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The Long Road to Edo

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So, yeah, they were too late to get that ultimate fucknozzle, Ken'yuu, before he boarded the Allegiance and sailed with the tide. Of course.

At first Gojyo thought the guy was a psychic weasel or something, knowing exactly when to run, but Hakkai put forward the more plausible theory that he'd decided to cut his losses when they'd returned with Goku, and they probably hadn't seen the last of him. He was just that kind of persistent fucknut, Kouryuu said darkly, agreeing. Fine. Whatever. The Dowager Empress and Kami were another story. Gojyo wasn't quite sure what happened to them—nobody seemed to know the whole story, and Hakkai just smiled that scary smile of his and laughed his creepy fu-fu-fu. Eh. Gojyo didn't care; he was busy. Playing babysitter to a bitchy lord's rambunctious little brother was a full-time job and a hell of a lot more satisfying than housebreaking and brothel bodyguarding had been. Payed better, too.

And there was the sex with Hakkai. Lots of it, and all of it—except for the kinky, spontaneous shit—on cushy futons.

Life? Yeah, it was sweet.

If there were growing rumors of a green-haired, pink-kimono'd wacko teaming up with a one-eyed bandit, the one-eyed bandit's one-handed flunky, and a propensity for severed body parts turning up in their general area, Gojyo wasn't too worried. Hakkai was totally ninja, and these days, Gojyo was too.

… Okay, so maybe he was sex-ninja, yeah, but ninja was ninja, and that's all that mattered. He could handle it, no problem.

The end