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Check Out My Mixtape Bro

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They were in Egypt when it happened. Jotaro woke Kakyoin up and to tell him his best idea yet. Kakyoin heard every word perfect and clear and happily agreed to Jotaro’s idea. They got started right away.
In the morning their mix tape was done.

Fast forward to the fight with Dio

They had managed to get their mixtape to be sold in Egypt and they said that when they went back to Japan that they would sell it there. It’s already a number one seller in Egypt. The lyrics were absolutely beautiful and Jotaro’s rapping skillz were off da hook.
Kakyoin was a background singer and he was a super hot one.
But you know they had came to Egypt for a reason.
They were fighting dio and all that shit. Well, Kakyoin was.
“What was it like being a side hoe?”,Dio asked
“It don’t matter cuz now i’m a main hoe. And I’m gonna emerald splash your face!”
Dio looked at Joseph, “You know that’s not the first time he said that to me. Whatever ZA WARUDO”
He turned Kakyoin into a piece of modern art, but kakyoin lived for a while.
“Hey Dio.” ,he said with his last breath “Check out my mix tape…”
Then he fuckign died.

Fast forward to part 4
Jotaro was still very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very sad about his cherry boyfriend. Obviously they couldn’t make anymore mixtapes because Kakyoin was dead. He wanted to make a comeback but he couldn’t do it without a sexy artist as a backup singer.
Jotaro had a mission. Get Rohan to sing the backup vocals.
“I refuse.” He said. He was nothing like Kakyoin. Kakyoin Would've done it in an instant.
“But a sexy artist needs to sing the backup vocals.”
“Wait you think i'm sexy.
“okay an artist needs to sing backup vocals”
“Fcuk i'll do it but promise me no dead people will try to beat me up because they're jealous of me singing with you.”
“I promise.”
“K let's do this.”


The mixtape was released.

But it wasn't as successful as the other one.

Then they did another one an-hOLY SHIT THEY BROKE THE MIXTAPE RECORD.

IT WAS AN epic comeback. Jotaro and Rohan hi-fived.
They were totally gonna release another screw Jotaro’s marine biology they were gonna be rappers!111!!!!!
BUt Before they ever could release another Rohan mysteriously vanished.
JOtaro was sad again how was he supposed to find another artist?
“Well i'm right behind you.” ,said a mysterious voice
Jotaro turned around it was a Kakyoin??!/?!//a
“K-kakyoin how?”
“I found out you did a mixtape without me.” Kakyoin touched Jotaro’s face
“I’m sorry it's just you were dead-”
“You promised me I would never be a side hoe.”
“You aren't a side hoe kakyoin you never were.”
Kakyoin smiled, “Great so you'll never release a mixtape with Rohan again?”
“Great guess he didn't need that beating then.”
“You beat him up?”
Jotaro started to tear up “That’s all Morioh ever wanted.”
“You're welcome babe.” He started to walk away “Oh and Jotaro.”
“Check out my mixtape.” He threw a cd to Jotaro
Kakyoin was never seen again.

Rohan came back but he yelled at jotaro because a ghost attcked him. And their rapping careers never happened.
Kakyoin’s mixtape, however, was a masterpiece only for Jotaro’s ears and he would treasure it for the many years to come.
for like 20 years. because
you know.