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Holosuite Number 3

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Stephanie scrubbed her hair for the third time, but it was no use. She could still smell the Romulan all over her. She had no idea how he'd transferred it – they don't even sweat! But oh, how it did things to her. A whiff of him sent her right back to the holosuite, and her core ached. It was actually quite nice…

But work! And friends! Because if she could smell it, so could anyone else.

With renewed vigor she washed her arms, chest and legs. This had to be gone by tomorrow.

Unfortunately, the damage was already done with Suvok. What must he think of her? A day ago she confessed her love for him, and today she'd been caught post-coital with a Romulan. An enemy of the federation!

And who had that Romulan been, anyway? She didn't even get his name.

What if he had an STI? It's not like they used protection. And she wasn't taking anything – naturally, because she wasn't seeing anyone. Speaking of, could Romulans get humans pregnant? With a groan Stephanie slid down the shower wall. She was going to have to go to the medical bay. Bashir was going to know.

How could she let this happen? Was there really no clue that he was real? Quark's erotic programs usually featured only the physically perfect. Not that that man, whoever he was, wasn't attractive. He had an allure and skill. But still, if she had went with her gut and just spoken to him a little beforehand, maybe all of this would have been avoided.

Stephanie replicated a warm towel and headed to her comm. At the very least she had to know his name.

She checked the logs for all visitors, sorting by species. She'd heard about the negotiations, but didn't pay attention to who was attending. O'Brien had her so wrapped up in the circuits that little else mattered. Not to mention the drama with Suvok.

Finally, she found it. Six Romulans total were aboard. She checked their IDs. Not that their kind ever provided much info, but names and photos were there.

At the bottom of the list was the one she searched for. Her Romulan. His rank and name – Senator Letant.

Senator!? Not only had she slept with a Romulan, but a senator!?

The room spun. What did this mean? Should she tell someone higher up? If she didn't would Starfleet intelligence bust in and arrest her for cavorting with the enemy? Granted, for the moment they were at peace with the Romulans. As if that were a strong alliance. For all she knew, tomorrow they'd be back at war.

She laid her head on the comm, trying to figure out the best course of action. A ding at the door made her heart drop.

"uh – one minute!" she said and desperately looked around for some clothes. Her ruined uniform lay in a heap by the bathroom door, so she stuffed it under the bed. She traded in the towel for a nightgown, and replicated a robe since the gown wasn't covering much.

If she were about to be dragged out of her room by security, she didn't want everyone to see her silky skivvies!


He was a traditional Romulan. Alone as many of them were but not without purpose. He'd spent decades fighting for the expansion of the empire. It was a noble life, up until admiral.

Politics certainly challenged the virtuous vision he'd had of himself. But the older he got the wiser he became, and the more he buried his true nature in favor of a mask that allowed him to succeed.

And yet the moment he realized the human was real, he'd felt the man inside take over. Imbued with all the silly thoughts and feelings of youth; he'd become hopeful, excited, and yearned for the things he'd missed out on.

He'd not had to pay the Ferengi for her room number or name. Didn't give word to his guard - quite possibly fatal mistake. Instead he let those familiar, reckless emotions control him.

With each step he berated himself. Humans were known for their fickle tendencies. Stephanie Michaels probably had a new lover every week, and here he was cursed by the natural monogamy of his kind. It was idiotic. And nothing could come of it. Even if he wanted it, even if she wanted it. Every part of this decision was flawed.

Still, he rang her door.


Stephanie stared at Letant, completely stunned.

"May I come in?" He asked, and she stepped back without hesitation - possibly a fatal mistake.

Her fears of being locked up for fraternizing with a Romulan were briefly quelled when he turned to face her. His eyes were downcast, and his fingers fiddled at his sides. He looked almost nervous.

"Ms. Michaels," he began. "We didn't get a chance to talk after what transpired between us in the holosuite."

"Sorry about that. I was just so furious with Quark…" she said.

"That is understandable. Had it been another of my colleagues, his deception may have caused an incident."

"Oh?" Stephanie said with a raised brow. Letant took a small step toward her and nodded.

"That's why I am here. Romulans behave in a strictly professional manner, and I wouldn't want you to think poorly of us on account of me. If I had known you were a real person I would not have attacked you as I did," he said.

Stephanie did her best to hide her hurt feelings. Not that it mattered as the senator currently refused to meet her eye line.

"You didn't attack me," she said. After all it was she who had prompted the chase. "And I wouldn't think poorly of all Romulans for the actions of one."

"That's good to hear," he said, taking another step toward her. By now her lungs filled with his familiar scent. It was distracting, but she wasn't finished.

"And you didn't do anything bad? I think we covered that at Quark's. As far as I'm concerned, unless a person's on the clock they don't need to worry about professionalism."

"A politician must always think of how he is perceived by others," he said.

"Well, you don't need to worry about me," she said, and his eyes finally met hers.

"And why is that?"

At once Stephanie realized how close he'd come. He wasn't much taller than her, but she still had to stare up at him. A minute ago he'd looked unsure of himself, but that was obviously a deception. He straightened with purpose, and her face felt warm all of a sudden.

"Well…," she began. She had a hard time keeping eye contact. "Obviously, …I like you."

"Should it be obvious? It was I who called our session pleasant," he said and reached out. The corner of her robe had fallen, and he pulled it back up. His warm fingers brushed her neck, and goosebumps broke out all down her arms. "You seemed eager to get out of bed as well."

The nervous energy that had been bubbling up inside her finally boiled over, and she laughed.

"Letant. Do you think me naïve?" she said, narrowing her eyes at him playfully.

A slow grin spread on his face. The sight of his dimples emboldened her, and she stepped closer.

"I prefer it when men are direct," she said.

"As you wish," he said and slipped his hands into hers.

A tingling sensation spread from their point of contact. She closed her eyes as the electric feeling wrapped up her spine.

"This is how your people kiss, isn't it?" She asked.

"It is," he said.

"You didn't do this before," she said. But he didn't answer, and instead pressed his lips to hers.


He could feel her arousal through their connection. It had been so long since he'd done this. If he'd known before he'd have done it then too.

His emotions mingled with hers. He could feel her temperament, and a sense of who she was began to take shape in his mind. They were a good match. It surprised him, but the brief excitement was canceled out by the reality of the situation. They would have been. If she were Romulan, a match-maker would have known it right away.

He pulled her close, reveling in the soft sounds of her approval. She smelled fresh and dewy. Her hair was still damp and her skin still hot from the bath she must've taken. He scooped her up, and the thick robe she wore slipped off her top.

He laid her out on the bed and ran his hands down her silk-covered abdomen. This time it'd be different, and he'd mate with her as if they were lovers.

His kissed down her neck, committing every square inch of flesh to memory. He purred with delight when he reached under her gown and found she was not wearing anything underneath it.

He'd begun to toy with her sex when he felt her push back. He looked up, confused, and the face of that smug Vulcan male briefly flashed in his mind. But she was smiling, and she leaned down to nip at his bottom lip. She pushed him onto his back, and he obliged. If she was going to do what she did last time, he was more than willing.

She straddled his hips, and now expertly removed his tunic. Her fingers splayed out on his chest and toyed with his hair. He watched her hungry eyes explore his body, and he grew hard from her slight movements over his groin.

"Give it to me," he whispered, and rocked her forward. Coaxing.

She shook her head, "This time I want to taste you."

She slipped off his trousers and boots, and he watched as she kissed down his stomach.

"I'm afraid you'll only find yourself down there," he said with a lazy smile.

"So I'll taste us both," she said, and swirled her tongue around the tip of his lok.

He gasped at the sensation. He spread his thighs further a part, and she settled between them.

He watched as she slicked up his length, getting him ready. His sex quickly became a violent shade of green, and he couldn't help but buck his hips. When she finally took him in, he felt like he was going to explode right then. She backed off and grabbed the base of him tightly, and after he calmed, she began to work him over properly.

The sight of her soft pink mouth was too much, and he had to close his eyes to stop from spilling. He didn't know how long she went for, stroking and sucking. When she began to murmur, he grasped her shoulders.

"You have to stop, I can't—" he said, but she ignored him and sucked harder.

The pressure had gone past the point of no return, and he fisted the bedspread to stop from grabbing her too roughly by the hair.

The orgasm ripped through his body, and he emptied himself down her throat. He watched her take him without skipping a beat, and his deep moan was part pleasure and part gratitude. He wanted her so much more than this. He wanted her a hundred more times this night.

She moved on top of him, putting pressure on his still throbbing sex. Her heat and wetness covered him, and he knew it was his turn to work. But he took a moment to appraise her. Her hair had dried into soft curls that hung around her face like a wild mane, all tousled from the exercise. The little dress had fallen off her shoulders. One breast was fully exposed, so he tugged the garment down, letting the other come out too.

She was such a small creature, but perfectly formed. He stroked up her arms and noticed their definition. He tried to remember what the color of their uniforms signified, but his mind worked slowly – hers had been gold.


So she had sculpted those muscles likely climbing Jefferies tubes or toiling away at a warp core. Had she had pips?

"Tell me…" he began, but the words came out choked. He hadn't realized how dry his throat became. "What is your rank?"

The look on her face was utter confusion.

"My rank?"

He cleared his throat and nodded. She moved off him and the gown slipped away. He admired the soft curve of her back as she walked across the room and replicated a glass of water.

"Why do you ask?" she said, retuning with the drink for him. He sat up and smiled, wondering briefly if all human females were as thoughtlessly kind.

"Curiosity. I don't expect you're high up yet. Based on what I know about human aging, you're quite young – yes?"

She straightened up at the question, and he noticed her nipples had become firm. It was a little cold. After a long drink he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her up against him. He covered them with the blanket, and his hotter body quickly warmed them both.

"Well, based on what I know about Romulan ages, you're not so young – yes?"

He chuckled. Had he offended her by merely asking the question? He laid over her and kissed his way up, starting from her breasts and ending at her jaw.

"Yes, and according to you, offensively short as well?" He said and nipped her bottom lip. She giggled at that.

"I wouldn't call it offensive. Aggressive, perhaps."

"Aggressive?" He asked, staring down at her with wide-eyes. He was at least five inches taller than her!

Her arms snaked around his midsection. And her legs spread to allow their bodies to meld once more.

"Maybe that's just your personality," she said.

"Well I am Romulan."

"Mmm, yes," she said with such enthusiasm that it caused his chest to constrict in regret. He was clearly in danger here.

She rose up suddenly and kissed his forehead. Such a common gesture, but coming from a human female it was an acceptance he hadn't even realized he wanted. It made him yearn to claim her completely. The feeling was powerful, but brief. He crushed it and distracted himself by getting back to work. He would take her once more, but before that he wanted to watch her writhe.

He set up camp between her legs, and for the next several hours made her come over and over. She begged for pause, but he only allowed her the smallest reprieve.

"Monster!" she cried, and it sounded sincere. She watched with a tired smile as he sucked her cum off his fingers. At this point he was surprised she had any left to give.

His lok demanded attention, and he could tell she craved something that could go deeper than his middle finger.

Her sex offered no resistance as he slid inside, and the ecstatic sounds she made almost sent him over the edge again.

"Letant," she whispered in his ear. Her legs wrapped around his backside, pulling him in deeper.

He resisted, and continued the teasingly slow pace. If she wanted more he had better plans, and he pressed their palms together. The pleasure she felt pumped into him, and he knew she was feeling his as well. Her cries became insistent, and it unraveled his inhibitions. He wanted her. Completely. He didn't want to go back to his empty house alone. His fingers threaded into hers and closed into fists.

"Letant?" Her voice was barely a whisper, and he realized that he'd left the connection wide open.

He kissed her deeply, silencing the questions and that pitying look on her face. Only one word echoed in his mind – mine.

They both knew his thoughts were fantasy. Nothing about this had potential, but that was pushed aside. They had the moment, and they'd spend it feeding into each other.

He sped up the pace, and to his surprise she went right along with it. He had an image of them, like this, in his own bed. Night after night.

"Yes," she whispered. "Take me."

He'd take her by any means necessary back to Romulus. Treaty be damned; his kind could not and would not deny him a new mate. The ashes of his lost wife had long since left his skin, and he was due another chance.

He buried his face in her neck and bit down. He'd make this girl swollen with child; the thought brought waves of pleasure throughout her body, and it delighted him. She wanted him as much as he wanted her.

Her cunt quaked around his lok, and he knew she would be coming soon. He answered her pleas and drilled harder, bringing her more pleasure and a little bit of pain. He could feel her desire. She wanted him to ruin her, and he'd oblige. She would not forget him for sometime after this.

They kissed roughly, tongues and teeth meeting as if they wanted to devour one another. Her fingernails sunk into his back, and he hoped she'd leave marks.

Her mind reeled. Passion got the better of her, and she clenched her sex in an attempt to keep all his seed. The extra pressure set them both off, and he came shouting her name.


Stephanie awoke to find Letant sitting on the edge of her bed, full dressed. She barely had the strength to move, but it didn't matter. He leaned down and kissed her lips softly. She would not be there to see him off, so this was the last she'd see of him.

Without a word he rose and walked across the room. When the door slid open he looked back and for a moment stood bathed in the light from the outside hallway. She committed to memory every detail of him – his eyes, the tousled hair, even his uniform seemed oddly erotic. Most of all she was determined to remember his soft smile; there was regret in it, but she would choose to recollect the dimples instead.

She couldn't bring herself to say goodbye, so she didn't.

He turned and left, and when the door slid closed, she checked her bedside clock and set an alarm.

She dreaded tomorrow, but for now all those bad thoughts and feelings stayed away. She was exhausted, and drifted back to sleep with ease.


1800 hours. Stephanie stared out the porthole and caught sight of the Warbird just as it cloaked.

She'd woken early enough to check out when they would disembark, but as she suspected, she hadn't seen him again.

Sadness snaked around her heart. It was foolish. She'd known the man one day. And yet, she'd spent so many years yearning for the kind of passion they'd shared instantly.

The intelligent part of her said it was just inexperience. For the both of them, though that was shocking to discover; she never would have guessed that a man like that had just as little experience. Truthfully, it should give her hope. If she could luck out and meet a man who so violently drew her passions, then there was a good chance it could happen again.

And maybe in a week's time she'd actually believe that.

"It seems the negotiations have ended. We now have Romulan support," Suvok said. She wasn't sure when he'd appeared, but today his presence did not make her anxious.

"Good. We'll need it," she said.

"I agree. It's looking like things are about to become more dangerous," he said.

"I think you're right," she said.

As the pair stood looking out onto the stars, Stephanie made a mental checklist for the coming days.

At some point she'd have to get a checkup from Bashir, but she already knew; she would not be pregnant. And based on what she now knew about Letant, she didn't have to worry about STIs either.

Despite her earlier shower, Letant's scent still surrounded her like a warm blanket. She no longer cared who knew.

She was just happy to have something of his for a little while longer.