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A spell called Love

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A spell called Love

Chapter 1

A knock at the door pulled Minerva’s attention away from the book she was reading before going to bed for the night, she sighed as she stood and walked toward her door, it had been a long week and she was glad for a couple days of relaxation before classes resumed Monday. Glancing at the clock before reaching the door she saw it was almost midnight, who would be at her door at such an hour? Gripping the door handle she opened it to see her star student and Head Girl, Hermione Granger standing in front of her looking worried and more than a little flushed.

“Miss Granger? What are you doing here at this time of night?”

Minerva frowned as she saw her student’s eyes flash from side to side and added worry to the feelings running through her at the moment and attempted to push back the love she felt for the woman in front of her, she needed to help her student with whatever was troubling her.

“I need your help with something Professor. I would’ve waited until morning normally but this couldn’t wait.”

Raising her eyebrow in curiosity she stepped aside and let her student, friend and woman she loved into her rooms.

“Well you’d better come in so I can see what I can do to help you.”

Smiling as the young woman practically ran past her and began pacing in front of the chair she had occupied before the knock at her door. Returning to it Minerva felt her worry for the young woman increase. Leaning back in her chair Minerva let her arms rest on the arms of her chair as she appraised the young woman in front of her, smiling to herself as she took in the woman’s beauty.

‘Hermione certainly has grown into a beautiful woman. No! Stop that, she needs your help right now!’

Minerva waited for a few more moments for Hermione to start her explanation but when it didn’t come Minerva decided to start the conversation.

“What is it Hermione? What’s got you so troubled?”

She smiled as she saw Hermione close her eyes as though gathering her thoughts and then turned to face Minerva.

“I think someone hit me with a lust spell Minerva. I would’ve gone to Ron to help me but, my instincts told me you were the one to come to for help.”

Minerva’s eyes widened immeasurably at her students words. How was she to hold back her feelings for the woman in front of her when all Hermione wanted was for Minerva to make love to her. She felt her grip on the arms of her chair tighten as, with her animagus senses she smelt the arousal coming from Hermione and felt her own arousal peek.

“Hermione, not that I’m not flattered but this is rather inappropriate, I am your teacher and I’m sure you would rather have someone else help you.”

Minerva knew that this wouldn’t dissuade Hermione and was not disappointed as she saw Hermione starting to wring her hands.

“I know, Minerva. It’s just I’m trying to keep a secret about myself as well and I knew I could trust you with it more than I could anyone else.”

At these words Minerva felt her curiosity piqued and, unable to help herself, she found herself looking up at Hermione and asking

“What are you trying to hide Hermione?”

The smile on Hermione’s lips almost made Minerva’s heart melt, she had been right, Hermione could trust her and Minerva knew she would, but one thing Minerva had not planned on was how Hermione was going to reveal her secret.

“It will be easier for me to show you.”

Minerva saw her hands move and before she could utter a word Hermione’s outer robe was crumpled to the floor and she was already removing her skirt and panties. The grip on the arms of her chair tightened once again as she saw what Hermione was hiding. Minerva could feel her body betraying her, as it were; her logical mind was being pushed aside as she took in the lower half of Hermione’s body. She felt her eyes roaming up and down the younger woman’s legs before settling between them and was unable to help herself as she openly stared at Hermione. Feeling her pulse over every inch of her body as she stared at the cock standing fully erect between Hermione’s legs and trying to find a way to get herself out of the situation, Minerva simply sat staring at Hermione, her mouth slightly open in surprise and not noticing Hermione moving closer.

“Please Minerva, I need your help.”

At her words Minerva found her voice again and she found herself running through the lust spells in her mind so she could help her student.

“Well Hermione, seeing as how we don’t know what specific spell was cast and as there are so many variations of them, I think we should go to my bed so we can try and help you.”

Standing and turning to walk to her room she was screaming at herself in her head, knowing that the spell Hermione was under was also affecting her but she found herself not caring and quickly silencing that part of her mind and all other parts that told her that what she was doing was wrong. Pulling the door open and turning her head, she saw Hermione following her with her skirt, panties and robe in her hand and smiled walking through the door sheading her dressing gown leaving her in a night gown. Turning she slid her arms around Hermione’s shoulders and pulled her in for a kiss that started out slow and left both women shivering in need as the kiss was deepened, both women conveying the need for the other through the kiss as Minerva lay Hermione on her bed, with her head resting on the pillow.

Without breaking the kiss Minerva’s hands worked on the buttons of Hermione’s blouse and pulled it open as her hands slid up and around her back to open the clasp on her bra. Pulling the blouse from her Hermione’s body along with her bra Minerva, hesitantly, broke the kiss and moved to Hermione’s jaw slowly kissing down it to the younger woman’s neck where she started to nip at the skin of Hermione’s neck. Slowly running the tip of her tongue over her neck Minerva moaned as she tasted the sweetness of Hermione’s skin under her tongue. Moving down her neck Minerva stopped to lick and nip at Hermione’s pulse point, feeling her own arousal heightening simply listening to the younger woman beneath her moaning as Minerva bit down slightly harder this time, marking Hermione as hers.

Softly licking at the mark on Hermione’s neck for a second, Minerva started to continue making her way down Hermione’s chest smiling as she listened to the moaning from the younger woman’s lips, wordlessly begging Minerva to move quicker as she arched her back into the kisses Minerva was teasing her with as her hands gripped the sheets covering the bed. Continuing her slow pace Minerva moved down to the expanse of skin between the younger woman’s breasts and started to kiss and lick at it before moving to her right breast with her mouth. Running her tongue up the side of her breast Minerva slid the tip of her tongue slowly around the nipple of the younger woman smiling at the louder moan coming from her as Minerva’s hand moved to her left breast and began to roll her nipple between her thumb and index finger, pinching it slightly.

Taking the nipple into her mouth Minerva moaned as she pressed her body against Hermione’s and felt Hermione’s cock twitching against her stomach as she continued to tease her switching her mouth to Hermione’s other nipple and began the same treatment slowly teasing around it with her tongue.

“Oh Merlin, Minerva…please!”

Smiling Minerva continued to tease Hermione for a few more moments before giving in to the unspoken request to quicken the pace and moved down to her stomach before moving her hand to grip Hermione’s cock in her hand and slowly running her hand up and down her length before taking the head into her mouth and swirling her tongue around it.

Removing the hand from Hermione’s breast Minerva placed it on the younger woman’s hips to keep her from thrusting them up as Minerva slowly took more of Hermione’s length into her mouth with a soft moan as her tongue ran over the shaft of Hermione’s cock. Knowing her teasing, in combination with the lust spell, had taken its toll on the younger woman and it wouldn’t be long before she reached her orgasm, therefore she wasn’t surprised when not soon after thinking this Hermione screamed in pleasure and Minerva felt her cock twitching in her mouth as it released its seed into her mouth. Waiting until Hermione stilled and was laying breathless Minerva slid Hermione’s cock out of her mouth after swallowing the liquid in her mouth. Looking down Minerva saw that Hermione was still hard and smiled as she felt herself getting wet as she pressed her body against the younger woman’s.

Waiting for Hermione to catch her breath Minerva lay on top of her with a smile as she watched the beautiful woman under her. After seeing that she regained her breath Minerva leaned in and placed a soft kiss against Hermione’s lips before whispering to her “How are you feeling, Love?” Finally opening her eyes as she felt Minerva’s hand running over her cheek softly, Hermione looked into the striking emerald eyes of her professor, slid her hand behind her neck and pulled her in to give her a deep kiss. Moving her hands to press Minerva closer Hermione used the opportunity to flip the two and pressing herself against the older woman as she broke the kiss and looked down at Minerva, wordlessly asking her permission to continue. Sliding her hands from Hermione’s hips, Minerva pushed herself up and pulled the night gown up over her head leaving her naked to the younger woman’s eyes and laying back against the pillow and wrapping her legs around Hermione’s hips.

Leaning down Hermione’s lips crashed against Minerva’s as she reached down and placed the tip of her cock against Minerva’s lips and slowly slid the head of her cock into her, gasping in pleasure as she felt Minerva’s tightness around her cock. Stopping to allow Minerva time to adjust to her Hermione leaned in to take one of her nipples into her mouth, teasing Minerva as she had teased her earlier. After a few moments Hermione thrust forward slowly and softly sliding into Minerva, gasping once again and stopping with just over half of her length inside her older love. Removing her lips from Minerva’s nipple Hermione moved up to kiss her again, breaking the kiss to breathe and to lean in to whisper in Minerva’s ear.

“I love you, Minerva.”

Minerva raised her hand to Hermione’s cheek and slid her thumb across it as she smiled

“I love you too Hermione.”

Tightening her legs around Hermione’s waist a little more Minerva nodded for her to continue and moaned as she felt Hermione thrust the rest of the way into her. Feeling Hermione start to pull out and thrust back into her Minerva could do nothing but moan and pull her in for another kiss. Minerva could feel the thrusts into her getting quicker and more urgent as she broke apart from Hermione to let out a loud moan as she felt herself quickly approaching her own orgasm. As Hermione began to thrust into her as hard and fast as she could, she felt the tension that had been building in her abdomen release as she felt her orgasm hit her and it was her turn to scream Hermione’s name. After a few more thrusts Hermione felt her own orgasm hit her and she released her seed inside Minerva before collapsing on top of her feeling the spell break a moment before sleep overtook both her and Minerva.