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The Turn of Lifes Events

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Their paths had crossed many times before, however, it had gone unnoticed at the time.

It was during those ridiculous group therapy sessions that he learned just how often they had almost met.

He- reluctantly -spoke about how he had been a professor of psychology at GCU. She'd looked at him then, asking him when, she'd heard stories when she was studying there, about cranky Professor Crane, but it had to be somebody else, right?

It wasn't.

It was then he learned that she had regularly been sat in the lecture room not two doors down from his office, listening to the drivel spouted by one of his ex-colleagues and eagerly taking notes.

She spoke about her internship at Arkham. A rare sad smile crossing her face as she spoke. A small window where the woman from before could be glimpsed. It was gone as quickly as it came. He discovered that she had interned when had been working there, though their paths had never crossed. Different schedules he concluded. It didn't matter, he had been far too busy with his experiments at that time.

When she'd come back to the asylum as a fully fledged Doctor, he had already escaped. Not that she would have been given his case. After all she barely managed to get the Joker and though he claimed to have little ego, Jonathan often liked to think that he was just as manipulative as the clown.  

Sometimes, when he sees her bruises, he wonders what would have happened if they'd met sooner.