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Doctor's Orders

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The small, rapid tick of the clock harmonized in time with the impatient clicking Alphys claws against her worn wooden desk. The distinct sound of grumbling background music that she was used to after the first two weeks of working at the lab. The metal squeak and electric hisses of the working monsters a few meters behind her. The thermometer stayed stagnant at a swollen, bloated reading of indignant heat. Sweating seemed to be one of the few things that all these different species of monsters had in common.

Alphys had the assigned job of drawing up designs for a new form of engine, she had completed this a while ago and was now doodling idly on the blue print. Engines were fun. But she would be doing the same thing in metal shop, and even then her design might not be chosen. The rest of this 'team' that Dr. Fol had put together were also making designs. Dr. Lo was apart of this team, as well as some other guy name Dr. Wers. Dr. Wers had disregarded her when she had been introduced. So he had been labeled with the flattering title of 'Douche' in Alphys mind catalogue.

Not going to lie, the fact that Dr. Wers could fit in the palm of her hand made it slightly tempting to just squish him. 


Of course Alphys didn't act on that thought because murder wasn't really her cup of metaphorical not-murdery tea.


It wasn't that drawing and doing what she was doing wasn't fun. Well, it was her jobs and jobs aren't usually fun. But it was engineering. That was like, her shit. But...

Her train of thought was interrupted by Dr. Lo. Er.. Lo. As she continuously insisted on being called.

*"Alphys, what did your design end up looking like? I kinda wanna see what everyone has first before Fol gets a look and Wers won't show me his."

Alphys mouth flatlined and she looked to Dr. Wers. Away from the rest of the 'group' scribbling in his own little corner. What a prick. Okay he hadn't technically done anything to piss of Alphys, but he just seemed like the type of monster to take stuff that doesn't belong to them. Alphys couldn't explain it.

*"Uh.." Alphys pushed her print in front of Lo and sighed. Lo enthusiastically took it and held them both up to compare. Lo was a better drawer than Alphys. Hrm.. Alphys squinted towards the entrance just in time to see Dr. Gaster and Sans, as well as what appeared to be a coalition of monsters following dutifully behind them both, the group circled around adjacent to the engineering entrance and entered the elevator. Huh.

*"Are you oogling Dr. Gaster?" Dr. Lo Interrupted.

*"W-what? no. Jeez no." Alphys paused and glanced back to the elevator. "I just thought when I took this job I'd have a chance to actually work with Dr. Gaster. You know?"

Dr Lo pawed Alphys blueprint back to her and looked back to where Alphys was looking and was met with an empty space and a whirring elevator. "Hmm.. Yeah. Only the really elite researchers and scientists get to work with Dr. Gaster. I mean, you just started here and all so you wouldn't know, but you have to do something really, really, really totally impressive to get on his team." Dr. Lo gnawed on a pencil and grinned. "I really look up to Dr. Gaster but I've been here forever and I've worked on a TON of stuff but none of it has been good enough to get on his team and work directly with the Human souls."

The corners of Alphys lips fell. *"Impressive?"

*"Yeah like, you know the guy that helped design the vents that help us float around hotland? He's on that team. And the lady who helped on the electrical system that connected around the underground to the core. All kind of impressive guys on that team!" Lo's voice fell a tad bit. *"I mean I haven't done a big project like that but it's gonna come to me soon I can feel it!"

Alphys was only half listening. Nod and smile. Nod and smile.

Something impressive? Sounds like only big time projects where what got you on Dr. Gaster's radar. Alphys Squinted at the clock as the end of the day came ever closer and some monsters started to leave.

She'd need something that had never been done before. At least from how Dr. Lo explained it, all the monsters on Dr. Gaster's team had designed or made something totally new. She muted Dr. Fol as she walked over to his desk and dropped off the schematic and started heading down the maze of halls. Another day, another dollar to put towards her debt from engineering school.

Alphys was going to look up what all the scientists on Gaster's team had worked on as soon as she got home. She needed to make something big. Her mind wandered to all kinds of possibilities. She got on the riverperson's boat, it sways a tad as her weight made the wooden vessel groan with a hearty protest. 

What did that lazy skeletal monster do to get on a team of elite scientists? 

Maybe through relatives. He and Gaster didn't look that much alike but maybe through some kinda.. rich kid thing. Someone Gaster knew perhaps? Heh. That might be why the other seemed to get away with shitting with everyone. Not to mention everyone seemed to like him. 




The fuck.


plop plop


Her snout was wet. Why was her snout wet. Alphys blinked out of her thoughts and twisted her neck around. Echoflowers. The stalactite's from above were dripping with moisture, resembling rain. She had missed her stop. 

She was in Waterfall.



Alphys stepped up to the head of the raft and was snout-back with the riverperson, the lizard monster tapped on what she assumed was the other monster's shoulder. She needed to get off, it was already late and she didn't want to bother navigating Waterfalls odd puzzles to get back home.

*"U-um.. Excuse me? C-can we turn back I-I uh, accidentally missed my stop." Ten points for Alphys. She actually talked to someone she's never talked before, didn't think that would happen today.

*"Tra la la la.." The Riverperson turned their.. head(?) a little and sung in a hushed voice. "..the angel is coming tra la la."


Yeah Alphys wasn't sure what she was expecting. She'd never hear The Riverperson say anything save for their odd sayings and riddles. Most of it was bullshit. Not that she was going to say that outright and be rude. No one is rude to the Riverperson.

Wait! Wait! What if she figured out a new way to travel in the underground! Other than boat.. Some kind of industrial pulley system so the anyone could get on it at any...wait no.. no that wouldn't work. Dammit.

Alphys sighed and sat back in place. Looks like she would have to take this boat all the way to Waterfall and then walk home. The Riverperson didn't take travelers at night so Alphys would most likely be their last trip. Fucky fuck fuck.


Eugh. It's cold here. Not snowdin cold but.. damn. Cold and wet. Not nice.


The boat came to a slow rendering stop. One more chance. Alphys tugged on The Riverperson's cloak. "U-um.. I know you usually don't take anymore people passed this time b-but uh... could w-we just.. h-head back.. uh.." 

The Riverperson looked at Alphys blankily. Or well, the dark veil pointed in her direction with a rather odd air of annoyance. Maybe that was just her overthinking.

Alphys stepped off the boat. *"S-sorry never mind. Uh.." plop "H-have a nice night!" With her words being said The Riverperson tutted off in his boat. A faded *"tra la la la the water's very dry today" echoing off the walls of the wet cavern.


Well.. that happened.




Hapstablook lived nearby.. she couldn't make it home but maybe.. she could spend a night over? Hmm... One, two, three, four..