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Can't Stop Imagining

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“Pardon the intrusion,” Hinata said as he toed his shoes off at the entrance of Kei’s house. 

“Who are you talking to? No one’s here, dumbass,” Tsukki replied, snorting as he slipped out of his own shoes. 

“I know that!” Hinata scowled, hopping up into the hallway.  “It’s just a habit!”

“Whatever shrimp,” Kei said, stepping up beside him.

Tsukishima had always been taller than Hinata- it wasn’t anything new.  Usually he lorded his height over the other boy, but today he noticed it even more than usual.  Hinata was just so… small.  Not just in height but in size.  He was so slender and slight, even though Tsukki knew that that tiny body was all muscle.  He was small in every way, except for his eyes.  Large and brown and just as bright as his hair.  Tsukki wondered if the hair down there would be just as bright.

“Tsukishima?” Hinata asked, head cocked to the side. 

A weird tingle was starting in his chest, so he turned away and headed down the hallway.  “You want anything to drink?”

“Um,” he heard behind him, along with the soft patter of feet on the hardwood of his floor.  “No I’m good.”

“Alright,” he said, entering the kitchen.  He pulled out a glass for himself and filled it with water, drinking half before he turned around to see the redhead awkwardly shifting from foot to foot in the doorway.

Tsukki smirked, feeling all the power he’d previously felt slipping through his fingers return in full force.  He was the one with the experience here.  He was the one in charge.  It was nice.

“Let’s go upstairs,” he said, heading past Hinata into the hallway again.  He didn’t bother to wait because really, it wasn’t like the other boy was going to run away, was it? 

Well, actually… Tsukki looked over his shoulder to see the redhead trailing a bit behind him, hands twisting in front of him as he looked around the hallway. 

“This is my room,” he said, pushing open the door with the hand not holding the glass.  He moved to set it down on the bedside table before turning to look at the small redhead standing in the doorway.

“It’s nice,” Hinata said, when he caught him looking.

And yeah, it was a nice room, all things considered.  It wasn’t really big but he didn’t need it to be.  There was a small white desk full of books and papers against the wall with a window open over it, letting in a warm spring breeze.  Some movie posters lined the dark blue wall- Jurassic World, The Visit, Godzilla and quite a few others.  And of course the usual pieces of furniture like a dresser and a standing closet. 

But none of those things were as important or impressive as the king-sized bed.  It stood against the wall opposite the window, large and in your face, though his bedspread was dark blue as well.  Hinata’s eyes kept flickering over to look at it before looking around the other part of the room.

“Nervous?” Tsukishima teased, walking towards the shorter male.

“No!” Hinata protested, even as he shied away slightly.  And that made Kei stop.

“We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to,” he said quietly.  He didn’t find anything sexy about an unsure partner.

For whatever reason, that made Hinata look at him quizzically.  Which just really pissed him off.  Here he was, being a good person and he had the nerve to look at him like-

“I want to do this,” Hinata interrupted his thoughts quietly, forcing Kei to look at him intently. 

“Then what’s your problem?”

“I’m just… nervous.”  The way he said it, it was like he was pulling teeth.  “I’ve never… done this before and hardly anyone knows that I’m even trans at all so like, that’s nerve-wracking and I’ve never done anything even sexual like, ever and I’m-“

Suddenly, Tsukishima bent down and kissed his forehead, startling the other boy so much he shut up immediately.  Kei didn’t bother to pull away, saying what he wanted into the other boy’s hair.  It smelled like mint.

“I don’t care that you’re trans,” he said quietly.  “And I don’t care that you have no experience or anything else.  I’m just here to eat you out, that’s it.”  He kissed the shorter boy’s forehead again and pulled away.  “So don’t worry.” 

No one had ever looked at Kei like he’d hung the moon before, so he didn’t have much basis for what that look was supposed to be, but he thought it might look like the one Hinata was giving him right then.  His eyes were wide and sparkly, his mouth was parted in an o, with shiny lips.  Kei kept eye contact, even though it was a little hard.

“Okay,” Hinata said quietly, nodding after a moment.  “I’m not worried.  I want to do this.  Just- can you kiss me first?”

Tsukki smirked, glad this was finally getting back on track.  “I can do that,” he answered, leaning down and slowly pressing his lips to the other boys.

From the first, it was clear that Hinata wasn’t lying when he said he had no experience.  There was spit all over the place.  But rather than pulling back and teasing the other boy (like he really SHOULD have done) he slowly tilted the other boy’s head and attempted to make the kiss better with the use of his lips.  But eventually, his neck starts to cramp and he has to pull away, rubbing his neck. 

“Let’s sit on the bed if we’re going to do this,” he said quietly, taking one of Hinata’s hands in his own and guiding him to the bed.  

“Okay,” the other boy said quietly, sitting down softly on the bed, rubbing his free hand over the comforter. 

“Hey,” Kei murmured.  When Hinata lifted his head, he grabbed his chin and stared into those eyes that he was really starting to get addicted to.  “I’ve got you, okay?  Just like on the court.”

For whatever reason, Hinata chose that moment to blind him with a brilliant grin.  Kei blinked, not quite sure what to make of that.  He hadn’t said anything particularly strange he thought.  But he had to make it stop, so he wouldn’t fall and fall and fall into a grin that made his heart ache and eyes that took his breath away.  So he leaned forward to kiss him again.

If Tsukishima had to, absolutely had to, give Hinata a compliment it would be that he’s a pretty fast learner when it came to physical things.  It only took a couple more kisses before he was into the swing of things and Kei was starting to feel a little more breathless all over again. 

So he pulled away to take a deep breath and also moved up to rest against the headboard, pulling Hinata with him.  The other boy looked confused until Tsukki manhandled him onto his lap, large hands resting on small hips.  Hinata was slightly taller than him like this, and having to look up at him was a much different experience.

They resumed kissing, adjusting to the new difference in height quickly.  Hinata was starting to get more adventurous, interspersing long and deep kisses with quick ones, small tongue flicking against his lips before moving away.  After the umpteenth time that happened, Kei growled in frustration and surged forward, sucking his tongue into his mouth quickly before pulling back, lightly biting his bottom lip.

Hinata moaned loudly, the sound echoing in the quiet room along with their harsh, panting breath.  Kei’s glasses were skewed slightly, giving him a distorted view of Hinata’s face but he could still see how red his cheeks were and how shiny and plump his lips were from all their kissing.  He looked absolutely sensual and Tsukki had to hold in a groan of his own.

“Ready?” he asked, and his voice sounded strangely hoarse.

The other didn’t seem to mind, since he quickly nodded and flopped over onto the bed beside him.  “How- What should I-“ he fumbled, and he looked at Tsukki with the desperation of someone who knew what they wanted but didn’t know how to get it. 

Kei smirked and reached up to take off his glasses.  “Take off your pants and underwear,” he said, putting them on the bedside table. 

Beside him, he could feel Hinata wiggling out of his clothes.  He couldn’t see as clearly as usual, but he watched as long, slender legs were revealed, lightly dusted with light orange hair.  And as Hinata laid down again, settling against the pillows, Kei couldn’t take his eyes off of the section of dark auburn curls at the junction of his thighs.  He licked his lips unconsciously before flickering his eyes up to meet Hinata’s.

“Ready?” He asked, running a hand up the other boy’s thigh, causing him to shudder.

His Adam’s apple bobbed harshly before he nodded vigorously.  “I’m ready.”

Tsukki smirked as he moved down the bed, holding his weight up on his arms and leaning him to press light kisses to his hipbones.  Beneath him, Hinata shuddered, muscles jumping at Kei moved across his stomach, staying low but also staying away from those curls.  He pressed a light bite into the other hipbone, licking away the sting as Hinata moaned.  The legs underneath him spread a little bit wider.

Slowly he moved down, nosing into the auburn curls and giving a light kiss here and there.  There was nothing super pleasing about the smell of pussy, if he were going to be honest, but with it came a certain power and God, did he love that.  And based on his previous experience, Hinata didn’t smell all that bad, really. 

He looked up and met those warm brown eyes, looking at him with awe and slightly clouded over with lust.  That’s what he liked to see.  He closed his eyes, nosing down with a couple kisses until the legs underneath him finally parted completely and allowed him to a glimpse of pink, glistening lips. 

Licking his own lips, he pulled one of Hinata’s legs over his shoulder and looked up to meet his eyes once again.  “Still good?” he asked, just to make sure one last time.

“Y-yes,” the other boy panted out, hand clenching in the bedspread beside him.  “Please Tsukishima I think I’m gonna dIE OH FUCK!” Hinata moaned out loudly, slapping and hand over his mouth as Kei licked a strip from the bottom of his pussy to the top, ending with a short suck to his clit. 

The leg on his shoulder twitched violent, but didn’t fall off as he dove in, giving kitten licks to the other boy’s clit before moving down to lick long stripes over Hinata’s folds, feeling them spread hot and slick over his lips.  His mouth was quickly getting covered in slick, but he didn’t mind- loved it even.  It just meant he was doing a good job, just like the moans and slight screams that Hinata was attempting to smother. 

Which bothered him.  So he reached up, suddenly thankful he was so much larger than his partner as he grabbed the hand covering his mouth and moved it down onto the bed, fingers intertwined.  He loved to hear the gasps and moans that would come out whenever he did this. 

He continued to work on the task at hand, interspersing long licks with short sucks to his clit.  Beside him, Hinata’s legs were twitching, pressing him closer before moving apart.  Tsukki enjoyed even that, being pressed against his partner.  He was so focused on what he was doing that he didn’t even notice his own erection, pressed against his practice shorts, and the way he was rutting against his own bed like a dog. 

Instead, he was focused on stiffening his tongue, trying to fuck Hinata with the muscle.  Judging by the loud moan the other boy gave, and the way his thighs tightened around his head, it worked pretty well.  But he could do better. 

The hand that wasn’t holding Hinata’s hand had been used to hold the other boy’s leg open, but now he moved it, pulling back to catch his breath and watch as he sank one long finger into the other boy.

“Oh, oh, ohhhhhh,” Hinata said, eyes popping open and looking at him suddenly.  “Oh god, Kei, please, please, please.”

Slowly, he rotated his finger within the other boy, watching for his reactions.  Like the way his head fell back, eyes closed again.  His hand spasmed within Tsukishima’s own, and the muscles in his stomach clenched and rolled lightly. 

“I got you,” he murmured quietly, licking his lips before diving back down, shoving his tongue next to the digit that was slowly pistoning in and out.  There was a squelching noise that should have been a turn-off but only made Kei rub against the sheets harder, smother his face into the warm, wet place between Hinata’s legs more. 

He pulled away to add another finger, moving up to give small kitten licks to the other boy’s clit.  He flicked his tongue against the hardened nub as his fingers moved in and out, picking up the pace a little. 

Suddenly, a hand was in his hair, pulling him closer.  He looked up and watched as Hinata’s throat bobbed quickly, breath coming out in hard pants.  He looked close, ready to burst and fall apart and Kei wanted that to happen so badly he couldn’t take it, couldn’t even think, all he could do was suck hard at the nub under his lips and pulled out his ace.

The girl he was with before had said it felt like a vibrator, so it should work with Hinata as well.  He wiggled his wrist back and forth slightly, thrusts slowing down but still having enough force behind them for Hinata to hopefully feel the vibration.  He continued to suck hard on his clit, not letting up on pressure.  And it worked, if Hinata’s yell was anything to go by.

“Oh SHIT,” he screamed, writhing on the bed.  “Oh FUCK oh god I’m-“

His words choked off as his legs clenched around Kei’s head, not letting up.  The hand that was holding his own crushed his fingers, but Tsukishima didn’t even mind.  He was so focused on the boy falling apart beneath him, that he barely noticed as his own orgasm crashed over him, taking him away until all he could think about was the warm, wet flesh under his lips and the hand clenched in his.

It took a few minutes before the both calmed down.  Tsukishima was the first to move, slowly putting Hinata’s leg down onto the bed and sitting up, grimacing at the rapidly cooling cum in his shorts.  But it would wait.  Instead he reached for his glasses, settling them onto his sticky, gross face. 

He grabbed the glass of water, chugging it quickly.  He was thirstier than he’d realized, but then again, given what he’d just done...  He looked down at Hinata, who was still panting with eyes closed.  Tsukishima rubbed a hand over the damp orange strands, watching as hazy brown eyes slowly opened. 

“Hm?” the other boy hummed quietly. 

“I’m gonna brush my teeth,” he whispered for whatever reason.  “I’ll be right back.” 

The other boy nodded, closing his eyes and settling back onto the bed.  Kei stood and grabbed a fresh pair of boxers from his dresser, before padding out into the hall. 

He came back to a Hinata who’d managed to put on his shorts again, but not much else was different.  He was still sprawled in the middle of the bed, small body taking up a lot of space.  Tsukki settled next to him and watched as those brown eyes opened again, a lot clearer this time.

“Just as good as you imagined?” he asked, staring down at the other boy.

Hinata grinned brightly and reached up to take his hand, entwining their fingers.  “Even better.”