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Like Captain and First Officer

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Danny Williams came into the bedroom in his pyjamas, sliding under the covers beside Steve McGarrett, who was sitting up reading in a pool of lamplight.

“Who won?” Steve looked up from his book, marking his place with a finger.

“They did,” Danny said resignedly. “Forty-three to twenty-seven.” He yawned.

“Let me just finish this chapter….”

“A new Patrick O’Brian, huh? What’s so great about naval battles from two hundred years ago, anyway?” Danny leaned his head on Steve’s shoulder so he could read along. Intending to distract his partner from his task, he unintentionally found himself drawn into the story, and forgot to protest when Steve exceeded his allotted chapter. As Captain Aubrey and his men completed their successful rescue of his old friend from his French torturers, Danny let out a breath he hadn’t known he was holding. “So, the Captain and this Doctor Maturin...are they, you know....”

“Mm...well, not officially, but one might wonder about two old friends who spend so much time sharing living quarters,” Steve said meaningfully.

“One might,” Danny agreed with a smile, as they continued to read. Both men were tired, having been up most of the night before working a tough case, and somewhere in the middle of a description of the fauna of St. Paul’s rocks Danny’s eyelids closed. He was soon joined in sleep by Steve, the book falling unheeded onto his chest.