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To Be Again

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"You wanna know why I saved you?" Clarke stepped forward into the Commander's space, eyes hard. "Because I need you. God forbid one of your generals becomes Commander." The blonde shook her head slightly, shifting her weight. "You may be heartless, Lexa, but at least you're smart."

The corner of Lexa's mouth quirked slightly and the tension in the air eased. "Do not worry. My spirit will choose much more wisely than that."

Clarke furrowed her brow. "Your spirit?"

"When I die, my spirit will find the next Commander."

Realization dawned in Clarke's eyes. "Reincarnation," she looked back into deep green eyes. "That's how you became Commander?"

The brunette's head dipped slightly in a mixture of surprise and confusion. "How are your leaders chosen?"


Clarke's eyes fluttered open with the soft sunlight that fell across her face through the entrance flap of her tent. She stretched languidly in the furs before curling up again.

She'd had another one of the dreams.

In this one, she had been young - perhaps 11 or 12 - but confident and wary. She had been running… somewhere she could no longer recall, a sharpened spear of metal clasped in one hand and a mess of hide tied around her slim frame.

The blonde closed her eyes, struggling to remember what she had been trying to do. It had felt… urgent, but not something her dream self was used to or had done before. She just knew.

Despite the hard to recall purpose of her dream character, Clarke vividly remembered each of her counterpart's features, her traits.

She was skinny; hungry, but getting better. Her hair was dark ebony. Her eyes, blue, like her own. Her race, East Asian.

The dream steadily slipped through Clarke's fingers; glimpses of trees, concrete, and a vague feeling of fear, disappearing.

Clarke sighed and slowly sat up, the bones in her back popping into place. These dreams she'd been having felt different. They felt familiar, and vivid, and yet… new.

After everything that had happened at the mountain, Lexa's decision, saving her people only to leave them, killing so many, something felt different in her mind. She felt like a piece of her had changed, or had maybe been… fixed?

It was a strange feeling for the Sky Princess and, along with the dreams, served to make Clarke feel even more conflicted when she thought over all of her feelings and yet, lighter as well.

Clarke finally exited her small tent, dragging her furs out behind her to roll up and pack with the tent. After lashing both folded items onto her pack, Clarke turned to look back at her temporary camp, making sure she had left no signs that someone had spent the night.

The blonde had been confused when she left Bellamy with what was left of the 100 and the Arkers. She had just wanted to get away at first but, in her hunting and exploring, she began to feel a pull in her; a need to travel in a certain direction, as familiar to her mind as it was foreign and, with every step taken; with the pull in her gut leading the way; that feeling of being fixed, of being complete and resolved, grew stronger.

It had been several days since the Mountain. Three days of traveling through the trees before she realized she was traveling a route both known and unknown. Two since then, and she knew she was close to where she needed to be, she could feel it in the back of her mind.

Clarke swung her bag onto her back, clutching a strap in her left hand with the other falling to rest on the hilt of her sword.

She would be there soon. Or could be.

The blonde knew she had a few more days travel at the speed she'd been walking, but she'd been thinking of relaxing before confronting whatever lay at the end of her path. To sort out her feelings, the ideas struggling to surface in her mind, and to unravel the mystery of her dreams.

Clarke hiked up her pack before starting off. She walked leisurely through the tall trees, admiring the colorful birds and enjoying her surroundings, despite keeping one ear open for unusual sounds.

She rolled her shoulders as she walked, relaxing further. She'd figure it out.