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Here Be Monsters

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Cassie’s eyes fluttered open softly. Feeling a heavy weight over her stomach she looked down to see an arm slung across her. Following the limb back, she stared up into the still sleeping face of her best friend. Looking around, she noticed that Klaus was missing from the room. She gently freed herself from Stefan’s embrace. Reaching down, she threw on a shirt she vaguely recognized as Klaus’ before quietly leaving the room.

The smell of coffee brought her to the kitchen where Klaus was already sipping on a cup. She looked at him with a raised eyebrow. Knowing what she was going to say, he spoke first, “Don’t worry. I made sure your grandmother was already gone for work before coming down. I know how you like to avoid trouble,” He smirked.

Cassie smiled as she poured herself a cup of coffee and leaned against the kitchen island next to him. They were silent for a moment before Cassie finally spoke up, “You weren’t really punishing us.” Klaus turned to look at her, an amused expression on his face. His eyebrow rose as though silently asking ‘oh?’ Cassie ignored his look, “You’re using me to lead Stefan farther down to the road of damnation.”

Klaus let out a chuckle, “Damnation? Really?”

She let a small smile come to her lips. But even though she thought it was over-dramatic, it wasn’t her opinion that mattered, “That’s what he thinks of it and you know that.” She turned to face him fully, her face serious, “I don’t like being used, Klaus. Especially not against my best friend. I love you. But don’t do it again,” She warned.

The hybrid was half tempted to say ‘or what?’ but remained silent. Cassie was loyal. It was one of the things he admired most about her. If he wanted her loyalty toward him to continue, he would have to give in to her demands. It was hardly a difficult concession since he hadn’t really planned on doing it again anyway.

Taking his silence as agreement, she put her now empty cup in the sink, “I’m going to grab a shower. If you feed, try not to be conspicuous. This town’s already on edge.” Klaus nodded in agreement, having already planned on being discreet.

Not much later, Cassie left the bathroom, towel drying her hair. She looked up to see Stefan, awake and watching her morosely from her bed. “Hey,” She said softly, unsure of what she was supposed to say. What was one supposed to do after having a threesome with their best friend?

“I’m sorry,” Stefan immediately apologized.

Tossing the towel over her chair, she sat across from the man, “For what?” She asked in confusion.

He looked at her in equal confusion. “Last night,” he explained.

Cassie laughed. “Yes, you should be sorry. How dare you give me great sex and multiple orgasms,” she teased.

Stefan let out an involuntary chuckle, “You know what I mean.”

She smiled softly, “I do, which is why I should be apologizing to you. If I hadn’t opened my big fat mouth about Tennessee, he wouldn’t be so mad at you.”

Before the words were out of her mouth, he was already shaking his head in denial, “No, it was my fault. I shouldn’t have told you to begin with.”

Cassie let out a sigh at the deja-vu she was experiencing. It was typical Stefan; always had to be the martyr, “How about we just say it’s both our faults and call it even,” she smiled, reaching a hand out to cover his own. Stefan looked down at their hands and suddenly the air was electrified, just like last night. Their eyes locked and their faces drew near.

“This isn’t right,” He murmured but leaned over to lay his lips over hers anyway. Their kiss immediately grew charged, passion flowing through them the same way it had previously.

An hour later, Cassie lay gasping for air, clinging to Stefan’s cool body. Looking up into his face, she saw his familiar furrowed brow, “You’re brooding,” She stated, “I wish you wouldn’t.”

“This isn’t right,” He repeated, clearly thinking about Elena.

Cassie raised herself up onto her elbows, looking up at him, “I love you. You’re one of my best friends. I accept you; bunny-hunting you and ripper you. I’m not asking for a relationship and quite frankly, I really don’t want one. How is this wrong?”

“I’m in love with Elena,” Stefan said as though that explained everything.

The blonde shrugged, “So? You can’t be with her, Stefan. Not if you don’t want a bloodbath.” Her words just made Stefan brood even more, “Look, it’s not like I’m in love with you, but if I can help you get over her then I have no problem with that.”

“…Maybe you’re right,” He admitted, “I know Elena’s been getting over me. I should do the same.”

Cassie looked at him in confusion, “What makes you think she’s getting over you?” Something must have betrayed Stefan on his face because her eyes suddenly grew wide and she sat up in bed, “You’re giving your girlfriend to your brother,” She breathed out in realization.

There was an awkward pause before Stefan finally answered, “I love her. And I love him. If I can’t be with her… there’s no one I trust her with more than him.”

Cassie shook her head in awed disbelief. She had never met anyone as kind and self-sacrificing as Stefan. She leaned over and wrapped her arms tight around him, “I love you,” she said for what felt like the hundredth time that day, “And you are amazing.”

Stefan took a moment to just feel Cassie’s comfort before slowly separating, “We should get out of bed,” he smiled. His smile grew wider when Cassie made a reluctant groan. Grabbing her arm, he dragged her back into the bathroom for a second shower.

“So, not that I’m complaining,” Stefan said as he trailed her down the stairs, “But why exactly did Klaus want to come see you?”

Cassie opened the front door, gesturing for Stefan to go first. “You mean he didn’t tell you? He wants me to do another spell for him. He’s searching for more werewolves.” Locking her front door behind them, something occurred to her. “How did you two get in last night?”

Stefan looked sheepish, “We ran into your grandmother as she was coming in from work and compelled her for an invite.” Cassie nodded and mouthed the words ‘oh’. “Another spell?”

“Mmhmm,” She muttered looking at the car parked in front of her house, “I was the one who gave you Ray. Is that your car?” She asked pointing to the dark red Dodge Charger with black racing stripes. At Stefan’s nod, Cassie shook her head and scoffed. “Subtle.”

“Isn’t really Klaus’ style,” Stefan finished as the two walked over to it, “I wonder where he went that he didn’t take the car.”

“Klaus out and about with no one to watch over him,” Cassie gave an exaggerated shudder, “Scary.” Out of the corner of her eye, she spied Nick exiting his house. She smiled and waved at the boy who began making his way over.

“Hey,” the blond greeted, pulling a cigarette from his pack and lighting it up.

“Nick, this is Stefan. Stefan’s a vampire. Stefan, Nick. Nick is in my Circle,” Cassie introduced. Both Nick and Stefan’s eyes widened at her blasé introduction.

Stefan recovered quickly, “Ah. Better hide him before Klaus shows up then,” he grinned, knowing how Cassie’s decision to join a Circle annoyed the hybrid.

“Hide what? Are you two conspiring again? I thought we talked about this,” Klaus spoke, surprising all of them from behind.

Cassie smirked, “Well, you have to admit the punishment didn’t exactly serve as much of a deterrent,” she teased, gently elbowing him.

Klaus hummed but refused to be distracted, “Hide what?”

Cassie turned to Nick and pointed at Stefan, “Vampire you don’t really have to worry about,” then she pointed at Klaus, “Vampire that should terrify you.”

“Excuse me. I am a hybrid, not a vampire,” the Original corrected.

Cassie rolled her eyes, “Drama queen,” She grinned, “I bet you even gave the wolves your little hybrid speech,” seeing Stefan smirk put a knowing grin on the blonde’s face, “You did, didn’t you? A werewolf who isn’t beholden to the moon, a vampire who doesn’t burn in the sun,” she quoted teasingly.

“Yes, yes, I like to dramatize,” Klaus scowled, “Why are you airing secrets right and left?”

“They’re not very secret when you tell everyone you meet,” Stefan added in, but raised his arms in surrender when Klaus turned to glare at him.

“This is Nick,” she gestured to the blond who had been watching in fascination as the other three talked, “He’s in my Circle. Don’t kill him,” She warned.

Nick paused as he looked at Cassie to see if she was being serious. Seeing that she was, he decided that her suggestion to be terrified was apparently merited. “Hey,” he said simply. In his pocket, he felt his phone begin to vibrate. Removing it, he saw that Melissa was calling.

“Do you want to come to lunch with us?” Cassie asked the boy. Looking up, Nick pressed the ‘ignore’ button.

“Sure,” He agreed climbing into the red car after the others. He was interested in what Cassie knew about the supernatural world and this was his chance to find out more. Cassie directed Stefan to the docks, intent on going to the Boathouse for food.

The group began walking along the boardwalk, heading toward the bar and grill. Cassie and Stefan began walking ahead, leaving the other two separated. “So, why don’t you like Cassie’s Circle?” Nick asked Klaus wearily, remembering what the others said about hiding Nick before Klaus could see him. Catching her name, Cassie strained her ears to continue eavesdropping.

“It binds her magic,” Klaus answered simply. “It makes her strength dependent on others. And not just one other, but five. Five baby witches who have absolutely no idea what they’re doing.”

Nick nodded in understanding, “I’ve been trying to convince Cassie to teach us.” Said girl whipped her head around to glare at Nick for opening his mouth. A smirk slowly began to make its way across Klaus’ face.

“Now that… could be something,” He murmured. Cassie’s glare transferred to him, “What? If they were trained, they wouldn’t be holding you back as much. This could be a good thing… a very good thing,” His voice trailed off as he began to think.

“You just want a Circle of six powerful witches on your side,” the blonde girl scowled.

Klaus looked at her as though she were an idiot, “Obviously.”

Nick interrupted, confused, “Why do you need witches on your side?” He asked.

Cassie rolled her eyes, tired of having to explain everything. Maybe they were right; she should just teach them. That way she wouldn’t have to constantly explain things like they were children. “Klaus is an Original. That means he’s one of the first vampires. It makes him very old, very powerful and very much hated. He has an army of supernatural creatures at his beck and call. I, as a witch, work for Klaus. He wants the rest of you to work for him to.”

Contemplating her words, Nick nodded, “And what would that mean?”

Klaus cocked his head to the side, happy to see that the boy was interested, “It means you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. I ask for a spell done and you do it. In exchange, if you ever need something from me, I’ll provide it… within reason.”

“It means you’d be putting a target on your back for anyone with a grudge to aim at. But it means you get a lot of protection also,” Cassie conceded. Thinking about it, she supposed it wouldn’t really be that bad of an idea. The reason she had originally refused to teach the others was because she didn’t want to tie herself to them, but by binding the Circle, she didn’t really have much of a choice. Plus, they saved her life last night. She owed them the same loyalty in return.

Nick nodded but said no more on the topic. After a brief second, Klaus excused himself, seeing someone he apparently wanted to talk to. Cassie and Nick watched in surprise as he greeted Mrs. Chamberlain. “Go eavesdrop,” Cassie hissed toward the other witch.

“Why me?” He asked in surprise. Stefan also looked surprised that she would ask someone else to listen in on a conversation Klaus was having.

“He would notice me in an instant. Besides, you’re considering joining him so he’ll be more lenient when you get caught,” Cassie shoved the boy forward forcefully, watching as he sulkily made his way over and began to discreetly listen in.

Stefan took the opportunity to talk to Cassie, “You trust Nick,” he stated in slight surprise.

The blonde girl looked caught off guard but admitted easily that she did, “I don’t know why. We just get along really well.” Their conversation was soon interrupted by Cassie’s ringing phone. Looking at the ID, her eyes widened. She showed the phone to Stefan who visibly tensed. Knowing that the caller wouldn’t give up, she picked up, “Well, if it isn’t Damon Salvatore,” she greeted.

“Cassie Blake,” he replied with a smirk, “Been a long time.”

“A little over a year,” Cassie nodded as she mentally counted the time, “What can I do for you?”

“I need to find Stefan. Can you do a little magic and find him?” Damon said, getting straight to the point.

Cassie locked eyes with Stefan who had been listening in next to her. Deciding to play dumb, she replied, “I’m not going to help you carry out your mission of torturing your brother for eternity. Find him yourself.”

“Making my brother constantly miserable is so two years ago,” Damon joked, “Seriously. I need to find him. He’s… in trouble,” he hesitated to add on, but knew that as Stefan’s other best friend besides Lexi, she would want to help.

Realizing this also, Cassie decided to drop the dumb act, “Sorry, Damon, but Stefan doesn’t want you to find him.”

Damon sat up straight, “You’ve talked to him? When?”

“Recently,” she replied vaguely, “And I know all about his deal to serve Klaus in exchange for your life. I have to admit to being a little curious, though. The Damon I know would never risk his own skin, so why are you trying to so hard to get yourself killed? You have to know that Klaus will kill you if you try to interfere with his bargain with Stefan. And it’s only a decade of servitude.” Cassie continued on before Damon could interrupt, “And don’t tell me you can’t stand to spend a decade away from your little brother because I know better. What’s the real reason you’re hunting him down? I thought you wanted your brother to feed on humans.”

Damon growled lowly in frustration, hating all the holes Cassie had just poked into his argument, “I want Stefan to act like a normal vampire. Being a ripper isn’t being in control. I can live without him for a decade, but...”

“Elena can’t,” She let out a self-deprecating chuckle, “Well, that is most certainly the Damon I know. Always in love with his brother’s girl,” Cassie finished with a sigh, noticing Stefan’s flinch at his ex-girlfriend’s name. “Didn’t she decide that she wanted to be human? She and Stefan were never going to work out. It’s better that it ends here. She can find a nice human boy, get married and have kids.” Once again Stefan flinched, turning his face away in an attempt to hide his pain from Cassie.

“Maybe, but she wants him back. It’s probably the guilt,” he said in a blasé tone, “Now where is he?”

“Don’t know. Haven’t seen him,” Cassie smirked, hearing Damon’s growl of frustration. It was clear to him that she did in fact know where Stefan was, “You know, what I’m wondering is why you’re genuinely trying. All you have to do is pretend to search while swooping in at Elena’s time of need. I mean, he practically gave you her in Tennessee and yet you’re still trying. Why is that?”

There was silence on the other end before Damon finally gave in, “He’s my brother, okay? I owe him. I can’t let Klaus use him and turn him into a ripper when I know how much Stefan hates that side of himself. No one can torture Stefan but me.”

Stefan finally looked up, a small smile of amusement on his face. It was the most happiness she’d seen on him since he’d arrived. “I can’t tell you where he is, but I can keep you updated on how he’s doing,” Cassie compromised, not wanting to betray any of her friends’ trust. Knowing that was all he was going to get from her, Damon agreed. “He’s… okay,” Cassie described, looking at Stefan as she thought about what to say, “He’s brooding, which there’s nothing new there, but he’s also sad. But at the same time, I think he feels guilty. Guilty because he likes what he’s doing with Klaus,” she winced at Stefan’s ashamed look. She didn’t want to hurt him, but she didn’t want to lie either, “He likes the blood and I know this may surprise you, but Klaus isn’t exactly bad company. Ten years of servitude… isn’t that bad. And I think he knows that. He misses you and he misses Elena, but he knows that what he’s doing is for the best. All the bad that he’s going through is worth it as long as it keeps you both safe. And like I said, it’s not all bad for him.”

There was a long minute of silence on the other line before Damon finally responded, “…Thank you.”

Cassie hung up the phone and turned to Stefan. “Sorry,” she said softly leaning up to give him a soft kiss on his cheek. Stefan wrapped his arms around her and gave her a tight hug, pressing his face into her neck. Cassie wrapped her own arms around his neck, hugging him back, trying to comfort him as much as she could. After a moment, he pulled away, his eyes beginning to grow dark from burying his face into her neck.

“I should feed,” he muttered, refusing to look her in the eye.

Cassie grabbed his face and turned him to look at her, “So feed from me.”

Stefan shook his head immediately, “I can’t. I won’t stop. I don’t know how,” he gave a self-deprecating smile.

The blonde shook her head as well, “Yes, you do. You stopped last night and you stopped this morning. I trust you. You’ve done it before, you can do it again,” she tossed her hair over her shoulder, but didn’t try and move him closer. She had made her offer clear; Stefan would make his own decision now.

Unable to resist, he leaned down to lift her up and sat her on the dock railing so that he had easy access to her neck. Brushing some stray hair off her shoulder, he leaned over and began to drink. To anyone watching, they were just a young couple necking. No one but the approaching Klaus knew what was really happening.

“Enjoying lunch?” Klaus asked after a few minutes, Nick next to him. Stefan pulled away at the hybrid’s voice and discreetly wiped at the corner of his mouth, removing the blood. Cassie swayed uneasily from where she was sitting and Stefan automatically reached out to steady her. Seeing the problem, Klaus sighed. “Come on. Let’s get some nutrients into her before she faints. She hasn’t eaten since last night and we’ve fed from her a lot today.”

Nick looked on curiously as Stefan picked her up, cradling her in his arms, but Cassie refused to be carried. Stefan set her on her feet but kept a steadying arm around her shoulders as they walked toward the Boathouse. Entering the grill, she and Nick both noticed the rest of the Circle at a booth at the window. They had probably seen all of what just happened. Cassie started to worry what they must have thought of her; ‘necking’ with someone after having gone out with Luke the night before, but before she could stress about it, Klaus had already led the group to a table and had ordered her a large meal. Nick, meanwhile, had checked his cell phone, only to internally groan as he realized that Melissa had texted him asking if he wanted to meet the others for lunch at the Boathouse. If he had just checked his phone while on the drive up, he would have known that the Circle would be there.

“So, did he just…” Nick spoke lowly, gesturing toward her neck.

“Yep,” Klaus responded instead of Cassie, “And I bet she was delicious,” he teased.

Cassie poked her tongue out in a joking response as Adam set the food in front of her, taking over for the waiter who took the original order. She purposely avoided the other boy’s look and dug into her hearty lunch, moving the plate over toward Nick in a clear invitation to share the large meal with her.

“So, I was wondering when you’d like to do the spell,” Klaus spoke after Cassie got a few bites in. From behind him, Adam dropped a glass in shock.

Once again, avoiding Adam’s look, she replied, “Whenever. Tonight?”

“What spell?” Nick asked before snagging a fry. Stefan, too, looked interested. Adam, from where he was not-so-subtly eavesdropping looked completely shocked that Cassie and Nick had told others about their magic.

“Oh, it’s a fun one,” Cassie smiled, turning to Nick, “I’m going to contact the dead.”

“Why?” Stefan asked, “How is that going to find us more werewolves?”

‘Werewolves’ Adam mouthed silently behind the two vampires. Cassie considered herself lucky that the others in the Circle couldn’t hear their conversation the way Adam could otherwise she was sure there’d be an uproar.

“Well, the curse travels through the bloodline. It’s hard to track down wolves now, but by contacting the ghosts of past werewolves, we can track the lineage and find a current werewolf or at least a line that carries the curse,” Cassie explained.

“Curse?” Nick asked at the same time Stefan asked, “They’ll talk to you?”

She turned to answer Stefan’s question first, “Usually, yes. They aren’t like the ghosts of witches. For most of them, this is the first time they’ve been contacted since they died. That’s a long time without talking to someone. Some are still loyal to their families and refuse to talk to me, but some are so happy at contact that they don’t care what I want to know. Unfortunately, not all of the information pans out, though. Last time, I talked to over twenty dead wolves before finding Ray. Some bloodlines can’t be tracked and of those that can, some people don’t have the curse. Klaus could always make them into werewolves à la Katherine, but he doesn’t bother since he needs a pack, not just one wolf.” Turning to Nick, she explained werewolves, not just for his benefit, but also for Adam’s who was still listening, “Being a werewolf is a curse. It’s sort of like a cross between being a witch, which is something you’re born into, and being a vampire, which is something that is done to you. In order to become a werewolf, it has to be in your family’s blood. You also have to trigger the curse. If someone dies at your hands – it can be murder or an accident – if someone dies and it’s your fault, you turn.”

“Will you need any help?” Nick asked, snagging more food from Cassie’s plate. Feeling full, Cassie just pushed it all the way toward him.

“Not really. I’ll do it at midnight,” seeing Nick’s blank look, she sighed and rolled her eyes, “Okay, I’m still on the fence about the others, but I’m definitely teaching you magic. I’m getting tired of explaining everything. Midnight is the darkest meeting of night and day. It’s the one time when the veil that separates our world from the world of the dead is thinnest. It will make it easier to contact the ghosts.”

Klaus stood up, pulling a vibrating cell phone from his pocket. Leaving the restaurant, he took his call outside. Sensing Adam wanted to talk to Cassie and Nick, Stefan excused himself to the bathroom, but in actuality subtly began compelling the people in the restaurant to leave.

“What the hell is going on?” Adam said, sitting in Stefan’s seat so fast, they barely saw him move. The other members of the Circle soon joined them, “You were talking about magic.”

“What?” Diana said in disbelief, “I can’t believe it.”

“You know magic already,” Adam also put in, “You were talking about stuff that I’d never even heard of. I mean, werewolves? Ghosts?”

“Aren’t real,” Faye butt in, looking at Adam skeptically.

“Actually they are,” Nick spoke up, turning to look at Cassie pointedly.

Baring the weight of their stares, Cassie finally gave in, “I’ve known about magic since I was twelve,” she raised her hand to silence their protest, “I honestly had no idea about my mother. I always thought I got my magic from my father and that my mother had no idea. Yes, werewolves are real, ghosts are real and vampires are real. There are more than just witches out there.”

“But-“ Diana cut herself off when Klaus returned from outside. The group remained silent but didn’t move from where they were hovering around the table.

“Friends?” Klaus asked, curious but also suspicious.

“Circle,” Cassie said. Once again, the other four turned to look at her, betrayed looks on their faces, “Look, I’m sorry, but I work for Klaus. I tell him everything involving me and magic,” pausing to think about it, she added, “Actually, I pretty much just tell him everything.” By now, Stefan had also returned from compelling the civilians and was overlooking what was going on.

“I see,” Klaus muttered looking at the other witches thoughtfully, “Well, I’ll give you the same offer I gave Nick. Pledge yourselves to me and I’ll teach you magic beyond your wildest dreams in addition to offering you my protection as you venture into the supernatural.”

“Are you a witch?” Faye asked suspiciously.

Klaus gave a hearty laugh, “Of course not. I’m better,” he ignored Cassie’s scoff of derision, “I’m a hybrid.”

“A what?” Adam asked.

Klaus took a breath, but Cassie cut him off, “No need for the hybrid speech,” she grinned at his pout, “He’s half vampire, half werewolf; all of their strengths, none of their weaknesses.”

Ignoring the part about vampires, werewolves and hybrids, Faye asked about the only thing she cared about, “So how are you going to teach us magic if you’re not even a witch?” Klaus merely looked at Cassie. “Her?” Faye asked in disbelief, “She’s going to teach us magic?”

“I stopped that storm when you couldn’t,” Cassie pointed out, “I’ve been doing magic for four years. I’ve learned from multiple witches about all kinds of magic. I know what I’m doing. The question isn’t if I can teach you magic; it’s if I want to.”

“Luv…” Klaus spoke warningly. The blonde girl rolled her eyes and pouted slightly, but said nothing more on the subject.

“How can you teach us when you can’t even do magic by yourself?” Melissa asked. She had been interested in what everyone was saying, but she was more interested in when exactly Nick and Cassie became such good friends.

“Excuse me?” Klaus asked in a low, dangerous tone looking at Cassie for answers.

“When we first bound the Circle, I discovered that it took away my ability to do individual magic.” Cassie held up her hand before the hybrid could explode in anger, “But with a little help from Nick, I’m good as new. I’m stronger than I ever was and now that I’m bound, I can also amplify my power even more using the others,” She explained vaguely, unwilling to directly say in front of the Circle that she had her individual power back.

Klaus looked intrigued by the concept of even more power whereas the Circle was more interested in the fact that Cassie was clearly a powerhouse, “What exactly did you do?” Faye demanded, “And how come you told Nick?”

“Nick just happened to be there,” Cassie waved off carelessly, “It wasn’t like we planned it. As for what I did… it’s complicated. You won’t be able to replicate it without training and there are some heavy consequences so forget about it.”

Faye looked like she was about to protest, but Klaus interrupted, “She could teach you if you agreed to work for me,” he offered. Cassie once again glared at him, but didn’t contradict his offer.

“Work for you?” Diana spoke up, “Why would you want us to work for you?”

“I’m a powerful man. I have a lot of enemies and a lot of ambitions. Sometimes, I need a little magic to help me on my way,” he explained vaguely.

“Why do you have enemies?” Melissa asked.

“I’m an Original vampire,” Klaus explained, a rather gleeful smile on his face, “One of the first vampires ever. I’m thousands of years old and I have a lot of power, money and influence behind me.”

“Fame whore,” Cassie muttered under her breath earning a chuckle from Stefan and a glare from Klaus, “What?” She asked defensively, a smile twitching on her lips, “You’re famous for being famous. Oh my god, you’re the Paris Hilton of vampires!” She gasped falsely.

Stefan let out a full blown laugh at that. “Oh, for the love of-” Klaus growled before cutting himself off, “Just shut up!”

“Paris Hilton?” Stefan asked Cassie in amusement.

“Well, I was going to say Kim Kardashian, but I wasn’t sure if you’d know who that is. I know you don’t watch a lot of television,” She smiled teasingly, watching Klaus glower from the corner of her eye.

“Oh, I know who the Kardashians are,” Stefan replied earning him surprised looks from both Cassie and Klaus. “…Damon watches a lot of reality tv,” he offered lamely. Cassie silently oh-ed and Klaus looked like he was mentally filing that piece of information away to taunt Damon at a later date with.

“Getting back on point,” Faye interrupted, “All we have to do is work for you and we can get our magic back? I’m in.”

Cassie shook her head at the impulsive girl as Klaus smiled gleefully, “You don’t even know what you’re getting into. A lot of people will want you dead for helping him. You’d be turning on your own kind. Witches hate Klaus. He’s an abomination.” She turned to face him, “No offense.” Klaus shrugged, well aware of the witch community’s opinion of him.

“Why?” Diana asked cautiously.

“Because he’s a hybrid,” Cassie explained, “Witches are nature’s balance. They make sure that no one has too much power. A hybrid has twice the strength of a werewolf and a vampire and no weakness. He was cursed by a witch a long time ago so that he could never tap into his wolf side. He’s only recently lifted the curse and because of that he’s feared even more than usual but he’s also hated more than usual. A witch that helps him is considered an outcast in the magical community because he goes against the balance we’re supposed to protect.”

“But you help him,” Adam pointed out.

Cassie opened her mouth, unsure of what to say, “I owe him. He’s the one who brought me into the world of magic. Without him, who knows what I’d be. Maybe like you guys; piecing together my heritage using small clues. He’s one of my best friends. I love him. I owe him everything.”