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Moan For Me

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Moan For Me

Ban pushed himself to a sitting position, and even that was too much. His head pounded in protest, making him groan. Eyes watering, he glanced around himself in the hope of finding something that would relieve the pain. He shouldn't have drank so much, he should know better, but he could never resist taunting the Captain into a drinking competition. The pain. He bent himself in half, pulling his knees up to his chest so he could cradle his head. Another groan slipped past his lips. Panting, Ban decided he would give up on attempting to get out of bed. What was he thinking anyway? Flopping back down, he felt an instant dulling in his temples, and sighed.

“Ban. Please stop wiggling.” The calm, deadpan tone made the blood freeze in his veins as hazy images from the night before flooded him. What had happened? Did what he think happened actually happen? No, he was jumping to conclusions, but it had felt so tight around his dick – no. Ban could feel the bed next to him, pressed down with weight. King shared a room with him... but there was no denying that tone.

He could feel the blankets brushing against him. He was hard, morning wood. The blankets felt good. He was naked, that wasn't so weird, he preferred to sleep naked.

Out of the corner of his eye, Ban caught a tinge of pink, and had to suppress another groan. He was facing away from Ban. He must have been warm during the night because he had kicked most of the blankets off him, and they pooled around his feet. Pink hair splayed across the pillow haphazardly, and tickled down the delicate line of his neck, which gave way to the gentle ridges of his back, so opposite of Ban. The curve of his spine dipped, and then swelled where his ass begun. Ban felt his throat tighten as he raked his gaze over his hips, they bore bruises in lines that looked suspiciously similar to fingers. Gowther's breathing was even, having fallen back asleep after chastising Ban. Motherfucker.

It's okay, calm down. You don't know for sure. Just close your eyes, and sleep off the hangover. Even in the darkness behind his eyelids, all he could see was the image of Gowther next to him. Those slim hips, the curve of his ass. He was feminine for a man. Ban wondered what it would feel like to have his dick buried in that ass – no. Don't think about that.

The idea of having slept with a man wasn't what bothered him. If anyone was uncomfortable with their sexual preferences, it was the Captain, always exaggerating his attraction to big-boobed women. Ban just didn't want it to be himwas all. While attractive, cute, and so very fuckable, Gowther was a bigger weirdo than King, and that was saying something, since he was forever poofing from boy, to fat man, and back again. Reopening his eyes, Ban trained them once again on Gowther's ass. He had to know.

Rolling onto his side, he positioned himself behind Gowther, and carefully, so as to not wake him, Ban eased the cheeks of his ass apart with one hand. He couldn't see the puckered ring from where he lie, but he didn't need to see. Keeping the other sin's ass pried open, Ban teased a finger at his entrance. It gave way immediately, easily swallowing Ban's finger up to the first knuckle. He bit back a sigh. Gowther felt so incredibly good, hot, and wet. Wait. Wet? Shit. The inner walls of his ass were slick. He was fucked, so very fucked, or at least he had been, and recently.

Ban?” Gowther's voice was tinged with sleep, but no less metallic as golden eyes blinked back at him. “Your pupils are dilated, and you are breathing harder than you should be while lying in bed, why is that?”

Ban grit his teeth, but he couldn't imagine removing his finger from the warm heat. “What happened last night?” he asked in a low voice. “Did you screw with my memories?”

Ah. Your memories. You are referring to my ability to alter a person's memories. Do you perhaps fear that I have forced you into a sexual encounter?” Even half-asleep, and with a finger in his ass, Gowther didn't lose his ability to analyze things in that annoying way of his. “I did not.”

Then what happened?”

Gowther was ignoring him. Instead, he was straining to look over his shoulder, and down at his ass, which he wiggled experimentally. “It seems you have penetrated me,” Gowther said. “Why is that? Did you have any intention of moving your finger?”

Ban blinked. “What?”

Well, I am a little sore from last night, you see, and your finger is causing a slight pain, but it is indeed pleasurable. I would wish you to press your finger deeper into me, or remove it entirely.”

Ban knew what he should have done, but he had a habit of not always doing what he knows he should do. Lips parted, he watched, transfixed. As he eased his finger as deep as he could, Gowther arched into him, and for once, he didn't wear that annoyingly blank expression. Instead, his face scrunched in pleasure, and the moan that fell from his lips went straight to Ban's dick. That voice. The voice that always sounded so hollow, so unnatural was suddenly so full of life as he received pleasure. Ban couldn't explain it, he didn't want to explain it, but for that moment, nothing mattered more than coaxing more of those sounds from the other sin.

Leaning into him, Ban pressed open-mouthed kisses to the back of Gowther's neck. Since his ass was taking his first finger so eagerly, Ban added a second, gently easing him open.

Ban!” Gowther moaned, pushing back against him. The other sin had taken to gripping his pillow, and his voice carried such a musical lilt that it wasn't long before Ban had built a steady rhythm, fucking that tight ass with his fingers in order to draw more of those sounds.

That's it. More. Give me more,” Ban growled. “I want to hear more of that voice.”

Gowther was panting now, driving his hips back each time Ban thrust his fingers in.

Ban...I need -”

Yeah baby, I know what you need.” Ban had already withdrawn his fingers, and as he reached for a discarded bottle next to him, Gowther shifted. Still on his side, he bent his top leg, which opened him up more. Moaning, Ban wasted no time oiling himself. Gowther glanced back at him, normally clear eyes clouded, and did the unspeakable. Placing one hand on the cheek of his ass, he spread himself, and caught his bottom lip between his teeth, silently begging to be fucked. Ban almost came right then, and there. No wonder he was the sin of lust.

Fuck, Gowther,” Ban breathed as he lined himself up, pressing the head of his dick against the stretched hole. He had wanted to see how many different sounds the other could make, and Ban wasn't disappointed as he buried himself to the hilt. Gowther bit on choked moans as he was filled to the brim, but he needed more. Immediately he began moving on Ban's cock, pulling forward, and pushing back.

Ban moaned. Gowther wasn't giving him time to adjust. Without waiting for him, he was fucking himself like a desperate whore. Gowther felt incredible around him. He wasn't as soft as a woman, but oh god, it didn't matter. The oil slicked his insides, and provided a lewd sloshing noise that made the saliva pool on Ban's tongue. Instinct gripped him, and he pinned Gowther's hips, holding him still as he rammed into him. Listening to the other sin's sobs of pleasure, he knew he wasn't going to last.

With warm heat coiling in his belly, it wasn't the sounds falling from Gowther's lips that was going to send him over the edge. In the process of getting fucked, Gowther had rolled almost completely onto his stomach he was driving backwards onto Ban's cock, but he was also thrusting forward. He had wriggled a hand in between his body and the mattress, and was fucking into it, moaning and sobbing as he raced Ban to orgasm.

Ban didn't know who came first. He only knew the warm heat that milked him, and he cried out, continuing to thrust, to fuck until shuddering aftershocks took him. Panting, he slowed to a stop, and fell limp, unable to hear anything but the blood pumping in his ears.

Gowther was the first to move, easing off of Ban's cock he sat up.

Well,” Gowther said, crawling over Ban to rummage around for his clothes. “That was very enjoyable.”

Ban felt himself becoming annoyed with him already, which only increased as he began to feel annoyed with becoming annoyed. It was too early, his head was still pounding, and he had just fucked one of the most annoying people ever. What was wrong with him?