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The Daughter of Athena

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The Daughter of Athena

Chapter 1

Annabeth Chase sighed as she gazed out of her bedroom window. It just wasn't fair that she must be stuck inside the house on such a glorious day. Athens, her mother's namesake, was a beautiful city and it was just unfortunate that she hardly ever got to enjoy it. She'd only see the Parthenon once in her life, and that was from a distance. It was a fate that all Greek women shared, to be confined to their homes for most of their lives. She supposed it might change if she were to marry someday, a fact that put a frown on Annabeth's face.

Not for the first time Annabeth wished she had been born a man, they had a freedom she would never enjoy. It simply wasn't fair that the fairer sex was subjected to such dull lives. They didn't even have the right to vote in the elections. As much as she didn't care for the barbaric city-state of Sparta, at least women had rights there. Annabeth turned from the window and picked up a sheath that was sitting on the stand by her bed. She grabbed a well work leather hilt and pulled out a long bronze knife.

Many days her one consolation that broke up the monotony of her days was practicing with her blade. It was something her father didn't approve of, but since his daughter's mother was the goddess of battle, it was something he turned a blind eye to. Annabeth's arrival on her father's doorstep in a golden cradle was his greatest gift from Athena ever, he always said. The only problem, of course, was the fact that Annabeth was a demigod.

She constantly practiced with her celestial bronze knife because from time to time monsters attacked. First there was the hellhound that attacked on her 13th birthday, and then there was the Cyclopes and the sphinx. The combination of her knife and invisibility cloak (which was a gift from Athena) had been the difference between life and death. Annabeth was 15 now and would've been in an arranged marriage with some stranger if it wasn't for the fact that she was a demigod and therefore brought danger with her no matter what.

Male demigods were respected, loved, and became great heroes. They faced the same dangers, but people elevated these men as heroes and they all became very wealthy men. Women demigods were another story. The daughters of Aphrodite were concubine slaves, but the rest were feared, despised, and generally ignored by the public. Athena may be well respected, especially in Athens, but the same courtesy wasn't shared with her daughter.

Another thing set her apart from the rest of the Athenians was her appearance. Annabeth had the same curly, long blonde hair as her mother, and the same intelligent grey eyes. Her complexion too didn't look very Mediterranean, it was light enough that she had to be careful of getting sunburnt. It was rare for Greeks to have blonde hair, and that was another thing that people were surprised about when they saw her. If she wasn't a half-blood then someone would have petitioned to marry her already,

There was another problem for her especially. Poseidon and Athena were at war. Ever since the founding of Athens, the sea god had raged on the city. Ships sank from storms that weren't there a few minutes before, fisherman hardly caught anything, and sometimes earthquakes rumbled through the land; Poseidon had no mercy. Since she was the daughter of Athena it would be perilous for her to go in the water, all the other demigod children of Athena had died when they entered the realm of Poseidon. As far as she knew, Annabeth was Athena only child still alive.


She sheathed her knife and stood just as her father entered the room. Frederick Chase was a middle aged balding man, who was born wealthy and one of Athen's most prominent philosophers. He had a look of extreme exasperation (and was that fear?) as he looked at his daughter. "Didn't you hear me calling?" he asked.

"No," Annabeth said, "sorry."

"We have a visitor," he started.

Annabeth's eyebrow went up in curiosity. "Who is it?"

"The Oracle of Delphi," he said in barely a whisper.

"The Oracle, here?" Annabeth gasped. "But why would she be here?"

"She asked for you by name," Frederick replied.

As Annabeth made her way to the reception room, her mind buzzed with possibilities. Though everyone in Athens knew of the resident daughter of Athena, the Oracle always seemed imperious and distant. The Oracle was the one woman who never followed the rules of the land, as she was supernaturally protected by Apollo.

The woman whose head was covered by a veil smiled gently as Annabeth approached. "I'm pleased to make your acquaintance daughter of Athena," the woman replied. "I'm the Oracle of Delphi, but my name is Rachel."

"What brings you here, Rachel? Annabeth asked curiously.

"I'm afraid that I bear bad tidings. The war between Athena and Poseidon has reached its breaking point. The gods had been forced to negotiate a new treaty, one that will radically change your life." Rachel explained.

"What do you mean?" Annabeth asked.

"For there to be peace amongst the gods, you must make a great sacrifice to end the fued," Rachel said.

Annabeth waited, anxiously awaiting to hear the verdict.

"You are to marry the son of Poseidon."