissfully asleep for the better part of six hours, awakening only because the plane hit turbulence and caused his body to realize that his bladder was quite full. He groaned hoarsely as he came awake and scrubbed his hands over his face, squirming a bit. "Gotta piss," he whispered, unable to find his voice at that moment.

Die glanced down at him and gave him a little smirk, reaching to wipe a stray tear from Kyo's face from his eyes weeping during sleep. "Good morning to you, too, baby." He leaned down and gently kissed his lips and then gestured toward the bathroom. "No one's in there right now."

Kyo squeezed his eyes shut then opened them again, running his fingers through his messy hair. He nodded, then pecked Die on the lips before practically climbing into his lap to get over him and to the bathroom.

He made it to the restroom and relieved himself though it took twice as long because he kept dozing off standing there.

Die watched Kyo go, smirking a little as he watched him wander off all sleepy and stumbly. It was one of the most adorable things he had ever seen and he knew he always wanted to see Kyo in the mornings, to always watch him like that. He made a mental note to get up first as often as possible to watch his lover in such a beautiful moment.

Kyo rinsed his hands and made his way back to his seat, clambering over Die once again and getting comfy, yawning widely. "Where're we?"

When Kyo came back, he smiled at him and reached to put his hand on the other's thigh. "Mmm... I have no idea honestly." He peered out the window. "Over water."

Kyo snorted and lightly smacked Die's arm. "No shit..." He let out a quiet laugh then shrugged, looking up at Die all squinty eyed. "Those pills worked I guess... how long was I out?"

"Six hours and twenty three minutes." Die smirked and licked his lips a little. "And do you know that when you sit up to sleep, you get wood at least three times?" he whispered into the other's ear, chuckling a little just after.

Kyo raised an eyebrow at the time, then glanced down at his crotch as if expecting to see that he was hard. He wasn't right then, of course, just having pissed, but the thought made him snort and he shook his head. "And you didn't take advantage of that?"

"Baby... you were out on meds. I'm not about to start groping you when you're out like that." Die nuzzled against him. "Though, I have to admit, if we were at home, I'd definitely have tried to wake you up and make sweet, sweet love to you." He winked.

Kyo smiled a bit then leaned up and kissed the side of Die's mouth. It was amazing to him that, despite his throat issues and bad mood, Die still managed to get him aroused. Normally, in his down swings, his cock was left largely neglected. "Sounds like a good plan to me, whenever this damn thing lands."

Die winked at him and patted his thigh. "Baby... you're on. My dick desperately needs some action today."

Kyo smirked a bit and then subtly ran his hand up Die's thigh, letting just his pinkie finger brush over his crotch lightly. "I can't wait to fuck you into our mattress... or... vice versa." Kyo grinned, letting know that he definitely wouldn't mind a good, hard fucking.

Die swept his tongue over his lips and watched Kyo's hand trail into his crotch. "You're such a tease. Two hours more to go and you do this." He chuckled softly, showing he was just amused, not actually serious.

Kyo pulled his hand away, smirking. "I love getting you worked up... especially in situations when you can't do anything about it."

"Mmm... actually a grand reason why I love you." Die smirked and reached over to rather blatantly grope at Kyo's cock. "I'll be waiting on it... and I fully expect to be jumped."

Kyo smirked then bit his lip to keep from making a lewd sound as Die groped him, his hips jerking a bit. "Oh, you will be..."

Die took his hand back into his own lap and stretched out, cracking his neck and trying to get a little less cramped up. Two hours had never ever set out to feel so long, he was certain of it.

Kyo smirked and got comfortable again, closing his eyes and thankfully starting to doze again pretty quickly though this time he did dream, not nightmares, but vulgar scenes of him and Die.

Die turned toward Kyo and watched him sleep, his eyes sliding over the other's body as he dreamed. Several different times he watched Kyo's cock get hard and then soft again. When he finally got hard the last time, Die made sure no one else was watching, finally pulling out his phone and taking a full body picture and then a close-up of the other's dick. He saved them and smirked, getting up to go to the bathroom. When he came back, he settled down quietly and watched Kyo once more, his hand running over the other's arm in a way that it wouldn't wake him up.

Kyo slept until he heard the stewardess announcing their immediate arrival in Tokyo and he finally sat up and stretched, his back popping a few times. He looked over at Die and nudged him a bit. "Hey, we're about to land... thankfully."

Die had dozed off after a while and when Kyo nudged him, he snorted awake and rubbed over his eyes. "Oh, thank god." He quickly buckled up and made sure his seat was upright, finishing off the water on his tray table, buckling that up as well, and then putting his trash in the little pocket.

Kyo situated his own seat and tray then buckled his seat belt, glancing out as the city came into focus faster and faster until the plane jerked and bumped along as it hit the runway. Finally, the stewardess welcomed them to Japan and the seatbelt light went off.

Die smirked a little as they landed. Once the seatbelt light went off and they had taxied to the gate, he took his belt off and gathered his bags. The sooner he was off the plane, the sooner he was in bed with Kyo.

Kyo grabbed up his one bag, slinging it off his shoulder and stepping out into the aisle. "So ready to be home." He smirked a little then started following the crowd out, his legs a little wobbly after sitting still for so long.

Die immediately followed after the other, watching him wobble around and smirking to himself. He leaned down and hissed out, "I really want to fuck you when you wobble around like that, baby. Something about post-sleep Kyo makes me heady with desire." He straightened up and shut his mouth, looking the perfect picture of innocence just after.

Kyo turned to say something lewd to Die, but snapped his mouth shut as a little old lady walked past them. He settled for giving Die a dirty look, his eyes glittering a bit with arousal.

They made their way through customs quickly since both had nothing to declare, having let management take care of all of that. They went to the baggage claim to await their luggage and Kyo stood against a nearby column. "Ugh, we're gonna have to get a cab or take the train..."

Die held up his phone and shook it a little in Kyo's direction. "I already have cabs waiting for all of us going in different directions. Kaoru's sharing with us to his place and then we're alone after that. "No point in wasting money."

Kyo grinned. "Glad you're on top of things." He was going to say something else, but the baggage carousel started up and he focused on looking for their stuff, waving to their road crew standing by to gather up all of their equipment.

Die moved forward, grabbing one of Kyo's bags and putting it on one of the little trolleys, smirking a bit as he grabbed one of Shinya's and passed it over to him.

Shinya took his bag with a sleepy smile, adding it to the two already on his trolley. He waved to them and took off, ready to be home with his furrier companions.

Kyo shifted around, reaching out to grab one of Kaoru's bags, going to hand it to him then shrugging and setting it on their trolley, since they would be ride sharing.

Die hauled off the large bags for both him and Kyo, snagging one of Kaoru's smaller ones and a rather odd shaped package with Toshiya written huge across the top of it, handing it to their bassist, who smirked at him and wandered off with it.

Kyo peered at the trolley then at Die. "I think that's everything... we can finally go."

Die smirked and began pushing the cart toward the exit, his eyes sparkling brightly. "B-" he stopped himself and just shook his head. He glanced at Kaoru, trailing along behind them and found that he was actually sincerely hateful toward the fact that he had to hide his and Kyo's relationship in public. Part of him just wanted to shove Kyo against the nearest wall and lay one on him really well, show the world that they were together and he loved this man more than he loved life itself. But the other part told him their career was in the balance here and he found it a difficult battle.

Kyo glanced over at Die as they walked, feeling the irritation suddenly radiating off of him. He frowned a little and stepped closer, murmuring softly. "You okay?"

Die glanced over at him and just shook his head a little. "We'll talk about it when we're alone. But... I'm not mad at you, don't worry." He lifted his hand to touch Kyo's arm in a comforting manner, but ended up stopping halfway there. Seething, he put his hand back on the cart and pushed it a little faster.

Kaoru fell back, walked a bit behind them, his eyes darting between the pair of them, seeing everything Die was doing and not doing at the same time and watching the guitarist's demeanor completely change. He pursed his lips a little and pushed his hands into his pockets, knowing he was going to have to involve himself in this 'talk'.

Kyo opened his mouth to respond, then changed his mind and snapped it shut, crossing his arms over his chest. He wasn't actually sure what had crawled up Die's ass and he found himself glancing back at Kaoru with a questioning look.

Kaoru gave Kyo a look and then eyed his pocket, quickly pulling out his own phone and sending him a text. 'Can't you see it? He's freaking out because he can't say or do what he wants to. He got used to the US, to not being known so much. And now he has to pull it back and he's frustrated.' He put his phone away and focused on walking again.

Die just marched straight ahead and ended up at the cab quickly, making sure it was their driver and then unloading the cart into the trunk with the driver's help, being a bit rough on his own pieces.

Kyo raised an eyebrow as Kaoru started messing with his phone, then blinked as his own vibrated in his pocket. He pulled it out and read the message, making a little 'oh' face before frowning and nodding, putting his phone back and hurrying to catch up to Die. He slipped his carry on into the trunk then nudged Die, nodding towards the car. "Pretty sure the driver's got that..."

Die sighed softly and moved toward the back doors, opening it and getting into the car, sliding over so Kyo could get into the same side and staying in the middle so Kaoru could get in as well. Once the door was shut, he let out a frustrated growl and hissed out, "I can't touch you, I can't talk to you right, nothing. I have to hide everything I feel and it hurts me. And... I'm sorry. I just need to deal with this. But it's hard, because I care so much and I've not had to hide it for over a month now."

Kaoru remained outside, smoking a cigarette, and chatting up the driver to keep him focused on him and not on the car for a bit.

Kyo settled in next to Die and bit his lip, hating the situation. He looked around, noticing that Kaoru was distracting their driver and the car's windows were tinted and he leaned forward, kissing Die hard on the mouth. "I know baby, I know... it's just... it sucks."

Die startled a little at the entire idea of Kyo kissing him like that. But a moment later, he relaxed and kissed him back. He reached to gently run his hand over Kyo's cheek and smiled a little. "It's like I'm deciding between you or the entire band's career every single time I open my mouth or move my hands." He sighed. "And it worse than sucks."

Kyo petted Die's hair and sighed softly, frowning. "Well... at least the band and crew know, so we don't have to hide in the studio or backstage as much." He didn't have much else to offer in the way of comfort. There was no way they could announce their relationship publicly. Hell, they couldn't even tell anyone about girlfriends in the past.

Die nodded a little. "I'm sorry it frustrates me this much, I didn't realize it'd hurt me like that until I couldn't. But... I guess that goes to show how much you mean to me." He glanced up as Kaoru made a huge noise trying to open the door, finally getting in and murmuring, "Stayed as long as I could. Sorry."

Kyo patted Die's knee then gave Kaoru a grateful look. "Thanks..." He settled back in between the two guitarists, sighing softly, pain building in his chest. He hated that this upset Die so much and despite knowing that it wasn't in anyway, he couldn't help but feel it was his fault.

Die tossed his bag down over his and Kyo's knees and reached for his lover's hand, squeezing it into his on hand.

Kyo smiled a little and squeezed Die's hand tightly. After a few minutes, he let out a sigh and looked out the window. "I like going overseas, but it is good to be home where I can actually understand everyone."

Die glanced over at Kyo and gave him a little smile. "It is." And it wasn't, all the same.

Soon enough they were on the way, the driver dodging between cars in a way that should have had them on edge, but somehow didn't. Kaoru was already quietly on his phone, talking business with a few people, scheduling meetings, and whatnot.

Kyo dozed a little more as they rode and it wasn't long before they were pulling up to Kaoru's place and he woke up to offer the other a wave. "See you in a couple of weeks, Kao. I'll, er... call after the doctor's appointment I guess... if I need to."

When they got to Kaoru's place, Kaoru waited on Kyo to finish his piece and then let out a little grunt. "You'd best call me, no matter what." With that, he closed the door and unloaded his luggage, slipping away into the night and they were on their way once more.

Kyo shifted over, but not much, just giving the illusion that he was moving into the proper seat at that point. He didn't bother dozing off this time as they were fairly close to their place and he was once again anxious to just be out of the vehicle.

Die had let go of Kyo's hand at one point, it being more difficult to hide it now. He waited until the cab got to their place and pulled up to the curb. He offered no explanation to the cabbie, just removing all their stuff and taking the heavier bits so there wasn't as much strain on Kyo.

Kyo gathered up what was left and went to pay the driver. He nodded to him then started for their building, letting out a sigh of exhaustion.

The moment they arrived upstairs, Die dumped all of his stuff onto the floor in the living room. Immediately, he turned to Kyo and took the things from his hands, pushing him up against the nearest wall and kissing him hard.

Kyo barely had time to get his shoes off before Die was emptying his hands and shoving him into the wall. He groaned hoarsely against the other's lips, kissing him back just as hard, his hands going to fist into his hair.

Die broke the kiss a few seconds later and took Kyo's face in his hands, gently caressing him. "I'm sorry I freaked out. Forgive me?"

Kyo smiled up at Die softly, leaning in lightly peck his lips. "Of course... always... now shut up and make me yours."

Die chuckled softly, reaching to pull Kyo up into his arms, carrying him off bridal style toward the bedroom. He dumped him on the bed and crawled over him, starting to strip him of his pants, tugging them down with a growl.

Kyo let out a gasp as Die hoisted him up, flailing a little at being carried in such a way. He didn't have time to think much about it though as he was soon being stripped of his pants, his hard cock exposed to the cool air and Die's gaze.

Die licked his lips and crawled up over him, eager to get on with this. He felt like he'd been waiting too long to actually have his full way with Kyo again.

Reaching down, he took off his own pants and then removed their tops as well, quickly reaching to stroke Kyo's dick a few times.

Kyo ran his hands over Die's chest, letting out a groan as his dick was touched. He pushed his hips up into the other's hand, biting his bottom lip. After a moment, he turned and nuzzled into Die's neck, licking then sucking the area near his jugular, intending on leaving a good mark now that he could.

Die chuckled a little as he released the other's cock and moved to hover over him, lightly running his finger along Kyo's crack. "God I've wanted you."

Kyo shivered slightly, spreading his legs to let Die know he was perfectly okay with where this was going. "Then what are you waiting for?" He smirked and reached down, giving Die's cock a few strokes.

Die let out a little growl and then huffed out a laugh. "I'm not waiting on anything. I'm enjoying taking my time, baby." He leaned down and nuzzled his cheek a little bit, kissing there, and then reaching for the drawer, pulling it open and grabbing the bottle of lube he knew was there.
Kyo laughed lowly and shifted, brushing his hand through Die's hair then watching him grab the lube, a shudder of anticipation going through him. "I apologize, I'm impatient... it's just something about you."

"Mmm... the fact that I'm a sexy bitch probably helps." He laughed softly as he squirted some lube on his fingers and then went back to probing the other's entrance, finally pushing in two fingers.

Kyo snorted and nipped Die on the shoulder. "You're a cocky, sexy bitch..." He shifted as Die lubed up his fingers then let out a soft moan as he penetrated him with them. "Don't spend too much time on that."

Die thrust his fingers in and out a few times, smirking at him. "You want me just like this, baby?" He shifted a little and tucked his nose against the other's neck, breathing in the scent of his lover.

Kyo pushed his hips up, his cock twitching a little as Die fingered him. "Hng, yes..." He reached out and stroked his fingers through Die's hair, reaching down with his other hand to grasp and squeeze his cock.

Die grunted softly, pulling his fingers out and quickly wiping them off, going to lube up his dick. After a few moments, he shifted forward, pressing his cock against the other's entrance, slowly starting to push into his body. His face slowly contorted into a look of utter bliss as Kyo's heat engulfed him.

Kyo moaned as Die started pushing into him, moving his hands to hold onto his biceps. For all the turmoil he was going through, the look on Die's face brought him his own bliss. "Die..."

"Kyo," Die breathed out, pushing into his body as fully as he could. He licked his lips a little and hunched over him, slowly starting to thrust in and out of the other's body, sliding his arms around him and hugging him close as he pushed in.

Kyo buried his face against Die's neck as he hugged him close, his hips rolling up to meet his thrusts as he moaned again, unable to keep quiet. This was like heaven to him.

Die clung to his lover, his hips rocking against Kyo's body, not really thrusting so much as moving enough to provide pleasure, just needing to be near Kyo right then, to hold him in his arms and know he loved the hell out of this man.

Kyo shifted and wrapped his legs around Die, pulling him even closer, his eyes fluttering shut as he just let himself feel. He placed slow kisses to his lover's neck, murmuring out sweet nothings as he held onto him.

Die slowly moved to press his face into the pillow as he thrust into his lover's body. He whimpered softly, tears slowly starting to slide down his cheeks, soaking into the pillows as he made love to Kyo. Everything was just too overwhelming for him, making him desperate to be a part of all of this with him.

Kyo was riding the wave of pleasure, clinging tightly to Die when he felt moisture on his neck. He blinked and turned his head, meeting with his lover's tear streaked face. Almost instantly, he felt a lump in his throat and he shifted so he could kiss Die's teary cheek. "Daisuke, my beautiful love..."

Die let out a soft whine, not having wanted to be found out. But he didn't seem to have a choice in the matter. He curled himself more fully around Kyo and leaned in to kiss him gently before going back to his prior position. "I love you with everything I have, Tooru.... I really honestly do," he murmured softly.

Kyo kissed Die back then tried and failed to keep his own tears from leaking down his face at the other's words, a soft sound escaping him as his chest squeezed tight. "Ah, Dai.. .I can't even describe how much I love you." He reached out and stroked Die's face gently even as their bodies moved together. "How much you've... saved me."

Die curled himself around Kyo's body, whimpering softly at the other's words. "I love you so much, baby... I love you beyond words." He could feel himself sort of a little more desperate in the needing to move department. And slowly he allowed himself that, thrusting faster and harder into the other's body, still clinging to him as if he needed him to survive.

Kyo clung to Die, groaning as his movements increased. He leaned in and placed several kisses along Die's neck, sniffling a little. It was so incredibly overwhelming for him and he was starting to feel like he was going to burst. "You are my everything."

Die pressed himself more fully against Kyo's body, making sure to allow Kyo's cock friction between them. He moaned at Kyo's words, pushing one hand up into the hair at the nape of Kyo's neck, holding on there as he continued to thrust. "Baby... I'm... ah-" he breathed out, his face contorting in a pleasured sort of manner.

Kyo let out a moan of pleasure as his cock was caught between them, the friction pushing him close to the edge. He shifted and started moving his hips more, his breath coming in pants. "D-Die!"

"That's right, Kyo... just like that... c'mon... oh dear god," he breathed out into the other's ear, thrusting his hips a bit faster. "I need you... I need this." He let out a little whine and pushed in, his hips stuttering a little as he started to cum, utterly and completely abruptly, his emotions dictating it completely.

Kyo's breath hitched as Die pushed into him almost frantically, hitting his prostate. It all proved too much for him and almost as soon as Die began cumming, he joined him with a cry of his own, spurting his offering out between them. "Die!"

"Kyo," Die breathed out against the other's neck, pushing in and staying there, whimpering a little as his dick flexed again, the last spurt of his cum filling the other.

Kyo shuddered and then choked up as he held onto Die, burying his face against his shoulder and damn near full out sobbing. His release was physical and emotional and the dam had been broken, there was no holding it back.

Die let out a soft sound as the other began to sob. He gently pulled out of Kyo's body, curling himself protectively around him, holding him close as he rocked them gently. "Kyo... sweetie..." he sniffed a little as he held him close, his own mind immediately dreading the worst.

Kyo held onto Die like he was drowning. In part, he was, drowning in his own emotional turmoil of the tour, his voice and things with Die. He finally managed to calm himself enough to swallow a few times and look up at Die, shaking his head and whispering, "Just... so much..."

Die nodded a little in response to Kyo's confession, leaning down to gently kiss away a few of his tears. He nuzzled under his chin a little and kissed his Adam's apple before resting his head on the other's chest. "I love you so very much and I'll be here, no matter the outcome of this. Please... keep me involved in all of it, tell me what's going on and when."

Kyo swallowed and pressed his lips to Die's forehead as the other rested against him, his hand stroking his back. "I love you and you know you'll be the first to know, baby..." He squeezed his eyes shut, grappling to get full control of himself again.

Die gave a little nod and gently shifted them onto their sides, spooning with Kyo, tucking him into his arms and holding him there. "You mean literally everything to me, baby."

Kyo let himself be shifted around then laced his fingers with Die's, sniffing a little. He was quiet for a few long moments then squeezed Die's hand tightly. "I love you so much, Die."

"I love you, too... with every bit of who I am, I love you. And if I ever lost you, I don't know what I'd do." He gently kissed Kyo's shoulder. "Your appointment's tomorrow... we should get some rest and then we'll go together, okay?"

Kyo felt a few more tears leak at Die's words then he nodded, squeezing his hand again. "Yeah, that's a good idea...” He took a breath then released it finally relaxing.

"I'll be right here, all night. I promise you that." He squeezed Kyo's hand in return and closed his eyes, hoping rest would eventually come to him and Kyo both.

Chapter Text

Kyo sat next to Die on the plastic couch in the waiting room of the hospital, his hands shoved into the pocket of his hoodie to keep himself from fidgeting. With a sigh, he glanced at the clock and then to Die. "Taking fucking forever."

Die reached over to soothe Kyo, gently patting his hand on the other's leg and then taking it back, knowing he couldn't do more than that in public. "I know. They always do." He sighed, glancing around them at the other nervous people, looking up at the news on TV, something about flooding somewhere. "It's hard, I understand."

Kyo almost jerked from Die's touch, feeling particularly twitchy and uncomfortable. He hated hospitals and doctors' offices. The smell of antiseptic and illness everywhere made him sick to his stomach. "What's taking so long? I should have just let management arrange something..."

Die winced at the way Kyo jerked when he touched him. He looked away, trying to fight off that feeling of anger over not being able to do what he wanted with Kyo in public again. After a moment, he quelled it once more, and shrugged. "Maybe that chick with the severed finger. Just a guess."

Kyo huffed slightly and stood up, going back to a long forgotten habit and patting his pockets for cigarettes before stopping and looking pissed off at himself. He was about to stalk off when a nasal voice rang out over the room, calling his name. "Finally," he muttered, turning to look at Die. He hesitated a long moment before nodding his head towards the waiting nurse and starting to walk that way.

Die watched him get up, some amount of regret in his eyes. He waited for Kyo to make some kind of inclination. When he finally did, he pushed himself into an upright position and took a deep breath, following after Kyo.

The nurse did all of the preliminaries then lead them into an exam room, telling them that a technician would be in momentarily to take Kyo back for x-rays. She departed with a slight bow then shut the door, leaving them waiting once again.

Kyo moved to sit in a chair and crossed his arms "It stinks in here," he muttered, sounding for all the world like a petulant child.

Die just quietly followed from room-to-room, nervously pulling at his pants pockets the entire time. He was worried about many things. What was wrong with Kyo? Would someone know why they were there together? What happened if they got the bomb dropped on them right then, right there? Worse, what if they had no answers? He looked up when Kyo mentioned the smell and shrugged. "Didn't notice."

Kyo finally looked up at Die and raised an eyebrow. Die's attitude was odd and he couldn't really put his finger on it. It went beyond worry for his health, he felt but didn't know what else it could be.

Frowning, he stood up and placed his hand on Die's shoulder, sighing softly. "I'm sorry. You can leave if you need to... I promise I won't be angry."

Die shook his head. "No... I want to stay... I need to." He bowed his head a little and fought back the lump in his throat. "This is everything... it's the make or break of our careers, of you being able to keep talking. I will not leave, no matter what." And he meant that in many more ways than Kyo could have possibly imagined. "Never."

Kyo listened to Die speak, his teeth gritting together painfully tight, the reality of the situation sort of sinking in. "Die..." He couldn't say anything more, partly because he was choking on his own emotions and partly because there was a knock at the door and then a man in blue scrubs stepped in, asking him to follow him to x-ray.

Kyo nodded and glanced at Die again before moving to follow the tech, nervousness bubbling in his stomach. What if this was the end of his career? What would become of him? He didn't want to imagine the devastation, though it stayed at the edges of his mind as he went through the x-rays.

Die watched Kyo leave, knowing he wasn't allowed in that room. The moment the other was gone, he collapsed in the horrible yellow plastic chair, his face in his hands. Everything hurt: his heart, his soul, his mind, gods even his chest hurt. His hands shook and his breathing came in shallow gasps. After a while he realized what was happening, something that hadn't in years. He pushed himself up from the chair and went to the door, opening it and calling out to a passing nurse. She came rushing to him and he did his best to tell her he was just there for someone else and he was sure he was having a panic attack. She took him back inside and put him on the seat again, rushing back out to get a doctor.

Within two minutes, Die had the pill dissolving under his tongue and a fresh prescription for the pills in his hand. He leaned back against the wall of the now-empty room, his eyes closed as the world seemed to swirl around him. Everything was sort of fuzzy and he hated it. It was why he'd stopped taking the pills to start with. But he supposed with the current goings on, this was how it was going to be.

Kyo tried to be civil as the two technicians shifted him around and such, taking what felt like a million pictures of his throat then informing him that they were going to stick a camera down his throat. He complied with them, having no choice in the matter.

When they were finally done, twenty minutes had passed and he was lead back to his room feeling weary and grumpier than ever. His weariness increased when he saw the state of his lover. "Die...?"

Die opened his eyes when Kyo came back in the room, attempting to look and feel like himself. But the truth was, he hadn't had long enough to get the drugs through his system yet and he was having a hard time focusing. He blinked a few more times and finally managed to focus enough to speak. "Hey... how'd it go?"

Kyo grunted and moved into the room, pushing the door shut with his foot before flopping down on the ugly grey exam table. "Fantastic. Now what happened t-," the words died in his throat as he came to a realization, "you had a panic attack, didn't you?" He frowned, a look of guilt washing over his face.

Die looked up at him, his eyes a little unfocused for a moment. He shook his head to clear it and then gave Kyo a very confused look. "You... you know?" He didn't know anyone on the band had even known he used to have them. When he did, he'd lock himself away from everyone, not come back for a while, and then claim something stupid. Like that he'd gone to get beer or fucked a girl; whatever came to mind. But the thought that someone - Kyo of all of them - had noticed and then understood, was somehow a huge deal. He was certain it'd be a bigger deal later, when he could think for himself again.

Kyo sighed softly and reached out, patting Die's arm. "Always have. Your eyes look like a deer caught in the headlights." He pulled his hand back and brought his knees up to his chest, hugging them and biting his lip. He was uncomfortable in so many ways and he was beginning to regret letting Die come with him.

Die blinked a little and then sighed. "I had no idea anyone knew except me." He leaned back against the wall again, closing his eyes because it was easier to focus that way. "Give me fifteen and I'll be fine, I promise."

Kyo shrugged. "I was dealing with my own shit at the time, so I never said anything, figured you had it handled... as selfish as that sounds." He frowned a bit then rested his head on his knees. "I want to leave."

Die nodded a little. It made sense, it really did. "I did... or rather the pills did. It's been friggin years since I've had one." He frowned a little, opening his eyes and peering up at Kyo. "I'm sorry... I've made all of this harder on you. I didn't mean to."

Kyo turned to look at Die again and shook his head. "Don't be... it gives me something else to focus on instead of the fact that my voice sounds like I shoved a railroad spike down my throat."

Die swallowed, leaning forward and putting his elbows on his knees. "Did they say how long it would be?" He felt a little more with it, his brain defogging just the slightest bit.

Kyo snorted and rolled his eyes. "They said it could be up to thirty minutes while the doctor studied the films."

"Ah..." Die took in a deep breath and then sighed, rubbing his eyes and then standing up, feeling less wobbly now. He tucked his prescription into his pocket and leaned on the counter, looking ashamed. "Please understand... I really am sorry this happened." In a way, he felt like he'd taken the focus from Kyo and how much of a huge deal Kyo's tests and results were by having his own problems. It just wasn't right.

Kyo bit his lip and scooted off the table, moving over to Die and slipping his arms around his waist. "Stop it. It isn't your fault Die."

Die reached out for him, pulling him close, leaning down and kissing the top of his head. "I love you... more than I could ever describe."

Kyo leaned into Die, relishing the warm contact in the cold, sterile environment of the exam room. "I love you, too, so much." He sighed and nuzzled into Die's chest, staying there until another knock on the door sounded and he stepped away with a frown.

Die almost didn't want to let Kyo go when the knock came. In the end, he did, relinquishing his hold with a soft sigh. When the doctor stepped in, Die immediately stuffed his hands into his pockets and ducked his head. It was the same one who'd come to his aide.

"Mr. Andou?" the doctor questioned, putting his hand on Die's shoulder for a moment. "How are you feeling?"

Die shrugged a little. "I'm fine. Thank you."

With a nod, the doctor looked up at Kyo. "Okay... so... we're looking at a number of things with you here, young man."

Die wanted to snort, realizing that Kyo was a young man in comparison to the age of the doctor in front of them. The man was at least seventy if not eighty years old.

Kyo stared at the doctor, immediately feeling like a little kid there for his shots. He coughed and ran a hand through his hair, sighing slightly. "Like what?"

The doctor shifted slightly and came to stand closer to Kyo, leaving Die hanging out behind him against the counter. "First and foremost, you have a lot of scar tissue. I'm sure that helps with the irritation, but it's not the full cause." He took out a paper and handed it over to Kyo. "You have polyps in your throat. Are you familiar with what those are?"

Kyo resisted the urge to back away as the doctor came nearer, a frown on his face as he was told he had scar tissue. "I... see." He took the paper and looked at it, his expression nearly horrified as he stared at the images on it. "I am to a point..." he flicked his eyes to Die and then back to the doctor, taking a breath. "What... does this mean?"

The doctor waited on Kyo to respond before nodding. "Basically you have two options. One, you live with it and one day you'll be up there on stage and your voice is just going to... break. And judging by the pain you were describing, you're very close to that point right now." He waited for it to sink in for a moment.

Die quietly pushed away from the counter, coming to stand behind Kyo, putting his arms around him, defiant of the fact that he was showing he was with him in such a way. "And the other option? Because that isn't one."

The doctor didn't look bothered by Die's movements or his tone, he just nodded. "The other is much more sensible and I would hope you'd take my advice and go this route. You plan the surgery. You have them removed and go through vocal therapy to get your voice back. There's some risk, of course, as with anything. But some vocalists get through this. Are you familiar with Adele? She just had this done in the USA and she came out in tip-top shape."

Kyo stared at the doctor as he basically told him he almost fucked his career permanently, his hand balling into a fist, only relaxing once Die's arms slid around him. As he listened to the next option, he swallowed a few times, a shiver of slight panic going through him at the thought.

At the mention of the other singer, he licked his lips and nodded, vaguely remember hearing something about it. "What if... the surgery... doesn't work?"

"Now I don't want you focusing on that possibility. It's less than a one percent chance. But if it did happen, you'd be in the same boat you would be if you didn't go through with it at all." He pulled out another paper and handed it over. "Here are the surgeons I recommend for this. And I've also included a few top-end doctors if you want a second opinion. It's... big. I understand that completely. But I do suggest you not keep it waiting. The sooner the better on this."

Die tightened his hold on Kyo, trying to keep up a strong face even though he felt like jelly inside. It was like his worst nightmare coming true right in front of him and he couldn't even begin to understand how this was probably feeling to Kyo right then.

Kyo had gone practically numb, the doctor's words barely registering as the thought of surgery and how bad this truly was reverberated around his head. Die's arms around him kept him barely grounded, but it took him a couple of minutes to answer. "We... have a tour planned for this spring."

The doctor shook his head. "My advice to you is to cancel it. Think about the long run and go from there. Short term... the fans will forgive you." The doctor reached out and handed Die a copy of both documents as well, looking between them. He added quietly, "I'd suggest the pair of you keep your... closeness at the forefront of your minds through this. Friendship... love... whatever, it's what keeps things sane in the end."

Die tugged Kyo back against his chest more fully, squaring his shoulders. "We can do this," he replied, a certain strength in his voice that hadn't been there a moment before. "We will. Whatever the outcome."

Kyo thought about canceling the tour, the paperwork involved, the mess Kaoru and management would have to go through, not to mention the guilt of disappointing their fans. He felt sick, a cold sweat breaking on his forehead, and if it weren't for Die holding him, he doubted he'd be able to stand.

Rather than helping, the doctor's words about their relationship only made him feel worse, even Die's resolve barely helping him any. He could feel himself shutting down, sinking into his own mind until he was simply nodding at whatever was being said to him.

The doctor gave Die a look that said more than a thousand words would have, his gaze flicking back down to Kyo. After a moment, he simply left the room, letting them know they were free to go.

Die immediately moved, coming around in front of Kyo and taking his face in both hands. "Baby... look at me. Focus on me. We can do this. I promise. We'll get you a second opinion and then we'll do what we have to. Okay?"

Kyo blinked slowly and stared at Die, his lips set in a grim line. "What if it doesn't work, Die? What if this is the end?" He couldn't find the light at the end of the tunnel, all he could see was darkness and it was threatening to consume him. His voice was the only thing he had to contribute to this world, the only thing that kept him sane.

Die leaned in and kissed him hard before he pulled back and gave him the most defiant look he'd held in many years. "Fuck that. Fuck it not working. It will!" He slid his arms around Kyo and pulled him hard against him. "It's just going to be a rough ride. But worth it in the end, I promise."

Kyo stared at Die, taking in the other's defiant expression. "Die..." He sighed and let himself be pulled against the other, his hands resting on his arms. He wanted to both stay here like this and let Die comfort him and he wanted to run, get away from all of it.

Die hugged him tight for quite a while, finally pulling back. "I won't let you not do this. We have the insurance to cover it. There's no reason not to."

Kyo looked up at Die then away, staring at the overly sterile exam room and thinking of an operating room and doctors cutting open his very livelihood. He swallowed then just nodded, moving to pick up the documents then turning to open the door as his heart started thumping hard in his chest. "Need to get out."

Die let him go, following him out. As they were leaving a nurse pushed a script into Kyo's hand, telling him it was for the pain if he needed it. There was also a paper of additional care instructions for the meantime.

Kyo took the script with a nod then, without really waiting for Die, made his way outside and into the cool air, taking a breath, trying to keep himself together until they were in private.

Die followed after him, being as careful as possible to not say or do anything that would make the other upset in any way. He hailed a cab, not wanting to deal with the subway on the way back. Once they were inside, he gave directions to their place and just sat there, holding the papers, feeling stupid.

Kyo went through the motions, getting into the cab and buckling up before turning to stare out the window. Once they were on their way he huffed out a sigh and looked up at Die, growing more and more uncomfortable with the thought of surgery.

The taxi seemed to take forever to get to their place. When it finally arrived, Die paid and got out of the cab, heading inside as quickly as possible, making sure Kyo was with him the whole way. He could only guess what the reaction might have been and he didn't want to chance it.

Kyo's mind spiraled further as the rode in silence to their place, the cab feeling cramped and claustrophobic. When they got home, he allowed Die to lead him up to their apartment. It was only then that he sort of sagged and collapsed to his knees there in the middle of the floor.

Die was right behind Kyo and the moment the other collapsed, Die just slammed the door and dropped to his knees, tossing everything else aside in favor of pulling Kyo into his arms and holding him close. He didn't know what to say or do, but this part felt right.

Kyo let himself become completely overwhelmed with the emotions that were choking him, fogging his mind and tearing at his heart. As Die enveloped him in an embrace he finally broke, letting out a keening cry of frustration, pain and anger.

Die held him, but not tight enough to limit his movements. He felt at a loss, knowing this was a huge burden for Kyo and that it probably felt like the end of the world to him. But honestly, he didn't know what to do or how to react this time. With one hand, he pulled out his phone and texted Kaoru. Emergency, please come to the house. Bad news on Kyo front.

After several minutes, Kyo calmed himself enough to just lean against Die, his eyes blankly staring. He couldn't bring himself to speak or anything, just shivering occasionally. He knew this was not something Die needed to see or deal with or anything right then, but try as he might, he couldn't get out of it long enough to lock himself away.

Die curled himself around Kyo in a protective sort of manner. He wasn't about to let him out of his sight, not a chance in hell. He took to gently rocking them back and forth, just waiting on Kaoru to show up, not really knowing how to deal with Kyo right then, but knowing going this alone wasn't the right option.

Kyo closed his eyes, taking in short breaths as the vortex of thoughts and emotions swirled in his mind. He shifted in Die's arms, clinging to him like a life jacket as he faintly croaked out. "I'm drowning."

Die hugged Kyo closer to himself and reached to run his hand through Kyo's hair. "You won't drown with me beside you. No matter what happens, I'm standing by you fully. I just need you to remember that for me, okay?"

No sooner had he finished saying that than the door opened. A rather frazzled looking Kaoru stepped inside, shutting it firmly behind him and taking in the situation with a single sweeping glance. He moved to kneel in front of Kyo, reaching out his hand to gently touch his cheek. He didn't say anything, just watching him.

Kyo shook his head in response to Die's statement, feeling like nothing could help and he was going to drag the others, all of them, down with him. The arrival of Kaoru only brought a fresh wave of panic and his eyes snapped open to look at the band leader. "I'm sorry," he breathed out, chin trembling slightly.

Kaoru shook his head. "No need." He leaned in and pressed his lips to Kyo's ear, whispering, "Whatever this is, we'll still have one another." He pulled back and glanced at the papers on the floor with a questioning look.

Die nodded toward the papers and made sure to hang onto Kyo well enough to keep him from bolting off. He gently nuzzled against the side of his neck and just stayed there.

Kyo's hand reached out slightly to grasp Kaoru's shirt, almost trying to keep him from seeing the damage done to his throat. He couldn't stop him though, especially with the way Die was holding him and so he just gave up and hung his head, feeling rather worthless. After all, what good is a prophet without a voice?

Kaoru picked up the papers and sat back, looking through them. He carefully placed them aside once he was done and gave Die a rather tense look before he got to his feet. "May I use your computer?"

Die nodded. "It's sitting on the coffee table. Password is uh... well it's English. K-Y-O-I-S-M-y-L-|-F-e." He blushed a little and Kaoru gave him a small smile before departing the room.

Kyo barely heard what they were saying, focusing on something else that was arising... something he could actually take care of. He went to stand up, struggling a little to get out of Die's arms.

Die latched on to Kyo the moment that he tried to stand up. "Baby?" he asked softly, worry thick in his voice. He stood up as well, still holding onto Kyo. He was truly terrified to let him go right then.

Kyo let out a pathetic whine and huffed. "Gotta use the bathroom." He squirmed a little, his hand going to Die's arm, patting it a little in an attempt to gain brief freedom.

Die's mouth formed a little 'o' and he let him go, though he followed after him, determined to keep his promise to himself at least for a few days. Until they had a plan and Kyo felt better about said plan.

Kyo went into the bathroom, not bothering to shut the door because he figured Die would follow him anyway. He moved to the toilet and unzipped his pants, leaning over and starting to relieve himself, legs actually twitching a little with how weak he felt.

Die slipped into the bathroom behind Kyo, leaning against the counter and for a moment, watching him. After a few seconds it struck him that he was outright staring at Kyo while he was so distraught. Shame washed over him and he looked away, pulling out his lip balm and applying some to his lips to busy himself while the other was using the bathroom.

Kyo finished, then stood there wobbling for a moment before simply sinking to his knees and hunching over the bowl, doing what his stomach had been threatening to do since the doctor's office. He groaned as he retched, the feeling pure agony on his already raw throat, further irritating it. He stayed there for a moment, waiting to see if more would come, his stomach still wishy-washy.

Die winced a moment later, closing his eyes to get a grip on himself before he steeled his stomach against what was happening to Kyo. He knelt down behind him and tucked his hair behind his ears before reaching down and gently tucking him back in and doing up his pants. One hand slid up under his shirt, gently rubbing at his stomach while he waited on Kyo to finish.

Kaoru came at the sound of Kyo throwing up, pausing in the doorway and kindly looking away until Die had Kyo decent again. He looked back then, a certain amount of sadness in his eyes. After a moment, he retreated to the living room once more, knowing Die had it covered.

Somewhere, deep inside his mind, Kyo almost found it comical that Die was the one symbolically holding his hair instead of the other way around. He leaned forward and vomited once more before flushing the toilet and shifting to sit on the lid. He looked at Die with a “shoot me now” look on his face before standing up and bending over the sink to rinse his mouth out. Finally, he straightened and ran his wet hands over his face and through his hair then gestured to the door.

Die stayed with Kyo through it all. When he went to wash his mouth out, Die stood up and waited against the wall. At Kyo gesturing for them to leave the room, he just nodded and waited on Kyo to go first, his hand lightly on the other's back, rubbing there. No chances.

Kyo could tell with the way Die was treating him that he knew him too well. He sighed and walked into the living room, glancing at Kaoru then moving to curl himself up on the couch, peering at the leader with a knowing look, pain and guilt present in his eyes.

Die followed after him and settled down beside him, quietly watching what Kaoru was searching on the internet. He gave a little smile. Of course it was how things could go with the issues Kyo had. He reached to gently touch Kyo's leg. He knew what he needed right then, but he was almost afraid to give it to him. After a moment, he stood up again. "Kyo, will you come with me to the bedroom for a few minutes? I need to talk to you about something."

Kyo turned and looked at Die then to Kaoru before nodding and standing up, starting to head for their bedroom, vaguely confused as to why Die didn't just talk to him when they were in the bathroom.

Die made sure they both made it into the bedroom and closed the door. He gestured to the bed. "Lay down for me?" He moved around the room, quickly turning on a small light, and then getting what he thought he'd need in a minute.

Kyo stared at Die like he'd grown another head but moved to lay down on the bed. "Die... what...?"

Die came and sat down on the side of the bed next to him, a sad sort of look in his eyes. After a moment, he bit the proverbial bullet and held out his hand, showing him the razor blade he held in it. "Is this what you need right now, Kyo?"

Kyo looked up as Die sat down, frowning at the look in his eyes. It pained him to know that he'd caused it... and he was sure he had some way or another. When the other revealed the razor blade, his mouth went dry and he licked his lips a couple of times as he stared at the glinting metal. His mind immediately went to the sweet feeling of release that he knew slicing into his own skin would give him and he was nodding before he could stop himself.

Die nodded a little and shifted closer. He placed the blade safely out of Kyo's reach on his own thigh, and reached out, pushing up Kyo's shirt. His fingers lightly traced the skin that was about to be marred, an odd sort of feeling coming over him as he made up his mind. He swallowed thickly, picking it up and then exposed his own arm, drawing the blade over it to see the depth he should be using, a soft cry leaving his lips at the stinging pain. He watched as his own blood welled up and slid down his arm and a moment later, he grabbed a tissue and pressed it over the wound.

Kyo watched Die, almost wanting to yell at him for being so damn cautious. He skin jumped when his shirt was pulled up, muscles twitching beneath the skin in anticipation. Die's next move shocked him slightly, not having expected him to cut his own skin. "Die...." He sighed softly, then bit his lip, frowning. In any other situation, that might have aroused him, but now, it just served to bring him more guilt.

Die then shifted his body to lie beside Kyo, sliding his hand down and with even greater difficulty, made one line across Kyo's side.

Kyo stilled as Die moved towards him with the blade, anticipation welling up within him only to be released with sting of pain as the blade sliced through his skin. He whimpered softly, his hands clutching the bed covers.

Die settled close to him, repeating the action a few more times, making six neat little lines across Kyo's skin. His fingers brushed over the area, smearing the blood around and then pushed his face against Kyo's shoulder, whispering out, "Is that... enough?"

Kyo was breathless by the time Die was done with the last line. He shuddered and reached up, brushing his hand through Die's hair as he felt tears in the corners of his eyes. At the question, he swallowed and didn't say anything, simply reaching down to grab Die's hand, pushing it down further and then pressing hard, letting the blade cut deepest there, bringing one last sweep of endorphins rushing through him. No, it wasn't enough but it would have to do for now. "It's fine, thank you."

Die gasped a little as Kyo pushed his hand down more. Shock filtered over him that his own hand had caused such a deep wound on the other's body. He swallowed a bit and when Kyo let his hand go, he moved it back and put the blade out of reach. He kissed against his shoulder and then sighed softly. "I love you." The unspoken part was that he loved him enough to do this, despite any misgivings about it.

Kyo reached out and grasped Die's hand, holding it tightly for a moment. "I love you, so much."

Die shifted slightly and pushed himself into an upright position. "Let's get this cleaned up and go back to Kaoru, okay?" He squeezed Kyo's hand and picked up the razor blade, knowing better than to leave it. "Promise me you'll come to me when you need this. Let me regulate it for you... at least until this is all over, okay? I need it for my sanity."

Kyo lay on the bed shivering slightly as he watched Die sit up and take the blade, a vague look of resignation in his eyes. He sat up with a wince and licked his lips, glancing down at the bleeding cuts in his skin, then back to Die, frowning a little at his words. Another feeling of guilt settled over him as he realized how badly this must be affecting his lover. "Okay... promise."

Die looked him in the eyes as Kyo answered, nodding and then fully standing up. He reached out his free hand. "C'mon, we need to get back to Kaoru. I'm sure he has a few things he'd like to say." He pulled his lover into his arms and kissed him gently on the tip of his nose.

Kyo let Die pull him up, wrinkling his nose as it was kissed. He stayed there for a moment, letting Die hold him before he moved to the dresser, pulling out a couple of Band-Aids and sterile wipes. He quickly took care of the scratches and bandaged up the deepest ones then pulled on his shirt. "Okay, let's go see what Kaoru has to say about this..."

Die stood next to him the whole time and then finally reached to get a wipe for his own cut. He doctored it up and then tossed the wipe, moving to pull his sleeve back down. A moment later, he wrapped up the blade in a tissue and waited until Kyo wasn't looking to tuck it into a drawer. Not that he thought that'd stop the other if he wanted to do something without Die around.

Kyo puffed his cheeks up and let out a breath before opening the bedroom door and heading out to the living room to curl himself up in a ball on one of the chairs, peering at Kaoru with a look of trepidation. He was not eager to hear what their leader had to say and was feeling slightly ill again.

Kaoru looked up when Die and Kyo came back into the room. He quietly set aside the laptop and leaned forward, offering a piece of paper to Kyo. "I have a second opinion appointment set up for you. It's my personal doctor, who happens to double as a throat specialist."

Die sat down next to Kyo and curled his arm around the other man's shoulders, holding him close.

Kyo took the paper and looked at it, an address, name and time written on it. He nodded then licked his lips, flailing his hand a little as he tried to put into words what he wanted to say. "What if... this..." he couldn't bring himself to even say it, his jaw clenching tightly instead.

Kaoru took a deep breath and reached to touch Kyo's leg, holding his knee tightly. "Don't. It won't do any good to jump to conclusions. Not for you or any of us. For now, we deal with this one day at a time. We're canceling the US tour, no matter what. It's just not plausible right now. No matter what, you have to recover. Beyond that, time will tell and that's that."

Die nodded a little, squeezing Kyo's shoulder. "He's right. We just have to stick it out and believe in the best unless proven otherwise."

Kyo sighed softly, a thought going to the disappointed fans. He looked between Kaoru and Die and nodded. "I'm sorry for the trouble..."

Immediately both guitarists started shaking their heads. Die murmured, "It's not like you wanted this." And Kaoru chimed in, "Yeah, you didn't do it on purpose."

Kyo raised an eyebrow then shrugged. "I could have been more careful, paid more attention." He lifted his hand to run fingers through his hair slightly agitatedly. After a moment, he stood up and went into the kitchen, suddenly thirsty.

Die had to grip the seat in order to not follow him, nervous beyond what he should have been for Kyo leaving the room. He bowed his head a little, looking much paler than usual.

Kaoru stood up instead, touching Die's shoulder on the way past in an understanding sort of way. He followed Kyo into the kitchen and leaned on the counter. "Think you have a beer or something in there you could spare?"

The vocalist sort of jumped when Kaoru spoke. He'd been staring out of the small window above their sink instead of getting a drink. He nodded and moved to the fridge, getting two beers and a Vitamin water for himself. When he handed over the beer, he peered at Kaoru, licking his lips. "You're awfully calm..."

Kaoru accepted the beer and used his keys to open the top of it. He tossed the top on the counter and took a sip, shrugging slightly. "There's little point to freaking out. What's happening is happening, and we're going to get through it in some way or other. That's just how it is."

Kyo looked at Kaoru for another moment then shrugged. "I guess so..." He let out another sigh, reaching out to scratch Snowball's ears as she jumped on the counter and mewed at him. "I just hope I can keep it together enough for Die's sake."

Kaoru shifted closer, placing a hand on Kyo's lower back. "You realize I'm always here for you as well, right? If you don't want to burden him with something, but you need help, just call me. But... trust me on this one... Die wants and needs to be here for you right now. He's been like that since long before you two got together and I imagine he needs you to need him right now."

Kyo nodded then reached out and patted Kaoru's arm. "Thanks... I'll try. You know I'm used to folding within myself."

Kaoru nodded a little. "I know... but at least keep trying to let him in."

Kyo gave a nod then picked up his water and Die's beer, walking back to the living room and settling next to his lover, leaning against his side. "I love you." Kaoru followed him back out of the kitchen, settling across from them.

Die looked up when Kyo came back in, accepting his beer with a quiet, "Thanks," opening it and slipping his arm around Kyo again. "I love you, too." He smiled, looking a little less lost, even at just such a small gesture as words.

Kyo silently found Die's hand and laced their fingers together, squeezing tightly. "So... Kao. Er... how're things?" He coughed and forced a small smile onto his face.

Kaoru gave him a soft smile. "On my end? Things... are going nicely. I'm glad you two forced me out of my shell. I think things are progressing nicely, though, admittedly, slowly." He looked a little embarrassed. "My fault on that one."

Die snuggled closer to Kyo, sipping on his beer, while he listened to Kaoru speak. He chuckled a little. "You really are taking it slow from what I saw."

Kyo, thankful to have the focus off of him now, nodded. "Sometimes that's the way you have to go. It's easier to take your time than to force it." He licked his lips and glanced up at Die.

"And then there's taking too much time," Die offered wisely, looking at Kyo and blushing a little. "Like we took for-fucking-ever to get together."

Kaoru chuckled a little and took a sip of his beer. "You make a good point. But I don't think we're at that point just yet."

Kyo laughed softly and nodded. "I think you two are progressing nicely, considering." He reached over and patted Kaoru's knee.

Kaoru shifted a little and then made a little uncomfortable face. "I meant to ask you... I know it's personal... and really fucking weird for me to be asking, but where do you get your supplies from?"

Die arched his eyebrow a little, letting Kyo field this one, feeling he'd be far too sarcastic about it.

Kyo coughed to cover up a snort because the question threw him off guard. He studied Kaoru for a moment. "It depends, really. Sometimes we find things in the shop nearby. Otherwise we order off of online."

Kaoru flushed slightly, ducking his head. "How... how do you know who's going to... you know... uh," he looked really uncomfortable, "put it in."

Kyo stared at Kaoru then looked up at Die before clearing his throat, again. "Well... we trade off, but that doesn't work with all couples. The best thing you can do, Kao, is to ask Toshiya what he wants."

Kaoru looked a little uncomfortable and shifted, scratching his arm and then taking a drink again. "And please... how the hell would someone even bring that up?"

Die chuckled a little and nudged Kyo. "Yeah... how would you bring it up, baby?"

Kyo peered at Kaoru, humming softly. "Just spit it out. There is no right or wrong time," he offered the other a small smile.

Kaoru nodded a little. "Er... easier said than done, but okay."

Die held up a finger. "Make sure you bring it up before you get into the bed, okay?"

Kyo smiled up at Die, patting his leg. "Toshiya's likely to get antsy though... so don't take too long."

Kaoru shifted again and coughed, looking away. "You know... I'm driving myself nuts, too."

Kyo laughed and stretched. "Just go slow, but no pressure..." He shrugged and offered them a lopsided grin, feeling slightly more... human.

The rest of the night was spent with the three of them conversing on random topics, every once in a while someone getting more than a little embarrassed by something, and then the topic being changed.

By the end of the night, Die was curled up next to Kyo, his arm around the vocalist, sound asleep. Kaoru left shortly after the guitarist fell asleep, bidding them a good night and slipping out.

Chapter Text

Kyo had spent the better part of the day brooding silently with his notebook. Die had run out to get groceries and he'd decided to stay home, claiming he didn't feel good. Who could blame him though? He was due to have surgery on his throat in a week's time. He sighed and reached up to rub his temples, looking around the apartment and realizing that it had gotten kind of late. With a frown, he picked up his phone and shot a text off to Die. "It's late, you okay?"

Die hadn't felt so great about leaving Kyo alone to go out and get groceries, but the truth was miso and rice only lasted for so many meals before you didn't want it anymore. So he'd gone, reluctantly, and made his way to the store, getting everything on the list. He'd tried to be as fast as possible, but since they'd needed so much, he'd had to take his car, and now he was stuck in traffic on the way home.

When his phone alerted him to a text, he pulled it out and opened the message, quickly scanning over it. He frowned a little and glanced up to make sure they still weren't moving. "Stuck in traffic, sorry. I'm about three blocks away. Dead stop. Are you okay?"

Kyo had dozed off slightly while waiting for Die to respond and awoke with a start when his phone vibrated in his lap. He grunted and picked it up, reading the message as he made his way to the bathroom. He winced a little in sympathy with Die's current predicament. "That sucks. I'm sorry, baby. I'm fine, gonna have a shower." He sent the message and quickly got himself undressed, setting his phone on the counter, and turning to climb into the shower.

Die read the reply message and huffed a little bit, unhappy he couldn't be there with Kyo right then. He sent back a quick message "Love you." and then put his phone down, focusing on the road again. It was another ten minutes before traffic moved at all, and then it finally started its slow crawl forward.

Kyo took extra time in the shower, deciding to shave and neaten up certain areas. When he finally got out, he felt somewhat better. Looking in the mirror, he noticed he was rather scruffy on his face too and took care of that as well as brushing his teeth, wrinkling his nose at the thought that he'd been neglecting himself a bit lately. "Poor Die... talk about morning breath."

He snorted and moved into the bedroom to get dressed then pulled a small dark red velvet box from his travel bag, stuffing it in his pocket for the moment. He'd been debating on when to give that particular gift to Die and had decided that before his surgery was best... just in case. He headed into the living room to wait for Die, finding himself nervously tapping his fingers.

Die finally arrived home about forty minutes later. He gathered up all the bags and made his way up the stairs rather than the elevator, thinking it best to get his exercise when he could. By the time he got to their floor, he was breathing hard and his shirt felt a bit sticky from sweat. He made a face as he slipped into the apartment and went straight for the kitchen, plunking the bags on the counter.

Kyo jumped a bit when the door opened and Die came in, looking a bit winded and sweaty. He raised an eyebrow, but stood up and followed him into the kitchen, slipping his arms around his lover's waist. "Did you take the stairs?"

Die let out a surprised sound as he was touched by Kyo. He immediately noticed Kyo was clean and he was sweaty and he sort of freaked out on the inside. "Yeah. I'm sweaty!" He shifted a little to try to get back from him and not make him all gross as well, quickly putting away the things that would ruin if he didn't. "Need fans in that stairwell, I tell you."

Kyo blinked a bit, feeling a sense of rejection as Die wiggled away from him. He bit his lip then shrugged, clearing his throat and starting to put the dry goods away. "Ah...yeah."

Die glanced back at him and frowned a little. "I'm sorry... it's just... you're clean and I'm not. I'm a mess." He quickly shoved the last few groceries away and then gently patted Kyo's arm as he slipped past. "I'll clean up real fast and then I'll hug you properly, yeah?"

Kyo turned and looked at Die, his cheeks flushing a little at having been so easily read. He ran a hand through his still slightly damp hair and nodded. "Okay... I'll be here." He stood there for a moment feeling a bit foolish. It seemed his emotions were all over the damn place lately.

Die quickly went into the bathroom and wet a rag with warm water. He pulled off his shirt and quickly unfastened his pants. First, he washed his entire upper body and then rinsed the rag, quickly wiping down all the important bits downstairs as well. He took a quick piss and then fastened up his pants, tossing the rag away, and came back out, going to the bedroom for a new shirt.

Kyo had had enough time to make himself a cup of tea and had moved back into the living room to curl up on the couch, sipping it slowly as he stared at the wall, thinking of nothing and everything at the same time.

Die came back out as he pulled a black tank top over his head, pushing his hair back from his face and smoothing it down. He headed over to the couch, settling down next to Kyo and putting a hand on his thigh. "Okay, now I'm not gross." He leaned over and kissed his cheek gently. "Sorry, but you know how I am about my sweat."

Kyo glanced up and set his tea down on the coffee table as Die came back and sat next to him. He offered him a smile and small chuckle, nodding his head. "Yeah, I know, but you know I don't care." He leaned into the other's touch, sighing softly.

"I got too icky and couldn't take it myself." Die slid his arm around the other's waist and gave him a sheepish look. "So... it's obvious you took a shower, but what else did you do?"

The vocalist shrugged and reached up, running his hand over his newly shaved jaw. "I shaved... that's about it though." He looked a little guilty, knowing that their apartment had really needed picking up and that Die had been doing the brunt of that lately.

Die gave him a soft smile and reached out to run a hand over his cheek. "I'm glad. A little chin fuzz is one thing, but a full beard doesn't suit you well." He chuckled, leaning back and stretching. "Any plans? Or did I just complete them with the store run?"

Kyo leaned into Die's hand then shrugged a little. "Something other than... what I've been doing, but nothing specific... except-" he hesitated; unsure of how Die would take the gift he'd gotten him. "Except... well... while we were in the US, I did a little shopping one day while you were still asleep and...." He pulled out the little red box and handed it to Die, shrugging. "It just... suited you."

Die blinked when Kyo held out a little box to him. His eyes flicked up to Kyo's and then back to the box a few times before he took it from him and shifted forward on the seat to open it. Inside he found a silver ring with a little red stone in the top. His breath caught in his throat and he found himself truly choked up. Maybe he was reading too much into it. Maybe he wasn't. But he had to know.

He pulled it out of the box and lifted his gaze to Kyo's, swallowing thickly as he held it out to him. "Put it on me?" he asked quietly, not wanting to make a mistake and look stupid, but hoping so hard it was what he thought it might be.

Kyo's heart thumped as Die opened the ring, nervousness making him feel slightly ill. The look on his lover's face told him all he needed to know though and he almost sobbed with relief. When Die held out the ring and asked him to put it on him, his lips curled up slightly and he took the ring, waiting for a moment before grabbing Die's left hand, sliding it on his ring finger, then looking up into his eyes, breathless.

Tears instantly filled Die's eyes as Kyo took his left hand and slid the ring onto his ring finger. The box slipped from his fingers to the floor and a moment later, his arms were around Kyo, holding him so close he was probably suffocating him. He kissed the side of his head, then his cheek, and then his shoulder before almost sobbing out, "The answer is yes. God yes."

Kyo gasped softly as he was pulled into Die's embrace, his arms winding around the other tightly, his breath hitching in his throat before coming out in what could only be a sob. He didn't bother speaking at the moment, couldn't if he had wanted to. His heart felt like it was going to burst with happiness at Die's acceptance. It meant so much more, went so far beyond just those words and that act. He hadn't even asked the question out loud. He hadn't needed to.

Die tucked his face against Kyo's neck, letting himself get out all the pent up emotion that way, the tears coming as he just focused on breathing and not squishing Kyo completely against him. It took him a few minutes to calm down and when he did, he just wiped his tears on Kyo's shoulder and then pulled back to frame his face with his hands, leaning in and kissing him deeply.

Kyo stroked his fingers through Die's hair as his lover cried against his neck, his own tears streaking down his face as he quietly sniffled. When Die pulled back and kissed him, he let out a soft sound, returning the kiss with equal passion and love, his hands moving to grip the other's shoulders tightly, holding on for dear life it seemed.

Die kissed him passionately, but he stopped short of actually pushing it into a sexual nature. When he pulled back, his eyes were sparkling and he gave Kyo the happiest of smiles. "Does that mean I get to plan us an engagement party?" He beamed at him and held out his hand, looking at the ring.

Kyo was flushed by the time Die released his lips. He looked at him and the beautiful look on his face, about to comment on it when the other mentioned an engagement party. He blinked a couple of times then laughed softly, reached out to grasp Die's hand, looking at the ring and how well it suited him. "You can do whatever you want, my beautiful Die."

Die beamed at him and blushed a little. "I think I'll definitely plan one then. Only close people who need to know, but... still." He leaned in and kissed his lips hard one more time before extracting himself from where he'd pretty much landed on Kyo's lap and settled down, crossing his legs to hide the slight bulge he'd given himself.

Kyo smiled softly and brushed his hand over Die's cheek. "Whatever you find suitable will be fine with me... as long as there are only a few people." He looked at Die then bit his lip again, wondering if he should take it to the next level or if it would inappropriate. "Die... my Daisuke... I love you so much," he murmured before finally moving to straddle Die's lap, kissing him softly.

Die let out a soft sound as Kyo straddled his lap. He had no choice but to put his legs down or else he'd be jabbing Kyo with his knee. He just hoped Kyo wouldn't be upset by how easily he got aroused these days. But the truth was, he'd been keeping himself from fucking Kyo every single chance just because he didn't want to tire him out with much pain he'd been in already. And when he was with him all day, it was difficult to go do anything by himself. So honestly, being even close to him at night was getting him aroused. But he was nothing if not a patient man and he loved Kyo for far more than his body, so it wasn't an issue, not in the least. His only thought was if the other would be somehow displeased he was like this already.

Kyo could immediately feel what state Die was currently in and let a small smirk play on his lips. He loved Die and everything about him, including his seemingly endless libido. He knew the last month or so had been difficult on them both and that his lover had been holding back for his sake. "I love that I can get you worked up so quickly, you know that?" He leaned in and nibbled Die's bottom lip, taking it slow for now.

Die felt relief pour through him at Kyo's comment. He felt much better about how he was reacting to the other with just those words. He licked his lips just before Kyo leaned in to bite his lip. He let out a soft groan, letting his hands settle on Kyo's hips, gently sliding his hands over the little strip of flesh between Kyo's jeans and his shirt.

Kyo shivered slightly at the touch of Die's hands. It had been too long, even for his own touch. He still had healing scratches from the last time he begged Die for a different sort of release that had ended in a quick hand job, but other than that, he'd had no sort of pleasure. He dipped his head down to lick and kiss at Die's neck, letting out a soft sound of pleasure as he shifted in his lap, things definitely heating up for him.

Die groaned as Kyo shifted on his lap, one hand slipping up into his hair, lightly pulling on it. He huffed out a little breath, arching up toward him a little and then pulling him closer against him. His other hand slipped up under Kyo's shirt, short nails lightly scraping down his lover's side.

Kyo squirmed against Die, his arousal quickly ramping up as he re-situated his legs, pushing against Die more firmly and letting out a soft groan. He slid his hands over Die's chest then slipped them under his shirt, moving around to scratch at his back. "I want you. I need you."

Die's hips bucked a little when Kyo shifted closer. It felt so good to stop holding himself back, to let Kyo know how aroused he was right then. When the other spoke up, he let out a loud moan, not holding it back at all, whimpering a little just after. He shuddered, pushing his hand down into the back of his pants.

Kyo loved it when Die let himself go, loved to feel his body shifted and squirming. He shifted back and slid his own shirt off before leaning down to kiss Die with a hint of desperation, groaning as he wiggled his hips at Die's touch.

Die watched as Kyo revealed his body to him, his hand that had been in his hair slipping down his chest. He lightly pinched one nipple and then ran his fingertips over his abs, lightly tracing them. He let out another whimper as their mouths collided, immediately pushing his tongue against the other's lips.

Kyo shuddered and let out a whine at the attention to his nipple, the feeling going straight to his groin. He eagerly accepted Die's tongue in his mouth, sucking it in a lewd imitation of another act. He moved his hand to scrape over Die's belly then dipped it down between them, brushing over his lover's crotch, smirking against his mouth at the sizable tent he found there.

Die let out a rather unmanly sound as the other started to suck on his tongue. His hips jerked when Kyo touched his erection, pleasure sliding through his body. His control snapped in that moment, everything he'd planned about slowness flying out the window. Both hands went to Kyo's pants, unfastening them and shoving them down. "Oh god," he hissed out, "now... need you now.

Kyo was slightly taken aback at Die's abrupt change of pace but his aching length showed that he was more than okay with it. He groaned and shifted off Die's lap, quickly ridding himself of his pants. Reaching in between the cushions, he pulled out a bottle of lube before settling back on Die's lap. He lubed up his fingers and slid them behind himself, pushing two into his body with a whimper, the fit tight but not painful. He opened his eyes and looked at Die as he started rocking back on his hand, moaning.

Die let out a little groan, watching Kyo get up and take off his pants. He quickly undid his own pants, freeing his cock. He gave it a few languid strokes as he watched Kyo get the lube and then start prepping himself. "Gods," he whispered out, jerking off faster for a moment before he stopped himself and reached to get Kyo's length instead, stroking him slowly, in sharp contrast to his own.

Kyo groaned as he watched Die stroke himself while he stretched his passage. He added a third finger then let out a lewd moan as Die's hand wrapped around his rigid cock, a shudder going through him.

He finally deemed himself prepped enough and slid his fingers out, quickly wiping them off before shifting forward and grasping Die's dick, moving into position and sliding down onto it as slowly as he could, his body shuddering as his lover filled.

Die let out a little gasp as Kyo pulled his fingers free, watching him intently. It had been far too long and he was more than a little antsy about the whole thing. After a few moments passed and then Kyo was lowering himself on Die's length. Die tilted his head back and let out a loud moan, his hands on the other's hips. "Fuck," he breathed out.

Kyo stilled once he was fully seated on Die's length, his body thrumming with pleasure. He reached out and pushed his hands under Die's shirt, scratching over his chest and nipples, teasing them for a moment while his body adjusted. After a few seconds though, he grew impatient and slowly rocked forward then back, setting up a slow pace for the moment.

The touch on his nipples gave Die a little jolt of pleasure and he blushed, sliding his arms around the other. The moment the other started to move, he had to bite down on his lip to not start moaning immediately.

Kyo shifted slightly and started bouncing on Die's cock, his head dropping back as he let out a loud moan, his hands sliding up to hold onto Die's shoulders, clinging to them as he rode him with increasing intensity.

Die gasped, yanking the other toward him and thrusting up into his body. He bit his lip a little and then gave up, a string of curses flowing freely from his lips as he started to thrust up into the other's body.

Kyo felt his control snap and he let out a loud hoarse moan, his body bowing slightly as Die hit his prostate, causing his cock to throb almost painfully. "Oh FUCK!"

Die thrust faster into the other's body and shuddered a little, closing his eyes. He knew he wasn't gonna make it, for sure. He grabbed Kyo's hips and held him down on him for a moment as he started to cum, some strange strangled version of Kyo's name slipping out of his lips.

Kyo couldn't stop the sounds spilling from his lips as Die sped up, his body almost overly sensitive. He cried out Die's name as the other held him down and began to cum within him, his nails scratching roughly down Die's chest as he shuddering, feeling every pulse of Die's cock.

Die finished at long last, reaching to grab his lover's cock and start jerking him off. He pushed his face against his neck and gently kissed him, shivering slightly.

It didn't take long after Die started stroking him for Kyo to lose it all over the other's stomach with another loud cry, pain going through his throat at the strain, but his body shuddering as he clenched around Die's length. After a moment, he groaned and slumped forward, digging his fingers in Die's hair, moaning softly. "I love you so much."

Die clung to him, whimpering softly. "God, I love you, too, baby." He slid his hand up the other's thigh and lightly squeezed it as he milked him completely dry. He pulled him close and kissed his cheek over and over. "I love you beyond anything else in my life."

Kyo whimpered and buried his head against Die's neck, holding tightly onto him. "I can't live without you... that's why..." he reached and grabbed Die's left hand, looking at the ring there before pulling it to his lips, his throat closing up a bit.

Die pulled him close, both arms slipping around him. "And I can't without you... I mean it." He pressed his lips to Kyo's. "You've made everything in my life matter. And you've brought me the ultimate happiness."

Kyo gave Die a lingering kiss then pulled back, caressing his face. "I can't even describe how much you've saved me."

Die framed Kyo's face with his hands and swallowed hard. "I saved you?" he asked softly.

Kyo looked into Die's eyes and licked his lips. "Yes, you saved me... from the darkest place a person can get."

Die's eyes filled with tears, though he didn't let them spill over. He just swallowed against them and pulled Kyo close again, pressing his lips to his cheek a bit harshly. "I'm glad I could."

Kyo brought his hand up to cradle Die's head, swallowing several times in a pathetic attempt to control his own emotions.

Die shifted Kyo closer to him and murmured, "Hold onto me." A moment later, he stood up, his arms tightly around the other, carrying him toward the bedroom.

Kyo obeyed, slipping his arms around tightly, holding to him tightly as he was carried to the bedroom, nuzzling his head against Die's neck.

Die gently placed Kyo on the bed, ridding himself of his own pants and shirt. He turned off the light and did a quick mop-up job on both of them. He kissed his lips gently and then curled up next to him, tugging Kyo into his arms. It was hitting him hard knowing he'd have lost Kyo if he hadn't ended up in the other's arms late one night. He couldn't even bear the thought that Kyo could have been gone right then rather than in his arms. But then again, fate had mysterious ways of working, and he did have the other. "You are my world, you know that, right?"

Kyo let Die clean them up then wrapped himself around the other, clinging tightly, a soft sound escaping him. "And you are my world."

Die pressed his lips against Kyo's ear and whispered out, "I know I already said yes... but will you ask me out loud?"

Kyo's eyes widened a bit, his cheeks flushing as he nodded. He turned and looked into Die's eyes, taking his left hand and stroking his thumb over the ring. "Daisuke... you are, and always have been, my savior. You've pulled me from the deepest of hells and saved my very soul. Will you be mine? Forever?"

Die's lower lip actually trembled as Kyo asked him the very question he'd dreamed of before. He swallowed thickly and nodded. "There's never been a doubt in my mind that I want to spend my life with you. Always and forever."

Kyo couldn't even respond. He felt damn near foolish as several tears dripped down his cheeks but he ignored them and leaned in to press his lips to Die's, his bottom one trembling.

Die let out a soft sob against Kyo's lips as he kissed him hard. When he pulled back, he gave him a huge watery smile. "Does anyone know you were going to do this?"

Kyo brushed Die's hair back then bit his lip, shaking his head. "To be honest, I wasn't sure I was going to... I was scared you'd think I was off my rocker."

"God no... baby. Can I be completely honest?" He brushed the back of his hand over Kyo's cheek.

Kyo nodded, reaching up to catch Die's hand and lace their fingers. "Always..."

"I've been waiting a very long time to hear you propose to me." He cupped his cheek and smiled softly.

Kyo blushed, squeezing Die's hand tightly and leaning forward to kiss him softly. "I'm glad. I can't describe how ha-", he choked up, unable to get anymore out. It was proving to be too emotional for him, too overwhelming.

Die pressed a finger to Kyo's lips. "Shh... it's okay. I get it, trust me, I do." He pulled the covers up around them, tucking them in tightly and snuggling down into the pillows.

Kyo swallowed a few times then curled up against Die, resting his head on his lover's... his fiancée's chest, his eyes sliding shut as he realized that he was completely exhausted. After a few moments, he murmured out. "I love you, my Daisuke."

"I love you so much, Tooru," Die whispered back.

Chapter Text

The day outside seemed to reflect exactly how Die himself felt right then. It had been pouring rain since roughly one in the morning and - even now in the light of day - everything was a dull, dreary grey. The sun hadn't peeked out even once during the whole time Die had been watching, and he was starting to give up hope on the idea of it.

He shifted, pushing away from the window finally, blowing a stray strand of hair back from his forehead. His eyes were swollen and red from all the tears he'd shed in the past few hours and he looked equally as exhausted as he felt. The honest reflection of the whole thing was that he was worried as hell about Kyo. They'd had him in surgery now for far longer than he'd been told it would take, and no one was telling him anything. Twice already he'd taken his medication, staving off the ever-so-likely panic attack right on the edge of it.

Even looking over everything he wanted to plan for their engagement party hadn't really helped him. And that included the over 650,000 yen he'd put on his credit card ordering the supplies for it. But it helped, even if just a little, to know he was making plans for the future; a future that involved Kyo.

As if reading Die's mind, the doctor knocked and then entered the small, private waiting room, still wearing surgery scrubs. He looked rather exhausted himself as he cleared his throat. "Mr. Andou?"

Die immediately turned, almost tripping over his own feet, the moment that the doctor came in and spoke to him. He gave the doctor a look of pure trepidation. "Yes?"

The doctor looked Die over and offered him a slight smile. "Mr. Niimura is out of surgery now and is in the recovery room. You will be able to go see him very soon. The prognosis is very favorable at this point as long as he follows the aftercare instructions and rehabilitation procedures."

He paused to give Die a bit of a stern look. "I've been made aware of your relationship so I will entrust you to make sure he is kept silent for the duration of the healing process. This can be difficult and may take nearly a month, but until I've given him the all clear to begin talking again, it is imperative that he doesn't even try. "

Die almost deflated then, having to back up to a chair, collapsing in it and narrowly avoiding knocking his laptop off the desk beside him. He took in a few deep breaths of air and let the tears slide down his cheeks, this time in relief. He swallowed thickly and then nodded. "Right, I understand. No talking. It's fine. We made him mostly not talk before, so it'll be okay."

The doctor reached out and kindly patted Die's shoulder. "Which likely helped keep this from being worse than it was."

Die ran his palms over his thighs and looked a little troubled. "Why did it take so long?"

At Die's question, he gave a slight shrug of the shoulders. "Occasionally, we find that some patients are stubborn and unwilling to let go of their polyps, so it takes a little more finessing to remove them without further damaging the vocal chords."

Die looked a bit more worried at that. "Is... is that bad? Does it mean more healing for him?"

The doctor held up his hand and shook his head. "Not at all. The true test of time with his healing will come during therapy and vocal rehabilitation." He held out Kyo's chart for Die. "We have placed him on some rather strong pain killers as he seemed to have a high tolerance for them. He's also been prescribed antibiotics to keep any infections at bay. A nurse will come inform you when he's awake and ready for visitors." He handed Die a business card. "Feel free to call me if any complications arise or even if you have questions."

Die took his chart to look at it for a moment before handing it back, all of it gibberish to him. He took the card and nodded. "Thank you." With that, he took out his phone and quickly went about entering the number for the doctor into it, so he didn't have to keep track of his papers.

A few minutes passed before Die finally gave up, going back to his email, happy to see his Chrome Hearts representative had gotten back to him. He quickly placed an order for what amounted to around $5000 US for an entire glass and carafe set they'd collaborated with Baccarat for and a pair of red Doc Martins that matched the vest he'd ordered quite nicely.

The doctor took the chart and exited the room with a bow, going to check on Kyo and then going about his business, passing Toshiya in the hallway.

Toshiya entered the waiting room with concern written on his face. "Was that Kyo's doctor? Is everything okay? What's taking so long?"

Die looked up when Toshiya came in, sending the email. He let out a soft sigh and then ran a hand over his face. "He's out of surgery. Something about the removal being stubborn, but he's fine according to the doctor." He offered the card to Toshiya, figuring he might want it as well.

Toshiya looked instantly relieved and let out a breath he felt like he'd been holding all day. He took the card and went about entering the number in his phone then handed it back. "So I can finally call Shinya and let him know it's all good?" Their drummer had declined being there due to a solid fear of 'hospital germs'.

Die nodded. "Yeah, tell him. For sure." He discreetly closed his laptop, not wanting to give away anything before he broke the news to everyone at the party.

The bassist nodded, peering at Die then reaching out and clasping his shoulder. "You okay, man? You look like you're about to fall apart at the seams."

Die looked up at him and shook his head a little. "Honestly, no, I'm not okay. I'm tired and I hurt and... god I was so fucking worried."

Toshiya nodded and leaned down to hug Die a little. "It's okay though. He's fine and we're all going to get through this." He offered the other a small smile then stood back. "I'm going to run and call Shin. Let me know when we can see him, yeah?"

Die nodded a little and glanced over at the guest cot he'd been given. He relented finally, crawling onto the bed and sort of flopping down, his head hitting the pillow harshly. He was truly exhausted.

Twenty minutes later, a nurse tapped on the door and poked her head in. "Excuse me, Mr. Andou?" Perplexed when she didn't get a response, she moved over and lightly shook Die's shoulder. "Mr. Andou?"

Die snorted himself awake at the touch of the nurse's hand on his shoulder. He looked up and blinked a few times, looking perplexed. "Y-yeah?"

The nurse bobbed her head and smiled. "I'm sorry to disturb you, but I thought you would like to know that Mr. Niimura is currently awake... sort of... and I think he would really like to see you." She looked just the slightest bit antsy, ready to insist that Die came with her if she had to.

Die pushed himself up immediately, wiping his hands over his eyes and shaking his head a little to clear it. "I didn't really mean to fall asleep, I'm sorry. It's just... it's been three days." He gave a rueful little chuckle. "I'm not what I used to be." A moment later, he was on his feet, ready to be lead off.

The nurse gave Die a little smile and nodded. "I understand. These things can be very stressful. Now, if you will come with me..." She turned and led the way out of the room and down the long hall, making several turns before finally coming to a stop in front of a white door with a chart attached to it, Kyo's name written clearly at the top.

"Here we are. I'm sure the doctor informed you that Mr. Niimura is not to speak, so we have provided a miniature white board for him if he feels up to it." She hesitated then looked at Die for a moment. "He is still under heavy sedation so his actions are... excusable." She opened the door and let Die in, bowing and then leaving him to it.

Die nodded. "I know. I won't let him talk, I promise." He reached up and scratched lightly at his scalp before he headed into the room. He quickly went to Kyo's bedside, reaching to touch his lover's cheek. "Baby..."

Kyo laid there, hooked to several machines via IVs and tubes. He had his eyes closed, but when Die spoke, they popped open and immediately tried reaching out to him, wincing as his arm still felt like it had lead in it.

Die shifted closer, trying to get him to not move. "Shhh, baby, it's okay. Stay still, I'll come to you." He sat down on the edge of the bed, gently rubbing over his fingers. "Everything's going to be okay."

Kyo blinked a few times, shaking his head, trying to claw his way to the surface of his mind. He felt Die's hand on him and he turned his own to squeeze it tightly. He wanted so badly to open his mouth and speak but at the same time, the dull throbbing in his throat and neck reminded him that there was no way that was happening any time soon.

Die reached to run his hand over the other's forehead, his eyes full of worry. "God, baby... I was so... so worried. You were in there a while."

Kyo gave Die a questioning look, his eyebrows knitting together. He'd had no concept of time while he'd been in the operating room of course, the anesthesia taking care of that. He squeezed Die's hand again, unable to do much else.

Die licked his lips lightly and then pulled his hand up to kiss his hand gently. "I'm so glad you're okay." Die put his hand back down and patted it, biting his at his lower lip. One-sided conversations were incredibly awkward.

Kyo attempted a smile but it came out as a grimace instead. He nodded and looked around slightly before gesturing a little with his hand, trying to point to the board and marker the nurse had left on his table. He had something to take care of and really, really didn't feel like having a nurse do it.

Die grabbed the board and marker and passed it over to him, uncapping the marker and handing it to Kyo before holding the board upright for him to write on.

Kyo made a face and shifted a bit before scrawling out in very sloppy, wobbly English."Pee." He frowned at Die then held out the marker, his hand trembling a little. He was already rather tired of this feeling and would be delighted when it went away even though he knew that that was when the pain would truly come.

Die took the marker back and turned the board around, reading it. He swallowed thickly and then gave a single nod. After a moment, he erased the board and put it aside. He knew his way around hospitals pretty well and he bent down, looking under the bed and came up with a little jug, just like he'd thought he would. He uncapped it and pulled the curtain a bit to give them some privacy. Then he pushed up the other's hospital gown, getting the jug in place against Kyo's crotch, making sure everything was facing the right way. "Okay, go for it."

Kyo watched Die get the jug, his eyebrow rising a bit at the other's knowledge of where that would be. He put it aside though in favor of feeling vaguely humiliated when said jug was pushed against him. His bladder insisted though and in a moment, he started to relieve himself into it, letting out a huff through his nose.

Die shifted a little, trying so very hard not to get in any way aroused by this. It was humiliating for Kyo and that wasn't something he was going to let himself enjoy. He pursed his lips a little and waited it out, glancing over every few seconds to make sure Kyo wasn't leaking on the bed or himself.

Kyo finally finished up, the last few spurts coming out slowly. When he felt he'd dripped as much as he could, he tapped the bed rail to get Die's attention, gesturing at it with a shooing motion. He'd be real happy when he could actually move on his own as this was already irritating to him.

Die took the jug away carefully and moved off toward the bathroom. He dumped it in the toilet and flushed, carefully rinsing it out and then coming back out. He settled down on the edge of the bed again and smiled softly at Kyo as he pushed the jug back under the bed. "Better?"

Kyo listened to Die take care of the mess then looked up at him, nodding at the question. He reached for Die's hand again, squeezing it tightly and mouthing, "Love you."

"I love you, too, baby." He gently ran a hand over the other's arm. It was going to be a hell of a long few days, for damn sure. He pulled out his phone and sent a text to Toshiya and Kaoru that Kyo was awake.

Kyo settled back, closing his eyes and dozing off lightly without meaning to, his hand keeping hold of Die's in a tight grip.

Toshiya got the text from Die and turned to nudge Kaoru awake. "Oi... Kyo's awake."

Kaoru woke up with a start, his eyes a bit wide. A moment later he was on his feet. "Okay, c'mon. Let's go see him then."

Toshiya nodded and stood, heading down the hall with Kaoru, anxious to see that Kyo was alright with his own eyes. When they got to the room, he knocked lightly and waited for Die to let them in, just in case. "Hope he's alright..."

Kaoru nodded. "I think Die would have told us if he wasn't." He paused behind Toshiya, waiting on the door to be answered.

At the knock, Die came to the door and opened it, ushering the others into the room.

Toshiya entered first, smiling at Die then moving to Kyo's bedside. "Hey Kyo, how ya doing? Is Die playing nurse for you?" He grinned, trying to ease the tension with bad jokes.

Kyo came awake again at the knock and then looked at Toshiya, rolling his eyes and flipping him off, unable to retaliate in any other way.

Kaoru glanced at Die seeing how awkward he looked with the idea of Toshiya's joke. He cleared his throat and moved to the other side of Kyo's bed, looking over the hookup and everything with a wince. "Not gonna sugar coat it, I bet you feel like shit."

Kyo looked up at Kaoru and nodded, gesturing to the tubes and crap with a grimace. He squirmed around a bit then settled again, huffing.

Toshiya reached out and patted Kyo's shoulder lightly. "Don't worry, I think they said you only have to be here overnight and then you get to go home to a diet of miso and smoothies."

This caused Kyo to twirl his finger around as if saying "woohoo" in a sarcastic manner.

Die chuckled a little. "Hey, I can make some badass miso, so it won't be so bad, you know?"

Kaoru had to smile at that at least, leaning against the wall.

Kyo glanced to Die and smiled a little then let out a sigh, as best as he could. If he was honest he almost wanted to be alone, with the exception of Die, because having the others see him like this was suffocating.

Toshiya chuckled softly and moved to perch on a chair beside Kaoru, addressing Die instead of Kyo. "Did they say how long it would be before he could talk again?"

Die cleared his throat a little, playing with his keychain and biting his lip slightly. "A month at the least before he can start therapy."

Kaoru winced slightly, but didn't say anything. He pulled out his phone and started texting a few people higher up that needed to know.

Toshiya blanched and gave Kyo a sympathetic look. "That's rough. Too bad we don't know sign language!"

Kyo shrugged and then looked at Die before closing his eyes again. They had a long, hard road ahead of them and he was dreading it even more so than he had been the surgery.

Die watched Kyo close his eyes and then silently shooed the other two toward the door with a quiet, "I think it's best if he's mostly alone for now." He swallowed a little and sighed.

Toshiya frowned, but exited the room before reaching out to hug Die. "Just give him some time, he's probably struggling pretty hard with this... and I can only imagine how it must be for you, too."

Die hugged the bassist back a little and nodded. "It's fine. It just happens." He took a breath and backed up. "I'll keep in touch, I promise."

Kaoru passed him and gently patted his arm. "I'll bring back some food for you. I know you haven't eaten since yesterday."

Toshiya nodded and then headed on, knowing Kaoru would be following him.

Kyo listened to their muffled voices, knowing they were talking about him but not being able to find the strength to care. The mention of food filtered into him and his stomach gave a loud growl, causing him to frown. He didn't even want to fool with the logistics of trying to eat or anything like that.

Die came back in after a moment and went to drag a chair from the corner closer to Kyo's bedside. He settled down and took Kyo's hand in his own. "I'm glad you're okay, baby."

Kyo turned to look at Die, smiling softly and nodding, holding his hand. After a moment, he reached out to grab the board and marker, finding it within his reach this time. He scribbled on it for a moment, his writing a bit more legible now that he had some control over his limbs. "Get some sleep..."

Die gave him a sad little look and shook his head. "I'm not leaving your side, Kyo. I refuse."

Kyo bit his lip then shrugged, scooting over as far as he could before patting the space beside him.

Die looked at the spot and then the cords, making sure they were all on the other side. After some deliberation, he carefully moved to slide into the bed beside him. He curled up next to him and put his head on Kyo's shoulder, closing his eyes.

Kyo smiled a little, shifting around a bit to turn his head and press dry lips to Die's forehead, his hand coming up to brush through his hair lightly before he closed his own eyes and drifted to sleep. Die was asleep within ten minutes, snoring faintly, his head on Kyo's shoulder. He thankfully didn't dream, far too exhausted to get there.


It had been four days since his surgery and Kyo was about fed up with being forced to rest and take it easy. He finished off what must have been his hundredth cup of miso and set the dish down on his bedside table with a thunk. He looked around the room with a sour look before picking up his phone and texting Die. "I'm bored."

Die was sitting in front of the computer in the living room, flipping through things for the party he was setting up when his phone vibrated. He pulled out his phone and smiled at the text, closing his laptop and getting up. He padded into the bedroom and came to sit down on the bed. "Bored, hmm?"

Kyo looked up as Die entered the room and full out pouted at him, nodding his head. He picked up his new best friend, the white board and scribbled on it. "Ready to claw my eyeballs out..."

Die read the message and made a face. "Not a grand plan. Anything you want to do? Watch a movie, play a board game?"

Kyo shrugged at the suggestions, sitting up and leaning against Die's side as he wrote out something else. "How's the party planning going? Spend all my money yet?"

Die snorted. "I spent all mine, for damn sure." He chuckled a little. "But fortunately it's all stuff we'll keep using after it's done, so... whatever."

Kyo laughed silently and shook his head before patting his lover's shoulder. With everything that was going on, his brain was having a hard time accepting the fact that he and Die were actually engaged. Musing over that for a moment, he snorted and scribbled out quickly, "We should go to the US and get 'married' in Vegas."

Die smiled softly at him. "Mmm... we should look into it, there's a few places in the US that allow it I think." He smiled softly.

Kyo scooted closer to Die and leaned in to kiss him softly in response, his hand finding Die's, running his thumb over the ring there.

Die smiled in response to Kyo's actions, scooting closer to him. After a moment, he swallowed thickly and murmured, "Baby... how have you been doing? I mean... are the meds working out okay for you? Any pain?"

Kyo leaned back slightly to glance up at Die then away, shrugging a little and waving his hand. In truth, there had been a lot more pain than he'd let on, particularly in the middle of the night. He had refused to burden Die with it though because the other seemed so stressed out over the whole situation as it was.

Die sighed softly and leaned back on the pillows as well. "Do you want to be surprised by what I'm doing with the party or do you want to know now?"

Kyo made himself comfortable against Die's chest, biting his lip. In a way, he wanted to know but in another way, he wanted to be surprised. After debating it for a few moments, he held up his hand and pinched his fingers together, indicating he'd like to know a little.

Die chuckled and pulled his phone out, bringing up the picture of the glassware he'd ordered from Chrome Hearts. "I ordered this for us. First use will be the party, but I'll be damned if I'm not using it all the time."

Kyo looked at the glassware and nodded his head appreciatively, giving Die a thumbs up sign. It was beautiful and elegant yet fit them and their lifestyle.

"I love it, it's gorgeous, isn't it?" He pulled his phone back and went over a few other photos before deciding that was enough and closing his phone. "Should we start writing the list of who to invite?"

Kyo nodded then looked over the pictures, approving each item. When Die mentioned the guest list, he wrinkled his nose, but nodded again.

Die reached over and grabbed a notepad and a pen. He wrote their bandmates names at the top, then under it, his brother's name, and his mom and dad. Then with a questioning look, he wrote down Boss' name. "Yes or no?"

Kyo shifted and sat up a bit, leaning against Die's chest. He read over the list and nodded. So far, he had no problems with the list.

Die wrote down Kyo's parent's names, as well as that of his sister, and held it out to him. "I think they should know. Even if... they somehow get mad about it."

Kyo looked at his family's names, his lips pressing into a thin line. His sister would be okay and maybe even his mother, but he knew - could almost hear - his father's reaction. Not screaming or yelling, no. It would simply be silence and a disappointed look on his face.

With a sigh, he shrugged, handing the list back.

"Maybe we can go ahead and tell them ahead of time. And... er... avoid the awkward?" He didn't know how it'd float, but he knew it wouldn't be good if Kyo had already been keeping it from them.

Kyo just nodded, shrugging a little. Truth be told, he couldn't remember the last time he'd actually spoken with his family. He hadn't even thought to inform them of his surgery. Letting out a huff, he pushed his fingers through his hair, unsure of what to "say" or do.

"How about we start with your sister? I've met her before and she was really sweet, so... I think that would work best, yeah?" He reached to push some hair behind Kyo's ear.

Kyo leaned into Die's touch and nodded, finding that to be the lesser of evils. His sister would probably just be angry that he'd waited so long to tell her about his relationship with Die in the first place.

Die made a little sound and added a few other names to the list, including the entirety of Merry, and some of the staff members they were closer to, including Nora and Rick.

Kyo watched Die add names, nodding with each one, knowing their fellow musicians would be fine and happy for them. He smiled a little at the addition of Rick and Nora's names, having been about to suggest them as well. He sat there for a moment then took the pen, scribbling Cipher's name down in the corner with a question mark before looking up at Die.

Die's cheeks immediately went pink at the idea of inviting Cipher. His lips worked for a moment before he finally just wrote his name down along with Kyo's, the vocalist of D'ERLANGER. He pursed his lips then, pretty much out of people to put on the list. "Anyone else, baby?"

Kyo felt the vaguest flair of jealousy at the pink tinge on Die's cheeks at the mention of Cipher, but he shook his head and smiled, knowing that his lover was just that, his.

At Die's question, he shrugged and shook his head again, not being able to think of anyone else he wanted there. Instead, he seized the pen again and flipped the page, scribbling on the back. Kiss me.

Die chuckled softly, putting the notepad aside and moving to straddle Kyo's lap. He settled there and framed his face with his hands. He leaned down and pressed his lips to Kyo's, giving him possibly the gentlest kiss he'd ever given anyone in his life.

Die's weight on him felt good and Kyo slipped his arms around his lover's waist, rubbing his hands up and down his sides as the other kissed him so gently. He returned the kiss, his hands moving around to stroke Die's back. It suddenly seemed like forever since he'd had a chance to just touch him.

Die let out a little sound after a moment. He pulled back from the kiss and beamed down at his lover. "I love you, I love you, I love you!"

Kyo found his face splitting into a wide grin at Die's exclamation. He just shook his head and stroked his hand over Die's face, mouthing the words back to him, his cheeks coloring a little.

Die giggled a little and then settled back on his knees. "Feeling better?" He ran his fingers down the other's arms ever so gently.

Kyo thought about it for a half a second then nodded. Die's enthusiasm over their engagement party seemed to have lifted his spirits and made him forget about the pain and such. He caught Die's hand and brought it up to press his lips against the ring, smiling softly.

Die chuckled softly and leaned in, kissing Kyo's forehead. His stomach chose that moment to rumble loudly and he looked a bit embarrassed as he pulled back. "Er... sorry?"

Kyo snorted and reached down to pat Die's stomach. He grabbed his board and wrote on it before holding it up. "Go eat!"

Die made a little face and pushed himself upright, swallowing slightly. "Hmm... are you sure it's okay?" he asked softly.

Kyo brushed his hand over Die's back then made a shooing motion. He could tell Die had been neglecting his own needs too much and he felt damned guilty for it, knowing that he was the reason why.

Die blushed slightly and then got up, quickly dashing to the kitchen. He came back in less than ten minutes, holding two slices of bread with some cheese between them. He proudly showed Kyo. "It's something I picked up in America. Quite good. You should have one once you're all healed." He plopped down next to him again and started to eat it.

Kyo peered at Die's food and nodded, shifting around to lean against his side while he ate, nodding a little, his eyelids closing.

Die leaned to kiss Kyo's hair gently, chuckling softly. "Mmm... this is so good. It's wrong, but good."

Kyo laughed silently and nodded, shrugging a little. He wasn't so sure about it, but he'd give it a try once he could.

He stayed leaned against Die for a minute before picking up the board and simply drawing a heart on it.

Die made a little cooing sound at the idea of Kyo giving him a heart on his board. He smiled softly. "You're cute."

Kyo wrinkled his nose, blushing slightly before lightly whacking Die with the board.

"Hey... it's true and I'm allowed to call you cute because you're my lover." He smiled softly.

Kyo rolled his eyes but the corners of his mouth were turned up in a smile. He shifted and kissed Die's cheek softly then nuzzled against his neck slightly.

Die finished off his sandwich and grabbed Kyo, rolling him over on the bed and flopping on him. "Heeeee~!"

Kyo stared up at Die in surprise then wiggling under him lightly. He smirked and reached out, tickling Die's ribs a bit.

Die let out a whine and shivered slightly. He let out another strange sound and then stuffed his face in Kyo's neck, blushing a bit as he squirmed a bit more.

Kyo reached up and laughed silently as he cupped Die's face and leaned up to properly kiss him.

Die let out a soft chuckle into the kiss and pressed his nose to Kyo's as well. "Mmm... you're gorgeous, my sweet, sweet pumpkin pie."

Kyo snorted and tugged Die's hair lightly at being called pumpkin pie, shaking his head. He pecked Die on the nose then shifted a bit, nipping the other's jaw. Pumpkin pie, indeed.

Die giggled softly. "Oh my god..." he ducked his head. "We're hilarious like this. I love it."

Kyo smiled and ran his hand through Die's hair, shaking his head a little. It was cheesy but somehow... he loved it too.

Die shifted and laid his head down on the other's chest, smirking as Snow rushed into the room and hopped on the bed, coming to nudge at Kyo's hand, meowing insistently.

Kyo pressed his lips to the top of Die's head, loving the closeness. When the cat came bounding in, he smiled and reached out, scratching her head.

Snow started to purr, winding her way around Kyo's hand as he petted her. Die watched with an amused smirk on his lips. "I think she's grown to like her other daddy."

Kyo shook his head, shifting a bit and getting Snow to lay down on Die's chest, continuing to pet her. He'd grown fond of the cat over the months she'd been in his life. He'd even bought her a pretty little pink collar with studs on it.

Die flopped over on his side and watched as Kyo got her to come over and lay down on him. He smirked and reached up to scratch under her chin. "My two precious babies."

Kyo looked at Die and smiled, reaching out to stroke his hand through Die's hair. He sighed and maneuvered around enough to grab his board, writing on it while being careful not to disturb the cat. "I feel so... domestic."

Die beamed as he read Kyo's words. "That's because we are."

Kyo scooted close enough to kiss Die softly, nuzzling against his nose. He stayed that way, mouthing the words, "I love you."

Die pecked Kyo's lips gently. "I love you, too."


The days since Kyo's surgery had been long and a bit rough for everyone involved. But they were finding their ways in their own manners. On Die's part, he was looking after Kyo almost all the time, trying to keep an eye on him and make sure nothing went horribly wrong with the mood the other seemed to be in.
It was a hard job, but someone had to do it and Die had volunteered for it with a passion that he rarely showed anything else besides music. He loved Kyo so much it hurt and the fact that the other had proposed to him only made him love him even more.

The fact that he'd been going so far as to give Kyo the things he needed, when he needed them, despite any aversion to the idea of it, was testament enough to that fact. He couldn't count the number of times he'd already given Kyo the release he needed at the end of a razorblade, and all with seemingly no hesitation, despite the weight on his soul each time he pulled it across Kyo's skin.

But by the time they got to the end of a day, Die found himself usually exhausted and lately... unable to sleep. His stress was higher than perhaps even when they were touring and he felt badly about something. And that, in turn, led to him lying next to Kyo until he was asleep and then slipping out to the living room to read a book or watch TV until the wee hours of the morning.

Tonight, he had finally given in for the first time since they'd gotten home from the hospital nearly a month before, and decided to tend to himself a little. He'd poured himself a small tumbler of whiskey on the rocks and settled down with his laptop in his lazy-boy recliner. The whiskey was gone in a matter of minutes, the taste of it almost foreign at this point, but desired.

At first he'd just checked email and a few other things, reading through some fan mail, but in the end, he wound up right where he'd known he would. He logged into the one porn site he kept a running subscription to and started through the new videos section. By the second one he had his dick out and in hand, stroking himself languidly. The point wasn't to be fast, it was to actually enjoy getting himself off for the first time in a long while. Twice he brought himself close and then right back down, waiting until he wasn't at the edge and then working himself right back up again. He was so into it he didn't notice a single other thing, the room dark around him, only the light from his laptop illuminating anything. The seat creaked a little as he shifted his hips, stroking himself a little faster, a tiny groan of pleasure escaping his lips as he watched the guy on screen.

The past month had been hell on Earth for more than just Die. Kyo was spiraling into the darkest recesses of his mind with each passing day that he couldn't use his voice. He'd taken to begging Die to cut him with the blade until he nearly passed out just to find release from the nightmares in his mind. He could tell each cut weighed heavily on his lover and some part of him regretted it deeply. The other part relished in the pain and the sight of the lines scattered on his abdomen and thighs.

Aside from that, he'd spent one too many lonely nights rubbing the cold area where Die was supposed to be sleeping, listening to the TV playing from the living room and feeling each time that his lover had simply had to escape from him and his brooding mood, furthering his feelings of guilt. Die already took care of him, waited on him hand and foot just to keep him resting and recovering. He hated it. He hated being helpless and feeling helpless.

He found himself laying in an empty bed again, tossing and turning, trying to sleep, but unable to block out the pain and embarrassment of his first vocal therapy session. He'd failed each test and had been told that he would require more healing, which meant more time taken away from the band. He'd almost smashed the doctor's clipboard, only abstaining from doing so because Die had walked in right at that moment.

He sighed and sat up, rubbing his eyes and looking around. Die wasn't in there and suddenly a thought popped into his head. He knew what would shake the God-awful feelings of despair. He could do the one thing that Die had been so afraid to let him do by himself.

He scrambled out of the bed and snuck around, going to Die's drawer and digging in it a bit before coming up with the razor blade. With a shiver of anticipation, he ran his thumb over it, instantly slicing into his skin. He swallowed thickly and moved over to his side of the bed.

He settled on the mattress and held the blade up, gazing at it before holding out his arm, dragging the tip of the blade down his forearm with a soft sound.

He watched the blood well up then shifted, pushing his pants down to expose his thighs. He studied the area for a moment before making several shallow cuts over the skin there, gasping at the pain and following euphoria. It felt good, it gave him release of another kind. He wasn't sure why really, but he just kept cutting, scratching up both thighs before he caught himself.

He pulled the bloodied blade up and looked at it, shuddering and panting as blood started to drip down his thighs. It wasn't enough though. He'd gotten too used to this and now he desperately needed much more than Die had ever given. With a deep breath, he leaned back and pushed his shirt up. He drew his lip between his teeth and placed the blade on his lower abdomen. He hesitated for a moment but then dug in and drew the blade over his skin, slicing deep into it, a hoarse cry escaping his lips.

He sat there, bleeding, twitching a little as he watched it spill out of the wound. It wasn't slowing down like the other cuts did after a moment. It was actually getting worse and suddenly his heart began thumping hard with anxiety and he stood, swaying a little with dizziness as he started walking towards the living room. He needed Die. Now.

The sight that greeted him though as he finally made it was enough to make him want to turn around and go back. How could he disturb Die at a time like this?

Die's cheeks were flushed, his heart beating faster and faster in his chest. His hand was like a blur over his cock, his pleasure almost too much. He couldn't wait any longer, it just wasn't going to happen tonight. He needed this... needed it so badly. His shoulders pushed back against the chair, the man on the screen finally cumming, his thick load spurting out over the desk in front of him. Die bit hard on his lip, trying not to groan, wanting to follow him over the edge so very badly. He shifted the laptop to one leg, his hips pushing up a few times into his hand. He was so close... so desperately close.

From the corner of his eye he saw movement and immediately he shut his laptop, his hand moving instead to try to cover what he was doing. Panic filtered through him, his heart hammering in his chest. He hadn't been that loud, had he? How could he have woken Kyo up? It was so inconsiderate of him. Mentally he cursed himself, struggling to get his pajama pants back over his erection, feeling ridiculously embarrassed to have been caught. He leaned to put his laptop in the floor and let down his foot rest, scooting to the edge of the chair. He still felt almost on the verge of orgasm, cursing himself for having ramped it up so much at the end. If he hadn't, then he wouldn't be caught like this. He'd just be freaked out, but not terrified he was going to jizz his fucking pants. "Kyo?"

Kyo watched Die nearly cum then stop, frantically getting himself tucked away and such. He felt a pang of guilt, knowing that had to hurt, but his stomach was bleeding too much and he didn't know what to do. Die had always been the one to patch him up.

He shifted further into the room before he couldn't stand anymore and just slid to his knees. He murmured as loudly as he could, "Die... I'm so sorry... please..." He couldn't get his thoughts together, couldn't get himself to function long enough to tell Die what had happened. He just sat there, slightly hunched over with his hand pressed to the wound he'd given himself, shuddering. "I'm so stupid..."

Die stared at Kyo for a long moment before a different sort of panic slid through his veins as he watched Kyo crumple to the floor. "Oh god," he hissed out. Immediately he was on his feet, flicking on the light and kneeling by Kyo. He pried his hand away from the wound and cursed loudly, yanking off his shirt and pressing it to the wound. He pushed Kyo's hand back over it. "Hold it hard."

With that, he was up again and rushing to the bathroom. He grabbed the kit he always packed for Kyo on tours and rushed back to his side, kneeling down. "Lay down on your back, right now." He quickly helped him move, not wanting to waste any time at all.

Kyo watched with guilt as Die took his own shirt off, ruining it with his blood. He bit his lip hard as Die pressed the cloth to the cut, a whole new pain coming over him. It hurt. It really fucking hurt and he'd done it to himself.

As Die went to the bathroom, he slipped a little further into himself and started laughing with a raspy sound. When Die came back, he complied, laying on his back, but still laughing with that awful sound. He was losing it. He had to be.

Die shot Kyo a worried look that went far beyond any he'd given him to that very date. He didn't really know how to deal with that part, not in the least. But this, he needed to deal with before he dealt with the rest. He quickly removed the shirt and numbed the area. It was the best he could do with the time he had. He poured alcohol over it, and then butterfly taped it together.

He quickly threaded the needle, looking at the wound and almost fearing to do this. But if he didn't, the tape wouldn't be enough. If he fucked it up, surely the doctor would just fix it later. Because at this rate... Kyo was still going to the hospital. Period.

With a deep breath, he steadied himself and inserted the needle through Kyo's skin, knowing he was usually passed out for this and not knowing what was going to happen since he wasn't right then.

Kyo finally got a hold of himself and stopped laughing, just staring down at the cut as it oozed blood. Die seemed to know what he was doing and somewhere in his mind, he was grateful for that.

The numbing stuff robbed him of the sharp pain he'd been feeling and he was surprised to find that the alcohol didn't burn, though it did sting like hell when it hit his thighs. He forgot about it as soon as he saw his lover threading the needle and found himself shuddering. "Oh..."

Die made a little face as he glanced up at Kyo. "It's bad. This is the only way." He did it as quickly and accurately as he could, pulling the skin back together. He got to the end and he quickly tied it off with a few expert little swoops of the needle. He removed the butterfly tape and wiped up the wound again. He added some of the quick-heal cream and put some butterfly tape back on now that it was clean. A piece of gauze and some surgical tape to hold it on and then he was done, putting everything back on top of the kit.

Kyo felt his eyes roll into the back of his head as Die starting sewing his skin. It was beyond anything he'd ever seen and somehow, that made him bark out a hoarse laugh. It was irony, wasn't it? Irony that brought him to this point?

He got up quickly, heading to the bedroom and grabbing a pair of sweat pants for Kyo and an old t-shirt and switching into his jeans and a new t-shirt in record time. He shoved on flip-flops and came back, phone already to his ear, their doctor on the line. "It... It's Kyo... he's cut himself up pretty bad and um... something... something's not right." He was talking in English, hoping Kyo would only catch part of it. He knelt down next to him, helping him get the pants on. "Will you come or should I bring him? Okay... yeah... now. No, I don't think so." He sighed, hanging up the phone and tossing Kyo's shirt aside. That was pointless. He carefully lifted him up in his arms bridal style and moved him to the couch, glad that Kyo was so small, it made his job less painful this way. He knelt next to him and gently touched his cheek. "Kyo... focus on me. Are you dizzy?"

He shook his head, trying to force away the fog that had settled in. He really hadn't meant to go so far... could he find his way back? He snorted as Die started moving him. He felt like a wet noodle. He couldn't even feel the pain from the gash in his stomach anymore.

It finally occurred to him that Die was asking him a question. He squinted and blinked several times before nodding vaguely. Yes, he was dizzy... or something. He wasn't sure.

Die stared at him, frowning a bit as he quickly began to web search a few things, not knowing what else to do right then. He quickly found that an IV was needed and he didn't have the supplies for that. He texted the doctor that they'd need an IV for Kyo because of the cut and he was dizzy and not acting right as well as that he'd been laughing like he'd lost it when he fell to the floor. When he was done, he scooted closer to him and just settled on holding him close, stroking his cheek, whispering sweet words to the other about how much he loved him and how much he cared.

Kyo found himself being held in a warm embrace and suddenly his mind cleared and he looked up to stare at Die in horror. What had he done? He didn't even have to ask though, he could feel the pain in his stomach and the pull of Die's stitches on the cut. Guilt and shame cut through him like a knife and he squirmed, trying to get away. He felt the lump forming in his throat and ugly tears started to streak down his face. "Oh G-god... Die."

Die held him closer. "Baby, calm down... calm down. Stay still or you'll hurt yourself more." He kept stroking at his face, gently wiping away the other's tears. "Ssshhhh... it's okay."

Kyo batted Die's hand away but held on to it as he whispered. "No, it isn't... let me go... just..." Just what? Leave him to rot in his own agony? He didn't even know anymore... and that scared him. He'd wanted that release so bad, but now what? He had stitches, stitches in his stomach because he'd been a fool. And why was he sober now? What cruel God saw it necessary to yank him out of his euphoria?

Die felt the panic slide up in his throat again as Kyo told him to let him go. It was like his worst fears coming true all of a sudden. He didn't know what else to do, so he let go and backed up. He sat back on his hands, pain starting to seize his chest, the world narrowing down dangerously in front of him. No... no... not now, not this, not right now. He grit his teeth hard, trying not to look like anything was wrong, desperately hoping he was pulling it off because his pills were in the bathroom, not his pocket.

Kyo watched the emotions slide over Die's face and he felt sick. He shook his head frantically and reached out, grasping at Die's shirt. He couldn't think straight. "Don't leave... just... fuck... Die..." What could he say to make it okay? Nothing... he knew nothing was going to make this okay. "Stay... I-I need you..."

In all honesty, Die could barely even focus on Kyo's words right then. Vaguely he heard someone knocking on the door, but he felt like his heart was going to pop out of his chest right then and that was the furthest thing from his mind at the moment. After a moment that sound stopped and he could vaguely hear someone else talking, but they were far away and not any of his concern.

Instead, he tried to get himself back closer to Kyo again, knowing he needed to pull it together, to stop being like this and focus only on Kyo again. But it was so hard to focus through the blur of pain and anxiety in his mind. He held Kyo's hand tightly, his eyes closed to keep the wild look from showing to Kyo, his lips pressed into a thin line, jaw still clenched to keep himself from crying as emotional agony exploded inside his brain. This was definitely not a good time for this and he damn well knew it.

Kyo could see Die losing control, struggling against the panic attack that threatened to consume him. He wanted to tell him to go get his meds, but selfishly, he needed him there.

A knock on the door sent panic through him and he jerked to look at Die, wandering who he'd called. When the other didn't even react to it to it, he settled slightly and just clung to him. Moments later, he heard the door open and he snapped his head up, seeing the doctor entering their apartment. Instead of himself though, he pointed to Die and muttered, "Help him."

Die finally noticed the doctor was in their apartment when Kyo said to help him. He shifted away from the doctor, shaking his head a little, still clinging to the last of his control. Kyo was more important. His was life threatening, Die's wasn't. He pointed to the patched up wound and shifted behind the arm of the couch where Kyo's head was at, out of the doctor's way.

Their doctor knew what was happening to Die, but he also knew why. Between the two, he chose the more logical, quickly draping an IV bag over the back of the couch and attaching the line. He grasped Kyo's arm and alcohol swabbed it before expertly placing the needle into him and taping it down, not missing at all. He propped Kyo up a bit better and told him to stay still before moving to kneel in front of Die. "Daisuke... where are your meds?"

Die pointed shakily toward the bathroom, but by then tears were streaming down his face and he was rocking back and forth, his arms around his knees, breathing erratic. Everything felt hazy, like it wasn't real anymore. This wasn't happening. He'd just fallen asleep while on the computer. That had to be it.
But a moment later, he had his mouth being forced open and a pill was being pushed under his tongue. Then he was once again left to his own devices as the doctor moved back to Kyo's side.

Kyo struggled vaguely as the doctor ignored his plea and started on him first. He wanted to say he was fine, that it wasn't that bad, but combined with the cuts on his legs, he'd apparently lost more blood that he'd thought. He scrubbed his free hand over his face, glancing up at the doctor's face, catching the look there before turning to look at Die. His poor lover was in full blown panic mode now and it was his fault. It seemed to always be his fault.

A thought filtered into his mind, but he pushed it away. He'd made quite the mess and he knew that he owed Die so much for this.

It took a few minutes, but eventually Die calmed down enough to just lean against the coffee table with his eyes closed. Now he felt drained, embarrassed, and extremely upset. His head was swimming from the stupid pill and he felt like everything was made of cotton, even the air around him. He wrinkled his nose and shifted a little, opening his eyes and watching the doctor and Kyo.

Quietly, the doctor began asking Kyo questions, most of them vague and not really pointed. But finally he got a bit more direct, flat out asking him a few things, the final of which was, "Are you feeling suicidal?"

Kyo laid there, feeling fuzzy around the edges again as everything seemed to calm down slightly in the room. It was an odd feeling, considering all that happened in the very little amount of time since he'd cut himself.

As the doctor asked him several questions, he grew impatient, not wanting to answer them. The final one though made his chest squeeze tightly. Suicidal? Did he really want to selfishly leave Die? Was his pain... or the end of it... worth it? He only had to glance towards his lover to give a negative shake of his head. "No."

The doctor looked satisfied with that and then handed Kyo a little sheet of paper with a few questions on it for him to answer yes or no to. At the bottom it asked for a number of how many yes answers so they could rate how depressed he was. "Please answer these honestly. You can just put up a finger for each yes."

Kyo stared at the pamphlet for a moment then snorted, shaking his head as he answered yes to all of the symptoms except suicidal. He wasn't, not really... he was just frustrated and felt like giving up sometimes.

The doctor watched his fingers as he counted up on them and then nodded. He took the paper from Kyo and on a whim, handed it over to Die as well, pointing to the instructions at the top. He then took out his phone and began sending in a prescription for Kyo. "I'm giving you some anti-depressants. Please take them daily." He looked him in the eyes. "I mean it, every single day or they won't work."

Die took the pamphlet and began to go over it, feeling like a freight train was barreling down on him as he finally got to the questions.

Kyo gave the doctor a bitter look. He'd been on anti-depressants before and had hated them with a passion. They made him numb and unable to do his job as an artist. He sighed softly and nodded anyway then glanced at Die, looking for his reaction.

Die got through the pamphlet rather quickly, scoring low enough on both of them to not have anything that really needed to be addressed with anti-depressants. He handed them back with a soft explanation of his scores, the doctor nodding and patting his leg lightly.

Die watched the doctor send in the prescription, giving Kyo a hopeful sort of look, wanting him to feel better, no matter what. Because this was so far out of his control now, that he didn't know what to do.

After a moment, the doctor shifted forward and gently took up the sides of the bandage, looking over Die's work. "You did this?" he glanced back at him.
Die nodded, a worried look on his face. "Yes... I did the best I could, given the circumstance."

"Die... this... wow." He put the bandages back down. "I've never seen more painstaking work to try to realign everything correctly. Did you take emergency training or something?"

Die nodded, his world slowly coming back into focus again. "Yeah..."

Kyo was only half listening to their conversation now, his mind floating away. He had to assume the doctor had put more than fluids or antibiotics or whatever into that IV because he was feeling pretty sleepy now. He did manage a faint smile as the doctor complimented Die on his handy work, pride swelling within him.

The doctor quietly offered to get the meds for Die and come back with them, the guitarist agreeing and handing money over to him. He got up and left them, going back out the door, his supplies still there so he'd have to come back for them.

Die finally moved, coming to sit next to Kyo again, reaching up and taking hold of his hand, a sad look on his face. "I fucked up... I'm so sorry, baby."

Kyo heard the doctor leave then felt Die's hand on his. He turned his head to stare at him with bloodshot eyes as he spoke. His lover's words made him shake his head, his other hand coming up to grasp at Die's shirt. "No... no... I... it's my fault. It's my fault."

Die's heart ached a little at Kyo's words. But he didn't see it that way, not at all. He'd failed to stay at Kyo's side, he'd gone to do something selfish and had left him there alone, with the razorblade in the room. This was his fault and his mess. And even more than that, he'd fucked up in the end and had a damned panic attack. He shifted closer to him and shook his head. "No... you're not to blame, please... it's not your fault. I should have been there."

Kyo closed his eyes as Die blamed himself. When he opened them, he looked angry. "Stop it! Stop... blaming yourself for my mistakes. Please." His look softened as he caressed Die's cheek, frowning slightly. "I should have... known you were suffering..." Kyo breathed out.

Die's heart lurched at Kyo's tongue lashing. He just closed his mouth, not knowing what else to say or do. He still blamed himself because if he'd been lying in bed next to Kyo, it never would have happened to start with. But deeper than that, it was the fact that he'd been doing something so selfish while Kyo was suffering. That just wasn't right. Not in the least.

Kyo could tell that Die was still blaming himself and there was little he could do about it. Instead, he reached out and tugged Die close, pressing their lips together. "Please... forgive me... and yourself."

Die just gave a little tiny nod and then put his head on Kyo's chest, a few tears sliding down onto the other as he closed his eyes.

From the other side of the room he heard a faint moan and his eyes popped open as he sat up straight, staring at his computer in absolute horror. "Oh fuck meeee~" he hissed out, letting go of Kyo and pushing himself upright, quickly heading to his laptop to open it and shut off the stupid video. Nice of it to remind the world what he'd been doing, as if he wasn't already humiliated enough.

Kyo petted Die's hair, swallowing thickly as he felt moisture on his chest. He'd really screwed up this time and he knew it. He pushed that aside for now though as Die's laptop made a rude sound, the faintest chuckle slipping out.

Die quickly shut off the video and logged out of the site, but not before making a mental note to just cancel his subscription and get rid of all his other porn on the laptop. He was so not getting caught doing that again. The sheer trauma of it was horrid. With a soft sigh, he shut the thing off and placed it back on the table rather than the floor. Sometimes, he just couldn't win, and today was certainly one of those days.

Kyo lay still while Die got rid of the offending noise, another laugh bubbling up in his throat. He must be losing it for real this time, because he found the whole situation hilarious. Here he was, cut up by his own hand and there Die was, having been damn near mid-orgasm and then having a panic attack. It was turning into one big cluster-fuck. He snorted and repeated the word out loud, finding that it vaguely echoed around in him. "Cluster-fuck."

Die stayed where he was for a moment, his head bowed, hair falling around his face. This was all so very fucked up. When Kyo voiced the single word, he could only agree, sighing as he finally straightened up and then went to his little kit, starting to get it straightened up and put away for another day.

Kyo stayed still for a few more minutes then he couldn't stand it anymore. He sat up, ignoring the pain in his gut. He stood, wobbled a bit then regained his balance before basically stumbling over to Die, knocking the kit out of his hands. "Die, stop. Stop it. Stop... bottling up." He started feeling oddly angry and he pushed at Die's shoulder. "Let it out! Yell at me! I know... Daisuke... I-I know... you can't stand it..."

The moment that Kyo was beside him, knocking the kit out of his hands, things scattering on the floor, he felt like he'd been punched in the face. His hands shook, his breath hitching. This wasn't his Kyo... this wasn't happening.

He sighed softly and closed his eyes, just letting Kyo push at him and yell. After a moment, he reached out and completely by feel, found Kyo's wrist, holding onto it as he opened his eyes and stared right into his lover's eyes. "Can't stand what? That you're yelling at me because you think I should be exploding? Yeah... that part, I can't stand, you're right. But you know what? The rest of this... I... I've always been the one to help you, Kyo. It's always been my place, and this is no different. It's just that I should have been paying more attention. I should have known things were getting this bad. I thought I could fix it, that I could help you by pushing past my own limits and making each and every line for you. But the truth of it is... it's not something I can do for you. And I see that now. That's where I messed up, thinking I could take control of the whole situation and taking that on myself when I just needed to be the support, not the implement."

Kyo felt sick to his stomach. All he could hear was Die blaming himself over and over. How could he get him to understand that it wasn't his fault? Yelling hadn't done it and had only hurt his throat. He shook his head and wrenched his wrist free only to reach out and grab Die by the shoulders, shaking him. "Why? Why do you feel it's your 'place'? You don't... owe me anything... but I-I owe you my life, my very sanity... everything." He choked a bit, swallowing over the lump in his throat before continuing. "My everything... you are... my life... and I'm sorry... so, so sorry."

Die reached out, framing Kyo's face gently with his hands. "Because I love you. When you love someone as much and for as long as I have... you set expectations for yourself. I have made it my place, Kyo. It's a choice. Maybe I don't owe you jack of shit, but that's not the point. And if you owe me those things... well that just means I'm doing my job right." He leaned in and gently kissed him on the lips before pulling back. "Now stop straining your voice or the doctor really will kill me."

Kyo stared at Die as he spoke, clarity visiting him again as Die touched his face. He took several deep breaths before kissing Die back then slumping forward, all of the energy and fight draining from him at once. "I don't deserve you," he whispered softly, clinging to him tightly. "Forgive me."

Die gently kissed the top of Kyo's head, holding him close as he rested his cheek there. "You rate yourself too low, baby. You deserve so much more than I could ever give you. But... for what it's worth, I forgive you for scaring the shit out of me."

Kyo didn't argue the point any more even though, if was honest with himself and Die, he felt like the lowest piece of scum on Earth for having hurt Die so much. He slipped his arm around his lover and held onto him tightly as his world slowly fell back into place.

Die stroked one soothing hand over Kyo's back, waiting on his lover to get himself sorted out once more. Eventually, he got Kyo back on the couch and the IV bag back up and draped over the top of it again.

It was almost twenty minutes later when the doctor finally came back, lightly knocking before entering the apartment. He handed Die a little bag with a pill bottle and then one to Kyo as well. "I noticed you were low on the anxiety pills, Daisuke, so I got those as well. Your change is in the bag." He gently touched Kyo's shoulder. "Are you doing okay or should I look at the wound again?"

Kyo looked up as the doctor spoke to him and shook his head. "It's fine... thank you for coming." He looked a little embarrassed, unable to meet the doctor's eyes. The fact that he'd done this to himself made him feel ashamed even though he'd done this sort of thing before, just not as severely. Maybe that's what made the difference.

The doctor nodded and then squeezed Kyo's shoulder a little. "Let me know after a week how the pills are working for you, okay? There's a lot we can try if they aren't doing what they should be. So don't think you have to be miserable."

Die gave him a little thankful look and shifted to start cleaning up his own kit as the doctor gathered his own. He sanitized the needle with the lighter in the little case and then put everything back where it belonged, zipping it up.

Kyo simply nodded then moved to sit on the couch, watching both of them clean up the mess he was responsible for. He gave a sigh and leaned back, closing his eyes. It wasn't a minute before he was sound asleep, body going slack and soft snores issuing from him.

The doctor left with a few words of advice to Die, Die taking his and Kyo's pills to the bathroom and quietly adding Kyo's to his vitamin caddy so he'd just take them in the mornings when he was supposed to. He put the bottles in the cabinet, dumping the old portion of his anti-anxiety pills into the new container and then using the restroom and washing up. He came back out, unhooked Kyo from the IV and then settled down in his armchair, watching Kyo sleep, not wanting to disturb him by moving him around.

What seemed like hours later, Kyo woke again, feeling much more in his right mind. He shifted and let out a small groan of pain as his stitches pulled slightly. He looked around and spotted Die on the armchair and stood up, ignoring the weakness he felt as he moved over to the other and curled up in his lap, kissing the side of his mouth and down his jaw, just wanting intimate contact with his lover.

Die had managed to doze off at some point, but only very lightly. The sound of Kyo moving at all had Die wide awake again and he watched as Kyo moved over to him, crawling into his lap and curling up there. He slid his arms around his waist and held on, his thumbs lightly rubbing over the skin there.

Kyo smiled slightly as Die's arms came around him. He took it a bit further, moving to nuzzle at Die's neck, peppering the skin there with light kisses. "I miss being with you," he whispered against Die's ear.

Die swallowed a little, the kisses and the words doing things to him that it probably shouldn't have, especially with how exhausted he was. But the truth was, being interrupted the way he had been, it was killer on his nerves. He just made sure Kyo was in a good place to not end up getting poked, one hand trailing up Kyo's back to gently rub there. "I'm sorry I get up in the middle of the night... it's just difficult to sleep." He frowned a little. "And I don't want to disturb you by flailing all over the place."

Kyo shook his head, shifting a bit and pressing his lips to Die's. "Why is it hard to sleep? Is it me?" He stroked a hand over the other's chest softly.

"It's a lot of things. You know how I get... I just don't want to use any sleeping pills. And I've been trying not to drink myself to sleep, so..." he shrugged a little. "Hello insomnia!"

Kyo gave him a pinched look, then moved again, leaning in to kiss Die hard on the mouth. "I don't want you to have insomnia... and I don't want you to suffer alone." He looked at Die, reached up to cup his face as he continued whispering. "In any way...."

Die offered the other a soft smile after the kiss, his hand still idly stroking his lover's back. "You need your rest, so don't you dare stay up just because of me." He lightly kissed Kyo's forehead, then his nose, and then gently on his lips before he leaned back in his chair again. "I love you."

Kyo leaned into Die's touch then sighed, nodding slightly. "I love you, too." He shifted to against Die's chest, staying still for a moment before biting his lip as a thought occurred to him. He glanced up at Die's face then reached down, pressing his hand against Die's crotch lightly.

Of all the things Die had been expecting, this surely wasn't one of them. The moment Kyo's hand touched his cock he reacted like he'd never been touched before. His body jerked, his shoulders hunching forward a bit, his breath whooshing out of him along with a surprised grunt. Beneath Kyo's hand he was already partially hard, much to his embarrassment. He could feel his chest tighten as he tried hard not to shift toward Kyo's touch. It was humiliating... to be aroused like this while his lover had just damn near bled out all over the fucking house, and here he was a few hours later with a raging hard-on again. Timing was clearly not his forte. He turned his head away, trying to hide his shame.

Kyo smiled faintly at Die's reaction. He knew the other had been on edge and he was only proven correct when he found Die half-hard. He moved around and got Die's pants out of the way, freeing his length and started to stroke it. He leaned in to press his lips to Die's cheek, murmuring, "It's okay..."

Die let out a choked sort of sob when Kyo started to touch him, freeing him of his pants and pressing his hand to his overheated flesh. He did the only thing he could at that point and closed his eyes, hoping like hell he wasn't going to fully embarrass himself.

Kyo shifted to press his lips against Die's neck, moving his hand a little faster, feeling Die practically throbbing in his hand. He knew the other needed this and had for a while and he was all too happy to help him.

A long, thin whine escaped Die's throat a few moments later, his hips finally pushing up as he was unable to hold it back any longer. One hand slid down to grab at Kyo's waistband, holding on tight. His jaw clenched and he turned his head fully away from Kyo, utterly ashamed of the feelings flooding through him right then. It wasn't even a few more seconds before his hips jerked harshly, a strangled sort of cry coming from his lips as he started to cum, thick spurts of it shooting out across Kyo's hand and arm, some of it all over his own pants. He came hard enough his stomach muscles were quivering and his mind went blank for a few blissful seconds. For a moment, he sincerely forgot how to breathe, finally gasping for air a moment after he finished.

Kyo watched as Die came undone, copious amounts of fluid coating his hand and landing on his arm and Die's pants. Even in this odd situation, Kyo found him beautiful as he found his bliss. "You're gorgeous..."

Die made a few tiny strangled sounds, his face going slightly red as he realized how quickly he'd cum and how very much he'd needed this. It seemed like everything about his sexuality was coming unraveled. First the incident with Nora and his and Kyo's pants and then the porn... now this. He supposed one didn't notice how much they needed sexual contact until they were denied it for so long.

But honestly, he couldn't bother Kyo with it while he was healing. Aside from the fact that everything he did these days he was ashamed of, feeling like he was sneaking around and hiding it all. Without Kyo knowing, he'd gotten rid of most of his porn collection and a good chunk of his old toys, despite there not being all that much that'd he'd even brought with him when he'd moved in.

But having them around just seemed to taunt him and he couldn't take it. The less he showed himself anything sexual, the less he wanted it. So it was an effective tool, at least. Until he'd gotten ahold of his laptop and the damned internet, that was.

He slid his hand down to hold Kyo's wrist, his eyes closed and his breathing slowly returning to normal.
Kyo watched Die's face and read it like a book. The shame written on it was clear as day. He pulled his hand away and licked his lips, hesitating before finally whispering out his thoughts. "Die... what is it? Why are you... why have you been denying yourself? You look... guilty."

Die's heart ached in his chest at the very idea of Kyo being able to figure him out so well. He frowned a little and did his best to face him, swallowing the lump in his throat as he did. "I..." he shook his head. "It's... just personal issues. I'll work them out..." How could he tell Kyo he was freaking out over his own sexuality like a goddamned teenager? It just wasn't right.

Kyo raised an eyebrow at Die's answer then placed his hand on his chest. "No, Die, nothing is 'personal' between us anymore. You can't... you can't hide this from me." He frowned, staring hard at Die.

Die winced a little and shifted, uncomfortable that he was still bared to the world while talking about this. Quietly, he reached to get some tissues and wiped himself and Kyo's hand up, then did up his pants and tossed the tissue in the trash beside the chair.

With that done, he sighed softly and leaned back in the chair, reaching to push one hand through his hair. There was no way to actually say this... to get it out there correctly. He frowned a little and just shook his head. "I don't know what to say, Kyo."

Kyo let Die clean them up then looked at him as he spoke. He sighed softly and stood up, ignoring the dizziness he felt. "Well... what is it? Is it me? Is it you? What?" He bit his lip. "Die, you threw out your porn collection... and don't think I didn't notice. Why?"

Die's heart jumped as Kyo got up, afraid he was fucking everything up just because he couldn't get a grip on himself. When Kyo asked if it was him, he immediately let out, "Gods no!" a terrified look on his face. It had never been Kyo's fault and never would be. He reached to run one hand over his face as Kyo continued on. So much for discretion. Maybe Kyo used some of his stuff once in a while and noticed when he went to get it. Who knew. Either way, this wasn't good, not at all.

He shifted uncomfortably. "I... I feel like... you know when you were a kid and you got your first wet dream? And you thought for sure you'd somehow done something wrong?"

Kyo stared at Die somewhat incredulously. He hadn't felt that particular feeling since he was some eleven years old. "Yeah...? Vaguely... You feel... wrong... for being turned on?"

Die crossed one leg over the other, trying to get his thoughts to straighten out enough to get his point across. "It's... it's just similar to that. Like I feel like I'm sneaking around and like when I get caught, the world is ending." He pushed one hand up into his hair. "If I'm going to be honest, it started because Nora found our clothes. The fact that she knows my biggest secret... I just... I can't even look at her in the eyes anymore, Kyo. I know she's not judging me, but I feel like she is anyway. Like the whole world knows now that she does. So I've eliminated that particular aspect completely. But it doesn't help. I just keep taking things away, praying one of them will end this feeling... and it doesn't."

Kyo frowned and sat down on the edge of the coffee table, running his hand through his hair. He didn't know what to say that would help Die. He felt partly responsible though because he'd been just as big a part of that particular incident as Die had. "What about... tonight? Were you feeling that way? I mean before I ruined it..."

Die shifted a little, clearly uncomfortable with the entire conversation, but determined to keep having it anyway. "Yeah... I was. Like I was doing something I shouldn't have been... ashamed that I even needed to. But god... it's been so long and it just gets to that point where it actually physically hurts. I just couldn't take it anymore, so I gave in." He stared down at his hands, trying to keep his focus on them and not on how horrible he felt right then talking about this.

Kyo didn't know what to say. Die seemed to be suffering on a deep psychological level and he wasn't sure he could fix it. He sat there for a moment before turning and picking up Die's phone. Flipping quickly through the contacts, he found Nora's number and selected it before holding it out to Die. "Call her. Talk to her. Resolve this and put your mind at ease."

Die stared at him like he was growing a second head from his shoulders. If he hadn't just taken a pill a few hours earlier he was certain he'd be freaking out right then. But the phone was already ringing and he couldn't not do this. The moment he reached out, he heard Nora pick up, a note of worry to her voice. "Die?"

He stared at Kyo and then murmured softly, "Can... can I have a minute?" He put the phone to his ear and quietly offered, "Hi..."

Kyo nodded and stood, making his way to the kitchen. He looked at the tea kettle then shook his head and opened the freezer, pulling out a bottle of Southern Comfort they'd brought back from the US. He busied himself pouring a shot, knocking it back then taking another before getting a glass and filling it about half full with the amber liquid then topping it with Coke. He took his drink and sat at the table, sipping it slowly.

Nora had been rather surprised to hear from Die at this hour and assumed the worst. "Die... what's going on?"

Die sat there for a moment, not knowing at all how to start this conversation. It would surely be the worst of his adult life; that was for certain. He took a deep breath and then murmured, "Kyo insisted I call. I've... I've been having some issues. It's not anything medical, I promise. Though, Kyo had some issues earlier, but we'll get to that in a moment."

Nora hummed softly and decided she'd better make herself some tea. She had an idea what Die's problem was about, but she wasn't going to force it out him. Making her way out of bed, she headed for her kitchen and started water to boiling. "Okay, so... what's up?"

Die closed his eyes and just bit the bullet. It was going to hurt no matter what, so it may as well be done with. "When you found my clothes... on the bus... I just... everything... I... god." He let out a little sound of frustration. "Do you think I'm disgusting?"

Nora listened to what Die had to say then let out a soft sigh. Yes, she had known exactly what had gone on when she'd found that bag of clothes. The truth was, she had known for quite a while about Die's fetish, but would never call him out on it and embarrass him. "No, Die, I do not think you're disgusting. Everyone has their... quirks. I mean, how many times do you think I've walked in on Kyo while he's bleeding or Kaoru trying to hide a gay porn mag?" She let out a little laugh. "Or even Shinya with God knows whatever that furry thing was."

Die started to open his mouth again, completely embarrassed by the fact that she obviously knew it wasn't just an accident. But that was completely overwhelmed for a second by what on earth she was talking about with Shinya and a furry thing. Their drummer had a freaky secret, too? If nothing else, that made him feel a little better.

He calmed down a little and swallowed back some of his anxiety before he spoke again. "I just... I honestly... didn't think anyone else would find them. I was going to deal with my own mess, myself. I swear to you I'd never make you do such a thing again."

Nora cradled the phone with her shoulder and poured her tea, taking a sip of it before smiling a little. "You boys are like my children, Die. You make messes, I clean them up. It doesn't matter if it's blood, piss, vomit or other unsavory things. It's my job, sweetie. Though I do appreciate the consideration." She paused then continued. "I do have a word of advice though. Next time, double bag it. The smell was fairly strong, which is how I found them."

Die winced a little at the comment and then let out a soft, "Ah... sorry." He took in a deep breath and then let it out. "It's okay, though... I promise there won't be a next time on that one." He could hear Kyo rattling around in the kitchen and he lowered his voice a little. "But... on the Kyo front, just to let you know, he's having some issues with this whole voice thing. Some old habits are... worse than before, if you get my drift." He didn't want to outright say it and certainly wasn't going to tell her he'd been given pills, but he had to tell her something at least. She was like their mother and for god's sake, you told your mother if someone was having a hard go of it.

Nora sat down at her kitchen bar and frowned slightly at the news about Kyo. She had walked in on some pretty bad nights where the vocalist had passed out in a pool of his own blood. Die usually handled it, but she'd had to be there a few times too. "How bad is it? Is he... alright?" She knew Kyo couldn't be completely okay with everything, but at least maybe Die could keep him mostly sane.

Die sighed softly. "I honestly don't know anymore. I thought I was helping him deal well with it, but I guess I wasn't. It needed stitches and a doctor visit."

Nora winced slightly and huffed. "That Kyo... he always takes things too far... but at least he's patched up for the moment." She sipped her tea and thought for a moment before speaking again. "Die, don't let this be a burden on you. If you need help, call me... or at least call someone. Okay?"

"Yeah... I... Nora, honestly, I need help. I feel like I'm failing horribly some nights. Maybe... you can come to dinner once a week and just... help a little? I don't even know how, but a set day I can just focus on... me... for a little while..." He felt ashamed to have to ask for it, but he knew it wasn't good he was pushing himself away either.

She listened, tapping her fingers on the counter idly. "Of course. I can come over and do whatever you need me to do. Since you guys aren't on tour right now, I'm not as busy. And I've heard that you're having your panic attacks again so... you really need to take care of yourself. For you and him."

Die pursed his lips a little and then sighed. "Who told you?" He didn't really mind that they had, he was just curious who else knew besides him and Kyo.

Nora clucked her tongue. "Kyo emailed me after you had the first one. He wanted to know what he should do if you started having one."

Die let out a small sound showing that he'd heard her. He cleared his throat and then murmured, "Well... I'm sorry to have woken you up and everything. But um... Wednesdays?"

She grabbed her appointment book, glancing over it before answering. "Wednesdays work fine... but please don't wait to call me if something goes wrong, okay? You know I care a lot about you both and I know that I and the rest of the band need you two to be healthy and happy."

Die let out a soft hum. "I know and I appreciate it." He pushed one hand through his hair again. "So... sleep well and for what it's worth... I'm still sorry you had to deal with... that."

Nora chuckled softly and finished her tea, moving to set the cup in the sink. "Anytime, hon. Now go get some rest, yeah? I'll be in touch next Wednesday. Goodnight." With that, she hung up and headed back to bed.

Kyo heard Die hang up the phone and finally made his way out to the living room with two cups of Comfort and Coke, offering one to Die then curling up on the couch, sipping his own as he peered at his lover.

Die accepted the drink from Kyo, sniffing it and then taking a drink, looking vaguely surprised at the alcohol. He moved to sit next to Kyo. He pulled his legs up and rested his cup on his knee. "She knew."

Kyo nodded silently, reaching over to rub Die's shoulder. "I figured..."

He reached up to pinch the bridge of his nose and then took a rather large drink from his glass. "I... I'm still not okay with this. I'm really not. I just can't get over how... horrible it is." He leaned his head back on the couch and closed his eyes. "When you were coming out from under and you had to... you know. I had to work so hard not to be aroused by the situation. And if that's not fucked up, I have no idea what is."

Kyo watched Die, frowning. He slid his hand off his shoulder and wrapped his arm around his knees, downing half of his glass. "Why, Die? What makes it any more fucked up than getting aroused from say... watching your blood spill from your body? Or being tied up while someone uses you?" He glanced at Die then sighed. What could he even say to make Die see that it was okay?

Die looked over at him, something unreadable in his eyes. When he looked away again, he sighed deeply. "You were doped up like shit and probably in intense pain, and I was getting a fucking boner off it. Not okay."

Kyo finished off his drink, setting the cup down. "Fine, that wasn't okay. Even though it was an unusual situation and you can't help what turns you on." He sighed, feeling at a loss on this whole thing. He just wanted Die to be fine with everything again.

Die put his head back on the couch again, staring at the ceiling. "You know what's truly fucked up? It's like I jacked up my entire sexuality over this whole thing. I'm scared of everything now. Like what if I get caught? What if this is weird too? I can't think or do anything without the nagging feeling what I'm doing is so very fucking wrong ."

Kyo closed his eyes, head slightly spinning from the alcohol and earlier events. He reached out, about to touch Die's leg, but then stopped, pulling his hand back. "I...don't know what to say, Die. I don't. I'm clueless."

Die shifted forward, putting his head on his knees and just holding his glass in front of them, ring clinking on the glass. "I just need to get past it. But, the trouble is, with you still healing, it's... it's like a war between my libido and my brain knowing we can't do things yet."

Kyo looked at Die then bit his lip before reaching out and slapping the glass out of Die's hand, forcing his knees down and straddling his lap. "Touch me... now."

Die looked almost panicked for a second. But he let Kyo move him around, settling his hands on Kyo's hips, unsure of where this was going. But then again maybe it would be good for him to at least get Kyo off. Nothing too vigorous or anything. Especially now that he had stitches. But still... the doctor had told him nothing too exciting for Kyo for a while and he still hadn't cleared anything yet and that made Die nervous. He spared one glance at the spilled half a drink on the floor, then dismissed it in favor of pulling Kyo closer to him, tucking him against his chest and sliding his hands up his back, letting himself enjoy the feeling of those muscles under his fingers.

Kyo sighed softly as Die's hands finally touched him and pulled him close. He tilted his head up and nuzzled into Die's neck before kissing and licking along his collarbone. He didn't leave it at that though, shifting forward and pushing his hips against Die's, ignoring the pain he felt from his wound.

Die let out a tiny whimper, shivering slightly as Kyo moved closer to him and started pushing against him in more intimate ways. "Baby," he whispered softly. "Just... just don't get too vigorous, the doctor, ah!" Kyo shifted just the right way, pressing his ass down against his dick and it made him immediately want to be in that tight heat.

Kyo lifted his head and placed his finger over Die's lips before leaning down and kissing him hard, forcing his tongue into his lover's mouth as he continued squirming in his lap. He wasn't even thinking at this point, just going on what he needed and right then he needed Die.

Die let out a whine, arching up toward him. He slid his hands back down to Kyo's hips, already starting to get hard again. "K-Kyo," he choked out, bucking up a little. "Fuck."

Getting impatient, Kyo leaned back and tugged Die's shirt off, scraping his nails down his chest then sliding off his lap long enough to strip out of his own clothes, baring himself completely to Die. "Take me, please... please, Die. I need you so badly," he pleaded, reaching down stroke his hand over his already half-hard cock.

Die looked up at him, seeing the other and how he was stripping out of his clothing. His excitement welled up inside him and he felt like he was going to burst just looking at the other naked in front of him. After a short moment, he pushed himself up from the sofa and moved to gently take Kyo's arm, steering him toward the bedroom.

Kyo almost groaned at the hungry look in Die's eyes, a look he hadn't seen in a long time. He gladly let the other lead him to the bedroom, going and laying back on Die's portion of the bed as soon as they were in there, taking his cock in hand and giving it a few strokes, letting out a hoarse cry.

Die immediately started to get his pants open, pushing them down the moment he had them unfastened. A moment later, he was on the bed, crawling over Kyo, his eyes full of lust.

Kyo grabbed Die and pulled him down, kissing him hard, arching his hips up and pressing against him with a quiet moan. He clung to Die's shoulders, panting slightly, his pain, everything forgotten except his need for Die.

Die shifted between his legs, unable to even think about anything but how good it would feel to have Kyo again after so long. "I want you every fucking day... it's been so hard." He shifted away enough to get a bottle of lube from the drawer. He popped it open and quickly slathered himself up, using the extra to coat his fingers, slipping down to press them against Kyo's entrance, pushing one in with a groan.

Kyo let out a soft sound as Die's finger entered him, the fit tight after so long. "Oh god, baby..." He shifted and spread his legs, showing Die all he had to offer. "Don't wait... just... do it... please..." He couldn't even think straight, his hands grappling at Die's shoulders, scratching the skin there, his cock fully hard now and straining against his stomach.

Die huffed out a little breath. "No, I'll do it right..." He pulled out the single finger and pressed in a second one.

Kyo just nodded, letting out another little cry as Die's fingers pushed into him, stretching him further. He bucked against them some, sliding his hand down Die's arm as his body gave a shudder. "I love you."

"I love you, too... I love you so very much." He let out a quiet moan as he fucked Kyo with those fingers. It took him only a few more moments before he had Kyo fully stretched. He shifted forward and positioned himself, pushing into the other's body with a loud groan of pleasure, the tight heat feeling utterly amazing.

Kyo writhed against Die's hand and moaned at the loss of it. He reached out and held onto Die as the other pushed into his body, filling him, making him cry out in a broken voice. The pleasure of it was almost too much and he felt like bursting just being joined with Die like this.

Die let out a strained moan, having to stay still for a moment to get used to how tight Kyo was around him. He shifted his position a little to get better leverage, starting to thrust into him as he curled one arm around his body, the other hand reaching down to grasp Kyo's cock, starting to gently stroke him. "Oh gods... oh Kyo!"

Kyo whimpered as Die started moving, the sound turning into a moan when he began stroking his aching length. "I... Oh God... yes... Dai~!" He ignored all the pain he was feeling from his throat and wound, bending his body up to cling to Die as he rolled his hips to meet his thrusts.

Die couldn't have stopped if he wanted to. It was like joining with Kyo for the first time all over again; the desperation, the pure intensity of it. Perhaps it was even more than that first time now, knowing what he'd been missing and craving. His hips moved faster, his hand a blur over Kyo's cock.

Kyo could barely catch his breath, the intensity was so great. All he could do was hold on for the ride as Die thrust into him. He choked out a strangled sob as Die brushed over his prostate, his eyes squeezing shut as his cock throbbed in Die's hand. "Oh... Gods!" He wasn't going to last much longer, there was no way he could hold it back, not now, not like this. "Die!"

Die shifted a little, almost mindlessly searching for someplace to settle his lips. Finally he found a patch of skin just under Kyo's tattoo and he set to sucking on it like it was his lifeline, unconcerned with how it'd leave a mark. They weren't in the public eye right then anyway... or at least Kyo wasn't at all.

Feeling Die marking him proved to be too much and Kyo's back snapped up as he started to cum. He let out a hoarse cry of Die's name as spurt after spurt of hot, sticky fluid spilled out onto Die's hand and his stomach and chest, his body shuddering violently as he was thrown into white hot bliss.

Die let out a loud moan at the feeling of Kyo cumming, the pulse of his body around his cock something he'd missed far too much. He threw back his head and cried out, hips pounding his cock into the other's body as he started to cum.

Kyo felt like heaven on earth as Die started filling him. He gave a soft moan, shuddering slightly, his mind completely full of pleasure. "Die... Gods... love you."

Something wouldn't let Die stop thrusting into the other, even well after he'd cum, the pleasure far too much for him, his cries proving it as he pushed into him, but he kept going, his body shaking from the effort of it, arms clutching at the other.

Kyo cried out as Die thrust into his overly sensitive body. He looked up into Die's face before rolling his hips and clenching down around him, whimpering softly.

It only took him a few more thrusts before he came a second time, something of a grunt coming from his throat as he came to a dead stop, his cock spurting his offering into Kyo's body. After a few seconds, he slipped out and collapsed to the side, narrowly avoiding the blood stains from earlier, sweaty and almost delirious with pleasure.

Kyo groaned lowly as Die came for the second time, shivering a little. He held onto him until he stopped and fell to the side. He could feel the cum leaking from his body but ignored it in favor of turning and placing several kisses to Die's face. "Ah baby... I love you... Gods I love you so much."

Die lay there, trying desperately to catch his breath, his cheeks pink with his effort. "I love you, too, Kyo," he whispered out, licking his lips after a moment and reaching one arm to pull Kyo close. "Are... are you okay? I mean, the doctor said not to..."

Kyo shifted and leaned into Die, letting out a breath. "Hurts a little, but I'm fine... I promise... you did most of the work." He gave Die a soft smile, reaching up to stroke his hair.

Die nodded a little and soft of collapsed against his pillow. "I... I just didn't know how much he meant about not working you up. It doesn't really make sense that we can't... just... maybe because if I work you up too much you'd make sounds?"

Kyo laughed a little, burying his face against Die's chest. "I guess so... it's hard not to... I mean, I'll be honest... my throat is raw now... but it was so worth it."

Die flushed a little and gently shifted Kyo so he could look at his side, making sure he wasn't bleeding from his wound. Once he was sure that it was fine, he collapsed back down on the bed again, feeling completely exhausted. Maybe this was what he'd needed to sleep, because now he felt almost overwhelmed with the need.

Kyo shifted and got comfortable, running his hand over Die's side. He could tell he was about to pass out and he found himself smiling, leaning in to lightly kiss Die's lips before closing his own eyes, sighing as his body relaxed.

It didn't take but a few seconds for Die to sink into sleep. He let out a soft little sigh and a moment later, he was gone.


Kyo sat in the examination room for what felt like the millionth time as the doctor looked down his throat, felt around his lymph nodes and thoroughly examined his overall health. He kept looking at Die with what amounted to a pouty expression, completely fed up with this by now.

Die sat quietly in the chair in the corner of the office, watching Kyo get poked and prodded once again. It was a weekly occurrence now and he knew the other was probably beyond frustrated with it. But hopefully things were coming along better now and with luck he'd get put back to where he would be getting actual vocal therapy, not these stupid sessions where they had him make strange sounds.

The doctor finally removed his instrument from Kyo's throat and smiled at him, picking up his chart. "Kyo, you're healing quite nicely now. It seems Daisuke has done a fair job taking care of you." He turned and gave Die a little wink then cleared his throat. "I'm going to go ahead and clear you for advanced vocal therapy, including singing. Go easy, take it slow. I know you're impatient, but it will be worth it."

Kyo resisted the urge to huff as the doctor pulled away from him. His irritability was squashed however when he was told that he could finally start singing again. "Ah, thank you. It will be... a relief to get back to it..." He turned and smiled at Die, feeling a little giddy.

Die perked up at the mention of Kyo getting approval to sing again. He felt like a huge weight was lifted off of him now, most of his burden released in one single moment of time. He beamed at Kyo when he turned to look at him. "That's great news!"

The doctor smiled at them both and nodded. "Yes, I'm sure you and your bandmates are ready to get back at it. Just, like I said, take it easy. I'm going to write a prescription for Prednisone to help keep inflammation down." He wrote it out and handed the script the Kyo. "We're done for the day. I expect to see you in two weeks to make sure the singing is going alright." With that, he bowed to them both and left the room.

Kyo took his prescription then waited for the doctor to leave before hopping off the table and grinning widely at Die. "Thank Gods!"

Die stood up as the doctor left, quietly thanking him. He came to Kyo and pulled him into a quick hug. "Finally," he breathed out. "Come on, let's go get sandwiches to celebrate. I'll call them in... for all of us and you text the others. This calls for an official meeting."

Kyo hugged Die back tightly and nodded, pulling out his phone and sending a mass text to Kaoru, Toshiya and Shinya. "Official meeting, our place, 30 mins. There will be food."

Die quickly called in orders for Rubins all around, three huge orders of fries on the side, and a jug of iced green tea. He gestured Kyo to come after him, heading out to the car and unlocking it. He rarely got to drive and he was glad he had today, given the good news.

Kyo happily followed Die to the car, feeling like a weight was gone off of his chest. He could sing again! It meant he could finally be himself again.

Die started the car and then chanced something he never had in broad daylight. He figured his car windows were tinted enough that they'd be fine. He leaned over and gently turned Kyo's face toward him and laid one on him real well, even groaning faintly into the kiss. When he pulled back, he just gave him a huge smile and then pulled out of the parking space, heading toward the sandwich shop.

Kyo had just buckled his seat belt when Die kissed him. He let out a soft sound of surprise then grinned back at Die. "What was that for?"

"Because I'm so fucking happy, that's why." He made his way through the streets, the traffic light because he knew which streets to stay away from. "It's like this huge weight is gone from our shoulders."

Kyo chuckled softly and nodded, leaning back in the seat. He couldn't seem to wipe the grin from his face, he was so damn relieved. "Yeah, this is... this is great. I just can't even wrap my head around it yet!" He laughed and reached out, squeezing Die's thigh.

Die glanced over at him, his eyes filled with pure delight. "Baby... god, I'm so happy right now."

Kyo waited until they stopped at a light then leaned over and kissed Die's cheek. "I am too... but maybe more than that... I'm just so relieved."

Die nodded. "I just... these past few months have been pure and utter hell." He drove the last few blocks to the sandwich shop and parked in the five minute parking out front. He turned to Kyo and looked him right in the eyes. "You realize something though? If we survived this... our relationship... we can survive anything."

Kyo nodded slightly, running his hands through his hair. It had been hell in more ways than one. For him and for Die and for them as a couple, but Die was right. It was like they could survive anything. He reached out and cupped Die's cheek. "I have no doubt about that... none at all."

Die turned his head and gently kissed Kyo's palm before he pulled back. "Sandwiches!" He slid out of the car and rushed inside, going to get their call-ahead order. He came back out in less than five minutes with two huge bags and a jug of tea. He handed them in to Kyo and then got in, quickly buckling up and pulling back out into traffic. "Call Nora... and Rick."

Kyo waited while Die ran to get their order, getting replies from all three of their bandmates that they'd be there. When Die came back, he took the food and tea and settled it at his feet. "It's the middle of the night in the US... I'll call Rick later." He took out his phone and called Nora though, quickly telling her the news. He found himself grinning all over again as she gave a cry of happiness and told him that she was so happy for him. When he finally hung up, they were almost to their place. "She's delighted."

Die reached over and squeezed Kyo's thigh gently. "I figure we'll leave Inoue to Kaoru. He'll be happy to be able to tell someone himself." He made the last turn into their parking garage and made his way up four floors to park the car. He cut the engine and glanced around. Seeing no one, he unbuckled and slid over onto Kyo's lap, gently framing his face with his hands and giving him the most tender of kisses, drawing it out for quite some time.

Kyo nodded in agreement. "Yeah, he'll get to do his leader duties." He laughed but cut it short when Die slid into his lap. Giving a faint groan, he wrapped his arms around him and held him close as they kissed, happily returning it with one of his own.

Die kissed him until he started to feel the desire well up inside him for more than that. He pulled back and bit his lower lip, a faint flush of arousal painting his cheeks. "I'll make good on that later tonight, I swear it." He opened the door and slipped out of the car, grabbing the food except the tea jug, leaving that for Kyo.

Kyo almost pouted when Die pulled away but was mollified with the promise of later. "Oh fine..." He reached down and got the tea, slipping out of the car and shutting the door.

Die chuckled softly. "Mmm... never said when later was, did I?" He headed for the elevators then, a satisfied look on his face and a bounce to his step that had been long absent.

Kyo narrowed his eyes, huffing at Die's teasing. He followed him to the elevator, catching up to him and pinching his ass with a smirk. "Brat."

Once inside the elevator, Die backed Kyo up into a corner and smirked at him. "Guess what?"

Kyo looked up at Die, eyebrow raised, his free hand coming up to rest on Die's chest. "What?"

"There's no cameras in here." He reached back and hit the emergency stop button before slipping down to his knees and putting the sandwiches aside. He smirked up at Kyo as he reached to begin undoing his pants. "No holding back, this has to be fast."

Kyo opened his mouth to ask what that had to do with anything, but stopped short as Die stopped the elevator and got on his knees. "Oh... God..." He reached down to pet Die's hair lightly, nodding a bit, his length already hardening just from the idea.

Die licked his lips as he unzipped Kyo's jeans and pulled his boxers down, watching his cock spring out. "Fuck, baby... already hard?" He shifted closer, working up a bit of spit in his mouth before he leaned in and just engulfed all of him at once. With a lewd groan, he began bobbing his head over his cock, giving the blowjob everything he had, eager to please Kyo as much as he possibly could.

Kyo smirked. "Always hard for you, Die." He licked his lips, watching Die then letting out a groan, his fingers instantly tightening in his hair as his entire cock was wrapped in wet heat. "Oh... fuck!" It felt amazing.

Die worked over Kyo's length better than any whore could have possibly done, loving every second of that thick cock in between his lips. He flicked his tongue over the head and then went right back down. His hands quickly undid his own belt, freeing his cock and starting to jerk himself off quick and hard, the sound of what they were doing distinct in the small space.

Kyo grunted as Die worked him, his hips pushing forward a bit, his hand tugging a handful of Die's hair. He glanced down as he heard Die's pants coming undone and groaned, something about his lover jerking himself off with a mouthful of dick was incredibly hot to him. "Ah, yes... so good..."

Die shifted into a more comfortable position, his belt jingling as he jerked himself off faster, trying to match his pace over Kyo's dick as well, little moans and groans slipping free of his mouth as he did.

Kyo let his head drop back as he moaned, his cock throbbing in Die's mouth. "Fuck..." He slipped his other hand under his shirt, finding and tugging a nipple, letting out a lewd moan as he did. It wasn't but another half minute before he was crying out as he came, spilling into Die's mouth and down his throat.

The moment Kyo's load hit his tongue, Die knew he was done for. He swallowed it down at the same moment he let out his own spurt of cum all over the floor. He came so hard he had to use the wall behind Kyo for support, not slowing down his touches until he was fully finished, swallowing the last few drops of Kyo's cum as he pulled back and stared up at him with a stupid grin on his face. "Fuck is right."

Kyo stared down at Die, panting as he recovered, giving a little laugh. "You're amazing." He reached down, stroking Die's hair, smirking. "And so damn sexy with my cum on your lips..."

Die smirked softly and licked his lips to get the rest of the cum off them. He got to his feet and quickly tucked himself back in, doing up his pants and trying to get his hair back in order and look at least a little innocent. "I've been wanting to do that since we got together." He winked at Kyo as he picked up the bags and hit the button so they'd move again.

Kyo laughed softly then waited until they were moving again to pull Die to him, kissing him hard and passionately. "What took you so long?"

"I was waiting for the right moment." He gave him a smile. "This moment."

Kyo slipped his arms around Die and hugged him tightly. He let go just as the lift stopped. He bent down to pick up the tea and smiled as he stepped off the elevator. "You're wonderful, you know that?"

Die beamed at him. "And so are you." He stepped out and headed toward their apartment, seeing the others waiting in the hallway in front of their place. Die quickly let them all inside, ditched his shoes and took everything into the living room, settling down and starting to put out the food.

Kyo grinned and waved at the others, following them all in and going to grab plates and plastic cups for the tea.

Kaoru sat down next to Die and helped him put the sandwiches out. He scooted closer and leaned over. "Er... you might... want to go check your pants in the bathroom," he murmured softly.

Die looked down and noticed the still wet cum splattered across one leg and immediately shoved the bag in Kaoru's hand, getting up and heading to the bedroom. He made fast work of changing pants and underwear, washing up quickly in their bathroom before coming back out, trying not to look sheepish.

Kyo had just come back into the room when Die took off. He raised an eyebrow but sat down with the plates and cups, passing them out and grinning at them. "How's it going guys?"

Kaoru smiled. "Doing okay. You guys?"

Die settled down next to Kyo and began to pour everyone's drinks, concentrating on that, not wanting to give anything away.

Kyo kept quiet for the moment, shifting to lean against Die. "Can't complain..."

Toshiya snorted and took his tea, sipping it before shaking his head. "You two have some kind of news... what? Is Die finally pregnant?" He grinned, laughing at his poor attempt for a joke. He was only teasing them of course.

Die snorted some of his tea he'd been attempting to drink at that. "Yes, Toshiya, I'm pregnant. And I'm going to birth it out my fucking ass."

Toshiya laughed and shook his head, getting comfortable beside Kaoru. "By the way, Shinya says he's sorry he couldn't make it. Miyu's apparently got some doggy flu thing..."

Die made a little face. "Not good. I hope she's okay." He unwrapped his sandwich and took a sizable bite out of it, groaning a little at the taste.

Kyo nibbled at his sandwich, realizing he was rather hungry by now. "This is so good... and yeah, hope doggy's alright. Snowball had a cold last week, but seems to have recovered from it now."

Die glanced around for the cat at that comment, seeing her on the windowsill, soaking up the light. He smirked a little and went back to eating.

Kaoru had unwrapped his sandwich but wasn't eating it just yet. He sat back and crossed his arms. "You called us for a reason, stop holding out."

Kyo followed Die's gaze and smiled softly. Their kitten was starting to be a grownup lady now. He hummed and went back to his food, nibbling a french fry until Kaoru spoke. He spared his food another glance then took a sip of his drink before sighing softly. "Well, I went to the doctor today..."

Kaoru perked up, scooting forward on his seat. "And?"

Kyo licked his lips, glancing at Die before finally just spilling it. "I've been given the all clear to sing again."

Much to everyone's surprise, Kaoru was on his feet in half a second and pretty much falling on Kyo the next, hugging him tight as he let out a whoop of joy. "Finally!"

Die sat back, a smirk on his lips as he watched Kaoru's reaction, chuckling softly as Kyo was pretty much smothered by the other guitarist.

Toshiya almost drop