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Sherlock couldn’t quite understand why John needed to pester him about the cigarettes. They were back at 221B Baker Street and Sherlock was completely banned from his nicotine. Not to mention Mycroft insisted on checking in every day. Although Sherlock was pleased with the growth in John and his relationship, whenever Sherlock would start about cigarettes, John would simply kiss him silent. It had been a month since they both had aired out their feelings. Mycroft forced Sherlock to remain at his home for a week or two more before allowing him to return home. Sherlock was off anti-depressants and was on his road to recovery.  

“Bored” Sherlock groaned as he laid on the couch glaring at the ceiling and John simply ignored him, continuing to read his book. Sherlock sighed “John… John… John is there a case?... John” Sherlock looked over at his new boyfriend? John kept his attention on the book and Sherlock sighed louder again before swiftly moving to his feet. What’s the best way to get the attention of your significant other? Human contact. Sherlock came behind John’s chair and slid headfirst down John’s body, making it where his feet were hanging over the back and his head was in John’s lap “Don’t ignore me John”

John sighed and bookmarked his book “Sherlock what the bloody hell?”

“Bored” Sherlock stated causing the blogger to sigh deeply

“There isn’t any cases for you at the moment” John replied his fingers tangling in Sherlock’s hair and Sherlock frowned

“The toes won’t be ready for another three hours” Sherlock mumbled and John paused

“Dammit Sherlock I said no more body parts in the fridge” John chastised

“It’s science John!” Sherlock defended

“I don’t care if it’s bloody science that’s where we store our food” John responded giving Sherlock a pointed look and the brunette responded with a huff. “Why don’t you come to the store with me then?”

“Boring” Sherlock sighed letting his hands fall to the side

“How do you know? You’ve never shopped for food” John retorted

“It doesn’t take a genius to know pushing a metal cart around a brightly lit building stocked with substance and whiny children is boring” Sherlock stated looking up at the blogger who simply shook his head

“Maybe you could learn the solar system then?” John suggested with a slight smirk causing Sherlock to shoot him an annoyed look

“Don’t be absurd John” Sherlock stated before moving where he was sitting on John’s lap “Why would I need the solar system? Perhaps for that one case but it hasn’t proven valuable for anything else”

John set down his book before moving his hands to rest on Sherlock’s hips “You’re ridiculous” John murmured before kissing Sherlock and Sherlock kissed him happily in return. They stayed like that kissing slowly and softly, relearning each other mouths. Soon their slow soft kisses turned into heated, passionate ones and John’s hands slid down to grip Sherlock bum causing a pleased sound from the man currently straddling him.

Just the Mycroft strolled into the apartment and cleared his throat “I have a case for you”

Sherlock continued to kiss John ignoring his brother but John kept trying to push the other off “S-sherlock” John tried and Sherlock sighed looking up at his brother holding out his hand, before Mycroft placed a file in it.

“You can’t solve it?” Sherlock questioned as he opened the file, reading through it not bothering to move from John’s lap.

“As Lestrade would say it’s ‘not my division’ “Mycroft stated a ghost of a smile brushing his lips and Sherlock looked at his brother studying him before huffing in amusement.

“What am I missing?” John asked as he looked between the two brothers

“Nothing” Sherlock stated and closed the file “I’ll get around to it but as you can see I am very busy”

“Yes. I can see that” Mycroft snorted “Oh and brother quit investigating Charles Magnussen. I have it handled”

“I’m sure you do” Sherlock stated maintaining eye contact with his brother before Mycroft broke it

“Goodbye Sherlock” Mycroft stated and started heading out the door

“Who’s Charles Magnussen?” John asked

“Someone we are investigating” Sherlock stated “The game is on”

“Oh dear god” John groaned and Sherlock simply smirked  


The game was certainly on, from one thing to another, it was just like old times expect better because now they stole kisses and lost themselves in between the sheets. The case did take up a lot of time and soon they were breaking into the office. Sherlock murmuring about smelling something before while John checked the other rooms. Sherlock went further in and was met to the sight of Charles Magnussen on his knees with Mary pointing a gun to his head.

“Mary whatever he’s got on you let me help” Sherlock reasoned as a gun was pointed at him. He knew John stilled cared for Mary and if helping Mary would make him happy then so be it.

“Sherlock if you take one more step I will kill you” Mary stated looking Sherlock dead in the eye. Mary wanted to kill Sherlock regardless because she loved John but knew he would be happy with Sherlock. That didn’t stop her from wanting to put a bullet between the man’s forehead for taking the father of her child away and if Sherlock was out of the way then it would be better for her in the long run.

“No you won’t” Sherlock stated and took a step before Mary pulled the trigger. Sherlock looked down and watched as his white button down shirt was stained with crimson.  

“I can’t say I’m sorry” Mary stated before turning around and shooting Charles in the head, then turning to leave. The next thing Sherlock knows he is thrown into his mind palace, running down the stairs while Molly talks to him but he can’t focus not with the shock and pain.

“I said focus!” She shouts before slapping him in the face and that got him to focus. “It’s all well and clever having a mind palace but you have only three seconds of consciousness to use it so come on what’s going to kill you?”

“Blood loss” Sherlock replied

“Exactly. So it’s all about one thing now… forwards or backwards we need to decide which way you’re going to fall. Is the bullet still inside you or is there an exit wound? It will depend on the gun” Molly said and Sherlock was searching through various guns finding the correct one before he was thrown into Mycrofts office

“It doesn’t matter about the gun don’t be stupid” Mycroft sneered and Sherlock suddenly was a kid again saying ‘I’m not stupid’ after his ig brother insulted him. “What was directly behind you when you were murdered?”

“I haven’t been murdered yet” His younger self replied

“But it is a high possibility” Mycroft replied and Sherlock was back int hat room turning around to find the mirror with no damage which means…

The bullet is still inside me… so I need to take it out backwards

“Fall now” Molly supplied and then he was falling. The alarms in his mind palace were blaring

“What is it?! What’s happening?!” Sherlock exclaimed looking down at himself in the morgue.

“You’re going into shock it’s the next thing that’s going to kill you” Molly stated

“What do I do?” Sherlock asked  

“Well there’s something in this ridiculous memory palace of yours that will calm you down. Find it” Mycroft said looking around. Suddenly he was running again down the stairs into every room trying to find the thing that will calm him down but in every room he went into he found Mary dressed in white shooting him, this is what the pain was like when he saw them marry. He finally found a room where Redbeard was and called to the dog, petting him with happiness.

That’s when the pain hit. His entire body shook as the pain took over his body and he was screaming in his head, his screaming echoing off the walls. The hole ripped through him was unbearable and the pain was like nothing he ever felt before. Not even the torture in Serbia.

“You have to control the pain” Molly instructed but how could he control the pain? Sherlock ran down and down until he reached the bottom on his palace. Then he was in a room with Moriarty who was chained to the wall and he asked why he never felt pain.

“You don’t have to fear it” Moriarty said “Pain, Heartbreak, loss, Death. Come on Sherlock just die already” He taunted “Mrs. Hudson will cry. Mummy and Daddy will cry. Mycroft will cry and John will cry buckets and buckets. You’re letting John down Sherlock. John Watson is definitely in danger.”

That made him open his eyes. He needed to help John it didn’t matter if he died or got hurt but not John. No one could hurt John. If that meant climbing back from death then Sherlock would do it to save John. He loved John. Sherlock used all his strength to push himself up, the pain was unmeasurable but he needed to help John. Sherlock ignored the shouts behind him as he forced himself to move. He needed to get to John. He needed to live for John. Sherlock grabbed the railing and pushed himself up the stairs. He could hear John’s voice encouraging him now. Sherlock pushed no matter the pain for John.

His life flashed back to 221B Backer Street and the soft kisses shared before dawn and the warm tea cuddled by the fire. Sherlock’s head resting in Johns lap as he read or the television playing while Sherlock cataloged the shape of John’s face.


When Sherlock came back to consciousness it was to John’s tired face. “J-john?”

John’s eyes snapped up from looking at their intertwined hands and squeezed his hand “Sherlock thank god”

“You’re in danger” Sherlock whispered hoarsely and John’s eyebrows scrunched together

“Sherlock you nearly died. I thought I’d lost you again. I don’t know if I could lose you again” John stated and shook his head clutching Sherlock’s hand tighter “I love you, you know that”

“I love you too” Sherlock replied too out of it for any proper conversation but he could say that.

“Who shot you?” John asked, his gentle features turning hard and angry

“Mary” Sherlock replied quietly and John clenched his teeth

“Get some rest.” John instructed “I’ll talk to Mycroft” Sherlock was too out of it to even object at that point his mind hazy and out of focus.