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Awkward Love from Awkward Lovers (Reworked)

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This isn't an official chapter. It's actually a request from me. Truth be told, this is my first story on any site EVER, and I don't think I'm on par with most other newbies. All I ask is for you to be patient, for this might take a while, and please review (politely) or at least give me tips and advice when I officially publish the first chapter. Thank you for your (hopefully) cooperation and Happy New Year!

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Camilla was enraged. Not irritated, not annoyed, not even angry, but enraged. And, to no ones knowledge, also in complete despair. And when Camilla's this mad, the whole army knows, and most tend to give her a 50 foot radius of space when this happens. It actually caused panic when she stormed over to Beruka room in the army's castle, kicked Beruka's door open (much to both Beruka's embarrassment) and demanded something in gibberish. While shouting. Belka was, instead of panicking, concerned for she noticed Camilla never asked for anyone's death and not only that, she noticed that Camilla was in tears. 

"Are you... okay Mistress Camilla?" (AN: Don't know how the subordinates address their superior in the game so I'm just guessing here) Beruka asked somewhat hesitantly in fear of Camilla breaking down even more.

Camilla broke down anyway in hiccups and sniffs as Belka rushed to her side and tried her hardest to comfort her mistress, all the while wondering Where are you Benoit?

It took about half an hour for Camilla to calm down and an additional five minutes for Camilla to explain the situation to Belka and Kamui (Kamui heard the crying in Beruka's and wondered what happened). Needless to say, Belka and Kamui were nearly speechless. 

"That's it? Benoit received a letter!?" Kamui whisper-yelled as both she and Beruka were wondering why Camilla was reacting like this to such a simple problem.

Camilla immediately gave an unladylike glare of annoyance to Kamui, "Would you keep it down?" Camilla hissed, "I'm trying to keep this whole situation as quiet as possible..."

Kamui gave Camilla a questioning stare, "Camilla, you had the face of a tyrant ready for war as you stormed across to come here. Which by the way Beruka, you have surprisingly good taste in decorations. No wonder Silas comes here all the ti-" She was again silenced by Beruka's murderous glare this time, however Beruka's red face betrayed what she was actually thinking of.

Camilla sighed, "Fair point, but still, can you two keep it a secret, please?"

Before Beruka and Kamui could respond with a incredulous No, Ignatius (or Ignis as Caeldori affectionately called him), out of both his armor and his breath, ran into Beruka's room in un-Ignatius-like fashion.

"M-Mom," Ignis said in between pants, "some woman's with Dad at the entr-"

Fwoosh! Camilla was out of the room in a second, sprinting to the south side of the courtyard, where the castle's entrance was at. Beruka, Ignatius, and Kamui, were left in the dust, coughing from the dust.

"*Cough* Ignatius, *Cough* is it true you father received a letter from a stranger? *Cough*" Kamui asked between her coughing.

Ignatius hesitated, afraid of the reaction of his aunt and mother's subordinate, but gave in after seeing their questioning stares.

"Kind of," he began, "It was more like a love confe-"

Zing? This time it was Beruka who sprinted out of her room after her mistress. Ignatius turned to the flabbergasted Kamui and asked, "Why did Beruka run off like that?"

Kamui sighed, "Honestly," she stated, "I think Beruka's trying to stop Camilla from committing murder..." 

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Gentle. Intimidating. Kind. Strong. Lovable. Lucky. These words are what describe Benoit in a nutshell. The last word is the most recent description of him, now that he is married to the Nohr Kingdom's most beautiful woman of the decade (that's what the statistic polls say), Camilla. Of course, Benoit has gained a so-called "notoriety" from her fan clubs for marrying Camilla (she has no knowledge of these fan clubs, much to the clubs' relief), and the fact that their relationship started over a situation with a bear is a pretty low-blow for most of her admirers who have tried to woo her with romantic sweets, flowers, poems, and even more cliche flirting tactics at least once. 

So, in predictable jealousy fashion, Benoit has been receiving letters ranging from duels (to which Benoit always responds to these challenges with a letter that simply states: No.) to death threats. The threats infuriate the army of Nohr/Hoshido most of all. Anyone that has even talked to Benoit at least once knows that he of all people did not deserve these threats from anyone. The only reason they don't do anything about it was because of Benoit. 

"People have opinions, so let them keep theirs." Benoit said to them, and that ended that situation.

However, a couple days ago from now, a young lady who looked around mid-twenties at most, came up to Ignis (who was currently guarding the entrance to the army's castle), and handed him a note... with a heart stamp right on the center of the envelope.

"Can you please give this to Master Benoit?" She asked sweetly. 

Ignatius, raised to be polite by Benoit and Camilla, accepted the request and the envelope without hesitation, promising the young lady that he would bring the envelope to his father right away. Bold move, considering he was on guard duty, but he asked his beloved Caeldori to take his place, which she accepted of course, and he went straight to his parents' room.

Benoit was taking a nap on his favorite chair (it was the only chair in the castle that could withstand his bulky form's weight without a chance of breaking) when Ignatius walked in. Ignatius, realizing that his father was taking a nap and didn't want to trouble him, did a 180 turn and almost snuck out when he heard shuffling behind him.

"...What is it, Ignatius?" Benoit asked, rubbing his tired eyes to focus on his son while sitting up from his bed.

"Uh... a woman asked me to give you this letter." Ignatius explained, hoping his father didn't know about where he was supposed to be right now.

"...While you were on guard duty." Benoit stated, not a question since, without his son's knowledge, he was the one who made the schedule for guard duty on that day.

Ignatius, already feeling guilty as it was for leaving his post, felt even more guilty now that his father apparently knew about his "desertion" as Ignatius called it.

"... You can give it to me now, please." Benoit stated, with a ghost of a smile on his lips.

Ignatius widened his eyes upon realization that he still didn't give his father the letter.

"... Of course." Ignatius said, handing the letter to his father.

"Thank you, now, if you head straight back to your post, I won't tell your mother about any of this." Benoit stated matter-of-factly.

Now it was Ignatius's turn to have a ghost of a smile on his face as he left the room.

Benoit, after a couple seconds of making sure no one else would barge in, carefully opened the letter.

All that was said on it, with it's sloppy handwriting that Benoit knew only one woman known to man could write so sloppily (yet so readable) was

Meet me in front of your castle, three days from now. I'll be waiting, "Benny."


That was supposed to be a heart shape.

Benoit smiled at his pet name, laid the envelope underneath his bed, and went back to his nap.

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So I decided to add four more characters, and changed some couples. Also, if you're wondering what Kamui and Corrin look like, well this website will probably help.


The slot numbers are as followed for Corrin:

  • Male Build 1
  • Face 4
  • Hair 8
  • Hair Color 25
  • Facial Feature 3

Now for Kamui:

  • Female Build 2
  • Face 2
  • Hair 10
  • Hair Color 25
  • None for Hair Clip
  • Facial Feature 12

Hopefully I still have your attention so I can tell you this: Don't lose hope, I'm not giving up on this, and thank you readers for sticking with me as of now.

Have a good night!

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Three days after the letter's arrival, Benoit (or Benny as the writer of the letter called him) was waiting in front of the camp, with a small grimace on his face.

I pray to the gods that Camilla doesn't find out about this before I explain to her what this is all about...

Benoit knew about Camilla's suspicions about him and his so-called "love letters" and he had to admit, Camilla was half-right. They were letters sent from someone he loved, but not like the way she thought. 

It was at that moment when Benoit stopped at the entrance and scanned the entryway for the writer, a small, strong, very familiar force tackled Benoit off his feet. Benoit, who had years of experiencing this back in his childhood, simply looked down at his assailant, rolled his eyes, and gently pushed her off of him as he got up.

"You know I really missed your heart-stopping tackles since I left." He stated, voice laced with sarcasm.

"Come on Benny, give your big sis a break. You know you deserved that tackle after 2 years of almost no contact from you until two months ago." The girl in question stated matter-of-factly.

Bessie Jane Gertrude, Benoit's older sister, definitely fit the bill as a female version of Benoit. Besides her height at 5'3, she had the same chocolate-colored skin as him, the same blonde hair as him (in a small ponytail that didn't even reach her shoulders), she was ecen as muscular as him. Even her sizable bust (that easily rivaled Camilla's though) looked like they were made of muscle.

Benoit simply rolled his eyes, and without any warning (not that she needed any), he drew her in for a hug. A very manly hug that could only be shared by two muscular people. As they released each other from the hug, Bessie's face turned from an ear-to-ear grin to a thin line as she stared Benoit down. Benoit, in return, raised his left eyebrow in confusion at her sudden shift in character.

"So," Bessie began with a hint of bitterness, "you have a baby now, one that apparently you forgot to tell me until two letters ago. Seriously, I know our entire family's home is 150 kilometers away from here but it would've been nice to know soo-"

Benoit raised a finger, instantly stopping the beginning of one of Bessie's tirades. 


She looked at him in confusion. 


Benoit sighed, took a deep breath and began his tirade.

"Miles, not kilometers, miles. If our family's home was 150 kilometers, I could've swung by personally. But since it's actually 150 miles from here, it would cause a major problem because my wife would bring her family over to our family home, and since her entire family's royalty, that'd be taking about half our army's leadership on a trip that would take days to even get there, not even to mention the days it would take to come back here. So yes, besides joining forces with the Hoshidans, getting married with the Princess of Nohr, and fighting an invisible army, and yes, before you say anything, they are literally invisible, I'm sorry couldn't have the time or place to even write to you."

After a long, quiet pause (cause pauses tend to be quiet in general), Bessie's face of indignation, turned into a knowing smirk.

"Seems like marriage did change you. Here I was thinking you were still that shy, meek, but most of all, muscular baby brother I've always had to defend from bullies, though I did find the fact you were bullied by girls quite amusing."

Benoit, after a short pause, chuckled at her jab at his childhood catastrophes. However, any more bonding between the two sibling was interrupted by the shrill sound of woman mistakenly scorned. Both Benoit and Bessie turned around just in time to see a woman with purple hair, riding a wyvern at mach speed (actually it was only going at gliding speed but don't let Camilla know that, she'd be crushed), and landing with a slightly less-than-graceful CRASH!

Bessie, bewildered at the sight of Camilla gracefully tugging at her boot that got stuck in in the saddle of the dazed wyvern, looked at Benoit with a smirk.

"So that's your wife huh? How long do you think it would take us to explain that this secret admirer of yours is actually your sister?"

Benoit, in turn, looked at Bessie and gave her the most intimidating smile she ever witnessed.

"Us? Oh no, I'm not the one who wanted to keep this a secret so you could surprise her. This is all on you." 

He then slowly shifted away from Bessie as Camilla, who finally got her boot unstuck, charged at Bessie with the rage of a thousand women scorned.

"Well," Bessie stated in a deadpan voice, "s***."

Two days later

"I hate you."

"Oh come on Cam, just because I unintentionally made it look like your husband was having an affair with a girl, who by the way was me, doesn't mean you have to hate me. Dislike me, sure. Hold a grudge against me, have away. But the word 'hate' is such a strong word for the bond we just made as step-sisters."

Camilla twitched in annoyance at her new nickname.

"First of all, it's Camilla to you, second of all, it's 'sister-in-law' and thirdly Bess, I don't hate you for the misunderstanding. That, I'll admit was my fault. But what I hate about you is how you've taken my spot as the older sister in this army. You're not even going be here for a week yet you're making me obsolete when it comes to making everyone feel appreciated."

"But come on Cam, you do know that I'm doing this so you and my brother can spend more time being lovey-dovey together without any interruptions from anyone. Speaking of which, how was last night?"

"... it was fantastic."

"You're welcome."

"I still hate you."

"Love you too, Sissy-in-law."


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No excuses. I got lazy and I apologize for that. Whether or not I'll have the drive to keep going depends on how I'm dealing with real life issues. But at least let me make it up to you guys by finishing up this Camilla/Benoit story. If I have the drive for it, Percy and Soleil are coming up next.