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Doctor's Orders

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Moving into a new apartment in itself was like forcefully shoving handful after handful of anxiety down your throat while washing it down with a full glass of self esteem issues. Except less metaphorically and more literally.  It never occurred to Alphys to completely tape up her boxes full of belongings completely, the lack of revelation had led to her fumbling up stair case after stair case, attempting in vain to avoid tripping and halting her ascent every few minutes to pick up a comic book, figurine, or other personal item. As if her loud and stuttering steps didn’t draw enough attention already, she had to make the trip more than three times! That was exactly four times more than she really needed, it didn’t help that one monster, a kind tall elderly monster with a clear watery complexion with small bubbles that rose to the top of their head, had offered to help as some of her items fell. They had paused as they picked one of the raggy fallen items, and to Alphys embarrassment, it had been one (of the many) raunchy mangas that she owned. Oh gods. As if this move couldn’t get any worse.


Alphys stuttered something that was probably a coherent sentence, grabbed her dropped things and thanked the monster for helping before skittering upstairs. The overgrown claws decorating her padded feet scrapped the floor gracelessly as she finally made it into her new safe haven. Shutting the door behind her with a satisfactory click. She huffed, adjusted her glasses carefully with sharp fingers, and allowed the last box to fall and spill it’s contents from her arms. Textbooks and notes, along with a few extra odd curios from her old place that she couldn’t stand to leave or throw away.


She sighed, and dragged her hands down her cheeks before letting them fall down to her lap. She slumped against the door. Her tail awkwardly situated itself as an overgrown padding between her back and the wooden fixture. The worst was over, now she had a week to prepare for her new job, a whole week! She could hole up in her new apartment, break it in, decorate, organize, and charge up and get the much needed energy she would need for such a social endeavor as a full time job.


Maybe she could finally watch that new anime she dug out from the corner of the dump. Mew-Mew.. Kissy something. Getting her PHD been crippling, she hadn’t of been able to visit waterfall as much as she liked, and thus, most of the juiciest pieces of trash from the area had been taken. Alphys had almost felt like her territory had been tread on when she had finally freed up a time to return to the watery trash zone, only to find it had been ransacked of all the best items as she had been unable to fight over the riches due to her erratic studying at the time.


Alphys shook her head, her mind was wondering yet again. She should at least do such a task on a softer surface, or in front of a computer. She got to her feet as shuffled past the boxes littering the hallway leading from the front door. She had to suck in her gut and move sideways to get past the barrier of her former home cubed into the living room. Perfect, an unexpected blow to her self esteem.  She didn’t even get a warning for that one. Now she’ll have to add ten minutes of self loathing to her schedule. Sorry anime, you’ll have to be put on hold for now.


Alphys snorted at the thought and plopped down on her lawn chair, it creaked in utter protest but eventually obliged. That’s really all she had in her apartment right now. One lawn chair. As well as a weathered table covered in old claw marks, and her laptop. If you didn’t include her sleeping bag on the floor that is. (She still needed to get a bed, Eugh, She just.. wasn’t really feeling up to that. Maybe tomorrow or the next day.) If she was a more ambitious person she would consider painting the rather dull colored walls, but she wasn’t. Hanging up posters was much more her style, as well as more practical. As soon as she unboxed those she would cover the gross yellow color that graced her vision with cat girls and ironic memes. Heh.


Alphys glanced at the small digital clock nestled in the corner of her computer screen. It read 2:34 AM. Still pretty early. But she didn’t have anything to do.


Well, besides unpacking


and cleaning


and maybe changing out of her clothes. She was pretty sure she had worn this shirt three days in a row. She nonchalantly sniffed it. Ugh. Nope. Definitely at least five days. Maybe six.


She disregarded her list of things to do in favor of checking the Undernet. Listing that many tasks was overwhelming and now she felt even less motivated. Her finger softly moved against the trackpad as she moved down her timeline. Catty and Bratty seemed to be posting practically similar updates on the same happenings, which wasn’t surprising really, they were always together. Alphys sighed a bit, they were certainly getting along fine without her, she suppose that’s what she got for wanting to go to college. She hadn’t seen those two for a while. Save for the selfies the two regularly posted. Hrm.


Alphys rubbed the bridge of her snout and continued scrolling. Something about an ice cream stand opening, capital letters among more capital letters, and a few “selfies” which didn’t seem to contain a monster. She simply sighed as she scrolled to the post that she recognized from earlier today. She had combed through every single new post and had found herself back to the point where she had checked last time, fantastic.


Alphys moved back up to the top of the page and decided to alleviate her boredom by making a post.



ALPHYS: OMGGgg just finished moving in 2 my new APARTMENT! my crap kept falling out of the boxes,

 ┻ ヘ╰( •̀ε•́ ) it was sUPER embarrassing. god I need 2 sleep 4 like ever.


Alphys switched out of that tab tapped her fingers to no beat in particular on the keyboard. Her attempts to distract herself were in vain. She couldn’t help it. All this change. All at once as well! She was surprised she hadn’t just stopped functioning. Honestly, she was surprised she had got a job after all. The science division in the Underground is small, and only few actually get anywhere with their careers. So the fact she managed to get an interview with the.. with the Royal Scientist of all monsters. Gods, she still couldn’t believe it. And he had actually liked her!


Well, not her.. her work probably. Alphys had worked hard on her paper on the science of introducing magic to the human practice of bio engineering and mechanical engineering. Well, at least he seemed to be impressed with her work. Alphys couldn’t really tell what kind of monster he was, but it wasn’t one that was easily prone to facial expressions.


She remembered when she got the call from his assistant. She couldn’t even form words, she was just stuttering out random syllables. Alphys hadn’t expected to get the job at all! She had completely accepted that she would have to work as a cheap mechanic. So one could imagine the fact she had to pause for a moment to get her breathing under control before thanking the assistant. Alphys remembered right after that call she had posted a status and gave her landlord a notice that she would be moving out in order to be closer to her new job.


Why hadn’t she felt more overwhelmed then? Mayhaps it was due to the excitement of it all at the moment that she was allowed to just ride it out without not really letting it sink in. Ugh. She probably sounded like such a fool over the phone. Hopefully, the Doctor didn’t hear about it.


With that thought scratching at the inside of her skull, she switched back to her previous tabs and refreshed the site a few times more than was probably necessary, her post greeted her again with the one difference that it had a single like, It wasn’t that surprising it got practically no attention, was pretty late after all. Though it was liked by someone she didn’t even know or was following. Skelepun69 ? Eh, Kinda cool username. It reminded Alphys of when she was in her first year of college. LMAO. Owned. She thought with a straight expressionless face to the user who could not hear her thoughts.