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From Two to Three

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In all honesty, the thought had never crossed Obi-Wan’s mind. If it had, he would never have thought to ask it and honestly, he would have assumed Padmé would be the one to bring up the idea. Instead, it was Anakin.

It was dinner time and Anakin was doing the correct, fatherly thing and teaching both Luke and Leia the proper way to play with their food. Some of Luke’s applesauce had somehow ended up in his growing, fuzzy hair and now Anakin was trying to wipe it out.

Obi-Wan laughed. “If I remember correctly, that isn’t the proper place for food.”

“Hush, I’m feeding them.”

“Really?” asked Padmé. “Are you sure you don’t want me to take over?”

“We’re doing just fine by ourselves thank you,” grinned Anakin. He helped reform a food pyramid as Obi-Wan rolled his eyes.

“I’m sure you are but I feel that I should interject,” Obi-Wan chuckled as he scooted over to Leia. As he helped feed her, he added, “So Padmé, how are your last months as Mayor going?”

“Very well. I’ve already set up a campaign strategy for Congress but I will have some free time between my time as Mayor and before campaign season starts,” Padmé replied.

Obi-Wan smiled. “I’m glad to hear that. You’ll have some proper vacation time then.”

“Yes. We should plan something,” Padmé smiled. She opened her mouth to suggest something but was quickly interrupted by Anakin.

He said, “What about a honeymoon?”

Obi-Wan and Padmé froze. “What?” they asked at the same time.

Anakin absent mindedly ran a spoon round and round in Luke’s food as the kid reached out with his tiny hands, trying to grasp it. “Well,” said Anakin, “I mean…you know just…we could uh…get married and usually…well…you know…people have honeymoons and stuff so—”

“Anakin,” Obi-Wan interrupted with a kind smile. “Are you asking Padmé and I to marry you?”

“Well I mean…not like it would be real in the eyes of the law but…well…it would be real to us and we could have a ceremony and just…well…yeah.”

Padmé couldn’t help the large smile that was on her face as she leaned over. “Have you been thinking about this for a while?”

“Uh, sort of,” Anakin admitted sheepishly.

“Anakin,” said Obi-Wan, “I would love to be married to you both.”


Padmé nodded. “I would love to as well. I am curious where this has come from though.”

“I just…I’ve always liked the idea. Seems stupid but just…my mother was really happy when she got married. She…she fit with my step-father. I just…I’ve always wanted to find someone to be able to make that official with. And I’d just like...well…to be able to call you my husband and wife…and you just mentioned that you’d have some free time so I figured I might as well just go for it and…I did,” Anakin replied. “Probably not the best proposal but…”

“No, it’s perfect,” replied Padmé. Then she perked up with an idea. “Obi-Wan, beforehand, you should marry one of us.”

“I’m a bit confused,” Obi-Wan admitted.

“Well, Anakin has gotten citizenship here so either one of us could work but if you were to marry one of us, then getting your citizenship here would be easier and that way you wouldn’t ever have to worry about your work visa expiring,” Padmé put in.

“That…actually wouldn’t be a bad idea,” admitted Obi-Wan. He hadn’t thought that far ahead to a time where he might not work. Basically what Padmé was saying was that she wanted Obi-Wan there for the rest of their life. Obi-Wan had assumed that he would always be there for the twins but he didn’t quite realize that would mean getting the chance to grow old with Padmé and Anakin. That he’d actually be spending the rest of his life with them. The closest word that could describe what he felt was pure and utter joy but even that couldn’t fully describe how he felt. “Yes, it would be easier for me to get citizenship and we wouldn’t have to worry about this later on.”

“Terrific,” said Padmé. “So, you’ll get married to one of us and then we can set up a proper wedding and honeymoon for all of us.”

Anakin asked Padmé, “When exactly will you have time to do all this?”

“Oh, in about six more months,” Padmé replied.

“Alright,” said Obi-Wan, “so we have that time to plan everything. Obviously this is going to be extremely unorthodox but I’m assuming we want somebody to be the officiator so to speak.”

“I…have a suggestion if you don’t mind,” Padmé said. “I’m sure Bail would love to take the role. And he and his wife could even take care of the children while we’re away on our honeymoon.”

“I think that’s an excellent idea,” Obi-Wan replied.

Anakin quickly agreed. “I like it. And…thank you both to saying yes.”

Padmé smiled. “How could we possibly say no?”

“Well…” Anakin said with a small shrug.

Obi-Wan laughed. “Believe me Anakin. Neither of us could ever say no to you. Now, I think Luke is getting rather frustrated about being unable to grab his spoon.”

Luke’s little fingers reached as far as he could, grazing the spoon.

“Alright little guy, sorry,” grinned Anakin. “Here you go.”

In the coming months, major plans were made and people contacted. Ruwee Naberrie honestly admitted how odd he found the situation, which was refreshing in a way, but he also gave his full cooperation to Padmé in making her happy and said that he would help in any way possible. Padmé was overjoyed at that.

However, a few weeks before the wedding, an amazing thing happened.

Luke and Leia were nearly a year old. Both had a small mop of blonde hair though Leia’s was already darkening. They were growing up strong and healthy but one day while Obi-Wan was at home and taking care of them both, Leia did a wonderful thing.

She was making noises from her and Luke’s play pen in the living room while Obi-Wan graded papers. Glancing up, Obi-Wan noticed that it wasn’t anything serious, she just wanted some attention, so Obi-Wan concentrated on finishing up the last few parts before he went over there when he heard something specific.

His head whipped up and looked over at the play pen. Luke was messing with a stuffed animal but Leia was still leaning against the play pen wall with an insistent look on her face. She didn’t make another noise at first, clearly expecting something to happen now that Obi-Wan was looking at her, but when all he could do was stare, she tried again.


Obi-Wan slowly got up and walked over, his eyes wide with wonder. She reached up with a little hand. “Da-dad.”

Obi-Wan grabbed her and pulled her into a tight hug. “You spoke! You said your first word!”

Leia gave him a confused look, not fully understanding his excitement, and start pulling at his beard, something that seemed to amuse her when nothing else would. Obi-Wan didn’t mind though, still grinning from ear to ear.

“Can you say it again? Dad…”


“No, just dad. Dad,” he coaxed with a laugh.


“Yes, good job. You can’t believe how proud I am of you,” Obi-Wan whispered. He knelt down and carefully picked up Luke. “You feel like saying anything?”

Luke produced babbling nonsense in response.

“Ha, alright little guy. You’re not ready, it’s ok,” chuckled Obi-Wan.

Obi-Wan later called Anakin and Padmé about the news, too excited about it to wait until they were both home.  As the time for the wedding came closer, Leia picked up a few words here and there, her vocabulary widening, but it wouldn’t be until the day of the wedding when Luke said his first words.

In the end, they had decided that Obi-Wan would marry Anakin, mainly because Obi-Wan was more likely to be available and able to respond if something was wrong and they also agreed that Anakin was the most accident prone so he would probably need someone who was able to run to his aid if needed (Anakin of course said that it was Obi-Wan that would need him and Obi-Wan kindly let him believe that). They got married at the courthouse, just a quick, simple ceremony to get it legalized, before going to the real ceremony.

The venue was at a lodging up in the mountains. The weather was perfect, bright blue skies and clouds passed overhead. Outside, friends and family had already begun to gather. Inside, Anakin and Obi-Wan both nervously messed with each other’s tuxes, fixing little imperfections that weren’t there to busy their hands. Padmé was in a different room, the finishing touches on her wedding dress being taken care of. In a few minutes, Anakin and Obi-Wan would walk out there and stand near Bail where they would await Padmé.

As Obi-Wan adjusted Anakin’s bowtie for the sixth time and Anakin’s fingers on the prosthetic nervously moved back and forth, Ahsoka and Rex came in, each holding Leia and Luke respectively.

Ahsoka gave a small laugh. “Guys, calm down. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this nervous.”

“It’s a big day, alright Snips?” Anakin defended. “Nerves come with the territory. How are the little guys? Luke staying out of trouble Rex?”

“I’ve kept him out of trouble but he’s been trying. Nearly managed to knock over a full vase of flowers,” Rex chuckled.

“Flower.” Luke’s hand reached out to the small flower on Anakin’s lapel.

“He said his first word! Obi-Wan, did you hear that?!”

“Well I am standing right next to you.”

Anakin rolled his eyes. “Hey, you couldn’t contain your joy when Leia first spoke. Let me have my moment.” He took Luke from Rex’s hands. “Come on! We have to tell Padmé.”

“Isn’t it bad luck to see the bride before the wedding?” smirked Ahsoka.

“I’m also fairly sure you’re not supposed to marry two people at the same time,” Anakin replied with a grin.

Ahsoka snorted. “Good point. Come on, she’s just a few rooms over.”

The group quickly went over where Padmé was with her father and a friend. Padmé laughed. “Have we changed the wedding for in here?”

Obi-Wan chuckled, “No but we have wonderful news.”

“Luke,” Leia said, pointing at her brother.

“Luke hmm? What has Luke done?” asked Padmé kindly.

“Flower,” Luke repeated, messing with the flower on Anakin’s lapel. “Flower.”

“You’re first word! Oh sweetheart,” Padmé grinned. “This is wonderful.”

Luke giggled, simply happy with all the attention.

Padmé looked to Anakin and Obi-Wan. “You both look wonderful.”

“As do you,” Obi-Wan replied.

“We’re actually doing this,” Anakin said.

“Any regrets?” teased Padmé.

“None at all,” Anakin quickly said.

“Good,” replied Obi-Wan, “cause you’re about to be stuck with us for life.”

“And I will be so lucky for it,” Anakin said.

Rex took a hold of Luke again and Ahsoka continued to carry Leia as they then left the room followed by Obi-Wan, and Anakin. They headed outside to where the friends and family were gathered. Ahsoka and Rex took their seats with the twins as Obi-Wan and Anakin walked up to the center of attention where Bail stood. He smiled at both of them. “Ready?”

“Definitely,” they said in unison.

Bail reached out a hand and adjusted the flower on Anakin’s lapel that Luke had messed with. “There, now you’re ready.”

About a minute passed and then the music started up and all eyes turned to Padmé. Her father slowly walked her down the aisle, her long, lace wedding dress trailing behind her. As her father let her go, Anakin and Obi-Wan moved to each grab one of her hands. Then Anakin and Obi-Wan joined hands.

Bail smiled at all of them before beginning with, “Family members and friends, we are gathered here today for the joining of Padmé Amidala, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Anakin Skywalker. This is a union not recognized by law but more importantly is recognized by all that preside here. Never have I seen a truer love than theirs, pure and complete. This is the marriage of three individuals becoming one, three who are better for their love of each other, three who have found a peace in each other that would not have been achieved without all members present. Unorthodox? Yes, but that does not make it any less wholesome. Now, traditionally I would ask for those who are against this marriage to speak or forever hold their peace…but I think we’ll just skip to letting them hold their peace.”

A ripple of laughter went through the group.

“Now, for the vows,” Bail finished. He looked to Anakin who was to be the first.

Anakin let loose a shaky breath and then his nerves disappeared from him and a calm seemed to fall over him.

“Padmé,” he said, “from the moment I saw you, you brought forth a feeling of utter devotion and love from me that I didn’t think possible. I couldn’t be prouder of every accomplishment you’ve made, and everyone I have ever met pales in comparison to the light that you are able to create both in yourself and in others. I have loved you since the day I met you and will continue to love you from this moment forth.

“Obi-Wan, despite all the oddities of the beginning of our relationship, I knew I was connected with you and when I left, it was impossible to not notice your absence. You’ve balanced me in a way that didn’t seem probable and have been the driving force that keeps me sane for seemingly forever now. You have taken everything I have given you, the good and the bad, and you continue to love me so deeply that I gladly drown in it. From the beginning you were important to me and now I know that I will love you for the rest of my life.”

Anakin placed one of the three rings that Bail held onto Obi-Wan’s ring finger. All eyes then turned to Padmé.

She began with, “Obi-Wan, since the day we met you have battled me intellectually and politically and I have welcomed every second of it. But it quickly grew that I did not just love your intellect but you, everything from your personality down to how you always give that small smile. I will always regret not immediately coming forward with you, not speaking my true mind and instead dancing circles around you. But the fact that you remained and you understood my position, I knew that if you could forgive me for that, I could forgive you for anything and that not having you in my life would make living incomplete.

“Anakin, from your boyish charm to your sincerity and steadfast nature I have loved you for so long. Even when I knew we were incomplete without Obi-Wan, I knew that I could make a life with you, that I wanted to make a life with you. Your incredibly spontaneous nature has made my life more rich and exciting because of it. You have created an unpredictability in my life that has made me better in every aspect possible because of it and I will forever be grateful for you asking Obi-Wan and I to marry you.”

Padmé then took the second ring and slid it onto Anakin’s ring finger. It was Obi-Wan’s turn now and unlike Padmé and Anakin, he had not prepared two separate vows. In his mind, there was a momentary second of panic as he wondered if his vow would be made lesser because it was directed at both instead of each separately. However, he quickly threw out that idea. It didn’t matter how he presented his vow to them, what mattered was the substance of it.

“Before I first came to know you, before I met you in Oxford, I was lost,” Obi-Wan began. “I could not find a purpose. There was no drive in me, to better myself, to become something, to even enjoy life. Before I even reached thirty, I had mapped out my entire life, a life full of solitude with nothing but memories as companions. But then you both entered it and I felt something in my broken heart. I wanted to be a part of society, to flow with it and simultaneously fight the current. I wanted to be involved with those around me, make a difference, impact those that I came across even if it was small. I didn’t want to simply coast through life till I died. I wanted to love, I believed I could love again and that you would love me. I wanted a life and a family, something of my own that said ‘I was here’ and that I didn’t allow myself to waste away to nothing, that I brought joy to somebody’s life simply by being in it. That is what my love for you two, and your love for me, did. I became someone again. You gave me my life back and now…” Obi-Wan’s voice finally cracked like it had been wanting to from the very beginning of his speech but he managed through it and continued, “…and now I’m going to have a wife and a husband, and I have a little boy and a little girl, and I am finally complete again. I love you both with all my being.”

Obi-Wan finally stopped and went to put the final ring on Padmé’s finger. With that, Bail finished the ceremony. “With the vows done, I pronounce this marriage true and eternal. You may kiss.”

As clapping and cheers came from the gathering, the most noticeable being the pleasant giggling and shouting from Luke and Leia, Obi-Wan kissed Padmé, Padmé kissed Anakin, and then Anakin kissed Obi-Wan before they all gathered each other into their arms. Anakin then pulled them both back down the aisle and out of the eyes of their gathering for the few moments that they had before the dinner and dancing started.

The first words came from Obi-Wan as he said, “I can’t believe I made you cry Padmé I’m so—”

“Shh,” Padmé hushed as she wiped at her eyes. She pressed a finger to his lips. “Tears of joy Obi-Wan. That was…beautiful.”

“Unbelievably beautiful,” Anakin agreed. “I don’t think I’ve ever been more in love with you than when you said your vows. They were perfect, my husband. And yours were as elegant as ever, my wife.”

Padmé smiled. “My husbands,” she whispered, caressing both their faces.

“My gorgeous wife,” Obi-Wan said, “and my perfectly imperfect husband.” Anakin allowed himself a smirk at that. “If I could freeze time, I would freeze it right here.”

Anakin nodded in agreement.

“It would be a wonderful moment in time to freeze,” Padmé smiled, “but we do have guests to entertain and two children awaiting our return. We’ll have plenty of moments to block out the rest of the world on our honeymoon.”

“Oh and I am looking forward to that,” Anakin said as he pecked Padmé’s and Obi-Wan’s cheek. “Come on, let’s go.”

Obi-Wan walked with them back into the groups of guests and into his life.