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Nanny for Mr. Collins

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  "Daddy! Y/N!" West jumps up and down on the bed, the morning light shining in on the room. "Hey buddy," Misha smiles grabbing West and pulling him onto your laps. You tickle him as he tries to get away."You excited for tomorrow West?" He asks him. "What's tomorrow?" He asks wrapping his arms around your neck. "I marry your daddy," you kiss the top of his head.

   "Yay!" He says clapping."Agreed," Misha kisses you on the lips, "I have a couple of last minute things I need to do, but after we should do something special. All of us; the last day before we're officially a family." "Sounds like a plan," you kiss him back before picking West off your lap and standing up. 

   You check on Maison who's still asleep and then head downstairs. You make yourself a cup of coffee as you stare at the beautiful sun. You inhale deeply; you never thought you'd be where you are right now. You're going to marrying the man of your dreams and become part of his beautiful family. You smiled to yourself, this was everything you could ask for.



  "So did you get everything done you needed to get done?" You ask Misha as your pulling on your red dress for tonight. "Of course," he smiles, "tomorrow will be perfect. God are you beautiful." He stands back admiring you. After all this time he can still make you blush. "I love you," he whispers.

  "I love you Misha," you kiss him. "How did i ever get so lucky to find a woman like you?" He asks pulling you into him. "I'm the lucky one baby," you tell him. He scoffs, "I've never been this lucky Y/N, other than being blessed with my children."

  "Shall we get going?" You say blushing at his kind words. He leads you downstairs where the kids were already dressed. "You two look so precious," you smile. "Thanks!" West smiles back. Misha takes your arm through his and leads you outside. "Are we staying here?" You ask confused as you step into the backyard. 

  The backyard was lit with fairy lights all around the area. A blanket was laid down, candles surrounded it and a picnic basket sat in the middle of the blanket. "This is beautiful," you whisper admiring the pretty night lights and the stars in the sky. 

  "I figured we could all enjoy a backyard night picnic as we stargazed," Misha led you all to the blanket and sat down. 

  "Before we eat," Misha began, "I want to say how happy I am with this family of mine! I'm blessed beyond reasoning. Y/N words can't express how excited I am to marry you tomorrow. You are everything I could have ever asked for." "Misha I love you and your children so very much. I'm happy we'll be a family," you reply kissing his lips.

  "Can we eat?" West asks. You and Misha laugh as he takes the food out and dishes it out.



  The stars in the night sky were beautiful. You stared at them as you held a sleeping Maison in your arms. "I love you from here all the way passed the stars," Misha whispers in your ear. His breath causes goosebumps against your neck. "Tomorrow," you lean against him, "will be the best day ever." 

  "Tomorrow," Misha repeats.