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Succubus Diaries

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Stupid, stupid, stupid! Why did I bring it to school? I should have known Emma and her friends would find it. My locker wasn’t safe, I knew that, but I just couldn’t put the stupid thing down.

I paced up and down the girls bathroom while I tried to control the panic. I’d brought the book to school with me today—I’d hoped to find some time to read it during lunch, but now Emma had it.

Having a book to read was nothing unusual for me. Ever since Emma had turned on me, along with most of the school, I didn't have much else to do but read. The problem was the subject of the book.

When I’d picked it up, I just thought it was a generic science-fiction story and the synopsis on the back had been interesting enough for me to buy it. What the cover didn’t mention was aside from the interesting characters and battles to save the galaxy, there were steamy, toe curling sex scenes between the lead and her lesbian lover. Dad nearly walked in on me twice!

It’s not like I could just go home. They would only be waiting for me when I finally returned!

I need to calm down. I moved to the sink and tried washing my face. Panicking wouldn’t help any. Putting my glasses back on, I looked at myself in the mirror.

Tall, stick thin, with a too-wide mouth. The most feminine thing about me was my hair, and even then, stress was starting to take its toll. I’d been forced to shorten it a bit after someone accidently singed it during home ec.

In a fit of anger, I punched the mirror in front of me. The mirror cracked and pain shot up my arm. Blood was already starting to run between my fingers. I quickly turned the tap on and stuck my hand under the water.

I let out a small hiss and started trying to clean the wound, still cursing Emma and my life. Oddly, I felt better. Actually, I felt good. Really, really good.

As Lita deftly sutured the wound with practiced movements, London bit her lip, holding back the moans of ecstasy.

A passage from the book came to mind and I giggled slightly. Either I was suddenly a masochist or adrenalin was making me giddy.

The feeling of warmth was starting to spread through my body, pooling between my legs. More passages came to mind, mixing with the pain, anger and frustration. I should be panicking, something was clearly wrong with me, but it just felt so good.

As the heat built between my legs, I grabbed the sink for support. That’s when I saw the markings on the back of my hands. They looked like scales and as I watched, I could see them growing more visible. The skin around them paling to a grey colour. What is this?

I screwed my eyes shut and tried to block out the warmth. I had to stop, What if someone came through the door? I bit my lip to stop myself from moaning.

The warmth shifted and I could feel my chest pressing against my clothes. the shifting cloth sending sparks of electricity through my body. My clothes were starting to pinch and pull in places, but the feeling only pushed me further.

My back twitched and I heard the sound of tearing cloth. I was nearing my limit, everything felt wrong but so good, and the fire in my body was drowning out everything but the delicious feelings in my core that was edging ever closer.

The world went white.

Sweet release hit with the force of a bomb and I struggled to stay standing, the sink the only thing keeping me upright.

By the time I could think straight, I was still breathing heavily and everything felt different. My clothes were pinching me and I could feel a draft across my torso. Slowly, I opened my eyes and gasped at what I saw.

I’m huge!

The girl looking back at me was part Barbie doll and part fitness instructor, with a little bit of lizard thrown in. I slowly moved my eyes downwards as I studied my reflection.

My skin was pale, bordering on grey but with a healthy shine. The colour made my now-red eyes stand out, and there was a glowing ring in each eye.

I also had horns on the sides of my head. They curled forward and down so the point was level with my mouth. There were dark scales on my forehead, the same colour as my horns, that ran down the the bridge of my nose where they came to a point. I had more following the line of my jaw and running down my neck.

When I brought my hand up to touch them, they felt smooth and soft, yielding like skin. There were more scales on my hands, starting just before my knuckles and running up my arms.

That brought my attention to the other changes. My figure had filled out drastically, and I could see faint traces of muscle when I moved. My shirt and bra were nothing but rags, but it wasn’t my chest that had destroyed them. It was my wings.

Bat-like and coloured the same unnatural black my hair had gone, they didn’t look big enough to hold my weight, but I suspected I could still fly with them anyway. Turning to look at them revealed another change.

I had a tail!

It started at the base of my spine and reached to just past my calves.

“Fuck!” I muttered. Even my voice was different; I sounded more like Mom.

I lost track of time staring at myself in the mirror and the sound of shouting outside broke me out of my thoughts and kicked my brain into gear.

I was standing topless in the middle of the school looking like something from a fantasy game! My blush nearly covered my entire torso.

I needed to get home, My pants were tight but they would survive. My hoodie was on the floor near my bag, but—yeah, not happening—there was no way I was getting that on over my new wings and boobs.

Maybe if I covered my face I could just run for it? Get to the roof and see if I could fly? No one one would recognise me like this… I gave myself another glance in the mirror before giving up on that idea.

My face had changed, yes, but not that much. I was still recognisable—even if no one would be looking at my face. Maybe I could…

I tried moving my wings. Maybe they would be flexible enough for me to wrap them round my body. It would help if I could look like—woah!
My wings stretched round my body, taking on a shadowy appearance as they did so. As they moved, my body shifted and I found myself look like I did this morning. I’m a shapeshifter?

This had potential. the only thing missing were my glasses. I frowned when I realised I hadn’t even noticed their loss. I found them sitting in the sink and quickly put them back on. Thankfully, everything was just as clear with them as it now was without.

Could I make myself look like other people? I focused and my body shifted. Emma stared back at me from the mirror. A small part of me noted that I was now bigger than her. Emma smiled; now this had potential. I could even use this to get my book back.

I was just deciding on a plan when the door opened.

“Emma?” the girl asked. “I thought you were with Sophia?” She was one of the interchangeable people that followed Emma everywhere these days.
“Oh… um...” I struggled to cover my surprise or even remember her name. In the end, I shrugged. “Canteen food, what can you do?”

“Ugh, tell me about it,” she said as locked herself in one of the stalls.

Not wanting to hang around, I grabbed my bag and gave the stall a quick glance. I shifted back to normal and walked outside. I soon abandoned my plans to recover my book; there was a strong draft in the corridor and I realised that my shirt was only an illusion.

Blushing, I quickly made my way outside. I needed to get home. School shut for winter break after today—that gave me two weeks to find some new clothes and possibly tell Dad about this.

Not wanting to risk someone bumping into me on the bus I decided to jog home. Despite being mid-winter, I barely noticed the temperature.
I was almost halfway home when I realised something. I could shapeshift, I hardly felt the cold, and I wasn’t even winded from the run. I had powers, I was a cape! I couldn’t help but laugh.

Dad’s truck was in the driveway when I got home—his shift must have ended early today. I tried to not make too much noise when I opened the back door but it didn’t matter anyway; Dad was already sitting at the kitchen table, hunched over some paperwork.

He looked up as I came in. “Taylor? What are you doing home?” he said in surprise.

I wracked my brain for an excuse, but before I could come up with anything, Dad frowned.

“And why are you wearing a glamor?”