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Gold with Envy

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There were many things that Mista felt proud about when it came to him and his life. He was proud of his ability to overcome opponents who have stronger stands, he was proud of his ability to stay calm in the middle of a fight, he prided himself in having the most gorgeous fucking boyfriend there was, and he prided himself for having an impeccable fashion sense. But even with all those other things to be proud of there was one thing in particular that he had always been especially fond of about himself, and that was his ability to be tough. Now he didn’t mean tough in the sense that he was some kind of unstoppable action hero that could never lose a fight, but rather the sense where he could be shot a fucking crazy amount and still carry on fighting despite that. He’d done it many times before, he’d been horribly injured in fights till it was at the point where even he was surprised that he was still up and breathing. He remembered nearly aging to death on a train during his fight against Prosciutto and Pesci, and how he’d almost been killed by some gunshots to the head. He remembered his fight with Ghiaccio, and though he couldn’t remember exactly how many times he was shot he knows for a fact that it was certainly a whole lot. He remembered how the battle against Cioccolatto had left him with only a sixth of his life left, and yet he’d managed to pull through no problem. And it certainly helped that he didn’t seem to really feel the pain of the injuries he sustained during a fight. Perhaps it was the adrenaline that preventing him from feeling it, his brain just wouldn’t register that he was in pain and should stop. Either way, Mista was tough, and he knew it.

Which was why he just couldn’t understand why Giorno’s ‘healing’ abilities hurt like a fucking bitch! There was absolutely nothing that he could think of that even came close to the immense pain he felt whenever Giorno used Gold Experience to heal his wounds, he could probably be kicked in the nuts a thousand times and it still wouldn’t even compare. No matter how small the injury, no matter how many times he was healed, each session very quickly became his new worst memory. He would scream, he would bitch, and honestly, it was fucking embarrassing. Giorno would warn him every time and asked that he ‘kindly not complain’, but it didn’t matter because saying that didn’t stop it from feeling like Mista was being impaled by knives wielding even more knives.

Mista had seen Giorno heal his own injuries many times but he ignored the fact that Giorno didn’t seem to be getting hurt from it at all, he simply assumed that Giorno mentally prepared himself for it and was screaming on the inside. But when he saw a rookie, some new pissbaby little rookie who had managed to piss off some people he wasn’t supposed to, get healed with only one little pained yelp, he almost wanted to die with shame. How could some bloody rookie take the pain better than he could? How was it that some rookie could show him off and make him look like a giant bitch? He approached the boy and asked how he was feeling, and the brat answered, with a smile.

‘Yeah not bad, that really didn’t hurt as much as you said it would. I knew you were just trying to scare me!’

Mista had to resist the urge to shoot him and return the hole he’d just got patched up.

It just didn’t make any sense. Mista was tough, he knew he was tough, why was he the only one who struggled with being fucking healed?

‘What’s wrong?’ Giorno asked him, taking him from his thoughts, as they were walking through the halls.

It was easy for Giorno to be able to read his partner’s expression, and he could straight away tell that he was bothered by something. Unfortunately, he’d had to wait until they were alone before he could bring up the matter. It was better for the both of them that they not act too friendly to each other in the presence of other, a relationship between a mafia boss and his most loyal body guard was a bit of a scandal, after all.

‘Nothing,’ Mista murmured. He didn’t particularly want to discuss the huge blow his pride had just taken, not while wound was still fresh.

Giorno, of course, could tell that that was a lie, but he wasn’t one to try and push others to come forward with their problems. If they truly want to discuss it then they’d bring it up themselves; there was no reason why he should have to prompt them to talk about something that was obviously frustrating them. Besides, the back and forth of trying to get someone to open up involved the repetition of phrases like ‘you can tell me anything’ or ‘please tell me, I’m your friend’, and Giorno absolutely hated to repeat himself. He knew he could always use his ‘boss’ voice to get that information out of Mista, as Mista knew that it was unwise to disobey him when he did so, but it obviously mustn’t have been a big deal if Mista didn’t want to discuss it with him.

Besides, Giorno had other ways that he could comfort him.


It turned out that Mista didn’t have to wait too long to discover the truth about the healing issue. He was grinding his cock into Giorno’s prostate, which was resulting in some nice frustrated mewls from the boy below him, when he noticed that Gold Experience had come out and was watching. He really couldn’t tell if Giorno had done that on purpose or not but he decided it really didn’t matter. He was kind of in the middle of something. He currently had the most beautiful being in existence on his hands and knees in front of him, stuffed completely with his cock and silently begging for more.

He pulled back so only the head of his cock remained in Giorno’s tight walls, then he quickly forced it all back in again, his balls slapping heavily on Giorno’s arse. This got a loud gasp out of the boy which was quickly followed by a beautiful whimper.


 The way that Giorno would stress out each syllable of his name when he was overcome by ecstasy was something that Mista felt he would never be able to get over, he just loved it too much. He wondered if he’d be able to get him to do it again. He put his hands tightly onto Giorno’s arse and used them to separate the cheeks further as he pulled back again and attempted another long, deep thrust. But this only got a moan out of Giorno, the boy was biting into his arm to try to stop his voice. He repeated the action a few more times, slamming into him harder with each thrust, desperate to get his cock as far into the warm tightness as he could, and each time Giorno’s moaning got louder. But unfortunately no name was said. That wasn’t to say that Giorno’s lustful and desperate whimpers weren’t absolutely intoxicating in their own right, but Mista was determined to get Giorno to cry out his name again. It wasn’t often that Giorno was in a mood where he didn’t want to act completely and utterly shameless, and Mista could recall many nights where Giorno happily rode his cock while screaming out his name in bliss, so whenever Giorno was like this Mista made sure to take advantage of it. Of course he loved how horny and desperate for his cock Giorno would usually get, but a little change in pace was always a delight. It wasn’t so often he was given this amount of control after all.

In order to get what he wanted he decided to change tactics. He moved his hands away from Giorno’s arse to run his fingers across the boy’s slender body, and fuck did Giorno have the perfect body. Mista shifted, bringing his chest to rest on Giorno’s back because he knew just how crazy his muscles drove the younger boy. When he felt the Giorno arch his back in order to further the contact he just couldn’t help but chuckle.

‘You like them, don’t you?’ he whispered into his ear.

But the boy seemed too far gone to answer, unless that little whimper was supposed to be his response.

Mista placed one had on the bed for support, and moved the other to Giorno’s chest were he began to tease one of his nipples, twisting and pulling it, revelling in the way it would make Giorno tighten around him. He kept his cock motionless inside the boy, even as it was pressed into him as far as it would go, and Mista resisted every urge to start slamming into him again. Giorno was rolling back into him, trying so hard to penetrate himself further on Mista’s cock, to feel that absolute pleasure swell inside him, but the way that Mista was leaning over him didn’t give him much room to move. Giorno whined, but he did not speak. So Mista kissed at his neck, sucking the skin until it left tender purple bruises, loving the taste of Giorno’s sweat. Though, he didn’t get to do this for long before he finally got what he really wanted.

‘Miistaa… please move… please fuck me,’ Giorno begged.

And Mista was too happy to comply.

This time he pounded into him with short and quick thrusts, successfully battering the boy’s prostrate with the thick head of his cock with ease. He had fucked him enough times to be able to very easily find his good spot; to be honest there wasn’t much about Giorno’s body that he hadn’t learnt. He knew where the boy was sensitive, he knew what places to touch to turn him into a dishevelled moaning mess, and he certainly didn’t hesitate to use this knowledge to his advantage. He kept twisting his nipple as he fucked into him, using the momentum of the thrusts to pull the nub to the point that it was becoming highly sensitive. He could see Giorno clutching onto the sheets with desperation, his knuckles becoming a purer white with every strong slam inside of him. His fingers seemed to just need something, anything, to cling into as he was drowning in pleasure. Mista pressed his chest into Giorno’s back more, loving the way his own boss was trapped by his weight and completely at his mercy. There was a certain feeling of arrogance you got when you knew that you were fucking one of the most powerful men in Italy, and it was made even better when you knew that that powerful man absolutely loved every fucking moment of it.

Mista continued to slam into him, quickening his pace to erratic fucking before pausing to grind into him with short thrusts as he rolled his hips against his arse. He took his hand away from Giorno’s nipple and instead placed it on Giorno’s cheek to coax his head around. Giorno’s eyes were as clouded and lust-filled as he’d expected, and the boy seemed to look through him rather than at him, too overwhelmed by pleasure to truly be able to register anything other than the fucking amazing feeling in his arse. He had drool falling from the edges of his mouth, trailing down to his chin, and he didn’t seem to have a mind about him to care. Mista leaned into him more and bought their lips together. Giorno struggled to kiss him back through his panting, and their kiss ended up mostly just being their tongues circling each other desperately. Mista pulled away and looked once more at Giorno’s pleasured expression: the poor boy didn’t even seem to have the thought to put his tongue back into his mouth, everything was still too overwhelming.

‘Fuck, you’re beautiful,’ Mista groaned.

He released his hold on Giorno’s cheek and continued to tease his nipple, he then returned to a quick and powerful pace, repeatedly bringing his cock out halfway before slamming it back in.

It was at this point that Giorno finally began to scream him name.

‘Aahh, Miistaa, ah, Miistaaa, Mistaa!’

It seemed like he wanted to say something. Perhaps he wanted Mista to stop twisting his over-sensitised nipple, perhaps he wanted to warn him that he was getting close, or perhaps he wanted Mista to start jerking his cock for him. But he simply couldn’t get the words to come out, he’d become completely incoherent with pleasure and lust.  Mista could feel that Giorno was going close - his arse was clenching erratically and desperately around his cock and Giorno rolled his hips and tried to urge him in more - which was good because Mista wasn’t sure that he would last that much longer anyway. It was around this point that Mista became aware that Gold Experience was still watching. In fact, the stand seemed to have edged closer when he wasn’t paying attention. It was impossible to read anything from its face; it was simply staring with utterly blank eyes. Mista was becoming certain though that Giorno had certainly not meant to send it out, and that thought gave him an idea.

‘Hey Giorno, how do you feel about an audience?’

There was no reply, and he doubted that Giorno could even hear him over his own screaming. He again removed his hand from his chest but this time he gently grabbed Giorno’s chin, which resulted in a fair amount of saliva falling onto his fingers, and lifted Giorno’s head up in order to make him face the stand. Upon seeing the stand Giorno tightened with surprise, forcing a pleased moan out of Mista, and the boy attempted to look away. But Mista kept his grip strong and slipped in his fingers into Giorno’s mouth, forcing him to stay looking Gold Experience. Because of this Giorno could no longer scream Mista’s name properly and his pleasured moaning became a jumbled mess. After a few more hard thrusts into Giorno he felt the boy tighten again, much more strongly this time, and his warm walls began to spasm around Mista’s cock. Giorno threw his head back as far as the fingers in his mouth would allow, and he wailed with a loud, strangled cry. Mista hadn’t expected to get him to come without touching him. Giorno spilt onto the bedsheets in a rabid stream and Mista could feel him trying to collapse, but he kept him standing with a hand on his hip and with the other in his mouth as he continued to pound into him.

‘Sorry. Not yet,’ he moaned.

He was so close, and he couldn’t resist the urge to spill everything inside Giorno. Luckily Giorno didn’t seem to mind, he whimpered but didn’t complain, and he allowed Mista to keep fucking his sensitive hole. When Mista’s thrusting began to become truly erratic Giorno managed to moan a very muffled ‘inside’, as though Mista hadn’t already been planning that. Mista was getting desperate for release and his hand gripping Giorno’s hip was certain to leave a mark, though it definitely wasn’t going to be the only one- the bruises on Giorno’s neck were becoming nicely vivid. Mista’s balls were continuously slapping against Giorno’s arse as his breath became jagged and he forced his cock in as hard as he could. Giorno was beginning to whine from the overstimulation, but it was difficult to hear him over the loud sounds of skin slapping hard against skin, as the noise seemed to bound off the walls and echo in the air. Finally, Mista slammed his cock deep into Giorno as he came, letting the tight walls milk him for all he had, and he moaned in pleasure as his orgasm rippled throughout his entire body. There was something about releasing his load inside Giorno that he fucking loved, perhaps it was the little whine it got out of Giorno, or perhaps it was because he felt that if he came inside him enough times that he would be stained, marked forever as his and only his. After a few deep breaths he felt his strength give out, and he and Giorno collapsed into the sheets together, getting Giorno covered with his own cum. Mista hardly had the energy to remove his cock so it remained still in Giorno for some minutes before he finally pulled it out with a pop. He glanced down to watch as his cum began to leak out of Giorno’s gaping hole. The boy was an absolute sinful mess, and Mista was loving every second of it as he sleepily gazed over his beautiful partner.

‘You ok?’ Mista asked.

Giorno took a few second to reply.

‘Yeah,’ he muttered, his voice hoarse from screaming.

Neither said anything for a while, and Giorno seemed to be beginning to doze off. As much as Mista wanted to pull the boy against him and fall asleep cuddling he knew he had to stay away to clean them both up. He owed Giorno that much. It certainly didn’t help with his resolve to do that when Giorno weakly crawled over to him and snuggled into his chest though. Mista allowed himself a few more minutes before he gently got himself out of Giorno’s grip, resulting in a displeased sigh from the tired boy, and he began fetching spare blankets and sheets for the bed. Mista chose to just ignore the stand which was still staring at him. It was unfortunate but in the end he had to coax Giorno out of the bed so that he could exchange the sheets and it was then that Giorno seemed to remember the presence of his stand

‘That’s odd,’ he muttered, ‘I didn’t try to bring Gold Experience out.’

Mista laughed.

‘Yeah, I figured that was the case.’

 Giorno sighed and willed his stand to disappear.

‘I think he may have come out himself,’ he said.

Mista cocked an eyebrow at him as he chucked the messy sheets onto a pile on the floor.

‘Really? I didn’t think that Gold Experience could act on his own,’ He admitted.

Giorno chuckled as he brought himself to learn against the wall, standing was a little disorientating.

‘Silent stands like mine will mostly obey their users but they can act independently when the need arises,’ he explained, ‘at least that’s the feeling I get. In truth I have no way to be certain if that’s correct or not, I just know that that is how Gold Experience is.’

Mista listened as he started putting a new sheet on the bed. It was rather amusing just how different each stand could be.

‘So what, your stand thought it was definitely important to watch us fuck?’ he asked.

‘Actually, I suspect that Gold Experience might be jealous of our relationship,’ he replied.

Mista couldn’t help but laugh at that as he straightened out the edges of the sheets.

‘Jealous?’ he repeated, ‘Well yeah I guess, we are both pretty hot, but stands don’t even have dicks or anything, why would he be jealous?’

Giorno didn’t even hesitate when he answered.

‘I used to have him finger me when I masturbated.’

Mista almost choked on nothing, coughing with shock at the blunt honesty.

‘Wait?! You did what!?’

Giorno’s eyes fell into a glare.

‘Do I really have to repeat myself?’ he asked.

Mista shook his head awkwardly.

‘Nah, I- I heard you. Alright then.’ He stammered.

Giorno sighed.

‘You’re not going to judge me for that, are you?’ he asked.

‘No!’ Mista responded perhaps too quickly. It didn’t sound very authentic.

Giorno’s glare remained unchanged.

‘Seriously Giorno,’ Mista said, ‘I’m not judging, it just surprised me. It’s just that, well you’ve seen my stand, the Sex Pistols are like my kids! Forgot for a sec that your stand is super different from them.’

Giorno seemed satisfied with that answer; his face softened and he let out a breath of air.

‘Fair enough,’ he said.

It was then that something clicked for Mista.

‘Wait, so if your stand is jealous of me, then that means he might hate me, right?’

Giorno gave him a confused look.

‘I... Guess?’  he murmured, ‘But I don’t think he-‘

‘Then is that bastard making his heals hurt me on purpose!?’

Giorno went silent, but from his expression Mista assumed he was thinking ‘holy shit you are probably right’.

Mista grabbed one of the pillows he’d gotten for the bed.

‘I’m gonna smother your stand in its sleep.’

‘Mista, that would kill me,’ Giorno frowned.

Mista tossed the pillow on the bed.

‘Ok fine, I won’t do that,’ he groaned, ‘But we gotta do something about Gold Experience, you would not believe how fucking painful it is every time he heals me. I get shot Giorno, a lot, no problem. But those heals are bad, real bad. Can’t you get him to stop it?’

Giorno folded his arms over his chest in thought, flinching a little at the contact with his still-horribly-sensitive nipple

From that he also become aware of the cum leaking out of his arse and falling down his thighs.

‘I think I have an idea, but you might not like it,’ he warned.

Mista lifted an eyebrow.

‘Ok? What is it?’ he asked.

‘I’ll tell you in a bit, can we have a shower first?’ he asked, ‘It was fun to begin with but now I’d like to get your cum out of me.’


Giorno had known that his solution would irritate Mista and he’d sympathised with him to begin with, but it was getting annoying that he carried such a pout on his face when he’d already agreed to go along with it. It was useless to complain now, besides was he not the one who had asked for a solution?

‘Are you sure we can’t do anything else?’ Mista asked, ‘Can’t you just scold him and be done with that?’

Giorno sighed.

‘I already told you, Gold Experience is different from the Sex Pistols.’ It was annoying to have to repeat himself on the matter, but for Mista he made an exception. ‘He doesn’t particularly understand words and he’ll usually just act upon my impulses and desires. But this situation is different, he’s acting independently, and he won’t understand me and stop if I reprimand him. We’ll just have to quell his jealousy.’

‘Yeah but, do I really have to let him touch you?’ he complained.

‘Now who’s getting jealous?’ Giorno teased.

Mista rubbed the back of his neck with irritation, scratching some imaginary itch.

‘Giorno this is serious; I don’t want some other guy touching you.’

Giorno cocked an eyebrow at that.

‘Mista, this isn’t some guy, it’s my stand. He’s just an extension of me, so in truth it’s simply going to be me touching myself.’

Mista let out a frustrated groan at that.

‘Besides,’ Giorno continued, ‘Were you not the one who presented me to Gold Experience the last time we fucked?’

‘That was different!’ Mista argued, ‘I just, well umm, I just always wanted to fuck you in front of someone, you know, just a kink I have I guess.’

Giorno glared, more for show than as an actual response to anger.

‘Then in that case you really should have no issue with this,’ Giorno said, speaking in a lower tone. ‘You’ll still be fucking me, and you’ll have someone watching. Gold Experience only wants to touch me.’

Mista looked like he wanted to argue but the ‘boss voice’ had been used, and he knew that Giorno would not alter his decision. Besides, if he was completely honest with himself, there were certain aspects of this that he considered exciting. He was just a little unsure, was all.

‘Ok,’ Mista sighed in defeat. ‘But I promise I’ll make you feel better than he ever could.’

Giorno chuckled; it was an unnecessary promise really. Mista had already proven on many occasions before that he could make Giorno writhe in overwhelming pleasure.

The both of them started undressing, revelling in the enjoyment they got from such a tame act. Giorno pulled Mista into a kiss, slipping his hands under the other boy’s hat, loving the feeling of his coarse, spiky hair flicking between his fingers. The hat was tossed aside without hesitation. Mista in turn ran his fingers through Giorno’s golden locks, tracing the braid down and revelling in the softness of the strands. When he reached the hair tie he hooked his finger under it and pulled it down, allowing Giorno’s hair to fall into loose, beautiful curls. One hand snaked through his roots as he used the grip to pull Giorno closer, and Giorno loved the tender fingers rubbing against his scalp. After Mista removed Giorno’s suit piece he forced Giorno’s lips harder against his, easing his tongue inside and forcing a surprised moan out of him. Giorno let Mista dominate the kiss, let his tongue explore his mouth, and he could hardly hide his own excitement as he moaned against his lips. It didn’t seem to matter what part of Mista’s body it was, fingers, tongue, or dick, Giorno found that they all felt amazing inside him in one way or another. He pulled away from the kiss only for a moment so that he could remove Mista’s sweater, an action he’d done many times before he never grew tired of it. He loved Mista’s chest, he loved his muscles, he loved the sight of his bare skin in the moments before they were about to fuck. Simply put, he loved him. They both removed their own pants however, it was a lot quicker that way. But they watched each other as they did so. Giorno hopped fully off the bed and leant over forwards in order to pull his pants off. He had his head cocked around the entire time, watching Mista’s expression as he presented his arse to him.  It was certainly a nice expression. Mista, rather ungracefully, just shoved his own pants off and sat back down at the centre of the bed: he was getting rather excited and was certainly not going to delay this with a strip tease. Giorno joined him on the bed and, somewhat hesitantly; brought out Gold Experience. If Mista still had any complaints, he certainly didn’t voice them.

Giorno wasn’t entirely sure how he was supposed to include Gold Experience in his sex with Mista; he’d been certain that some ideas would simply come to him when they started. He felt he was sitting there too long so he leaned over and kissed Mista again, urging his tongue deep passed his lips as he teased it with his own tongue. Gold Experience seemed to understand that he’d been invited as he began to softly touch Giorno on his back, feeling over the bruises that he been left after the last encounter. When Giorno heard a pop he was surprised enough to pull away from Mista in order to see the source of the sound. Gold Experience had just opened a bottle of lube and Giorno had no idea when he’d even had the time to grab it. The stand was smothering the liquid over his fingers, Mista was watching this too, with an expression that didn’t look all that horribly amused.

‘Is this ok?’ Giorno asked.

When he’d said that Gold Experience wanted to touch him he had assumed that Mista would understand that that included fingering, but thinking back he realised he should have been a little clearer on the matter.

‘Yeah, it’s fine’ Mista eventually replied.

Giorno smiled and moved back so that he could lean down to Mista’s crotch. He gave no warning as he took Mista’s dick, and had his tongue explore it from the balls to the head. He then licked it a few more times, tracing the veins with his tongue, before he kissed the head and took it into his mouth. His appreciation for Mista’s muscles was strong, but his utter lust for his large dick was another thing altogether. He loved everything about it, its girth of course, its taste, the messy bed of hairs at the base, everything. It really was true that he enjoyed Mista being inside him in every single way.

He hummed around Mista’s dick with a pleasured mewl as Gold Experience finally began to ease a finger inside of him. He hardly made an effort to stretch the ring of muscles; his only goal seemed to be getting his digit as far inside him as possible. By now Giorno was beginning to bob up and down on Mista’s dick, taking in as much as he could while he jerked whatever wouldn’t fit. When Gold Experience finally found his prostate Giorno tried his hardest to keep his mouth closed on Mista’s dick as a moan forced its way up his throat, and the groan he got out of Mista was certainly worth the effort.

‘Fuck, you look so good like this Giorno,’ Mista practically purred to him.

And Giorno hated how weak he could be for Mista’s simple compliments sometimes.

Gold Experience ran circles around Giorno’s prostrate, rubbing it, pressing it, anything that would cause pleasured moaning out of his master, just as he used to before Giorno began dating Mista. He didn’t seem to understand that Giorno wanted to be stretched so that he could take something much larger into his body.

Somehow Mista must have noticed this, or perhaps he was simply jealous that someone else was fingering his boyfriend, and he coated his own finger in lube and leaned over to slip it inside Giorno beside Gold Experience’s digit. He let Gold Experience focus on Giorno’s prostate while he stretched out the rim; after all, he was the one who was going to be benefitting from the opened hole. Giorno was finding it much harder to keep his mouth on Mista’s dick when he was currently being fingered open by two different people. While he certainly couldn’t argue that it felt horribly amazing, he was a little disappointed that he couldn’t suck on Mista’s dick the way he wanted to. He had to keep opening his mouth to gasp out as Gold Experience pressed on his prostate harder, or to whine with surprise whenever Mista stretched out his rim more that he was currently accustomed to.

‘F-fuck,’ he whimpered as another gasp forced him off of Mista’s dick.

‘It’s ok, I got you,’

Mista obviously knew him too well. He took his fingers out of him and placed both hands on Giorno’s cheeks before easing his dick into his mouth again. That action alone was enough to get Giorno to moan in absolute delight. He pulled Giorno down on his cock and helped him to get a rhythm going. He would thrust up into Giorno’s mouth as he pulled him down, going far enough that Giorno could feel his cock brushing at his throat. Mista’s hands were firm on him, they wouldn’t allow him to pull away if Gold Experience touched mercilessly inside him and caused him to gasp. But there was gentleness to him and Giorno knew he wouldn’t force him to take more than he could handle, and he rubbed small comforting circles on Giorno’s cheek whenever he tried to gasp but couldn’t. Giorno could taste the precum leaking into his mouth, and he licked on the head, purposefully running the edge of his tongue against the slit, to taste it more when he was given the opportunity. It wasn’t a taste he had always been particularly fond it, but now he felt as though he was addicted to it. He almost wished he had more opportunities to swallow it all down, but he just loved the feeling of Mista finishing inside his body too much. Giorno was beginning to find it difficult to breath, and he could feel a dizziness coming to him, but in his lust he just couldn’t bring himself to care. Pleasure was creeping through his body from the persistent touches from his stand, and though he couldn’t quite understand it he felt immense satisfaction from the feeling of his lips being stretched over Mista’s cock. Suddenly he felt Gold Experience begin to tug at his dick, jerking it as he continued to press deep inside him. The quick increase in pleasure caused him to whimper, and Mista cursed aloud at how good he sounded. Giorno could feel warmth beginning to pool in his stomach and he knew he wouldn’t last much longer like this. He hadn’t planned on finishing like this, he’d really wanted Mista’s dick shoved deeply inside his arse, but he figured if he was going to come like this then he wasn’t going to be the only one. He pushed against Mista’s hands, not to get away from him, but so he could try to take all of his dick inside him. His lips met with the base of Mista’s cock and he could feel his dick filling his mouth to its limit, taking refuge in his throat. Giorno revelled in the feeling of Mista’s dark hair brushing against his nose and lips and let out a pleased moan, humming against the dick in his throat, before Mista’s gentle hands tightened their grip on him and hastily pulled him off. Those strong hands continued to hold him as Giorno panted for air, and when he finally looked up at Mista he was satisfied to find him flustered and with a jagged breath.

‘Damn it Giorno, sorry, but I really wanna fuck you properly,’ he groaned.

Giorno, who was still teetering on the edges of an orgasm, could only whimper at him and nod desperately.

Gold Experience seemed to understand the situation, as he released Giorno’s cock and slid his finger out of him. It was a bittersweet moment as Giorno’s pleasure was suddenly cut off and his body started to come down from its high, but at least he knew that a more overwhelming pleasure would soon be filling him and shaking him to his core.

Mista wrapped his arms around Giorno’s chest and lifted him up to his lap, embracing him tightly as he allowed him to recover. Both of them knew that Giorno would come in mere seconds if he entered him now. Giorno tried to catch his breath as Mista began to kiss at his neck again, sucking on the bruises and giving them colour once more. He then leaned down and began sucking on the skin on Giorno’s chest, and it wasn’t until the irritation from the bruising became a pleasant pain that Giorno realised just how high on his chest that Mista was sucking.

‘M-Mista! Not where people will see!’

In general, Giorno loved to be marked. He loved the thought of inspiring such feelings of possessiveness in another person, he loved the sense of belonging that those simple little bruises gave him. It reminded him that he was Mista’s, and that Mista would forever be his. But he was also a very important man, a feared and respected man, so he couldn’t have marks in places they’d be flaunted for all eyes to see. Mista knew this of course, but apparently he got into moods where he wanted to be cheeky. A new bruise was now vibrant on Giorno’s chest, and it would be framed perfectly by the window in Giorno’s suit.

‘Oops, my bad,’ Mista grinned.

He then moved further down and began sucking on Giorno’s nipple before taking it in his teeth. And of course this had to be the same nipple that he already horribly teased the last time they’d fucked, and perhaps that was why it got such a gasp out of Giorno. Upon hearing his master’s pleasured voice Gold Experience seemed to get jealous again, he coaxed Giorno’s leg out and did his best to copy Mista. He sucked the skin on Giorno’s thighs, quick and chaste, leaving marks that would quickly fade, but as he began to realise how it worked he sucked the flesh harder and began creating darker and larger bruises. The first time he attempted biting he did it too hard and drew blood, he recognised the difference between a pained gasp and a pleasured one and quickly learnt from his mistake. He bit more softly, but still hard enough to get a reaction from his user. Though it was difficult to tell if Giorno’s little mewls were caused Gold Experience’s biting or if it was Mista sucking on one nipple while teasing the other with his fingers.

All while Giorno was being treated so affectionately, with both Mista and Gold Experience showing their desire for him through their possessive touching, he was making sure to softly jerk Mista off. He wasn’t sure he was going to be able to resist his desire to have Mista’s dick inside him for much longer; his body was still trembling as he tried to come down from his high but fuck was he getting impatient. But if Mista and Gold Experience were going to tease him and make it harder for him to recover from his near orgasm then he was going to do the same for Mista. At least that way if he lost his patience they would both be close and could come in succession of each other.

And of course it certainly didn’t take long for his lust to take over.

Mista was twisting his nipple between his teeth, and Gold Experience was leaving marks on his inner thigh that sent pleasure straight up to his cock.

‘Mista, fuck,’ he whimpered, ‘just put your dick inside me already!’

Mista released his nipple and lifted his head to stare Giorno in the eyes.

‘Is that an order, boss?’ he asked.

‘I will turn your organs back into bullets if you are not inside me in the next ten seconds.’

Gold Experience raised its arm as though to stress the point and Mista was certainly not arguing with that.  

Giorno decided to let Mista choose the position, as he’d been the one to decide last time, though he was surprised when Mista remained seated and simply shifted himself to get more comfortable. He allowed Mista and grab him and turn him around so that his back was against Mista’s chest again and he realised that Mista wanted him to ride him, though they hadn’t done that before when they weren’t facing each other.

‘Dick’s there, hop on,’ Mista said, and Giorno was certain that he could just hear the smirk he probably had on his face.

By now ten seconds had passed but Giorno decided he’d be benevolent and let that pass.  He was again surprised to see that Gold Experience had grabbed the lube for him, he graciously took it from him and rubbed its contents on Mista’s dick with hurried strokes. He was rather satisfied to hear Mista let out a little whine at the sudden cold sensation, after all his dick would have been pleasantly warm after being stuffed in Giorno’s mouth. After Giorno felt that he’d covered the length enough he lifted himself up as Mista held himself into place, and he tried to lower himself on Mista’s dick. In the end he hadn’t been opened as much as he usually would so he struggled to get the head through his ring of muscle, but he ignored that odd feeling that crept through his spine and continued to sink down. As soon as the head was in the next inch went in rather quickly too, but he had to pause there to pant and moan at the feeling of being so stretched. Mista had his hands on his thighs, again rubbing circles in his skin as a sign of comfort, and he made no effort to pull Giorno down, he let him take his cock as his own pace. Giorno eased more inside of him, stopping again this time to grind his hips to get use to the feeling if the dick moving inside him. After that he paused to breathe again before looking over his shoulder at Mista, giving him a look that meant ‘I’m ready’.

Mista didn’t hesitate as he pulled Giorno down to penetrate him properly on his dick as he thrust up into him. There was a brief moment of discomfort but that quickly disappeared as Mista slammed up a few more times and quickly found his prostate. Giorno started wailing as the pleasure spread through his veins in an instant. Giorno felt a strong hand pull him closer to Mista’s chest as Mista fucked up into him, and his hands clung desperately into Mista’s arms for support, digging into his flesh so deep that he was certain it would bruise. He could feel his insides being battered by Mista’s thick dick, he could feel his own body clenching involuntarily as though it still didn’t know how to treat this intrusion, even though it should have been used to it by now. Somehow his body always seemed to treat this pleasure as though it were a new experience, and Giorno fucking loved it. He loved being tight around Mista, and he loved the feeling his dick pressing against his walls, shifting his insides so that they were moulded to fit his dick perfectly. There wasn’t a single thing he disliked about being fucked by Mista. He dropped down into Mista’s dick as he bucked up, he rolled his hips against him to try and get his dick as fair inside him as possible, he would purposely clench down into him to get a moan or a sigh out of him. A hard thrust into his prostate caused him to moan aloud and suddenly Mista had grabbed his legs and lifted them up, slamming up into Giorno but not allowing him move himself.

‘Mista! Wha-!’ Giorno started, but a loud gasp erupted from his throat and stopped him from saying anymore.

Then it dawned on Giorno that this position left his dick being presented to Gold Experience.

‘You getting jealous over there?’ Mista called out, ‘You saw what Giorno was doing before, you wanna try that?’

Giorno had no time to even get a breath in him to argue before Gold Experience had crawled over, grabbed his dick, and was forcing it into his mouth.  All Giorno could do was groan at the added pleasure.

Strangely enough, despite him having Gold Experience finger him in the past he’d never gotten him to suck him off, so the sensation of having his dick in the mouth of a stand was definitely a new one. He could feel the difference that it was not a human mouth, Gold Experience’s lips were certainly tougher than Mista’s, and they were tight around his dick. It wasn’t unpleasant.

As Mista continued to slam up into him his own dick in turn was thrust into Gold Experience’s mouth, and such pleasure coming from two different sources made it impossible for him to keep quiet. He wailed and moaned shamelessly as Mista continued to force his dick further inside him, and he’d gasp out as his dick was taken in fully by Gold Experience. It didn’t seem that stands had a gag reflex, Gold Experience’s lips met the base of his cock with every thrust, the constant tightness around his dick causing Giorno to whimper with lust. Even through his own screaming he could hear Mista panting behind him, each breath forced from his lips as Giorno’s tight walls squeezed against him in response to the overwhelming pleasure coursing through his lower body.

‘Ah fuck Giorno, you feel amazing,’ Mista whispered in his ear before trailing his mouth down to his neck to quickly gift him with another mark.

It was beginning to become too much, the warmth in his stomach was expanding, becoming desperate for release, and that feeling of absolute high was beginning to consume him once more. He could barely feel anything other than the intense pleasure of having Mista deep inside his hole and his dick tight in Gold Experience’s mouth. He couldn’t feel Mista’s tight grip upon his legs and the bruises there, he couldn’t feel Mista kissing and sucking at his neck, he couldn’t even hear what Mista was whispering to him. His world only involved pleasure now, and fuck was it a world that Giorno had become addicted to visiting.

‘I’m- I’m gonna-‘

He couldn’t even finish his sentence as Mista suddenly pulled him down with a strong desperation and forced all of his dick inside Giorno with a sharp thrust.

He could hear his strangled moaning mixed with Mista’s as he came in Gold Experience’s mouth, and he could feel Mista’s warm cum shooting against his insides.

It felt amazing, it felt fucking amazing, the way Mista’s dick throbbed inside him while his walls clenched down, milking him of all his cum. They’d never climaxed at the same time before.

Giorno collapsed against Mista’s chest, and the two panted together as they tried to recover from the ecstatic feeling that had just consumed them. Gold Experience swallowed down Giorno’s cum and let his softening dick fall from his mouth.

‘Holy shit,’ Mista muttered, obviously as blissed out from the turn of events as Giorno was.

Giorno wished he had words for him but he wasn’t even sure if he could talk anymore.

Mista shifted slightly to give him space to pull his dick out of Giorno, then he turned the boy around and pulled him up to his chest before falling back onto the bed, taking Giorno with him. They remained like that for some minutes in silence before Mista opened his eyes and looked at Giorno only to find him asleep. He leaned over and kissed him on the forehead before looking up at Gold Experience who was watching them.

‘Well come on then,’ Mista laughed, ‘It’s a large bed.’

As it turned out, Mista didn’t mind sharing with Gold Experience after all.