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Nanny for Mr. Collins

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You look over the newspaper one more time, "Hiring: Experienced nanny, willing to be a live-in nanny, must be good with children, children aged 3 and 5.  Pay is $850 per week."  You take a heavy sigh as you quickly jot down the address of the home into your GPS.  Two days ago you got a call back for an interview with the parent of the children you would be nannying.  You were overjoyed with the idea of being a live-in nanny, and the pay was beyond amazing.  You wouldn't have to worry about rent, which saves you over a thousand a month.  You start up your jeep and follow the GPS's directions.  Forty minutes later you pull up to a gated mansion.  "Holy crap," you mumble under your breath as you take in the giant home.  You roll down your window and push the speaker.

"Hello?"  A voice asks through the speak.  "Uh, yes it's Y/N.  I'm here for an interview for the live-in nanny job," you say nervously.  "Ahh yes, let me buzz you in."  You roll up your window as the gate opens.  You pull up behind the three door garage.  You check your makeup in the rear view mirror and step out, making sure you look presentable.  You anxiously walk up towards the giant door and ring the bell.  "I got it daddy!"  A little boy's voice sings.  The door slowly opened up and you were greeted by a little brown haired boy.  "Hi there," you say kneeling down to meet the boys gaze.  The boy looks at you shyly and quickly runs away.  You try standing up, but lose your balance and fall forward.  "Got ya," a man's voice says as he catches you by the arms.  "I am so sorry!"  You say looking up at the man.  You are quickly frozen in shock as you realize who was standing in front of you.

"Oh my''re Castiel!"  You exclaim before slapping your hand across your mouth, "I am so sorry Mr. Collins!"  Your face grows red from embarrassment, 'Well there goes my chance for a job,' you say to yourself in frustration.  Misha smiles at you in amusement, "It's OK, it happens quite a bit.  Don't fret about it.  Would you like to come in?"  He asks you stepping to the side to make way for you.  You rub your cheeks when he's not looking and step inside the house.  "Your home is beautiful, Mr. Collins."  You say in awe as you look around at the giant home.  The place was full of beautiful pictures, candles and furniture.  You noticed a bunch of toys scattered through out the home. "Sorry about the mess," Misha said leading you into the living room.

"Oh it's no problem," you say smiling as you see the little girl peeking from behind a corner at you. You stop and wave at her. "Daddy?" The little girls says running passed you and towards Misha. Misha scoops his daughter up in his arms and kisses her on her forehead, "Maison can you say hi to Y/N." You smile at the little girl who buries her face in Misha's shirt. He looks back at you smiling, "She's shy." "That's OK, I'm usually shy around people I don't know either," you say as you watch Misha put Maison down and lead you to a couch. You sit down as Misha sits down across from you. "So how long have you been a nanny?" He asks you. "Well," you say fidgeting with your shirt, "I've never been a nanny perse. I babysat for numerous families though. I started when I was twelve and babysat the neighborhood kids. After high school I made a living with babysitting though." Misha took a drink from a glass that sat in front of him, "Where are you from?" "Um..Iowa," you answer. "What brings you to Los Angeles?" He asks you.

"Well, I lived in a small town my whole life. After I graduated high school I guess I just wanted a change of scenery. I saved up money for a year then I moved around for two until I landed here," you answer rubbing your clammy hands together. "No college?" He asks. "No, I'm more interested in becoming an author. All the travelling I've done, I've written in my journals. I figured if I ever become a famous writer, I can write an autobiography on my progress," you grow quiet when you notice Misha starting intently at you. You look down at your hands in embarrassment. 'Did I really just share my life story with Misha?' You ask yourself. "Why'd you stop?" He asks you, you look up at him. "I figured I was boring you, sorry." "No no not at all. I was quite intrigued by your story," he says taking another sip of his drink, "I have been very rude. I did not even offer you something to drink. Would you like water, wine, koolaid?" He chuckled. "No thank you Mr. Collins." "So? When can you move in?" He asks you.

You look at him in shock. "Tomorrow!" You say to loudly. "Great," he says clapping his hands together and standing up. "Maison, West, please come here," Misha calls out. You hear the pitter patter of feet running towards you and Misha. Both the kids jump onto Misha causing him to fall onto the chair. "Well hey their kiddo," he says placing the kids on his lap. "Y/N, these are my two gems. West, he's five, and Maison, she's three. West, Maison, this is Y/N she will be your new nanny! Can you say hi to Y/N?" "Hi Y/N," they say in unison. You smile at them, "Hi West, hi Maison." West leans into his dad and whispers something in his ear that causes Misha to smile and chuckle. "West would like me to ask you if tomorrow night you three can have a sleep over in the play room under a pillow fort." You giggle, "I would love to," you say looking at West. "Alright kids can you say bye?" "Bye!" They say again in unison before running off. "Tomorrow I'll show you where everything is after you get settled in. Do you have any furniture or anything that you would like to bring over for your room?" Misha asks you. "No, I've only been here for two weeks so I haven't gotten time to get furniture," you say a little embarrassed. "Well we have your room already full, but if their's anything you want to change tomorrow just let me know," he says standing up. You follow behind him as he walks you towards the front door.

"So what time should I be here tomorrow?" You ask. "Noon sounds like a good time. I don't have to leave for one more week so I can help you get settled in and show you around. It was great meeting you and I look forward to having you around," he says opening the door. "Thank you for the opportunity! I will see you tomorrow, bye!" You say heading out the door. You get into your jeep and squeal in excitement. You start your car and make your way back to your apartment. 'Last day in my shitty apartment!' You say to yourself. You turn the volume up in your jeep and sing loudly the rest of the way home.