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Dreams that felt like memories

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Will fiddled nervously with his tie and paced the small room, waiting for it to start. It was his wedding day and he was more nervous than he has ever been. Abigail knocked and slid into the room with a big smile "how are you doing?"

"Nervous. You look beautiful" Will smiled, trying his best to calm his nerves and she smiled as she fixed his tie

"Thank you" she grinned "Hannibal helped me pick this out"

"Of course he did." Will hummed "let me guess Imported?"

"Of course" Abigail grinned "he has one thing that isn't imported."

"What's that?"

"You." she stated and Will blushed but couldn't take the smile off his face.

“Imported from Louisiana” Will grinned as she straighten his tie and he briefly thought back to his wedding in Norway. Unlike Daniel he would be marrying the love of his life. They were getting their happy ending. This was it. Nothing could take him away from Hannibal. They were connected by fate and even if this wasn’t their happy ending, Will would always know he would find Hannibal in the next life.

“Well Mr. imported-from-Louisiana, it’s time to walk you down the aisle”


At the reception, Hannibal extended his hand to Will “May I have this dance?”

“You may” Will beamed and took Hannibal’s offered hand. The older man smiled and led his husband to the dance floor. Everyone watched as the couple shared their first dance. “Remember when we danced in the ballroom after everyone was asleep?” Will asked

France 18th Century

“Prince Charmont, May I request a dance?” Johann asked an easy smile across his lips and Char beamed in response

“But there isn’t any music” Char stated but took his lovers hand anyway

“Music doesn’t only come from instruments but also nature. Let the sounds of the night be our music” Johann stated, pulling Char into a close embrace. Together they slowly swayed across the dance floor and held their bodies close.


“I do. You stepped on my toe when I dipped you” Hannibal hummed as the two swayed to the song and Will snorted

“You surprised me” Will stated and Hannibal only hummed

“Shall we attempt it again?” Hannibal asked

“I suppose it would be reasonable” Will responded with a fond smile and with that Hannibal dipped Will, this time no feet were injured.  


Hannibal and Will sat on the beach, a bottle of wine between them as they looked up at the stars. “I never thought I would be doing anything as cheesy as stargazing on my honeymoon”

“But here you are” Hannibal responded

Norway 1860

“What do you think the stars are made of?” Niels asked as they sat on their bridge looking up at the starlit sky.

“I think they are souls of humans who died and stay up there to watch over those they love on Earth” Daniel murmured and Niels hummed as he swung his feet off the edge

“Would you meet me up there then?”  Niels asked, turning to look at his friend and Daniel turned his attention to his friend as well

“Of course” Daniel grinned


Will looked down at their intertwined hands and smiled at the memory. “I never got a chance to meet you up there”

“Perhaps but you met me none the less”


Hannibal stabbed the man one more time before the said man fell to the ground in a puddle of his own blood. Will walked over from where he was knocked back and moved to kiss him. The man’s blood smeared in their kiss and both men relishing in it.

Will looked down at Hannibal side which had been cut in the fight and growled at the sight of him injured “Is it deep?”

“It will require stiches I believe” Hannibal responded “But we need to harvest the meat before it goes rotten

Greece 600AD

Ajax sighed as he carefully cleaned Draco’s wound “What kind of idiotic moron launches an arm outside of the training field?”  Draco groaned in pain as Ajax pressed a little too hard “Sorry”

“First day of training” Draco murmured “He wasn’t aiming for me but considering it was a pretty good shot”

Ajax glared at him as he patched up the wound and Draco simply smiled at his lover. Draco leaned up and captured Ajax’s lips “Hey. I refuse to be killed in such a silly way. So there is nothing to worry about.”

“That’s what concerns me” Ajax grumbled


Hannibal lay on his back as he guided Will through the stitches and Will was working intently but his hands were slightly shaking. “Take a deep breath Will. Relax” Hannibal soothed and Will took a moment to calm himself.

“I don’t want to lose you again” Will murmured softly and Hannibal took his hands

“You won’t” Hannibal soothed


Hannibal and Will were curled up by the fire together, just relaxing in each other’s company with the dogs laid at their feet. “We better move soon or I’m going to fall asleep”

“I’ll carry you to bed” Hannibal reassured and Will made a humming noise

“Be careful you’re spoiling me” Will muttered “I might decide I like it”

Britain 452 AD

Galahad rubbed his hands together over the fire as Tristian brought more wood “it’s freezing”

“You’ll warm up if you take off your clothes” Tristian stated after putting more wood on to the fire and Galahad snorted

“Only looking out for my wellbeing?” Galahad asked “No other motive”

“But of course” Tristian leaned against the log and shot Galahad a smile as the younger man curled up next to him. Tristian had been sent out to scout and Galahad joined him, happy to finally get some alone time with Tristian. The older warrior pulled Galahad close and kissed him softly “I’ll always look out for you”


Will did end up falling asleep and Hannibal scooped his lover up gently, carrying him to their master bedroom, careful not to wake him. Once he was tucked into bed Hannibal smiled before climbing into bed with him.

Hannibal and Will finally got their Happy Ending.