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Caliborn's furrowed brow finally raised in a shirk of amusement, his glare piercing through the troll's torn torso almost as the heated bullets had. Who was this fool to think that he could simply send such a pointless and ridiculous wave to a cherub as great as himself?

No matter. The abnormal purple creature has bitten the dust of this barren planet - And there's absolutely nothing to harbor Caliborn's interest.. Besides, PARTYING!!!

The red gleaming dot revealed to be a fancified version of a disco ball. Music radiated throughout the atmosphere. Confetti littered every spot of the ground. How could anybody not want to get their groove on at this moment?

"Hey, look, Equius! That meowtherfucker's dead. I won the bet, fork it over." A cheery high-pitched voice rang to a much closer distance than what had been measured by the cherub's hearing.

"Yes, I would guess so.." Rasped a second voice.

Whoever these newcomers were, they better have had the thought to bring some refreshments.