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Lunar Landscapes

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Some notes now that the end is upon us:

When I began drafting this story, I never expected to end up with a novel-length piece. It's all Mycroft's fault, honestly.

This would be a lonely road without all you lovely readers, commenters, reccers and kudos-button pounders. You cheer me on, you challenge me, you make me a better writer and I couldn't imagine a more exhilarating way of leaving my mark on this fandom than telling these stories to you. Thankyouthankyouthankyou all for traveling down this road with me. I know it was tough - like the wizard Saruman says, "You have elected the way of pain!". I hope there was catharsis at the end of it, too, and a heaped spoonful of warm fuzzy hope.

A special salute goes to my partner-in-crime-and-medicine Emma221b who was a huge help in ironing out the kinks here, 7percentsolution who skillfully helped whip my grammar into shape, and also the rest of a fantastic group of female Sherlock authors I've had the privilege of getting to know during the writing process of Lunar. You are all much beloved and appreciated.

A salutation also goes out to my friends Mr & Mrs B for putting up with my creative agony and sharing some very nice words when my own failed me.

As is my habit, I used a sturdy soundtrack for writing this story. You can find a full listing of it at the bottom of these notes, but I've also done a Youtube playlist of the highlights. If there was an end credits song to this thing, it would be this.




What I will be doing next:

In chapter 14 of Lunar Landscapes Sherlock points out that "People do so love a good horror story."

I'm hoping that he's right, because that is precisely what I'm doing next! After major angst pieces I often want to flex my writing muscles doing something completely different. There's a concept I've been wanting to explore for a while now and thus my next piece will be a johnlockian romance combining elements of gothic horror, angst and certain... classic literary influences that I'll not name just yet. It'll start posting in 1-2 weeks.

This next story of mine will be called "A Diseased Fancy", and the summary goes as follows:

It has been two years since John's marriage had fallen apart and he had moved back to Baker Street. Things between him and Sherlock are still very much undefined, and John is certain that he'll have plenty of time to figure it all out. This notion proves dangerously false: strange things are set in motion when Sherlock's long-lost “acquaintance” from university appears on their doorstep and a baffling burglary case frustrates Sherlock to no end. What is behind Sherlock's black moods and dwindling health? Where is Mycroft? Why would someone steal artefacts from the British Museum that have interested nary a soul for decades?

In the midst of this thickening fog stands John, who will soon have to take on an enemy much greater than even Moriarty.

Ps. I know I promised you a lovely bromance set in the early days of season one. That story, the working title of which is "The Desperate And The Shirtless", does already exist, but it needs a lot of work, and for this reason it will be posted after Fancy.


Full writing soundtrack listing for "Lunar Landscapes":


Main themes
I'm A Ruin by Marina & The Diamonds
You Look So Fine by Garbage
You Were A Kindness by The National
Amsterdam by Coldplay
Hurricanes by Saint Saviour
Talk To Me by Lauren Aquilina
I Call This Home by Saint Saviour
Dare by Phildel

Angst themes
The End Is The Beginning Is The End by Smashing Pumpkins
All Is Full Of Love by Bjork
Wait For Sleep by Dream Theater
I Love You But I'm Lost by Sharon van Etten
Lithium by Evanescence

Love themes
Elsewhere by Sarah McLachlan
I Know by Sharon van Etten
Spark by Amber Run
Answer by Sarah McLachlan
Heal by Tom Odell

John & Mary's themes
Space Between by Sia
The Knife by Kyla La Grange
Another Love by Tom Odell

Sherlock's themes
Numb by Marina & The Diamonds
Unstoppable by Sia