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Ravishing Evil

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Queen Regina stormed through the Main Hall of her castle so fluidly, she appeared to fly. Her abrupt entrance seemed to had gone unnoticed by her guards.
"It's so damn COLD!" one guard said to his colleague.
This comment made Regina slow her movement. She concealed herself in the shadow of a pillar behind the two guards.
"Why can't this witch keep all her fire places burning day and night?" the guard continued.
"I'll wish on the Blue Star tonight for it," the other joked with a laugh.
Without a sound, Regina transmutated herself directly in front of them in a cloud of black smoke. Both men stiffened and instinctively moved a pace backward.
"Too cold, are we?" Regina asked.
She smirked and conjured fireballs in her hands, releasing them both at the first guard.
His screams weren't loud enough to drown out her question of "Warm enough?" to the guard left with his mouth hanging open.
As the fire died, Regina vanished his ashen body away.
"Friend of yours?" Regina asked lowly of the remaining guard.
"N-no, Majesty," he said through trembling lips.
"A traitor AND a liar," she said with a single scoff. "Remind me of your name."
He could do nothing now but stare and blink at her. She rolled her eyes in annoyance.
"Ah, you're in shock," she droned and tore his heart from his chest. "YOUR NAME!" She yelled into the glowing heart in her right hand.
"My name is Aaron Dodger, Your Grace," he stammered automatically.
With her free hand, Regina grabbed him by the neck and brought his face close to hers.
The Queen wrenched her mouth into a twisted smile. "Beautiful blue eyes," she said softly, nearly touching her lips to his.
He let out a faint whimper.
"Don't worry," she released him with a shove. "You'll soon be joining your friend, but first-" she paused and grazed her eyes over his body. "I could bare to see you tortured and put on display in your uniform, as a warning to all my employees that should they feel the need to complain-" she replaced his heart into his chest and snapped her fingers.
Instantly, he was hung low by his neck from the ceiling. He was still conscious, as there was a stool just about toe-height for him to be able to precariously stand. His gasps for breath made Regina grin.
"-They'll just think of you- The One Who Complained- and remember to never speak ill of the way I run this castle or my kingdom again."
With that, she raised her royal and magic finger, and began cutting away at his flesh from her stance below him, letting his screams echo throughout the hall.