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Pretend It Never Happened

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Cicadas cry outside of the open window of the hotel room, disrupting the heavy silence in the dark. Stars peek through the window, casting a shroud of starlight into the room. Kakyoin watches them from where he lay on his side on the hotel bed, hands curled into loose fists in front of his chest. He admires the stars for a while, but then soon enough he hears the other teen shift on the bed parallel to his own before rising with a creak of springs, which diverts his attention from the sky outside.

The bed he lays on dips with the additional weight when Jotaro quietly lays down beside him. Kakyoin says nothing, heart racing and stomach flipping with excitement. A warm, bigger body presses up against his back, spooning him comfortably. Kakyoin sucks in a breath and clenches his eyes shut with a furrowed brow and flushing cheeks.

His body winds up with tension when a heavy arm wraps around his waist. Kakyoin subtly presses back into Jotaro, bringing his hand up to weakly hide his blushing face behind it. A broad, calloused hand is suddenly cupping his crotch, groping at his cock through his striped pyjamas.

“Nnn,” Kakyoin can't help but let out a surprised, albeit aroused, noise, his cheeks burning and heart pounding as heat courses through his gut.

He isn't sure how it came to be, but this was routine these days. Jotaro waiting until night to touch him. Joining him on his bed when they can hide in the secrecy of the darkness and release pent up sexual frustration and stress. He knew Jotaro was a horny teenage boy. Whereas Kakyoin was fine with going long periods of time without masturbation, or in this case sex (although, was it really considered sex?). But he liked Jotaro too much to just deny him what he needed. Honestly, Kakyoin liked it too. So why put an end to it when there was no real defining reason to? Kakyoin knows that Abdul and Polnareff do the same thing. So it's fine if they do it too, right?

Though he imagines the other two, who are actual experienced adults, do more than just some clothed groping. How embarrassing.

Keeping his face hidden behind a slender hand, Kakyoin slyly spreads his thighs further apart, letting Jotaro fondle at him and grope his stiffening cock over and over through the soft fabric of his pyjama pants. His hand was warm and firm, touching him with blatant confidence and demand, which honestly turned Kakyoin on. His soft, breathless panting joins the noise of the cicadas outside, accompanied by the occasional quiet moan from the redhead that encourages Jotaro's efforts.

By the time Kakyoin was hard, Jotaro was shamelessly rutting into his ass with his own hard-on prodding against him. Kakyoin wanted to face him. To see his expression, to... kiss him. But, it was always done with Kakyoin facing away from the other. All Jotaro needed was some grinding or groping, and then went back to his own bed once they both were satisfied.

This time though, as Kakyoin's moaning became more vocal and he began quivering in Jotaro's hold, nearly brought to orgasm by his relentless fondling, he's abruptly manhandled onto his back. Eyes widening with a heaving chest, Kakyoin looks up through the darkness to see Jotaro gazing down at him with an intense, lustful look in his olive green eyes.

“J-Jotaro,” Kakyoin whispers, drawing his long legs open to let Jotaro situate between them, which the brawny teen does. Silently, he curls broad, rough fingers around Kakyoin's slender wrists and pins them down to the bed. While Kakyoin did tend to be prideful, he can't help but feel turned on, being pinned down to the cheap hotel bed like this, being stared at like a piece of meat, waiting for Jotaro to take a chunk out of.

“Let me kiss you,” Jotaro murmurs, voice low and rough with his eyes searching in Kakyoin's through the dim light of the stars. Blinking up at him, Kakyoin feels his heart jump and his stomach flip. He swallows hard, licking his lips nervously, and nods. Jotaro is silent, scrutinizing his face with a furrowed brow, before he follows up on his words and slowly leans in. Kakyoin lets his violet eyes fall lidded and waits, watching as Jotaro angled his head and connected their mouths with a gentle approach that was unlike him.

He kisses the other teen with firm, inexperienced purses of his mouth. Despite his stiff kissing, it still had Kakyoin blushing and returning it with shy, slow overlapping that has their kissing evolving into something deeper and slow. The sounds of their mouths moving together fills the room, which has Kakyoin blushing up to his ears. He pants quietly against Jotaro's mouth amongst the kissing, short of breath. When Jotaro does pull away, he looks down at the redhead silently and with his usual unreadable expression.

Kakyoin's red locks lay strewn over the pillow, framing his face prettily which has Jotaro staring until the redhead looks away nervously.

“Turn over,” Jotaro says, low and insistent. Meeting his gaze again, Kakyoin swallows hard, says nothing, and obliges by moving onto his front with the other teen moving aside, feeling slightly awkward as he props up on his elbows. Peeking back, he watches as Jotaro shoves his legs apart (which has Kakyoin frowning. He could have just asked) and situates himself between them again. Thankfully he was lacking his coat, so it wasn't getting in the way and making a bunch of noise thanks to the stupid clunky chain. And this way, Kakyoin can also admire his firm muscles and broad chest. He stares, until Jotaro leans over, planting his hands on both sides of him.

Jotaro looks at him with a stoic face, his furrowed brow the only sign of emotion on his features. Biting his lip, Kakyoin looks away, remaining propped on his elbows with his gaze fixed down on the pillow. What did he intend to do? This was kind of weird. Kakyoin was nervous, unsure of what to expect.

Then Jotaro is resting most of his weight on top of him, lining their bodies up. It felt nice, strangely, being pinned under his weight. Kakyoin lets out a shaky breath and grabs onto the pillow with both hands, bottom lip caught between his teeth. Well, whatever he was doing, it still managed to turn the redhead on, which was honestly embarrassing. Kakyoin was inexperienced, save for the awkward fondling for the last week or so, so it shouldn't be surprising.

When Jotaro began to rock his hips, a firm, fluid roll that has his very obvious erection rubbing directly against Kakyoin's ass, it became shamefully apparent. Kakyoin gasps aloud and with his legs spread to accommodate Jotaro's size, he lifts his feet up in surprise, his knees remaining planted on the bed from where he was kept pinned.

He fidgets as Jotaro grinds into his ass repeatedly, hard, deep rolls of his hips that has their bodies moving slightly atop the bed. Kakyoin moans shakily, quietly, eyes falling shut as Jotaro's heavy, firm pelvis shoves down into his ass over and over. It was really hot, knowing that Jotaro was basically fucking him but without the actual penetration and lack of clothes. Panting with his face burning up, Kakyoin quietly moans out in a shaky voice, “J-Jotaro, nngh, k-keep going--”

“Shut up,” Jotaro breathlessly grunts, his calloused hands tightly grabbing onto Kakyoin's biceps and pinning his upper torso to the bed to prevent his fidgeting. Kakyoin lets out a soft, breathy groan at that, aroused by his commanding behavior.

The noises of the bed creaking and their heavy breathing and occasional quiet grunt makes it sound like they were actually having sex. But both of them being fully dressed with Jotaro repeatedly humping against his clothed ass kept it pretty tame in comparison to what they could have been doing. Although, it was definitely a jump from their previous routine.

Being pushed down into the bed repeatedly with deep, sensual rolls of Jotaro's hips has Kakyoin grinding unintentionally down against the mattress, which brings him to a premature orgasm that has him jerking under Jotaro in a series of twitches as he soils his underwear again, a soft cry crawling from his agape mouth as he slumped down into the bed. Jotaro keeps thrusting into his ass with firm rocks of his wide hips, bringing a muscular arm up to rest it against Kakyoin's shoulder blades, bearing his weight down on him and keeping him pinned down that way.

His sudden orgasm leaves the redhead shaky and sensitive, a nice tingly sensation thrumming through his core and leaving him overheated and equally sated. He manages a few weak moans throughout Jotaro's mindless humping, until the brawny teen finally gives five hard thrusts into his ass, making the bed creak and Kakyoin grasp tight fistfuls of the pillow, before he stills against him and grunts lowly, coming inside his underwear. Kakyoin gasps when he feels his thick cock twitch against his ass, something he can feel even through the layers of their clothing. Jesus, how big was he? He had to be well-endowed, for Kakyoin to have felt that.

Their ragged panting mends with the awkward silence that follows, as Jotaro sluggishly gets off of him and tiredly rises from the bed without a word. He escapes into the bathroom with a few heavy footsteps, with intent to clean up and give Kakyoin a chance to recover himself. (Kakyoin knew he was just escaping the awkward afterglow that was bound to happen. Coward.)

As he listens to the sounds of Jotaro undoing his belts and pants to get to his underwear, Kakyoin remains laying there with his eyes narrowed, his face flushed with a hot, embarrassed blush. Well, how is he going to face the other teenager during the day from now on? Usually, it's not so bad since their previous unattached groping seemed so distant. They could pretend nothing happened. But now, it felt like they took a turn with no return. Damn it.

Kakyoin sighs. He'll talk to Jotaro about it. Later. Maybe.

But, a part of him does hope that with that talk, if it does happen, they can come to an agreement that there is more to it than just the need to get off. That maybe they like each other. Maybe, they can even move onto having actual sex that isn't consisted of awkward groping and/or humping. But that's wishful thinking.

Embarrassed, though not regretful, Kakyoin rises from the bed with a frown and intent to change into a clean(er) pair of shorts.